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Renaissance Men

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The office was at the end of the corridor from the elevator, to his right, just as the janitor had told him. The walls were gleaming, fresh-painted and well-preserved, as suited a university, and the pristine white ceilings and chairs in the waiting areas almost enough at making him less uneasy at being around machinery of this kind after Houtou. The letter hed received after three weeks of tense waiting had been polite, interested, but cautiously so, and it was possibly best not to expect too much too early. Just because his circumstances wereunusual, to say the least didnt mean that hed be greeted with enthusiasm or funding for the research for which he was offering himself as a test subject.

The white door at the end of the corridor simply read Chang, and was slightly ajar. Hakkai knocked politely, and an absent Yeah? greeted him in an oddly familiar voice. Hakkai frowned a little, swallowing hard as he pushed the door open.

My names Cho. Cho Hakkai; you replied to a letter of mine about three weeks ago…”

His voice trailed off as the man at the computer screen stopped typing, the sound of the keyboard tray rolling back under the desk punctuating his movement as he stood up, facing Hakkai with a faux welcoming smile. Hakkais breath, and possibly his heart, stopped dead. It was him, of course it was; the man simply didnt know how to give up and die, and damn it, this was the second time Hakkai had given into that complacency.

“Of course. Mr. Cho. Nii extended a hand, the innocence of his expression at odds with what Hakkai knew was going through his mind. Dr. Chang.

Youre supposed to be dead, Hakkai said almost absently, stepping back towards the doorway. The door was ajar, the corridor wasnt too long; as long as Nii hadnt booby-trapped it, escape was a definite possibility

Nii smirked, dropping his hand, obviously enjoying this. Yes, well...dying seems to be something of a hobby of mine, yeah?

Hakkai snorted at that, still carefully poised in the meagre protection of the doorway, suddenly regretting leaving Gojyo behind on what, admittedly, had seemed like a simple trip at the time. And in which of these cupboards will I find the late Dr. Chang?

Nii chuckled, spreading his hands; who, me? Youre looking at the one and only." A quiet tsk. "Quit hovering by the door; you came looking for me, not the other way around, remember?

Hakkais jaw tightened further, dismay sweeping through him. He couldnt trust Nii to help; not least because he was still trying to figure out how having a few dozen tons of rubble fall on him hadnt fazed the man. A mistake, I assure you. Good day. He took a cautious step to the side, keeping him in his line of vision. There was no reason for Nii to attack him, but considering his rationale for unleashing the Wave had amounted to why not?.

Nii sat back down, propping his chin on his hand. Ah, he said conversationally. So youre not interested in knowing what really turned you, then?

Part of Hakkai cursed himself for his predictability as he froze; the rest of him seized onto the crumb of information eagerly. I beg your pardon?

Nii grinned. Youve been misled. He nodded, then turned back to the computer. Do feel free to drop by again any time you want to know the truth, of course.

Hakkai stayed where he was, turning to look at Nii fully again. How have I been misled, exactly?

Nii blinked up at him with elaborate surprise at Hakkais continued presence. Hmm? Oh. All that blood of a thousand youkai nonsense. Utter bullshit, every word of it. Bye-bye."

Hakkai barely managed not to growl, busy dissecting Niis words. They held an unpleasant core of truth, and confirmed too many of his own suspicions ones hed nursed since the first terrifying days of the Wave, and all through the journey west and back, which had reared their ugly heads from low in his belly when weeks and months had passed without a decrease in the subtle constant pressure of insanity behind his eyes. It was only when Gojyo and Sanzo had begun noticing that something was wrong that hed acknowledged it to himself: the thought that perhaps there was something about his physiology that had left some treacherous shard of the Wave still trapped in him. He took a step closer to Nii, caught up and hating himself for falling for the obvious bait. What triggered it, then?

Nii frowned up at him. Make up your mind, will you? He gestured at the chairs facing the desk. Sit, if youre going to stay. If not, get out. I do actually work, you know.

Hakkai sat, his jaw tight with anger behind the smile he plastered onto his face, knowing Nii would see past it. Fine, lets cut to the explanations, then.

Nii smiled greasily. Far more productive. How many youkai did you kill?

Hakkai tensed almost imperceptibly, curling his hands around the chairs arms, where Nii couldnt see them. Im fairly certain I did make a thousand. He let his faint smile add the obviously.

Nii nodded. And who told you about it?

Hakkai tucked away memories of old knives and razor claws, the obscene sound of blood dripping onto his wound, and carefully did not react. The last one I killed. Ive heard others confirm it since, independently.

