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Pokémon Ranger: Twilight Shadows

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Katrina “Kate” POV

I looked down at the Ranger School Styler in my hand before glancing at the Pikachu before me. This was the test to see if I was good enough to join the Ranger School! Several questions rushed through my head all at once. Was I good enough? Does a girl like me belong here? Maybe I should have stayed home…

I shook my head and forced the thoughts away. With a stern hand, I pointed the Styler at the Pokémon and shouted, “Capture on!”

I twirled my arm and watched at the capture disc circled the Pokémon till it was captured!

“Capture Complete.” I smiled a bit.

“Okay, good going. That's pretty impressive.”

I looked up to see the man who gave me the test chuckling. “Hehehe... My name, it is Kaplan. You are now a member of our secret army, the inscrutable Team School. As proof of your membership, you are conferred the School Styler you just used. Together, we shall rule the world...” He laughed.

I laughed nervously started tugging at my uniform and hair, it's a nervous habit. “Uh... Okay...”

There was a sound of a door opening and closing followed by a slightly irritated voice. “Oh, please, Mr. Kaplan!”

I turned around to see a pretty red-haired lady, wearing a green tank top and a white skirt, walking towards us. She looked to be in her late 30's, or early 40's.

“Please don't tease my student with a silly performance like that.” She sighed.

“Ahahaha, sorry, sorry.” He laughed nervously rubbing the back of his head. “The timing was just too perfect to miss. Ahem... Congratulations! You have passed the Ranger School's entrance exam with flying colors! That was quite an impressive capture. You beat the school record! Congrats!”

I let out a sigh that I didn't even know I had been holding in. Thank goodness, I'd have been embarrassed if I had failed or worse if this was some evil team! That would be my worse screw up yet! Walking into an evil team’s base thinking it's the Ranger School! I'm getting flustered just thinking about it!! I thought to myself as I turned to the nice lady next to me. I'm already klutzy enough as it is...

“Congratulations! You've been accepted.” The lady turned to me and smiled. “Starting today, you are officially a student of the Ranger school!” She grinned. “I'm Ms. April, I'm your class's teacher. I'm pleased to meet you. Your classmates are waiting for you. I'll show you to our class.” And with that, she started leading me out of the training building.

“Enjoy your school life!” Mr. Kaplan shouted as I was talking out of the room.

I smiled a bit and said, “Thank you!”, before rushing after Ms. April. I stared in awe at the huge school as I followed her inside right as the bell started ringing! A-Amazing!

She led me to the door and smiled. “This is our classroom! You wait right here until I call you inside alright?”

“Y-Yes ma'am!” I stuttered out shyly.

She nodded her head before walking into the room muttering something I couldn’t hear.

I timidly peeked into the room, there were about 5 students, 3 girls, and two boys.

Ms. April walked to the front of the room and turned around. “Sorry to keep you waiting, class. And good morning, everyone!”

“Good morning!” They chimed.

“As I mentioned yesterday, we have a new member of our class.” She smiled.

I noticed everyone looking at each other with very excited expressions on their faces.

“Is it a guy? Or a girl?” A male student asked. “Which is it?”

“Is the new student cute? Cool? Or look like a celebrity?” One female student asked excitedly.

“Okay, that's enough! You can see for yourself!” She laughed. “Here's our latest classmate! Come on in!”

I took a deep breath and timidly made my way to the front of the room refusing to look at anyone.

“Our new friend came alone to our Almia region to become a Pokémon Ranger.” She turned to me. “Oh, yes, you should introduce yourself to our class rather than me. Let's start with your name, hometown, tell us a little about yourself!” She smiled.

“My names Katrina Abrams. I was born and raised in Lavender Town in the Kanto Region. I'm 21 years old...” I stated looking at the other students in the room… I’ve always been a little apprehensive around strangers. “And my best friend and partner for life is a Cubone named Sabishii.”

“Abrams? Lavender Town?” Ms. April interrupted with wide eyes. “You wouldn't happen to be Crawford Abrams little sister, would you?”

“Oh, yes ma’am. He's my older brother.” I smiled meekly. “I'm sorry if he caused you any trouble. He's always been a bit of a troublemaker.”

“Ah, so you are the little sister he always droned on and on about!” She laughed. “Well, I'm glad he wasn't wrong! You certainly are the exact opposite of him!”

