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Loud Guy Radio Presents: Mic's Sprout Sessions

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It had been a busy day for Izuku. It always was. The excitement of daycare can keep a 5 year old excited for a pretty long time. But now it was time to go home and that energy was starting to wear off. As he walked with his mom back to his house, skipping lightly, he thought of what he was going to do when he got home. Probably watch some more All Might videos and eat dinner, which sounded like a great plan to him. He was in the middle of deciding in his head which All Might videos he was going to watch - there were so many to choose from! And he loved them all! - when his mom spoke.


“So Izuku, how was your day?” she asked him with a smile.


He perked up at the question.


“Great! Kacchan showed me his new All Might figure and we then we played Heroes and Villains. I got to be the Hero today!” 


“Which hero were you?”


“All Might! Who else?” Izuku asked, as if to say ‘ duh mom, obviously I’m going to be All Might’ .


“That’s great sweetie,” Inko responded, “When we get home I have something to show you that I think you might like?”


“What is it? Does it have All Might in it?” 


Inko chuckled at her son’s one track mind. 


“No, but it does have to do with Pro Heroes. There’s a up-and-coming Hero who just graduated from UA and he recently started a radio show where he occasionally takes calls from listeners. I thought you would want to call in and talk to him.”




Izuku paused for a second.


“What’s a radio show?”


“It’s when someone talks on the radio about different things and plays music in between.”


Izuku nodded in understanding, “Ok! That makes sense. So I can call him and talk to him on the phone but it will also be on the radio?”




“Let’s do it!” he said excitedly.


Inko laughed at this and they kept walking.



When they got home, Izuku immediately ran over to the phone and waited. 


“What are you doing?” Inko asked, confused.


“Waiting until we can talk to the guy on the radio!”


Inko chuckled.


“We can’t do that until later. Don’t you want to eat dinner first? I’m making Katsudon.”


“Ok! I’ll go wait at the table!” Izuku said while sprinting to said table.


When he got to the table, he sat down, almost bouncing in his seat. Inko just shook her head. Her son got excited over the tiniest things. Walking into the kitchen, she got to work making the food. While she was cooking Izuku would occasionally ask questions about the ‘guy on the radio’ as he called him to which Inko would usually reply with ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I guess you’ll have to see’. She really didn’t know too much about him, besides the fact that he was an up-and-coming hero with a voice quirk. She had heard about the show from one of her coworkers, who introduced her to the show's site. 


Finally the food was ready. The family of two sat down to eat, making idle conversation, which honestly was just Izuku rambling about whatever came to his mind, usually quirks, and Inko just nodding and smiling with the occasional comment. It was a comfortable set up for the two of them. The over-excited 5 year old loved to talk and his more quiet mother was perfectly content listening.


When the two finished eating, Izuku went over to the couch to sit and watch TV for a bit while Inko washed the dishes and clean up. When she was done, she checked the time and saw that it was around the time when the hero started taking calls.


“Izuku. It’s time to call the guy on the radio.” She yelled to her son, walking into the office where the phone was kept.


“Coming!” He yelled back, the sound of socked feet scurrying along the wooden floor coming from the other room.


When Izuku got to the room, he hopped onto the chair in front of the computer and looked up at his mom, as if waiting for instructions. Inko leaned over to the keyboard and typed in the show’s link which displayed the number you had to call. Punching the number in, she handed Izuku the receiver. He took it from her and held it up to his ear, waiting for the ringing to stop and for a voice on the other end.


Finally someone spoke.


“Hello Listener! Welcome to the Loud Guy Radio Show! I’m Present Mic, your resident loud guy. What’s your name and why are you calling us today?” came an enthusiastic voice from the other line.


Izuku answered just as enthusiastically, “I’m Izuku and I wanted to talk to you!”



It had been a normal day for Yamada Hizashi aka Present Mic. He had morning patrol and then paperwork until 2. He was a little disappointed all he got were petty crimes, but couldn’t complain. He didn’t control the criminal underground, so he couldn’t choose their schedule, if they even had one. Mic really only had an hour of free time at lunch, because once he was off duty he went straight to his radio station for the afternoon broadcast of his show.


It was a nice routine he had, days spent doing hero work and radio. His schedule could be hectic but he liked it that way. With his show being brand new, he could really only do afternoon shows and early morning shows since there really wasn’t much demand. He did have a small but loyal group of regular listeners, who he appreciated greatly. 


4 o’ clock rolled around and for him it meant answering listener calls. This was always his favourite part of the show, because he honestly loved interacting with people. Earlier in the show Mic had been talking with today’s guest, a local cafe owner, about how they incorporate their quirk into their food. It had honestly been fascinating, but he was excited to talk to regular people-- his listeners, to be specific.


His first caller was an elderly woman who spent the entire call talking about how it was nice to finally hear a hero. Then he talked with some teenagers who were casual listeners. And finally at 5:30 he took his last caller.


“Hey Listener! Welcome to the Loud Guy Radio Show! I’m Present Mic, your resident loud guy. What’s your name and why are you calling us today?” he said enthusiastically as soon as he took the call.


An equally enthusiastic voice of a child answered.


“I’m Izuku and I wanted to talk to you!”


“Ok little listener. I’m always up to talk. What’s on your mind?”


There was a slight pause. And then came more words then he ever expected to come from a kid that young at one time, all in fast succession.


“Quirks! Especially voice related quirks. Before I called you my mom told me you were a voice hero. So I started wondering what kind of quirk you could have. Maybe you could control how high your voice can go, or how loud you can go. Or maybe something like a singing related quirk. But then I remembered that voice related quirks could be anything. You could just be really good at yelling or talking…”


Mic let the kid ramble on a bit more about quirks, smiling the whole while. After a bit the kid stopped again, before speaking once more.


“So what is your quirk?”


He gave a little chuckle at the kid’s curiosity before answering.


“My quirk is called Voice. It lets me increase the volume of my voice. My voice can make really strong and high-pitched sounds which can sometimes hurt people’s ears.”


The kid seemed to take a moment to think it over.


“So basically you’re really good at yelling?” Izuku asked.




“Cool! You’d get along really good with Kacchan, he yells a lot. Though I don’t think that’s his quirk..” his words turned into another ramble.


Mic smiled. This kid was really cute, but he did talk a lot. That was a good thing for radio though. But when he looked at the clock, he saw that his time to talk with listeners was almost up.


“Hey, little listener. I have to go. My time’s almost up, but it was great talking to you!” Mic told the kid on the other line.


Izuku stopped his rambling and gave an ok before saying one more thing.


