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Steal My Heart

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“-no, Alec, you gotta-”


“-listen to me, I’m worried that-”

“Isabelle! Listen to me! I’m going to be okay,” Alec insisted as he leaned into the front seat of the limo, where Izzy was driving. Alec was half tempted to put up the glass separating the front seat of the limo from the back, but he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to escape this conversation.

“Alec. You are going into this job without a comm. I have a right to be concerned!”

“I always go into these types of jobs without a comm,” Alec said, leaning back into his seat and watching out the window as the limo exited the city.

“Yeah, but one of us usually goes in with you!” Izzy insisted.

“He’s a smart guy, Iz,” Jace said, not looking up from what he was doing, “if we went in with him, he’d figure us out,”

“That’s what I’m concerned about,” she sighed, “that he’s gonna figure us out,”

“Alec’s gonna be fine,” Jace said from his spot next to Alec, still not looking up from what he was doing, “he’s just gonna go in, get laid, steal some priceless jewelry, and leave,”

Alec, Jace, and Izzy infamous, anonymous jewelry thieves who were known to the world as The Shadowhunters. Their operation was simple: they would be given a job, told where the jewels were and what they were. Jace, out of the jewelry store he owned, would craft identical jewels out of colored glass and cheap metals, so the only people who would be able to tell the difference was a trained jeweler.

Most of their jobs were to steal jewels from people’s homes. Someone, almost always Alec, would then go in with a fake name, seduce the person and end up in their bed. Izzy or Jace would usually watch over the meeting from a distance just in case something went wrong. Once the victim had fallen asleep, that’s when Alec would get up, swap the jewels, and be out of there before anyone knew the difference.

“He’s not gonna be able to track me in or out,” Alec met Izzy’s eye in rear view mirror. She sighed and looked back at the road. Alec looked across the seat at Jace, “plus, we figured this guy out. He’s got a thing for tall, tattooed brunettes and last I checked, I fit that description,”

“I still wish one of us was going in with you,” she sighed, clearly not happy with the situation.

“It’s a little late to change the plan now, Iz,” Jace commented, “plus neither of us are really dressed for that,”

“Are those dry yet?” Alec interrupted their conversation, referring to the fake jewels that were sitting on a tray on the seat next to him that Jace had just finished gluing.

“Probably not, but it’ll have to do,” Jace said as they turned in through the iron gates.

“You really cut it close this time,” Alec said, opening his inner pockets for Jace to drop the jewels into.

“Yeah, well, I’ve been trying to sell from the last job. Give me a break,” Jace said as he dropped the last of the jewels into his pocket. Alec took a deep breath as he saw the large house come into view. Calling it a house was humbling, they were pulling up to a mansion made of white stone, accented with a deep navy. There was a long, cobblestone drive that led into a circle that pulled up in front of the door, which was flanked on either side by two large columns, which held up the balcony that extended from the second floor. All three of them stared in awe at the house; they had never been somewhere so extravagant before.

As the limo in front of them pulled away, Izzy began driving to park right in front of the door. Jace handed him the expensive looking fake family ring to put on his finger and his invitation. He then ran his fingers through Alec’s hair, making it stick up a little taller as the limo came to a stop. Izzy got out of the front seat.

“Let’s go rob Magnus Bane,” Jace said with a smile, holding a hand out to Alec. Alec shook his brother’s hand, the matching L’s tattooed on their wrists touching as Izzy opened the door. He got out and shook his sister’s hand as well, the L tattooed on her wrist touching his: their sign of good luck. He looked around at the entryway before focusing his attention on the door, with a large, gold monogram on it, and the bouncer in front of it. Alec walked up to him.

“Aaron Lettings,” Alec said, giving him the fake name and handing him a brilliant forged invitation. They took great care to keep their anonymity, always using fake names when going in on jobs. Because of that, they were able to go on living their normal lives as the Lightwoods. The man looked down at his list and took the invitation.

“Mr. Lettings,” the man said, handing him back his invitation, “Mr. Bane is excited to meet you,”

“Is he?” Alec smirked, “well, I’m excited to meet him too,”

With that, the door was opened for him and he walked into the house. He glanced around at the people mingling about, eating, drinking, and dancing. He looked at the top of the grand staircase, which had a large balcony at the top before it split into two large, curved staircases that ran along the wall. There he saw not only what he was there to steal but also who he was there to steal from.

