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Paper Hearts

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Taehyung and Jeongguk were madly in love. They thought if they had each other's love nothing else in the world mattered.


If you had told 19 year old Taehyung that mating isn't simple and comes with a bundle of responsibilities and that life with your mate isn't all rainbow and sunshine he would have scoffed and told you that you are with a wrong mate. That's what he told everyone who were against his wishes to marry Jeongguk at such a young age when he hadn't even finished his college.


And no matter how many times someone told Jeongguk that mating would lead to hormonal changes in their body and they would be more needy and dependent on each other and they should be mature enough to handle all this without hindering their studies he didn't listen a word.


"He is a true blood Alpha Tae. That too from a conservative family. Their family treats omega as nothing more than a child bearer. How are you sure he wouldn't be the same after you bond? " Taehyung's friends voiced their concerns.


"Gukkie is different. I know! " He used to reply confidently with a huge smile.


When Jeongguk told his family about marrying Taehyung his parents refused to let their son marry an omega that belonged to a low class pack and wasn't of their status. Jeongguk knew how conservative his family was. Even in this modern world they believed that omegas are only made for respecting their alpha and bearing their child. Idea of a working omega sounded preposterous to them.


Jeongguk never liked their ideas. He didn't think omegas are any less than alphas or should be looked upon as child producing machines.


So they went on and mated against their family wishes. Well they were young and foolish and thought love was enough.


3 months into their new life everything was perfect. They were the happiest couple out there. Jeongguk's family cut all contacts with him but it didn't matter because he had his beautiful mate to wake up to every morning who he knew was more capable than only being a child breeder.


6 months and all the household responsibilities and exams were stressing them out. Of course that started affecting their relationship. Jeongguk had to manage a job as well as college to pay for them and Taehyung felt helpless. Omegas weren't allowed to work after night falls and he had his college in the morning. And it broke his heart to see how tired Jeongguk got at the end of the day and still didn't complain.


He decided he won't be a a worthless omega depending on Jeongguk for all his need so he did what he thought was right. He decided to hide his identity and work as beta. It was illegal and unsafe. He knew if Jeongguk came to know he will be furious so he didn't tell him. His work shift ended earlier than Jeongguk so it was never a problem.


But one day he forgot to take his suppressants and got attacked by some alphas on his way. To his luck a police officer saved him from any harassment but then of course Jeongguk being his mate was informed all about the incident.


Taehyung knew he would be furious but he never thought he could hurt him as much as he did.


"You are an omega and behave like one! You will not step outside this house without my permission. I gave you enough freedom. "


Jeongguk's words stabbed his heart like a knife. He would have never thought that Jeongguk would use Alpha voice on him and make him feel inferior.


That incident caused a crack in their relationship and although Jeongguk apologised several times and although he knew that Jeongguk was not in his right mind and it was his angry alpha talking and although he forgave him their relationship went downhill from here.


1 year into the relationship Taehyung got pregnant. Neither of them wanted that but Taehyung refused to abort. Their families came together for the first time trying to mend their relationship just for the sake of their child but it was already too late.


When they got to know that they were expecting twins they decided that they will be responsible for one child and part their ways. It was wrong on many levels but Taehyung and Jeongguk were tired. They couldn't live in the house and look at each other.


Taehyung gave birth to two beautiful and healthy babies a girl and a boy . And that time when he held them in his arms with Jeongguk , was the last time and the first in many months when he laughed with Jeongguk looking at them and discussing who they resemble.


That few minutes. Taehyung wanted to live that every day. But it was impossible. It's not they didn't try. They did. They tried to be a one happy family but they couldn't. With all these responsibilities it was getting tiresome and they finally decided to end it.


Jeongguk decided to take Haru with him while Taehyung kept Haneul. And as much easy it was to say they will take one child and separate it was far more difficult.


He wished at least they had parted ways amicably. But no they had to get into fight and break each other's belongings and hurt each other with poisonous words when their babies were crying on the bed.


They were young and immature. Nowhere capable of taking responsibility of being parents or mates.


4 years later:


Taehyung was living a wonderful life. He worked as a professor in one of the most prestigious university in Korea and lived in a small but cozy house with his 4 year old son.


Did he move on? Not even if he tried. The mating mark on his neck was a painful reminder. But with his job and Haneul's responsibilities and other things his past never crossed his mind.


