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Hometown Smile

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„Are you sure about this Fray?“ Simon asked the redhead in front of him almost in a whisper, his hand stretched out towards her as if she was a wild animal he wanted to tame.

Clary nods while chewing her lower lip into her mouth, with a determined look on her petite face. She was holding her stele towards her lower arm; where she was still free of runes.

„So,…“ he started of. „…it will put me back in the past, to my mundane life?“

„Basically.“ She answered quickly without looking at him. „Only for a few hours; you can go roam and see your family.”

Simons face lit up instantly. This sounded too good to be true. He could go back to his old life, hold his mother again and that was more than he could have ever imagined, he couldn’t wait for it.

Clary had told him about that dream she kept having, seeing the rune and what it would do and he wasn’t thinking twice about it, before he offered himself up to relive his past, if only for a few hours. Though as the minutes ticked by, he started getting more and more nervous, not knowing if she actually knew what she was doing. He trusted her though.

They had decided to meet in the training room of the Institute and gathered up in the far end corner. Most of the Shadowhunters were at lunch at this hour. Alec and Jace were in Alicante for a meeting, with a few others. So, they were sure not to be disturbed much at the moment.

„What if something goes wrong?“

„It won’t.“

„And what if?“

„It won’t.“ She glared at him for a moment and then softened her eyes when she saw the way Simon looked at her, a hint of fear in his eyes. „I promise. Trust me okay?“ He nodded a bit shakily, with a slight smile on his lips and then stood straight like a bowstring; his hands rolled into fists and his eyes clenched, waiting for the blow to happen.

„Simon, relax…“ she chuckled and he opened his right eyes to look at her before closing it straight away.

„Just do it okay. I’m ready.“ he pushed the words through his gritted teeth.

She licked her lips, still smiling and lowered her look again; drawing the rune she had in her head onto her forearm. It hurt a little but not much. It looked nearly like a music note. She knew exactly what she was doing, she knew what it would do and how it’s done so she wasn’t nervous at all.

„Here you go.“ She gasped satisfied when it started to glow.

A bright string of magic erupted from her arm and drifted into the air, she followed it with her eyes, completely fascinated by it; not noticing the doors to the training room opening on the other side of the room. She didn’t hear the mumble of words, or the steps towards them. Not until the string of magic suddenly jolted towards the right and the doors; her eyes followed; her mouth gaped in surprise. It happened too quick, too quick for her to do anything or even realize what was happening.

A loud groan startled Simon out of his state and he opened his eyes towards the source.

„What the…“ Not really understanding the sight in front of him.

It was Magnus, standing a few feet away from them, his arms stretched out stiffly to either side, his head thrown back in a way that didn’t look all to comfortable and completely illuminated by a bright glow surrounding his body. He seemed frozen in that position; while the glow went brighter and brighter. Clary and Simon closed their eyes at the same time and shielded them from the brightness.

Then suddenly it was gone, as quick as it had come.

The room seemed darker than before when both tried to open their eyes again; blinking a few times and lowering their arms. They needed a few seconds to gather themselves and their thoughts and see anything at all.

„Ah, my eyes…I’m blind.“ Simon shrieked; grabbing his eyeballs. He tried it again and finally could see the outline of a man before him.

„Magnus? Are you okay?“ Clary then spoke and walked towards him with quick steps, stopping in front of him.

She looked him up and down and back up. He seemed fine. No visible injuries or anything. She sighed relieved and grabbed his upper arm lightly to shake him out of his state. Simon followed her and came closer towards them.

Magnus lowered his head; an almost intolerable headache followed the movement as he hissed and grabbed his forehead painfully hard. He opened his eyes, not knowing he had closed them at all. His eyes went from Clary to Simon and back to Clary, then to the hand on his upper arm, slowly back to Clary where they stayed glued.

„Are you okay?...“ She repeated more soft and lowered her head to look up at him from below her eyelashes.

Something seemed off with his face, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. His eyes seemed brighter, his eyebrows higher, his lips fuller, even to her untrained eyes. There were no wrinkles or scars on his face whatsoever. All together he looked just like Magnus, but somehow…younger?

„Who are you?“ Magnus whispered with a little accent she hadn’t heard on him before.

