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The One With the Doctor and the Magician

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The One With the Doctor and the Magician


“Ah, what an amazing day.” Julian shuts the door to our room behind us.

“Your Grandmas are so lovely.” I say, immediately beginning to take off my clothes. We had just arrived in Nevivon this morning and met Julian and Portia’s quite youthful Grandmas. “I like them a lot.”

“And they like you, Hotaru...” I could feel his eye on me as I removed the beaded sash from my waist, kicked off my sandals and slipped out of my sundress. I don’t usually wear dresses, but I thought it’d be more appropriate for meeting Julian’s family than my usual harem-pant style bedlah. “A… A lot.” I look at him and he blushes, as if this is the first time he’s seeing me almost naked.

“What?” I smile. “Don’t you want to get in the hot spring too? I’m exhausted.”

“Oh, right, right…” He quickly takes off his jacket. “Here, let me set it up.” The spring is right outside the sliding back doors; a big, private bath all to ourselves. I remove my undergarments and grab two towels while Julian opens the doors and peruses the tray of salts, oils and scents. He gasps in delight and picks up one of the salts. “They put this here just for me.”

“What is it?” I place the towels on a chair next to the water.

“My favorite salt: eucalyptus and menthol. Perfect for colds and flus!” He opens it and holds it up to my nose, and I take a big whiff.

“Wow, my sinuses cleared right up!”

“Right?” He smiles, sprinkling some in the bath. He adds sandalwood and coconut, throwing some rose petals on top for appearance. “Your bath is ready. After you, my dear.” He holds out his hand for me to take. I gladly do, stepping carefully into the water. My skin tingles and relaxes from the heat and exotic salts, and the foggy sea air clears from my head.

“Ah…” I sigh and sink right in, wetting my shoulder-length blonde hair and wetting my face with my hands. “It’s perfect.”

“Yeah, you are.” I hear Julian say, mesmerized by me. Ugh, he’s so embarrassing sometimes. Luckily the heat hides the blush forming on my cheeks.

“Oh, just shut up and get in here.” I say. He obeys quickly, stripping nude and rushing into the hot spring, almost slipping. “Careful!” I hold him steady by his arm.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” He insists.

“You forgot something.” I reach up, touching his eyepatch gently. “I told you, Julian…” I swiftly remove the eyepatch, exposing his formerly diseased eye. “You don’t have to wear this when it’s just you and me.”

“I-I know, but…”

“It’s not contagious, and it doesn’t bother me.” I cup his handsome, blushing face in my hands. “I love your eyes.”

“Uh… well…” Julian clears his throat. “I do love seeing you twice as well, Hotaru.”

“Hm, that’s more like it.” I rest my head on his chest and wrap my arms around his waist, listening to his quickened heartbeat. He awkwardly returns the affection, embracing me carefully. He’s so weird; he acts like he’s not allowed to touch me, like we’re not even together. But I know he craves to be touched, loved… I just wish he would let himself. Our first time was beautiful, slow, making sure he was careful with me. I loved it, of course, but I told him he didn’t have to be so gentle all the time. I am a warrior, after all. He continues to be whenever we make love. It would be fine if I didn’t know that he was holding back, whether in a submissive position or not. He did say once that he would like to ravish me, well come on and do it.

“Let’s sit down.” He suggests, and we move to the step to sit together, the water up to his chest and my shoulders. I can see the steam rise up clearly from here. I use my magic to warp the steam into fun shapes like hearts, animals and flowers. “Amazing… to think that I’d be in love with a magician when I used to fear magic.”

“What about…” I stopped myself from asking, remembering that’s none of my business.


“No, never mind.”

“You meant Asra, right?” Julian’s voice darkened. I made him upset.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“That wasn’t love. I mean, I thought that it was one-sided love on my end, but after being with you, and also remembering you from before…” Julian was talking fast and incoherently. He stopped to take a breath and to gather his thoughts. “I know we probably shouldn’t talk about this, but maybe we should.”

“It… it is definitely an elephant in the room.” I agreed. It is awkward to talk about, but we need to get it over with. “So, you decided you didn’t love Asra?”

“Right. Let’s start at the beginning.” Julian takes my hands. “Do you remember meeting me? Do you remember the time we spent together?”

“…” I had been getting my memories back in chunks, and out of order. If I think about it now, maybe… I’m seeing a small clinic, a wrinkly old dog, and a shelf of leeches… Julian, his hair a little shorter, his right eye healthy, and an ambitious look on his face. “Yes!”

“Do you?!” He says, overjoyed. “You had said that it was fate that brought us together that day, even though I didn’t believe in such things at the time…”

“But now you do?”

