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Naruto Needs a Tutor

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Maybe Naruto could see where Iruka was coming from when he said he needed a tutor, but it was still humiliating and stupid. He knew he was a dumbass, he didn't need someone else telling him that twice a week. Besides, Naruto didn't care about math - he was a sports kid, he didn't need math to play volleyball.

Failing would be bad, though. He really wanted to graduate.

His steps were slow and measured as he made his way to the small classroom, the sound of his footsteps echoing through the hall. He was stalling. It's not that he was scared, rather he was a bit nervous. He didn't even know who his tutor was going to be, that asshole Iruka didn't tell him. With his luck, he was going to get one of the old, irritating teachers from his school that all already hated him. Fantastic.

It's not really that he was stupid, or at least he tried telling himself - maybe if he just studied harder, he'd get it, he was just lazy. He didn't care about the subject, that's all that it was.

At last he finally reached the door and stopped in his tracks. He took a quick second to adjust his appearance - he pushed a hand through his curly blonde locks and pulled his black coat a little tighter around himself. He adjusted the belt around his waist to actually hold his pants up. After all, he'd rather be presentable on the odd chance that his tutor was someone nice.

It took him a few moments to work up the courage to push the door open. It was one of the smaller classrooms where he usually had his Lit class. Afternoon light shone brightly through the large windows, the late October wind breezing through the one that was open. Naruto's eyes landed on his tutor, a guy with black hair and bangs that fell into his face as he was staring down at a book. He seemed to be Naruto's age but he was definitely not from his class, he doubted he even went to this school. Who was this kid?

"Hey!" Naruto's greeting was cheery as usual. His tutor glanced up at him without moving his head; the black eyes that met Naruto's were full of complete indifference, even boredom, evident through the untamed locks of hair hanging in front of them. The boy pushed his chair back slightly and slowly rose to his feet, finally turning his face to look at Naruto.

Oh no, he was pretty.

"Hey," the response was cold and distant, very much unlike Naruto's. He stuck out an elegant hand, his movements fluid and surprisingly dainty despite his masculine frame. "Sasuke." No last name, apparently. Naruto took a single moment to glance over his tutor now that he saw him standing up. He was lean and pale but wore all black clothes that matches his hair and eyes. Were it not for the almost threatening, cool aura around this guy, Naruto may've cracked a joke about his monochormity, but settled for reaching to take his hand, his dark skin contrasting against Sasuke's pale fingers. His nails were long and painted black. Sexy. Naruto was a sucker for nail polish. Kiba painted his nails all the time back when they were together, it drove Naruto crazy in the best way.
He was pulled out of his thoughts by Sasuke's firm handshake.

"Uzumaki Naruto. I'm the idiot you need to teach."

"Yeah. Sit down.' Naruto tried hard not to get lost in the deep, calm voice. This Sasuke dude surely was cold - he talked like he'd done this too many times before to care. That was probably the case, too. Either way, the collected and almost bored tone lent Sasuke a cool edge and somehow it fit with the rest of the guy perfectly. Naruto took a quick moment to collect himself and focus his thoughts on math rather than wanting to hear Sasuke talk more. Once they were seated (right next to each other, their thighs just inches from touching. If Naruto wanted to, he could just place his hand on that pretty thigh-)

Naruto took some time to process the past few minutes. Alright, alright. Pretty tutor with a deep, charming voice and great style. He was obviously smart, too. Naruto might've hit the jackpot with this one.

Before he could say anything to ease the tense silence between them, Sasuke set down a paper in front of him. "Fill this out. I put this paper together so I know where you stopped following." What a voice. Naruto couldn't help watching Sasuke's pretty hands as they moved.

"Oh, baby, I stopped following way back in elementary school," the sentence flew out of Naruto's mouth without him really giving it a second thought, but it didn't appear that Sasuke was phased by the nickname, he didn't even respond beyond an amused hum. Naruto briefly wondered if he was called baby often. He must've had someone, he was ridiculously hot. Bastard. Naruto took out his single pen and started working on the paper that Sasuke put together - for a few moments, he thought the text was printed, but on closer inspection, he realised that Sasuke's handwriting was just perfectly neat. What a guy. Out of the corner of his eye, Naruto could see him moving - he leaned back in his chair, one of his thighs crossing over the other, his arm resting on his knee and his free hand holding the book he had been reading previously, his slender fingers keeping the pages open. Dreamy. He was so effortlessly pretty, it kind of made Naruto mad. He could barely concentrate on the problems in front of him; it's not like he could solve them anyway. He could still plug the numbers into the quadratic equation but everything past that was shrouded in mystery. Out of ten questions, he could maybe answer three, and he wasn't completely sure on those either.

