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All That We See or Seem

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There are some things in life that feel like a dream. It’s like destiny decides to be kind and everything falls into place so perfectly that it’s almost unfathomable. For Midoriya Izuku, getting into UA and becoming a hero was all he ever wanted and with plenty of hard work and a determination big enough to lasso the moon, he succeeded. His destiny has been extremely nice to him lately though it comes at a cost.

Sitting in his seat, Midoriya lets his eyes wander over all of his classmates as they titter excitedly about what they could possibly be doing. Mr. Aizawa had only told them they would be going to an off-campus training facility for their heroics class today. Even though hero training is exciting, it is a bit worrying for Midoriya because he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of using his quirk yet and he still injures himself when he uses it.

“Why the long face, Young Midoriya?” The usually boisterous All Might at least has half a mind to whisper the question rather than announce it to the entire bus.

“I’m just worried about using One fo- my quirk today. What if I hurt someone because of it?” The thought weighs heavily on his mind, spiking his anxiety to an orange level.

All Might seems to think on his concern for a moment before speaking. “Until your body adapts to contain your power better, you’ll just have to be extremely careful. Focus on the egg and your classmates will be safe.”

The advice does little to squish Izuku’s worries, but it seems like that is the only option he is going to have, treading as carefully as he can. He spends the rest of the ride thinking about what kind of training awaits them at their destination. The building they pull up to is gigantic and there is someone waiting for them. Class 1-A files out of the bus and follows the adults into the structure.

Once inside, Izuku gets a better look at the third adult. He immediately recognizes them and begins fanboying internally. “Hello, I’m Thirteen and today you will be doing rescue training. I created this facility,” they gesture to the open area beyond the door with a sweep of their arm, “to give students every rescue scenario within reasonable possibility. This is the Unforeseen Simulation Joint or USJ for short.” Thirteen continues on to tell them how quirks can be great but also dangerous and how the students should think about that fact on their journey to becoming a hero.

Before anyone can take the first step towards the different zones in the USJ, a large stretch of purple haze appears at the bottom of the stairs and people spill from it. Villains. As the class turns towards the door, it becomes apparent that villains are there as well, blocking off any chance of escape they may have had. The purple haze appears again, this time splitting the class in half. All of the students stand in shock and terror as the events unfold. Both All Might and Aizawa get into defensive stances as they group their half of the kids together in a tight circle.

“Thirteen, can you hear us?” All Might calls out towards the purple haze.

“Yes, we can hear you. Is your group okay?” they respond back.

“We’re fine, stay there and we’ll find a way to you,” Aizawa informs them. He is looking around quickly, taking in the number villains present and their positions. “Why haven’t they attacked us yet?” The question is a low growl that only the group can hear. His dark eyes rove over the group, finally coming to rest on a certain student. “Midoriya, pop quiz time. Best guess as to why the villains have yet to attack? Explain your reasoning.”

Izuku takes time to observe in the same manner that his sensei had done, only he does it more slowly. “The villains in front of the fountain, the one with all the hands, the hazy purple one, and the big one with its brain showing, they’re the bosses or at least one of them is. My reasoning is because of Purple Haze; he must have some type of warp quirk which brought the rest of the villains into the USJ. Naturally, the boss would want the biggest, scariest villain to protect him which is where Brain Display comes into the picture. I’m guessing Hands there is the boss or the mastermind since that is the only position that isn’t filled yet.” As Midoriya stops to take a short breath, he misses the proud grin on All Might’s face. “Furthermore, they are after one of us on this side of the wall because the bosses haven’t stopped staring at us since they got here. The warp wall is just to make us a more vulnerable target due to the fact that we are in a smaller group. To counter that, we should stay as tight knit as possible so we can’t be singled out or picked off one by one.” Izuku pauses to look around some more as his brain works faster than his mouth can to make observations. “The villains are either waiting for an order or they’re waiting for someone else to arrive. I think that’s as much as I can piece together from what I’m seeing, Mr. Aizawa.”

“Well done, Midoriya. I firmly believe that you’re correct in your educated guesses,” Aizawa replies. He would be feeling more pride toward his student if there wasn’t an imminent fight ahead of them.

“Why can’t we make the first move, Sensei?” Bakugou snarls, a scowl painted on his face and his eyes ablaze with the desire to fight and win.

“That would be counter-productive at this point, Young Bakugou,” All Might says before the tired teacher can answer. “Would anyone care to guess as to why that is?”

“We don’t know the villains’ quirks,” Todoroki answers, tone suggesting that it is the most obvious reason.

“And we could play right into their hands,” Shinsou adds, stuffing his hands deep into his pockets, his eyes tired.

“Whatever,” the explosive blonde grumbles crossing his arms over his chest.

A figure emerges from the wall of haze and the Class 1-A teachers press closer to their students. A bright blue dome covers the group as the cloaked intruder walks around the exterior of it. The person is completely covered from head to toe which has Aizawa cursing. He can’t use his quirk if he can’t see the perpetrator. The voice that rumbles through the dome is as dark as his cloak, and Midoriya involuntarily shivers.

“I’m not one for long monologues, they’re pointless to me. I’ll make this quick and painless for all of you. I’m called Nidoto Awanai and I’ve been brought into the League of Villains with one goal: I’m here to get rid of All Might.” At the name and what it implies, All Might visibly pales: ‘we won’t meet again’. “Though killing you,” he directs his words towards the number one hero, “would be much easier in most everyone else’s opinion. However, my boss wants you to suffer in a different way. Getting rid of some students and another pro hero will be an added bonus, but know that it’s nothing personal to all of you. You’re just the casualties of this very short-lived war.”

