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Kingdom Hearts, The Dragonborn

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a magnificent City in white with dragons and people living in peace. Many Windmills spin in the flow of the the water showed more aquatic dragons as the story zoomed in onto the top of the city. Inside the castle were to teenagers playing chess. A boy with white hair and tan skin and another with black hair and light skin.

"Have you heard of the Ancient Keyblade War?" asked the teen with White hair. "Huh" asked his friend.

"Of course i have" said The boy as he moved a peice and took out one of his pawns. "

"Long ago, Keyblade Wielders waged a war for ownership of Light." siad the white haired teen as he took out a silver piece.

"Yeah, the Master's favorite Story." said the teen with black hair.

"I wonder what they planned to do with Kingdom Hearts after making it appear." said the white haired teen.

"Who' knows, i dont know who would initiate a war" said the boy with black hair as they continued their game.

" know the Lost Masters?" asked The whtie haired teen.

"Who" asked the black haired teen.

There the ones who started the Keyblade War," said the white haired teen.

"Never heard of did you hear that " said The black haired teen as he moved another chess peice. "Or, the war is for them."

"Im not following you?" said the black haired teen as he moved his piece off the board.

"You can drop the facade" said The white haired teen.

"Facade?" asked the black haired teen.

"On that fated land shall Darkness prevail and Light expire, A perspective Keyblade Master should know this." said the white haired teen.

"If you say so" said the black haired boy.

The white haired boy looked at a weapon mounted a has a dark black in the form of a skeleton key. handle with a raised spiral carved around it. Its pommel and guard resemble black, demonic wings. The base of the blade is an etching of a goat,] and the shaft is formed from two black, barbed blades, etched with a white icon resembling a bramble of thorns. The teeth are formed in the shape of a demonic wing, and are set with the big blue cat like eye.

The Gazing Eye sees the fate of the world. The future it's already been written" said the boy looking at the weapon.

"Really, i'm not so sure about that," said The black haired boy moving another piece. "Besides, who's said that i can;'t change it and maybe light will prevail. After all, your forgetting about the The Dragon's Gaze" said the teen pointing to another keyblade above them. THis one was similar to the grey one only it was pitch black iy had a head of a Night Fury etched on it instead of a goat. . A Deep Green Catlike eye was near the teeth which was a Night Fury's wing. The token was The Strike class symbol with another green eye. "The Dragon's Gaze with the power to command the Dragons to it's will swore to protect the balance. You might be surprised. One Day it will choose it's new master" said the boy looking at his friend with his brown eyes.

The white haired boy looked at him with his silver eyes. "Oh i hope so"

The chess pieces showed a gold one with a goat head and two silver prices. One with the crown and another with the Night Fury.

/Scene Change/ 

Light snoring can be heard as a child was asleep in his bed. The boy had auburn-brown hair and freckles on his face. He was holding his stuff dragons when footsteps came up to their room. A feminine voice spoke, "Hiccup..Wake up"

"Mama?" asked Hiccup as he sat up from the bed looking at her mother. Valka was seen wearing a sleeveless green shirt over her tunic, and a fur one over that as well. Her belt was also different and brown armbands that covered her forearms.

"Is there a Dragon Raid?" asked Hiccup rubbing his eyes. green eyes meet green eyes.

"No my son." said Valka as she picked up her sleepy child and she carried him as she exited the chief's house. Stoick was nowhere to be found as she said a bit annoyed."i wish that man would just give up on trying to find the Dragon's Nest. but he never listens"

Valka walked onward towards the forest. It was a cloudy night which is why Valka thought it would be a perfect night to tell the children of her legacy.

Hiccup was still half asleep as his mother came to a halt at a high cliff far away from Berk looking out to sea. "Mama why are we out here?" asked Hiccup looking at his mother.

"Well, it's because i have something i want to share with you but first i will tell you a story that my father told me when i was little." said Valka as she sat down on the log holding her children. Both of them looked at her as she begin. ""Long ago, people lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. Then people began to fight over it. They wanted to keep it for themselves. And darkness was born in their hearts. The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many people's hearts. It covered everything, and the world disappeared. But small fragments of light the hearts of children. With these fragments of light, children rebuilt the lost world. It's the world we live in now. But the true light sleeps, deep within the darkness."

