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All We Have Is Each Other

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feb. 23, 1796


it's a quiet afternoon in the house so far; yoongi is enjoying his time alone with hoseok, dozing quietly on the faery's shoulder while the elder reads him a story. namjoon is outside, tending the garden he and hoseok have been cultivating for the last six years.

….six years already. six years since he left the palace, never to look back.

logically, yoongi knows he can't be that far from his former home- they hadn't made it but three days on foot before yoongi was starting to feel worse than usual. before he started feeling like he was genuinely dying. that was when hoseok found them, cooing over yoongi's frail, pathetic state of half-consciousness while namjoon begged the fae for help. hoseok all but stated "you're mine now" and took them home, to his blank slate of a little forest house that they've turned into a home.

and now here he sits, six years later, just shy of his twenty third birthday and half asleep on a faery's shoulder while his lover tends their garden.

he's not a prince any more. he's just… yoongi.

but yoongi is still cursed.

he's still frail, fragile, easy to fall sick and easier to feel like he might faint at any moment. as long as namjoon is with him (or hoseok, now that he's come to trust the fae), he knows he'll be alright.

speaking of hoseok, it's been close to a year since he figured out the magic he sensed in yoongi was yoongi's own, not the mark of namjoon's keeping him claimed. been months since they decided potions won't work, and close to two weeks since they figured out scaring it out of him won't work either.

he doesn't know what hoseok has planned now, but he's sure whatever it ends up being, it'll… probably work. probably. who knows at this point.

however, right now, yoongi is tired enough that with the gentle droning of hoseok's soft voice, he's not nearly aware enough to be thinking about these things. somewhere in the distance, he vaguely hears the sound of metal on metal- namjoon's tools being gathered and moved. yoongi smiles to himself briefly and lets his eyes slip closed again, and starts to drift.

beside him, hoseok shifts.

before yoongi can register anything else, hoseok has him pinned on his back amidst all the cushions they've situated under the windows. hoseok has him pinned down with those skinny hands of his curled delicately around yoongi's throat, and yoongi can't help but hold his breath even though the fae isn't even squeezing. "...hoseok-ah…?"

softly, the faery coos at him, not unlike the way he did when he found yoongi practically dying in namjoon's arms.

yoongi shivers.

"hoseok-ah, i-"

the elder cuts him off by squeezing and yoongi almost wants to let out a laugh, thinking this must be some dumb joke; something in his gut tells him it's not. he reaches up, gripping at hoseok's wrists and trying to tug them away but the fae only grips him tighter, slowly but steadily cutting off his airflow. he doesnt understand, is this another one of hoseok's ploys to bring his powers out?

hoseok doesn't let go, still making these soft sounds at yoongi like he's a child to be babied and not the grown man currently being strangled, hands getting tighter with each passing heartbeat. yoongi's heart is racing now, as he tries feebly to throw hoseok off of him, his lungs starting to burn and his head growing dizzy.

is hoseok going to kill him?

that thought starts something brewing just under the surface of his skin, a steady buzzing- the tighter hoseok squeezes, yoongi's breath gone now, the more intense the feeling gets, higher and higher until--

the sound of ceramic shattering on the stone floor startles the both of them, hoseok jerking back as if he's been burned. yoongi can't make out what namjoon is saying, though. all he can do is lie there and struggle to catch his breath. distantly, he hears the sound of a body being shoved against a wall, the hard thud of it, and he wonders what they're doing. he can barely lift his head, but as he's coming back to himself and the buzzing is fading, he knows namjoon must be angry.

"don't hurt him," yoongi croaks out, his voice hoarse and a little raw. he cant see the way namjoon flinches at the sound, but then his lover is kneeling over him, reaching out to help him sit up.

in his frustration, yoongi swats his hands away.

"hyung- he was hurting you, i couldn't just- this has to stop. you can't be doing dangerous things like that for the sake of some harebrained scheme of his."

it takes yoongi a moment, but when he finally seems to have caught his breath, he levels namjoon with a cold stare, brows starting to pinch together. " everything is dangerous for me, namjoon-ah, don't even start," he says slowly, lifting a hand to his throat. it hurts to speak, to swallow, to even breathe. his chest aches, tears still prickling at his eyes leaving his vision a little blurry.

"yoongi-yah, i'm sorry-"

"don't speak to him-"

"both of you shut up!"

both hoseok and namjoon turn to stare at yoongi again, who's shifted himself to lean against the tea table, shoulders trembling with the effort of moving himself. he feels weak. the years of his illness crashing down on him all at once.

he couldn't stop the tears from rolling down his cheeks if he tried.