I don't even want to know what Crawford did to this poor woman, with his awful jokes... and terrible pranks... I can only imagine!

“Alright, everyone! So, our new friend is named Katrina! Let's make her feel welcome. I understand that she scored quite well on our entrance exam.” She looked to a red-haired boy and frowned. “...What is it, Keith? Why the big grin?” She sighed. “Anyway, we'd better get you seated somewhere, Katrina. You can have a seat next to Keith.”

I nodded my head and went to sit next to the red-haired boy, he looked to be about 21 or so.

“Okay, that will do. That's it for treating you like a new transfer student.” She smiled. “From now on, you're all my students, people whom I can take pride in teaching. Let's do it, everyone... Let's not fail your dreams of becoming Rangers, Operators, and Mechanics!”

“YEAH!” Everyone cheered.

“Okay, I'll change the class schedule, especially for today. This will be a free-study class. But before I go, Katrina, I need to explain something to you. It's about the School Styler---” Ms. April began droning on and on about different functions of the Styler.

I noticed that the redhead next to me was rather attractive... very well-toned... deep chocolate brown eyes... Wow... He's so hot... No! Bad Katrina! Bad girl! No thinking about boys! Especially attractive boys! Boys are distractions. They’re complete and total assholes who use you and then throw you away!  I thought to myself closing my eyes… unknowingly ignoring the teacher’s explanation of the Styler. I opened my eyes and glanced to the boy…. Uh... is he staring at me? That’s a little… creepy…

Keith POV

I was surprised when I saw a petite girl who had silky brown hair with faded purple lowlights come walking into the room.

Her hair was tied into pigtails with green ribbon and her bangs slightly covered her beautiful baby blue eyes. I noticed that she seemed irritated with the School Uniform because she kept tugging on it...

The girl is attractive, a little on the short side and kind of shy... but truly beautiful. Two sparkling baby blues with a certain degree of innocence, yet so full of sadness.

Katrina is her name...

I noticed the girl glance at me and smile... The most beautiful smile I had ever seen. Dammit! She must have noticed me staring at her! I blushed a bit and looked away. Yep, she's cute! Dammit! What's wrong with me? I haven't even talked to the girl yet and I'm already like this! Maybe I'm sick. For all, I know she could be a total coldhearted bitch!!

Ms. April's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. “That turned into quite a lesson. Are you a little overwhelmed? Really, you should just try things out and see how they work for yourself. After all, nothing beats experience. It's all about trying.” I looked over to see Kate standing in front of Ms. April looking at her Styler.

Ms. April turned to a bitchy blond-haired, 20-year-old woman, who goes by the name of Rhythmi Quinn. “Rhythmi, can I get you to show Katrina around the School, please?”

“I sure will!” Rhythmi smiled brightly.

“I'll be in the Staff Room. I'll leave you to it.” And with that, she walked through the door.

Kate POV

The second the teacher was out of the room I found myself surrounded by the other students.

“So, you came to the Almia Region by yourself? That's impressive.” One girl smiled. “So Lavender Town, eh… I heard that place is pretty creepy…”

“I’ve never minded it. It’s home.” I smiled.

“Our School's quite liberal and relaxed. You should check out our library!” Another girl smiled.

“Before your entrance exam, did Mr. Kaplan put on the goofy act?” A boy asked.

“Yeah... It was kind of really weird....” I smiled.

“Hey, new girl, I forgot your name, Kate was it? But anywho, how long did it take you to capture Pikachu?” I turned towards the voice and found it was the red-haired man speaking. “Like an hour?”

“It would be very sad if it took me an hour to capture a Pikachu of all things. It was closer to 10 seconds... I apparently beat some school record.” I smiled meekly at the taller male. “And it's Katrina. Not Kate.” I blushed a bit at the nickname.

“Well, I think Kate suits you more Katrina.” He smirked before his eyes widened and he let out a shout. “Wait... What...? SERIOUSLY!? YOU BEAT MY RECORD!”

“Uh...” I frowned a bit. “S-Sorry!”

