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i wanna be adorned by you

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“Dude, I need you to come with me,” Kirishima wheedles, throwing his arm over Katsuki’s shoulder.

“I said I’m not going, Shitty Hair, fuck off.” Katsuki violently shrugs him off, but it doesn’t dissuade Kirishima one bit.

“I am calling on you for the most sacred of brobligations, Bakugou, you can’t just leave me hanging.” Kirishima is really busting out the puppy dog eyes now. “Don’t make me go alone.”

Katsuki pinches the bridge of his nose. “Why aren’t you taking Dunce Face or Raccoon Eyes? I’m sure those idiots would just love to tag along.”

“They’re busy, dude, I told you,” Kirishima whines. “Besides you’re my best bro and definitely the most manly. I’m asking you for, like, your support.”

Katsuki sighs, throwing a sideways glance at Kirishima. “You’re seriously too fuckin’ chicken to go alone?” The words sound harsh, but Kirishima knows it for what it is: Katsuki is caving.

“You won’t regret it, I promise,” Kirishima swears, eyes sparkling. “I think you’re really going to like this place, it’s really cool!”

Tch. Whatever. Let’s just go before I change my mind,” Katsuki grumbles.

It takes them about twenty minutes to get to the shop, and Kirishima half drags him the whole way in his excitement. The storefront is fairly sophisticated looking: big windows filled with jewelry displays, lush plants to the side of the door, a large sign at the top emblazoned with the words “Heroic Adornments” in a classy sans-serif font.

The bell on the door rings out cheerily as they step inside. The interior is clean, comfortable. More brightly-lit displays line one of the walls. There’s a waiting area with a sofa and a water cooler off to one side. Opposite the door is a dark wood counter that blocks off the back area of the shop.

Sitting behind that counter is the cutest boy Katsuki has ever seen.

He’s got dark green hair shorn short on the sides and left thick and curly on top, with some kind of design artistically buzzed into his undercut. Even from a distance, Katsuki can see the sparkle of piercings in his face and ears. Fuck.

“Oh!” He looks up with a sunny smile when he hears them come in. His eyes are so green. “Welcome to Heroic Adornments!”

“Hey!” Kirishima replies with a wave, apparently not struck dumb by the vision before them.

“What can I help you gentlemen with today?” He asks, leaning his arms on the counter, chin in his hands. Christ, the freckles on him should be illegal.

“I was hoping to get my eyebrow done,” Kirishima responds, sounding just a little bit unsure. He jerks his thumb toward Katsuki. “He’s here for moral support.”

Katsuki flips Kirishima off with a sneer. Both men ignore him.

“Great! Let me get a look at you to make sure you’re a good candidate, if you don’t mind.” He comes out from behind the counter and Katsuki tries and fails to not check him out. Tight black jeans cling to his thick thighs, and his simple grey henley is rolled up at the sleeves to show off his nicely muscled, scarred forearms. Double fuck.

“I’m Izuku, by the way,” he says as he approaches Kirishima. “Which side were you thinking?”

“Uh, I have this scar on the right one, so I thought maybe it could be next to that?”

Izuku hums, prodding at Kirishima’s eyebrow with his fingers. They look a little gnarled; Katsuki wonders if that’s a bad sign. After a moment of weirdly delicate pinching, Izuku seems satisfied.

“That should work! It looks like you’ve got enough real estate there to support it,” Izuku says cheerfully.

“Rad!” Kirishima cheers, grinning over at Katsuki as though he should be invested in this whole bullshit exercise to begin with.

“What kind of jewelry were you thinking?” Izuku asks. “Most of our 16 gauge curved barbells are over here, want to take a look?” He leads Kirishima over to one of the displays.

Katsuki throws himself onto the sofa and promptly tunes them out in favor of staring at Izuku’s frankly incredible ass. Honestly, it would be a shame for him to spend his time doing anything else.

Eventually, it seems like Kirishima has come to a decision, opting for the most basic titanium option.

“You’re going to have to downsize it in a few weeks once the swelling goes down anyway,” Izuku supplies helpfully while setting up some paperwork for Kirishima to sign, ”so you might as well get something cheaper until you’re at the final size.”

Izuku makes a copy of Kirishima’s ID, they go over the paperwork, and then it’s time for them to move to one of the piercing rooms. Katsuki reluctantly drags himself off the couch and follows them back.

“You can take a seat up on the table,” Izuku says to Kirishima. Kirishima nods and hops up. He’s wringing his hands a little, nervous.

Katsuki takes the liberty of sitting himself down in a chair along the wall and watches Izuku putter around pulling on gloves and getting his supplies ready.

“Okay, your jewelry is being sterilized in the autoclave,” Izuku explains, pulling over a tray that has some sealed instruments on it.“Let’s figure out your placement.”

Izuku unwraps the instruments and places a drop of purple liquid on the plastic wrapping. He dips a toothpick in the droplet, and studies Kirishima’s face carefully.

“This is Gentian Violet, it’s what we use to mark where we’re going to pierce,” he says softly. “Don’t worry, it washes right out. It’s actually used as an antiseptic, so it’s very safe.“ He seems to be explaining more to fill the silence than anything. Maybe his clients find the weird muttering soothing or something. Fuck if Katsuki knows.