Her eyes grew comically big as her jaw dropped. She tried to gather herself as quick as possible and shook her head.

„Magnus, it’s me…Biscuit?...what is wrong?“ She whispered back and took a step forward; he immediately took a step backwards.

He looked back at Simon, then let his eyes roam the room they were in, he looked in every corner, at the ceiling, to the floor, he turned to look at the door, and the soft light that came in through the coloured windows. It was a huge room and it looked weirdly futuristic to him. His eyes were playing him tricks surely; it was all still a bit blurry.

„Where am I?“ his voice was still almost a whisper. His voice seemed frightened and his lips were slightly trembling.

Simon grabbed Clary’s arm and pulled her backwards to him gently and turned to her. „Clary…what is wrong with him? What did you do?“ He asked, not taking his eyes off of Magnus who looked like a frightened deer standing out in the open field looking for a hunter.

„I didn’t do any…I didn’t. I don’t know. My rune, it must have went to Magnus instead of you…“ she murmured back, keeping her voice low so Magnus wouldn’t hear them.

„You said it was save!“

„I thought so!“

„What do you mean you thought so?“ he stared at her with huge eyes. „You were gonna use that on me!“ He gesticulated wildly until Clary bat his hands down.

„Shhh…don’t startle him.“ Neither of them took their eyes off of the lost man who wandered the training room while they spoke, panic clear in their voices.

„And what do you suggest we do now? He doesn’t seem to remember us. Did you take his memory?“ Simon suggested.

„No I didn’t, that’s not what the rune is for, it was for bringing you back in the past.“ she answered frustrated.

„What about side effects? Do you actually know anything about that rune?“ Simon feared not.

„Of course Simon.“ She said staring him down before continuing. „…at least I thought so…maybe not. Look I don’t know what happened! Oh god…“ she groaned while grabbing her hair and pulling it into every direction. „Alec will kill me Simon. He will literally kill me for this.“ She clutched her hand to her chest and looked like she was about to panic; her other hand rested on her knee as she lowered her body and started to breath loudly. Simon pat her back instantly, trying to soothe his best friend.

„It’s okay. We will find out what happened and take it back. No big deal.“ Simon’s voice was cheerful and he sounded convincing, even though he was panicking on the inside. Neither of them was exactly on the bright side with Alec and neither of them wanted to feel his wrath.

„We will fix this right away. We just have to see what happened and then we will…uhm what is that friend of Magnus called? The Warlock nurse.“ He asked snapping his fingers.

„Catarina.“ She answered, her body still low, leaning on her knees. Her long red hair framing her face and hanging down.

„You know how they are; they just wave their hands and boom everything’s all right. You’ll see.“ Simon reassured her. Sounding awfully sure in himself; he was quite the good actor.

She lifted herself up, before her eyes went wide and pointed towards the doors. Simon followed her movement. The doors were open and Magnus…was gone.


Magnus left through the doors of the odd-looking room, into the next odd-looking room. Seeing odd-looking things in front of him. The word odd stuck in his head, at whatever he was looking; because really, he couldn’t tell what his eyes were seeing.

It was like blue shimmering squares with writing on it. Everywhere. They flickered occasionally. His hand never left his forehead as he stumbled his way through the ops center. A few Shadowhunters passed him with sceptical looks but none of them said a word. He walked into one of them, who barked at him.

“Hey look where you are walking dude.”

“I pledge your forgiveness good Sir” Magnus returned and the man rose a brow.

Magnus tried to find anything he knew, anything he can relate to, any who. He didn’t really know if he was dreaming right now, but that would definitely explain this weird situation.

He tried to think of the last moment he remembered; he was with his old friend Ragnor, one of his oldest and dearest friends. A Warlock just like him. They had collected a few ingredients from the market down in Peru in the morning hours. For research of course…for nothing alcoholic in anyway. He had sniffed on those pink sticks Ragnor had just bought; the scent still lingered in his nostrils, it was very sweet. What was that? Did it make him hallucinate now?

“Ragnor?!” He exclaimed loudly, which echoed through the room, stopping a few Shadowhunters that walked by. They shook their hands and went on with their business as if seeing something that was nothing new to them.