“Keith's just a show-off.” I turned towards the pretty blond woman who Ms. April asked to give me a tour. “You're better off ignoring the playboy. Instead, you should be paying attention to me. I'm not here to become a Ranger. I want to become an Operator instead. So, when Keith becomes a Ranger, I can order him around like my servant!” She then cracked a beautiful smile. “Just joking! All right let me take you on a tour of the Ranger School. Let's begin with our classroom. You've already met our teacher, Ms. April. She's really nice, but if you make her mad... Lookout. There's another class next to us. The teacher there is Mr. Kincaid. He's very uptight and strict. 'No running in the hallway!' is, like, his pet saying.” She sighed irritably. “Okay! Let's move on. We'll explore the School building!”

Rhythmi led me out of the classroom and towards the room next door that belonged to a blond-haired man known as Mr. Kincaid.

“Sorry to disturb you...” She said, “I'm taking our new classmate on a tour of the School.” She explained to the teacher before turning to me. “This is the other class. The man looking this way is Mr. Kincaid. He gets his hair to go that way with a ton of hair stray.” She whispered with a giggle. “He's a little too uptight, I think. I'm not a big fan.”

“Ah, you must be a new student in the other class.” The blond curly-cue haired man gave me an odd look. This guy is seriously generating some weird vibes... I don't trust him. “There's one rule that I would like you to honor and uphold while you're in school. Don't run in the hallways. Oh, there is another rule: don't cast suspicion on others without proof. These two rules are truly important.”

“Eh... Yes, sir.” I forced a smile before the two of us rushed out of the room.

“I swear... That guy is such a creep!” Rhythmi shuddered once we were outside the classroom.

“Agreed...” I sighed before she led me to the Library.

“This is the Library.” Rhythmi smiled. “Also known as Keith's nap room.” She said with a roll of the eyes. “The boy in the back with a haircut like a mushroom is Isaac. He's awesomely smart and my boyfriend.” She stated proudly. “You can usually find him right here in the Library. Sometimes, he goes off somewhere, though...” She sighed. “The green-haired marshmallow boy over there is Ponte.”

“Hi there. Do you think I'd make a good Ranger? I don't think I'm cut out for it. That's what I've been thinking.” He sighed. “I'm Ponte. They call me the conflicted marshmallow boy.”

“I'm Katrina. But it seems many people are calling me Kate....” I sighed before smiling warmly at him. “And it's funny. I've been thinking the same thing...” I sighed. “I'm not sure I'm cut out for the whole Ranger thing, either.” I smiled sadly.

Ponte and Rhythmi looked to me with sad smiles before Rhythmi perked back up.

“Let me go introduce you to Isaac!” She took my hand and dragged me over to him. “Isaac! I have someone I want you to meet!”

“Oh! Hey Rhythmi!” He smiled. “I was just doing an eight-digit multiplication in my head when you interrupted me. I'll have to start calculating from the top. It's nothing, though.” He laughed a bit. “I'm Isaac. Both my IQ and my height, in centimeters, are 183. I'm studying to become a scientist. Mr. Kincaid gave me permission to study on my own and not attend class.”

“I'm Katrina. Nice to meet you, Isaac.” I smiled gently.

“The pleasures all mine, miss Katrina.” He smiled bowing.

“Come on Kate! I mean Katrina! Let's continue the tour!” Rhythmi blushed at her slip up. “Bye- Bye Isaac! See you later!” She smiled before taking my hand and leading me out of the room.

“Bye Rhythmi! Bye Katrina!” Isaac waved before continuing his multiplication problem.

Rhythmi led me to the staff room with a smile on her face.

“Here's the Staff Room. But usually, only our principal is here. Our principal is Mr. Lamont. His eyes are always twinkling happily behind his glasses.” Rhythmi smiled. “I like him pretty well. Let's go meet him!” She led me to the elderly principal.

“Well hello there, you must be Miss Katrina Abrams. I spoke with you on the phone. I'm Lamont Splendidocious, the principal. My last name's far too long, so everyone calls me by my first name.” He smiled happily. I'm pleased to finally get to meet you.”

“Pleased to meet you as well.” I smiled before Rhythm led me out of the room.