Nii laughed, almost offensively loud. And that didnt seem a bit convenient to you? That the last of the clan you decimated would be that magical thousandth, and that he would gleefully inform you of that fact before you tore his guts out?

Hakkai stiffened, partly at how complete Niis information was, but mostly at the fact that Nii had zeroed in on the one thought that had driven him, finally, to write to universities asking for any knowledge that they might have. Everything had been so pat - too pat and hed gained just enough distance from it in five years to touch that night again, relive it in words. And the alternative?

Nii grinned, manic. Im just a working stiff these days, you know. Surely you dont expect me to provide answers without payment.

That, oddly enough, relaxed him a little. The helpfulness had been somewhat too.helpful. Ive brought funds that I hope will be sufficient to fund your time and any research you may want to conduct. The card lay heavy in his pocket, and Sanzo would boil to know where it was goingbut Nii had a reputation one Hakkai knew firsthand. If his curiosity could lead him to provide the answers Hakkai needed, did it matter who he was?

Research? Nii quirked an eyebrow. Just what is it youd like me to do for you?

Hakkai swallowed, schooling himself to stillness. I was hoping for answers on the process of my transformation. He shook his head, wary of revealing too much to Nii of all people, but the prospect of knowing “…and I seem to be struggling with the after-effects of the Wave rather longer than most of my counterparts.

Nii frowned thoughtfully, nodding after a minute. Rather a lot of expensive tests, to find out what you want to know. And some hassle for me, of course, to get the required equipment freed up for an entire day. He gave Hakkai a slow look, obviously testing him. Hakkai returned it levelly, nodding in silent assent. Still, it can be done. The eyebrow quirk, again. The price, though...what will you be willing to pay, I wonder?

Hakkai had known better than to relax; it didnt stop him from stiffening further, although he was paradoxically relieved by the less than noble motivation. That would depend on your terms, don't you think? I doubt you're referring to cash, somehow.

Nii grinned widely. Very good. No, I really dont need money. What I want…” His gaze oozed over Hakkais body, setting off a chain reaction of memories that lead right back to dungeons and claws. is you.

Keeping his voice steady was an effort. Meaning?

Try not to bore me, hm? I want you. Your body. In exchange for giving you the answers you want, Cho Hakkai, I want to fuck you.

And there it was, the one price that would truly exact something from him. 

Hakkai swallowed hard, his mind racing over possibilities (none), alternatives (none), and probable consequences (many). There might be another way, but the idea of spending months or years searching for an inferior answer, when Nii could tell him what he needed to know in a matter of days was less than palatable. Returning here would require much, much more than staying. He'd done worse, and for nothing more than his own satisfaction; what was one more sin in a lifetime of them, if it got him the answers that he needed?

Gojyo... Gojyo would understand, should he ever find out - which he wouldn't..

Hakkai nodded slowly, standing up, finding refuge in detachment, still disbelieving what he was about to say. Payment on delivery of results, then.

“Do me the courtesy of not taking me for a fool.

My business ethics arent questionable.

That earned him a Look. As a token of goodwill, let me give you some want to talk to the man who designed the Minus Wave. What was his name again?

Hakkais smile widened reflexively, hiding the rage seething in his throat. All right, he said, schooling his voice to softness.

Is that an acceptance of my terms?

Hakkai nodded tightly. I suppose well meet on the day of the tests, then. Ill be in contact.

I proposed terms for tests, research, and answers to why the Minus wave seems to be lingering with you. Nii licked his lips, drawing it out deliberately. In exchange for the truth about your original transformation...well, I believe that requires a show of good faith. A down payment.

Hakkai pushed the chair back, ignoring the sour taste of disgust in his mouth as he watched him like a hawk, not wanting to overextend; he had only the most tenuous control over the situation as it was. What do you want?

The grin widened, grew even greasier. Such a tiny piece of informationyet so important. He hummed contemplatively. I think a blowjob should be sufficient.

Hakkai took a deep breath, reminding himself that tearing Nii apart with bare (clawless) hands would be counterproductive. He gritted his teeth as he walked around the desk to Nii, who turned to face him with a wary leer. Remember, Im the only one who can give you what you want.

Hakkai almost laughed aloud at that; as if there could be any other reason. Sank smoothly to his knees, not about to give Nii the chance to prolong this with any foreplay; this would be, after all, precisely as humiliating as Hakkai allowed it to be. Afraid Ill bite it off, Doctor?

