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A Pirate's Life for Me! (One Piece x Reader)

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Your day started out like any other. You woke up, tended to the garden behind the Inn your dad owned and took a quick bath in your father's room. He had an iron tub in his small and often messy room. It was rusty and uncomfortable to use, but your family did not have much of a choice. 

Your dad ran a shabby Inn on the edge of a small village and he could barely make ends meet. You were all poor and the man of the house was doing the best that he could to keep you all fed and alive. 

He was failing big time, but you respected him. He was kinder than the other fathers in town even though he made less money. 

You often saw the shame in his eyes as he would manage the rundown Inn, struggling to get customers to stop by every day. You guys were lucky if you got 2 customers in a day, but to you, it didn't matter. 

You spent the days by your father's side making him laugh and helping him keep the sparse customers satisfied. You thought today would be just like any other day, but you were wrong. You had just got out of the tub when your mother rushed into the room. Her eyes were wide. 

"Pirates are here," she said rushing around the room grabbing for anything valuable. She was pushing a poorly made cart we usually used around the Inn. "Get dressed! Now!" She says. 

You're confused but you hear it. Faint screams in the distance towards the front of the village. You hear your dad rushing around the Inn cursing. This is real!

You dry off quickly and pull your long hair into a half up half down hairdo. You rush outside to hear better. You can hear gunshots coming from the village. You hear screams the moment you get outside and can see smoke rising in the distance. Pirates were raiding the village!

It was only a matter of time before they figured out some of you lived on the edge of the village.

This can't be happening!

It's like your life was flashing before your eyes. The village you'd spent the past 13 years of your life in was falling. You'd heard stories before about pirates raiding places, but you thought they'll stay just that. Stories that you heard about other unfortunate souls. You never thought you and your family would be one of those unfortunate souls you heard about today.

You stare in the direction of the village. You can see people running in the distance towards your home. Your neighbors are already rushing out of their homes and into the wilderness behind their huts. 

If there were survivors left at the front of the village everyone would be heading towards your home right now, and towards the wilderness behind it. The only other escape was the sea and the pirate ships where all docking there! You stare around at the palm trees and dirt roads. 

It was really over just like that. Your life.

Your mom pulled your arm suddenly, dragging you towards the wilderness. "We need to go now (y/n)!"

You hear your father talking to some of the neighbors who haven't run off yet. It sounded like they were talking to some people who were in need of help. You hear a few familiar voices and know some of the people from the village escaped from the massacre. 

You listen to the sounds of a woman crying along with her baby. You hear your father tell all the women and children to hide in the forest behind the huts. 

You struggle against your mother's pull. "We have to wait for father!" you say. Your mother ignores you as you struggle and suddenly you hear them! To everyone's horror, someone screams. "They are coming! The pirates are coming! Run for your lives!!"

Everything turns to chaos around you. Men, women, and children begin to scream. People are coming from all directions trying to get to the safety of the trees behind your home. There are more gunshots and the sounds of slashing swords on skin. 

Your heart is beating fast when you are suddenly thrown to the ground. You and your mom scream as a small crowd tramples over you both. It takes a few seconds for you to crawl out of the way of the running villagers. Your body hurts all over and you see bruises forming on your arms.

When you stand up you feel disoriented and have to take a moment to readjust to your surroundings. You look around and see two people disappear into the trees. 

"Wait," you say noticing you're alone now. "Mom, dad I'm still here. Don't leave!" You reach out your arm towards the trees but your knees give way.

No! I have to get up!  Your eyes water. It all happened so fast. You couldn't believe you and your mom were just trampled. You made it out and she had to as well because you were all alone now. Your mother must have assumed you got up and ran to safety without her and did the same. You suddenly feel very afraid of the silence around you.

"Well looky here," a voice rang out from behind you. Your heart stops as you slowly turn to face the sound.

Pirates. There were at least a dozen pirates brandishing swords and pistols standing behind you. The spark in their eyes upon seeing you made your stomach knot up. 

"Aww she's all alone," said one pirate.

The pirate who found you made his way over to your crawling body. You tried moving towards the forest but he reached you before you could get anywhere near it and grabbed you by your hair.

"Don't make this any more difficult. Your so cute, we'd hate to break you."

He pulled you up by your hair and sniffed you. You tried to act brave but you couldn't hide the disgust that coated your face. He held on to your hair roughly, yanking your long hair around his fist. 

You cringe at the pain. "Let go!"

The pirates watching you all laughed. "Well, what shall we do with her," the pirate holding her hair asked looking towards his mates. He cupped one of your breasts and you almost vomit. You felt like you'd burst into flames at any moment.

"Stop it!" you yell. "Don't touch me you disgusting freak!" You begin to tussle with the pirate, but he laughs, not at all disturbed by your movements or words. 

"She's scared," one of the pirate's say while laughing. 

"How old is she anyway!" another pirate asks. "She looks young.... ripe but young."

You grind your teeth at his words before spitting out. "I'm thirteen! Now please just let me go!"

You watch in horror as a smile creeps across all of their faces. 

Before you can even scream a women's voice brings you all back down to earth. 

"What the hell do you think your all doing here!" a woman screams. 

The group of pirates separate, leaving an open space between them. In the middle of them all, a fat woman with black curly hair walks through the opening. Blood coats her shoes and she's wearing blue jeans and a red plaid shirt. She looks over at you and her subordinate. He freezes and for the first time since you've met him, he actually looks scared. 

You notice a young boy with purple hair and glasses following closely behind the fat woman as she makes her way over to you. Without speaking you notice the spiked iron mace in her hand, the woman sends it flying towards the man's head. You scream as blood splatters all over you and her subordinate drops dead.

"Shut up!" she screams. "None of you go around touching MY property. Anything we find here is mine until I say otherwise!"

"Yes, captain!" they all say in unison.

The purple-haired boy beside her trembles and ducks his head. You do the same. 

The women tower's over you with her blood-stained iron mace. "I'm Alvida and this squirt here," she says nodding her head towards the purple-haired boy. "Is my servant boy Koby! You'd want to learn from this pipsqueak on how to act! I'm your master now little girl until I decide what I want to do with you! You'd do well to accept your fate, pretty girl." 

Her face contorts into a hideous smile. She kicks Koby in the back and he falls onto the ground. 

He lets out a shriek before bowing down to kiss Alvida's blood-stained boots. The pirates watching gulp and laugh nervously.

"Koby. Whose the most beautiful women of all the seas?" asks Alvida. 

He whimpers. "That would be you, Alvida!" 

She kicks Koby in the stomach and he cries out in pain.

You feel your heart sinking. How could such a horrible person exist?

Alvida's eyes meet yours and you faint.



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After regaining consciousness, your memory begins to return as you groan, hoping you've just woken up from a nightmare. You open your eyes slowly and curse your bad fortune. You're in a room with 3 other men and the young boy Koby. They are facing away from you and tormenting Koby with insults. Koby whimpers a pathetic response in return as the men walk past him laughing, out of the room. 

Koby's head falls in shame. 

"H-hey," you say. "Are you alright?"

Kobe looks up startled. "You can't be awake now!" he whispers. He rushes over to you and places his hand on your lips. 

You realize your situation, your hands are tied behind you with rope and you're lying on a dirty floor. 

You hear the men from earlier laughing outside when suddenly one of them shout out in surprise. "You see that?' you hear one of them asks. "Its a barrel. Hey, Koby get your arse out here!"

Koby jumps up and rushes out of the room frowning before you can tell him to wait.

No! Don't go! You look around the room and see a few boxes in the corner and a few wanted posters hung up. 

They really kidnapped me, you think. This can't be happening. Mom, dad will I ever see you again?!

"Go get it you flea," you hear one of the men yell outside. You know he's talking to Koby. There is silence before you hear footsteps walking down a dirt path. You listen as hard as you can but you no longer hear Koby. You can only hear the men talking amongst themselves, and cracking jokes about Koby. You also hear the faint sound of splashing water.

After a few minutes, you hear something rolling against the ground outside.  

"Let's get it in the room quickly," one of the men says to Koby.

You gasp and lower your eyelids just enough to look like you are still passed out.

The door bursts open and the three men and Koby enter the room with a big wooden barrel.

The tallest man takes the barrel from Koby and cheers loudly. "All this sake washed up onshore. Jackpot!"

The other two men laugh. "Let's drink some it before we show Alvida. She'd just hog it all like the fat pig she is.” They howl with laughter as Koby backs up against a wall trying to make himself seem as invisible as possible.

"Forget that!" says the man with a brown goatee. "Let's just drink it all right now. Alvida doesn't have to know, and the girl in the corner is still passed out. That just leaves Koby."

They all turn to glare at Koby. "And we can just beat the snot out of Koby if he even thinks of telling Alvida."

Koby huddles up against the wall, covering his face. "Please don't beat me up," he says.

Just then the barrel begins to shake and your eyes pop wide open as a boy wearing a straw hat burst through the top of the barrel. 

"What a nice nap that was!" he says. "Boy, I can't believe it, I'm saved! I thought for sure I was going to die!" The boy was wearing a red vest, with blue shorts that stopped at his knees.

The three men jaws drop as they yell. "What the hell!?"

Koby and you look at each other in disbelief.

Just then Alvida's voice pierces the air. "Stop slacking off!" Something hard hits the other side of the room. Suddenly a loud crack makes the walls of the room explode. Wood falls everywhere as you scream and everyone in the room runs for their life. You see Luffy jumping back into the barrel as Alvida's big iron mace flies past one of the men's head.

"Whose the most beautiful woman of all the seas?!" yell Alvida.

"You are!" shouts her crew.

"Who the hell is slacking off?" asks Alvida. "I heard one of you saying you had a good stinking nap!"

You watch Koby rush towards you; he pushes planks of fallen wood off of your body and cuts the ropes around your hands with a pocket knife. Within seconds he helps you up and you both run towards an open path in some nearby woods. You hear Alvidi's voice fade away as you continue to run with Koby, and she continues to yell at the three men from earlier.

Koby points a few feet ahead of you after running for awhile. You look towards the sound of a rolling barrel, and you see the straw hat boy inside it. He's laughing as he spins out of control down the pathway. You and Kobe start to chase after him. 

The barrel ends up coming to a stop on its own after running over a few large rocks and twigs along the dirt road.

"Are you all right?" ask Koby, watching the straw hat boy crawl out of the barrel. "You got knocked pretty far by Alvida's Iron Mace attack." 

You take a moment to catch your breath as the two boys talk, and thank the heavens you were able to escape from those crazy pirates. Now if only you knew where you were and how to find your family.

"I'm fine," says the straw hat boy. "I'm Luffy. Where is this place?"

"This is the breeding ground of the Pirate Iron Mace Alvida," Koby says. "I'm a caretaker on her ship. My name is Koby." 

Koby looks at you. "And your name?"

Luffy also turns his gaze towards you, surprised at your presence. 

You smile wearily. "I'm (y/n)," you say. "Alvida kidnapped me and I don't know how to get home from here."

Koby nodded. "Sorry I couldn't stop her from destroying your village earlier, and killing all those people, or you know kidnapping you."

Luffy waves his hand in the air. "None of this is important."

You glare at Luffy. "Excuse you! I lost my family today and that's not important?!"

Luffy shakes his head. "That's not what I meant! Does either of you have a small boat I can borrow? Mine got caught in the whirlpool."

"A whirlpool?!" Koby and you say in unison. "You were caught in a whirlpool and survived?!"

"Yea," said Luffy.  "It was scary."

Koby sighed. "A normal person would have died already."

You nod in agreement.

Koby continues. "You want a small boat. Well, I have one, but..."

Koby leads you all to a dense area within the trees where a rundown boat awaits.

You and Luffy stare at the boat in disbelief.

"What's this?" asks Luffy. "A coffin?"

"This is the boat I've been building in secret for the past two years," says Koby. "I spent two years building this. What? You don't want it anymore?"

You can't help but giggle as Koby blushes. Luffy smiles at you as you try to stop yourself from laughing.

"Yea...I don't have the guts to leave," said Koby. "Looks like I'm gonna be Alvida's caretaker for the rest of my life. Although I do have something else I wanna do --" 

"Then you should leave," said Luffy.

"No no, I can't! It'll never work!" said Koby. "Whenever I think of Alvida finding out, my legs turn all mushy! I get so scared!” He looks up at the sky. “That day long ago, I was only fishing, but I accidentally walked onto Alvida's ship. I became a caretaker to survive these past two years. It was the only way for me to stay alive!"

You stare at Koby, dumbfounded by his stupidity. "You stayed for two years because of a silly mistake like that?!"

"You're pretty stupid and useless," said Luffy.

You nod in agreement. 

"And you seem kind of wimpy too," said Luffy. "I don't like you."

You and Luffy laugh as Koby cringes. His eyes water as he tries to control his breathing.

"You guys are right," said Koby sullenly. "Hey Luffy, why are you sailing?"

Luffy's gives you both his biggest smile and says, "I want to become King of the Pirates!"

You gasp and Koby's eyes widen. "Eh, the what! 'Pirate King' was the title of someone who once had everything in this world!!" said Koby. "Are you telling me that you are looking for the world's greatest treasure. The One Piece?!!"

Luffy nods like its the most simple task in the world. You find yourself impressed by his confidence and courage.

"You wanna die or something!" yell Koby. "All the Pirates in the world are looking for that treasure!"

Luffy shrugged. "Well so am I."

Koby's breathing gets heavy as beads of sweat form on his forehead. "Impossibly Impossible! Utterly impossible! To become the pirate king in the Pirate Era. There's no chance! Utterly impossible!"

Luffy punched Koby on his forehead, sending him flying to the ground, and howling in pain.

"Ow," yelled Koby. "Why'd you hit me?"

"Because I can't stand you," said Luffy.

You furrowed your brows. "Koby was being kinda annoying but I think you went overboard, Luffy."

Luffy walked over to some trees and pretended not to see Koby wiping away the tears falling from his eyes.

You couldn't help but feel bad for Koby. You were both very weak compared to the people around you. You didn't want to end up like Koby. Afraid of everything and everyone in the world. You shuddered. Would you ever feel safe again after today?!


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"I'm not afraid of dying," said Luffy taking off his straw hat. "Because it's my dream, and that's why I don't mind dying for it."


Koby stares up at Luffy in amazement. 


You also couldn't help wondering where Luffy got his courage.


"Not even death can scare him," said Koby.


Luffy pressed his straw hat against his chest. "Besides I think I can do it. Although it could get pretty tough out there."


You clap for Luffy who begins to turn red. "Its nothing," he says. "I'm just pursuing my dream!"


Tears fall from Koby's eyes. "...Will I also be able to accomplish my dream? I-if I'm willing to die."


You and Luffy turn towards Koby as he cries. 


"Hm? What?" ask Luffy.


"Will I be able to become a Marine Officer?!" ask Koby.


"A Marine Officer?" you and Luffy say in unison.


"Luffy! (Y/n), I know it means that we'll be enemies! But joining the marines and catching bad guys has always been my dream!"


You shoot Koby a death stare. "How would that make us enemies?" you ask. 


Koby thinks about it before answering. "Well, aren't you going to become a pirate with Luffy now that you're an orphan?"


You don't even bother responding. I will see my family again, you think to yourself.


Koby continues his speech as you ruminate on him calling you an ophan. There was no way that was true! You would see your parents again...right?


"Well do you think I can do it?" ask Koby looking back and forth between you and Luffy.


You roll your eyes and Luffy shrugs. "I wouldn't know," he says.


"I have to at least try!" Koby says, clenching his fist. "I'd rather die trying to get out of here and join the Marines!! I don't want to stay here and be a caretaker my entire life! And then I'll be able to arrest someone like Alvida!!"


A huge ball suddenly flies into the clearing where you all stand and lands in front of Koby's boat. He'd spent the past two years working on that boat, and planning his escape from Alvida and her crew. 


You gasp when you realize the huge ball is Alvida. She'd thrown her bodyweight around to smash the trees in her way. You flinched at the noise.


Alvida held up her Iron Mace before smashing it down onto Koby's boat. You see her crew emerge into the open area behind her. They block any means of escape. There were over a dozen pirates, ready to listen to any of Alvida's crazy commands. She could ask them to kill you all in the most brutal ways possible and they would all listen with no hesitation.


"Who did you say you were going to arrest, Koby?!"


Koby screams as he puts his arms up to block any pieces of wood flying towards him. He stares at his destroyed boat with fresh tears in his eyes. "My boat..."


"Do you think you can escape from me?!" Alvida yells. She looks at Luffy. "Is that who you hired to capture me? He doesn't seem to be Roronoa Zoro... Oh well! Before you die, I'm gonna ask you...who is the most beautiful woman in all the seas?"


"Eh?" says Luffy. 


You chuckle. This woman has lost it!


Koby also laughs softly. "Oh right heh heh. Of course, that'll be--"


"Whose this rude woman?" asks Luffy cutting him off.


Everyone's jaw drops except yours, even Koby looks horrified at Luffy's interruption. Alvida was furious! 


You move closer to Luffy, afraid a fight is about to break out. As far as you were concerned Luffy had proven he was the only one here who had the strength to go up against Alvida.


"That kid's dead!" one of the pirate's yell out.


Koby pushes you aside and grabs Luffy by his shoulders. "Luffy quick! Repeat after me! In all the seas Alvida is the most..." Koby goes silent for a moment and you wonder if he's thinking about the discussion from earlier on dying for your dreams.


"Alvida is," said Koby. "The ugliest hag in the sea!"


You freeze as Alvida towers over all three of you with her iron mace. She glares at Koby who closes his eyes and prepares to die.


Luffy laughs.


"You little brat!" Alvida yells.


Koby screams like a little girl as Luffy gives her an arrogant smile. "Well said, now get behind me!" Luffy says pulling you behind him. Koby rushed to follow you as Alvida raised her spiky iron mace into the air.


"You three will die here!" said Alvida slamming her iron mace down over Luffy's head.


You let out a bloodcurdling scream as Koby cries out in despair. You feel your eyes watering when Luffy laughs. Koby and you are both shocked when Luffy starts to laugh even louder.


"He's not hurt!" said Koby. "There's not a scratch on him. It's like he absorbed the impact!"


"It's useless against me," said Luffy. "Because my body is rubber!"


"Impossible!" screamed Alvida. "My bludgeon attack!"


You, Koby, and Alvida's crew stare at Luffy with wide eyes. 


"No way!" one of the Pirate's shout.


Luffy grins as arrogantly as ever. "Gomu Gomu.. no... Pistol!"


"Huh?!" Alvida yells, as Luffy's right arm stretches out behind him. It snaps forward suddenly, punching Alvida directly in the face. It happened so fast you wondered if you imagined it.


The force of the punch sends Alvida sliding across the dirt road as her crewmates watch in utter shock.


"H-his arm extended!" someone shouts. "Captain Alvida was beaten by that monster!!"


Luffy pointed at Alvida's distressed crew. "Prepare a boat for Koby and (y/n)! Koby wants to join the Marines and (y/n) wants to be free again and find her family! So stay out outta the way!"


Alvida's crew was stunned but they agreed to his terms immediately.