Magnus Bane, dressed impeccably, met his eyes from the top of the stairs. He wore a shirt of deep burgundy, paired with a deep blue waistcoat and a black overcoat. The overcoat had intricate white lace designs down the sleeves. A white bowtie finished off the outfit. In darkness, the outfit would look all black, save for the lace and the bow tie, but in the light of the main ballroom, he could see the detail in the patterns and colors.

Alec took a deep breath in. He saw Magnus pick up his drink from where it rested on the banister and began to walk down the stairs. Alec took a breath and began moving towards the stairs, determined to meet Magnus at the bottom. He had made it the bottom of the stairs moments before Magnus did, smiling when he got there.

“Mr. Lettings,” Magnus said, extending his hand.

“Aaron, please,” Alec said with a smile, shaking his hand.

“A drink, Aaron?” Magnus asked.

“Yes please,” Alec said with a smile. Magnus snapped his fingers and Alec saw a bartender move to start making him a drink.

“Now, who are you?” Magnus questioned, pointing a finger at him while still holding onto his drink effortlessly.

“What do you mean?” Alec asked.

“I hadn’t heard your name until it mysteriously showed up on my guest list, and, well, I know all my guests,” Magnus said, taking a sip of his drink, “and you have a surprisingly non-existent internet presence,”

“I just recently came into some money,” Alec took the drink that a waiter brought to him, ignoring the last bit of the accusation. He couldn’t back out now. He had to go through with this.

“Really? How so?” Magnus pushed.

“My father passed,” Alec replied with the story he had rehearsed with Izzy a thousand times, “he wasn’t exactly the man I thought he was,”

“But you benefited from it, yes?”

“Well, I got the opportunity to meet you,” Alec said with a smile. Magnus was playing right into his hand. He just had to keep up his flirtatious and slightly mysterious attitude and he’d be fine.

“Well, then, if that’s the case, it most certainly benefited me too,” Magnus said, taking a sip of his drink.

“So what about you? What’s your story?” Alec asked, taking a sip of his drink.

“Oh, I don’t have a story,” Magnus replied

“Oh come on, everyone has a story,” it was Alec’s turn to push. He had to keep the conversation going.

“Not one that you get to hear,” Magnus paused, “yet,”

“Is that a promise?” Alec asked

“Maybe,” Magnus gave a coy smile. At that moment, someone else came over and began talking to him. Alec took a step back from Magnus and watched as he walked away. He was pretty sure he had gained Magnus’ attention enough for him to be able to stay the night. Magnus was clearly interested in him, if his lingering glances and prying eyes had anything to say about it. He just had to keep himself on Magnus’ mind for the rest of the evening.

That wasn’t too hard. Magnus had his eyes trained on Alec through the entire evening, just as Alec had his eyes trained on Magnus. Alec made a point to loiter near or across from Magnus and whoever he was talking to, while making no effort to talk to anyone there. He made sure to get caught staring, whether it be at his face or somewhere else.

Magnus winked at him before leaning over the bar to grab something. Alec made sure to take a moment to look at the way Magnus’ pants hugged his ass. When he came back over the bar, he poured himself a drink and bit his lip before taking a drink. He let his tongue swirl in the cup much longer than was necessary, making sure to keep eye contact with Alec the entire time. When his show was over, Alec made a point to make sure Magnus saw how he adjusted his pants before he turned to go to the bathroom.

Usually in these situations, he would leave long enough to make it seem like he was taking care of a boner that didn’t exist, but in this situation it did exist. He stood in the bathroom thinking of anything that would calm himself enough to reenter the party. He certainly could have taken the time to relieve himself but he was going to allow himself the pleasure this evening with Magnus, and for once he was actually going to truly enjoy it.

When he entered the main room again, he made a point not to look for Magnus as he walked up to the top of the stairs and began looking at the priceless jewelry that he was there to steal. He knew what each of these pieces looked like, having seen pictures before along with Jace’s fakes. There was jewelry, certainly all family heirlooms, including the ring that had a large B on it, but that was nothing compared raw gems that surrounded each piece. Jace had made copies of some of these heirlooms, but also the loose gems surrounding them. The heirlooms were going to be melted down and recrafted, but the jewels could be sold raw, and were therefore just as valuable.

