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Dark Mage • Fairy Tail

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Jaelyn seethes, her fingers twitching as she is forced to watch the people running around the Fairy Tail Guild Hall, laughing and cheering. Well, except for Erza, but that doesn’t come as a surprise to the Dark Mage. After all, ever since the events on that island, the scarlet-haired girl has never been the same, and, while it saddens Jaelyn, she knows that it is for the best that the Requip user never becomes that scared little girl again.

Twisting around a lock of her cobalt hair, Jaelyn feels loneliness stab her lower abdomen, her mind tormenting her with memories of her older brother, and the childhood they spent together - even if it was one full of torment and torture until Jellal made it better, and then sent her away to “keep her safe” as he put it. She is a Dark Mage - a Dark Dragon Slayer - almost as strong, if not stronger than, her brother, but he refused to let her stay on the island all those years ago.

Rumours of him have popped up over the past decade, but she knows only a handful to be true - that there is a “look-a-like” on the Magic Council, and is one of the Ten Wizard Saints that goes by the name of “Siegrain,” and that he is amassing some grand army to build something on an island in the middle of nowhere. She knows the former to be true, because Jellal himself told her, and she knows the latter to be partially true also, and that’s because she was on that island for years building the godforsaken thing.

'Come get me, big brother,' Jaelyn murmurs, her dark green eyes narrowing as they focus on the loud salmon-haired Dragon Slayer teasing the relatively new blonde-haired Celestial Wizard. 'These Wizards are giving me a headache, and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep up the "good" act.'

‘Trust me, Jaelyn,’ Jellal berates in her mind, using Telepathy Magic. ‘You won’t have to do this much longer. The Tower of Heaven is almost complete, and then Zeref can finally be resurrected.’

'From what I’ve heard, he’s worth this. He better not let us down.'