Your face lit up. "Oh thank you, Luffy!"


He laughed as you smiled at him and Koby began to cry. "Luffy...I want to brave like you."



The three of you set sail right away in the medium-sized row boat Alvida's crew gave to Luffy. You were happy to be free but you didn't know where you were or which direction Luffy and Koby were headed. Koby felt bad that he wasn't able to get the exact location of your island from the crew before leaving. As far as anyone knew the tiny island your family lived on was a speck of dust on a pirate's map.


Sooner or later someone would have attacked your home with the lack of defenses and military.


Luffy tried to cheer you up when he saw you sulking about your current predicament. "We'll find your family," he says. "We won't stop searching until we help you find them. And if we never find them I'll be your family!"


You smile softly, torn between sadness and a glimpse of hope. You were realizing just how sheltered your life had been. You wouldn't see your parents again. At least not the you, they once knew. You stared at Luffy. He was your primary source of protection now. You decided to travel with him for the time being.


"So you actually ate a Devil's fruit?" asked Koby. "The Gomu Gomu No Mi fruit to be exact."


Luffy nodded. "It turned me into a Rubber Man!"


"Whats a Devils's fruit," you ask.


Koby clears his throat. "Devil Fruits are mystical fruits found throughout the world," he says. "When consumed, Devil Fruits provide the eater with a special ability. There's one notable exception about the fruit however, an individual can only acquire the powers of a single Devil Fruit."


You listen closely and are shocked you've never heard of such of thing. Man, were you missing out on the real world and all its excitement. You think about your quiet life in the village of Springpine. Your whole life seemed dull compared to Luffy's.


You stare up at the clear blue sky and take a moment to feel the wind on your skin and the cool breeze from the sea waves surrounding you.


"Hey Luffy," Koby says. "If you're looking for One Piece, that means you have to get to the Grand Line, right?"




Koby shuddered. "But that place is known as the Pirate's Graveyard."


Luffy smirked. "Yea, that's why I'll need a strong crew, and one of them is being held captive at the place you're going."


"You mean Roronoa Zoro?" you say.


Luffy nods. "If he's a good guy I'm gonna ask him to join my crew!"


You smile. "That's a great idea, Luffy."


Koby shakes his head. "Don't encourage him (y/n)! Are you crazy? Luffy is dreaming again! Roronoa Zoro is like a monster!"


"We can't be sure about that yet," said Luffy.


You nod. "My parents use to tell me to never judge someone by the things you hear about them from others. Get to know them yourself so you can judge them fairly."


"It'll never work!" said Koby as you all sail off into the distance. Straight towards the Marine Base Koby dreamed of joining.

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You yawn as you sit up inside the medium-sized rowboat. Luffy was sitting on the boat's bow staring out at the ocean. Koby sat towards the front of the boat to be closer to Luffy and talk about his worries.

Luffy nodded. "A monster huh?"

"Yes Luffy, Roronoa Zoro is a pirate hunter, and he's a scary person. Rumors say he's like a bloodthirsty hound who wanders the sea and hunts down fugitives. He's a monster in the form of a man!"

"Oh yea," says Luffy.

You roll your eyes and lay back down. You wish Koby would give it a rest! He's scared boohoo, but why does he have to bore you all to death?!

"So," said Koby once again. "Let's drop the idea of recruiting this Roronoa Zoro."

Luffy shrugs and repeats himself for the 20th time. "I haven't made up my mind about recruiting him yet! But if he's a good person—"

"He was arrested because he's bad!" yelled Koby


You practically jump out of the rowing boat when it docks at the port, excited to be on land again. Luffy laughs as he gets off the boat. "We're finally at the Marine Base!" He throws his fist into the air. "Yes finally! Your great Koby!"

You nod. "Thanks to you Koby we finally reached our destination!" you say.

Koby blushes. " Of course that's the basics of navigation." He looks at Luffy and starts lecturing him. "If you wander around at sea all the time you'll never become a pirate, Luffy. You should at least find a navigator to join you."

Luffy stomach growls. "Alright let's go eat!"

"Okay!" you say. "I'm starving!"

Koby frowns as he follows after you two into the noisy town. "Are you guys even listening to me?"


After finding a good tavern the three of you fill your bellies and lounge around, basking in the glow of your satisfying meal.

"Well I guess its time we went our separate ways, Koby," said Luffy. "(Y/n) and I will be fine on our own. You do your best to be a great marine alright?"

Koby starts crying. "I will! Thank you guys so much! Luffy, (y/n) you both have to become great pirates too! Although we'll be enemies in the future."

"Who said I'll become a pirate?!" you yell.

"Say, I wonder if Zoro is being kept at the Marine Base?" asks Luffy.

There is suddenly a loud crash as tables are flipped over and dishes fall onto the floor. Everyone in the tavern huddles against the wall in fear. 

“They’re scared,” you say. “And worse we are attracting unwanted attention.”

Koby gives everyone an apologetic smile before whispering to you and Luffy. “Looks like we can’t just yell out the name Zoro or people get scared. See! I told you he was a monster.”

Luffy chuckles. “We don’t know that yet.”

Koby sighs. “Anyway, I just saw a notice on the street. There’s someone called Captain Morgan at the Base!”

Once again the tavern gets extremely noisy as tables and plates fall to the floor. Some people run out of the tavern while others try to melt into the walls.

Koby turns red. “Let’s get out of here!”


Luffy, Koby, and you decide to take a look around town. There were plenty of taverns, clothing shops and food stalls around. Kids ran through the streets carrying laundry or playing with rocks. The adults rushed around like there was too much to do and not enough time to do it all.

This was way more exciting than your old village Springpine. There were at least a few hundred more people to interact with. It seemed so exciting not to know everyone in a Village.

Luffy laughs to himself and you and Koby look his way. 

“Man, I can’t get over how funny that was back at the tavern! I gotta go there again!”

”No it was strange!” said Koby. “I’m starting to get a bad feeling about all of this.”

You have to agree with Koby after what you saw back at the local tavern.

Koby frowns. “I can understand why they’d all be scared of  Roronoa Zoro’s name because he can escape at any moment, but why would they be afraid of a marine captain’s name too?”

”Well,” said Luffy. “He could have done something bad too, right?”

You nod. “It’s a possibility.”

Koby shakes his head as you all continue to walk through the town. “No that’s impossible!”

Luffy laughs. “Is it?”

You stop and look up at the huge white wall made out of bricks in front of you. Luffy and Koby stop and follow your lead, looking up at a huge green metal gate in the center of the wall. The word ‘Marines’ was spelled across it in black paint.

You could see two tall power plants behind the gate. The power plants were producing a thin layer of smoke into the sky. Behind it, was a big building painted multiple colors from yellow, green to red.

”It’s the marine’s Base,” said Koby. 

“It looks pretty ugly up close,” Luffy says.

”It doesn’t seem good for the air,” you say.

”Well Koby,” said Luffy. “Go ahead. You can finally join the marines.”

Koby starts to perspire. “B-But I’m not prepared yet, and that incident at the restaurant has me thinking...”

Luffy walks past Koby and over to the closed gate. “The Marines really want to keep everyone out.”

Luffy jumps up and grabs the ledge of the wall and pulls himself up to look over it. “You say Zoro is a monster. I wonder where he is.”

Luffy jumps down and runs around the wall to the other side.

“Wait for me,” you say. 

You and Koby chase after Luffy. “You won’t find him,” Koby says.

”But I saw something over here,” said Luffy. “I’m going to look over here!” Luffy lets you get on his back and stretches his legs up so that you both can see over the wall. 

You are still amazed at his power. You watch as he stretches his right arm down to help Koby up. Koby grabs onto the wall’s ledge and steadies himself beside you and Luffy.

”Wow, look at that person,” says Luffy.

Koby and you turn to look at the lone figure in the center of the grassless yard. The figure’s arms were spread and tied to a piece of thick wood. His body was tied with rope around a tree behind him. It looks like a cross the way the marines had him pinned to the tree. The figure’s head was looking down at the ground, but his aura was menacing.

Koby released his grip on the wall and fell backward, hitting the ground in a panic. You don’t blame him, that man over there was the real deal.

“So he’s Zoro,” Luffy says, helping Koby back up unto the wall with his stretchy arm. “Those ropes look pretty easy to break.“

”Stop joking!” yell Koby. “If you free him he could make a mess of the whole town, and even kill you!... And us!”

You stare at Zoro who is wearing a black scarf around his short bright green hair. He had on a white shirt that was tucked inside a pair of dark green trousers. His black boots were covered in dirt as his body lay limp against the tree.

You wonder if he’s dead when he suddenly looks up from the ground and locks eyes with you. His eyes are dark and full of something that makes you feel very afraid.

”Could you please come over here and untie me. I don’t bite.” Your heart jumps. Scary!

”I’ve been tied up for 9 days and I’m exhausted,” Zoro says continuing to stare at you. A grin spread across his face as blood trailed down the sides of his mouth. It was clear someone had beat him up once they tied him to the tree.

”He’s smiling,” said Luffy.

”A-and he talked!” said Koby looking like he’d run off at any moment.

”I feel bad for him,” you say.

Koby looks at you like you’re crazy.

”I’ll repay you,” Zoro says. “I’ll hunt down some fugitives and give you guys the reward. I’m not lying. I’ll keep my word.”

You find yourself contemplating Zoro’s offer. You didn’t have any money of your own or anything valuable on you.  And you did not want to depend on Luffy for your survival needs like food and water.

”No!” yelled Koby. “Don’t you two even think about it. Don’t be fooled by his words. He’ll kill us and escape!”

Luffy laughed. “He can’t kill me! I’m too strong.”

Zoro narrows his gaze and looks past Koby. “Huh?” he says.

You all turn to look where Zoro is staring and watch in astonishment as a wooden ladder is placed beside Koby and a little girl no older than eight years old climbs up it. 

“I thought I heard something,” said Zoro smirking.

“Huh?!” you all say staring at the little girl.

Her big round eyes glare at you all before she puts a finger to her lip. “Shhhh!!!”

Chapter Text

The little girl climbs over the ledge of the white wall and drops clumsily to the ground holding something in her arms. She walks over to Zoro, as Koby calls after her.

"Ah, wait! Don't do it! It's too dangerous!"

The little girl ignores him and holds out two rice ball on a piece of cloth to Zoro. She smiles. "Hi, mister! I made some rice balls for you! You haven't eaten in a long time right?"

Zoro glares at the little girl. Short black pigtails fall to her shoulders. "Do you want to die, or something," he says. "Get lost!"

Koby elbows Luffy. "Hey, Luffy go stop her now! She could get killed!"

You turn your attention back to Zoro as Luffy and Koby start to bicker at each other. You don't say anything but you are just as worried about the little girl as Koby. You wonder what she could be thinking, breaking into a Marine Base just to feed a criminal.

You watch as the little girl continues to smile at Zoro, offering him the two rice balls. "This is the first time I made rice balls--"

"I'm not hungry!!" Zoro says. "Go away!"

The little girl frowns. "But..."

"I don't want it! Leave me alone, or I'll kill you!" yells Zoro.

The little girl looks startled when another metal gate swings open behind her and Zoro.

"Roronoa Zoro!" a blond-haired man, wearing a black suit and pink sleeved cuffs says. He's tall and scrawny and wears a flashy gold ring while staring at Zoro with a conceited grin. "Don't pick on kids. Or else I'll have to tell my father about it."

"Helmeppo," Zoro grumbles.

You stare at Helmeppo and get a weird feeling about him. He doesn't look nice at all. You doubt someone like him should be apart of the Marines. Two other Marine guards stand behind him with rifles.

"Some weird guy showed up," said Luffy.

Koby sighed in relief, as he struggled to keep his body weight up against the wall. You felt grateful Luffy let you sit on his back.

"He must be someone important in the Marine's," Koby says. "Thank goodness that little girl is safe now...."

Zoro scoffs. "Tch...if it isn't the Captin's bastard son."

"Bastard!" Helmeppo yells. "Don't get cocky. My dad is a Marine Lieutenant! Know your place!" 

Helmeppo walks over to the little girl standing in front of Zoro. "Well hello, little girl. These rice balls look pretty tasty." He grabs one of the balls as the little girl protests. "Ah! Stop it!"

Helmeppo takes a bite and starts to chew. He makes a face that you can't help but laugh at. "Blegh! Horrible!" he says. "You put too much sugar in it! You're supposed to put salt in these things."

"But...but I thought they'll taste better sweet!" the little girl says.

Helmeppo slaps the rice ball out of her hands and stomps them into the dirt. "How could someone eat something like this? Damn it!"

"Ahh! Stop it!" the little girl screams. "He can't eat them any more!!"

You gasp. "That asshole!"

"That's so cruel," says Koby. "That girl worked so hard to make those rice balls!"

"Don't worry," Helmeppo laughs. "The ants will eat them all up! Hahahaha!"He stares down at the little girl in contempt. She starts to cry. Tears fall from her eyes as her shoulder start to shake. "You're so cruel. I tried really hard to make those..."

Helmeepo sneers at her. "Its all your fault you know?" he says pointing to a nearby sign. It had the words 'No Trespassing! -Enforced By the Marines' written on it, and a lengthy paragraph underneath it.

Helmeepo read off the sign. "Anyone who helps a prisoner will be charged with the same crime. Written by my father, Marine Captin Morgan." He puts a finger under the little girl's chin and forces her to look at him. He hutches over slightly to be face to face with her. "You know how scary my dad can be, right? You would have gotten the death penalty if you were a grown-up!"

Helmeepo released the little girl's chin and stood up tall. He waved his hand towards one of the nearby guards. "Oi, throw this brat out over the wall she climbed over."

"Huh?" the guard says.

Helmeepo grabs the guard by the collar and screams. "I'm telling you to throw her outta here!! Are you trying to disobey me?! I'm telling my dad!! "

The guard trembles. "Ay..Aye sir!" The guard lifts the little girl into his arms and throws her as hard as he can over the wall.

The little girl screams and you instinctively jump off Luffy's back and roll onto the hard ground. Koby follows after you as Luffy jumps into the sky and grabs the little girl. He takes the full impact of the fall while protecting the girl in his arms. He skids to a stop a few feet away from you.

Koby jumps up and rushes over to the little girl, pulling her away from Luffy. "Are you alright?"

"Those bastards!" you say as Luffy walks over to help you up. You dust yourself off and cringe at the pain in your left shoulder. You notice Luffy frown and look towards the wall. You glance at Koby and the little girl and decide to follow after Luffy. You get on his back and he stretches up to see over the wall again. 

Helmeepo was patronizing Zoro. " I didn't think you'd have this kind of endurance!" he says. "I'm gonna keep you alive for one whole month."

"You better keep your promise," said Zoro with a dark look in his eyes. 

Helmeepo and his guards walk away. "Oh I'll keep my promise," he says. " If you can live like this for one whole month, I'll keep my word and release you!... Good luck Roronoa."

The metal gates slam shut behind them. Luffy jumps over the wall while carrying you on his back. When he lands on his feet you get off his back, and both walk over to Zoro. You stay a few steps behind Luffy, not wanting to get in the way.

Zoro looks at the two of you and frowns. "You guys still haven't left? Leave now, or else he'll go tell his dad about you.”

"Oh, yea?" Luffy mumbles. "Well, I'm looking for someone to join my pirate fleet."

"Pirate? " Zoro says. "Heh, so you two gave up on life and became crooks huh?"

You wave your hands in front of you. "I'm not a pirate!"

The way Zoro looks at you, you can tell he doesn't believe you.

"No, really!" you say. "A group of bad pirates kidnapped me and Luffy saved my life! He's going to help me find my family. He's not a bad guy at all."

"Being a pirate is my dream," Luffy said staring at Zoro. "There is nothing wrong with wanting to sail the seas as a pirate!"

Zoro grins. "Hm. Don't tell me you're gonna set me free and force me to join your crew."

Luffy laughs. "I haven't made up my mind yet. Since you're a bad guy.

"A bad guy huh?" says Zoro. "I'll never join you because I have something that I need to take care of. I could survive even if you don't help me! If I can survive for a month, I'll be set free. That idiot son made me a promise. I'm gonna do everything I can to stay alive and fulfill my dream!!"

You recognize the look of determination in Zoro's eyes. Its the same look Luffy had when saying he would be King of the Pirates.

"Really?" said Luffy. "If I were you I'd starve to death in a week.”

"That's why we're different," said Zoro. "Go find someone else to join you."

Luffy turns to walk away. "Hey! Hold on," Zoro says. 

"Huh?" asks Luffy.

Zoro looks at the ground. "That... can you pick it up for me?"

You pick up the rice balls that were coated in dirt. "You want to eat this?" you say. "But its all dirty."

"Well I guess you can't be picky about food when you are hungry," Zoro says. "Shut up. Just give it to me. Let me eat all of it."

You place the matted rice balls into Zoro's mouth and try not to puke. He chews the rice with a pained expression as sweat starts to drip from his face. After a few minutes, he manages to swallow the rice. 

You watch him in pity. Disgusting!

"Do you want to kill yourself?" asks Luffy.

Zoro coughs and looks at you. "Tell that little girl..."

"Tell her what?" Luffy asks.

Zoro struggles to speak. "That the rice balls taste very good. Thank you very much." Zoro says looking towards the ground.

Luffy laughs as you stare at Zoro. Looks like he wasn't such a bad guy after all.

Chapter Text

Part 1: A Cowardly Son


"Really?" said the little girl. "He liked my rice balls?"

"Yep!" you say. "Zoro ate all of it."

"I'm so happy!" the little girl says, staring up at you.

You are all standing outside her home. Luffy is sitting on a stoop, while Koby is sitting on top of a barrel nearby. 

" Zoro really that horrible as his reputation makes him out to be," Koby asks.

"No he isn't!" the little girl says. "That man didn't do anything wrong. It's just that the people in this town are afraid of him. He got arrested because of me. He killed Helmeppo's pet wolf because Helmeppo let his wolf run around town freely and everyone got scared."

Luffy frowned. "So you're saying that Zoro only got arrested because he killed Helmeppo's wolf?"

The little girl nodded her head sadly. "Yes."

Koby gasps. "You were right, Luffy! So what Zoro has a bad temper, chasing down fugitives isn't that big of a crime either."

"The only bad guys are the Morgans!" said the little girl sitting beside Luffy on the stoop. "You'll get executed if you disobey them, so everyone is afraid of them."

A loud racket a few feet away captures your attention, as a familiar voice cuts through the air. "Who the hell dares to raise their head when I walk by! I'll tell my dad!!"

Luffy stands up as Helmeppo makes his way through the town. People throw themselves on the ground and grovel as Helmeppo and his guards walk by. "Do you want to be like Roronoa Zoro? I'm gonna publicly execute him in three days." Helmeppo yells to the cowering townsfolk. "I'll use him to set an example for all of you! It's gonna be pretty interesting."

Luffy steps in front of Helmeppo when he reaches you all. "Huh? How rude! " he says to Luffy in disgust. "Who are you?"

"Didn't you say you'll give Zoro a month?"

