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fire and magic

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Remus Lupin was born on March 10, 1960.

He has unusually cardinal red hair, pale skin, and magic that often harms than soothes. A pair of dark red eyes watches his parents warily, and bares his teeth when they did something he didn’t like. He flares his magic and burns them when they touch him.

Yes, Remus is an odd child, but his parents love him regardless.

Kurama really can’t help but scream at that, because after leaving Naruto, he’s not ready to have humans take care of him. He doesn’t want to be called Remus, and he’s not… not ready to do this yet. He wants his old partner back.

But right now, he’s reborn as Remus Lupin and his first step is to have his old name back.

(He insists his parents call him Kurama, and demands they ‘legally’ change his name to Kurama, too. It doesn’t work, but after bothering them about for perhaps the millionth time, they call him Kuma just to satisfy him.

It works for now.)



At age four, he’s bitten by a wolf-like creature and he screams at the thing as his chakra begin to burn his body in an attempt to get rid of the wound (his blood burns with agony, wolf instincts trying to take over and telling him to bitekillmaimhumansbloodeat-).

“Go away!” Kurama screams at the wolf thing, before he allows his chakra to bubble to the surface and burn the wolf thing away. The thing shrieks with pain, drops him, gives him a glare full of hatred (it will never affect him, he is the embodiment of hatred, after all) and runs.

He refuses to be beaten by that wolf thing and forces his chakra to counteract every instinct, burns away at the curse wound given to him, little by little (it goes away after a week, and he feels so damn weak from using so much chakra to get it away-).

His parents are terrified, and refuses to come near him during the full moon after he’s been bitten. They force him into the forest and they lock the door.

(He doesn’t transform, but he does start practicing on his abilities, especially jutsu and fuinjutsu. He likes doing Bijuudama the most.)



An old man comes one day, the day after he turns eleven and gently asks his parents if he can go to a school that teaches magic. Hogwarts, the old man (he calls himself Albus Dumbledore and Kurama has to admit that is one of the worst names he’s ever heard) says, will welcome Kurama as a student so they can test if werewolves can attend school.

Kurama cannot help but point out that he already received his letter (waves it around to emphasize his point) and says he’s not a flea-bitten dog and he refuses to be called a werewolf when he isn’t one.

“But you were bitten by a werewolf, were you not?” Dumbledore questions. He says yes, and sees the bastard’s eyes light up like stars. The magic inside the old man grows excited for something, before calming down.

Oh, for Sennin’s sake, this man is senile.

“Well, I guess that settles it,” the old man says cheerfully, because yes, he’s definitely a werewolf and will bite people so they can turn into werewolves too! He’s a fox, a Bijuu, the Kyuubi, not a fucking wolf that has rabies. At least he has some respect and not go chomping on people at night .

“Don’t worry, Remus, we’ll have a room ready for you to transform in when you arrive at Hogwarts.”

It takes all of his willpower to not launch himself at the old man and disintegrate him into nothing.



“Do you mind if me and my friend sit here?” a shy voice asks as Kurama reads his book. He spares a glance at the pair, sees red hair (his hackles raise as he bites back a snarl because killkillkillshesealedhimaway-) before seeing bright green eyes, forcing his chakra to calm down. “You okay?”

“Just fucking sit before I kick you both out,” Kurama snaps out, snapping his book shut with a loud thud, making the other two jump in shock. He places the book back, taking out a small pot of ink and a brush, begins tracing seals on his skin to put his books in.

The pair sits in front of him, and he notes one of them (the girl) looks like Kushina with green eyes and the other one is a sour-looking boy who seems to want to be anywhere but here. He doesn’t care though, because he isn’t moving until they get to Hogwarts.

“My name is Lily,” the girl says in a hesitant tone, before she points at the boy beside her with a large grin. “That’s Severus, my best friend.” The boy quietly protests he can introduce himself before flushing an unhealthy red, and shushes himself. “What’s yours?”

