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Verona e qui, Verona bella (Qui regna l’odio e la follia)

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Benvolio sighed loudly as he wiped down the bar. Last call was over an hour ago, far earlier than usual. But after the threats and fight that was broken up by the police, Benvolio couldn't handle being open any longer. He was almost certain some other Montagues would show up looking to get a drink so he was preparing to dash out before they got there.


Little did he know Sampson and Gregory stood outside The Black Rose, waiting. Most likely to jump Benvolio on his way out. Gregory turned and saw Abraham and Balthasar on their way over, trying to get that one final drink in at the bar. Despite it already being closed.
"Hey look, Greg. Here comes The Bulldog and The Irrelevant Punk!" Sampson yelled.
"So it is. Long time no see boys, you been busy becoming real men?" Gregory yelled, sticking his middle finger up at them.

Balthasar didn't need anymore incentive, his words had struck a raw nerve with him and he wasn't going to give Gregory time to think. He ran at Gregory, full speed. Not caring when Gregory's knife practically stabbed straight through his hand. He swung with his other, fist connecting with Gregory's face hard. Sampson and Abraham eyed one another for a few seconds before either threw a punch. While Gregory and Balthasar fought on their pure rage, there was an underlying flirtation between Abraham and Sampson.

Balthasar pushed Gregory who, in an attempt to stay upright, gripped Balthasar's shirt and completely tore it open. The pectoral scars he had from his top surgery were exposed and he roared, angry at the complete low blow. He tore the knife unceremoniously from his hand and threatened Gregory with it.

Benvolio heard the shouting as he was locking up the back of the bar. He ran quickly around the front, seeing the fight as it began to turn nasty.
"Stop it, you idiots! Bryce will kill you if he sees you fighting in the streets!" He cried, bottle clutched tightly in his hand, purely so they'd listen.
As if his day couldn't get worse, who would pass by other than Tybalt.
"Well well well. Benvolio Montague, armed drawn amongst the cannon fodder. Perhaps he wishes to die with them?" Tybalt taunted.
"I'm trying to keep the peace." Benvolio said.
"Armed, talking of peace. I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues and you of course." Tybalt growled, pushing Benvolio. Who stumbled and pushed back. Causing a childish scuffle between the two.

Whether it be fate or perhaps lazy writing. By some incredibly plot convenient miracle, Gianluca Capulet and his Wife, Barbara happened upon the scene, spotting Davide Montague and his Wife, Roberta approaching also.
"Give me a knife or a gun or something! That hunk of shit is there, I'm gonna end this now." Capulet yelled.
"Not if I kill you first! What the fuck, get off of me!" Davide yelled back. His wife kept her hold on him.
"One more step and we're getting a divorce." She said, firmly.


Reports of a fight outside The Black Rose both worried and angered Bryce, you'd think being Chief Police Commissioner would mean you could sign off petty fights to the lower downs but apparently they all have more important matters to handle. Such is the life of Bryce Escalus here in beautiful Verona. He rolled his eyes as he got out of his car, drawing his gun and pointing it at the cluster. He would never use it, they just seemed to listen with it there.
"Right then you little shits, I've had one of the worst days ever. So I'm ready to shoot a bitch. However that would involve a very lengthy court process so I'll make a deal with you all. Weapons down now and stop this petty ass fight. Because I ain't dealing with your petty rival bullshit no more. The next Capulet fucker I see fighting a Montague fucker is getting shot. You hear me? Now get lost! I need a fucking holiday I SWEAR." He said, genuinely pissed off. " Hey Ben, say hey to 'Cutio for me please." Bryce called out as he hopped back in his car and drove off.

Everyone scattered, Balthasar flipping the knife closed and shoving it in his pocket before flipping Gregory off. Abraham winked at Sampson as they left. Capulet and Montague sneered at each other as they passed, their wives turning up their noses and huffing. Benvolio stayed, locking the front doors of the bar.