"you have- no idea, how hard this is, either of you." his voice cracks somewhere in the middle, but he can't find it in himself to be embarrassed. " i have to live with this, every day- i'm the one who's useless and weak! everything is dangerous for me! being intimate with the love of my fucking life is dangerous for me, the wrong fucking berry could be dangerous, or if i so much as breathe wrong!" he shifts himself, rounding on namjoon who had attempted to interrupt, to tell him he's not weak or useless most likely; shutting the boy up with a harsh glare. "if this- if this one little fucking thing could help, if i could stop feeling like i have nothing going for me, maybe, maybe i'd feel like this isn't all complete waste of time for both of you."

namjoon's jaw works for a second, his hands trembling where they grip at his linen pants. "hyung-"

"spare me the pity, namjoon-ah. get me my cane."

"your cane? i- can't i just carry you to bed…? surely it would be faster."

"no. you can shut up and get me my cane. i am sick to death of having to rely on everyone but myself , so you'll do as i ask and i'll take myself to bed!"

namjoon flinches again at the sharp tone, so unused to yoongi speaking to him like this. but in the end, the younger gets to his feet, collecting yoongi's cane from where it leans next to the front door. bringing it back to yoongi, namjoon is forced to stand back as the former prince struggles to his feet on his own, attempts to help once again swatted away. once yoongi is standing, he doesn't look at either of them again as he slowly stumbles out of the room, making his way down the hall and slamming the bedroom door shut behind him as hard as he can manage.

out in the sitting room, hoseok looks painfully guilty as he shuffles closer to namjoon, gently settling a hand on the young human's wrist. to his credit, namjoon doesn't pull away.

"we'll figure it out, namjoonie," he whispers, reaching up to tuck a bit of hair out of namjoon's face. it results in namjoon turning, leaning down to bury his face in the fae's shoulder as he lets himself break down. "he'll be alright. he'll live, sweetheart. don't fret."

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apr. 12, 1969 


There’s never anything quite like the first kiss of a budding relationship, Taehyung thinks. Sometimes, this isn’t a good thing.

He found out the hard way when he was still human that a vampire’s kisses leave one feeling- drowsy, at best, and downright needy otherwise. He’s not expecting it to be an issue with Jimin. Though, right now, he’s rethinking literally everything about his life so far that led him to think so, because he’s got a lapful of a warm, human boy, plush lips hovering ever so close to his own, and those warm, dark eyes that focus singularly on him has shivers rolling down his spine.

He’s known Jimin for almost six months now, that first night they met in the bar something like a Christmas miracle a few months early. It was the human’s birthday, and Taehyung was hungry; he hadn’t expected to feel so enchanted by the complete lack of anything… wrong, about Jimin. Nearly every human he’s ever encountered and spoken to for more than a few minutes at a time has always had something in their eyes, or their voice, or the way they carry themselves, something to imply that eventually, someone is going to get hurt. But not Jimin. Never Jimin.

It’s something of a point of contention for Taehyung in his own mind- humans have only ever brought him misery, from the day they took him away from Seokjin, to the twenty years he spent in captivity as the experiment for vampire hunters to learn more about his kind. He’s lucky to still be here, he thinks, though without his Jin hyung, that’s debatable.

Back to the point at hand.

Jimin has only ever been good. There’s an innocence to him, that Taehyung is reluctant to take away, and he can’t help but wonder sometimes if that’s what Seokjin felt when the long-gone vampire took him in, just over four hundred years ago. Jimin has only ever looked at Taehyung with glowing curiosity, his heart worn on his sleeve as the wave of the ‘60s draws out those who might be struggling with things less than ideal for a Korea that has… standards. That first night, when Taehyung chose not to take him home, felt like a turning point.

Certainly not for his whole view of humanity, but at the least, he could look at Jimin and understand, the heart worn on the boy’s sleeve was the concept of good personified.

A turning point, because after that night, he’d found Jimin in the same bar- watching and waiting, a week later. He was staying out of sight, but Jimin found him anyway. And while Jimin was persistent, he’d gotten out of agreeing to take him home a second time. However, that night saw them visiting the park a good few blocks away, a trend that followed nearly every night after except for when it was too cold. Those nights, in the dead of winter, Taehyung willingly holed himself up in Jimin’s tiny apartment, watching Backstreet of Seoul on the human’s little black-and-white television.

If asked, Jimin would insist that that first night the week after his birthday, their first visit together to the park, would have been their first date. Taehyung would have a different response- that they haven’t had any dates at all, but that’s mostly just him being a little afraid of Jimin getting too close.

Though, again, back to the point at hand…

Taehyung has a lapful of warm, human boy, Jimin’s arms slung over his shoulders and those soft, plush lips only inches away from his own, and Taehyung can’t recall the last time he felt so genuinely nervous. It must’ve been before Seokjin turned him, but the answer isn’t immediately available. He stares up at Jimin, his breathing slow and a little unsteady as he tries to figure out something to say that will dissuade the boy from doing. This.