“Kurama,” he grumbles, narrows his eyes at the girl as he finishes the seal and waits for it to dry.

Lily watches him in fascination, before he says, “Uzumaki Kurama.”

“What are you doing, anyways?” Severus asks in a stiff tone, and he can feel waves of jealousy from him, and he snorts. The boy shoots him a glare, makes him raise an unimpressed eyebrow in return. “That’s not magic.”

“Not magic, but it’s something that can kill you since you aren’t properly trained for this,” he agrees smoothly, making both humans stare at him in confusion. “Too complicated for me to explain. Now shut up please, and only fucking talk if it’s not distracting me, thanks.”

Not his best introduction, but it’ll do for now.



“First ‘ears over ‘ere!” a towering man bellows to them, and he groans when Lily drags both him and Severus towards the man. When the man introduces himself (“Name’s Hagrid, the gamekeeper of Hogwarts!”) and tells them they have to ride a boat, he finds himself in one with Lily and Severus.

“A boat,” he says in an unimpressed tone. Lily shoots him a look as he continues. “We’re travelling in a fucking boat when there’s carriages to ride in. With those horse things.”

“Yes, Rama, sure, like there are horses there,” she retorts, giving him a cheeky grin as he scowls at her. She’s taken to calling him that horrendous nickname, and he hates when people don’t say his full name on purpose.

Severus gives him a smirk as he sits down next to Lily on the boat, makes Kurama snort and flip him a middle finger. The boy stares at him in confusion, with him wondering if these humans ever seen a middle finger sticking out before. He learned it from Naruto, learned the meaning, but apparently these humans haven’t.

He’s not interested in Lily as a love interest, whatever Severus is thinking about. He jolts from his thoughts when the boat starts moving, and sees the castle’s lights glowing in the dark. It creates a majestic view, but Kurama only snarls.

Something that majestic is deadly, after all.



“Lupin, Remus!”

Whispers crash down and echoes around him, words growing louder and louder as he walks up and sits, the woman (Professor McGonagall, he remembers now) places the old hat on his head. Kurama startles and swears out loud when the hat speaks in his mind.

You’re a demon,” the hat muses in his mind, a tone of curiosity as he feels it poking in his mind. He lets out a strong wave of hatred towards the hat, grits his teeth as he waits. “Strong will, but fine, I’ll stop looking through your head.”

Fantastic, someone who can fucking read my thoughts and let idiots know what I’m thinking, he snarls towards the hat. Get going and put me in a House so I can get this over with.

I don’t gossip or share memories with anyone,” the hat says dryly, but pipes up when he mentions Houses. “Oh yes, Houses. This is amazing, you’re cunning enough to be in Slytherin, and loyal to the bone to fit in Hufflepuff! You have the brains of a true Ravenclaw, and yet, you’re willing to die for people you love as a Gryffindor!

Fucking great, I don’t even know what you even mean, you old dusty hat, he sarcastically thinks.

... take that back, you measly child. I am more than an old dusty hat!

Put me in a fucking House or I swear to the Sennin that I will throw you into a pit of lava!

That threat is something truly like a Gryffindor, reckless yet brave to a fault! ” The hat raises its voice, clearly preparing to announce its’ choice for him. “There’s no better place for you than in GRYFFINDOR!”

The table filled with red and gold roars to life, letting out whistles and claps as they cheer for him. He sets the hat down on the chair, narrows his eyes at his new fellow students, before Lily waves him over with a large smile. The hat must have been joking, but no, he’s placed in Gryffindor.

“This is great! We’re in the same House together!” she says excitedly before he can even say a word as she forces him to sit. “I can’t wait to study and be in class!”

This is probably going to be worse than Kushina and her obsession of ramen.



“So, I’m going to get this fucking straight with you people,” Kurama says as he glares at the three boys he’s sharing a dorm with. The boy with glasses gape at him with wide eyes as the chubby one flinches and shrinks into himself. It’s the last boy that gets his attention, and Kurama has never seen dark grey eyes narrowed in concentration as he waits for Kurama to continue.