Helmeppo laughs. "I was joking with him! Only an idiot would believe me!"

Zoro’s face flashes into your mind. You remember how determined he looked as he spoke to you and said. “I don’t need your help. I can stay alive on my own! I just need to stay alive for one month. That bastard son will let me go afterward.” You feel a pang in your heart for Zoro when suddenly Helmeppo yells out in pain.

Luffy’s fist connects with Helmeppo's jaw, sending him flying a few away. People lift their heads off the ground and gasp. 

You flinch and notice the veins on Luffy’s arm. He keeps his fists clenched as he walks over to Helmeppo who is sitting on the ground, and holding his face in shock. You never thought Luffy could get so mad. With a jolt, you realize Luffy isn't done yet. You rush after him and grab his left arm as Koby follows and grabs Luffy's right arm.

"Luffy," you say. "Please calm down!"

"You want to mess with the marines or something?!" you hear Koby yell.

Luffy voice lowers to a low growl as he speaks. "Koby, (y/n), I've decided!"

"Huh?" Koby and you say in unison.

"I'm gonna ask Zoro to join my crew!" Luffy says glaring down at a frightened Helmeppo.

"T-this is bad!!" someone says from the crowd forming around us. "He dared to hit the Captin's son. Captin Morgan won't forgive him!"

You release Luffy's arm as Koby takes over, grabbing both of Luffy's arms behind him. "Luffy! Calm yourself. They are Marines!"

"I don't care!" Luffy said. "A bastard is still a bastard!"

Helmeppo blinks like he is realizing something for the first time. "Y-you dare to hit me?!" he asks. "My dad hasn't even hit me once in my life!" Helmeppo stands with the help of two of his guards. "I'm the marine captain Morgan's son! I'll tell him about this!"

Everyone in the crowd gasps in disbelief. The tension is so thick it can be cut with a knife.

Luffy's breathing is heavy. "Why don't you fight me yourself?!" he says to Hemeppo who has started to sweat while wincing and holding his jaw. He rubs the side of his jaw as his guards help him retreat by holding him up so he can walk.

"Luffy!" Koby says holding him back from chasing after Helmeppo. "Don't do this!"

"You'll regret hitting me!" Helmeppo calls out to them. "You'll get a death sentence for it! And my dad will be the one who executes you!"

Helmeppo's figure disappears into the distance with his guards helping him all the way

Luffy dusts off his straw hat and sighs, placing it back on top of his head. "It's meaningless to hit people like him..."

"Bastard!" Helmeppo's voice rings out from somewhere far. You can't see him anymore but he obviously still furious.

"He ran away," Koby says in disbelief. 

You chuckle. "He wasn't so tough after all!"

The little girl from earlier walks up to Luffy. "Mister you were so cool! Just then I was scared to death that you wouldn't be alight."

"Really," Luffy smiles crossing his arms. "I should have hit him a couple more times!"

A woman's voice captures you all by surprise. "Ri-rika!" a woman yells. She's wearing a green and black dress that stops at her ankles. "Come here now! Haven't I told you to never talk to strangers." The woman grabbed Rika by her arm and guided her towards their home. "You'd be executed too if you were mistaken as one of their friends."

"But mom," Rika says. "He's a good person! They all are, and so is Zoro..."

"Don't be silly!" her mom said, pulling her inside their home. "Did you sneak into the execution site again?!"

" I didn't!" said Rika.

Her mom shook her head. "Just come back inside quickly!"

Rika casts a sad glance our way as Luffy waves. "Bye-bye." he smiles as the door to Rika's house slam shut.

There was a moment of silence as you watch the crowd disperse and gossip amongst themselves about what just happened.

Koby pulls at his purple hair violently and screams. "Looks like we are in a lot of trouble! If the Captin gets mad he might send marines after us!"

Luffy walks past Koby and you. "We'll deal with it when the time comes. I'm gonna go talk to Zoro."

Koby starts to protest but you calm him down and place your hands on his shoulders. "Koby," you say. "I'm gonna follow Luffy and make sure he doesn't get into any more trouble. You stay behind and watch after Rika. Also, find out who this Captin Morgan is."

Koby shakes his head. "No one will talk to me after what just happened here. They'll avoid me like the plague!" 

"Figure it out!" you say running after Luffy.

Koby sighs in exasperation. "Those two are going to get themselves killed!"


"Yo," said Luffy as you both walk over to Zoro. He was still tied to a tree, his arms spread behind him on a thick plank of wood. Zoro's black scarf was wet from all the sweat dripping from his bright green hair. His tan skin gleamed with perspiration. You notice how muscular his arms are and realize he must be really strong. Zoro looks exhausted sweating underneath the bright sun. You wish you had some water to give him. You notice dried blood matted to the side of his head. Looks painful, you think.

"It's you two again," said Zoro. "I told you I don't want to be a pirate!"

Luffy smiled and stood a few inches away from Zoro. "I'm Luffy. If I loosen up the ropes, then you're gonna join my crew, okay?!"

Zoro frowned. "I told you clearly! I have things that I need to do first. Besides I'm not going to be a bad guy like a pirate."

"Why do you care?" asked Luffy.

You nod. "Everyone already thinks you're the bad guy, Zoro."

He glares at you, "I don't care what they say about me!" I haven't done one thing that I regretted in the past, and it will be the same for the future!"

He turned his head to look at Luffy. "I won't become a pirate."

Luffy was silence for a moment as you and Zoro stared at him.

"I don't care!" Luffy finally said. "You are going to join me!"

You start to laugh at Luffy's audaciousness, but Zoro looks caught off guard by Luffy's idiocy.

"D-don't just decide for yourself!" he yells.

"Hey, I heard you use a katana," said Luffy. "Is that right?"

"...Yea," said Zoro. "If I wasn't tied up I could use a katana."

"So you're a swordsman?" you ask. Zoro nods.

"Where is your katana?" Luffy asks.

"That bastard took it," said Zoro nodding towards the big building behind the two nearby power plants. "That sword is something that I treasure more than my life."

"That must be a special sword," you say. Zoro doesn't respond.

"Oh I get it," said Luffy. "Your treasure huh? That sword must be great." He smiles. "Okay! I'm gonna go to where that bastard kid is and get your katana back!"

"What?' said Zoro.

"But if you want me to return it to you, you'll have to join me!" said Luffy laughing.

Zoro's eyes almost popped out of his head. "That's playing dirty!" he says.

Luffy begins to run off in the direction of the building. "(Y/n), look after Zoro. I'll be back with the Katana in no time!"

You and Zoro watch as Luffy's running figure fades into the distance,

"Is he really planning on sneaking into the base?" Zoro asks.

I nod. "I've only known Luffy for a short time but I believe he means what he says."

"What a fool!!" Zoro says.

It falls quiet as you stand around trying not to stare at that terrible position Zoro is in. Being at the mercy of others was humiliating and you knew from experience.

You see Zoro staring at the dress you are wearing out of the corner of your eye. You cringe. The dress you're wearing could be a potato sack for how bad your mom sewed it together. Your family did not have the money to buy garments from the only tailor in your village. Instead, your mother would sew together pieces of cloth she got from friends and old towels you had lying around. No one in the village knew what fancy fashion was so you were never made fun of for your horrible dress, but you always dreamed of acquiring a beautiful dress made of silk one day.

You smile remembering another memory about your old home, how by sheer luck, your father had managed to buy you three books by the time you were 9. You'd read them over and over again throughout the following years. They were all books full of fairytales about girls who were just as poor as you, but they always ended up rich with a happily ever after. 

You never thought you'd be lucky enough to get the same happy ending, but you never thought you lose your family either. Life was showing you just how brutal it could be. You stared down at your legs noticing how short your dress had gotten over the years. It stopped a few inches above your knees and was frayed all over. You felt as low as the bottom of the sea. Could things get any worse?

"You said Luffy saved your life," Zoro said momentarily distracting you from your depressing thoughts.

You nod. "I was captured by pirates and God knows what they would have done to me," you say. "But Luffy saved me."

Zoro didn't respond. His gaze traveled down your body, stopping at your legs. You were busty for your age and your hips were already spreading. Your father would often boast about your beauty back in the village and brag about how you would marry the richest boy around. He took pride in your beauty, that even though you were so young you could turn a bar full of grown men's heads to lust after you. Your dad was just being money hungry. It wasn't unusual for a father to want to marry off his daughter to the highest bidder. It was a way for girls to save their family from poverty, although it was a burden only the daughter would bear. You remember suddenly that within a year from now you were supposed to be married to the village chief. A 51-year-old man with back problems and a short temper. He was the wealthiest man in the village though not by much. No one really knew what true wealth was ( like the ones you read in fairy tales about castles, fancy balls, expensive gowns, and exotic food), but the chief had more than the necessities and he had access to consistent food, water, and shelter.

It's not like the age gap was rare in your village. Your father often told you that you would be ready for marriage within a year on your sixteenth birthday. You never said it aloud, but you detested the idea of marrying such an older man. You'd spoken with the chief before as he courted you with flowers and cheap gifts but he was just so boring and self-absorbed.

You remember how one day he came to stay at your father’s Inn. His presence met your dad would receive a fair amount of money, but you all knew why he was really there. He insisted you bring him his watery soups and you often caught his staring at your behind when cleaning the room he slept in. He creeped you out. Worse of all he would always try to kiss on the lips when you two were alone. But you’d always dodge and flee for your life. He thought you were being coy or naive, but you just found him gross. 

You feel yourself smiling. I don't have to get married anymore, you realize. That’s one of the few good things that have come out of this nightmare!"

"You must have been scared," said Zoro suddenly. "A defenseless lady like you captured by pirates. Why would you want to travel with another pirate after all that?"

You stare at Zoro. "Luffy saved my life! He's nothing like those monsters that kidnapped me!" You remember the way those pirates leered at you after telling them your age. You shiver. "Luffy is brave. He saves whoever he can without caring about how it inconveniences him. No other pirate is like Luffy!"

Zoro smirks. "So how long have you been in love with him?"

You choke on thin air. "I don't love Luffy! I just met him like a day ago!"

Zoro laughs. "So you don't believe in love at first sight."

Your breath catches in your throat. Did you believe in love at first sight? With the number of fairytales, you'd read throughout the years the thought did appeal to you. You felt yourself blushing. "That's no way to talk to someone trying to help you!"

"I didn't ask for your help," said Zoro, too cocky for your liking. "I told you all I can get out of this on my own. No help from kids."

Now it's your turn to smile arrogantly. "You know I felt bad for you earlier, but now I can see clearly that it's your mouth that gets you into all this trouble."

Zoro laughs and you're shocked by how genuine it sounds. You can't help but turn away and smile triumphantly.

"You two are strange," he says when the moment passes. "You and that kid."

You turn around in annoyance. "The boy who will save you is named Luffy, and I am (y/n)!"

"Well do you and Luffy have a death sentence?" he asks seriously. "That kid doesn't know who he's dealing with. If I had my katana I could save all of us."

"Pretty arrogant words for someone who is tied up," you say with a smirk.

Zoro's eyes narrow. "I can back up what I say!"

You wave a hand in front of you. "Sure, sure," you say dismissively.

"Whatever!" Zoro yells. "I'll never join that kid's crew!"


Over half an hour passes with You and Zoro sitting in intense silence. "What a jerk!" you think. You look around bored and notice purple hair appear over the white wall across from you and Zoro. Seconds later Koby lifts his head and hops over the wall.

"What's taking you and Luffy so long?" he asks running over to you and Zoro.

You fill Koby in on Luffy's current plan and he freaks out. "What?!" he says. "Luffy is inside the base. He's too hot-headed I swear!"

"Yeah your right," Zoro says. "Anyway who are you?"

'I'm Koby," he says. "Well, what are we going to do, (y/n)?! I found out who Helmeppo's father is and he is scary! Apparently, he's more ruthless than Helmeppo!"

You think it over briefly and decide you and Koby should try to help Zoro escape, just in case Luffy has gotten involved in something that's holding up his time from getting Zoro's katana.

"I'll try to untie Zoro's right arm," you say. "Koby you untie the left! Hurry, Luffy been gone for a while now and I'm starting to worry!"

"Oi!" Zoro says as you both try to free him. "If you help me, they are going to kill all of you!"

"You shouldn't be arrested!" you say.

Koby nods. "I can't stand those kids of marines, spreading pain and suffering wherever they go! I'm going to become a real marine! Just like Luffy is determined to become the King of the Pirates!"

"What?" Zoro says in shock. "Pirate King? Are you joking?!"

Koby laughs as you both try desperately to untie Zoro's ropes. "I was a bit shocked when I first heard him say it but he's serious."

"Big deal!" you say. "Isn't that just some old rumor turned legend." 

POW! A loud bang startles you all as Koby falls onto the ground screaming.

"Get behind me!" Zoro yells. You do as he says noticing Koby's white shirt is turning red. He's been shot! 

Zoro turns his head in the direction the bullet came from, you follow his gaze towards the top of the power plant nearby and freeze. 

You were all in big trouble.


Part 2: Axe Arm Morgan


Previous Chapter: Luffy is determined to get Zoro to join his crew. He plans to get back Zoro's sword from the Marine Captain in exchange for Zoro joining his crew. You realize the pros and cons of being separated from your family. Helmeppo seeks revenge on Luffy. Koby is shot! Zoro doubts Luffy's ability to save you all. What happens next? Read and find out! :P


Koby touched his bleeding shoulder and looked at the blood on his hands in despair. "I've been shot, and I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding!"

Koby starts to hyperventilate while lying on the ground. "I'm gonna die!!!"

You and Zoro stare at him. "Are you alright?" Zoro asks. He turns his head to look at you. "Run for your life. They're almost here..."

You start to protest when Koby's groaning interrupts you. "No! We can't run. (Y/n), and I need to set you free as soon as possible!!"

Zoro frowns. "There is no need to worry about me. As long as I can stay alive for a month, they'll set me free. Just hurry up and leave!"

You come from behind the tree Zoro is tied to and walk over to check on Koby. You look at Zoro while helping Koby up. "They will not set you free! Because they are going to kill you in three days!"

Zoro's gold eyes widen. "Nonsense! That bastard promised me that if I could survive like this for a month he'd free me..."

"He never intended to keep his promise," you say. That's why Luffy punched him earlier on your behalf. Because he was toying with you!"

You see the disappointment in Zoro's eyes. "What did you just say?" he asks.

Koby leans against you using his good shoulder. "The marines will never let the two of you off," he said, panting from the pain in his left shoulder. You can't help but feel bad for Koby as he struggles to continue speaking. "Please Zoro, after I set you free, please help Luffy, and (y/n) escape!"

You look over at Koby stuck between feelings of annoyance and admiration. He wanted you and Luffy to escape to safety before he went off to join the marines.

"I will not force you to become a pirate," said Koby. "However Luffy saved our lives! Luffy is also very strong! As long as you two join forces, you will all be able to escape this town definitely!"

You hear running behind you and Koby and turn to see a dozen marine guards running towards you with rifles. "That's enough!!" one of them yells as they all surround you. "The three of you will die here! You have all betrayed Captin Morgan!"

"What do you have to say for yourself?!" another guard yells as they all take aim at you with their rifles.

You feel your heart stop momentarily. Koby begins to cry as Zoro glares at the riflemen.

A booming voice fills the sky. "Surround the base! Don't let the guy with the straw hat escape!!"

"Oh no," Koby whimpers loud enough for you and Zoro to here. "It's the captain! Axe Arm Morgan!" 

You all see a tall muscular man make his way over to you all. He's wearing blue slacks and a black button-up shirt, and his hair is blonde. The same color as his son Helmeppo you assume. His blue vest was long enough to reach the ground and it flapped around him as the wind began to pick up. You tried to blink away the dirt fluttering around. This was the worse time for a dust storm "How interesting," said the man stopping a few feet away from you all. "The four of you including that straw hat pirate were planning to cause a political upheaval.?"

You notice he's missing his right hand and in its place is a huge ax glistening under the sun's light instead.

"He has an ax for a hand! He's definitely going to kill us!" you think.

"Roronoa Zoro," he says glaring at Zoro intently. "I've heard your name long ago, but do not underestimate me." He flexed showing off the muscles on both his arms. It was clear having an ax for a right hand did not stop him from putting up an intense fight. "Before me and my great strength," he said raising his ax hand. "You are garbage!"

Captin Morgan glares at you and signals to his men. "Ready!"

They take aim, making sure there are at least three guards pointing a rifle at each of you.

Koby clenches his teeth together as he cries. You continue to hold him up while looking at the guns aimed at you, and fearing the worse. Zoro looks like he's lost track of what is happening but you hear him whisper. "I can't die here...I still have things I need to settle!" He stares intensely off into space. "I made a promise!"

He yells out the last line loud enough for everyone to hear him. "I cannot die here!!"

Captin Morgan smirks. "Fire!!!"

Koby screams as you both hug each other, but seconds later the sound of shattering glass echos throughout the air. Luffy is quick, he doesn't spare a moment to shoot himself in front of all of you from a window in the main building. He lands in front of you and Koby and blocks the oncoming bullets with his body, using his arms to block any stray bullets from connecting with you and Zoro's faces.

Everyone stares in disbelief. Captain Morgan and his men gawk at Luffy who doesn't have a scratch on him. He's bent over looking at the ground. It looks like he's holding in his breath. 

You notice out of the corner of you eye Zoro's jaw drop. "I told you he would save us," you say loud enough for only him to hear you.

He looks like he can't believe it. "You," said Zoro looking at Luffy.

"That damn straw hat," the captain yells.

Luffy's skin stretches out behind him and you gasp noticing the bullets that hit him are stretching out his body. He jumps up and flings his arms out sending the bullets flying towards the marines.

They scatter as Luffy yells. "It's no use!!"

"What the hell!" Captin Morgan says.

"What kind of monster are you?" asks Zoro staring at Luffy incredulously.

Luffy laughs. "I'm the one who will become the Pirate King!" Luffy holds up three katanas that none of you noticed earlier. "Look which one is your treasured katana? I couldn't figure it out so I brought all three of them."

"All three belong to me," said Zoro. "Because I use three katanas."

Luffy turned to face the marines who were gathering around you all again with their rifles. Captin Morgan stood a few centimeters behind them in an open space.

"Resisting the marines here together will make you an outlaw," Luffy says to Zoro. "Or maybe you actually want to die here instead of joining my crew."

Zoro chuckled arrogantly. "Are you the devil...forget it. Rather than just dying her, why don't I just agree to your request and become a pirate!"

Luffy throws his fist in the air and smiles. "Yes, I have a companion!"

You feel a pang in your heart. Well, you did say you would never become a pirate and Luffy believed you. Of course, he would consider Zoro his first crewmate. You smile sadly and try not to let it bother you. 

"Okay, hurry up and get these ropes off me!" Zoro says.

You hear one of the marine guards yell out. "That guy just now! How the hell did he do that? Where did he come from?"

"Who cares!" another guard yells. "How the hell did he manage to repel all of those bullets?!"

"That rascal isn't normal," said Captin Axe Morgan. "He must have eaten one of the 'Devil's Fruit."