Rhythmi led me to the stairs. “Mr. Kincaid's lab is down there, but we're not allowed down there without permission.” She sighed pointing down one set of stairs before leading me up the other. “Our dorms are on the second floor. This is where we all bunk down, coed style. Not in the same bedrooms, of course. The boys' bedrooms are on the left. The girl's bedrooms are on the right. Though to be honest... Girls sneak in boys’ bedrooms and vice versa... all the time. Low-key... I sleep in Isaac's room. And most nights... we don't sleep, if you know what I mean~” She winked causing me to blush a bit.

I gave her a knowing smirk.

“Well, anywho. Janice, the lady there, is our caretaker. She's like a mom to us all. She keeps us fed and always cleans are rooms! She's the best!” Rhythmi grinned. “There is also a Recharge Machine on this floor. It's for recharging your Styler to full.”

“Oh, hello. Nice to meet you, dear. All the students think of me as the caretaker girl. No, no, that's a terrible lie!” She laughed. “I'm the caretaker lady here.”

“Hello, ma'am. I'm Katrina.” I smiled

“Anyway, Kate, I mean Katrina-”

“Just go ahead and call me Kate... Seems like that's what everyone wants to call me anyway.” I laughed.

Rhythmi blushed a bit. “Well anyway... I'll show you to the empty dorm room once Janice is finished cleaning. Let's head back downstairs.”

“Okay.” I smiled before following the bubbly blonde back down the stairs.

As we made it to the bottom of the stairs the bell started ringing

Ding-dong, ding-dong!

“There goes the bell. We can go outside now!” Rhythmi smiled before leading me to and out the front door. “That small building is the Training Room. That's where Mr. Kaplan will teach you about performing captures. Ms. Claire is also there. She teaches about clearing targets.” She motioned to the building that I had the test in earlier today.... before motioning to some boxes. “That big clearing over there is where we practice doing Target Clears. That reminds me... Do you know about clearing targets?”


“Your expression tells me you don't know. Well, that's all right. That's why we have the Training Room.” She smiled and with that, the two of us walked to the training room.

“Mr. Kaplan and Ms. Claire! Can you give us special lessons, please?” Rhythmi asked as we walked in.

“Hehehe... Welcome to the inscrutable Team School's secret hideout.” The man dressed in blue that gave me the entrance exam was putting on the act again...

“Yes, yes, we've heard that before. Let's pay no attention to Mr. Kaplan and his make-believe conspiracy...” A woman dressed the same as Mr. Kaplan sighed walking over to us.

“Oh! Please don't ignore me! I'll be serious and introduce myself. Um, my name's Mr. Kaplan. I teach the fundamentals of capture.” He looked a little embarrassed.

“And I'm Ms. Claire. Glad to meet you. It's my job to teach you about performing Target Clears.” She laughed.

“I know you had to do capture for your entrance exam, but... I think you should learn about capturing properly once more.” Rhythmi smiled. “Mr. Kaplan, can you give Kate a lesson on capturing, please?”

“That's an admirable attitude. Okay, I'll give you a special lesson: The fundamentals of capture.” Kaplan smiled before teaching me how to capture using a Bidoof and a Pichu.

“Thank you, Mr. Kaplan!” Rhythmi smiled.

“Thank you, sir.” I smiled.

“Next, you'll finally learn what we mean by 'Target Clear'!” Rhythmi smiled. “Ms. Claire, please give Kate a lesson about performing a Target Clear.”

“Very well, this will be a special lesson. You'll learn about the basics of performing a Target Clear.” The woman smiled before looking to Mr. Kaplan who carried out a crate.

She began explaining how you can have captured Pokémon use field moves to destroy things such as crates and other such obstacles.

“Thank you very much, Ms. Claire!” Rhythmi smiled.

“Thank you, ma'am.” I smiled.

“Now you know all about captures and how to do a Target Clear! You're all set!” She grinned. “Let's go back to the schoolyard. There's another place I want you to see.”

She smiled before leading me back outside.

“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Help, someone! Anyone! Catch the Bidoof for me!” We heard someone screech as we walked outside.

The two of us quickly looked towards the voice to see Janice in the middle of the courtyard panicking as nine Bidoof angrily ran around.

“J-Janice?!” Rhythmi shouted. “She's having trouble with the Bidoof! Please, Kate! Capture the Bidoof and get them to settle down!”

“Of course!” I nodded my head and moved to go capture the Pokémon.

“Heh, I was wondering what the ruckus was all about. Looks like a good time that's up for grabs!” We heard a voice laugh.