“Absolutely.” He swoons. “Because fate brought us together again, didn’t it?”

“It sure did.” I smile, thinking of my past with the rowdy doctor. He was a little less rowdy then, since he was so focused on finding a cure. “I argued with Asra that day, about whether or not we should stay in the city. I wanted to stay and help find a cure, but he wanted to run and hide until it all blew over. I… I remember being hurt so much by his choice; a person that I respected so much acting this way... I called him a selfish coward and left the house.”

“Taru…” Julian says, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“Then, on my walk, I see a help wanted sign on the door of a clinic, and you show up behind me, carrying a big stack of books, trying to get in.”

“Yes, you helped me into my own office!” He laughed. “I definitely needed an assistant, huh?”

“I remember the place being a wreck!” I laugh, too. “Oh, and when I said I was a magician, you stuck up your nose to me.”

“I did, didn’t I? Sorry.”

“It’s okay. You still hired me.”

“And you took such good care of me, and of Brundle.” Julian frowned. “I didn’t appreciate you enough, took you for granted. I had… complicated feelings about you, Hotaru. I wanted more for us, but it was never the right time with how busy we were and trying to find a cure… I just pushed those feelings down.”

“Julian, I had no idea.” I remember more: a few heavy glances from me to him, a tender, steady hand in my own, a few reassuring hugs… “I felt the same way. It just wasn’t our time yet.”

“Really?” That seemed to make him feel more guilty. “I got a job at the palace, and you were so happy for me. I wasn’t home often, but you took care of things there… that must have been when you got the plague.”

“Yeah.” I downcast my eyes. “I hired someone to take my place tending to your office, and then… I went back to my shop. I tried writing a letter to you and Asra, but I couldn’t find the words. I just… walked to the pier, got on a gondola to the Lazaret and…” My breath hitched and I started tearing up, remembering how scared I was on the boat ride there, feeling my resolve when I stood in front of the fire pit, and then nothingness.

“Oh, Taru, please don’t cry.” Julian holds me close, consoling me while trying not to cry himself.

“A-As I burned… I remember apologizing out loud t-to you, to Asra…” I sniff, wanting to wipe my eyes but my hands were wet.

“No, no… there was no need to apologize to us. We… We both failed you.” Julian clears his throat. “We both missed you, and we both did crazy, ruthless things. I think I regretted not telling you how I felt, not moving fast enough, that I rushed into a physical relationship with Asra, who I found mysterious and attractive. I mistook it for love. He, however, used me in more practical ways: plague knowledge, blood rituals, etcetera…”

“Whoa, whoa, blood rituals?!” I put my hands up.

“Yeah, is it that bad?” Julian looks at me in surprise. He obviously doesn’t know the seriousness of blood magic.

“Blood magic is very dangerous, and it…” I just thought of something. If Asra was using blood magic at the time… “He did it to bring me back.”

“What? Using my blood?”

“Supposedly.” I nod. If Asra used Julian’s blood, then it’s no wonder I felt such a draw to the doctor, even if I didn’t remember him when I met him again. “Anyway, you didn’t fail me, Julian. I don’t think you could if you tried.”

“I’d never try.” He smiles, leaning down to kiss my cheek.

“So you don’t have to be afraid to love me.” I tilt my head to catch his perfect lips. His breath catches in surprise. “Take me, Julian. Ravish me. I love you so much, please…”

“H-Hotaru…” Julian stutters before I kiss him again, adding tongue. He groans heatedly, his tongue diving deep into my mouth. Gaining confidence with the consent, he squeezes my ass, exploring my curves with his steady hands. My tongue dances with his and I rake my fingers through his chest hair. Soon we had to pull apart for air, the humidity of the spring becoming too much for either of us to take. “Let’s… to the bed…” Oh Lord, he was making that face…

“Right.” We both try not to slip as we get out. “Here.” I throw him a towel. “So we don’t completely soak the mattress.”

“Uh-huh.” He dried off very quickly, but I still needed to do my hair. He lent his towel to me, lightly patting it through my hair before he let it drop to the ground, pressing up behind me and kissing my neck.

“Uh-oh, I think I broke him.” I say teasingly. He’s not teasing though; he’s already pretty hard and we’ve only just begun. I drop my towel now, turning around to jump into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist and kissing him feverishly. Julian walks us to the bed, carefully placing me down but stayed between my legs, kissing me everywhere, sucking on the skin and leaving marks. “My God, Julian…”

“My love…” He says softly, swiping his thumbs across my nipples. “I love you too, Taru.” He kisses my breasts. “I’ll ravish you, just as you want…”

“Just as you want, too.” I correct him, running my fingers through his auburn hair. He gives me that fucking look again, biting his lip beautifully. “We both want that, Ilya.”