"He ate one of the Devil's fruit?" said a nearby guard. "Then his ability is due to this fruit."

The guards start to whisper amongst themselves to the captain's annoyance. Suddenly one of the guards watching Luffy call out. "Captin Morgan, that guy's taking off Zoro's ropes!"

"Don't let them take them off!" the captain yells.

You start to jump up and down yelling at Luffy to hurry up. You see the guards rushing towards you all and scream as Luffy calmly messes with Zoro's ropes.

"If guns don't work, we'll use our swords to kill him!" the guards yell while tackling each other to reach you all. 

"Damn this knot is so hard to untie..." says Luffy. 

"Just hurry up!" Zoro yells.

Koby wakes up with a start and you notice he's lying on the ground rubbing his head. 

"What, did you faint?" you ask.

Koby looks around dazed and notices the guards running over to you all and screams. His eyes almost pop out of his socket. 

"I can't concentrate," Luffy says.

"We don't have time for you to take your time!" Zoro yells.

"Luffy, Zoro look out!" you scream believing the end was near. Koby grabs onto you and closes his eyes.

"OH! I untied one side," said Luffy. 

"Idiot!" yelled Zoro. "Get my swords now!!"

"All those who oppose me mush die!!" yelled Captin Morgan.

His guards lifted their swords into the air. They were only inches away, and there was nowhere to run. 

You feel Luffy stretchy arms wrap around you and Koby as he jumps up into the sky away from the charging guards. You notice he's left Zoro behind and cry out when you hear the clashing sound of swords. Luffy lands on the ground a short distance away and you all notice Zoro facing away from the guards while expertly blocking all off their swords with his own. His arms were stretched behind him. There was a sword in each hand and one clenched between his teeth. He was posed like a vicious wolf with his knees slightly bent in a squatting position about to attack.

"What?" Koby and Captain Morgan yell.

"So cool!" says Luffy.

You're taken aback by Zoro's menacing stare, and you notice the guards seem surprised as well.

Just what kind of person was, Zoro?

Chapter Text

Zoro is crouched like a wolf waiting to attack and facing away from the guards. His swords block their attacks. His arms are stretched behind him, and there’s a sword in each hand and one clenched strongly between his teeth. 

"What the hell?"  says Captain Morgan.

"He can use three swords?" Koby gasps.

Luffy tells you to look after Koby and walks over to Zoro.

"You all better not move!" said Zoro through clenched teeth. "You move and I'll kill you!"

You see the marine guards arms starting to shake against Zoro's swords. 

They're afraid, you think. Zoro is definitely ready for a fight.

You watch Luffy walk over to stand in front of Zoro.

"I already told you I'd become a pirate," said Zoro. "Either way, after this incident with the marines I'd be an outlaw too."

Luffy stares at Zoro without speaking. You can't help but admire Zoro's jaw strength. You can't believe he's able to talk so clearly without using his teeth.

"I'm going to become the world's greatest swordsman!" Zoro says. "I no longer care if my name is clean or not. Bad guy, good guy it no longers matters! As long as my name is known worldwide!"

Everyone just stares at Zoro speechless as his words sink in. "If you do something that ends up in the way of my goal," he says to Luffy. "I will cut your stomach open as a token of your apology!"

Luffy doesn't even flinch at Zoro's words. Instead, he smiles goofily. "Good! To be the world's greatest swordsman" Luffy says. "You have to be the pirate king's, first mate! If you can't even accomplish something that small then I would be very embarrassed for you!"

"Heh, well said," Zoro said. 

A thunderous voice filled the air. "What the hell are you guys doing just standing around!!" yelled Captain Morgan. "Hurry up and finish those two off!"

You take this opportunity to help Koby lean against your shoulder with his good arm. Since Captin Morgan was distracted you wanted to put some distance between you, Koby, and the fight that was about to go down. You smiled as you helped Koby walk across the yard to the opposite side of the confrontation taking place. You're not worried at all about Zoro and Luffy, you feel like their meeting was destiny, and you feel proud to have been apart of it.

"Zoro, duck!" Luffy yells swinging his left leg behind him. "Gomu Gomu...Whip!!" Luffy's leg swings forward, stretching out across the lawn. The marine guards cry out as Luffy leg sends them all crashing into each other. The guards are all knocked off their feet and fall backwards.

The men were being thrown around the yard as they screamed. Their bodies hit the ground with a loud thud. 

"Super cool," Koby yells out beside you. 

"What are you doing?" said Zoro.

"I'm a rubber man," Luffy says, snapping his leg back into place and showing Zoro.

"A rubber man?!" said a marine guard struggling to lift his body up off the ground. 

"Captain we can't kill these two!" another guard yells. "They are too strong!"

The guards all start to mumble amongst themselves in agreement.

You look over at Luffy and Zoro and are amazed by their aura's. Confident, self-assured, and fearless. You couldn't believe two men like this actually

existed outside of a book.

Zoro is standing now, still facing away from the marine guards arrogantly. His swords ready for battle. Luffy stands behind him a few inches away, looking down at his feet to check for injuries. His straw hat hides his gaze. They were pretty cool you admit, arrogant, but cool nevertheless.

"This is an order!" said Captin Morgan. "To the guards who said they want to give up, get a gun and kill yourself immediately!" He clenched his only hand into a fist, glaring at the marines near him. "I don't need useless soldiers, and that's an order!"

You watch in horror as a few of the guards standing near the captain hold up rifles to their own heads and shoot. Their bodies hit the ground with a disheartening sound.

Luffy runs towards Captin Morgan as Zoro yells at them. "What the hell do these marines think they are doing?!"

"I am the marines worse nightmare!" said Luffy jumping a few feet ahead towards the captain. He lounges at Captin Morgan and grabs the smooth top surface of his ax.

The Captin jerks him off immediately and glares. "People like you, without status," Morgan says. "Have no right to oppose me!" He raises his ax arm and swings it at Luffy. "I am Marine Captin Axe-Hand Morgan!!"

Luffy dodges a few of his swings and speaks. "My name is Luffy!" he says barley missing the captain's ax by an inch. "Nice to meet you."

Captain Morgan continues to swing at him. "Go to hell!!" He swings his ax towards Luffy's stomach and Luffy jumps into the air, bringing his knees up to his head. He holds on to his hat as the wind from Morgan's attack causes it to flutter. 

You and Koby stare in shock as the nearby wall splits in half from the force of the wind from Morgan's attack. "Wah," Koby screams. "That wall broke into half just like that!"

"I saw it too," you say. "We need to think of an escape and quick! At this rate, this noise will attract the attention of the whole town!"

Luffy is still in the air when he shoots his legs down to kick captain Morgan in the face. The captain's jaw is kicked towards the sky, sending him flying backwards. He grunts in pain as he hits the ground loudly.

"Captain!," the surrounding guards yell! "He was hit!"

Captain Morgan gets ups immediately. "You little bastard!" he says using his free arm to swing his ax hand. "He aimed for Luffy's head and lounged at him. "Go to hell straw hat!"

He slams his ax hand down narrowly missing Luffy who flips himself around the attack and into the air. "I'm not dead yet!" he says laughing. His right leg stretches around him, crossing over his rotating body to connect with the side of Captain Morgan's temple. The captain's eyes go white from shock and he falls to the ground unconscious. 

KO, you think.

"Too..too strong," Koby says gawking at Luffy.

The marine guards are in disbelief. "Captain Morgan," one of the guard's say. "He was only able to be kicked around."

"Some great marine you are," said Luffy lifting captain Morgan off the ground by his collar. "You destroyed Koby's dream, and goals," said Luffy.

"Wait!!' a shrill and familiar voice yells out. "Release my father now!"

Luffy punches the captain and sends him flying a few feet away. 

"You idiot!" Helmeppo yells. He catches you off guard, running up to you and grabbing you from behind by your shoulders. He kicks Koby onto the ground and screams towards Luffy. "If you want this girl to survive, then don't move!" he says pushing the barrel of a gun against your head.  

"Helmeppo!" some Marine guards yell.

You practically hiss at him. "Look go of me, you coward!" You fight against him as he clumsily pins you back against his chest with his free arm. The barrel of the gun grinds against the side of your head and yell out in pain. "I said stop!" Helmeppo yells, and finally, you listen not wanting him to accidentally shoot you.

"Luffy," you say feeling yourself get emotional. "I don't wanna be in your way." You feel your heart racing at the thought of being shot, never being able to see your, family, again. You shake your head slightly, feeling the cold barrel of the gun. I won't be afraid!

"I am not afraid to die!" you say not wanting to be a burden. You wanted to be brave like Luffy, Zoro and even Koby who'd showed great courage by deciding he would still join the marines after all this. You needed to get over your fear and use it to drive you like the pirate and the swordsman before you.

Koby, Zoro, and Luffy stare at you. 

Koby lifts himself off the ground and glares at Helmeppo as if he would attack at any moment. Helmeppo taps the gun against your head and you wince. Koby takes a step back, but he's still glaring. "I'm not afraid to die either!" he says. "But I won't allow you to kill (y/n)!"

You feel touched by his sudden bravery for you. "Koby," you say.

Luffy laughs capturing your attention. He's smiling right at you. You feel your heart skip a beat. "I know you're not afraid," he says. You've been brave since the moment we met!"

Your eyes water. "Luffy..."

Luffy ready's his right arm using his left for support. "You bastard son, (y/n)'s not afraid of death, but you sure are!"

Helmeppo starts to tremble as he holds the gun up to your head. 'Hey! You idiot," he yells out arrogantly. "I told you not to move, or I'm gonna shoot this girl!"

"Go ahead and shoot!" you yell. "I'm not afraid!"

You see Koby turn to look at Luffy and he screams. "Luffy! Behind you!"

"I am...the Great Marine Captain," Morgan says in a deep voice while looming over Luffy. His Ax arm is raised, ready to strike Luffy dead where he stands. 

"Gomu, Gomu," said Luffy smiling. 

You notice Zoro bite down onto one of his sword's handle as Luffy shouts. "Pistol!" 

"Daddy!" Helmeppo screams as Luffy's fist stretches out at lighting speed to punch him in the face. Helmeppo hits the ground and slides a few feet away. His face takes some of the impact as he whimpers.

"Nice," Luffy says snapping his arm back into place. He doesn't notice a murderous Captain Morgan behind him swinging for his head. 

You scream as Morgan goes in for the kill, but he stops suddenly. His eyes glaze over and he falls backward. You can't believe it! Zoro appears from behind him with his swords sliding ahead of the captain's falling body by a few centimeters. His swords are bloody from slicing up the captain's back.

Wow, he's quick on his feet!" you say aloud. "Captain Morgan didn't even know what hit him!"

Zoro cranes his neck cooly behind him to look at Luffy. "Leave it to me, Captain!"

"Kyaaaa!" you hear yourself fangirling internally. On the outside, you just smile at them. "You did it!" you say. "You both saved us!"

The guards are shocked. "The captain... lost," says one of them. "Captain Morgan has been defeated!"

They stare at you all in disbelief and subtle admiration.

"If you still want to arrest us," said Zoro. "Come and get us."

The guards stare around and at each other before bursting into cheers. "We are free!" one guard yells. 

"We are out of Morgan's control!" another says crying. 

"Long live the marines!" they all shout.

"What's going on?" asks Luffy. "They seem too happy that Morgan was defeated?!"

Koby smiled. "Everyone hated Morgan! They were all just prisoners to his every word. He was too powerful to disobey so they had no choice!"

Zoro collapses onto the ground grabbing your attention. You waste no time, rushing over to him.

"Zoro!" Luffy and Koby yell in unison. 

You check Zoro for wounds, running your small hands over his chest. You feel the outline of his hard arbs and know he must work out often. 

"Is he alright?" Luffy asks.

"He doesn't seem to be wounded," you say. Suddenly Zoro's stomach growls catching you all by surprise. 

Luffy and Koby laugh as you sigh in relief. "Looks like he's just hungry," you say.

Chapter Text

"I'm full!" said Zoro leaning back in his chair with a huge grin. "I haven't eaten in nine days, almost starved to death!"

"Then it would have been impossible for you to last a month," said Luffy stuffing his mouth with food. 

Zoro watched Luffy stuff his face in wonder. "You're so scrawny," said Zoro. How come you can still eat more than me!"

You were all sitting around a brown wooden table inside Rika's home eating a meal her mom had prepared for you all. Luffy had over a dozen plates in front of him while Zoro had three. You and Koby were content with one plate of food. You both watched Luffy and Zoro gobble up their food like there was no tomorrow. in disgust.

You had scolded Luffy and Zoro for being a nasty sight, but Luffy wouldn't stop stuffing his face. To escape having to watch him eat you offered to help Rika's mom wash the dishes in the kitchen a few feet away. Their home was small with two closed bedrooms. Rika watched Luffy and Zoro laughing.

"Sorry," said Koby. "Even though I didn't eat much, Luffy and Zoro ate so much!"

"Oh don't worry," said Rika's mom smiling. "Keep eating you all saved our town, and its the least I can do for being so rude earlier."

You shake your head. "Its fine you all were just scared. You didn't know us and it looked like we were causing trouble!" You shoot a glare at Luffy whose too busy stuffing his face to notice.

"Hey mister," Rika says walking over to Luffy. "You're so strong!"

Luffy laughs. "Yeah, I'm strong, and I'll keep getting stronger from here on out!"

"Oh yeah," said Zoro. "What are your next plans?"

You pause in the middle of drying one of the dishes Rika's mom hands to you and turn around to look at Luffy.

He stands up, placing his hands on the table. "I am going to head for the Grand Line!"

Koby jaw drops. "What?!" he yells. "You're saying crazy things again! Just you three! How can you enter the grand line?!"

Before you would have interrupted Koby and told him you would never become a pirate but it feels strange to say that now. You don't want to think about leaving Luffy, at least not yet. Not until Luffy fulfilled his promise and helped you find your family.

"Don't you understand?" asked Koby. "The world's strongest pirates all gather there on the Grand Line!"

Zoro smirks. "You're going for One Piece...guess it won't hurt to head in that direction!"

You giggle and nod in agreement. "Its a plan!" you say. "I may not travel with you to the Grand Line but I'm damn sure not leaving until Luffy fulfills his promise to help me find my family!"

Luffy grins. "Sounds good!"

Koby starts to freak out. "Zoro, (y/n)!" he says. "You guys are agreeing with him! It's rubbish!!"

"What are you so worried about?" asks Zoro. "It's not like you are coming with us."

Koby slams his hands on the table startling Rika, you, and her mom. "Even though I'm not going..." he says. "I will still worry! Can't I? Can't I still worry about you guys?"

Zoro looks away uncomfortably.

Koby frowns. "Luffy even though we just met...I--"

Luffy cuts Koby off. "But we are friends!" he says smiling. "Yep even though we have to part. We'll always be friends!"

Koby looks like he's about to cry, but he smiles instead. "I never had friends growing up. Every time I would be picked one would ever stand up for me."

You all stare at Koby in silence. Luffy sits back down in his chair and takes a bite of ham while listening.

"But the three of you," said Koby. "Taught me to live by my dream!"

"That's why we're heading to the Grand Line," said Luffy.

"Yea!" said Zoro.

Koby rubbed the back of his head. "Hmm, I guess that's true." Koby shakes his head. "No, no I won't change how I feel! You are all being too reckless!!"

You roll your eyes. "You're being ridiculous, Koby." 

Zoro taps Koby on the head with the helm of his sword. "First of all, you'd better worry about yourself!"

"Huh, why?" asks Koby.

"Even though you were just doing chores on a pirate ship before this. You are still a small pirate," said Zoro. "Don't underestimate the marines ability to gather information. If they know your past, they won't let you join for sure."

"Excuse me!" The front door to Rika's home swings open and a group of Marines stand outside. One marine guard walks forward as you all stare in shock. "We are wondering," said the marine guard. "Are you really pirates?"

Luffy nods. "Yes and I just found my first crew member, and we're helping this girl," he says nodding towards you.

The marine guard has freshly shaven black hair and a goatee to match. He grabs the rim of his marine hat.  "Even though you are pirates, in reality, you saved our town and base. For that we are grateful. But, since you are pirates... as marines we cannot allow you to stay here any longer."

You noticed a crowd forming outside around the marines. The townsfolk were eavesdropping on the discussion. 

"Please leave this place immediately," said the marine guard. "As for the events that occurred here, we will be reporting it to the headquarters."

"Hey! Marines," someone from the crowd shouts. "What kind of bullshit are you saying?!"

A woman wearing a pink dress steps forward. "Are you kidding me? Or have you all gone nuts!" she asks. "They are this town's saviors!"

Luffy stands. "Hmm. Well, I guess that it. Let's go!" he says glancing from you to Zoro. 

Zoro doesn't respond. 

"Luffy," said Koby. "Are you really leaving, friend?"

Zoro and Luffy walk past Koby in unison, without even a glance in his direction. You immediately follow behind them, casting an apologetic look to Koby. You see the hurt in his eyes as he stares at the now empty chairs in front of the dinner table.

"Aren't you with their group?" the marine guard asks Koby.

"Eh! I...," says Koby. "I...I'm not. I'm not with them!!" he forces himself to say.

Luffy smiles as you all leave Rika's house.

"Please hold on," the marine guard calls after you.

He looks at Luffy. "Is this boy telling the truth," he asks. "Is he really not apart of your group?"

Luffy takes a moment to answer before pointing at Koby. "I know what this guy used to do."

Koby's eyes widen. "Luffy what are you saying?"

Luffy squats and imitates a fat person walking. "I can't remember where but, but Koby use to be with this faaatttt female pirate. I think her name was Alvida."

"Stop..." Koby says.

My marine guard watches in silence. 

"She was a fat and ugly female pirate," said Luffy poking his finger against Koby's forehead. "This guy spent two years on there..."

"Shut up!" yells Koby punching Luffy directly in the face. Luffy bends back slightly before smiling arrogantly. Koby looks like he can't believe he hit someone. Zoro smirks as Luffy straightens up and sends a fast punch back at Koby. His fist connects with Koby's cheek, knocking him back a little and causing blood to drip from his nose.

Koby screams in pain as Luffy continues to throw punches his way. 

"Damn you!" said Luffy. "You deserve a beat down!"

Hey Luffy!" you scream. "That's enough! You've taught him a lesson now stop it!"

Koby falls backwards onto the ground groaning in pain.

The marine guard gasps. "Both of you stop it! I won't allow this town anymore fights!" he yells.

Zoro walked over and grabbed Luffy by the back of his red vest. "Stop it!" he said. "He's had it."

Koby lay unresponsive on the ground.

The marine guard points at Luffy angrily. "I know he isn't your friend!" he says. "Please leave this town immediately!!"

You all start walking away from the house. You notice tears streaming down Koby's face as you all leave, and he continues to lay on the ground. He's smiling.

You, Luffy, and Zoro proceed to walk through the town as the townsfolks wave at you.

Zoro teases a nearby marine officer as Luffy walks straight ahead with a smile plastered onto his face. 

"Come on," said Zoro to a marine. "Didn't you want to arrest me?!"

