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Dadceit Oneshots and Things

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A Lumpy Bed


“Where did Patton go...” 


Dee entered his bedroom and smiled softly to himself as he noticed the sizable lump in his bed. “Wow, did I mess up in making the bed?” He mused aloud. “Or is something wrong with my mattress.”


He gave a loud “Hmmm” as he approached and he couldn’t help but smile at the giggle he earned. “Maybe I should push it?”


He paused before he began to push down on the lump, “No that didn’t work.”


The sound of footsteps drew his ear and he looked up to see as Logan entered, “Hey Lo, do you have any ideas on how to get lumps out of mattresses?”


The preteen considered him for a moment before he crossed his arms, “Even you should know this Dad?”


“I should?”


“You just need to lay on top of it.”


Dee nodded and did so, “Like this?”


“Exactly, the giggles are how you know it’s working. But might I suggest rolling on it? Or who knows even tickling could work.”


“Truly brilliant Logan.”


It didn’t take long until Patton emerged from under the blanket glasses askew and giggling loudly.


“Patton! What are you doing? Are you gonna help me get out the lum- oh it’s gone.”


“I was the lump Daddy!” Patton proclaimed. 


Dee gave him a surprised look, “You’re not a lump, you’re a Patton!”


“I’m both!”


Dee could only hug and smile at his son in response.