“Ok! Thank for talking with me, guy on the radio with the loud voice!”


Then he hung up.


Mic turned on a song and once the recording was off, started laughing hysterically.


Damn. He loved little kids.



Once he hung up, Izuku put the receiver down and turned around to look at his mom, who was smiling at him.


“So how was it?” she asked.


“It was great! The guy on the radio was really loud but really nice and we talked about quirks!” Izuku replied, getting out of the chair and walking over to his mom.


“Do you remember his name?”


“Nope! But I do want to do that again. Can we call him again tomorrow?” Izuku asked.


Inko smiled at her son. 


“Sure. But for now, it’s time to sleep.”


“Ok!” Izuku said before running off to get ready for bed.


Inko smiled as she watched him run off. She knew he would enjoy this. Now to figure out how to get him to fall asleep with all the excitement he got. She sighed to herself and went after him.

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The next day, Izuku had just gotten home from walking with ‘Kacchan’, as he called his best friend, when he noticed his mom wasn’t home. He figured that she was out shopping and would be home soon, and so he went and turned on the TV to watch cartoons while he waited for her. Soon enough, the door to their small apartment opened and in walked Inko with a bunch of groceries.


“Izuku! What are you already doing home?” she asked from the kitchen as she was putting away groceries.


“School’s done, so I walked back with Kacchan. You weren’t home so I’m watching All Might on the TV!” Izuku replied happily!


“Oh! I must’ve been late getting groceries, sorry Izuku. How was your day?” 


Izuku turned around to look at his mom.


“Great! A girl in my class had her birthday and her mom brought in cookies. They were really good, even though Kacchan wouldn’t eat them because he says he’ll only eat spicy food.”


Inko chuckled, Classic Katsuki. The kid never eats anything if it isn’t doused in hot sauce or has spices enough to feed a village in it. I’m wondering if his spice tolerance will ever rub off onto Izuku.


“That’s nice, dear. I was thinking of making curry for dinner. You can wash up while I cook and then after that we can do whatever you want to do. There's nothing else we need to do tonight, so we can have some fun! How about you choose?”


“Whatever I want? Can we call the loud guy on the radio again? He was fun to talk to!” Izuku asked excitedly.


“I don’t see why not. How about you go think of things you want to ask him while I cook? And who knows, maybe we can figure out what his name is so you don’t just have to call him the loud guy on the radio.” Inko responded as she started to gather the ingredients for the meal.


“Ok!” Izuku said before running off to his room.


Inko smiled to herself. She had a feeling that nighttime calls to the radio station were going to become normal if Izuku showed this much excitement for it. Oh well, not much she could do. Or wanted to do.



The meal had already been cooked, eaten, and cleaned up before Izuku mentioned the radio show again. He had been quiet about it all through dinner, instead rambling on about this pretty black bird that had been outside the daycare window in a tree all day, which Inko informed him was a crow.


It was only after the dishes were dry that he felt the need to talk about it again.


“So when do we call the radio?” He asked while sitting on the couch with his mom.


“Well, the website says that he usually starts taking calls at 4, but how about we wait until 5:30. That way you can watch some more All Might and let your brain think some more about what he wants to talk about.” Inko responded.


“Aw, do we have to wait that long?” 


“No, but I thought you wanted to watch more All Might. You do know that after you call the radio guy, it’s bedtime for you, mister.” 


It really wasn’t a rule, but she figured if this was going to be a regular thing, why not make it a rule. Izuku did use a lot of energy talking to the radio guy for some reason, so it was logical for him to want to sleep after.


“Ok…”  Izuku said and turned back to tv.


So they continued watching the All Might movie that he had picked out until 5:20 when Inko promptly turned it off and told him:


“Time to call the radio guy.”


Which in turn got an excited ‘Yay!’ from her son as he ran to his room to get something.


When Izuku ran back into the room, Inko looked to see what he had gotten, it looked to be one of his notebooks with a page open that had a surprising number of questions and notes on it. Inko assumed this was what he wanted to talk about with the radio guy. It was quite a lot. She hoped he would have enough time, but with the sheer amount of words per minute her son spoke, she wouldn’t be surprised if he actually got through everything on his list.


“You ready?” she asked him.


“Yeah! I’ve got my notebook and questions I want to ask him, like you told me to make.”




With that Inko walked into the office and started dialing the number to call, all the while Izuku ran ahead of her and practically jumped into the office chair, waiting and almost vibrating with excitement.


Once she had finished dialing the number and the phone had started to ring, Inko handed the phone to Izuku. Just as the day before, he waited for the ringing to stop and for a voice to speak.


And speak it did.


“Hey Listener! Welcome to the Loud Guy Radio Show! I’m Present Mic, your resident loud guy. What’s your name and why are you calling us today?”



On the other side of the line, Present Mic was once again taking calls from listeners. Today he hadn’t had a guest and had really only playing music while talking to his audience about whatever came to his mind. He was honestly glad it was a more relaxed day because hero work today had been particularly stressful.


He gave a small sigh of relief as he pressed the end call button on a pair of middle aged moms who had called him to complain about his show. Apparently they didn’t like the content he produced and thought it was promoting something unsavory. The entire call had been them just ranting about his show as if it had personally offended them, he had barely been able to get a word in. It had been rather strange.


As he was in the middle of contemplating what the hell that previous call had been, he got a popup for another incoming call. Checking the clock to see if he had enough time to take another call, and he did, he pressed the accept button and gave his usual intro:


“Hey Listener! Welcome to the Loud Guy Radio Show! I’m Present Mic, your resident loud guy. What’s your name and why are you calling us today?”


“Hi Loud Radio Guy! It’s me, Izuku, from yesterday. I want to talk to you again!”


A small smile found itself onto Mic’s face.


“Hey Little Listener! I remember you! You were the one who asked all the cool questions about my quirk. What do you want to talk about today?”


Another bit of silence.


“Well, my mom said I should write down any questions I had for you, so I wrote down a bunch. But I want to save some for other days, so I’ll only ask a few. And then you can ask me some. Then we’ll know things about each other!! And that’s a very important thing,” the kid replied.


“Ok, sure! Can I just ask why’s it a very important thing?”


“Because if you want to be someone’s friend you need to know things about them. And I want to be your friend, so I need to know things about you!” he replied, obviously proud of his impeccable logic.


Mic had to hold back a squeal, this kid was just too cute.


“Ok Little Listener, sounds like a plan! What do you want to know first?”


“What’s your name?” he said almost immediately.


“Well, my hero name is Present Mic.”


“Present Mic?”