The marine backs away from Zoro slowly as you elbow him.

"Ow!" he yells glaring at you.

"That wasn't very nice," you say.

"Why should I be nice?" he asks you.

"Because we saved this place," you say. "Let's leave on a positive note."

He rolls his eyes. "But they're kicking us out! What's nice about it."

You elbow Zoro again and he swears loudly as Luffy laughs.

You all walk back to the town's entrance and stand around. 

"Now what?" asks Zoro.

Before Luffy can respond someone taps you on your shoulder. You all turn to see an old man in a dark green tank top and black knee-length shorts. He has a cane in his hand and a gold watch on his arm. Your eyes sparkle. Real Gold.

He smiles at you and looks at his watch. "Oh, this. Just something I brought on a whim. I might not look it but I live on the other side of town. Its where the villagers with wealth reside." the old man said. "I came over here after I heard what happen. I was shocked to hear about a pirate crew with a straw hat leader take down Captain Morgan. I couldn't believe it so I rushed over!"

"It was nothing," said Luffy bowing awkwardly towards the man. You and Zoro follow his lead. 

"Oh, I'm just an old man," he says. I'm not even wise just rich." He holds out a velvet red pouch and drops it into your hands. You stare up at him after looking into the pouch. "This is money," you say. "It's a pouch full of gold coins! We can't take this!" you try to put the pouch back into his hands.

The old man retracts his hands and waves a boney finger in front of him as if to say, no you keep it!

"And why not?!" asks Zoro looking at you. 

"We saved you, Zoro and by saving you we helped the townspeople!" you say. "It's not like we knew they were being held captive."

The man waves a hand in front of him. "No, I insist! I have plenty more where that came from!" Before you can respond he turns and wobbles away on his cane. 

You stare at Luffy and Zoro. "Does either of you want to hold onto this?" you ask holding up the pouch.

"Nah I'm good!" said Luffy. "You can be the treasurer."

Zoro nods. "Why not?"

You smile and place the red pouch in one of the poorly sewn pockets on your dress. "Let's get out of here and find somewhere to go shopping!" you say jumping and down with joy. The coins jingle in your pocket like a song you've never heard before. 

Luffy laughs. "And don't forget the food! We need to find someplace with lots of meat!"

"We just ate!" you yell.

Zoro rolls his eyes. "We need to find a bed," he says as you all make your way down to the docking ports.


Luffy starts untieing a thick piece of rope from one of the docking port poles, connected to the medium-sized rowboat you all arrived in earlier.

"That was a nice act earlier!" said Zoro watching Luffy. "This way even though Koby's been a pirate before, It wouldn't be such a big deal!"

"I believe Koby will become stronger and more independent in the future.!" said Luffy.

You laugh. "He was such a scardey cat earlier. Now Koby's reading to fight with the marines." You pretend to wipe a non-existent tear from your eye. "They grow up so fast," you say as Luffy laughs.

Zoro smiles. "I guess its time to go, or else there's no telling what will happen," he says. "Not leaving anything behind, that's what pirates are about!"

You and Luffy laugh. "Hahaha! That's what I'm saying!" said Luffy getting the rowboat free. Luffy helps you onto the boat. You tap your pocket to make sure you still have the red velvet bag full of gold coins when a familiar voice rings out.

"Lu...Luffy!!" Koby screams standing behind you all a few feet away. He's out of breath and staring intensely at Luffy. He puts his right arm up to salute like a real marine. "Thank you very much!" he yells. "I will never forget you for the rest of my life!"

Zoro smirks. "I've never seen a marine salute a pirate."

Luffy beams. "Koby!" he says raising his hand to wave. "We'll meet again someday!"

Zoro gets on the boat as Luffy says his goodbyes.

You're shocked when the marines walk up behind Koby and salute. "Group salute!" the marine guard from earlier commands. Koby's eyes widen before a smile creeps across his face.

Luffy joins you and Zoro on the boat standing to wave with both of his hands as you three sail away. Zoro sits on the ledge of the rowboat looking out at the vast blue ocean. You sit near him and wave goodbye to Koby and the surrounding marines. Some of the townsfolk join in cheering and waving you off.

You hear the lead marine guard yell towards his fellow men. "We just saluted pirates," he screams. "We have violated marines codes! So the punishment is no food for a week!"

"Yes sir!" the marines yell. You see Koby standing proudly amongst the other soldiers.

The boat your on sails further out into the ocean and you no longer hear them talking.

Luffy plops down onto the floor a few inches away from you with his arms still raised triumphantly. "Yahoo we're off!"

Zoro also slides off the boat's ledge and onto the floor beside you grinning.

"Grand Line!" Luffy yells. "Here we come!!!"

Chapter Text

The Legendary Pirate Gold D. Rogers is the only legendary pirate King. He left behind a huge treasure known as One Piece after his death. Everyone in the world is searching for the location of this vast wealth. You can say this is one of the most dangerous periods in the history of the Seven Seas.

Your eyes flutter open and you yawn remembering the words of your father about the legendary One Piece. Back then you thought Gold D Rogers was nothing more than a criminal who finally met his end, but now you found yourself feeling intrigued. Luffy was searching for One Piece and he was the nicest boy you'd ever met. You didn't want One Piece to be just a rumor turned legend. You wanted Luffy to win and find his treasure.

You sit up and look around at the ocean surrounding the medium-sized rowboat you're on. Zoro sits across from you, but his attention is on Luffy. You have all been at sea for 2 days now, the wind pushing the boat forward with no destination in sight.

"Ugh...I'm so hungry!" said Luffy.

Zoro frowned. "It's weird that you have absolutely no navigation skills," said Zoro to Luffy. 

"Why?" asked Luffy. "I've always just been wandering!"

You rub the sleepiness from your eyes and yawn for the second time since waking up. 

Zoro glances over and you. "I see you're finally awake to join us."

You try to ignore the sarcasm oozing from his words. "How long was I asleep?" you ask.

"At least an hour," said Zoro nonchalantly. "Maybe two."

Luffy looks at Zoro. "You're like me too, Zoro," he says. "You wander from place to place just like me, but you were also capturing wanted pirates for rewards."

"I don't remember me saying that I live completely from rewards," said Zoro leaning against the rim of the boat looking rather bored. "I was searching for a man, that's why I set sail to sea. But now I can't find my way home. I had no choice but to start hunting pirates for a living, just to get a little bit of money for my living expenses..."

"Oh," said Luffy. "So you're lost?"

"Shut up!" yelled Zoro giving Luffy a death stare.

You laugh. "Are you bad with directions?" you ask Zoro.

He glares at you. "Do you wanna die?!"

You shrug. "I'm not afraid of death."

Luffy chuckles as Zoro rolls his eyes. 

"I know my way around," Zoro says. "It's just... geez. I've never heard of pirates who don't know how to navigate! How do you expect us to go to the Grand Line like this?"

You find yourself agreeing with Zoro. "He's got a point," you say to Luffy. "You should hurry and find crewmates who know how to navigate!"

Luffy gasps. "Your right! And we need someone who knows how to cooks, and someone for singing--"

"Idiot!" Zoro yells. "What are you going on about!"

You start laughing until your stomach hurts. "Luffy's hilarious!" you say. "He's always thinking of his stomach, even in a time like this."

"More like stupid!" Zoro says.

Zoro and Luffy look at each other and then fall backwards onto the boat's floor, causing it to shake. Their stomachs growl in unison. "So hungry...." they say.

You frown. 

When you all left the Marine Base you were all really unprepared. No one grabbed a map or snacks for the trip. For all any of you knew, you were all just drifting. You frown. You were also starting to feel weak. You all needed to get to land soon. You shudder, not wanting to spend another day closing your eyes whenever Zoro and Luffy needed to pee off the side of the boat.

You hated most of all having to scream at Zoro to look away instead of closing his eyes when you had to pee.

"You've got nothing I wanna see," Zoro had said closing his eyes pretending to sleep.

You were furious and refused to relieve yourself if he did not face away from you like Luffy. Just thinking about it made your blood boil. If this is was what having a brother was like, you were happy to have been an only child.

"Uhhhh" you groan. "This sucks!"

You wanted to reach land asap!

You watch Luffy sit up on one of his elbows and point towards the sky. "Oh! A bird! Looks tasty..."

Neither you or Zoro respond. 

Luffy jumps up. "Let's eat that bird, you guys!"

Zoro gives Luffy the side-eye. "And how are we going to eat it?!"

"I'll go get it! Watch my specialty!!" Luffy stretches his arms up to the top of the wood mass holding the Mainsail flag. "Gomu Gomu..!"

Zoro looks disturbed sitting up to get a better look.

You stand up causing the boat to rock violently. Luffy steadies his feet, and you fall forward. You let out a surprised gasp, and grab Luffy by his shoulders from behind.

"Rocket!!" Luffy suddenly yells. You scream as you both go flying in the air towards the big black hawk.

"I can't believe he thought of that," said Zoro. He notices your not there and looks stunned "Huh?! (Y/n) was sent flying with Luffy!?"

Your screams fill the air as your hands slip from Luffy's shoulder. You grab his legs before you fall past him, and cling on for dear life. Luffy comes to a stop mid-air, and when you look up his head is trapped between the Hawk's mouth. There a moment of silence before all three of you scream in unison as the bird begins to fly away.

"You idiot!!" Zoro screamed. 

The bird starts to fly away faster, putting some space between you and Zoro. 

"Help!!" you and Luffy scream. 

"What the heck are you two doing?!" Zoro yells grabbing the rowers to paddle the boat after you two. 

"Its no use!" you say watching Zoro and the rowboat get smaller and smaller. Soon you and Luffy can no longer see Zoro. 

"We lost him," you say in disbelief. You look up at Luffy with worried eyes.

"Stupid bird," he mumbles. "I'm gonna eat you!"


The black Hawk continues to fly carrying Luffy in its mouth. You hang from Luffy's legs and try not to doze off. You've lost track of time. Your eyes widen when the bird flies over an island with marble roads and colorful houses. There is a glistening fountain in the center of the town shooting blue water up into the air to splash back down into the fountain. 

You gasp. "It's beautiful."

Yor hear Luffy snoring and pitch his leg. He wakes up with a jolt and notices the town. "Its an island!" he says. "Whoa, so many houses! But it looks empty."

"Something's not right," you say. "It can't be uninhabited, then who built everything? We need to find a way to get down there!" you yell up to Luffy. 

He nods. "But how are--"

Luffy's words are cut off by an explosion. You scream when something blasts the bird, and you both fall from the sky. Luffy immediately stretches his arms out and pulls you into a hug. You cling to him for dear life screaming the whole way down. Luffy flips over when you are near the ground, landing on his feet just when his legs hit the marble street. He stumbles backwards and you fall out of his arms, he falls forward on top of you.

"Ahhhh!" you scream still traumatized by the whole thing. 

"What the?!" you hear a women yell.

You cough realizing there's a cloud of smoke surrounding you and Luffy. He hit the ground hard, and cracks were forming on the ground where he landed, creating a foggy duststorm.

You see the outline of a few people but you can't focus. You look up to see Luffy's body pressed against yours. His head was turned pressing the left side of his face against your shoulder. 

"So close," you say blushing. You can feel the heat from Luffy's body. He turns his head to look at you and his eyes widen noticing how close his face is to yours. You try not to let your thoughts drift but they do. What if Luffy kissed you? His lips were right there in front of you. It wasn't like you wanted him to but he was closer to your lips than any boy had come before.

You refused to count the perverted chief from your old village. The 51-year-old man had tried to kiss you so many times before, but you would often run away, refusing to kiss him until your arranged marriage. With the chief, kissing seemed disgusting, but with Luffy's lips just a few inches away from your own, you found yourself contemplating.

You shake your head at the embarrassing thought and feel Luffy shift on top of you and start to lift himself up. "Why did they shoot us with cannon," he says standing up. "Damn it.."

He reaches a hand out to help you up and you accept.

The fog caused by Luffy's fall finally clears and you both realize you're standing in front of three men, and a woman with bright orange hair sitting on the ground in shock.

"Wheeww!" said Luffy. "We finally landed (y/n)!"

You stare around trying to judge the strange people in front of you.

The three men look stunned. "Those people who were shot from the sky are still alive!" they yell.

You see the orange-haired woman perk up likes she has just had the most clever idea ever. You feel a sinking feeling in your gut. 

"Oh, boss you're finally here! I've been waiting for you to save me!" The girl says and takes off running. "I'll leave everything to you guys!"

"Ah! she ran off!" one of the men yells. 

Another man wearing a red shirt smirks as they start to surround you and Luffy. "We don't have to chase after that girl anymore."

You get closer to Luffy, your back pressing against his as the men draw close. "Her boss is still here." the man wearing a yellow shirt, matching his blonde hair says.

"That true," says the man wearing a black and white scarf with matching pants. "We have these guys and apparently they work with that girl."

Luffy looks confused when suddenly the man wearing a red shirt punches him in the face. Luffy's neck snaps loudly to the side, his straw hat flying off his head. "That map was Captain Buggy's treasure!" the man yells.

"Luffy!" you yell.

Before the man and his friends can even laugh Luffy's fist make a direct hit with the man's nose. The man wearing a red shirt flies backwards hitting the ground hard and sliding a few feet away. His accomplices barely have time to dodge his oncoming body before it flies past them. 

You notice Luffy's straw hat flutter into his hands from the sky. He has a serious look in his eyes. "Don't you dare mess up my hat!!" said Luffy.

The man's two friends ready their swords and glare at Luffy. 

"Damn you," the man wearing a yellow shirt says.

They charge towards Luffy as he readies his fist. The moment they reach him he hits both men with a left hook. Both men spin from the punch before falling onto the ground unconscious.

"Wow!" says a woman's voice from behind Luffy.

You both turn to see the orange head woman sitting on the roof of one of the colorful houses "You are really strong," she says swinging her legs back and forth smiling. You beat those guys up with swords barehanded!"

You walk over to Luffy while glaring at the woman. "You lied to them, that's why they attacked us!" you say in disgust. 

She smirks. "I wasn't talking to you," she says. "I was talking to the strong one. Your input isn't called for, mmkay!"

You find yourself blushing from anger. You can't think of a comeback and turn away from her gaze.

"Who are you anyway?" Luffy asks.

"I am a thief who steals treasure from pirates!" she says. "My name is Nami! Want to be partners?"

"Luffy doesn't want to be partners with a woman like you! You are nothing but trouble!" you yell gathering the courage to meet her eyes again before she turns away annoyed.

Nami stares at Luffy. "I think your girlfriend's jealous," she says. "I'm so cute she feels threatened by me!" She winks at Luffy and sticks her tongue out playfully.

You want to vomit. "You wish I felt threatened by you!" you yell.

You feel yourself starting to shake from anger when Luffy places his hand on your shoulder. "(Y/n), you don't have to worry."

You instantly calm down and feel embarrassed.

"You said you only steal treasure from pirates?" asked Luffy turning his attention back to Nami.

She's staring at you with an innocent expression. You feel the urge to punch her with the coy look she gives you. She turns her gaze towards Luffy slowly and smirks. "Yeah! I'm a girl who steals from pirates," she says laughing cutely. 

You roll your eyes at her antics as she twirls a piece of her orange hair around her finger. 

"Let's team up!" Nami says winking at Luffy.

Chapter Text

"Yeah, I'm a thief who steals from pirates!" said Nami smiling. "If we team up we can get a whole lot of money!" she says to Luffy. She was sitting on top of a roof in front of the two of you.

Luffy stares up at Nami for a moment before turning to walk away. "No way! I'm not interested in teaming up with you," said Luffy. "Come on (Y/n) let's go look for Zoro!" You begin to follow after Luffy, but stop to give Nami a 'you lose'look.

"Hang on!" Nami says jumping onto a smaller roof and then on to the ground. She was careful not to fall on the three men Luffy had knocked out earlier.

"So what's with that hat?" Nami says running over to the two of you. She's wearing an orange mini skirt and a white shirt with blue stripes around the chest area. You roll your eyes when she points to Luffy's straw hat. "When you said they nearly damaged it you got so mad! Is it expensive?"

"This is my treasure!" said Luffy touching his hat proudly.

You stare at the hat and wonder why it's so important to Luffy. You stop the urge to ask him, not wanting Nami to hear the story behind it. She was clearly a thief and should not be trusted.

"Hyaa..treasure!" Nami yells. "I wonder if there are any jewels inside your hat."

All three of you begin to walk down the marble road.

"Ah!" Nami says. "Maybe you have a treasure map inside it."

"Luffy don't tell her anything else about you!" you say. "She's clearly up to no good, just trying to find out what she can steal from us."

Nami laughs. "Why don't you butt out!" she says. "Luffy's a man he can make his own decisions!"

You stop and glare at her. "Luffy's my friend and because I know him better than you. I know that he dislikes people like you the most!" you say.

Nami flinches at your words. "Geez lighten up!" she says. "I get it. I was a bit rude earlier, but boy can you hold a grudge."

"It happened less than five minutes ago!" you yell.

Nami giggled. "Oh forget the past! I have somewhere we can go to hide."

"Okay!" Luffy says. "Does this place have food!"

"Noo!" you yell. "It might be another trap!"

Luffy nods. "Yeah, (Y/n)'s right! Why should we trust you, Nami?"

Nami looks annoyed by your continuous interference into her plans. "Look," she says with a sigh. "It's not a trick. Those guys were really after me and I need to hide. They think you guys are helping me so why shouldn't we hide together?"

Luffy looks over at you and you roll your eyes. "Fine," you say. "But only because we don't have a clue where we' are!"


"Eh, you got separated from your crew..?" Nami asks 

You were all inside one of the colorful homes. There were many houses spread throughout the island, but Nami has led you and Luffy to this specific house.

This home, in particular, was furnished and there was a half-prepared meal out on the counter. A fireplace was burning in front of the wooden table you and Luffy sat in front of, giving the home a comfortable atmosphere.

Luffy sat across the table from you on the opposite side. Nami, however, sat on the ledge of the table, directly in between you and Luffy. She was staring at Luffy a little too innocently for your liking. 

"How many people are in your crew?" Nami asks.

"Only one," Luffy says. 

Nami turns to look at you. 

"(Y/n)'s my friend," Luffy continues. "We are traveling together because of a promise I made to her."

Nami nods. "So she won't be around for long," she says contemplating.

You frown. "I'll be around long enough to ensure that you won't be!" you say smiling sarcastically.

Nami makes a face like she's just smelled something awful before quickly fixing her appearance. "Your just a ball of sunshine!" she says copying your smile.

Luffy looks at you and then Nami, completely unaware of the tension between you two. "Is this your house?" he asks Nami.

She shakes her head. "No I don't even know whose house this is," she says. "Everyone in this village is in a hiding shelter outside of this town. They are trying to avoid conflict with the Buggy Pirate Fleet."

"Hmm is he that scary?" asks Luffy. "That pirate called Nami?"

"I am Nami!" she yells. "The pirate is Buggy!! Don't switch the names!"

You laugh at her exasperated expression.