Hardly, Nii chuckled. You seem to prefer the blood on your hands, where you can see it. His hand combed through Hakkais hair for a moment before Hakkai pulled away. Shall I tell you first? Good faith, and all that?

Hakkais lip curled in a snarl as he reached for Niis fly. Multitask, he snapped. Id rather not draw this out.


The colours on the screen bloomed and collapsed, every detail of his brain laid out for him to read, if only he knew how. It was morbidly fascinating to watch himself laid bare and reduced to data like this, and frankly, anything that distracted him from memories of yesterday (or speculation on the next two hours) would be welcome. Look at that, Nii whispered to himself, and Hakkai shivered. Still, it was unsettling to see the rapt look on Niis face as he studied the data, the distracted, mechanical way hed chewed his way through the takeout carton of noodles hed brought with him. If watching his secrets revealed was disturbing, and strangely invasive, it was worse to see the detachment in Niis appreciation, even though Hakkai had agreed even asked him to.

Is it finished?

Nii grunted, nodding emphatically without bothering to look up from the screen, apparently just reminded that Hakkai was there. For some reason, Hakkai was rather inclined to believe that; the man had spent far too much time completely oblivious to his presence. Nii cleared his throat, visibly pulling himself back. The good news is that I know why the wave isnt fading on you.

Hakkai crossed his arms and quelled his pang of hope. Why is that?

Nii looked at him sideways, a smirk playing on his lips. Because it never affected you at all.

And the bottom dropped out of his world except that it hadnt, really; wasnt this exactly why hed sought help for what should have been obvious? “…what?

Nii snickered. Sorry, sunshine, but it looks like youre screwed for a cure.

Calm. This hinged on him being calm; open emotion would only be incentive for Nii to toy with him further. I know what it was like to remove my limiters during the Wave.

Ever heard of the placebo effect?

All youkai were affected to some extent as you should know. Im not a simpleton.

Nii turned his chair and braced his foot on the desk, leaning back and fixing Hakkai with a derisive look. Nor, in the strictest sense, are you youkai. I designed the fucking thing, yeah? You weren't affected.

Hakkai tucked away the momentary flash of fear. Explain.

Nii smirked evilly. Ah, and there lies everything you came here for, hm? I'm afraid I can't tell you that, just yet.

And there it was: the bite of the leash. Hed been wondering how much more he could get away with. Hakkai stepped back and to the side to face Nii, giving him a wry smile, wrapped in ironclad resignation. I thought scientists were notorious for poor business skills.

Nii spread his hands in apology, a gesture mocked by his wolfish grin. Im a renaissance man. And your payment is due.

Hakkai returned it, equally predatory, not giving an inch. Complacency was dangerous, but Nii could only inflict so much pain and likely less than Hakkai himself had, in the past. As we agreed. Where would you like me to bend over?

Nii chuckled. You know, I like you. Kindred spirit, or some shit. He licked his lips, obscenely. But thats not how this is going to work.

Hakkai snorted, arms at his sides in a perfect image of ease under Niis hungry scrutiny. I apologise for my presumption. I didnt realise youd prefer me to top.

Nii cracked up, his head falling back as he laughed, apparently genuinely amused. Ah, I do like you, he said, the honesty in his voice startling, and disturbing. Hate, Hakkai knew intimately, from a thousand war-cries and the seeking of vengeance; obsession, hed learned from his cradle, and perfected on the canvas of his sisters body; it was the sincerity of Niis disinterest that made him so dangerous. He took a long, deep breath, fixing Hakkai with a look just shy of obscenity. Make no mistake, sweetcakes. Today, youre my toy.

Hakkai swallowed, keeping himself poised with an effort of will; tilted his head, an open challenge in his gaze as he resigned himself to what was to come. Hed spent all night in uneasy thought, the memory of surprisingly soft skin under his hands

and his tongue

repellent and fascinating at once, the deliberate indulgence of the emotional masochism hed been too often accused of enjoying not to admit to himself. Hed sunk to his knees as smoothly as any boy brought up Catholic, and despite the distinctly ungodly nature of why he had, the dispassionate precision with which hed mouthed prayers to the false gods of his caretakers applied as much to the taste of skin, the mechanics of stimulation, the controlling of pleasure, and giving Niis hands tacit permission to guide him faster, harder, deeper. Stimulus, response. Pleasure, fulfillment. Completion, reward. The mathematics of the situation had been simple then, and hed known even at the time that it had been dangerously simple; a delicate sort of sparring both had recognised to be the prelude it was. The deeper he was drawn into this, the worse it would be, and part of him craved the pain; pleasure was more to be feared.