He heard loud footsteps behind him and people grabbing him by his arms. He tried to get out of their grab instantly, but he was still shaking from what happened and hadn’t enough control over his brain to actual fight or speak really.

“Magnus, follow us okay. It’s all right, we know what to do, we will bring you to Catarina and she will…” Clary began but Magnus stopped the fighting and turned on his heels. Really looking at the redhead before him for the first time. She was rather small and thin, rosy lips and big bambi eyes.

“Catarina Loss? You know Catarina? Where is she?” he asked looking her straight in the eyes.

“Yes, of course…ehm she is gonna be here in a minute, we just called her. We’ll just get to the infirmary okay?” He narrowed his eyes at her words, not getting half of it. But hearing a familiar name calmed him at least a little. And the people in front him didn’t look to intimidating to be honest. They were smaller than him and looked just as confused. And their sense of fashion…was something else he noticed.

Magnus had had a few encounters similar to this one already. His magic was still developing, to say it nicely and it often enough went out of control. Not to speak about his late lust for alcohol and parties to drown all the sorrow he was bearing after what had happened. All together which made him end up in weird situations all the time. But he had to admit, this one was by far the weirdest one yet and he swore never to touch anything alcoholic in his life.

He followed the two strangers, his fingers crossed behind his back, towards a corridor, and another, they turned and walked until they reached yet another odd room. They sat him down and placed him in a stool near the doors.

Magnus took in the sight before him with wide eyes. Realizing he knew nearly nothing of what was before his eyes. He nodded, more to himself, giving in to the thought that he was now losing his mind and accepting his fate like the man he was. He crossed his legs.

A loud scream startled them all, his stool falling to the side with Magnus in it, when a portal opened up right beside him. He quickly realized it was his own scream. He crawled over the floor, trying to get away and hide behind the stranger’s legs; when he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Magnus?” He lifted his head and looked through the legs of the brown-haired stranger. It was Catarina. Even though her skin colour and hair looked different he could tell who she was.

A gasp escaped his lips as he bolted towards his friend to give her a tight embrace. She stumbled back slightly with the force he had and hugged him just as much. She looked rather confused towards Clary and Simon, but rubbed Magnus back all the same and shushing him.

“Hey my dear, you are okay. I’m here.” She soothed him. After a minute or two passed she cupped his face in both her hands and smiled at him with all the love she had; he returned the smile with watery eyes. Simon and Clary watched silently.

“Catarina. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see you. Look I was with Ragnor a moment ago, then somehow I ended up here in this…this…” He gesticulated around the room. “This.” He ended his speech lamely. “I can’t believe you are here too. How did this happen?”

“I am so very sure Ragnor is involved in this, this old cabbage.” He growled. Then remembered Catarina had come out of some kind of blue circle, he looked over her shoulder to see if it was still there but it was already gone.

Catarina opened her lips slightly with a surprise displayed on her soft face; she looked back at Clary and Simon and back to Magnus. They had told her what happened on the phone but she didn’t really believe it until just now.

“Magnus…what year is it?” She asked as soft as a cushion. She had immediately picked up on his accent and the way he looked, knowing exactly how old he was and from which time he came. But still, she had to make sure.

His brow furrowed for a slight moment.

“1791, why?” The three of them gasped almost simultaneously.
So, she was right. Sometimes she hated to be always right. She remembered what he had said about Ragnor. He often went with on adventures with Ragnor, visiting Peru before he was banned. She remembered that because she sometimes came along. Ragnor…now dead Ragnor. She would keep that to herself for as long as possible. Being in the here and now must be a shock to Magnus, with all these new things around him. He wasn’t telling, but she could tell in the way he was holding onto her arms with such a force that it hurt. He was scared out of his mind. Catarina didn’t mind it one bit. She would be there for him, always, just like he had always been there for her.

“Magnus, listen. Nobody will hurt you I promise, they are kind people.” She said wanting to calm him somehow. She sounded like a mother talking to her son. He relaxed his fingers slightly.

“We will get this fixed in no time my dearest friend. I will take care of it.” She smiled in the genuine way she always did and it did calm him. At least a little.