“Enjoying the view?” he heard Magnus’ voice behind him. He turned around and gave a small smirk.

“It’s much better now,” he said, smirk still intact.

“Want it to get even better?” Magnus asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I would love that,” Alec replied.

“Follow me,” Magnus threw open the double doors at the top of the staircase and walked in, and Alec quickly followed before the door fell shut behind him. Once the door slammed shut, Magnus grabbed him by the lapels and kissed him. Alec took a moment to be shocked before kissing him back, taking back a little bit of control.

“Wait wait wait,” Alec said, pulling away just as Magnus had begun to pull at his bow tie, “don't you have guests?”

“You haven’t been in this life long, so I won’t laugh at your ignorance,” Magnus pulled off Alec’s tie and tucked it into his own pocket, “I’m the host. I get to do whatever I want, and right now, what I want to do,” he bit his lip, “is you,”

Alec kissed him again, backing him against the nearby wall. Magnus moaned into his mouth, allowing Alec to push his tongue inside. Alec undid the button of Magnus’ overcoat before pushing it off his shoulders. Alec undid the top few buttons of his shirt before moving onto his waistcoat. He went back to unbuttoning his shirt and pushed both to the ground, leaving the tie around his neck. Once Magnus’ shirt was on the ground, he grabbed Alec by the lapel once again and pulled him down the hall. He pushed open one of the double doors at the end of the hall to his bedroom, and the two of them stumbled inside before meeting each other again with a searing kiss.

When the door shut, Magnus pushed Alec’s jacket off his shoulders and it fell crumpled on the ground. Alec let his lips move from Magnus’ and he began sucking down his jawline. Magnus moaned and the fingers that were on the buttons on Alec’s shirt stilled.

“Jesus,” Magnus moaned as Alec sucked a mark into his collarbone. When he was done, he moved back up and pressed a hot kiss to Magnus’ open mouth. Magnus’ hands began moving again, fumbling to unbutton each button of his shirt. When he pushed Alec’s shirt off he took a step back to admire his chest.

“Woah,” Magnus let his hands trace over the plethora of tattoos that covered his arms and torso, “you’re going to have to tell me about these,”

“Sure,” Alec said, “but not now, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Magnus smiled, “in the morning?”

“In the morning,” Alec smiled and pulled Magnus in for another kiss.


Alec waited until he heard Magnus’ breathing even out before sitting up and getting out of bed. He went around the room, collecting his clothes from the floor. He dressed himself in the light provided by the moon streaming in through the open window. He took a moment to look at how the light reflected off of Magnus’ clear skin. Alec chuckled a little, thinking about how crazy it was that he had just slept with someone so beautiful. He then refocused himself and pushed the bedroom door open. He still had a job to do, after all.

He walked down the end of the hallway and through the other set up double doors. The hall was empty, and the jewels were just sitting there, unguarded. Alec grabbed the family ring from its pedestal and slipped it onto his ring finger. He grabbed a necklace and put it around his neck, and began to put bracelets around his wrists. He then began grabbing at the raw gemstones…

“You know, I’ve been waiting for someone to try and rob me, Aaron,”

Alec whirled around and saw Magnus standing in the doorway in nothing but an open silk robe. He made sure to look Magnus in the eye so to not be distracted.

“I’m even more honored that it was The Shadowhunters who tried,” Magnus said with a smile.

“How did you know?” Alec asked.

“Oh, I had my suspicions before I even met you, Mr. Lettings,” Magnus walked over to him and unclipped the necklace from his neck, “the mysterious appearance on my guest list. The lack of an internet presence. It wasn’t until you left my bed that my suspicions were confirmed,”

“How?” Alec asked.

“You said you weren’t going to’re not a very good liar,” Magnus whispered against his ear.

“I am a good liar, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten this far,” Alec mumbled.

Magnus took the bracelets from his wrist.

“Did you ever think that maybe I wanted to get caught?” Alec said, trying to keep up his air of confidence.

“Oh I did, but I still haven’t worked out why” Magnus replied, taking the fake ring from his finger, leaving his own ring on Alec’s finger. He put the fake ring on his own finger.