He gave up in fifteen minutes.

"Arright, that's all I got." Naruto pushed the paper in front of Sasuke and leaned back in his chair, his hands behind his head in a relaxed manner. During the fifteen minutes, he'd accepted his fate as a dumbass - he didn't want to waste Iruka's money pretending he was smart in front of Sasuke when he really couldn't understand anything.

"Already? didn't last long." He watched as Sasuke set down his book after slipping a bookmark in. It seemed like a boring book, it was obviously old, the cover was bright red, it was an eye strain, really. He caught a glimpse of the graphics on the cover as Sasuke slid it into his bag - a yellow star? Weird.

It only took Sasuke a few seconds to evaluate Naruto's paper since he had written so little on it and he placed it down with a little sigh. "Okay. At least I know how much you actually know." Way to make Naruto feel like a dumbass. Well, he was probably right about that. He reached down for his bag that was placed on the floor next to them, digging up a textbook. Apparently he came prepared - he seems to have prepared to accommodate whatever level Naruto was on. He worked in a professional manner, gave him easy to understand explanations in a tone that seemed just a little less bored than before.

The rest of the forty-five minutes was spent actually focusing on math, which is exactly what Naruto came for in theory, but he really wouldn't have minded a bit more conversation that was not trigonometry related. The few times he cracked a joke Sasuke only gave him an amused hum, and he himself stayed perfectly professional. Naruto was beginning to think that Sasuke really was just a stuck-up nerd, but it's not like he could blame the guy - he was getting paid for teaching and he did a great job at it. Naruto was already beginning to understand more of whatever his actual teachers were trying to tell him three years ago. But it was frustrating, sitting right next to this hot guy and having to talk about the subject that bored him the most and not being able to sweet talk him into sitting in his lap.

They parted in the same manner as they met, Sasuke being way too professional for someone his age, and Naruto flashing his signature grin at him as a weak effort at flirting. It seemed like Sasuke had huge walls around him. What a shame.


"You're not gonna believe what happened, right?" Naruto started, sitting on top of his desk, legs rested on the chair under him. Sakura was sitting in the other chair at the desk with Ino on her thigh, and Kiba was leaning on the desk casually.

The pink haired girl was already losing patience and rolling her eyes. "Naruto, I swear to god if this is another story from that dumbass webcomic-"

"No, no, this actually happened," Naruto cut her off, Kiba snorting a bit next to him. "Okay, so, Iruka made me see a math tutor, right?"

"Good on you. You really are going to fail if you keep this up." Ino hummed, her arm wrapping around Sakura's neck lazily.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Naruto rubbed the back of his neck and let out an airy laugh to hide his shame. "But that's not the point of the story - I go in, right, and I expect some old hag to be my tutor, but it's the /prettiest/ guy I've ever seen!"

"Oh, is he?" Kiba hummed, his service dog nosing gently at his side. The girls let out little whistles. "Tell us about him!" Ino encouraged with a grin, glancing down at Sakura before she turned her attention back to Naruto.

"Well, right, he's... He's /gorgeous/, yeah? He's around our age, I think, he's really pale and his hair is /very/ black, I think it's dyed. It's kinda blue-ish, right? And his /eyes/, god, so black and deep, I love them. He's just a bit shorter than me, too, and he's so elegant and dainty... His name is Sasuke," Naruto gushed, a grin on his face as he did so. Kiba couldn't help but laugh at his friend.

"Haven't seen you this excited about someone since that redhead exchange student left." He poked Naruto's side in a teasing manner. "He must be gorgeous, but what's he like, huh?"

"Bet he's an asshole. That's your type," Sakura added.

"Okay, maybe, right, but he's so cool. Detached and cold and he's so smart! And a surprisingly good teacher. I don't know anything else about him, at all," Naruto laughed a bit, leaning back and looking out the window. "It's weird, I'm almost completely sure he doesn't go to this school. I've never seen him before. But the closest school is like, three towns over - maybe he goes there but then why is he tutoring me, right?"

"Mysterious and cool, huh?" Ino chuckled under her breath and started playing with Sakura's hair. "When are you seeing him again?"

"Next Tuesday. I'll have to look hot when I see him again..." Naruto decided to get off his desk since their break was almost over. "I'm due for a root touchup, too."

"I'll do it over the weekend and we can grab you some new clothes, sound good?" Sakura offered, pressing a goodbye kiss to Ino's cheek as the blonde girl got up from her lap.

"Yeah, that would be good. Thanks, Sakura."