I let you get away with it yesterday, because I rather like my blowjobs quick and dirty, hm? But I prefer my pets responsive, and Im going to want to watch this.

As hed thought, then. I seem to be getting more information on your sexual predilections than my condition. And I'd rather be on my way by sunset, if it's all the same to you.

Nii chuckled, amused. Youre going to know more, in short order. Hakkai placed his hand on the desk, watching him as Nii stood up, pushing his chair back with his legs before cupping the back of Hakkais neck with his hand, pulling him closer.

Hakkai didnt resist, stepping in and tilting his head a little. Id prefer not to kiss, he probed. Either Nii would share his preference and drop it, or hed know how far this could go.

Aww, thats not nice, Nii smirked. For you, I mean. Were working a strictly quid pro quo system here, sunshine.

The pet name grated more with each repetition; Hakkai gritted his teeth, shrugging a little. As you wish.

Nii hummed in amusement, tugging him in to cover Hakkais mouth with his own; leaving part of Hakkai to wonder whether he would have bothered if Hakkai hadnt said anything. He just barely returned the kiss, hands loose at his sides, not giving Nii the satisfaction of tension or resistance.

Nii pulled back with an exaggeratedly disapproving look. Youre not going to get anywhere terribly enlightening that way, you know.

Hakkai ground his teeth for a moment, letting rage build in his throat and fuel his movements as he dragged Nii forward into a brief, rough kiss, distantly surprised at his own response to it, and to Niis goading. Broke away, his gaze fixed on Niis mouth, ignoring the way his hand tightened on Hakkais neck. Says the priest with an erection.

Heretic priest. That bits important, Nii grinned. It was always too late for me to claim purity, so I might as well enjoy depravity. He pulled Hakkai in again, nipping sharply at his lip.

The urge to hurt him as badly as Nii no doubt would was strong, but it was balanced by an acute awareness of just how strong Nii himself was, and how far south this could go if he tried. He pulled him closer, a rough sound of impatience trapped between their mouths as they kissed, muffling Niis hum of approval. Niis hand slid into his hair, holding him in place, and his lips brushed Hakkais when he breathed, Your brain is still human. Neat, hm?

Hakkai froze, barely aware of Niis mouth on the soft skin beneath his jaw. The words were a splash of cold water, and he frowned. What?

Chuckling against his throat, Nii sank his teeth into the vulnerable skin, making Hakkai tremble with restrained instinct and reluctant pleasure. Multitask, yeah? he murmured, licking a long line up to Hakkais ear.

A growl nearly escaped Hakkai, an he hated the slight catch in his breath as Nii nipped his earlobe. Dropped his hands to undo the top three buttons of Nii s shirt, scratching a thin line of red over his collarbone as he rolled his hips, focusing himself with the taunt. I humbly apologise.

Nii shivered against him, nudging him to spread his legs, pressing his knee between them when Hakkai obeyed, the friction damnably good. Your brain isnt youkai, so…” Oh, gods, he was licking over the lowest limiter, a shudder racing down Hakkais spine at the invasion of the touch. No wave for you.

Hakkai pulled away from his mouth, disguising it by ducking his head to lick and nip at the hollow of Niis throat. And when I transform?

A lean thigh slid high and tight between Hakkais; Nii pulled him in close with an arm around his waist, rocking against him. Smoke and mirrors. You look youkai, can access certain fun abilities, but…” Deft hands pulling Hakkais shirt from his pants, soft voice in his ear. Inside, nothing changes.

Sucking in an unsteady breath, Hakkai let his head fall forward, working faster at Niis shirt. The theory was plausible enough - horrific enough that he couldnt help but believe it; he'd begun his crusade as a human, after all.  He let his hand trail over Niis chest and tried not to react to the delicious friction against his arousal, casting about for something to adulterate the inevitability of it, for all the good it would do. The loss of control disproves that.

Niis fingers slipped under his shirt, skated over his skin, light, teasing, exploring him. Dead wrong, sunshine, he purred, nibbling at the skin just below and behind Hakkais ear, a thrill of sensation Hakkai hated. Hows your memory for your free time?

Hakkai exhaled shakily, staying still under Niis hands as he returned the caresses, watching his reactions, pleased with his quiet hiss when Hakkai pinched his nipple, nipping at his breastbone as he turned his attentions to Niis pants. Clear, he replied quietly. Extraordinarily so.