The kid seemed to consider this answer.


“Sounds fancy. I don’t like fancy. Do you have any other names?” he asked.


“Yeah, but I don’t want to put it on the radio.” Mic replied.




“Bad guys could use it to find and hurt me.”


Another pause.


“Ok! That makes sense. Well, if you don’t have another name, I’ll just give you a nickname!” Izuku mulled it over for a second, “What about Micchan? Like Present Mic but shorter and less fancy!”


Mic actually had to physically move away from the microphone, he couldn’t handle this kid. He was just so pure.


Once he regained his composure, he replied, “Sounds great. But it’s only fair if I give you a nickname in return! I think I’m gonna call you Sprout.”


This surprised Izuku. He wasn’t used to people giving him nicknames in return. The only two people who have done that are Kacchan and his Mom, with Zuku and Bunny respectively.


“Wait, what? Why Sprout?” he asked, confused.


“I don’t know. It just seemed to fit you.


A brief moment of silence followed before Izuku spoke again.


“... Okay.”


“Great! Now what else do you want to talk about? I can talk for another 10 or 15 minutes so you should be good!”


After that the two kept talking about whatever came to their minds, mostly about hobbies and heroes. By the end of the call Izuku felt like he gained a friend and Mic felt like he might have just found a favorite listener, not that he plays favorites or anything. With the promise to call again, Izuku hung up and happily handed the phone back to his mom, before running off to get ready for bed, all the while excited for the next time he could call Micchan.

Chapter Text

A few days later, Izuku was walking home with Kacchan from their daycare again. The two friends were talking animatedly with each other about whatever crossed their minds, usually All Might or other heroes, and just generally having a good time.


They had just arrived at Izuku’s house, when Inko pulled into the driveway. Getting out of the car and grabbing the groceries she had just bought, she made her way up the stairs towards them.


“Hi Izuku! Looks like you made it home before me again.” She said with a chuckle, “Oh! Hello to you as well, Katsuki.”


“Hi, Mom!”


“Hey, Auntie.”


Inko just smiled at the kids' dual greeting before unlocking the door to let them into the house. Once the door was open, both kids ran over to the couch and turned on the TV while Inko went to the kitchen to put groceries away.


When she was done, she walked over to the couch where the kids were watching a rerun of an old All Might cartoon which they both had probably already seen at least 3 times.


“How do you kids feel about chicken curry for dinner?” she asked them.


“Sounds great!” Izuku replied, not looking away from the TV.


A mumbled “As long as it’s spicy.” came from next to him.


Inko let out a little laugh and made her way back to the kitchen to start cooking.


Once his mom walked away, Izuku turned to Katsuki.


“Hey Kacchan, how long do you want to stay over?”


“The night. Why?” Katsuki responded, still not looking away from the TV.


“Ok. Because I’m calling Micchan a bit later in the afternoon, and this means maybe you could join me!”


“Micchan? Who’s that?” he asked, shooting Izuku a look of confusion.


“He’s who I call everyday! He has a radio show where you can call him and he’s a pro hero. His hero name is Present Mic and he has a Voice Quirk!” Izuku responded.


“Why do you call him Micchan though? Can’t you just call him Present Mic or something?”


“I… uh… didn’t like how fancy his name sounded so I gave him a nickname…” Izuku said quietly.


This got a snort out of Katsuki.


“Pffft. Typical ‘Zuku. So you call him every night, right?”




“Can I join? I want to see what kind of person ‘Micchan’ is. I think I’m just gonna call him Mic.” Katsuki asked.


“Sure! He’s loud and energetic. Kind of like Kacchan, even though he’s more grumpy…” Izuku responded, starting a muttering spree.


Katsuki nodded at the response, before turning back to the TV, already tuning out his friend. He only looked away again when Inko called them both to dinner half an hour later.


“So, how does this work?” Katsuki asked his friend.


“Basically we call a number and the call is answered in the radio station by Micchan. I’ll do most of the talking, but since we’re calling on speakerphone this time you can talk too.” Izuku responded.


“Seems simple enough. I’ll just talk when I want to, so you can blabber on about whatever. Ok?”




Inko smiled at them and put the phone on the desk. This time she was calling from her cell phone so it could be put on speaker, instead of the usual office landline. Izuku was bouncing in his seat slightly, excitedly listening for the voice after the ringing.


“Hey Listener! Welcome to the Loud Guy Radio Show! I’m Present Mic, your resident loud guy. What’s your name and why are you calling us today?”



Present Mic was having a good day, no, week. With almost daily calls from Sprout mixed with great guests at the radio show and some successful villain captures, his mood was improving by the hour. 


Speaking of guests he had had two great ones today at the show. The first one was an animal scientist local to Tokyo, specifically Okutama, who studies whether or not animals can have quirks. It had been fascinating discussing the cases he had done. He had even studied Nezu and whether or not he had a quirk or was just a really smart rodent. 


The second guest was none other than his coworker and husband, Eraserhead. Somehow he had convinced him to join him at the studio in exchange for a week of free coffee. They had mainly talked about hero work and the upcoming students at UA. Eraserhead, otherwise known as Aizawa, had decided to stay and answer calls with Mic since they were going home together anyways.


The callers had been fine so far. He got a few fans and a concerned mother who had seen his number in her son’s recent calls and thought it had been a secret girlfriend. That last one had left both parties confused and Aizawa holding back laughter.


But at 5:20, after he hung up on the preoccupied mother, he was ready for his new favorite ‘segment’ of the show. It had been a week since the first call from Sprout and since then the kid had been consistently calling almost every day at the same time, usually 5:30. Mic had started calling the calls ‘Sprout Sessions’ in his head.


Seeing a ‘new caller’ alert had popped up on his computer, he smiled and pressed ‘accept’.


“Hey Listener! Welcome to the Loud Guy Radio Show! I’m Present Mic, your resident loud guy. What’s your name and why are you calling us today?”


“Micchan!” came an excited voice.


“Hey, Little Listener! How are you?”


“Good! I’m with Kacchan. How are you?”


A grunt came from a slightly lower voice.


“I’m fine. I have another hero here with me.” Mic said with a laugh, “Looks like we both have guests with us.”




There was a pause.


“What’s the other hero’s name?” Izuku asked.


Mic looked at Aizawa while covering his mic and asked, “Do you want me to tell them your hero name or is there a different name you prefer?”


Aizawa just looked at him and shrugged before speaking.


“My hero name is Eraserhead, but you can call me Aizawa. I take it you're Sprout?”


“Eraserhead’s a cool name, and yeah! Though my real name is Izuku.”