He steadies his hand against Kirishima’s cheek and deliberately places one dot above and below his eyebrow, just to the side of the little vertical scar there. He draws back, tilts his head cutely from side to side, then smudges the top mark away to place a new one just a little further out.

“Tell me what you think about that,” he says, grabbing a handheld mirror from the tray and giving it to Kirishima. Kirishima stares at himself for a second before anxiously looking over at Katsuki.

Katsuki sighs, but dutifully gets up and examines the little purple dots. Katsuki has a decent aesthetic sense, but he has no fucking idea what he’s looking at. Still, he guesses it doesn’t look bad.

“Looks fine,” he grunts, feeling as though he’s fulfilled his bro requirement for the day.

“Okay, cool,” Kirishima says, sounding relieved. “Let’s do this!”

“Excellent! Let me just go grab your jewelry and we’ll get this show on the road. You can go ahead and lie down, it might be more comfortable for you that way.” Kirishima does as instructed, shooting Katsuki a nervous grin and two thumbs up once he’s flat on his back.

Izuku brings back a little cup with the sterilized barbell inside, then changes his gloves. “Ready?” He asks Kirishima with a smile. Kirishima nods.

“I’m going to tell you everything I’m doing, so there are no surprises.” Izuku grabs a metal clamp from the tray. “I’m going to clamp the area to make sure it stays steady and aligned. It’s going to feel uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt, so let me know if you’re having a hard time, okay?”

He takes the clamp and attaches it to Kirishima’s eyebrow, then spends some time adjusting it so it lines up with the dots exactly.

Katsuki takes the opportunity to get a better look at his face close up. He’s got a opal-studded hoop through his septum and some kind of pretty little lip piercing Katsuki has never seen before. The bottom ball rests just under the sweet curve of his mouth, but the beaded opal top sits right in the middle of his plush lower lip. Katsuki catches himself idly wondering what it would feel like to kiss him, before violently shoving that thought all the way down into the mental box of embarrassing shit he doesn't feel like dealing with.

It works about as well as it usually does, which is to say not fucking well at all.

“All right, we’re all set!” Izuku transfers the clamp to his left hand, delicately picking up the needle on the tray with his right. He holds it over the bottom mark below Kirishima's eyebrow.

“Now I need you to help me out. We’re going to do three deep breaths and I’m going to pierce you on the last exhale. Can you do that for me?” Okay, Katsuki can maybe admit that his voice is a little bit soothing.

“Okay,” Kirishima squeaks out, blindly reaching his left hand out toward Katsuki. Katsuki groans, but grabs his hand anyway. Coward.

“Deep breath in… and out. In… and out. In… and out—” As soon as Kirishima starts to let out the final breath, Izuku deftly pushes the needle through Kirishima’s flesh. It’s so quick Kirishima barely has time to gasp.

“And that’s the worst of it!” He pulls the needle most of the way through, letting it rest on Kirishima’s forehead, and then removes the clamp. “You still doing okay?”

“Yep,” Kirishima says, almost giggling. Endorphins are so fucking weird.

“Just the jewelry insertion now. It should mostly feel like pressure.” He attaches the barbell to a small metal rod, then uses it to displace the needle, pushing through until the barbell is fully seated in Kirishima’s eyebrow. He removes the rod and then carefully screws on the ball end.

“All done! You can sit up now and take a look! The bar is going to look a bit long, because we have to allow for swelling, but we’ll be able to switch it out for something shorter when you come back in three weeks.” Kirishima pushes himself up as Izuku strips off his gloves. He hands Kirishima the mirror again with a smile.

Kirishima’s shark-toothed grin looks like it’s going to split his face. “Bro!” He yells, looking wildly between his own reflection and Katsuki, “This is so manly!” Katsuki has to admit that it does look a little bit badass.

Izuku laughs at Kirishima's over-the-top reaction and the sound impales Katsuki through the chest. What the fuck.

“I’m so glad you like it,” Izuku says, scratching the back of his neck with one scarred hand.

“I love it! Thank you so much, dude!” Kirishima shakes his hand way too hard in his excitement.

“We about done here?” Katsuki grouses, exhausted from being in a mild gay panic for the entirety of this experience.

“Oh, sure, Bakubro. I just have to pay and we can get going.” He looks a bit apologetic at having dragged Katsuki out for this. Good, Kastuki thinks viciously, he shouldn’t be the only one to suffer.

Katsuki follows Kirishima and Izuku out of the piercing room and back to the front counter. He hangs back as Izuku rings Kirishima up, giving him a long-winded lecture on aftercare which more or less boils down to “leave it the hell alone.”

Kirishima nods his understanding with his usual amount of enthusiasm, and finally he and Katsuki are out the door, Izuku cheerfully wishing them a good rest of their day.

Katsuki feels himself let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Kirishima doesn’t notice, rambling on happily about his new piercing and trying to take selfies of it while they walk to the train station.

Katsuki is glad to be ignored for once, because he’s having some feelings at the moment and he’s not quite sure what to do about them. He hasn’t really been attracted to too many people in his life; honestly, who has the time? Not Katsuki, that’s for damn sure.

But there was something about Izuku that just… drew him in. Something compelling. Probably something beyond his admittedly fantastic ass.

Now he just has to decide what he's going to do about it.