"About Buggy.." she says seriously. "He's a famous pirate, known for his love of canons. When a bunch of kids from a village where he once stayed at made fun of his nose, he used a canon to wipe out the whole village. And it's said that he's got a really strange power."

"But why isn't there anyone in this village?” asks Luffy.

"I just said they're avoiding conflict!" Nami yells. "What have you been listening to this entire time?!"

You cross your arms in front of you and lean back in your chair. "Aha! So you are stealing from these empty houses!"

Luffy nods. "That's right! Now that Buggy has kidnapped all the townsfolk Nami can steal their things without anyone to stop her!"

"That's despicable!" yells Nami. "Didn't I just tell you guys I only steal from pirates?! And I just said the villagers are hiding outside of town! Who said Buggy kidnapped them! Can you listen to anything?!"

"Or that's what you want us to believe!" you yell ignoring her previous statement.

Luffy laughs. "The thief lies!"

Nami places a hand on her forehead likes shes experiencing a migraine. "You people are exhausting to be around," she says. "Please don't compare me to these common house robbers. It's so tiring talking to the both of you!"

Luffy laughs. "Calm Down, Nami we're just goofing."

Nami sighs heavily. "My goal is to get a hundred million beli!" she says. "Then I'm going to buy a certain village!"

"Buy a village?" you say. "A hundred million beli is a lot, so you have to steal from a lot of pirate ships."

"I've got a plan for all that!" said Nami smiling arrogantly as she pulls something out from her orange mini skirt's pocket. "Look, this is the Grand Line map I just stole!" she says. "I'm going to steal some treasure from this Buggy guy...then I'm going to the Grand Line. And after that I'm going to steal from even greater pirates who carry much more treasure!!"

She turns to stare at Luffy, waiting for his reaction. "Waddya think?" she asks. "Don't you wanna team up and earn a bunch of money? You look strong, I could use your power, and then you'll get your share too. The both of you!" she says looking your way. 

You don't respond.

"By any chance," said Luffy. "Do you know how to navigate?"

Nami's eyes widen as she hops off the ledge of the table. "Yeah, of course, I know!" she says holding up a fist. "Don't look down on me! My navigational skills...well there aren't a lot of people who know more about it than I do. Especially since I love the sea."

"I see!" said Luffy throwing his hands into the air to cheer. "Yeah, that's great! We're also on our way to the Grand Line!"

Nami smiles. "Really?"

"Yeah! Hey, you come join my crew as a navigator!" Luffy says. "Become a member of our pirate crew!"

You hang your head in defeat, knowing when to give credit where its due. You guys needed a navigator, without one you, Luffy, and Zoro would die at sea. You expect Nami to flaunt her skills of navigation in your face in an attempt to mock you, but she's quiet for a short moment. 

Nami freezes before sending a death glare Luffy's way. "...No way!"

Luffy looks confused. 

"Oh..your a pirate," said Nami extending her arms out in front of her to say no way. "Forget it! We didn't have this conversation! I don't want to team up with you guys!"

Nami points at Luffy. "Ahh! I get it!" she says with a cocky tone. "So you are going to use whatever map you have inside that treasure hat of yours to find Buggy's treasure."

"I told you," said Luffy touching his hat. "This isn't a treasure map hat!"

"Yeah right!" said Nami sitting back on the ledge of the table. "Then what is it? Why do you call that stupid rag of a hat your treasure?"

Luffy smiles and takes off his hat proudly. "I got this hat ages ago from a friend. It's my precious treasure," he says. "I swore myself to gather up a crew and become a pirate to the person who gave me this hat."

You and Nami stare at Luffy in silence as he puts his hat back on. 

"Hmph! Pirates this pirate that," Nami says getting up to stand. "People these days!"

Nami slams her hands down on top of the table causing you to jump. "The things I hate most in this world are...Pirates!! But I love money and tangerines." Nami looks at Luffy likes she's contemplating what she should do next.

You stand. "I'm not a pirate," you say. "I'm traveling with Luffy because some bad pirates massacred my old village. I was kidnapped and separated from my family. Luffy saved me. He's a pirate and he saved me from a life of slavery on that woman's pirate ship!"

Nami frowns. "So what, one pirate does a good deed. What about the other ones?! The ones who killed all those people in your village!" she says looking pained. "Do we just forget about all the pain they spread because of one good pirate?"

 You and Nami stare at each other in a battle of the wills showdown. She's not changing her mind about pirates, and you aren't changing your mind about Luffy.

"Aww come on!" said Luffy. "Become our navigator!"

"I already said no!" Nami screams. Her expression of anger changes quickly and she smiles. "Well it looks like the two of you are in a fix, so just under one condition I'll consider being your navigator."

Luffy smiles. "Really? Yeah, I guess we are kinda screwed. (Y/n)", and I have no idea where we're at.”

You nod while giving Nami the side-eye. "We are in a predicament," you say looking at Nami. "And by your snake-like behavior, I get the feeling you won't help us out of here for free."

Nami giggles. "You know me so well (Y/n)."

You fight the urge to gag. 

Nami holds a finger up. "Go with me to where Buggy is. That's all I want you two to do."

You and Luffy look towards each other, and you sigh in annoyance before nodding.

Luffy jumps up with a happy expression on his face. "Okay, okay, let's go!" he says. "Where's Buggy anyways?"

You follow after Luffy and Nami rushes after you two. "Ahh...hang on a second!" she says. "I've got one more thing to prepare." Nami looks at you and stares down at your dress. You immediately blush from embarrassment. Not only was the stained white dress two sizes too small for you it was frayed all over. It was more of a potato sack than a dress.

"You can't wear something like that around pirates," she says. "Come on let's see if there are any clothes in this place you can fit."

Before you can respond she tells Luffy to wait at the table and pulls you into a room in the back, shutting the door behind her. She walks over to a closet and looks around it briefly. The room your in is small and it only has a bed, closet, and a small window. After a moment Nami pulls a few garments out of the closet. An oversized white shirt and a pale green floral dress.

She hands you the dress and turns to face away. "Pirates are bad people," she says. "You always have to be on guard around them and protect yourself."

"I know that!" you say. "But Luffy isn't like that and neither is Zoro?"

"Who?" Nami asks.

You sigh. "Forget it you'll meet him if you keep your word."

"And why wouldn't I keep my word?" Nami says while you take off your old dress.

"Is there ever honor among thieves?" you ask slipping the pale green floral dress over your head. You frown, its a little longer than your other dress but not by much. It shows off your legs like that of a woman, but at least its a puffy dress, spreading out amongst your shapely waist.

"Look I get that you're trying to look out for me," you say to Nami. "But with the way you're dressed why should what I'm wearing matter?"

You stare down at her orange miniskirt and tightly fitted white blouse with blue stripes. 

She blushes. "I can dress how I want! I'm old enough to do so!" she says. "I'm a woman!"

She leaves the room and you follow behind her. 


"What's with those ropes?" Luffy asks Nami as you all walk through the marble streets, passing a row of colorful houses. The sun shines brightly in the sky causing the ocean surrounding the small island to glisten. A breeze runs through the town cooling you off after being inside a house with a lit fireplace.

"Its just ropes," Nami says. "You got a problem. I have it to capture Buggy!"

"That's your plan?" you ask. "To show up and throw a rope at him!"

Nami smiles at you innocently as she leads you and Luffy down the marble streets. "Just at the end of this road," she says. You and Luffy look to see nothing but fancier houses leading to upper-class shops.

"There's the bar where the pirates are staying," she says pointing to a random house.

You feel a sinking feeling in your gut and open your mouth to warn Luffy when you feel Nami's foot on your back. She kicks you forward onto the ground. You yell out and put your arms out in front of you, scratching up your hands.

"What's your problem?!" you yell turning around on the ground. You see Nami fling one of the ropes out and toss it around Luffy's body. She pulls on the rope and it tightens around Luffy causing his body to fall forward.

"You will soon find out about my plans!" Nami yells. "You stupid pirates!!"

"Hey what are you doing?!" Luffy yells.

You lift yourself off the ground and try to rush towards Nami, but she's quicker. Nami flings the other rope out and around your body, pulling on the rope hard. You feel your breathing stop momentarily as you fall forward. Too tight!

You glare at Nami as she loosens the rope slightly. She flips you and Luffy over onto your stomachs and ties a knot into both of the ropes

"She's betraying us," you say to Luffy. "I knew she couldn't be trusted!"

Chapter Text

Due to a writing error, the reader's age has been corrected! The reader is now 15 years old instead of 13. 


"The stolen map of the Grand Line has been recovered!" a man whose face was covered in clown makeup said. "Furthermore, we've recruited a new crew member and cabin girl." his voice deepened as he said the last words and looked behind himself to stare at you.

The men all turned to leer at you as you tried to keep a straight face. Nami had betrayed you and Luffy! She'd tied you both up and dragged you to the man before you dressed in a red and white striped shirt that was tucked into his tan trousers. An orange fur cloak hung loosely from his shoulders and he wore an orange matching hat. His blue hair was pulled into two goofy-looking pigtails that made you want to laugh. His name was Buggy the Clown because he wore thick red lipstick around his lips and a big red nose. You had noticed a cross made out of bones painted across the center of his face.

You were all on top of the roof of a blue bar. Buggy's crew were partying and drinking booze as they celebrated the capturing of you and Luffy. You were sitting on your knees in front of Buggy's chair on the left side of the roof.

He'd like what he saw when Nami presented you to him and decided to keep you around as his personal servant. You refused but he'd just told Nami to sit you in front of his chair. He'd smirked at you and said he'd work on fixing your attitude later. Luffy wasn't as lucky. He'd been put inside a metal cage that sat in the center of the room around the celebrating pirates. Buggy the Clown stood in front of you, his attention back on his men, too excited to sit. 

"Furthermore, we've recruited a new member!" Buggy yells. "Everything is going our way!! Now drink to your heart's content! Then at the battlefield let us fight well!"

"Ay Yi, Captain!" the men yelled in unison. Your eyes widened as you watched the party get crazier. Men begin to drink huge amounts of alcohol and chug their drinks in competition. One man hopped on a bar table with a unicycle, and his friend jumped on another bar table dancing on top of a big orange and red ball.  The other surrounding pirates broke out in dance as they drank and dance some more. The roof was filled with an energetic air, which made you feel worse. You looked up at the clear sky squinting at the bright sun.

Great, you thought. We're going to die on such a beautiful day. You can't help wondering about Zoro and where he could be at a time like this. You feel your heart sinking as the party gets crazier. 

That traitor Nami, you think. How can she stoop so low!?

"Nami! Are you drinking?!" Buggy asks turning to look at Nami who was holding up a pint of beer at a table with a bunch of drunk men.

"Yes, Captain!" Nami yelled. "I'm drinking Captain Buggy sir!"

Buggy laughed. "Oi, newcomer! Let's have a drinking contest!" he said to her.

"Okay!" Nami yells. You and Buggy watch as Nami and a fat crew member wearing a black shirt chug down the pints of beer in their hands. 

The other crewmates cheer around them and begin to chant and bang on the tables. "Drink, drink, drink, drink!!"

"Victory!" Nami yells holding up her empty glass as the man beside her faints from alcohol poisoning. 

You notice the sneaky smile Nami tries to hide as she wipes some of the alcohol off her lips.

You look away from her in anger and notice Luffy bite at the metal bars of his cage in frustration. 

Nami walks over to him and begins to talk quietly to him. Because her back is facing you, you can't read her lips. You sigh in disappointment when you suddenly see Buggy the Clown walk over to you.

"What's your name?" he asks. 

You glare at him and don't respond. Buggy grabs your chin. "You're all tied up and you have the nerve to be cheeky?" he says making you look up at him. He glares down at you creepily making you avert your gaze. You feel yourself shiver as he releases your chin roughly. "You need to know your place brat! I own you now! You were my gift from Nami," Buggy says leering at you.

I hate clowns," you finally say in disgust. "They're ugly!"

Buggy frowns. "You dare insult me!" He raises his hand up to slap you and pauses before a smile spreads across his red-painted lips.

He lifts you up off the ground roughly and pushes you, signaling you to walk over to Luffy and Nami who were still talking amongst themselves. He burst out laughing the moment you two reach them, startling Nami. She jumps at Buggy's sudden laughter like she was almost caught doing something she shouldn't be doing. 

"I see you've got yourself a pretty good follower there!" Buggy says to Luffy. "You're her thief of a boss I presume!"

Luffy glares up at Buggy from inside his cage. "What are you talking about?" he says watching in anger as Buggy pushes you forward onto your knees. You cry out in pain as the skin on your knees scrap against the ground of the roof. You notice Nami stiffen like she has to force herself not to offer to help you up.

Luffy clenches his teeth as he gives Buggy a death stare. 

Buggy meets Luffy's eyes with the same intensity. "I'm done playing around," he says. "I know the truth. Nami betrayed you after all! Even though I got my map back, it's still a terrible crime to steal from me boy!! What should I do with--'

"Oi!" said Luffy cutting him off. "Let us go!"

Buggy smiles. "Of course I'll let you two go...NOT!" he yells. "You think I'm that stupid?!"

Buggy pulls you up from the ground and you notice that your knees are bleeding. 

Buggy wraps an arm around your shoulders as you tug at your ropes. He throws his free arm in the air and yells. "Boys!! Prepare the Buggy Special Cannon Ball."

He looks over at you, sneering. "And you'll have a front-row seat," he says. "Yahoooooooooo!! Ready the canon now!"

Three men pull a sliver canon forward as everyone watches with excitement.

"No!" you say. 

"Oh, yes!" Captain Buggy yells forcing you to stay within his arm. "Watch closely as your little friend is blown to smithereens! "

"The Buggy Special Cannonball is ready, Captain!" a crewmate wearing a red shirt says.

"Alright, show them!" said Captain Buggy. "Show them its power!!"

The man aims the cannon at a nearby house painted red. He lights the cannon and it fires off, shooting down the red house and the row of houses behind it. A huge explosion rings out as a row of ten houses shatter into pieces.

"It destroyed a row of houses in a single blow," said Nami in disbelief, her face turning a deathly white.

Your jaw drops.

"The power of my cannon is so great," said Buggy. "This thing can wipe out the whole village in one shot! This and the powers I have gained from the Devil's fruit assure my future success at the Grand Line!!"

You watch as the men set the cannon directly in front of Luffy. Buggy the Clown uses his free arm to grab Nami's arm and push her forward to stand in front of the cannon and Luffy. His crew circles around you all in excitement.

"Now shoot the cannon, Nami!" Buggy yells as he continues to hold you tightly around the shoulder. You struggle against him as he laughs. "Swear your loyalty and sincerity unto me, Nami. Show me your desire to rule the world with me! Get rid of your old boss once and for all!" He tosses Nami a box of matches.

Nami catches them and looks at Luffy who is sitting cross leg with an unreadable expression. 

"Kill that guy?!" Nami says starting to sweat. "Me..?" She smiles cutely and waves her hands in front of her to refuse. "N-no! Captain Buggy! I'm just fine..! First let's drink more sake, and forget about that kid!"

Buggy's eyes narrow angrily at Nami. "Kill him."

Nami gulps as Buggy's crew begins to cheer. "Kill him! Don't be a wuss! Finish him off in one go!" they yell. "Shooooot! Shooot! Kill him!"

"Shoot!" Captain Buggy yells laughing. "Shoot!"

"This is your fault!" you say to Nami.

She shakes her head. "I didn't think this would happen..."

"And what did you think would happen?!" you yell. "You lied to us! You're no better than these pirates! Shoot the damn cannon! Prove to them you're just like them!"

Nami stands frozen as the crew continues to shout. "Shooot! Shoot! Kill him now!"

"Why did this have to happen," Nami says trembling. "Even though he's just a kid. You're just a kid (Y/a)..."

Luffy stares at Nami in silence. 

"Nami stop fooling around!" Buggy yells releasing you roughly. You are pushed away from Buggy but catch yourself before you can fall onto the ground. 

"Your hand is shaking," said Luffy staring at Nami. "That's what you get!" he says. "(Y/a)'s right! You got us into this mess for only being half prepared to mess with pirates."

"Prepared?" asks Nami, her voice cracking. "Prepared to take a human life so easily? Is that what it takes to be a pirate?"

"No, it's not," said Luffy seriously.

"Stop waiting around!" Buggy's crew screamed.

Luffy grinned. "You gotta be prepared Nami, to risk your own life!!"

You smile remembering how Luffy taught you and Koby that you must be willing to die for your dreams.

"Shoot! Shoot!" the men around you all yell growing frustrated.

A man wearing a purple jesters hat snatches the matches from Nami's hand. "Oi, new girl, stop wasting our time!" he says lighting a match. "You just have to put the fire up against the cannon and light it!" The man goes to light the cannon.

Nami gasps and reacts quickly. Lifting up the side of her orange mini skirt to reveal a small holster on her left thigh. It holds three small orange sticks. Nami swiftly connects the pieces of sticks together making a sturdy staff. She cracks the staff against the man's head, sending him smashing face-first against the ground.

"What the hell?" the men surrounding you all yell. They prepare for a fight and glare at Nami.

Nami tries to calm herself down by taking deep breaths. "Damn it," she says. "What have I done?"

"Nami you idiot!" Buggy yells. "What the hell do you think you're doing!? I Actually gave you the honor of lighting the cannon's fuse because you're my crew member!!"

"What, you're saving us now?" Luffy asks.

"Don't be stupid!" Nami yells.

She looks your way. "I only did that because I wasn't thinking!" she says. "...I did it because..I don't ever want to pretend to be one of these disgusting hideous pirates! Pirates stole the life of someone who was precious to me, I hate pirates more than anything!" Nami grinds her teeth together to stop herself from shaking. 

"Ahh so that's why you don't like pirates..." you say.

You hear Luffy scream and turn to see that the cannon was actually lit the whole time! A flame was traveling along the rope that would set the cannon aimed at Luffy off. 

"Luffy!!' you cry out.

"Crap!" Luffy yells biting at the metal bars. "I'm gonna die!" he says through gritted teeth.

The flame travels along the rope fast, almost reaching the cannon trigger.

"You tried to make a fool out of me, you little bitch!" Buggy screams pointing at Nami. "Kill her in the most painful way!"

Buggy's crew lounges at Nami as she uses her orange staff to block them.

"The fire's still burning," Nami says glancing to look at the flame only inches away from the canon.

"I can't die this way!" Luffy shouts.

Nami uses her orange staff to knock the first row of oncoming men away. She twirls the staff expertly in her hands hitting each man in a vital area. She rushes past the men's fallen bodies to grab the rope, enclosing her hands around the flame. She whimpers in pain as her skin sizzles and the smell of burning flesh fills the air.

Luffy stops grinding his teeth on the metal bars.

"Nami..." you say in disbelief. "You saved him." Your eyes widen as you suddenly notice the rest of Buggy's crew rush over to Nami wielding knives.

"Nami behind you!" you scream.

You all barley notice a figure jump through the air and land swiftly on his feet. You see a flash of green hair as the figure rushes past Nami , two swords in each hand. "How many of you does it take to beat one girl," a familiar voice says knocking all of the men back with the shield of his swords. Blood spurts from a few of the men's mouths and noses as they fall to the ground.