“If you prank me or my stuff, I will get you harder.” He waits for that to sink into their heads before snarling out, “If you prank someone I tolerate, remember that I will rip your fucking balls out and leave them dangling in the Great Hall for everyone to see. I can add dangling you naked in front of the Great Hall, too, as a bonus.”

“That’s a joke, right?” the boy with glasses asks hesitantly, looks at the others with a hint of desperation in his eyes. “Right?”

“If you so much bother me when I sleep, then it’ll be an issue.” Kurama smirks as he slaps a seal onto his bed, pushing chakra into it as he slips into his bed. It’s an alarm for when to wake up, especially if he wants to get extra training in.

The last boy nods in approval of his words before heading towards his own bed. He’s going to like this guy who just agreed with him.

“Now, if you make any fucking loud noises when I sleep, you’re dead. Got it?”

The chubby boy whimpers.



“... you’re a Uzumaki.”

“And you’re the father of the Hatake brat!” Kurama says sarcastically, watching dark grey eyes as he bares his teeth at him. Watches the other boy flinch from the title, before saying, “That brat missed you when I was stuck in my brat’s body, if you’re curious about that.”

“I know, Remus.”

“It’s Kurama, dumbass.”

“Sakumo,” the boy introduces himself, gives a sheepish smile. “They call me Sirius Black here, though.”

“Fantastic.” Kurama rolls his eyes at him as he takes out his notebook, a pot of ink, and a brush. He nods for the boy to sit as he proceeds to start making more seals. “Fucking fantastic, your family of these things called purebloods are hilarous.”

“Thank you?” Sirius says in a hesitant tone, sits down at the instruction given to him and watches him create. It’s slightly relieving to stop hiding the abilities he’s watched his jinchuuriki do, and use them for himself. “I was wondering… do you wanna spar during our free time? If you want to, that is.”

“Shut up and let me finish this first, Hatake.”



Whoever decided that he needs to deal with these stupid humans in a school full of magic must be someone who absolutely hates his guts. He stares up at the one who dressed up as a noble with a deadly glare. He hears Sirius’ breath hitch as he sees pale green magic rise and fall, black teeming at the edge of his vision.

The noble has ridiculously light blond hair, long enough to be tied, grey eyes that seem to be watching his every move, his robes screaming rich and green. Did he mention that this noble seems to be a Slytherin? He narrows his eyes at the gang of lackeys behind the nobles.

He is a Slytherin.

“What the fuck do you want?” Kurama finally asks, slightly miffed they decided to block his way to the Great Hall. He needs lunch, after all, since he has this pitiful human body, and humans need to replenish their energy. It’s not like before, when he only needs to sleep to regain all of his chakra.

Magic is different, it’s like chakra but so much more limited. They don’t have the same affinities as chakra, not as widespread as chakra since chakra is hidden everywhere in nature. Magic only exists in humanoid creatures, helps with a few things, and doesn’t exist how chakra does.

Though… they could have one and the same energy as chakra, though wizards can’t use chakra as it uses both physical energy and spiritual energy, yin and yang chakra. Shinobi uses chakra throughout their entire bodies, in the chakra pathway system. Wizards only the chakra pathway system in their arms, faint magic pulsing through their bodies, though they can’t use it as much.

“Move aside, mudblood, I need to speak with my... new cousin,” the blond says with a look of disgust, and Kurama raises his eyebrow, unimpressed with the way the Slytherin is trying to scare him. They all need to practice their threatening more, and that’s exactly what he tells the blond.

“... are you trying to scare me, mudblood?”

“Look, move the fuck out of the way,” Kurama snaps at the blond and grabs Sirius’ sleeve to tug him forward. “Or I’ll do something even worse than making you piss your pants off.”

It results in making the blond and his lackeys drop to the ground and gasping for air, and him dragging Sirius to the Great Hall while seething. A hand drops itself on his shoulder, and he looks towards Sirius with narrowed eyes.