The retaliation took the form of fingers sliding briefly over the scar on his belly, a curl of nausea rising in its wake. No one touched the scar, not even Hakkai forced that train of thought away, tilting his face up obediently at the press of Nii's thumb, eyes showing nothing. Thought so. Same thing causes both. Niis mouth pressed to his again even, demanding and rough; Hakkai returned it reluctantly, tugging Niis pants over his hips, enjoying the tiny victory of being more clothed than Nii.

Niis pressed Hakkai against the desk with a roll of his hips, and his hand slid around his throat, waiting for Hakkais reaction with a sharklike grin. Hakkai froze for a moment, but he simply couldn't surrender so easily. His hand slid around Niis throat, mirroring his action, and he let his nails bite, watching Nii from beneath his lashes with a predatory smile.Still want those limiters off? The freedom to unleash himself here was a paradox, but a welcome one, and the wild grin on Niis face only sharpened it. You said youd talk. Talk.

Nii leaned easily into his hand, thrilling the predator within, an almost manic thread in his voice. And you said youd pay. Youre still in debt, kiddo.

He forced Hakkais head back, teeth breaking the skin of Hakkais throat, making him hiss, his eyes closing despite himself at the pleasure that raced through him. Hakkai squeezed Niis throat hard before raking his nails down his chest, his other hand wrapping around and stroking Niis cock, making him groan. Wriggled against him enticingly, licking his lips. Oh? Do tell me how to pay.

A rough lick over bitten skin, making him flinch, and Nii bucked hard against him. Careful, boy. Gamesll cost you. Hakkai spread his legs further in lieu of a reply, his predatory gaze a direct contrast to the invitation his body gave. Nii licked up his throat, grinned as he looked at him, tugging Hakkais thigh up and against himself as he shifted to stand between Hakkai's legs, his voice a smug purr. Ill take a kiss in apology.

Hakkai moaned softly, unable to help his body's response to the pressure against his arousal, or the wicked tongue against his neck. Restrained himself from biting at Niis mouth the way both of them wanted, giving him a slow, deep kiss instead, curling his hand around his neck in a parody of affection. Nii returned it equally gently, breaking after a moment. Oh, sorry, I didnt know you wanted to spend all day making love. He shrugged. Your call, of course.

Hakkai almost smirked, grimly amused. Not with you, at any rate, he said almost mildly, biting down on Niis lip until he broke the skin, scratching bloody lines across his neck as he kissed him viciously hard, leg sliding up around Niis hip. Nii returned it every bit as fiercely, hand clenching in a handful of Hakkais hair, demanding a surrender he evaded by breaking the kiss. Better? Hakkai purred, shifting back to sit on the desk, curling his leg tighter around Nii as he twisted his nipple viciously hard, enjoying the way pleasure and pain collided in the creasing of Niis brow.

Nii yanked his head roughly to the side, tongue snaking over his limiters, nipping at them as he spoke; Hakkai shivered convulsively, part of him enjoying the distinctly Bad touch while the rest flinched away from it. I designed it for structures in Youkai brains that humans don't have. You don't have them, even unlimitered. Nor vestigial organs that differ. Nothing outside of cosmetic changes and a perfect storm of activity in your temporal, occipital and limbic regions.

He seized a limiter between his teeth, pulled it off before Hakkai could do more than open his mouth to ask what he meant, the words torn away with a gasp and a muffled moan. Everything sharpened, the scent of arousal, the feel of polished wood beneath him, hot flesh pressed to his as Nii tugged them closer together, the harsh sound of Niis breath in his ear suddenly almost deafening. Hakkai moaned, closing his eyes to Niis scrutiny, to the terrifyingly loud clink of the limiter set down on wood. It all gets deeper, yeah? Louder, brighter, more confusing, harder to discern or control. His hand slid over Hakkais nipple before pinching it; pain and pleasure twined together, inextricable and irresistible, and he couldnt stop himself gasping, or arching against him.

His hands stilled on Nii as he adjusted to the bizarre halfway-point to his unlimitered self that hed never really experienced before. Then Nii curled his hand around his cock, stroking him slowly as he bit a trail down his throat, and Hakkai was helpless before the pleasure this time. His breath caught and he rocked against him as Niis tongue flicked against his nipple. The powers…”

Niis tongue dragged up his chest. Cant tell you why they are what they are, but it looks like a simultaneous accessing of all levels of consciousness. He pushed Hakkai to lean back on the desk. No boundaries between them. That's why you can't control the killer in you, unless you're faced with something stronger. Hakkai nodded, inhaling a shuddering breath. Purpose had been the defining characteristic of every time hed removed them; an unconscious defense, perhaps, against the very danger Nii detailed now. It made perfect, sickening sense, and Nii smirked at him, obviously reading his expression. Why you would happily have torn Goku to shreds, but the half-breed was off-limits.