"Zoro!!" Luffy and you yell in unison and smile. 

"Ahh?" Nami says.

You perk up instantly. "Zoro! Its really you!" you say.

"Who else would I be?" he says lowering his two swords.

"I see you're as arrogant as always," you say under your breath as he turns to look at Nami whose collapsed to her knees.

"Did you get hurt?" he asks her.

"I'm okay," she says staring up at Zoro with wide eyes.

"Yes! Thank goodness that you actually found this place!" said Luffy. "Get me out of here quick! And cut (Y/a) loose!"

"You idiots!" Zoro yells looking back and forth between Luffy and you. "Is this your guy's idea of fun!? Getting caught by a bird; carried away and now when I find you both (Y/a)'s tied up and hurt, and you're in a cage, Luffy!! You both are stupid!"

You wince at his words as Luffy grins goofily.

You notice Buggy's crew mumbling amongst themselves while gawking at Zoro. "Hey that guy's Zoro," a man wearing a yellow jumpsuit says. "Is that what they said his name was? Zoro."

"The pirate hunter, Zoro?!" another crewmate says wearing a kangaroo hat. "Why the hell is he talking to that thief?!"

"It's that crew member (Y/a) was telling me about," said Nami wiping the sweat away from her forehead. "Pirate Hunter Zoro..?! What’s  going on here?"

You all gasp when you notice Buggy the Clown appear in front of Zoro with his arms crossed. "You are definitely Zoro," he says cockily. "Are you aiming for my head?"

"Nope..not interested," said Zoro not even bothering to look Buggy's way. "I've stopped hunting pirates..."

Buggy pulls out a set of spinning knives in both his hands. "But I have some interest," said Buggy. "If I kill you, my name will become more famous."

Zoro yawns. "If you don't want to die, then just leave me alone."

Buggy's crew starts to cheer again. "Oooooh! Kill him Captain!" they yell. "Send Zoro's head flying off!!"

Buggy licks one of his knives while glaring at Zoro. "If you don't show your true skills now," said Buggy. You'll soon be covered in blood!"

Zoro unsheathed his swords, putting one in his mouth and one in each of his hands. "Fine," he said through clenched teeth.

In the blink of an eye, Zoro slid past Buggy slicing his body into three pieces. Buggy screamed as his body fell to pieces on the floor.

"Huh!?" Luffy yelled. "That guy was so weak!"

"Oh my god!" you and Nami scream in unison.

Buggy's crewmates start to laugh as an eerie sensation runs through your spine.

Chapter Text

Zoro stood over Buggy's sliced body putting one of his swords back into its sheath. A cool breeze traveled throughout the quiet town making the roof on top of the bar seem just as abandoned as the rest of the town. You all stare in shock.

"He died really easily," said Zoro through clenched teeth. He still had his sword handle in between his teeth and held one sword in his hand.

Buggy's crew laughed amongst each other like they all knew a secret you guys didn't.

You looked at Buggy's body, he was lying face down on the ground. His limbs sliced clean off in six different areas. You see his right hand a few inches away from his body, still clutching at the knife in his hand. You stare at the hand in confusion wondering why its grip didn't loosen on the knife now that it was disconnected from Buggy's body.

"Hey, Zoro!" Luffy yells. "Hurry up and get me out of here!"

Nami stares at Zoro with wide eyes. "What's with these pirates?" she asks in disbelief. "Their Captain died but they're laughing?"

"Hey, Nami!" Luffy says. "Could you untie (Y/a)."

Nami snaps out of her trance and rushes over to you. She picks up a stray knife lying on the ground and uses it to cut your ropes.

"This thing won't open without a key," said Zoro walking over to touch the metal cage Luffy was in. "These iron bars won't slice."

Luffy frowned. "I guess that's true."

Buggy's crew begin to laugh catching your attention. 

"These guys are freaking me out!" you say to Nami as the rope wrapped around your body falls to the ground.

"What is so funny?" asked Zoro glaring at the men. "Just give us the key! I don't want to fight you guys!"

The men ignored Zoro and continued to laugh. Some of them leaned on each under to keep themselves from falling onto the ground with laughter.

You feel yourself blushing on Zoro's behalf. "So rude!" you say. "Are they trying to mock us?!"

"I have a bad feeling about this said Nami, grabbing onto your arm.

"They're pretty weird..." said Luffy.

Zoro jumped and let out a low shout. His eyes widened as blood began to spurt from his mouth. You notice the knife from Buggy's detached hand fly into Zoro’s  lower back and come out through his stomach. The small knife peeked out from the hole in Zoro stomach causing him to fall to his knees. He used the helm of his sword to hold himself up to keep from passing out.

Zoro!!?" you all scream in unison. 

"What's with that flying hand?!" Nami asks.

You try to rush towards Zoro but Nami pulls you back. 

"You can't" she screams. "We don't know what's happening!"

"Let me go!" you say, as Buggy's crew howls with laughter.

The flying hand holding onto the knife that stabbed Zoro violently pulled free from his bloody abdomen. Zoro winced from the pain. The hand flew into the air and prepared to fly down and stab Zoro on the head.

"Zoro!!" you scream fearing for the worse.

Zoro rolls a few feet behind him cluching one hand at his wound and grabbing a sword with the other. He readies his own sword and glares at the flying hand.

"The hand!" Nami yells. "The hand is floating in the air!"

"Dammit.," Zoro says wincing from the wound in his abdomen. He leaned forward holding onto his side as blood dripped from his hand. 

"The Chop Chop fruit!!" Buggy said as his upper body rose into the air behind Zoro.

Your eyes widen when you see the body parts Zoro sliced off of Buggy fly into the air, and snap back into place allowing his body to be whole again. His hand that was holding onto the blood-stained knife was the last body part of his to reattach. Buggy began to laugh like a maniac along with his crew. 

"Chop Chop! That's the name of the Devil fruit that I ate!" said Buggy the Clown. "No matter how you try to slice me up, you can't because I'm a splitting man!!"

He pulls out his rotating spinning knives and sneers at Zoro.

"Another devil fruit user?!" you say.

Nami's jaw drops. "....He stuck his body back together!" Nami says. "I thought that Devil’s fruit was just a myth!"

You noticed Zoro sweating perfuosly as he glared at Buggy. He was wounded pretty bad. 

"A splitting man..." Luffy says. "That guy’s a monster!"

For a moment you, and Zoro look at Luffy in stunned silence. 

You frown. "Says the rubber man!"

Luffy looks confused, and before you can respond Buggy chuckles. "I see I've missed your vital body parts..Roronoa Zoro!" he says. "But it's still a pretty serious injury. It was an okay victory!" 

"Dammit!" said Zoro as his body begins to shake from pain. "I actually knew he had eaten some kind of devil fruit but this type of power...I was careless..." 

You notice the frustration on Zoro's face and can't help but sympathize with him. Damn, you think, If only there was something I could do! 

"Hiiya! The captain's so cool!" one of the crewmen shout from the crowd around you all.

"Kill him off!" another crew member shouts. "Send him off!!"

You feel your stomach knotting up. "We have to do something!" you whisper to Nami. 

"But what?!" she hisses back. "This is a dangerous situation! The situations reversed!" She leans towards you so that you can hear her clearly, but if only for a quick moment. "If we stand around here waiting for those two to make it we'll die. Let's get out of here! These guys are dead!"

You take a step back and glare at her in disgust. "Speak for yourself!" you say. 

“I’m serious!” Nami says. “We can’t beat him!”

”Whatever!” you say bumping past her.

Nami looks shocked. "Y-you'll die for pirates?!" Nami asks. "You’re the one I’m disgusted of!"

You roll your eyes and turn away from her. You see Luffy glaring in Buggy the Clown's direction. It's clear he's worried about Zoro. His very first crewmate. Zoro could not die this way.

You notice that Luffy is clenching his teeth together before he starts to shake his head. "Stabbing from the back!!" he spits out angrily. "That's dirty as hell! You big nose freak!"

Everyone falls deathly silent as Buggy's crew turns pale in the face. "What did he just say!?" they yell in terror.

Buggy's eyes dilate like he's having a seizure. "You..." he breaths out slowly.

"This is bad you say stepping back to be beside Nami. 

"That idiot!" Nami yells grabbing onto your arm in fear. "He could've said anything but that!"

"Who the hell do you think you're calling big nose!" Buggy screamed as his right hand shot out from his arm socket. The hand holding the knife flew towards Luffy who was still sitting cross leg inside of the cage. The knife made a direct hit, sending Luffy's cage flying backwards as his body folded in on itself.

Your breathing stops. "No!" you say.

"Luffy!!" Zoro yells.

Nami and Buggy's eyes widen when the cage slides to a stop a few feet away.

Luffy was bent over from the impact, but suddenly he lifts himself up revealing the knife clutched between his teeth. A piece of the steel from the knife cracks off and falls onto the ground, showcasing how strong Luffy's jaw is. 

"I swear,' he says smiling while still holding the rest of the knife firmly between his teeth. "I'm gonna take you down!!"

"Take me down," said Buggy as if he'd never heard anything so ridiculous. "Hahaha! You're going to take me down!? You're hilarious! You four are gonna die right now on the spot! Painfully and brutally."

Buggy looks at you. "Every last one of you will suffer," he says. He turns to glare at Nami, Zoro and then Luffy.

Zoro spit out some blood and looked unfazed. 

"Everything's finished!" Nami screamed. "We're dead!"

"Haha! I'm not gonna die!" Luffy said laughing right back at Buggy. 

"Oh and just how exactly do you plan to take me down in this situation?" asks Buggy throwing his hands in the air. "Boys laugh at him! Laugh at his stupidity!" Buggy's crew bursts into laughter. 

"Stupid straw hat!" someone yells from the crowd.

"Listen!" said Luffy staring at you and then Zoro. "(Y/a), Zoro! Run away!" Luffy yells.

You look flabbergasted as you and Zoro yell in unison. "What?!"

"You heard me!" Luffy says. "I'm telling the both of you to get away!"

You and Zoro stare at Luffy hesitantly. 

"Hey! Your friends want to rescue you!" said Nami. "But you're telling them to run away!?"

You look at Zoro and he smirks. "You heard our captain."

You nod. 

"Okay," Zoro says as you both take off running in opposite directions.

Nami grabs at her orange hair in shock. "What the hell?! What's going on with you two! This is why I don't trust pirates!"

Buggy's detached hands wielding knives fly after Zoro, and he sends his left leg off to chase after you.

The crew members laugh. "Look they're running away! Even Zoro, what a coward!" says one of Buggy's crew member's.

"They think they can escape from Captain Buggy?" another yells.

Zoro uses his swords to slash at Buggy's flying hands to keep them away. You use your nails to scratch at Buggy's flying leg as it tries to kick you. You and Zoro make your way back around the area and meet in front of the cannon pointing at Luffy to the surprise of Buggy and his crew.

"What the heck?" Nami says when she sees you two running at the cannon from different directions. Zoro pushes past her to get to the cannon. His arms struggle to turn the cannon's aim. Veins pop from his arm as the huge cannon lifts up pointing at the sky before swinging down on it hinges to aim away from Luffy. 

“Alright!” You yell.

The cannon is now pointing at Buggy and his crew.

"I don't believe it!" Nami yells.

Buggy's crew screams and begins to scatter around the roof to avoid the cannon aiming at them. 

Buggy's eyes look like they are about to pop out of his head. "Ahh! You tricked me!" he yells. "That thing still has a Buggy Special Cannonball inside it!!"

"Wahhh!" Luffy says smiling. 

"Hey light the damn cannon!" Zoro says looking at Nami.

"Huh?" Nami says. "Oh.. okay!" She pulls out a match and lights it with trembling hands. 

"Hurry!" Zoro says.

"Stop it!" Buggy yells rushing over towards you all.

Nami seems too shocked to move. You snatch the match from her hand and light the cannon. It goes off with a thunderous bang as Captain Buggy yells for his crew to duck. Half of the roof of the bar is blown to pieces. The sound rings throughout the quiet town as you cover both your ears with your hands.

When you uncover them gray smoke fills the surrounding air clouding you four from sight.

Zoro hutches over. "This is a good time to get out of here now that the smog is hiding us. Good job (Y/a)," he says to you.

You smile when he turns to look at Nami.  "Who are you anyway..? You just got in the way."

Nami flinches at Zoro's words before answering reluctantly. "Oh me. I'm... a thief."

Luffy grins goofily from inside his metal cage. "That kid is our navigator!"

Nami walks over to Luffy's cage clenching her fists. "You're an idiot, aren't you?!" she says. "If you've got time to say things like that then how about thinking of a way to get out of that cage?!"

Luffy smiles. "Hey that's a good idea...I'll do that."

Nami stares at him, contemplating what to say next.

Zoro smiles arrogantly as blood drips from the sides of his mouth. "No, it's okay," he says walking over to Luffy. "You just stay in the cage!"

"Dammit!" Buggy says coughing from somewhere in the smog. "I'm not gonna let any of you escape!!"

You nearly fall over when Zoro reaches his arms out to pick up Luffy in the heavy metal cage. His teeth grind together as sweat pours from his forehead and veins ripple up his arm. 

"Careful!" you say fighting the urge to reach out and stop him.

"Hey Zoro," Luffy says nervously. "It's okay! Your stomach is gonna pop out if you do this!"

Just then blood spurts from the wound in Zoro's stomach. He growls in pain as the cage starts to lift up from the ground. 

"If it wants to pop out," Zoro says through clenched teeth. "Let it!"

Hey wait!" you and Nami shout as Zoro lifts the cage up into the air onto his shoulder. 

Blood splatters to the ground from his wound as he huffs. "Don't butt in by saying anything!!" Zoro says looking at you.

You bite your tongue. 

"But why?" Nami says to you. "Why is he doing this? He's just a pirate!"

Enough," you say somberly. "Just let it go already!"

You all take off running and hop from one connected roof to another to getaway. You turn back briefly to look at the smokey roof nearby where you hear Bugyy yelling. "Where the hell did those guys run off to?!!"

"They're gone captain!" one of his crewmate's yell. "Zoro, Nami, that girl, and even the cage!"

"No way!" Buggy yells. "That cage took five people to drag up here!!"

"Crap it's been stolen," another crew member yells.

"What has?!" Buggy says.

"The cage's key..." his crew member says. "It's gone!"

You, Zoro and Luffy hide behind a roof a few houses down from the bar and listen in on Buggy and his crew. Nami was nowhere in sight. She'd clearly taken this moment to run off and leave you guys on your own.

You frown. "Am I even surprised?" you say to yourself.

Zoro slams Luffy's cage down and falls backwards to sit on the red colored roof. He's breathing heavily and trying to stop the blood flow from his wound.

"Dammit!" Luffy says biting at the metal bars. "Open you stupid cage!"

"They're not on the first floor of the pub!" one of Buggy's crewmember's shout out in the distance. 

"They're not in the village street," another crew member yells in response.

"We're in a dangerous situation here..." Zoro says panting and leaning against Luffy's cage. "But what's been started must be finished, I suppose."

"Those impudent fools!" Buggy screams, loud enough for a whole town to hear. "They dare to steal and toy with me, huh!!!?"

There's a loud crash from back at the bar's roof. 

"Who am I?!" you all hear Buggy scream.

"The Pirate Buggy the Clown, Captain!" his crew responds.

"That's right!" Buggy yells. "I can see quite well we aren't dealing with ordinary thieves!! Of course, this means war!"


You find yourself staring at Zoro as you all walk further and further away from the bar. Zoro is dragging Luffy's cage on the ground behind him. He's covered in sweat. You slow down to keep up with Zoro's pace. "We're now quite far away from that pub where Buggy and his crew are," you say. “We're safe for now. We can stop." 

Zoro exhales loudly. "They won't be able to catch up with us for a while," Zoro says. "Yeah. We've escaped for now, but this cage is starting to annoy me!!"

Luffy agreed while gnawing on the metal bars. Yeah, if this thing won't open I won't be able to fight all those guys if they come."

You open your mouth to respond to Luffy when Zoro stops and releases the cage. He takes a few tiny steps forward. "This is it.." he says falling over like a corpse onto the ground. "I don't have enough blood. I can't walk any longer!"

He turns his head over to look away from you and Luffy and you all pause when you notice a dirty white dog sitting in front of Zoro's body.

"Eh!" Zoro yells lifting up to scoot away from the dog. "What's with this dog!?"

"Dog?" asks Luffy with shock. "It really is a dog."

"It soo cute!" you say smiling at it.

Zoro leans against the building the dog is standing in front of and leaves Luffy's cage near you and the white dog.

You lower yourself to the ground to sit beside Luffy's cage that is in front of the frozen white dog.

"What is this?" said Luffy looking at the still dog. "Is it really a dog.?"

You nod. "It is but its not moving at all. How peculiar."

"Hey Zoro," Luffy says. "Check out this dog with us!"

"Whatever..." Zoro says. "What it does is up to the dog. Right now you've got to think of a way to get out of that cage." Zoro looks at you. "Is you knees alright."

You nod. "They feel fine. It's yourself you should be worried about."

"Tsk! I'm fine," Zoro says looking away from you.

Luffy continues to stare at the dog. "I wonder if it's dead," he says using two fingers to poke the dog in the eyes.

The dog snaps and bites at the cage Luffy is in. Its jaws snap around the bar to bite Luffy's rubber jaw. 

"Arrghhhh!!" Luffy yells.

You scream and rush to stand up and get away from the angry dog. 

"You stupid dog!" Luffy yells pushing it away only for it to bite at his arm. "What the hell?! Stupid dog! What are you doing?"

"Why would you poke the poor thing in the eyes?!" you scream at Luffy who tries to shake the dog off his extended arm.

The dog barks loudly refusing to back down from Luffy.

"You idiots!" Zoro yells at you both. "Do you even know the seriousness of this situation here?!"

Zoro and Luffy stare at each other before Zoro falls backward onto the ground in exhaustion. Luffy does the same, falling back to lay on the cage's floor. The white dog sits in the middle of them and stares at you. 

"You guys are hopeless," you say staring down at them. 

"Stupid dog!" Luffy says in exasperation.

"Dammit...." Zoro says. "I don't have enough blood!"

"You three!" a familiar voice says from behind you. "What on earth are you guys doing...?"

You turn to see Nami with her hands on her hips. "If you just lie around here in the middle of the street Buggy will definitely find you!"

"Hey Navigator," you all say in unison.

"Says who?" Nami screams at you. "I just came to repay my debt to you guy's for saving my life back there."

"Repay?" you say. "How?"

She tosses a key down in front of Luffy's cage. 

"Ahh!" Luffy says. "The key!! You stole the cage key!"

Nami sighs. "Yeah...Even if I think so myself it was really a dumb thing to do," she says. "Because of that, I couldn't steal any of the treasures!"

"Yesss!" Luffy shouts wrapping his fingers around the cage bars. "I was wondering how I could get out of this thing!"

"Heh!" said Zoro smiling through his pain and wincing. "So the trouble we took running away paid off in the end."