He’s certain Jimin will know something is off about him, if he kisses him. No normal human being has a kiss that leaves one of the participants feeling drugged, and-

His train of thought is cut off; he’d taken a breath to speak, and before he could get the words out, Jimin’s lips pressed so sweetly against his, and Taehyung short circuits like the television did last week. It doesn’t take long for the effects of the kiss to take hold of Jimin, making him give this soft little whine in the back of his throat as he leans more into Taehyung. The human shivers a little, the early Spring morning still cool enough that he seeks out what little warmth Taehyung has to offer, and without thought, Taehyung wraps his arms around Jimin, pulling him in tight. It makes Jimin smile against his lips, thinking the kiss must not be unwelcome- which, really, it’s not, but- and he tries to deepen it, trying to lick into Taehyung’s mouth.

At the first press of the boy’s tongue against his lips, Taehyung pulls back as best as he can without having to shove Jimin off his lap, and in turn, off the park bench. It leaves Jimin with this dumb little dopey grin on his lips, kissed red and a little more swollen than they normally look, and Taehyung- he feels bewitched.

“Taehyungie,” Jimin whispers, almost a little slurred as he leans in again; not to kiss, but to knock their foreheads together a little bit, his warm breath fanning against Taehyung’s chilled skin. “Taehyungie, you’re so lovely, aren’t you? My lovely- my love…”

“You sound drunk,” Tae whispers back, hoping like hell he can play this off as Jimin having had one too many to drink, the effects lingering after their stop at the bar earlier. “Maybe I should get you home so you can sleep it off.”

“Nooo… no, Taehyung-ah, I wanna- wanna stay with you, wanna kiss you again. Taehyungie, kiss me again?” The human’s eyes are alight with something like need- like he needs to be close to Taehyung, or he might cry. “Please, wanted to kiss you since I met you and you never, never lemme get close enough, always turnin’ away before I get the chance. Never lemme have the chance to show you how much you mean to me.”

Something in the vampire’s chest aches with Jimin’s confession, and he… he doesn’t know what else to say. “...Just. Be careful, Jiminie,” he breathes, so gently as he slowly, slowly lets his guard down bit by bit. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

The permission has Jimin ecstatic- pressing his lips to Taehyung’s again but not enough to properly kiss, just enough that they’re touching as he speaks again, “My Taetae, you’d never hurt me. You care about me- you’d never hurt someone you care about.”

That thing that aches in Taehyung’s chest soars with that, his eyes closing as he takes the chance to kiss Jimin first.

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june 20, 1970


jungkook's stalking through the trees, looking for his next meal and first of the day- he's such a poor hunter, despite his instincts, from having been locked up for so long and never given the chance to properly do what kumiho do, and it means he often has to hunt multiple times a day, because he never seems to get it right

he knows which parts he likes best, ripping the woodland creatures to pieces with ease once he's through the hard part of actually catching them, but at best he catches small things- rabbits, squirrels, things that cant outrun him so easily. once a few weeks back, shortly after he escaped, he managed to take down a deer and it kept him sated for days, but only for days before he had to get back to it

and the other forest creatures, they know. the ones who have brains capable of a human like intelligence, they spread the word around, and it gets back to the faerie who guards this part of the forest- a fearsome fae, by the name of hoseok. for all his cheerful demeanor and pleasant attitude toward everyone, everyone also knows what he does to those who step out of line. the werewolves once tried to snatch one of hoseok's humans, the frail blonde one. the tall one didnt even have the chance to react before hoseok was on the wolf, tearing its throat out with his bare teeth and then daring them to challenge him with a bloody smile, his eyes wild.

the ones who step out of line are the examples to the rest.

but jungkook doesn't know that, not yet- he hasn't been in the forest long, and no one's gotten close enough to him to tell him- he might not let them survive anyway, for how hungry he gets.

he's smelled the scent of fae before- there's something untamed about them, rough around the edges to his nose, but almost sickly sweet, or vibrantly warm, depending on the faerie. he smells the latter now, like scent marks throughout the woods, and his stomach rumbles angrily at being denied when it's getting close to midday and he's still had no luck.

with the next set of trees jungkook passes through, he sees the boy ahead of him, several paces ahead and kneeling over bloody remains- it's the rabbit he shredded earlier this morning, hours and hours ago. jungkook's stomach rumbles again at the thought, and he quickly darts behind a tree, hoping the fae won't see him.

