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Titans of Justice: Little Darts

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July 2030

Lian finished the writing on the cake for Irey. She always made a cake for her whenever she came home.

She also cleaned the fuck out of their apartment. Sure while Irey was gone she did the necessary chores but if she didn't have to it; she didn't.

But yeah she always made Irey a cake. A funfetti cake from box mix with buttercream frosting. And as always she wrote something dirty on the cake in red icing.

This time she was really gonna make Irey blush; it had been so long since Irey was home.

Any minute now Irey would come through the door so Lian slipped her robe off and laid down on their couch.

Because as always she was wearing superhero themed lingerie. This time she got Wonder Woman themed. There was even a lasso of truth.

This was only because Lian worked a superhero themed lingerie store. The employee discounts were great.

Lian smiled as the front door opened.

But she frowned when she saw who it was; Mar'i, Robbie, and Tommy.

The trio stared at her.

She grabbed her robe from the ground. "What the fuck are you guys doing here?"

"My mom and Donna had Watchtower duty. And Aunt Mia and Rose are taking Lili and Demi to visit Grandpa Ollie." Mar'i explained.

"It's Mar'i week at my house and we decided we should bug you." Robbie continued.

"I was with Mia and Rose but left and ended up running into them." Tommy finished.

Lian sighed. "Irey should be here soon. I'm gonna put some clothes on. Don't touch Irey's cake. And don't read it either."

Lian returned a short time later to find Irey sitting on the couch with the trio of teens.

"Hey babe. Please tell me they didn't mess with the cake I made you." Lian weakly smiled.

"No but they read it." Irey's face was bright red.

"I didn't." Tommy said.

"That's cuz you can barely read. I read it out loud for you." Mar'i said.

"I've read worst stuff in your diary from your teen years." Robbie said.

Lian groaned. "You three are going to drive me to drink."

"Well since y'all are here, I'll order some pizzas. Tommy, I don't know what you want so…?" Irey said.

Tommy blinked at her. "Pizza?"

Lian frowned. Surely someone had to have given him pizza in the time he's been here. Then again Rose and Mia preferred homemade food whenever they were home.

"Do you eat meat? Any allergies?" Irey asked.

"Yes and no. In that order." Tommy said.

"Get him a plain pepperoni. That's like basic pizza." Mar'i said.

"Alright. Lian, you still got Damian's credit card information on the fridge?" Irey asked.

"Yup." Lian liked to use Damian's credit card to order food online. He never noticed until the end of the month and he would get so annoyed.

But he never got a new card or anything so Lian and Irey just kept using it. Not like he wasn't rich.

Besides they've done it since they were teens.

"What is pizza? Mia, Rose, and Lili have mentioned it. They were arguing about what to get for dinner. Lili wanted pizza." Tommy looked at Lian.

"It's a circle bread with sauce and cheese and different toppings. You'll see." Lian said.

"You should have invited Lili to sneak out with you." Mar'i said.

"Is she a friend of yours?"

"No she's my cousin."

"What?" Tommy tilted his head.

Yeah everyone knew the Wayne family had relations everywhere. And the bat family did too. Surprisingly no has yet to make the connection. But Tommy was not like everyone else.

"Lili's dad is married to my uncle Jason. And Mia is my aunt through Roy." Mar'i said.

Lian nodded. "Tommy you're gonna find that this family is too big to be normal. I blame Grandpa Bruce and Grandpa Ollie. And Uncle Clark."

"They all had too many children. But mostly Bruce." Robbie added.

"He has an orphan problem." Irey said as she returned to the couch.

"And a condom problem." Lian smirked.

"Ew. That's our grandpa, Lian." Mar'i whined.

"It's true and you should say it." Robbie nodded.

Lian smiled. Sure she was annoyed with the kids showing up and messing up her plans but it was nice to have them all here.

"So anyone gonna acknowledge the elephant in the room?" Tommy asked.

Everyone looked at him. Lian raised an eyebrow.

Irey leaded over the couch. "What's that, kiddo?"

Tommy pointed at Lian. "She was wearing Wonder Woman underwear."

Mar'i and Robbie nodded. Lian wanted to die.

"Yeah, what was up with that, Li?" Robbie chuckled.

"It was on sale. Don't tell Donna. Or Diana. Or Jason Prince. Or Nubia. Or Cassie. Or Artemis. Or Atalanta. Or either Lyta. Or Hippolyta. Just don't tell any Amazon." Lian said.

"What about Grace?" Robbie asked.

Lian shrugged. "Grace has fucked my dad, gave me a package of dental dams when I went on my first date, and use to offer to drive me to a sex store when I still lived at home; I don't care what you tell her about me."

"To be fair, my mom also fucked your dad." Robbie shrugged.

"And my dad. And my mom." Mar'i said.

Irey nodded. "My dad too. Not my mom though. She has standards."

Lian laughed. "Well, Tommy, welcome to my parent or parents fucked Roy Harper club. I'm the president because I was created by his fucking. It's a big club."

Tommy laughed. "You guys are weird. I like you guys."

"Aw thanks, Tommy." Mar'i hugged him. Lian smiled as Tommy froze up in the alien girl's arms.

"I'm gonna put on a movie. Lian, did you get anything new?" Irey was at the bookshelf that held their movies.

"Uncle Gar sent everyone a copy of the new Space Trek movie." Lian said.

"Ugh. I swear those movies are so moded. Let's see, either we can watch the first Sky High movie or season one of Blue Devil." Irey said.

"No Blue Devil. Lili watches it all the time and I hate it." Tommy groaned.

"Heh. Okay. Sky High it is." Irey said.

"How are you liking living with Mia and Rose?"

"It's fine. Mia's nice. Rose is cool. Lili is okay. Demi is adorable. Jason, Eddie, and their other kids are nice too. Sasha's a fun sitter."

"Jason and Eddie? Did Mia and Rose drop you off there or something?" Mar'i asked

"Yeah, Mia and Rose went on a double date with them so me, Lilith, and Demi got ditched there." Tommy explained.

The pizza came in the middle of the movie. Lian gave the delivery girl a fifty as a tip and Tommy enjoyed his first piece of pizza. Mar'i and Robbie split one and Lian split one with Tommy. Irey ate two whole ones.

Before the movie ended Mar'i and Tommy fell asleep on the couch. Lian noticed the time; it was about half past midnight.

"Robbie, you can sleep on the love seat. I'll get blanket for these two." Irey said.

"I'll text Donna and Mia that they're here." Lian said.

Robbie nodded and yawned. "We got the Titans tomorrow."

"Irey will take y'all. I'll take Tommy to Grandpa Ollie's." Lian said.