Gojyo .

The thought of him was like a splash of cold water, nausea curling low in his belly, the familiar anger seething up in response, concealing and subsuming it. Nii touching the one thing Hakkai had so resolutely kept separatehe ached for a knife, though there was only one person he could truly justify turning it against.

Nii hadnt forced him, after all.


Nii tugged Hakkais pants down his legs, smirking a little as he dropped them to the floor. Gojyo. Seems to be in so deep that he overpowers everything else.

Even kneeling before him the previous day hadnt seemed quite as intimate or invasive as this clinical dissection of his self. “…why?

Best guess? Youre a gosling.

It took a moment to register, but something like amusement rose in its wake, dampening the rage. Oh, gods, he murmured, covering his eyes with his hand, stealing a moment of refuge from Niis frankly lustful gaze behind it.

He found you, after Hyakuganmaohs place, yeah? Almost comatose for weeks of recovery in his house. Hakkai had a moment to wonder at the extent of his knowledge before Niis hands were gliding up the sensitive insides of his thighs, making him whimper, tugging his senses back towards pleasure.

A human limiter, of sorts? He stroked the hollow of Niis throat with his thumb, needing to keep him talking, indulging in a pleasant moment of imagining how easy it would be to snap that neck.

If you like. Nii shivered, clearly reading Hakkais intent. Slightly heightened brain activity even when fully limitered, weakened state and minimal consciousness...perfect recipe for an imprint. He stroked over Hakkais legs, curled his hands around Hakkais hips until they pressed together. Hakkai moaned, a low rough sound, watching Nii as he rocked against him.

Niis hand skimmed over his cock, and Hakkai shivered, trying not to rock into it, to keep his coherence against the rising pleasure of Niis touch. But my brain isnt…”

Not youkai, no, Nii chuckled, stroking him again. But not entirely human, either. After all…” he plucked another limiter from Hakkais ear, too fast to be stopped. Humans dont work like this.

Hakkai growled a low, deep sound, the change sweeping through him like the wave hed thought it was, back arching, eyes closing, skin exquisitely sensitive as his body trembled on the line between human and.not, barely held at bay by the last limiter. He opened his eyes halfway to look at Nii, some part wondering distantly what colour the real one was in this state even as he rocked into his hand, fingers digging into his shoulder.

Nii watched him greedily, voice sharp with lust as he continued. No, youre something else altogether. His tongue flicked out over Hakkais mouth, and gods help him, but he couldnt not part his lips under the touch. And it's far more you than the human ever was.

Hakkai shivered, torn between discomfort and arousal. No, he breathed, a denial that was both reflexive and pointless. How are you even human, his mind threw back at him in a mocking echo; he walled away the memories of dungeons and mahjongg tiles with practised alacrity, shaking a little.

Nii grinned, giving him a brief kiss, catching his lip between teeth and tongue for a second. His hum of appreciation vibrated against Hakkai's mouth. What do you see?

He laid his teeth to Hakkais jaw at the same time his hand curled around his cock, sharp pain and welling pleasure, leaving Hakkai to blink, briefly confused by the question, disoriented by the stimulation. Its not very different, he said at last, taking in an unsteady breath as he fought to think past arousal and shame and anger, not succeeding very well. Hed survived fighting Goku fighting the Seiten Taisei despite it, after all. Some doublingcolours. Blurred images, fracturing at the edge in blood and vines. Hed thought that was an effect of the circumstances hed removed his limiters under, until the first tentative experiments after the Wave. Cant see them too well.

Hakkai dragged him into another kiss, needing to keep him talking, some part of him craving the sickening feeling of Niis words scraping at exposed nerves and raw wounds, punishment to balance out anything else he might feel in this. Curled a hand around Niis neck, supporting himself as he let the other wander over his torso, ceding control of the kiss to Nii, held hostage by nicotine-stained fingers in his hair. Very nice, Nii purred against his mouth, pressing into Hakkais hands, despite the lengthening and sharpening of his claws. Hakkai wrinkled his nose in distaste at the compliment, although he schooled his face to blankness almost immediately. Dissonance. The fake eye was made for a human, so the reconciliation is imperfect. The man's voice leered enough to make the greasy smirk on his mouth irrelevant. "It's not providing enough...input," he joked, and Hakkai's stomach turned. Nii lifted his hand from Hakkai's cock to his chest, pushing him to lie back. I could make you a better one. The price would be high, but judging by this, you might even be willing to pay it, hm?