“What happened?” He asked again after now realizing this is no dream and he was in fact right there.

“I…we don’t know yet. But we will fix it. I promise, okay? We will get you back in no time.” She rubbed his upper arms up and down.

Magnus was very sure that Ragnor was behind this, but couldn’t really tell why. He hoped he would see him again very soon to ask him, before casting the worst spells on him that came to his mind.

“What about you? Won’t you come with me?” He asked rather confused, but she changed the topic swiftly.

“Magnus, could you do me a favour and sit down for a moment? I would like to check up on you.” She said pushing him towards the Infirmary bed slightly. He obeyed without a complaint, because he trusted her completely and sat down. She pushed him back gently to lie down and so he did.

“Rest dear.” She whispered before she lifted her hand to cast a spell above him, making him fall asleep without a warning.

“So…lunch anyone?” Simons voice broke the awkward silence that had settled between the three. Clary shot him a look.

“What?” He asked back shrugging.

“Actually, I am starving” Catarina chimed in.


The three of them sat at the cafeteria. Eating in complete silence as all of them seemed to think about the situation and how to solve it or what had happened at all. They had left Magnus in the Infirmary to sleep, knowing he wouldn’t wake up for another few hours. They really just needed a break to get their heads clear.

“I know, I know” a loud cheerful voice startled them as Izzy turned around the corner of the doorway, seemingly answering someone, with a tray in her hands. She was in her usual sexy, black gear, her hair open and swinging from one side to the other.

“Heeeeey” she sounded excited and nearly ran towards them, sitting next to Simon and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “I didn’t know you were going to be here? I would have come earlier.” She placed her tray on the table and began eating away, her mouth full while speaking. “What are you guys doing here anyway?” Simon chuckled nervously and looked at Clary, then Catarina and back at his food, murdering the broccoli with his fork.

Catarina finally gave in, since Clary and Simon didn’t seem to have the need to answer her.

“Clary and Simon had called me to help, with a minor problem.”

“A minor problem? What kind of?” she licked her lips. “Can I help?”

Clary placed her water down. “If you can turn back time maybe.” she answered, frustration clear in her voice.

“Turn back time? What happened, tell me?” She leaned on the table to have a proper look at Clary, Simon leaned back a bit to give her a good view, happy to not have to tell the story. She sounded rather excited.

“So…I have this new rune.” She began.

“A new rune? Oh, show me.” She did. “It’s so pretty Clary. What does it do?”

“Apparently not what it should…” Simon answered for her lifting his eyebrows at his friend and Clary elbowed him right in the side.


“It should have worked…okay, so a few hours ago Simon and I wanted to try this new rune, to bring him back into his past, only for a few hours, so he could be with his family. But then Magnus turned up and I somehow put a spell on him and brought the younger version of himself into this time and he has no memory of us and I am so sorry okay I didn’t know this would happen. I was sure it would go a different way and…” she rambled without a breath.

“What?” Izzy asked with a smile on her face and blinking a few times before looking at her boyfriend and then back at Clary. “Are you serious?” her smile faded slightly.

“Unfortunately, yes.”

“Where is he?” she asked instantly.

“We left him in the infirmary.” Simon replied.

“You what?” Izzy gasped.

“He is asleep. We needed a break okay! We needed to think.” Clary answered frustrated.

“And what are you going to do?” Izzy tried again.

Clary now looked at Catarina to answer for her, because really, she had no idea.

Catarina had thought about this for a while now.

“Magnus seems to be in a state of shock still, it is important we don’t startle him too much or else he will probably go insane, there is only so much someone can take before breaking…in fact it’s a surprise he hasn’t yet…” she trailed off.

“Until we find out what that rune is and how to solve this, we should keep it to a minimum. No shocking news, no speaking of the future, in fact, you should probably not tell him that you know him at all and that he is from the past. Get him used to this, to this world and to you in his own pace. He doesn’t know he is in the future and I don’t know how he would take it. Also, it’s better we have an eye on him at all times, he should stay in the Institute for now.” She ended her speech with a sigh.

They all looked at her, not really knowing whether to like the idea or not but they had to trust her. She knew him best and she knew magic best.