“Thank you,” the boy whispers.

He’s… he won’t care, he will not care.

Not again.



“Merry Christmas!”

He’s still not used to the bizarre holidays these wizards here, because who the hell celebrates someone’s birthday when they don’t even know the person? He snorts in amusement when Professor Slughorn falls to the ground under wreaths of red flowers, nibbling on his cookie to hide his smile.

Sirius had told him that he was heading home for Christmas to see his little brother, and gave him a smile while he talked about the boy who would be coming to Hogwarts next year.

“This is bloody ridiculous,” Severus complains beside him, making Lily giggle and makes him look over to see the Slytherin slam his head onto the table. “Why can’t we just sit in our common rooms and actually sit there next to a warm fire?”

“I second that, but there’s no food,” Kurama says, shaking his head as he immediately pulses chakra into the seal on his wrist, and immediately begins stuffing the cookies into it. Hopefully he can modify the seal into a food storage seal soon so his cookies wouldn’t go bad.

He’s gained a taste for chocolate and cookies, it seems.

“Come on, Sev, it’s Christmas! We can sit next to the fireplace and open our presents after we leave the Great Hall!” Lily cries, jumps to her feet with an excited look in her eyes. “I think we can ask a Professor to deliver some food up to the tower so we can eat and do everything for a sleepover!”

“That’s a horrifying thought,” the boy retorts, though he stands and grabs Kurama. “Come on, Rama, we’re going to have a sleepover.”

“I never fucking agreed to this!” he yells, scrambling to get one last cookie as Severus and Lily drags him away. He needs those cookies, dammit! He wants those cookies, and he will get them if it’s the last thing he’ll do!

(He receives two plates of cookies when they enter the Gryffindor tower, much to the amusement of Lily and Severus.)



“Sirius Black.”

“... Severus Snape.”

“I’m Lily Evans!”

“It’s nice to meet the people who are taking care of Kurama so far. Thank you.”

“What do you mean by people taking care of me!”



“Mr Lupin, focus on how you’re going to change the match into a needle,” Professor McGonagall tells him, looking exasperated from the attempts he’s managed by now. “You need to practice your wand movements and your pronunciation of the incantation. I suggest you stop fooling around for a little after classes are over today to practice. You have exams coming up, after all. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kurama grumbles, gathering his books up to look up at his teacher. Her face softens when she looks at him, before he nods at her and leaves the room, lets out a breath he didn’t notice himself holding. Sirius nervously waits for him, giving a soft smile as he nudges him.

“How did it go?”

“I am hoping to die.” He feels his chakra burning, before he allows it to travel along his skin, feels it bubbling as he rolls his eyes. He can’t help but remember the wolf thing that dared to bite him, and suffered the consequences of it. “They still think I’m a werewolf.”

Sirius jolts at the word, looks around in fear of someone hearing before looking back at him. When he first told Sirius of it, the boy insisted he stayed with Kurama if he wasn’t going to transform, and those nights of the full moon turned into monthly spars at night. 

It helps.

“Well, at least you’re getting makeup lessons since you’re forced to skip on the day of the full moon.”

“Eh, I get to fucking sleep in at least. It’s all good.”



“I’ll send you a letter from my owl when I get home,” Sirius says to Kurama, once the train stops inside the station. Lily bounces in her seat in excitement, babbling to Severus, who holds a content smile on his face. “I don’t think my mother will mind much, though she’s hates anyone who’s below our ‘statuses.’”

“Weird,” Kurama mutters, before he stands and looks out the window. He needs to practice more on his jutsu, fuinjutsu, and his chakra control. He needs to make sure he’ll be ready for next year at Hogwarts. “We’ll see.”

“Come on, Rama,” Lily yells, halfway out of their compartment with Severus following her with a roll of his eyes. “We need to ask our parents if we can visit each other during the summer!”

He’s Remus Lupin (Uzumaki Kurama), a supposed werewolf and the reincarnated Kyuubi. He can work with this.