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More Than Once Believed

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“Wouldya look at that! Ray’s already asleep! C’mon, we gotta hurry!”

“I’ve got the markers ♪ !”

The two of them hurriedly put their drinks down on the low table in front of the sofa. Seth gleefully tossed a couple colors to Fenrir before turning to Luka, who was watching them curiously. “Do you want to join us? I’ve got orange, purple, green, red…”

“I’ll take the purple.” Luka held out his hand, accepting the marker and crouching down between Seth and Fenrir. The three of them had to hold back their laughter as Ray’s face scrunched up in his sleep, reacting to the feeling of felt tips darting across it. They did not notice Sirius coming up behind them, leaning over to admire their handiwork.

“Oi. You’ll get an earful for that when he wakes up.”

“Aw, don’t ruin the fun like that!” Fenrir laughed aloud as he popped a black marker open. “Watch this!”

Thick black whiskers decorated Ray’s cheeks a moment later, their path tearing through the little cat that Seth had been working on. Dodging the swipe of an orange marker, Fenrir grinned up at Sirius.

“They look terrible. If Ray doesn’t assign you extra training hours, I’ll be surprised.”

Seth sighed irritably, beginning his drawing anew on Ray’s chin. “You old men always know how to ruin the fun.”

“What was that?” Seth yelped as Sirius reached down, fingers pressing into his shoulder. “Would you like to take that statement back? Or should I draw on your face, too?”

“Nooo!! Anything but that!! If you want to draw on anything, draw on our canvas!”

Sirius frowned as he took another sip of his drink, not relinquishing his grip.

“C’mon, Sirius.” Fenrir held up a pink marker, waving it enticingly. “Join in. Just one lil’ thing. A flower, a heart, a crown… you know you wanna.”

Sirius stared for only a moment – before setting his drink down on the table to the sound of cheering. Relieved that their noise level hadn’t woken Ray up, Sirius knelt down before Ray, considering the space that was left on Ray’s face. It wasn’t long before he decided on his spot – drawing a little heart on the tip of Ray’s nose. He meticulously filled it in before leaning back to admire his handiwork. Fenrir followed, reaching back behind Sirius for his glass.

“That’s perfect! What should we add next, Seth? Wanna get something on his neck this time?”

“Now you’re thinking, Fenrir!” Seth reached back to grab a glass as well, and the two of them toasted over Sirius’s head before knocking back. Sirius rolled his eyes as he reached back for his own glass, taking the only one left. He followed the two men on either side of him, swallowing what was left and savoring the taste.

“Hey Seth? Did you take the wrong glass? That wasn’t wine in mine.”

… The taste.

“Of course not! I’ve got white wine in mine. You had red wine.”

Sirius suddenly moved to stand – but too soon, as he suddenly lost his balance and tipped forward.

“Woah, woah, woah!” Strong arms caught Sirius on either side as Fenrir and Seth struggled to keep him upright. “Luka, hey! Help us out, here!”

Luka tossed his marker aside, standing to assist Sirius onto the sofa. “Get some water, I’ll stay with him.” The Jack’s order issued, Seth and Fenrir hurried off, racing towards the kitchen to see who could get it first.

“Luka?” Sirius grinned up at him. “Did you catch me again?”

“Uh, no.” Luka frowned. “That was Fenrir and Seth this time.”

“That’s funny, Luka.” Sirius laughed as he reached up, ruffling Luka’s hair. “Don’t be shy. You can admit that you like helping out.”

Luka slowly turned red, relieved when Fenrir thrust a glass between his face and Sirius’s. “I can admit it when I get you to drink this water, Sirius.” Taking the glass with a thank-you, Luka allowed Sirius to tip his head back and swallow a few sips before placing it on the table.

“Feels better,” Sirius mumbled as he fell back against the sofa. “Cooler.”

“Good. That’s what matters.” Placing it on the table, Luka stepped back. “I’ll come check on you soon, okay?”

“‘Kay.” Sirius smiled warmly up at him, giving a wave as Luka stepped into the ring of people surrounding another table, where Fenrir was arm wrestling one of his men. Sirius watched as their laughter and cheering continued, chewing his lip as he considered the scene.

They’re all having fun over there. I want to go with them, but… Sirius sighed, sinking deeper into the sofa. I can’t move. I’m so sleepy. And I’m lonely. And I’m cold.

Turning his head slightly, Sirius spied Ray on the other side of the sofa. He was still out cold, curled up in a comfortable position against some of the pillows. Moving on a whim, Sirius dragged himself closer, draping himself across Ray’s body and allowing himself a proper look at his features. An amused huff escaped him at the sight, his eyelids slowly slipping shut.  

“You’re cute with those whiskers. Just like a cat.” He reached up, smudging the heart on the edge of Ray’s nose.  “Just perfect, just like you.”

It wasn’t long before his hand fell away, and his body relaxed completely against his king. Welcoming the warm embrace of sleep, Sirius did not notice when Fenrir and Luka came over, tucking a blanket around the both of them. With their King and Queen comfortable, they turned out the crystals in the room and slipped out of the common area.

Ray woke up sooner than he expected. He screwed his eyes shut in an attempt to stay asleep, but his body refused to comply. Instead, it complained, begging for some relief.

It was then that Ray noticed how hot he was. His entire body felt like it was encased in heat. He shifted as quick as he could, attempting to get air moving against his skin.

“Hey. No. You can’t move.”

The deep voice tickled his ear, and Ray froze. The words were adorably pouty, at odds with the usual crisp tone he often heard from the man who was most likely laying on top of him.

“I can’t move?” Ray opened his eyes. He was met with the expected sight of his Queen, bathed in moonlight. His arms were wound firmly about Ray’s body, keeping him in place. He craned his neck to look a little further, spying the blanket that had been placed over them both. “What if I need to?”

“Can’t. You should stay here.”

“Then can you lighten up? You’re crushing me.”

Sirius obeyed immediately, and Ray was happy to push the blanket off them both. Sirius shivered, and Ray sighed as he reached up to embrace Sirius in return.

“I’m not going anywhere. I don’t think I can, with you holding me like this. So don’t worry.”



Sirius leaned his head back, frowning at Ray. “Promise you won’t leave me here alone.”

Ray gazed back, offering up a reassuring smile as Sirius’s eyes seemed unable to completely focus on him. “I promise. Would I ever lie to you?”

Sirius huffed, falling back against Ray. “You lie about work.”

“Just the paperwork.” Ray laughed as he tightened his arms about Sirius, snuggling against him. “That’s all. I wouldn’t lie about this.”


The sleepy reply confirmed Ray’s suspicions – Sirius was asleep within moments, his breathing even against Ray’s cheek. Allowing himself the pleasure, Ray closed his eyes as well.

You’re too cute when drunk, Sirius. I wish I could see this side of you more often.

It wasn’t long after that thought that he too fell asleep, wrapped up in SIrius’s comfortable embrace. The two did not move until morning, when Sirius woke up to the sight of Ray beneath him. He was quick to get up and right his appearance, before disappearing into the kitchen to make breakfast.

However, when Ray woke up, he was not ready to let him forget.