“Well I guess we’ll have to remember those names, cause I’m gonna be around a lot.”


“Really? Cool! What’s your quirk? Does it have to do with erasers? I wonder how that would work…” Cue another muttering spree from Izuku.


Another voice started speaking over the flurry of words.


“Sorry about that. ‘Zuku’s gonna be muttering for a good while, so you’ll have to talk to me.”


Mic chuckled.


“I’m going to guess you’re the elusive Kacchan. Sprout’s mentioned you a few times on the calls.”


A groan came from the other side.


“Yeah… That’s me. ‘Zuku gave me that nickname because he couldn’t pronounce my real name. But you can call me Katsuki.”


“That’s not true. I can totally pronounce your name.” Izuku argued, apparently done with his muttering.


“Sure whatever you say.” Katsuki replied back.


“Anyways, what is your quirk, Mr. Eraserhead? I’ve never heard of you before so I’m curious.”  Izuku asked.


“I can erase someone’s quirk if I look at them. You’ve probably never heard of me because I’m an underground hero. We don’t really do a lot of really flashy hero work, we do things more low key.” Aizawa responded.


“Oh, that’s cool! I didn’t even know underground hero’s existed.”


“Most people don’t. The entire purpose of the word ‘underground’ being there is that we don’t get a lot of public recognition and are usually more focused on stealth.”


“Interesting. Anyways, I wanted to ask you something, Micchan?”




“Cats or dogs?” Izuku asked.


“Cats. Why?" Mic responded.


“Just curious.”


And so the call continued, mainly Izuku and Mic bantering back with Katsuki and Aizawa occasionally adding a comment. Though they had to end it early due to Katsuki getting tired, Izuku seemed to keep the same level of excitedness til the end.


Chapter Text

It had been a tough day for Present Mic. Villains had seemed extra tough and he had gotten barely any time to spend with his husband in the morning, as he was called in early to deal with a mission. A mission which had taken almost the entire day, leaving just enough time for his shift to be wrapped up with a villain who attacked a highway. The amount of paperwork he was going to have to fill out for that tomorrow was enough to give him nightmares.


Though once the workday was over he got to go to the studio and spend a few hours there. The rest of the day had other segments with tons of interesting people, but he always relished the hours he spent in the afternoons there. Of course he felt the same for the late night sessions he did, even if they did involve significantly more coffee. 


Today’s shift at the radio station hadn’t really been any different from any other day, with good music and better guests. He had had 3 guests today. A quirk scientist who had been studying the effects of elemental type quirks on their person’s body, a friend of his who made music for video games, and an upcoming hero. They had been interesting enough, each of the segments being distinct, but Mic was impatiently waiting for his favorite part of the show - the caller segment.


All he had to do was play a few more songs that honestly never seemed to end. Finally, after half an hour of songs, he got to press the ‘LIVE’ button again and start talking.


“Hey Listeners, we’ve come to the point of the show you’ve all been waiting for! After some amazing guests and great music selection, now it’s your time to shine. Time for the first caller!”


His first caller was an older lady who called semi regularly. She was extremely nice and would always chat with him about her flower shop and the interesting customers that passed through. The next one was just silence, some teenagers trying to achieve a prank call most likely. And the third caller was a college student who needed advice on how to properly study for an exam. Mic had asked him why he called him, but when the kid explained that he was starting college for singing and needed some new ideas for how to study for subjects related to voice, Mic was more than happy to help. He was the Voice Hero after all.


Finally, time was upon them. It was the fated Sprout Sessions! He honestly had no idea why he was thinking like that, but he was just gonna roll with it. The self-named Sprout Sessions had been a staple of his show since they had started almost a year ago. Izuku had now turned 5 and was doing better than ever. He was calling under his mom’s supervision almost every evening and during those calls the two had come to know each other pretty well. He had finally gotten to see what Izuku looked like through a picture his mom had submitted on the newly set up forum for the show. The forum had a feature where you could privately email Mic. Izuku was adorable and fully lived up to his nickname, his mop of green hair resembling a broccoli sprout. 


He had just went to get a coffee during the little break between callers when the ‘INCOMING CALL’ notification finally popped up. Sitting down in his chair, he puts on his headphones and hits the answer button.


“MICCHAN!!! Guess what!!” the familiar voice yelled excitedly.


“Hello to you too, Sprout! What’s up?”  


“I got my quirk today!!! My mom says it’s called ‘Light Manipulation. I can control light!" Izuku explained, “There’s more, but I don’t know what else I can do yet.”


“That’s really cool, kid! That’d be great for hero work. Maybe you could be an underground hero like Eraserhead, or a public hero like me! Isn’t that your dream?” Mic exclaimed.


“Yeah! I think being an underground hero would be cool, but also I wanna be like All Might!”


“Obviously you wanna be like All Might ‘Zuku. He’s the best!” Another voice replied on the phone.


“Micchan’s cool too!”




Mic stifles a chuckle at the kids’ antics. He could recognize the other voice as Katsuki, Izuku’s childhood friend. The boy had only occasionally been on the show, but his personality was a memorable one. He was usually very loud, but after a few calls with the two boys, Mic, and Eraserhead taking place, Katsuki had developed quite a sense of sarcasm at times.


“So how’d it happen?” Mic asked.


“How’d what happen?” Izuku responded with his own question.


“Getting your quirk.”


“Oh! Ok. So it was after school at this art camp my mom’s started sending me too, 'cause I like to draw and stuff. Kacchan went with me today cause his Mom wants to start sending him there too. We were playing with Eichan, Maiko, and Hibiki at recess and Kacchan decided it would be a fun idea to play Villains and Heroes. He was the villain this time cause Eichan had been it last time and it's only fair. So Kacchan accidentally backed Eichan into a corner on one of the open structures and before Eichan could fall I started glowing!!”


“It was really weird. Zuku was like really bright, it hurt my eyes. It happened really fast and went away fast too. It’s cool, but Zuku’s gonna need help controlling it, which I can obviously help with!” Katsuki butted in.


“That’s a great idea, Kacchan. But we would need supplies…” 


The famous Izuku mumble fest had finally been sparked. Mic had been wondering when it would happen. It usually occurred at least once per session. After giving the kid a few minutes to let it out before stopping him with a question.


“So have you seen any cool heroes recently?”


A pause before Izuku started his tangent.


“Yeah!! There was a newer one on the way to school this morning. I don’t know what her name is, but her quirk’s really cool!”


He went on to describe said hero in a lot of detail and others he had seen. It provided for a cute scene as the kid rambled on about his favorite passion.