“You won’t get away with this!” All Might bellows as he runs towards the dome and slams a fist into it. He staggers backwards when he doesn’t pass through it and his anger turns to confusion. Midoriya moves to help him, but he is immediately stopped by Aizawa, the homeroom teacher pushing him behind his back once more. All Might and Midoriya lock eyes and the blond hero gives him a weak smile, concern lacing his features.

“What do you mean when you say, ‘get rid of’ and ‘suffer in a different way’?” Aizawa questions carefully, dark eyes narrowing as he calculates all of the logical possibilities.

“I’m already bored with this exchange so let me show you,” the cloaked villain answers, their tone turning menacing. “Goodbye, heroes. We won’t meet again.” The ground under the group’s feet becomes the same blue as the dome before it begins to glow brighter and brighter until it is nearly blinding. Then they are plummeting, stomachs dropping as they tumble into a vast darkness.

Screams ring out around Midoriya, his own heart hammering in his chest, as he tries to balance out during his free fall, his arms and legs wildly splayed out in an attempt to slow himself down. He glances around, seeing the fear and terror on his classmates faces; however, he couldn’t help grinning at seeing All Might pulling Momo and Jirou tightly into his broad chest, his arms wrapping comfortingly around the two quivering girls. Aizawa, somehow, manages to look bored, as he pulls his goggles over his eyes, his long inky hair streaking out behind him, tightly gripping two handfuls of his capture weapon in his clenched fists.

A few screamed curses and pops ring out from behind him and Midoriya flips his head around to watch Bakugou fire a well-controlled explosion from his palm and down into the void, but it harmlessly puffs out a couple of seconds later. Midoriya’s eyes widen as he notices Kirishima grab onto the back of Bakugou’s hero costume, the angry blond spluttering and wriggling around, trying to shake him off; but the redhead holds on tight, fear evident in his eyes.

No one can say for how long they fall through the abyss, but before they can hardly blink, a bright light envelopes them, and what appears to be a wooden floor rises up rapidly from beneath them.

“Everyone grab onto something!” Aizawa shouts, his capture weapon flying out of both hands, one end wrapping around what might have been a railing and jerking the teacher to a sudden stop. The other end grabs hold of All Might tightly around his waist, the older man grunting quietly as he gently cradles the two girls to his chest. Aizawa manages to reach out and snag a bored and unconcerned Shinsou with his free hand, the violet-headed boy dangling dangerously by the neckline of his shirt, his arms crossed tightly over his chest.

Midoriya glances up just in time to see Tokoyami release Dark Shadow, long dark talons snaking through the air to tightly grip the railing right next to Mr. Aizawa’s capture weapon. Sero trails just behind him, his tape shooting out of both elbows towards the ceiling, pulling him to a quick stop, and he swings slightly with his remaining momentum.

Just before hitting the ground, Midoriya twists around, his eyes widening at Uraraka. The pretty brunette has her arms wrapped tightly around herself, her eyes squeezed shut, blushing cheeks just the slightest bit puffed out in concentration, as she floats gracefully in the air above him.

With a loud yelp, the tangle of bodies collapses into something stringy and stretchy, before continuing on to fall to the floor below. It’s all arms and legs, everyone quickly scrambling to get off of whoever they managed to land on top of, Iida and Kaminari being the most unfortunate souls stuck at the bottom of the pile; the class rep really tried to spare the slight blond boy by grabbing him tightly around the waist, and pulling him flush against his chest, hunching over in a protective sitting position, but it didn’t do much good. Kaminari shrieks as Todoroki’s foot roughly makes contact with the side of his face, knocking his head backwards into Iida’s chin.

It takes a few minutes for everyone to get their bearings, standing groggily and painfully, brushing themselves off and taking in their surroundings.

Izuku looks around to find that they are in a gym of sorts, the floors are wooden and there is sunlight spilling in through the many windows near the ceiling. His blood runs cold as he takes in the people standing around them, staring at them with gaping mouths and wide eyes filled with terror.

“Is everyone okay?” Aizawa asks, as he lands gracefully, pushing his goggles up into his hair, before tipping his head back to drip some eye drops into his reddened eyes. There is an affirmative murmur that rumbles through the class.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE?!” One of the onlookers, a bald guy not much older than the UA students, yells. The question echoes off the hard surfaces, making it even louder as it reaches the stunned newcomers. Bakugou is the first to respond, a snarl on his face as he throws his hands forward.

“DIE YOU DAMN EXTRAS!” he screams, his fists sparking violently; but no explosions follow, much to his surprise, a few angry curses slipping out through his lips. Izuku whips around, his eyes landing on Aizawa, who’s hair is floating dangerously, crimson eyes flashing, his capture weapon immediately looping around the explosive blond, pulling him tightly towards All Might’s open arms. Bakugou struggles, hissing out curses as he is wrapped in the number one hero’s beefy arms, preventing him from fighting or exploding something.

“They, they’re...ALIENS!” A male with fiery orange hair responds, jumping up and down with what appears to be excitement.

“Shut up Hinata, aliens aren’t real,” another boy replies sullenly. He has black hair and a brooding expression.

“Who are you?” Izuku asks back nervously.

“That’s easy!” It’s the orange haired boy again. “We’re the Karasuno volleyball team!”