We looked at the front door of the school to see the red-haired boy named Keith.

“Keith! Don't just stand there! Be useful for once and help with captures, too!” Rhythmi shouted irritably.

“It won't be much fun if I just help. Hey, new girl! I forgot your name, but I challenge you! We'll have a capturing race, you and me!” He grinned. “We'll see who can capture the most Bidoof, all right?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed in annoyance, “Whatever…”

“Can't you make the effort to learn our classmate's name? You can be so annoying, Keith!” Rhythmi sighed. “Go ahead and have your silly race or whatever but hurry up!”

“Okay, let's get on with it! Three! Two! One! Start!” He shouted.

I sighed again and started capturing the upset Bidoof... I've never been a fan of racing around like an idiot... So, I just played along as I captured the Bidoof. If I win... I win... If I lose... who really cares.

I quietly captured four of the nine Bidoof meaning I lost.

“That's all the Bidoof now.” Rhythmi sighed.

“I have five! That means you caught... Uh... four... That means... Victory is mine!” The redhead cheered before doing what I assume is his Ranger Pose.

“You and Keith looked good at it, too! Of course, I also need to thank our new friend and Rhythmi, too.” Janice smiled. “Thank you all for this. This is a big relief for me. And to the leader Bidoof... I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to tread on your tail. I'll make it up to you with tastier treats than usual. Come along, everyone.” She smiled before walking away with the Bidoof, leaving the three of us behind.

“I'd rate your captures around 65 out of 100,” Keith smirked looking to me. “...Hey, but you know... I'll be honest: I was pretty surprised by how you did.” He smiled blushed a bit. “You might be decent for someone who just learned about this. You said your name was Katrina, right? I think you look more like a Kate. So, I'll call you Kate.” He smiled.

I sighed before I smiled gently at him. “Fine, Fine. Kate, it is…”

“Oh, you, Keith! You knew our friend's name all along! For goodness' sake...” She sighed. “Oh! That's right! There's somewhere I haven't shown you yet!”

“What, you mean Ascension Square?” He questioned.

“Yes!” She smiled.

“Then I'll go, too!” He grinned.

“Oh, all right.” She sighed. “I guess we'll let you come with us. But no sexually harassing Katie.”

“Yeah right! You know I'm more into ditsy blondes like YOU Rhythmi!” He smirked. “Not really. And I've never sexually harassed a young lady like that.” He glared. “Stop putting ideas like that into her head.”

I rolled my eyes.

She smacked him over the ditsy blond comment. “Ass hat!” She growled before turning back towards me. “Anywho, to get to Ascension Square, you go to the east of the schoolyard. Then, you turn south to the stairs that go down to the Square.” She smiled before the three of us started making our way towards the place known as Ascension Square.

The three of us walked down the large flight of stairs.

“This is Ascension Square. There's going to be a special class here in a month or two. It's an Outdoor Class. That monument there is called the Pledge Stone.” Rhythmi explained motioning to the large monument in the center of the Square before leading me and Keith over to it. “If you make a firm pledge to each other with your friends here, it will surely come true...” Rhythmi grinned. “That's what Principal Lamont told me.” She turned to me. “And there you have it! That concludes Rhythmi's School Tour of Wonder and Excitement!”

I was surprised when the blond girl took a firm hold of my hands.

“Katrina! I'm glad to have met you! I hope we can be friends for a long time!” Rhythmi smiled.

“Yeah.” I smiled.

“Hey, hold it now! Don't worry about Rhythmi. Be friends with me, okay?” Keith grabbed one of my hands away from the blonde...

I laughed nervously, “I-I-I uh... um... Can't I be friends with the both of you?” I blushed a bit.

Rhythmi sighed... “I guess.... but are you sure you want to be friends with Keith? He's kind of really annoying if you couldn't already tell!”

“I guess…. But are you sure you want to be friends with Rhythmiii? She’s kind of really mean if you couldn’t already tell!” Keith complains.

They glare at each other.

I laughed as the bell rang, signaling us to come back inside. “Yeah... I'm sure.”

Ding-dong. Ding-dong.

“Oh, there goes the bell. We'd better get back to class! But, boy, oh boy, Keith... Aren't you the slick one!” Rhythmi laughed before the three of us started walking back towards the building.