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Sir & Mummy

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The thick leather was tight around his thin, pale neck; just how he liked it to be. Severus enjoyed the discomfort his collar provided, the slight struggle to breath, the itch that began to burn. Pain was his addiction, after all.

Equally tight was his bound wrists. His arms were behind his back, locked into place with soft yet secure cuffs, the inside of them were lined with soft padding, but it didn't change the fact he was left open and vulnerable.

The leash attached to the cold, metal hoop at the front of his collar was from the same material. It's long thin body was strained tight as Severus pulled back in disobedience, the leash a tightrope between him and his handler.

Her knuckles, wrapped securely in the leather lead, were turning white. She gave a tug of warning, to be kind to her toy, but Severus still pulled, his lips twisted into a teasing grin. Her blood began to boil. How dare he show such lack of respect? She tugged again, twice as hard, the leash making a noise as she did so.

Severus toppled over. He couldn't keep balance on his bare knees and fell forwards with a thud, his cheek pressing against the cold stone of the basement that sat under Godrics Hollow.

Severus peered up, all that was in his view were his Mistress's leather boots, somewhat shiny in the dim light, but certainly clean thanks to his tongue earlier that evening. Severus shifted, going to pull himself up, but another boot pressed against his back, between his shoulder blades, pinning him to the floor.

"Kiss her shoes, apologize for tugging, and maybe we'll let you up," Growled the owner of the foot that restrained him further. Had Sir returned? Severus pondered for a moment, the door hadn't opened, though. Perhaps Sir had been there the whole time.

Severus pushed his head forwards, as the pressure on his back eased, to gently plant a kiss against the soft yet stronge leather. The tip was pushed further into his mouth. He obeyed and kissed again, keeping his head low as he said his apology. "I'm sorry, Mummy, for tugging on the leash. May I be forgiven?"

He'd spoken more Apologies than he'd ever like to admit but watching the fire burn in her brilliant green eyes and knowing exactly what demonic things she had planned as punished never failed to make his underwear tighten as his cock throbbed and pulsed patiently, waiting and waiting for sweet release, if he was a well behaved, but being good simply was just not in his nature.

Severus' chin was lifted with the tip of her boot until their eyes met, an unspoken permission for him to see her. His pale cheeks began to flush as he stared up at Lily Evan, his eyes wide. All time stopped when the Goddess before him smiled any sort of smile, whether it hid evil intentions or a genuine spark of happiness, her plump rosey lips were stunning as a upwards frown. They parted, to let out a soft yet powerful whisper;

"Good boy."