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Hey guys! I'm pretty new to the archive (well, I've had an account for a while but I barely use it so I don't really know how it works lol), so I wanted to do some requests.

Request a sick/hurt fic for any member of BTS. There are some rules/suggestions though, because I'm cripplingly lazy and unmotivated (I'm so sorry I try not to be but it's just who I am :(( sorryyyy).

1. HEY Y'ALL IF YOU LOOKED AT THIS BEFORE I SAID I WOULD PICK AND CHOOSE BUT I LOOKED AT THE REQUESTS AND I CAN'T LOL SO HEY IT'S ACTUALLY GOING TO BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (unless i honestly cannot write it but things look good so far). I'll do my best to get to all of them.

2. I will do my absolute best to include each member. I have a bias but honestly, I love all 7 of them. But it depends on what kind of requests I get for each member. I am hoping that I'll have 1-2 per member.

3. Please no smut. I'm a teenager and I just really don't want to write that. I'm okay with having relationships, but it'll be completely non-sexual (though I would prefer there be no established relationships, if there is a prompt i like that calls for a relationship, i'll still write it).

4. Try to keep them non-AU if you can.

5. I can do mental health-based fics too if you want. 

Have a lovelyyyyy day, and happy requesting!