Even though Izuku had spent the rest of the call rambling and was worn out by the time it ended, Katsuki still had somehow convinced him it was a good idea to stay up and brainstorm ideas for how to test their quirks. They had been at it for the past few hours and honestly, he didn’t think he had any ideas left. It was exciting, sure! But his brain was tired and he wanted to sleep. Izuku had already put his book down and gotten ready to doze off on his futon when he heard Katsuki speak.


“Hey, Zuku?”


He rolled over to face him, there was a thoughtful look on the other 5 year old, a rarity.


“Yeah?” Izuku responded.


“ You know how I want to be the number one hero, like All Might, right? And I know you want to too. I was thinking, what if we both did it, like a hero team.”


“Really? You’d want a make a hero duo with me. Yeah! But we’re too young…”


Katsuki gave a snort at this, “I meant in the future, idiot. Right now we could like make a promise to get better together so we can become a hero duo when we’re older. Sound good?”




A hero duo...



Hey! Author here to introduce some new characters.


Eichan - This is Kirishima. He's gonna be a sort of additional childhood friend for Izuku. They meet at the art program they both do. Katsuki also goes sometimes.


Maiko - One of my ocs. She's the same age as Izuku and her quirk is Wind Manipulation. It involves controlling wind and air in general. She can also control air pressure and she relies on the air around her to control. Her costume has small air canisters for this reason. She can use her air supply but its dangerous. She's been bullied and called a villain because she discovered her quirk by accidentally restricting the air supply of someone bullying Hibiki. They didn't die, but were scarred and spread the rumor that Maiko tried to kill her. Maiko has brown hair and purple eyes and is taller than the rest of the gang. She met Izuku and Kirishima at the art program. She's brash and angry and generally doesn't like people but is extremely protective of her friends and loves to make jokes.


Hibiki - Maiko's childhood friend and love interest. She also met Izuku at the art program. She's blind but has an echo location quirk. She also has a very mild voice relocation quirk. If you've ever read Princess Academy I stole the idea from there. She's also been bullied but less. She has short green hair and white eyes. She's really shy and quiet and loves to make music. She doesn't want to be a hero and instead wants to work with kids. 


They'll make more appearances in the future. And I'm also gonna incorperate the art program thing more. Also a bit more info on Izuku's quirk quoted from my notes.


'Izuku has a light manipulation quirk, basically he can take light and make it turn into physical things like swords armor or other things. He can also generate rays of light from his hands that he can use to see in the dark (though this takes energy). If anyone looks him straight in the eyes while his quirk is active, it’ll momentarily blind them. His quirk is partially controlled by his emotions, such as when he’s extremely happy he seems to shine. He can take light from all sorts of places from the sun to street lamps, but with not natural light it puts the object out of commission for a bit, that’s why he always carries a flashlight on him, plus extra batteries. Also photosynthesis' He also wears sunglasses so he doesn't blind himself, and learns Braille just in case (he bonds with hibiki over this)


And lastly a bit more info on the general other facts. Izuku likes to draw, started with sketching heroes, and that was why he was sent to the art program. He started going when he was maybe 5? Katsuki started going to therapy and JSL classes around the same time, therapy because Mitsuki wanted to make sure he didn't inherit her anger issues and JSL as a precaution because Explosions. He teaches Izuku what he learns in each class. He also eventually starts going to the art camp too. Eijirou starts going a year after Izuku and they become fast friends. Hibiki and Maiko grew up together and also go to the art program. 


Chapter Text

Izuku woke up to a loud crash, followed by a shrill cry that pierced the air. Looking around wildly, it took him a few moments to see that there wasn’t any immediate danger. His heart was beating wildly and in his panic he had knocked the blankets off the bed. Immediately, he hopped off his bed and ran into the hallway to see what was happening. 


There was no sign of life in the hall and everything looked like it had last night when he went to sleep. The only other option was his mother's room, which was through the kitchen. Moving slowly, Izuku works his way down the hall and towards the kitchen entrance, his mind racing a mile a minute. The darkness of the night made the shadows seem larger, the only sounds being his padded footsteps and his beating heart.


Stepping onto the tiles carefully, he sneaked his way slowly through the room, his fear rising with every step. To Izuku, every noise could be a repeat of the crash that woke him up, every shadow a possible intruder. He just wanted to make sure his mom was safe and go home. Once he crossed the kitchen, he sprinted the last few meters to the door and pushed it open revealing... A lot of things.


His mom, limp on the ground.


A boulder lying next to her.


The window above her, shattered.


Pieces of glass scattered on the floor.


Red pools on the carpet.


His mind being in a state of shock, Izuku's body moved on its own accord, slowly walking towards the scene. His mouth was muttering up a storm, desperately trying to make sense of what he was seeing. 


She could just be asleep, he tried to reason, she could've just been hit by a villain attack and fallen asleep.  


The boulder by her head looked like the quirk of a villain he had seen on the news recently, and that thought alone scared him. 


Why would a villain throw a boulder through their window? They weren't being targeted, were they? No, that couldn't be the case. It was an accident, it had to be. 


Not wanting to let his fear run too rampant, he took a few deep breaths. It didn't look like his mom was going to wake up any time soon, so what could he do? He could go over to Kacchan's house, but he didn't want to wake him up. Who else did he talk to a lot? 


Micchan! He's a hero, right? I'll call him.


Not knowing what else to do, he ran into the office and started to dial the number he had memorized by this point. And even though it was most likely early in the morning, Izuku desperately hoped he would pick up.



It was a late-night show, a usual occurrence for Mic. They had been happening for a few years now, giving those who worked late or just couldn't sleep something to listen to. Often times he would let one of his cohosts do the show because it ran from midnight to 5 am, and he needed to sleep. But some times he liked doing it himself. 


He had just finished talking to a college student who was stressed about an exam and was about to play some music when he got the popup that another person was calling. This was strange because given the late hour callers were less frequent and had longer breaks between them. Deciding to just brush it off, he picked up the phone and started talking.


 “Hey Listener. Welcome to the Loud Guy Late Night Radio! I’m Present Mic, your resident loud guy. What’s your name and why are you calling us today?"


A quiet voice he did not expect answered back.


"... Micchan?"


He stopped for a second.


"Sprout? Why are you calling this late at night? Does your mom know?" 


"My mom's in the other room and she's not waking up. The window's shattered, and there's a boulder on the floor. I'm scared, Micchan. I didn't know what to do, so I called you."