Hakkai snarled, curling his fingers, clawing at the smooth skin of Niis chest and stomach, aware that only the inadequate sharpness of his nails kept him from ripping it open, entirely unsure whether he regretted that or enjoyed it. Fuck you, he spat, curling his hand around Niis throat, squeezing tightly for a second, rolling his hips against him. . Nii held his gaze steadily, leaned pointedly into Hakkais grip, emphasising his helplessness by enhancing his own. The knowledge that he knew Hakkai would know exactly what he meant by it stung; Hakkai let go, scratching a bloody line across Niis neck with his little finger as his hand slid free, a reminder.

Nii grinned, swaying forward slightly to keep in contact as Hakkai lay back smoothly and spread his legs. Well, get fucked by me, in any case, he purred. Hakkai scowled at the remark, watched him like a hawk as he rummaged in the drawer to the right, relaxing only when he was sure the only thing Nii brought out was a bottle of lube. “And you'll play nice, won't you, sunshine?" He looked back at Hakkai with a raised eyebrow. “Because you want what I can give you far too much to take chances. Damn the man for managing to state the obvious in a way that made it grate all over again.

Hakkais lips curled in a tiny smile, his eyes closing; he didnt have to look at Niis smirk to know it was there. He spread his legs in blatant invitation, watching Nii with narrowed eyes, not gracing the obvious provocation with a response.

Niis smirk grew as he pressed two fingers to his entrance, barely enough to be felt, his other hand stroking Hakkais cock; Hakkai tilted his head back, giving him an openly challenging look as he rocked into his hand, only tensing for a moment as Niis fingers began massaging his entrance. I thought I was playing nice.

Well youre enjoying it enough Nii grinned. His fingers pressed in quickly, roughly, making Hakkai groan as pleasure and pain collided in his body, leaving his breath quickened and his skin tingling. No matter what youre trying to tell yourself.

He blocked the pain swiftly, easily; this wasnt the worst hed felt by a long shot, after all. The pleasure Niis other hand was inflicting was, however, harder to ignore; he let his head fall back rather than meet Niis eyes, hand clenching into a fist. Involuntary.

Teeth on the inside of his thigh, Niis voice amused, knowing, as wickedly confident as the fingers fucking him deep and slow. If you insist. But Ive seen the scans, sunshine. He pressed against Hakkais prostate, and Hakkai made a sharp sound of surprise and need, his eyes fluttering closed as he squirmed against him, the pleasure only sharpened by blocking away the knowledge however tenuously of the man giving it to him. Nii chuckled, and the brief respite frayed as he scissored his fingers, stretching Hakkai as efficiently as he undid his resolve. Sensory input run rampantbut its all you. A third finger now, and Hakkai whined softly, the sting of the stretch balancing the pleasure as guilt warred with satisfaction. Unleashed, uncontrolled you.

The words made him shiver with their truth; he exhaled a sharp, rough sound, fixing Nii with a truly poisonous glare, hands clenching, carving bloody crescents into his palms. Response tostimulus. The tremor in his voice, the shaking of his breath were eloquent, undeniable, but Nii could never have forced him into this position, and he held onto that thin reassurance.

Before the limiters came off? Niis fingers dragged over his prostate as he pulled them out of him, excruciating pleasure edged with frustration; Hakkai moaned, unable to stop himself writhing under it, the pleasure every touch gave him only sharpened by the pain he craved. The sound of Nii slicking himself sent a thrill of anticipation through him, and he swallowed hard, watching him. Stimulus…” Nii purred, positioning himself and gripping Hakkais thighs, holding him steady. “…and knowing you dont have to give a fuck when you make me bleed.

Hakkai cried out, as much from the words as the feel of penetration, his head falling back, teeth gritted as he fought for silence. He pushed up to grab a handful of Niis hair, tugging him roughly forward as he lay back on the desk. Nii growled, bracing himself on the desk with Hakkai's knees hooked around his arms, rocking deep into him.

Hakkai matched his growl as Nii crushed their mouths together in a vicious kiss, grinding hard against him. He raked vindictive nails over Niis back, his other hand digging into his shoulder as he kissed him back, muffling a groan in it, biting at his mouth, delighting in being able to hurt him as he was being hurt. Nii only groaned encouragement, his eyes glittering with lust as he pulled away to watch him. Thats it, he breathed, and sank his teeth into Hakkais throat, settling into a quick, rough rhythm.

