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Rush of Electricity

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Natalie ‘Wattson’ Paquette,. Fresh yet familiar face in the games. Daughter of the Games’ lead electrical engineer. She found her calling. Being ground by electricity and her love for new break throughs. Wattson wanted a new foundation to begin.

Being a certified genius and one of the creators of the Apex games. Building the functioning circle that shrinks as the game intensifies. She decided to take her skills to the next level and test herself in the Apex matches and become a legend. A champion. To succeed beyond her papas expectations and her own.

After taking her one way hovertrain ride to the HeadQuarters for the Apex competitors. Wattson made her way inside ecstatic, after sliding her wrist ID against the scanner. Eyes blown and fascinated by the buildings structure.

The buildings architecture was sleek and simple. With revolving doors and elevators everywhere. She noticed the lack of stairs before turning back towards the front desk and spotting the huge spiral staircase in the middle. With a large tree spewing out from the center.

Apex must have been making so much revenue on the games that they upped the headquarters by a large percentage. The last time she was here was with her father and it was much less expensive looking.

Walking over to the lady at the front soon after gawking at the architecture— she was so easily distracted she almost forgot why she was here.

“Hello, How May I help you today?” The older woman said with a straight face as a device suddenly turned on in front of Wattson causing her to flinch back as she seemed to be getting facial recognition done to her. “Ah, one moment. Ms. Paquette—“

“Here is your Identification.” She said placing a card atop the counter before typing extremely fast into the computer. “Room S57... S is for South wing and the last digit is the floor. Get it? Got it? Good.”

Wattson grabbed her ID and the small notepad given to her with her room number on it. “You will be sharing with two other people.. Don’t get too comfortable as every season you will be moved to a new room and sometimes even a new wing.” The woman was speaking so fast she was beginning to doze off a bit, but tried her best to stay grounded in the conversation instead of rudely dozing off like usual.

“Got it..”


Bringing her two suitcases inside one large and one small. She looked around the apartment and stood in silence as she tried to figure out if anyone was here too.

“Hello?” She could hear a smooth alert voice echo throughout the apartment. With a nervous laugh she greeted back sliding her suitcases with her. “Yes, Hello?”

From behind her she heard footsteps. Spinning around on her axis she smiled softly. A woman. Athletic. Seemed around the same age. Lovely curls’.

“Hello! I am Natalia Paquette, and you are?” She starts putting a hand out to which the female had gladly shook it.

“Lifeline.. You can call me Ajay though if it’s weird saying ma stage name,” the woman said with a light chuckle seemingly breaking the ice much easier.

“Okay, Ajay,”

“Neva seen you before.. You new here I’m guessin’?” She said taking out a flask with some kinda pink drink inside.

“Kind of new? I’ve been here before just not as a contender, so is it just you and me or?” Wattson trailed off looking around the apartment before back at Ajay

“Nah we got anotha one living with us Octavio.. He’s annoying but he’ll grow on ya,” she laughed to herself remembering some of the dumb things he’d say in the middle of matches.

“I hope you don’t mind but I gotta go meet with my.. friend Anita in a little, why don’t you join me our roommate should be comin’ too. Two birds wit one stone,” giving an amiable smile Wattson agreed. She needed to know people to avoid being a loner.

Lifeline explained she needed to pick up equipment and soon left, she’d be back to come get her. Was a quick introduction, but she’ll probably get to know her better later.

After unpacking her things leaving her large suitcase in the closet that held her Interception Pylon and Permitter Security Nodes.

A low grumble erupted from her belly bringing back remembrance of how she hadn’t eaten all day and it was almost 5 in the afternoon.

Tucking a hair behind her ear she found herself gently caressing the scarred skin of her cheek. She remembered the day. Wattson was just so easily distracted she had forgotten to secure the wiring in the Arc Stars core design she was making, that it ended up short circuiting in turn causing a lethal static reaction. The explosion left a lighting bolt of scars up her arm, slowly scorching it way up to her cheek.

Walking over to the semi-big mirror in the living room she glanced at the scar. A frown set deep on her face as she furrowed her brows. It may be seen as a small flaw to others but to her it bothered her. In her opinion it was: What beautiful females do you see walking around with big scars across the body let alone the face? None.

So caught up in following the lines of her scars she hadn’t heard the door open and close behind her.

“Aye don’t make your face so hard and furrowed, you’ll become stuck like that,” she joked

“You ready?”

“Yes, just a moment,” Wattson could feel her cheeks burning in embarrassment. Caught staring at herself.. She couldn’t help but feel worried about what Ajay thought of her at the moment.

After grabbing her jacket and crossbody bag she walked out with Ajay.

Tonight was gonna be fun.