This took Mic aback. Why hadn't this kid called the police? Then he remembered how he had felt his first time in a villain attack, remembered how much shock he had been in. It was understandable that the kid wasn't thinking clearly. He was going to have to calm him down.


Before that though, he had to call the police, or at least another hero. Notify someone. Get his mom to a hospital. He just knew he had to do something.


"Sprout, I want you to stay on the phone with me no matter what, okay? Are you on a phone that you can move around with?"


A sniffle came from the other end.




"Okay. Good. I want you to stay on the line, talk about something. Tell me about your favorite show. Can you do that for me? I'll tell you when to stop."


"I can do that..."


Izuku started muttering, giving Mic time to step back and dial 110. He quickly told the operator what was happening and gave her the address he had gotten from Inko at an earlier occasion. He made sure to mention that there was a frightened child in the house and to try to act calmly so as not to scare him further. Going back on the line with Izuku, he took a minute to just listen as the kid talked. He sounded calmer, which was good, but still freaked out to the point where it was noticeable.


"Sprout, you can stop. Now can you tell me what happened? Take as long as you need to."


As Izuku explained the situation to the best of his ability, Mic started feeling worse and worse. Oh man, what am I supposed to do? I know the police are on their way, but how long will they take? Should I go to comfort Sprout? No, I should stay on the line and talk with him. That's enough for now. Mic realized he was missing something and tuned back into Izuku's explanation, trying to calm his thoughts and focus on the boy. From what he could gather, it sounded like his house had been victim to a villain attack, most likely by accident. His mother was injured and unresponsive and the kid hadn't been harmed, luckily.


It wasn't long before Mic heard the muffled sirens of the police and ambulance on the other line. Izuku had noticed too and had begun to freak out before the hero calmed him down. At this point, he had transferred the duty of taking callers to one of the other hosts and was focusing all his attention on Sprout. The kid had been through so much tonight already, it was the least he could do.



Izuku was scared. He had every right to be. His mother was asleep in her bedroom, he couldn't wake her up, and now the police were at his house and a nice lady was telling him they were going to take his mother to the hospital. He kept talking to Micchan over the phone, trying to not think about all the possibilities of what could happen next.


The nice lady had finished talking to the police and had now turned to him with a serious but kind look on her face. 


"We're going to be leaving for the hospital now. Do you want to come with us to stay with your mom or do you have someone else you can stay with?" she asked expectantly.


Izuku shook his head.


"I don't have anyone to stay with. Can I bring Micchan with me?" he asked quietly.


"Sure! Who's Micchan?"


He held up the phone.


"He's the nice guy on the other side of the phone."


The lady stopped for a second before smiling.


"Ok. Can I talk to him for a second?"


Izuku didn't see why she needed to, but let her anyways. She took the phone and turned away from him, talking quietly for a few minutes, before eventually giving it back to him. He put the phone back to his ear.


"Hey, Sprout. The nice lady told me you were going to go to the hospital with your mom right?" Micchan asked.


"Yeah... Can you come with me?"


"I don't think so, because the phone wouldn't work on the way there, but you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna meet you at the hospital in person, ok?"


"Ok," Izuku replied with a smile forming on his face.


"See you there Sprout."



Mic didn't like going to the hospital for any reason. It didn't matter if it was visiting sick children or comforting a family of a victim. Hospitals just didn't offer pleasant experiences for him. Especially now, when a young kid he had grown to like's mother was injured and he didn't know if she would make it.


When he walked into the room the secretary had guided him to, there was a tenseness in the air. A few paramedics and a police officer were in the chairs lining the wall, waiting for something, and next to them a young boy with green locks clutching an All Might doll tightly in his arms. He looked like he was trying to hold back tears. It took Mic a moment to recognize the boy, and when he did his heart clenched. The boy who always sounded so bright over the phone, like he was shining, looked so defeated and dull.


Not able to hold himself back he gave a shout.




The boy's head whipped up and he perked up. Not waiting a second he bolted out of his chair and tackled the older man. He clutched him tight as tears started to spill.


"Micchan! You're here!"


"I'm here," he muttered.


"I heard the doctor say that he doesn't know if Mom will make it. I want her to make it. I just want Mom to wake up," the boy babbled while sobbing into Mic's shirt.


At this moment, he knew he wanted to protect this boy, no matter what. And without either of them knowing it, this moment would soon mark the beginning of a new chapter in both of their lives and things were going to change, for better or worse.



Chapter Text

The dark was starting to settle around the car as Mic drove home, Izuku napping in the back seat. They had spent the last few hours in the hospital worrying over Inko, but at this point, nothing could really be done but wait. She was in critical condition from the boulder crashing through her window and onto her, a result of a villain misfiring during an attack. Inko and Izuku were never targets for the villain, their apartment just happened to be nearby when the attack took place. 


That fact, while unfortunate, gave Mic some relief that he didn't need to worry about Izuku being a target while his mom was in the hospital. It didn't mean that he wasn't any less worried about Inko, but right now he needed to focus on the road.


Sighing, he wondered if it would be worth it to stop and get food, but at this point, Shouta was probably home and making dinner. 


Shouta, Mic had forgotten about him in the stress of being with Sprout, but god he missed him. The past week had been so hectic they had barely seen each other and now with the new situation, the time he had was going to be focused on Izuku and figuring out how to help him. All he wanted to was curl up in bed with his husband and sleep. 


After a while, the lull of driving down a highway in what seemed like endless traffic caught up to him and he started to grow bored. Thinking about things only lasted him so far, and he didn't want to dwell on bad thoughts surely to rise up. The small amount of moonlight casting light on the road was barely enough for him to see what was ahead of him, sans headlights, and was definitely not enough for him to sightsee the rivers and trees he had driven past countless times. The radio in his car was finicky at best, useless at worse, all around reflecting the cheaper state of the car. Not that Mic particularly cared, the car was for commuting only and it did that well enough. If he really needed to get somewhere, he would use his motorcycle.


Glancing over at the clock on his dashboard, he decided to try his chance at the radio working to entertain himself the last half hour of his commute. The dial turned with some force, causing a sudden burst of sound to come through the car's speakers. He rushed to turn the volume down, checking back at Izuku to see if he had woken up from the disturbance. Only after seeing that the kid hadn't stirred did he turn back to peruse the stations.


Luck had favored him, as his usual late-night pop station was up and running. Turning the volume up a little bit, Mic sat back and focused on the road again. As each song came and went, he let himself sing along and after a while started to get into it, not noticing the movement in the backseat.


"I didn't know you could sing, Micchan," A voice called out in the middle of a song.


