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a (number) neighborhood of seven

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AUGUST 9, 2019

You created group “number neighborhood wassup”

You changed this group’s icon

You changed this group’s subject to “were number neighbors yall”

Richie: sup B)

207-xxx-1112: what the fuck

207-xxx-1112: who are u ppl

Richie: read the subject bro

Richie: were # neighbors

207-xxx-1115: You forgot the apostrophe.

207-xxx-1114: oh, is this that twitter thing???

207-xxx-1117: I thought you were only supposed to text one person tho?

Richie: thats boring i wanted a whole STREET

207-xxx-1114: why 7 tho

Richie: lucky number ig lmao

207-xxx-1116: uhh hi?? lmao

Richie: finally someone said it back

207-xxx-1113: do… do I know u people?

Richie: probably not if u dont recognize the #s lmao

Richie: hey can i learn ur names real quick so i can add yall to my contacts

207-xxx-1112: what the fuck no

207-xxx-1116: yeah why not my names bev

Richie: cool cool thx

Bev: wby??

Richie: my names richie lmao

207-xxx-1114: im mike :)

Richie: noted B)

207-xxx-1113: is that the only emoji u use

207-xxx-1113: also uh im bill

207-xxx-1117: im ben!

207-xxx-1112: wtf yall are just giving him ur names

207-xxx-1112: what if hes like a serial killer

Richie: I literally dont know any of u but go off ig -3-

Bill: I mean…

Bev: u could be a stalker

Mike: we do live in the same area after all…

Ben: suspicious

Richie: wait

Richie: no were just neighbors >:(

207-xxx-1112: we’re literally not we probably dont even live in the same state

207-xxx-1115: We all have the same area code.

207-xxx-1112: wait

207-xxx-1112: jesus christ im a dumbass

207-xxx-1112: time to move


Richie: its okay neighbor im sure were all dumb B)

207-xxx-1112: fuck u dickwad im not dumb

Mike: you just said-

207-xxx-1112: also i have a name that’s not “neighbor” thank u

Bill: but we haven’t heard it

Richie: good point bill

Bill: thanks richie

Richie: Expose Urselves Pls

207-xxx-1115: If I state my name, can you please use proper grammar?

Richie: hmm maybe

207-xxx-1115: I’m Stan.

Richie: col thx mn

Stan: What the fuck

207-xxx-1112: fuck im the last one

Richie: now u have to oh mysterious one

Ben: yeah cmon! we’re all friends here :)

207-xxx-1112: I dont know any of u tf

Mike: do we seem that bad :(

207-xxx-1112: I mean

207-xxx-1112: not really i guess

Richie: come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

207-xxx-1112: ugh whatever ig if u were a serial killer u wouldve gotten me already

207-xxx-1112: im eddie

Richie: nice nice

Richie: welcome to the neighborhood eds B)

Eds: dont call me that