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If Time Stood Still

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"Am I seeing things correctly or are my eyes deceiving me?" was the first thing Hyunjin heard upon entering their home.

"What are you going on about this time?" he groaned while placing his coat down on a nearby chair.

"Don't play dumb with me, you know well what I'm talking about. Your goddamn face, your name, is everywhere right now Hyunjin."

"My fucking God Seungmin, are you serious right now? I just got home and this is the first thing you're really gonna bring up?"

“What's happening?" a little girl popped out behind her brother's back who was peeking his head through the kitchen while hiding behind the walls.

"I think dad and papa are fighting."

“Again?" the little boy just nodded as they watch what's happening from the corner of their eyes.

"Yes, and you should've at least expected that!"

"And what do you want me to do about it?"

"Confirm it!" Seungmin threw the rolled newspaper on his hand down in front of Hyunjin.

"You already know the actual answer. Are you telling me that you're gonna believe some false rumor that's going around?"

"That's the thing! It's spreading, Hyunjin. Spreading like goddamn fire! For God's sake, we have children and you're really out here doing this thinking no one would know!"

"But I'm not! You're so quick to believe shit right away when you don't know one thing about what's happening to me right now."

"Oh so you solve it by shoving your dick up another person's ass?!" Seungmin pressed his palms flat down on the counter that's dividing them.

"Have you got no fucking clue? You're not the only one with complications right now. I barely have time to be home every single day yet you're out in some fucking place not making enough time and effort to look after your own children." he continued.

"We should go, I think they're gonna start making a huge mess again." the little boy suggested.

The little girl followed her brother up to their room, not muttering a sound along the way.

The little girl closed their door as they both sat still on their beds.

"Why do you think they do it?" she brought up out of the blue.

"Do what?"

"Fight. Every time dad comes home, him and papa always seem to shout at one another."

"I'm not sure. I think there's something wrong with grown ups. Even in the shows and movies dad's in, there's always a fight."

"Lots of them." the little girl added.

"At least while I'm away I'm able to provide for this family."

"And I'm not?" Seungmin furrowed his brows with squinted eyes. "I expected you to be working while you're away, not fucking some random girl in your hotel room or something."

"I've already told you that whatever's going around is false. How else am I supposed to make you believe what I'm saying?"

"How am I supposed to believe what you've said when a woman was spotted walking out of your room two days ago? You were even seen going inside the building with her!"

"I think we live in a movie."

"Why do you think that?" the boy asked while cleaning his glasses.

"The families I see on tv are happy while the ones on movies are not."

"You think we're not a happy family?"

"A little. I haven't seen papa and daddy happy together in a while."

"I guess that's true. And when they are it's not even them being happy with one another, they're only happy for us."

"Ok and so what if I entered the hotel with a woman? That doesn't prove anything other than the fact we entered the place together and she left without me."

"Are you trying to fool me? I'm not dumb Hyunjin, we both know the damn well that you've been seeing that woman for quiet a while now."

"You're acting like there's still something going on between us that one rumor got your head all fucked up." Seungmin stared at Hyunjin straight in the eye in disbelief.

"I wish they would just stop arguing all the time. I don't like it when papa's sad and saying he's okay when he's crying. It makes me cry too." the little girl's voice began to tremble and she knew for a fact that tears are about to form in her eyes.

The little boy got up from his bed and made his way to his sister. He sat down next to her, patting her back as she wipes the falling tears.

"Don't cry. You know, daddy said things happen for a reason. I think they have a reason to why they do it."

"Is it the same reason for every fight they have?"

"Maybe. But we'll never know."

"How come?"

"Papa said that what happens between them and dad is not something we need to worry about."

"Just say you want to end it." the younger spat out in a hush tone.

"End what?"

"Us. Let's split up." Hyunjin stood completely still before he let out a dry laugh.

"Are you serious? You were just complaining about how I'm never around a second ago and now you want us to part ways?"

"I'm tired, Hyunjin. You and I are both tired and you know it." the raven haired male exchanged looks with the brown haired one.

"It's for the best. Like you said, there's clearly nothing going on between us anymore so why should we stay together?"

"Maybe you're right." Hyunjin sighed as his eyes wandered down at the countertop, "Maybe it is for the best."