He stopped and looked back at Izuku through the mirror. The boy was sitting up, his fluff of green hair slightly mussed and his hands rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Mic gave him a little smile before turning his eyes back on the road.


"With my quirk, it seemed like a natural progression of my abilities to learn. I don't really mention it on my radio show, but I will occasionally sing for charity events and the like," he explained.


"Is there anything else you can do?"


"Well, let's see. I can't cook or do anything cool like that, but I can speak English and German as well as sign in both. My cousin lives in Germany so I thought it would be cool to learn!"


"I know JSL! Kacchan takes a class and he teaches me what he learns after every class. And I have to take a class in braille kanji just in case I ever have eye damage. It's called kantenji, or something like that."


"That's cool. We can sign in JSL in front of Shouta, he's just a beginner."


They both chuckled at the thought.


"By the way, Micchan, where are we heading? All I remember before waking up is being in the hospital waiting for Mom to wake up..."


Mic fell silent for a moment, trying to find something to say. How to tell him, an eight-year-old, that their mother probably wasn't going to wake up? How to tell him, he was going to have to change how he lives, even if only slightly, because he no longer had a mother to take care of him. Deciding to only tell him the bare minimum, hard conversations could wait for later, Mic turned his attention back to Izuku.


"We're heading to my house. You're going to be staying with me and Shouta while we wait for news on your mom unless you have relatives near here?"


Izuku shook his head.


"You'll still go to school and all your other activities like normal, but be sleeping in our guest room. Think of it as a sort of sleepover, okay?"


"Okay! How long will it take to get there? I wanna call Kacchan before I go to sleep."


"Maybe 2o minutes? I'll tell you when we get there."



Shouta was worried. Hizashi had called him late at night, stating an emergency had come up and he would be home late. That had been last night, and he had only gotten a text stating that 'I'm sorry babe, but the emergency has run longer than expected. Sprout's okay, but he's coming home with me. I'm really sorry, I'll be home for dinner and I'll explain everything then.' and that was it. Shouta was okay with Sprout, had talked to him a few times on his husband's radio show, but really was concerned by the fact that a) the emergency involved Sprout and b) something had happened leading him to not be able to go to his own home.


So here he was, stress cooking dinner for three and trying to resist the urge to just go lie in bed and cuddle his cat until Hizashi got home. A knock at the door brought him out of his thoughts, and his wondering about who it could be was minimal as a shout soon followed.


"Shouta, we're home!"


Shouta unlocked the door, letting the two tired figures step through. Sprout was clutching a teddy bear in one hand and had a book bag slung over his shoulder, while Mic only had his usual work bag hanging by his side. Both looked tired and emotionally drained, Mic going over to lean against Shouta in a sort of silent hug while Izuku only stood to the side silently.


"Hey, what happened?" Shouta asked quietly, only receiving an 'I'll tell you later' look and Mic asking what's for dinner.


As the three sat down to eat, no one really talked. A tension lingered in the air that he couldn't place, but didn't question. Only halfway through the meal did anybody speak up.


"Where will I be sleeping? Micchan said in the guest room, but I only see one door." Izuku asked.


Turning to look at him, Shouta answered, "It's the door to the staircase, it came with the house. There's a bedroom and a guest room up there with a bathroom. You'll have said guest room, ok?"


"Ok, can I see it?"


"Mic can go show it to you now."


And he did. While Mic was giving Izuku an impromptu tour of their house, Shouta worked on cleaning up the dishes. It was relaxing for him, and he let his mind wander as he worked. Nothing big, mostly work things: missions he had completed; rescues he had seen on the news; the mound of paperwork he still had to finish. But every now and then his mind would wander back to the child that had come home with his husband. What was the emergency? He was dying to find out but knew not to push it. 


Hizashi would tell him when he was ready.



Sprout had fallen asleep hours ago and Mic was lying in bed next to Shouta. The other man was reading a book quietly while Mic was working on his backpack. He had been mulling over the options that had been laid out for him at the hospital when talking with the doctors about Inko and Izuku. Since Izuku had no immediate relatives, he was put in the temporary care of Mic, but the question of permanent caretaker still remained.


"Hey, Shouta? What would you think of taking care of Sprout if his mom doesn't survive?"


Shouta looked up from his book to consider the question. After showing Sprout the guest room, Mic had come down and briefed him on what had happened. It had been hard to retell when it had only happened a day ago, but emotions had to be put aside for the time being. 


"Well, it would depend. You already told me that the kid has no family in Japan and I wouldn't want him to go into the foster system. But would we have the time to take care of him? Sure we have space, but we're both pro heroes," he replied.


"What if we took Nezu up on that teaching offer? We'd still do hero work, but be able to have time for the kid."


Shouta frowned. They had both been approached by Nezu, the principal of their former hero school, about being teachers for the incoming class of heroes-in-training. It sounded promising and they were both in pretty stable positions in their careers, compared to how they had been when Mic had first talked with Sprout. But still, Shouta didn't seem to like the idea of spending all day dealing with overzealous high schoolers.


"I heard Midnight's going to start teaching their next year. Either Math or Health, I can't remember." Mic continued.


Shouta sighed, "I suppose it can't hurt to try. But we would still need a period to get used to living with a kid while trying to keep his old schedule up. Doesn't he have a bunch of afterschool activities?"


"Yup. And I can always take him with me to the studio if you're busy afterward. We'll think of something. Deal?"


"I'm still not sure about this, but deal."



Izuku had woken up to the smell of food cooking, not unfamiliar to him as his mother often would cook for him. But the multiple voices coming from what seemed to be the kitchen broke him out of his trance, last night's memories rushing back to him. 


His mother wasn't cooking anything for him, she wasn't awake yet. He had come home with Micchan and had slept in their guest room. Izuku tried to remember what he was supposed to do today, but then realized it was a Saturday. Figuring he could go and have breakfast now, he made his way downstairs.


And as if none of the previous day's events had happened, the three sit down to eat, hoping that this day will go a little better.


Chapter Text

When Izuku woke up, the sun was way too bright. Blinded, he made a grab for the sunglasses he had taken to wearing because of his quirk. Learning to control literal light had already had many misadventures and he didn't want to lose his eyesight. The alarm clock blared, startling out of his reminiscings, but stopped after a quick slam down onto it.


He glanced around the room, 'his room' as Micchan insisted. Over the rest of the weekend, they had gone to various stores to buy temporary furniture so the room didn't look so bare (it had barely been used before he had arrived). His things were still at his house, a place he didn't really want to go back to. It made him remember things he didn't want to remember, and feelings he was just now processing. 