He turned to start towards his car when he heard his name being called. He rolled his eyes, expecting a Capulet. He prayed to every god or deity out there that it wasn't a Capulet, anything but a Capulet.
Romeo. Certainly no Capulet.
"Romeo! You're out late. Which girl were you with this time?" Benvolio asked. His cousin ruffled his own hair slightly, giving a crooked smile. But also giving him a confused look. "Cousin, I know that look. I can tell. Who?"
"Only the most beautiful Rosaline."
"Oh so not the most beautiful Celena, Martha, Sylvia or the most handsome Rico. No you just so happen to have fallen head over heels for the one who is completely unavailable."
"Rosa isn't single?"
"Oh no, she is. But if you havent figured out that she's a lesbian yet, I don't think you ever will. So how about you forget about her. It's not like there's no other girls in the world. Get Tinder or something." Benvolio said.
"Oh fuck that. Farewell, Benvolio. I'd rather suffer than be catfished by sweaty jimbob who lives in the bushes by the bus stop." Romeo said, waving as he continued home.
"Yeah sure, see ya Romeo." Benvolio started walking to his car.

As Romeo left, Benvolio felt tears well up in his eyes, as the weight of the day's stress hit him hard. He quickly got in his car and drove home as fast as he legally could, trying his best to keep his tears at bay.

Benvolio unlocked the door, opening it and walking inside. He took off his jacket and shoes, switching them out for slippers.
He walked into the living room to see Mercutio sat comfortably on the sofa in his purple silk pyjamas, smiling at him as if there was no one else in the whole world he wanted to see. His resolve crumbled and he started sobbing. Mercutio stood up quickly, catching Benvolio as his knees went weak. He gently wrapped his arms around him, holding his waist with one hand and stroking his hair gently with the other.
"How bad, My Love?" He asked. Benvolio sighed, remembering the past few hours. "It was horrible, Mercy! I got threatened, a fight broke out, the police were called. I had to close early and everything I was shaking so bad." He sobbed.
"You're home safe now, Darling. I promise I'll protect you. "
"I'm so lucky to have you, Mercutio."
"I'm just as lucky to have you as well, Sweetheart. And you'll always have me, Lovely." Mercutio whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to Benvolio's forehead. "I know exactly what you need, go and get changed and I'll get us some food, yeah?" Benvolio nodded his head.

He felt a bit better as he climbed the stairs to their bedroom. He changed out of his clothes into soft blue silk pyjamas, matching Mercutio's perfectly. He sighed quietly before lazily descending the stairs and sitting comfortably on the sofa. His mood much lighter than before.

Mercutio smiled warmly at the sight of him looking so peaceful.
"Feeling any better, Doll?" He asked. Benvolio nodded, smiling a little. "That's good, Sweets. Our food is ordered, shouldn't take too long." Benvolio nodded again, the stress of the day had drained his energy, causing his eyelids to grow heavy. He yawned and Mercutio cooed at the sight, finding it adorable.
"You're so beautiful, Dearest." He said, using his thumbs to stroke over Benvolio's face and paying special attention to his cheeks and nose. He sat down next to him.
"Why are you so fascinated by my freckles?"
"They're beautiful and you're literally the only boy in Verona with them. Also this one right here looks like a heart." Mercutio explained, kissing said freckle situated on his cheek. Benvolio giggled, breathily, tilting his head as Mercutio pressed more soft kisses to his face and neck, the last one being on the corner of his mouth.
"Stop teasing me." Benvolio whined quietly. Mercutio chuckled, finally kissing his lips, gently. Benvolio reciprocated the kiss. Even as their lips parted they stayed close together.

"I love you." Mercutio said, taking Benvolio's hand in his own and fiddling with the expensive ring on his finger.
"I love you too." He replied, smiling as he felt the ring twist and move. He looked down at it and sighed, content. Despite the day's emotional turmoil Benvolio was happy and did truly love his job. His home life was beyond perfect and he couldn't wait to get married in December.

Benvolio was smart. He could feel the tension brewing between Verona's houses starting to spill over in more serious ways than ever before. However he was determined to live his life to the fullest and treat every day graciously.

Mostly because he wasn't sure if everyone would still be alive by Summer's End.