But some nights were haunting. Some lonely nights when he couldn't sleep all the memories rushed back to his mind. How is Jeongguk doing? Did he move on? What about my daughter? The questions kept him awake. Those nights he wished he had his mate by his side to hold him and to give him warmth.


But Taehyung was strong and mornings always made him forget about the darkness.


He was happy. He really was. He was doing everything he wanted and how he wanted. Specially when he saw his omega friends abiding their alphas command and compromising sometimes he thought he was the luckiest. He had all the freedom and that's what he wanted.


Well all was okay if 1 month ago their neighbor hadn't arrived. Taehyung's house and their house was side by side only separated by small fencing that too had gate. So it was only right to get to know his neighbor and see if they were to be trusted. After all they could easily break into their house if they wanted.


So he picked up Haneul and went to knock on their door enthusiastically to invite them over lunch.


He frowned when the door opened but he couldn't see anyone. Haneul tugged his shirt and he looked down to see him staring a small girl who he assumed to be of Haneul's age.


He crouched down and smiled at the girl. She had red chubby cheeks and doe eyes and all he wanted was to squish them and plant kisses. She could pass as Haneul's twin sister any day.

"What is your name baby? And where are your parents? "


He was amused when the girl crossed her hand over her chest and huffed.

"I don't talk to ugly people! "


Taehyung's jaw slacked and it took few minutes before he composed himself. He reminded him not to be offended and she was a child.

"Do you think I am ugly? " He pouted and pretended to be sad.


The girl gasped and widened her big round eyes and squished his cheeks between her small hands.


"No you are beautiful! " She said and Taehyung chuckled but then she whipped her head towards Haneul and narrowed her eyes.


"He is ugly" She said pointing her finger towards Haneul and he ran behind Taehyung.


"Daddy!! I am scawed " He cried hiding his face in Taehyung's back.


Taehyung smiled at the girl and then turned to Haneul hugging him to his chest.


"It's scared Haneul not scawed. And no need to be scared baby. She is your friend-"


He quickly shut up when a voice interrupted them


"Haru didn't I tell you not to open the door without asking daddy? "


Taehyung's face was drained off all colours. He could never forget the voice. He hesitantly turned his head only to have his suspicions confirmed.




That's how he got his life's worst nightmare in form of his neighbor.


But Taehyung refused to change his house. Not after meeting his daughter after 4 years.


Jeongguk was as much shocked as Taehyung. His eyes popped off his sockets when he saw Taehyung and Haneul in front of his door.


Taehyung refused to tell Haneul that Jeongguk was his father and told Jeongguk to do the same. He didn't want to mix their lives and said that would only complicate things. Jeongguk respected his decisions and they decided to remain as neighbors.


But they should have known each other better. Not one day went without them trying to make each other lives miserable. And as much as they wanted the two siblings to bond and not become part of this rivalry it wasn't the case.


Apparently Haru started her new school which was also Haneul's school two days before Jeongguk shifted here. And on the first day of her school Haneul accidentally or so he claimed broke her favourite pencil and made her cry her eyes out . Thats why she called him ugly when they showed up at Jeongguk's door.


That's how they started to make each other's lives miserable no matter how much Taehyung and Jeongguk stopped them. Well whose kids were they after all.


But they both fought for Taehyung's and Jeongguk's attention and affection. It was normal after all the child finds comfort in their parents scent.


Taehyung dated some alphas and betas in the span of 4 years but he never considered mating again. And although Haneul was very friendly with few of them he never considered any of them as his father figure.


That's why one day when Haneul was sad and wouldn't tell Hoseok( who was the closest figure to him after Taehyung in these years) what happened no matter how much he tried but spilled all the beans to Jeongguk hiding his face in crook of his neck Taehyung knew that no one can replace Jeongguk in Haneul's life. It was bond that he was born with in his DNA.


Same went for Haru.


Today Taehyung was late for his work and he couldn't be more grateful when Jeongguk said he will drop Haneul and Haru to school.


"For once he is not useless" Taehyung muttered and went outside only to find empty space where his car used to be parked.


He looked at the other side of the fence and found Jeongguk's car parked. He narrowed his eyes and went towards the car only to find it punctured.


He should have known. Now he was shaking with anger and clenching his fist so hard that his nails we're hurting his skin.