“I’m going to keep this as a memento of the time I was almost robbed,” he held his hand in front of Alec’s face, “and you are going to take that, Mr. Lettings, as a memento of your first failure,”

“Actually not my first failure,” Alec replied. Magnus chuckled before putting a hand on Alec’s neck and pulling him down for a kiss. Alec tried to pull away before melting into the kiss again. He pushed his tongue onto Magnus’ mouth, eliciting a moan from the shorter man. Alec pushed the robe off Magnus’ shoulder before beginning to kiss down his jawline.

“Do tell me what I should be screaming this round because I know it isn’t Aaron,” Magnus moaned with a smile. Alec stopped in his tracks and his head shot up, looking at Magnus with wide eyes.

“I have to go,” Alec said, turning away from him, but Magnus grabbed his wrist.

“Clearly there’s an L involved,” Magnus said, running his fingers over the L tattooed on his wrist. Alec tried to pull away, but Magnus kept a firm grip.

“Let me go,” Alec said firmly.

“Oh, that tone!” Magnus chastised, “tell me your name and I will,”

Alec only stared at him.

“I promise I won’t tell,” Magnus said with a coy smile on his face.

“Why should I believe you?” Alec asked.

“Because we have more in common than you think,” Magnus replied.

“Alec,” Alec huffed, pulling his arm away.

“Short for…?” Magnus asked.

“Yeah. You’re not getting that,” Alec turned and began walking down the stairs before turning and walking back up, stopping near an expensive looking watch, “I do have one question for you, Mr. Bane,”

Magnus nodded, acknowledging he could ask.

“If you knew who I was, why did you sleep with me?” Alec asked

“Because I wanted a thrill and boy did I get one,” he said with a wink. Alec smiled and turned to walk away before Magnus spoke again, “and I’ll take my watch back, Alexander”

Alec’s head shot up at the use of his full name. Magnus gave him a sly smile and reached out his hand, beckoning him back up the stairs with his fingers. Alec sighed, and walked back up the stairs. He put the watch, which was currently in his pocket, in Magnus’ outstretched hand.

“You’re still welcomed to stay,” Magnus called as he began walking down the stairs. Alec ignored him, knowing if he turned around and responded, he might actually say. So he kept his head down and didn’t pick it up until he closed the front door behind him.


Alec took his walk through the woods slowly, still trying to comprehend what had just happened. He had robbed Magnus Bane, but Magnus had turned around and robbed him right back. Magnus had known from the start he was there to rob him. He knew that and he still let him through the door. He knew that and still decided to sleep with him. He knew that and still invited Alec to stay the night after the fact.

He reached the fence along the back of Magnus’ estate and grabbed onto the rope that his siblings had tied for him after they dropped him off. He climbed up and once he was in the tree, he untied the rope from it and wrapped it up. He climbed down from the tree on the other side of the fence and continued on his way.

Once he made it to the rendezvous point, he saw their car sitting there. Alec pulled the door open and climbed into the backseat. Both his siblings turned around from their seats in the front and looked at him expectantly. He looked back at them as he tossed the rope in the trunk.

“So? Did you get it?” Izzy asked him. Alec sighed and took off the ring which he then placed on the center console. Both his siblings looked down at it.

“That’s it?” Jace asked, “what about everything else!?”

“Jace, how much is that worth?” Izzy asked

“I don’t remember exactly, but not much,” Jace said, picking it up to examine it, “it might not even be worth melting down,”

“How did this happen, Alec?” she asked

“He knew,” Alec said, taking the ring back from Jace and putting it on his left hand.

“What do you mean he knew?” Jace asked, giving a strange look to the ring that was now on his finger.

“There’s a lot more of this,” he held up his hand with the ring on it, “but he knows we’re The Shadowhunters,”

“But then how the hell did you get in his bed?” Jace asked

“And how did you get the ring?” Izzy asked

“I have no idea how I got in his bed. And he left me the ring as, quote: ‘memento of my failure’,” Alec paused, “there’s something up with him,”

“There’s something up with you,” Izzy said.

“Let’s go,” Jace said, looking out the window, clearly having seen something.

“But I’m not done!” Izzy shouted.

“Someone’s here! We’ll finish this conversation at home. Just drive,” Jace replied. Alec could only sit silently in the backseat, replaying the events of the evening in his mind: the details he would later reveal to his siblings and the details he would keep to himself. The most important question in his mind was how he was going to see Magnus again. Was it dumb to try and see the man you just robbed? Absolutely, and Alec knew this, but he couldn’t explain the feeling inside himself so he didn’t care.