Hakkai snarled as he rocked back against him, almost disappointed by the pains fading, a sound of pure need caught in his throat. This brutal rhythm was solace in a way pure pleasure would not have been. He raked red trails over Niis skin, curling his legs around Nii's waist when he let them go, hissing when a hand clenched in his hair, forcing him to look at him. He raised a hand to his mouth, holding Niis gaze as he flicked his tongue out to lap at the blood on his nails, clenching down around him, savagely satisfied by the naked flare of lust in his eyes, the rough raw edge to his groan.

A wicked grin curved Niis mouth; he curled his hand around Hakkais throat, thrusting punishingly hard into him, using the tightening of Hakkais body against him until Hakkai went pliant, his eyes squeezing shut as he fought to maintain the line between pain and pleasure. His lips parted, nails digging into Niis wrist as he let the tiny sounds in his throat escape at last, giving in. Then Niis hand was gripping his wrist, guiding him to stroke himself; he complied, legs tightening around Nii as he sought his climax, mindless with need and the colliding impulses of body and mind. Nii's mouth again, hand tight around his throat, and he responded fiercely, rocking back hard as he surrendered to the moment.

Nii let go of Hakkais cock to tangle his hand in his hair again, twisting his head roughly to the side, loosening his grip on his throat enough to lean in, bite his ear. Come on, then, he purred, and tugged the last limiter off with his teeth in one smooth movement.

Hakkai cried out, the sudden shift of his perception disorienting him, total clarity throwing his senses into confusion for a moment, sound blurring into sight, scent into taste, before it tilted from just enough to too much, and he was coming hard over his hand and stomach and chest. Tried instinctively to twist away from Niis mouth as he fought to control the riptide of sensation taking over his body, pleasure overextended almost to pain and ending as neither.

He was only vaguely aware of Niis cry of pleasure, his quickening pace. Hard grip around his throat, and he dug his claws into soft flesh in a flash of panic, breaking skin as he twisted it off. He yanked Nii forward in the same movement, swallowing his groan of release in a vicious kiss, grinding against him hard, letting Niis movements draw out his own orgasm. Nii curled his hand around his shoulder for leverage, shuddering as Hakkais teeth split his lip, his movements slowing as his climax ebbed.

Nii finally broke the kiss with a rough exhalation and a bite, making Hakkai shudder; his body was trembling in the aftermath, and Niis proximity invasion - was quickly growing unbearable. He pushed at him, a warning.

Nii only laughed. Patience, kiddo. The pinch of metal on his ear, and one limiter was back on, the wave of sensation fading, the familiar gnawing nausea welling in its wake. He shuddered again, uncomfortable, as Nii moved back and out of him. You won't forget, no matter how quickly you get dressed.

Hakkai closed his eyes, not bothering to contradict him as he reached for the tissues Nii dropped next to him, cleaning himself up, watching Nii deal with his pants. The file? he asked, after a moment.

Three days, Nii said distractedly, fumbling for a cigarette in his labcoat, sitting back down as he lit up. His hands were sure as they tapped swiftly at keys, unlocking the computer; far steadier than Hakkai felt. If only I could…”

He seemed to be more interested in the readouts at the moment, and Hakkai was perfectly content to dress himself instead. The clothes felt like security, and they muffled the unwelcome smell of sex. He was going to need a bath. Soon. He reached for the limiters the moment his nakedness was sufficiently mitigated, clipping both on quickly. Strange, how he felt safer with them on than all his clothes. Could what? he asked sharply.

Nii blinked up at him, frowning. "Create another like you."

Hakkai snorted a little, almost amused. I hope not, for your sake. He shuddered, rubbing his arm with his hand as he reached for the discarded shirt. He didn't have a right to regret, not when hed chosen this; but when had that stopped him, before?

Nii took a long drag of his smoke, raising his eyebrow. Becoming what you are requires a depth of malevolence that I couldn't duplicate in a couple of centuries of dedicated fucking with karma.

Hakkai hummed, a humourless grin curling his lips at Niis statement. Malevolence summed it up so neatly, after all. Ill return in three days.

Nii brightened, grinning widely at him. What, no goodbye kiss?

Hakkai paused, gritting his teeth as he fought not to retort, letting the slamming of the door answer for him.

The low sound of Niis chuckle followed him down the hall.