Luffy reaches his hand out to grab for the key and you all gasp as the white dog scoops the key up into its mouth using its tongue and swallows it. You all look like you're going to faint.

”No way,” Nami says.

You gasp. 

Luffy reaches his arms through the small bar space to grab the dog by the neck and starts to choke it. "You stupid dog!" he screams. "Spit it out! That thing you just swallowed isn't food!"


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Chapter Text

"Damn it!" Luffy screamed as he continued to choke the white dog. The dog struggled against his tight grip as you all watched in shock.

"He swallowed the key," you said.

"That dog," Zoro said through clenched teeth.

"Oi!! You people!" came the low pitched voice of a man. You all turned to see a man come from behind a house a few feet away from you all. He stood in the middle of the marble streets with a stern expression on his face. He was a tall old man with long white puffy hair. He wore a brown piece of chest armor over his plaid yellow shirt. His black shorts stopped at his knees, and he wore cheaply made sandles. There was brown armor on his lower legs and a spear in his hand. 

"Don't do anything to Shushu!" the man yelled.

"Shushu?" Luffy asks.

"Who are you mister?" Zoro says looking at the man in confusion. His hand rested on his wound to stop the blood that continued to seep through his fingers.

"I'm the village leader, Boodle," the man said. "Or in other words, the chief!"


You stare up at the sky and notice the rain clouds forming above. A few hours had passed since your meeting the village chief Boodle, and after an awkward introduction, he decided to help you all.

"How's Zoro?" Luffy asked the moment Nami and Boodle stepped outside a pale orange house. Luffy was still inside the metal cage Buggy had trapped him in.

"I patched him up now I'm letting him sleep at my house since it's next door," said Boodle walking over to you alongside Nami. "Even though I told him that there's a doctor at the shelter outside of town, he won't listen and says that he'll get better after sleeping. Even though its an enormous injury!"

Luffy laughed.

"Is this dog's name really Shushu?" you asked Boodle.

"Yes," he said. 

"Well, what's Shushu doing here?" you ask,

Boodle sat a bowl of dog food in front of the white dog. "Shushu's guarding this store. I just came to give him some dog food.”

Nami stared up at the house behind Shushu and Boodle and gasped. The storefront had a thick piece of wood nailed across the top of the doorway with the words 'Pet Food' painted across it in yellow paint. "Oh I see!" she said placing her hands on her hip. "You're right. Now that I'm looking carefully it's a store. I see its a pet food store.”

Boodle smiled as a faraway look appeared in his eye. "The owner of this place is my friend," he says. "And ten years ago he opened this store with Shushu. The precious store is filled with cherished memories for the two although I like it too..."

A sad smile spread across Boodle's face. "And he often would joke around with Shushu and leave him in charge of this store. Listen when I'm not here he'd say to Shushu you are the owner, so don't eat our stock! Shushu took those words very seriously as you can see."

You stared at the dirty dog and smiled. "Shushu's really brave!" you say. "Everyone else has fled this town but he remains here alone and unafraid." You kneel softly in front of the dog who eats his food quietly with an apathetic face. Boodle does the same and squats down beside you.

"Look at those wounds," Boodle says staring at the cuts and small open wounds along Shushu’s body. "They're definitely from fighting with those pirates and protecting this store."

"But then, no matter how precious he thinks this store is," said Nami. "What's actually so special about this place? Why is Shushu risking his life for this store, just because his owner said so? Shushu guards this store even though dangerous pirates are the enemy. I want to know why. The store owner is with the other people at the shelter right?"

Boodle put a pipe filled with tobacco up to his lips and inhaled. He walked over to the stoop in front of the pet store and sat down. He rested his arms on his knees and exhaled the tobacco slowly. "No... that guy, Shushu's owner... He's already gone to the next world because of a sickness.

You all look up and listen to Boodle's words closely. 

"Three months ago Shushu's owner was hospitalized and then," said Boodle. "The day he headed to the hospital, right before he left he told Shushu to look after the store. To protect it until he got back."

You stare at Shushu with sad eyes. "Then...could it be that this dog is continuing to wait for his owner to return from the hospital?"

Boddle chuckles. "That's what everyone says, but I see it differently,"  Boodle says. "Since Shushu's an intelligent dog, he knows that his owner's already passed away. “

Luffy stared at Shushu with an unreadable expression.

"Then why still guard the store?" Nami asks.

Boodle takes another hit from his tobacco pipe. "Obviously this store is a treasure to Shushu," Boodle says. "He loved his owner so much and since this is the only property left by his owner. I think he'll continue to guard this store no matter what. It's an unendurable thing. I tried to take him into the shelter a few times, but he won't take a step away from this place...If I just left him here, I think that he'd stay until he starved to death."

You all look at Shushu fondly when a loud deafening roar pierces the air, ruining the touching moment.

Eck!" Nami yells. "W-what is that thing?" she says pointing past Luffy's cage.

Your eyes widen. "Oh crap!"

"T-that is the guy!" said Boodle. "The beast trainer Mohji!!"

Luffy continued to stare at Shushu in frustration, without looking in the direction of Mohji. "Oi, now something's coming," said Luffy. "Give me the key you little thing."

"Run away!!!" Nami and Boodle screamed in unison. They took off running up the marble streets. 

"Unbelievable!" you shout after their retreating figures. "We can't just leave Luffy here. He'll die!"

Shushu barks as you try pulling at the metal bars of Luffy's cage in vain. "What should we do!?" you yell as a huge lion walks over to tower over you and Luffy. It has a bright red mane and terrifyingly sharp teeth. You cower behind Luffy's cage and peek from behind it to see a man in a furry white crop top, and green flowy pants with a black belt. The man is also wearing white bear ears over his small head. He's sitting on top of the giant lion, and his arms are folded in front of him as he looks down at you and Luffy in contempt.

"I'm Buggy's pirate crew member," he says. "The beast trainer Mohji." He smirked and narrowed his eyes at you and Luffy. Hohoho.... so the people you were with just with ditched you two. Poor things and you both tried so hard to get away...Captain Buggy is pretty mad. You guys have committed a serious crime."

"What's that weird hood your wearing?" asks Luffy staring at the white bear ears on top of Mohji's head.

"What!!" Mohji yells.

"I think you made him mad," you say as Mohji gives Luffy a death stare.

"You idiot, watch what you're saying!! This is my hair!" he says pointing to his bear ears. You squint your eyes and notice that his ears are in fact on top of his white low cut hair. 

"Bear head," you and Luffy say in unison.

"That just makes it weirder," Luffy says to Mohji's annoyance.

"Shut up!" Mohji screams. A vein throbs in the center of his forehead and he narrows his gaze to slits. "You're just a stupid girl and you, straw hat, you're in that cage so you don't know how scary I am...." Mohji points at Shushu who continues to stand in front of the Pet Shop. "I'm telling you," he said. "There is no animal in this world that won't obey me! That includes that dog over there!"

Mohji hops off the lion and walks over to Shushu extending his hand. "Shake a paw..." he said to Shushu. Shushu snarls and bites down on Mohji's hand.

Mohji screams and swings the dog off his arm and hurries to jump back on top of his ferocious looking lion. The scene was awkward, to say the least. You tried to hold in your laughter as Mohji sat back on top of the lion with an unreadable expression. "You two are just some nameless common thieves." He said acting as if he’d never tried to tame Shushu and failed.

You burst into laughter as Luffy looks at Mohji like an easy opponent. "I see you gave up on the dog," he says.

Mohji glares down at you and Luffy and you can swear his lion does the same, narrowing its eyes in a deadly gaze. Mohji and his lion were not amused. "I have no reason not to kill you two," he says menacingly. "Now tell me where Roroanoa Zoro is."

Mohji's lion lets out a loud roar causing you to shudder in fear.

"I don't want to," said Luffy clenching his teeth together. He shoots you a serious look and you gulp, grabbing for Shushu who struggles to get out of your arms. You rush over to the pet shop doorstep and release Shushu. You both look to watch Luffy and Mohji. 

Mohji smiles. "I guess I should just kill the straw hat. I believe Buggy wanted you and the other girl alive. He had different plans in mind to punish you two," he sneers at you before turning to glare at Luffy.

"Kill him, Richie!!" Mohji yells as his Lion charges at Luffy. The lion bites into the metal cage snapping it into pieces with the strength of its jaw and the weight of its body.

"Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!" the lion roared as pieces of metal flew in every direction.

"Luffy!" you scream. 

You can hear Nami and Boodle yelling from somewhere in the distance.

Luffy smiles and jumps out of the way of the lion. The lion bites into the empty air where Luffy was sitting moments ago. You watch feeling tense all over. 

The lion Richie growls in annoyance and glares at Luffy. Richie rushes over to Luffy and slams into his body sending him flying into a red house nearby.  The house explodes into pieces when Luffy's body collides against it loudly.

You rush past Mohji and his lion and around the shattered house onto the other side of it and over to Luffy. Shushu stays behind to protect the Pet Shop. 

Richie growls at Shushu and shows all his teeth. 

"What's up?" Mohji says following Richie's gaze to look at Shushu. "Oh...Look at that, Its a pet food store." Mohji smiles evilly. "Goodness Richie," he says patting his lion on the head. "Hurry up and finish your meal!"

Shushu growls back at Richie refusing to back down.


"Luffy! Are you alright?" you ask as soon as you reach him. You place your hand on his arm and lean over to get a good look at him. Luffy's too busy to notice how close you are. He has his right hand on his hat and he's staring at the house he destroyed by crashing through it. "Whoa...what a shock," Luffy says. "I ended up all the way here on the other side."

"How are you even alive?!" you say looking at Luffy. He bends his knees and gets into a fighting stance. Luffy holds up a fist while smiling. "An attack like that can't kill me. I'm gonna defeat that animal tamer (Y/a), and the best part is I'm out of that stuffy cage. Okay, from now on I'm never backing down. After I get rid of all these bad people I'm gonna help you find your family and I'll make Nami the thief my navigator!"

"Whoa!" Nami and Boodle say capturing your attention.

"Hm? It's you guys," Luffy says. You both turn to see Nami and Boodle walking over to you.

"How are you still alive, kid?!" Boodle yells.

"Yeah," Nami says. "How in the world are you alive!?"

"I already asked that," you say crossing your arms in annoyance. "Looks like the two cowards came back, Luffy."

Luffy laughs. "Is it a bad thing that I'm still alive?" he asks.

"You were blasted clear through an entire house, and you don't have a scratch on you!" yelled Nami pointing at the destroyed house. The roof had caved in causing the house to lean awkwardly onto one side. 

"It's freakish!" said Nami looking at Luffy in disbelief.

"I fine with that," said Luffy touching his straw hat.

Boodle started to sweat as he looked at Luffy with a mix of fear and anger. "Why are you even here, anyway," said Boodle. "What's your connection to the pirates?!"

Luffy smiled. "If you need a reason," he said. "I just came up with one! I want that map to the Grand Line and a navigator!"

"What?!" said Boodle. "I don't understand!"

Luffy turned to walk away and you followed after him after turning your nose up at Nami. 

"We're going to go check on Zoro," Luffy said. "I think that weird costume guy was looking for him."

"I think that was actually fur," you say remembering Mohji's white fur-covered chest and ears. "Maybe he's part bear."

"You think so?" asks Luffy.

"Stop you fools!" Boodle calls after you two. "That lion will eat both of you for sure this time!!"

You and Luffy ignore him and make your way around the houses back to the pet shop. When you both turn the corner your eyes widen. You feel your heart sink in your chest. "No!" you gasp.

Shushu is barking desperately as his sits and watches the pet shop burn to the ground. You can hear the grief in each painful bark. Shushu is battered and has wounds all over his body.

You feel your eyes water as Luffy looks at Shushu with an unreadable expression. He's frowning and his hands are in the pockets of his blue shorts.

You find yourself remembering Boodle's words. "It must be because... this store is like a treasure to Shushu that he continues to protect it even though his owner is gone."

Shushu wails at the fire loudly.

"It's his only remembrance of his beloved master," you remember Boodle saying.

You wipe away a few tears as you watch Shushu bark out in despair. Small droplets of water slide from Shushu's own eyes. 

"The dog is crying," you say aloud without thinking.

Luffy doesn't respond.

Boodle's last words about Shushu ring out in your head. "At least that's why I believe Shushu continues to guard this store even though no one he loves will return to this place again."

Luffy turns and begins to walk away at a fast pace. You wipe the last few tears away from your eyes and chase after him.

"Wait! Luffy where are you going?"

Luffy stops in the middle of the marble street after walking past a row of houses and you collide into his back chasing after him. He doesn't move at all from your body hitting his. You peek around Luffy's back and see Mohji on top of his lion walking towards you and Luffy.

"...Hey it's you!" said Mohji sitting with his legs crossed and glaring at Luffy. "But...didn't I already kill you!!?"

Luffy crosses his arms arrogantly and laughs. "You can't kill me that easily. After all, I'm a rubber man."

"Rubberman?" Mohji asks. "Now you've got quite some luck I'll give you that. But I think you must have hit your head, straw hat..." Mohji sneers at Luffy. "I mean you're talking nonsense..."

"Stand back!' Luffy says to you. You do as he says.

Mohji jumps down from his lion Richie while pointing at Luffy. "Showing your face here again was a huge mistake!! Chomp his head off!" he screams to his lion.

Richie roars loudly wasting no time rushing towards Luffy.

"Luffy laughs lowering into a fighting stance and twists his right arm around the left arm over and over again until his arms stretch out around the road in front of him in a long twist. Luffy locks his arms into place as Mohji screams in shock. "W-what the hell!" he says. "His arms...!"

Luffy stretches his twisted arms over to the lion and grabs it by both sides of its face. "Gotcha!" Luffy says.

Luffy's arms begin to unravel at warp speed causing Richie to spin in his hands in a blur. Luffy whips his spinning arms behind before sending his arms flying over his body, smashing the lion down onto the ground with a sickening crack. The lion's head goes through the pavement leaving only its body visible and up in the air, Richie whimpers inaudibly.

Mohji jaw drops as tears pour from his eyes. "Richie!!!"

"Luffy you did it!" you say smiling as he takes deep breaths, leaning onto one knee. His hat sits on the ground beside him.

"What!?" Mohji yells. "Just what the hell are you!?"

"I ate the Gomu Gomu fruit when I was a kid," said Luffy. 

Mohji is sweating as he looks at Luffy in shock. "Gomu Gomu fruit?!" he asks. "Then you have a devil fruit power just like Captain Buggy...!"

Mohji holds up his arms in surrender. "Oi! Okay!" he says. "I'll give you as much treasure as you want!! Please forgive me! I'm sorry!"

"Go to hell!" you yell unable to control your own anger. "You have no idea what Shushu's lost because of you!"

"I didn't mean to!" Mohji yelled. "Forgive me!"

Luffy’s hair covers his eyes as he frowns. "There's no need to apologize," he says to Mohji. "Nothing you can possibly do will bring that dog's treasure back now." Luffy lifted his eyes and you and Mohji gasped. He shot Mohji a venomous look as veins poked out and throbbed from his forehead. His jaw tightened highlighting a small scar on his right cheek. "I came back here to kick your ass!!" growled Luffy.

Luffy stretched his arms out to grab Mohji by the neck.

Mohji stiffened. "Ahh! He's stretching again and all the way over here without moving a step!!!"

"Learn your lesson," Luffy said lifting his leg up as he prepared his left fist and pulled Mohji towards him. You watch muscles form on Luffy's arm as his fist connects with the center of Mohji's face, sending his head to bash loudly against the ground. Blood spurts from Mohji's nose and mouth when the back of his head hits the ground.

Luffy picks up his straw hat and stands up straight. "That was for Shushu," he said to a knocked out Mohji. "Let's go (Y/n)."


Nami and Boodle stand in front of the burned down pet shop watching Shushu sit quietly in front of it. The air felt somber. "They're all the same..!!" Nami said, her lip quivering. "Pirates are all the same!"

Boodle didn't respond. 

"They just causally take everything people hold dear!" Nami screams.

"Nami..." you say catching their attention as you and Luffy walk over to them. You're holding a crushed yellow box of dog food in your hand. Luffy had found the box on Mohji, who'd stolen it from the pet shop.

"Oh," Nami says. "I see you pirates are alive! I was certain you two'll be eaten by that lion."

"How can you say that?" Boodle says scolding Nami.

"What's your problem?" you ask. "For someone who just ran away like a scardey cat you sure have a lot to say!"

"Pirates are scum!" Nami yelled. "You and that straw hat boy are scum!"

"And you are low life thief who'll never get one hundred million beli!" you yell back.

"Hey now," Boodle says. "Let's just all calm down."

Nami freezes and glares at you. "You're the worse!" she says. "You're jealous of me! I'm more useful than you'll ever be! That's why your captain wants me!"

You blush from anger. "We need someone who knows the sea! You could be an ugly hag and we'd still pick you if you knew how to navigate!" you shout. "Your looks mean nothing to us! Your just jealous I have a prettier face! Your big boobs can't hide how ugly you are on the inside!"

You and Nami look ready to attack each other at any moment. Luffy puts a hand on your shoulder instantly calming you down. "We need to get back to Zoro," he says.

You nod trying hard to hide your embarrassment of Luffy seeing you so worked up.

Your both about to walk away when Nami raises her fist and tries to rush at you from behind. Boodle wraps his arms around Nami's to grab her. He tries to calm her down as she struggles against him shooting daggers your way.

"I'll kill you both here and now!" she yells. "I'll do it before you get the chance to gather crewmates and attack towns like this one!!"

"Hey, stop it girl!!" Boodle yells.

You and Luffy just stare at Nami in silence before Luffy sticks out his tongue condescendingly. "As if you could beat me."

"What!?" Nami yells even louder. "Let's find out shall we!? Damn pirate!"

"Let's go (Y/n)," Luffy says turning to walk away. You roll your eyes at Nami and follow behind him.

"Would you three cut it out already!" Boodle yells out from behind you.

Luffy stops in front of the large broken and burnt pieces of wood that was once the pet shop and takes the yellow crushed box of dog food from your hands. He sits the box in front of Shushu who looks at the food intently.

"What's he doing?" you hear Nami say as Boodle loosens his grip on her.

"This was the only thing left," Luffy says sitting down crosslegged to the right side of Shushu.

You sit down on the left of Shushu and pat his head gently.

"There lion ate everything else," you said to Shushu. "Sorry Luffy and I took so long to get back."

You hear Nami gasp and whisper to Boodle. "He...he went to fight the lion just for the dog!"

"You did good!" you say smiling at Shushu. "You put up quite the fight!"

Luffy nods and smiles. "It's not like we were here to see it, but we can tell!"

A bloody Shushu picks up the box of dog food with his mouth and walks off down the marble streets. He stops when he's a few feet away and turns to stare at you and Luffy as if to say thank you and goodbye. The sun peeks through the clouds and shines down on Shushu.

"Woof!" Shushu barks dropping the bag of dog food.

"Yeah!" Luffy yells. "Good luck to you too!"

Shushu continues to bark gratefully as Nami watches, unsure of what she’s seeing. "Pirates don't act this way..."