Jace would say he knew Alec better than anyone, even Izzy, despite the fact that he didn’t come into their family until they were a little older. That was why he got the L tattooed on his wrist with Alec and Izzy. Even though he never took their last name, he was a part of their family, so he had gotten the L tattoo. Him and Alec even had a matching tattoo. When they started stealing things, they had would shake each other’s hands and allow the L’s to touch. It brought them all comfort, reminded them that they were all in this together. That was why Jace let Alec keep Magnus’ ring without question. An act that Izzy scolded him for.

“Jace,” Izzy said, “do you know how many favors I had to use to get us through his door?”

“Yes,” Jace replied, only half listening.

“We have to come out of there with something at the very least,” she said, “it wasn’t all favors. I owe people money,”

“That ring isn’t worth that much anyway,” Jace said, “and we have enough money in the reserves to pay whoever we need to,”

“Fine,” Izzy said, “but you better find us something new. Something big,”

“Find something?” Jace asked, “Izzy, you know what they’ll do if they find out we went out on our own,”

“No, Jace, I owe some bad people. Worse than them,” Izzy told him, “I can’t risk us not getting our reserves back up, cause who knows what we’re gonna need for the next job. So you need to find us something big,”

“Fine. I can do that. But if they kill us, I’m blaming you,” Jace said. He turned and walked back up the stairs out of their main living room. The three lived in an abandoned firehouse in downtown New York, which they had configured to have plenty of hiding places not only for themselves but for their stolen contraband as well. When Jace reached the top of the stairs, he had planned to go towards his own room to try and find something for them to steal, but he took a detour and went towards Alec’s room.

It had been three weeks since their failed robbery, and Alec was still in a funk. In Jace’s mind, they needed another job not only to make up for their loss at Magnus’, but also to get Alec out of this funk. He had a feeling this was Izzy’s ulterior motive as well. Jace knocked lightly on Alec’s door as he pushed it open.

“Hey,” Jace said. Alec looked up from the notebook he was hunched over.

“Hey,” Alec replied.

“You’re still thinking about him,” Jace said, closing the door and sitting on his bed.

“I am,” Alec admitted.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“No,” Alec replied. He had already rehashed the story of what happened, keeping certain details to himself. He didn’t need to go through it again, “I just...I need to see him again,”

“Alec. That’s not a good idea,” Jace replied.

“I know that it’s not a good idea,” Alec replied, “but I need to see him again,”

Jace sighed, “there’s no way to get you back into his house. That’s never going to happen again,”

Alec almost shrugged, but then remembered he hadn’t told his siblings that he had been invited to stay even after he had attempted robbed him, or that he almost did. He had thought about going back, but he knew that was stupid. If he went to Magnus’ and they slept together, he could easily call the cops and get him and his siblings arrested, so he resisted every urge in his body and mind.

“I know I can’t,” Alec said, “but there has to be another event I can get myself into,”

“I might be able to help you with that,” Jace said. Alec perked up, “We’re looking for another job,”

“Looking?” Alec asked. That was odd. They usually didn’t look for jobs. Hell, they couldn’t look for jobs.

“Yeah. It turns out Izzy promised people some money for the Bane Job,”

“The Bane Job?” Alec asked.

“Well, we didn’t have a name for this one, and I don’t really like calling it ‘our failed robbery’, so...Plus, it has a double meaning,” Alec gave Jace a look, “a job involving Magnus has become the bane of your existence...anyway,”

“Anyway,” Alec repeated.

“I’m looking for a job,” Jace said, “you might be able to accidentally cross Magnus’ path again,”

“Thank you,” Alec said.

“Don’t thank me yet,” Jace said, “I still gotta find us a job we can pull off that somehow involves Magnus Bane,”

Alec chuckled, “I’ll thank you later then,”

Jace nodded and stood. Then he was out of the room and Alec was left alone to his thoughts. To say that Alec had been distracted the past three weeks is an understatement. Everytime he was not occupying his mind with something else, the thoughts of his night with Magnus crept into his mind. He didn’t know what had come over him. This wasn’t the first job where he’s had to seduce and sleep with someone, but this had never been the after effect. He had never become so lovesick over anyone who he had slept with, let alone robbed. He had convinced himself that he just needed closure on the situation. He just needed to see Magnus one more time to assure himself that he was being crazy.