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  Dio Brando had no kind of interest with the topic of sex, it was a subject that was far in the back of his mind, and it wouldn’t be anything he would be normally thinking of. Has he ever thought about it before? Most likely, boys must’ve thought about it at least sometime in their lives. Has he ever felt aroused at all? It’s a possibility. And has he ever masturbated? Surely once. Either way, sex wasn’t anything he would consider important unless you were interested in having a family of your own, but he wasn’t thinking much about that either. It had never held any significance to him, and he couldn’t imagine how it could later on in life. It was nothing more to him than a mere papercut that he could live on with. That is, until he began to ogle his eyes at Jonathan Joestar.

  Ever since Dio has been dwelling inside the Joestar mansion, he managed to get himself entangled in his own heartstrings and manifested some sort of heartwarming intimacy for his beloved brother but feels awfully ashamed for it. In many occurrences, Dio in the past would always blurt childish rumors off to other kids about Jonathan, would put the blame on him, or would even intentionally screw around with his belongings just for the fun of it, but he somehow got those feelings for him despite trying so hard to make his life a misery. How could he? Maybe because Jonathan is the only person he knew who would still try to embrace him within bulky arms. Even if he meddled with so many things in his life, he’s always left baffled by the thought of how in the hell he doesn’t hate him for everything he has done to try and humiliate him. If Dio did anything that bad to Jonathan, the most Jonathan would do to him is that he would holler at him, and eventually get over it; pampering Dio with little kisses which would infuriate the blonde with disbelief.

  He never really thought of Jonathan as a brother, they aren’t even brothers biologically, nor were they with each other when they were infants. He only thought of himself to Jonathan as a house guest that was suddenly thrown into the palms of his life, and he has to pity him, because of the poor lifestyle he had to endure, and that really got him on edge, because he wasn’t quite sure whether or not the affection Jonathan gives him is truly sincere. But little does he know, it is. The young man has been always ignited with a jolly character who will show at least an inch of friendliness to anyone he’s greeted with, and he always holds a dear place in his heart for his adopted brother. No matter how many times Dio has reckoned with him, he still loved him, but only as his brother, and nothing more. Dio himself also holds a place in his heart for him, but it’s more intense, which leaves him quite shamefaced about it. Jonathan being his brother didn’t feel labeled right at all, it just doesn’t seem that way. However, he knows damn well if anybody knew how he felt, then he would be estranged from society. And he also knows that deep down he could never handle that immense amount of pressure.

  But Dio always felt so attracted to him, despite how mad he gets when his brother smothers him in kisses, but at the same time, he feels he needs them, because it just sets him into this kind of tranquility. The overwhelment of love and affection that his adopted brother submerged him in is one of the things that trenched Dio with all these intoxicating feelings for him. He also has an enormous admiration for the way he’s simply sculpted, the way he is built is what Dio will describe as dead on gorgeous. Jonathan is defined with a well-formed, virile physique that is mostly made up with a menacing amount of muscle which mostly predominates in his pecks, but as well in other parts of his body. Such as his swelling calves that would have sweat sweeping down them after engaging in an exhausting amount of exercise, or the bulging bear arms he possesses which literally locks Dio into a stiff position. And that face, he loves the handsome face Jonathan has from who he inherited from his deceased mother, and he also loves the dark blue wisps of hair which frizzes out in the humidity. To him, Jonathan Joestar is the one and only man for him. He’s beautiful, and the chummy personality that accompanies with his stunning body made it full gone impossible for Dio to ignore. It was becoming more and more excruciating for the blonde to keep holding back how he felt. He knew being attracted to him was a sin, but it felt much bigger of a sin by not acting on it. Dio Brando had enough of it. Enough was enough. He couldn’t take more of this. He had to do something in order to quench these feelings.