“Yes…” He moaned, kissing me again. He was so hard against my thigh, and I push my hips up to relieve him a little. He practically squealed in my throat, but I couldn’t help but smile. “D-Darling, I’m supposed to ravish you, not the other way around.”

“Well, get to it, then.” I wink at him, gently pushing down on his shoulders.

“Ah, with pleasure.” He licks his lips, moving down my body to my legs, running his hands up and down them. He kisses and sucks at the flesh of my feet, calves and thighs, leaving beautiful marks all over. Finally, his mouth goes between my legs, licking around my labia shamelessly.

“Oh, shit…” I can barely take it as his tongue swipes up my clit. He sucks on it so hard, I white out and moan for more. “Fuck, baby…” He licks up my juices greedily before going back to my sensitive spot, eating me so skillfully. “You’re so good, baby, so… aahhhh~…” He presses harder on my clit with his tongue, picking up his rhythm. He pushes a long finger inside me while he does this. I look down at him, his beautiful eyes half-lidded and hair messy around them. His eyes bore into mine, silently telling me to come. He adds a second finger. “Oh, Julian… Julian… oooo~!” I come so hard, my toes curling, my thighs shaking, and my eyes rolling to the back of my head. He is way too good at that. I’m jealous of anyone who’s had the pleasure of sleeping with this man. He laps at my fluids and goddamn I’m overstimulated. “Julian… I can’t… I need…”

“What do you need, Taru?” Julian says after one big last lick. “Please tell me.”

“Dammit I need your cock inside me!” I practically shout. “Ravish me with your cock, baby.”

“I will.” He simply says, getting on his knees and yanking me onto his lap. He takes his big cock and positions it at my entrance. “Ready?” His voice was husky.

“So ready.” I say, locking my ankles around his waist. He gulps before pushing the head inside and we both gasp, ignited by each other’s warmth. But I want more already. “All the way, baby.”


“Do it.” I demand. He obeys, going all the way in one slow push. We gasp again and he falls forward, planting his hands on the bed beside me.

Fuuuck…” He finally swears, his eyebrows knitted together and clenching his jaw.

“Julian…” I’m panting and reaching for him, clutching his arms. “Ilya…” I know exactly when to call him that so he’ll go crazy for me and take us both over the edge. He begins thrusting, curling his hips up into me. “Oh, yes~…”

“My love…” He leans down to kiss and bite my collarbones. “God, you’re so beautiful… you’re so… mmmph… so perfect…”

“No… you are… Ilya…” I grasp at everything: his hair, his back, his shoulders, just trying to pull him closer still. To make him go faster, I bite his ear, and he yelps beautifully, grinding into me. “Yes, yes, that’s it…” Now I squeeze around him.

“Haaah!” He freezes when I do that, possibly losing more blood to his brain.

“You like that?” I bite his neck and squeeze harder.

“Hotaru~!” He cries. “If you do that I can’t move.”

“Here.” I loosen up for him. “Find that spot inside me, baby. Make me come.”

“Hotaru…” I can tell he’s definitely lost it now. He pulls me off the bed and into his lap fully, holding me for dear life as he thrusts up into me. His hand presses on my lower back, arching me in just the right way to find my G-spot.

“YAAAH!” I cry, digging my nails into his back. He mewls as I do that and I ride him hard, meeting his thrusts. “Yes, baby…”

“Hotaru!” He says my name over and over, sucking at my neck in between.

“Jul-i-an…!” I bite down on his shoulder as I come, squeezing my eyes shut when I feel him spill inside me.

“NNGH!” Julian plops us down on the bed, the two of us panting and sweating. He tries to pull out but I stop him.

“W-Wait… I just want to feel you some more.” I say quietly, stroking his hair.

“Okay.” He says simply, adjusting himself so he’s more comfortable. “You’re incredible, Hotaru.”

“If I am, it’s because of you.” I tell him. “Because you’re incredible.”

“Oh Hotaru… I don’t deserve you.”

“I guess you do deserve someone better than me.” I smirk.

“No, no, that’s not what I…” I put a finger on his mouth.

“I know what you meant, silly.” I press our foreheads together. “You deserve happiness, Julian. You deserve the world. Don’t say you deserve any less anymore, okay?”

“A-Alright.” He blushes. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I give him a sweet kiss and he happily accepts it. “Now, let’s go take a real bath.”