But he still had to go back, at least for a few minutes. He had left his school bag there, and just because his mom was asleep in the hospital didn't mean Izuku didn't want to do things. He hadn't wanted to go to school, just wait until the Workshop and the Dojo, but Micchan said it would be a good distraction and he could see Kacchan again. So off he was to school, even though he felt empty for reasons his 8-year-old self couldn't understand yet. 


Eraserhead was the only one awake to drive him home. Izuku had assumed Micchan was a morning person like his mom had been, was, but maybe the events of the weekend had really tired him out. That sometimes happens to Kacchan, if he's awake past 7. So instead he was sitting on one of the tall chairs in their kitchen, waiting as Eraserhead did something in the kitchen. Hopefully, he was making breakfast.




Izuku didn't know what to make of him or much less call him. He had talked with him only a few times on the show, never really bothering to come up with a nickname for him. He didn't like calling people by their formal titles, All Might didn't count, it always left a strange taste in his mouth. But he couldn't very well call him Shouta, that was too grown up. 


Asking wouldn't hurt, but the man didn't give off the most approachable vibes. It wasn't until Eraserhead looked back at him, a pouch in his hand.


"Do you like juice? I don't feel like making anything so I'm going to drink a juice packet."


"I do. Thank you, Eraserhead-san."


"No need to be so formal, kid. You can call me Shouta."


Izuku nodded, not having the energy to say much else. He would probably become hyper later in the day, but him being a strong night owl had its consequences early in the morning. Taking the packet from the man, he reached over to grab an apple from a nearby basket, wanting more than just the juice for breakfast.


"It's ok for me to call you Shouta-san?" he asked while munching on said apple.


"Yeah, don't stress over it. I'm not one to get attached to nicknames. You ready to go? I want to get you to school before classes start for me so we need to leave soon," came the reply.


Giving a quick nod, Izuku hopped out of his chair and ran to get his bag. 


His backpack had always been important for him. It gave him space for his notebooks and to stash All Might merchandise on the way home from the store when his Mom would take him. As he got older, his backpack had grown larger and more full, not from school supplies but from all the extracurricular he enjoyed doing. His mom had enrolled him in an art workshop from a young age and he still went almost daily. It was nice to have a place to improve in his drawing skills besides his hero notebooks. And as soon as they had gotten their quirks, Kacchan had immediately petitioned for the two of them to learn martial arts, a thing they both planned on continuing well past middle school. Being third graders, they weren't very good, but they were getting there. Kacchan had been made to talk to a lady twice a week after school after the first time he punched a kid - therapy his mom had called it.


Today he only had the Workshop after school, and as Shouta explained once they had started driving to school, he could hang out with Micchan at his studio afterward. Izuku had wanted to ask about staying over at Kacchan's house but didn't know how to broach it. So instead he stayed quiet as the car kept moving.



When they got to the school, Izuku hopped out of the car with a wave to Shouta. Without thinking he immediately started towards the entrance but turned back just in time to here Shouta shout to him that Mic would meet him at his house after the workshop. They had talked briefly about it in the car, both of them realizing that a) neither adult knew where the workshop was and b) Izuku didn't have a phone that he could call them with (not that he would need one at 8). So a sort of compromise was made for Izuku to meet them at his old house and then he would go with Mic to his studio for a while.


It felt weird to be back at school like everything was normal. Izuku couldn't quite place why, but he felt a churning in his stomach by just walking to his classroom. He hadn't slept well the previous night, having trouble getting relaxed enough to fall asleep without the soothing voice he usually hears. It didn't take him long to get to his room, but the entire time was spent in his head worrying. 


Shouta had driven them there really early, so the only ones sitting in the room were the teacher, a brunette in the corner, and Kacchan. Without a second thought, Izuku darted over the were the blonde sat.


"Kacchan! Hi!" he called out.


"Hey, 'Zuku. The old hag says she wants you to come over soon, something about comforting you when you need it. Did something happen?"


Izuku looks to the side for a second, his anxiety flaring. What was he supposed to say? The only thing he could think of was to just say what he knew.


"A villain accidentally attacked our house and Mom had to go to the hospital. She hasn't woken up yet, so I'm staying with Micchan right now."


"Wait- Micchan, like the guy from the radio? And a villain attack??" Kacchan whispered rather loudly.


"Yeah, the guy from a radio. I called him by accident while panicking so he took me into 'protective custody' - whatever that means," Izuku explained nervously, "It wasn't really a villain attack. Mom got hit by a boulder made by the villain's quirk flying through the window, which woke me up. When I got there she wasn't moving, oh god, there was blood-"


Before he could break into hysterical rambles dragging up the memories he wanted to forget, the bell rang. Kacchan gave him a look not common on his face - concern, maybe a bit of surprise - but said nothing. Even he knew better than to mention it in class.



School passed relatively uneventfully for the two boys. Classes were normal, only being disturbed by the normal troublemakers. Lunch was tense, Kacchan wanting to pry about what had happened that morning, Izuku hoping he wouldn't. It was freaking him out for the normally loud boy to be quiet for more than ten minutes, but he said nothing. 


After school Kacchan walked with him to the community center, the place in town where a lot of activities were held. Izuku had his Workshop and Kacchan had his JSL lessons. It wasn't a long time before he mentioned the morning again.


"What was up with this morning? You were telling me about your weekend and then you started freaking out," the other boy asked.


Izuku stayed silent for a bit before speaking.


"... I don't like to think about it. I've been having nightmares and I feel nervous all the time. I don't think my brain really understands what happened," he spoke quietly.


"That's stupid. I don't mean you, but that you're brain's punishing you with nightmares about something you don't wanna think about."


That got a snort out of the other boy.


"It's not like I can do much about it."


Kacchan turned towards him with a frown.


"Yes, you can. Don't think about it if you don't want to. Unless it's not a thing you can control. Then obviously you can't help it," he said matter of factly, "Focus on something else. What project are you working on today?"


Izuku thought back to the last time he had been at the Workshop. The owners of the program had all the kids focus on projects so they weren't just doing whatever they wanted. It was more linear, but the kids could choose the project.


"I was helping cut out puppets for the puppet show. We're doing a shadow puppet theater using my quirk. Speaking of, I really do need to start practicing again..."


Sighing, Kacchan just kept walking as the other boy continued to mumble. Only when they got there did he nudge him, a way of telling him to go meet up with the other kids in the program while he went to his class.


As he walked down the hall away from Izuku, he couldn't help but feel worried for his friend before quickly shutting it down. He didn't want to deal with weird emotions today. At least not yet.