“He will probably think he is stuck in another dimension. And I suppose that’s for the better.” Catarina nodded to no one in particular and then got up. “I will go and see what I can do, I have never seen magic like this, but if there is a way to turn it back…I will find it. I think it’s for the better I don’t stick around too much, it might confuse him. Please do take care of Magnus and remember my words. Be gentle. Call me whenever you need me, I will answer right away at all times. Give him my love please.” She smiled warily and then left the bunch through a portal.


When Magnus opened his eyes again, the headache returned without mercy. He grabbed his head again and looked around himself. He was still in that bright, white room, he looked to the side to see a brown-haired girl sitting beside him with a soft smile on her bright red lips. She was beautiful he noticed right away and straightened himself as good as possible to not look like a wrinkled potato.

“Hello” He greeted rather quiet.

“Hey.” She answered and kept that look on her eyes. It somehow made him uncomfortable and warm…that was some stare she had there.

“Do I know you?” He asked.

“I’m Isabelle. Isabelle Lightwood.” She answered and pushed her hand towards him. He took it, shaking it.

“I’m Magnus Bane.” He returned and then clutched his fingers to his forehead again.

“Are you having a headache?” She asked instantly and got up to grab a water and a pill.

“No, I…well yes a little.” She handed him what she gathered and he took it.

“Swallow it.” He did as she said because really what did he have to lose at this point. And then drank the water. “It will be gone in a moment.”

“Thank you. Where are those…there were people…Catarina! Where is Catarina?” he sat up straighter.

“She had to leave but she sends her regards, she will be back as soon as possible.” Izzy answered kindly.

“Where did she go?” Magnus asked liking this no bit.

“Trying to find a way to…help you.” She answered, not really knowing what to tell him and how. She still stared at him in that creepy way.

“Can you tell me where I am, Isabelle?”

“Of course” She began, shaking herself out of it. “You are at the Shadowhunters New York’s Institute. In the Infirmary to be exact.”

“Shadowhunters.” he mumbled to himself then saw her runes at last. They were all across her body. Marking every centimetre of her beautiful skin. His eyes stuck on the rune on her cleavage for a second or two before he took them off, before she would notice. He wasn’t really attracted to the brunette but he could appreciate beautiful things when he saw them and she really was a beauty. From head to toe.

He lifted himself up more to sit properly, his legs hanging from the bed; it was that moment that he noticed what he was wearing.

He wore black pants with white stripes, shiny black boots, a red vest with a black button up shirt beneath. Necklaces were dangling from his neck, quite a few. Bracelets as well. He then lifted his hands to look at them and saw more rings than he can count and also what startled him the most, painted red fingernails. He rolled his fingers inside to hide them right away. That must have been part of Ragnor’s spell to humiliate him. Instantly he was thinking about ways of payback and had an evil little laugh escape his lips quietly. His shoulders jerked lightly while laughing.

“Magnus? Are you okay?” Izzy asked hearing the weird noises.

He stopped, realizing he wasn’t alone and turned to face the brunette again.

“Yes, of course, thank you.” He got up, still hiding his hands behind his back. A slight blush creeped up his caramel cheeks.

“So, Magnus” another voice broke the silence as the redhead from before returned with her dog on trail.

Simon went to stand beside Izzy and put his arm around her shoulders.

All righty then, he thought to himself, seeing that beautiful girl was obviously taken, not that he was interested and relaxed visibly, bringing his hands out of its hiding before turning back to the redhead.

“Biscuit it was?” he asked oddly calm.

She stared at him for a moment, before shaking her head with a laugh, remembering she had introduced herself with Biscuit before.

“Clary. It’s Clary. I have a suggestion for you. I know you don’t know us, but we can promise you will be save here with us for the time being, so I suggest you stay here as long as you wish, we have an empty room upstairs.” Her voice sounded desperate somehow.

He thought about it for a moment, before nodding.

This was probably for the best…and to be honest what choice did he have. He didn’t know where he was, apparently in New York. He has never been to New York; he had always wanted to visit though so maybe that was a good opportunity. Maybe everything wasn’t as bad as it seemed. He was in another dimension, with people he doesn’t know and things that look fishy, in a weird clown’s outfit. Yes, life was great.