he's a little entranced, almost, slowly peeking back out with a tiny whine so he can glimpse the glimmering golden wings, fluttering rapidly like a hummingbird's. he's so hungry, it hurts, not enough, never enough, he needs-

his feet are carrying him forward before he even registers hes moving, body dropping down into a crouch so he can crawl forward, as if that makes him any stealthier. he doesn't register the snap of twigs underfoot but the fae ahead of him doesnt turn around, doesn't even so much as twitch his pointy ears, so jungkook continues creeping forward, all the way until he's barely five feet from the fae, and at that point, he's steadying himself, preparing to lunge-

seconds before impact, the faerie twists around, lightning quick- jungkook barely registers the golden, glittery dust until he's flat on his back on the forest floor, sticks digging uncomfortably into his ribs. but he can't move now, though not for a lack of trying. when his vision clears, though sparkles still dance in it, the fae is sitting astride his chest, deceivingly lightweight but still keeping jungkook pinned.

and the frown on his face, to match those golden eyes- jungkook's never felt so intimidated in his life.

he feels afraid, something relatively foreign to him.

the dust, whatever it was, has jungkook entirely immobile, unable to so much as blink up at the faerie, forced to stare and hope to whatever higher power may be out there that he's not about to die.

and then his stomach rumbles again. loudly. he manages a whimper, pained and unhappy, and all at once, the frown on the faerie's face melts away.

he coos softly, smiling at the dumb little kumiho. "you're just a hungry boy, huh?"

with the perceived question, jungkook finds himself able to nod his head, and suddenly he can squirm again, whimpering out softly.

"you've been an incredibly naughty kumiho, do you know that...? you've had my forest afraid, i can practically feel it in the trees," the fae whispers, leaning in real close until they're practically nose to nose. "and while normally i'd kill you now... i can see you're just struggling, poor baby."

hoseok shifts off of jungkook's chest, letting the boy get to his feet again- he only makes it as far as his knees, but hoseok stays kneeling with him, stroking the fuzzy black fox ears that stick out of jungkook's head.  it's the first time kook's ever really received any kind of affection, so his first thought is to lean away, but when it doesnt hurt, jungkook slowly leans into the gentle pets, his jaw falling open a little bit.

"yeah," hoseok coos, smiling bigger. "just a hungry boy, huh? you wanna eat? want seokie to find you some food?"

jungkook's response is automatic, eyes widening as he nods dumbly, practically vibrating apart at the thought of food.

"what do i call you, pretty baby?"

there's lore about names and fae, jungkook heard the aunties where he was locked up talking about it, but he can't remember it for the life of him right now- still, all he rumbles out in his current state is a rough "koo," the word ending on another little whine.  "please- m'so hungry, please?"

hoseok helps him to his feet at last, the fae scenting the air, his own pointy ears twitching in tandem with his golden wings, and all jungkook can do is stare for a long moment.

quietly, hoseok lifts a finger to his lips, motioning for kook to stay silent, and kook guesses it must be the glitter because he obeys without protest or even thought, while the fae slips away from him a few paces to sniff again. when he seems to have found a scent, he motions for jungkook to follow- the kumiho moves not of his own accord, coming forward to follow after hoseok as the elder leads him through the woods. the faerie could easily be leading him towards a worse death, jungkook doesn't know that he and hoseok are the worst things out here, not yet, but he doesn't care. hoseok promised him food.

it turns out, the faerie's spotted a deer. a big one, at that, a tall buck that's grazing in a patch of grass not covered up by fallen autumn leaves, and jungkook is almost drooling.

hoseok leads him until he's properly downwind of the beast, encourages him to stalk until he's right up on it and then- at the last minute, the buck tries to dart away because he's figured out what's happening, but jungkook is faster. the beast goes down easily enough now, and jungkook hasn't felt this full in weeks.

he's a bloody mess when he's done though- his usually bright smile, full of sharp teeth and intimidatingly long canines is stained red, as he looks back at hoseok, and the faerie coos delightedly.

"what a good boy! so messy, but you did it!" and wow, praise? that really does it for him, sets kook's tail thumping against the ground a mile a minute as hoseok tries to wipe away the smudges of blood over jungkook's skin. it only really smears it around more, but that's okay. "you're just a messy boy, aren't you? and so cute. i'm gonna take you home with me," hoseok sighs pleasantly, leaning in to kiss jungkook's cheeks, even going as far as licking some of the blood off his skin. "gonna take you home so you can meet joonie and yoonie, yeah? you wanna meet my boys, be friends with them? they'll love you, i know it."

and jungkook doesn't have any idea what that really means- he wonders if seokie has other boys like him, or if they're fae like seokie, but that's okay. it doesn't really matter, they'll be friends! jungkook's... never had friends before. he wants to know what that's like.

"let's get you cleaned up, messy boy, you might give joonie a heart attack if i let you in the house looking like a murder scene." hoseok guides him to the creek that bubbles through the woods, helps him wash the blood away, but what little clothes jungkook still had are ruined by now- hoseok has no qualms about getting rid of them, promising the poor kumiho new pants at least when they reach home.

kook follows along behind the faerie, holding tight to his warm, soft hand the whole way back, feeling- a sense of security for the first time in his life.