"I love that story mama" said Hiccup

"Yes my son. My story is connected to our family's legacy. "Said Valka as she set down her son.Wide awake looking at his mother as Valka opened her palm and with a flash did a weapon like no other appear. It was made of two crossing keyshape blades with the blades golden and the hilt silver. parts of the weapon glowed red and a silver blade connected to it. Connected to the chain was a keychain token with a blue star with two more golden key shaped blades crossed over it. "Mama whats that?" asked Hiccup looking at the blade as it's glow made a light.

"This is called the Elder Blade. This weapon guards a great power called the Lightstar. A special star that holds a power that rivals the power of Kingdom Hearts." said Valka.

"Kingdom Hearts?" asked Hiccup looking at his mother. ".The Heart of everything that lives. The ultimate source of light. Long ago it gave it's light to the world but however Kingdom Hearts was guarded by the Elder Blades Twin brother. The χ-blade. Warriors forged their own weapons called Keyblades and fought each other for the ownership of the χ-blade and Kingdom Hearts and the aftermath of the Keyblade War was Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by the darkness and the χ-blade was shattered." Valka said.

"That sounded bad Mama" said Hiccup

"Yes. it was horrible but then when all hope was lost. The Lightstar came from the darkness and bestowed a survivor of the Keyblade War the Elder Blade. The Lightstar also bestowed seven baby girls with hearts full of light from the light shards of the χ-blade to fight back the darkness and they used that light to rebuild the world after the horrible war." said Valka.

the clouds parted to reveal a bright blue sunlike star that was slightly larger than any other star. The star gave light as it was on Valka and her child. Small particles of light came down from the Lightstar as Valka caught one in her hand. she held it out to the children so they can see it. "This is called Lux. a particle of light and many people collected it during and after the keyblade war in order to appease Kingdom Hearts thinking Lux came from Kingdom Hearts but they were wrong. Lux actually came from the Lightstar as it was the original Lux."

"Really?" asked Hiccup looking at his mother with bright green eyes,

"Yes, the survivor was my great,great,great,great,great,great great, grandfather. Zara the Brave. The gods gave him the task of guarding the Lightstar and to keep it's existence a secret should anyone come seeking it's light fearing another Keyblade War could happened. So by generation upon generation. The Elder Blade was passed down in our family and i have wielded the Elder Blade ever since my parents death." said Valka as she held the legendary weapon before she got on her knees in front of Hiccup. "And now...It is yours Hiccup" she said as she offered the weapon to Hiccup. He was taken back as he looked at his mother. "One day i won't be here Hiccup and i need you to carry on in my place to guard the Lightstar."

Hiccup nodded as he reached his hands towards the Elder Blade and carefully took it from his mother. He held one hand the hilt and the other on the golden blade. A blue glow cam over him as the weapon became bonded to him. He looked at his mother and he smiled at her and she returned it. "Now my Son, Today we begin your training" said Valka.

"Training? Training for what Mama?" asked Hiccup still holding the Elder Blade.

"No longer will you learn the ways of the Vikings but the ways of the Keyblade." said Valka as she opened her palm to summon her own Keyblade called Ultima Weapon(KH1).

"Yes Mama" said Hiccup as Mother and Son look back towards the Lightstar still above them.

(Kingdom Hearts: The Dragonborn)

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"Im Sorry i left before i can say goodbye, Did Master Yen Sid tell you?, I'm Training to become a Keyblade Wielder like you Sora, That's right, no more waiting on you to come back from adventures. I want to go out there and do my part to help. "

Merlin has used his magic to bring us to a place where time doesn't matter, We used that time to complete our training. He's an amazing Wizard. Oh and by us i mean, Lea, He's very sorry for all the trouble he caused. I told him it's fine but he won't stop apologizing."

I'll admit i was a little scared of him at first But i got to know him better. All he ever wanted was to help his friend. Honestly it's not hard to like him. Every now and then i catch him staring at me and i ask him what's wrong. He says he's not sure and he like he's forgotten something but doesn't know. "

"Sora i think it has something to do with you, your journey is about helping people. Some that you never met before and some like Lea that you have. They'll all counting on you. It won't be easy but i know that you will always be the happy and Cheerful Sora i know. There's no heart your smile can't reach"

 Kairi and Lea were sitting on one of Berk’s many cliffs watching the sunrise. Merlin brought them here to finish their Keyblade Training since there has been no word on Xehanort or his Seekers.. He was currently away because Riku and the King had summoned him. "So were getting there with our keyblades, thats one point for us” said Lea.

“Yeah, tomorrow you and me spar, No holding back Axel” said Kairi looking at her former kidnapper and new friend. He nodded before Kairi stood up. "I'm off to explore, I'll be back later"

"Alright, Be careful or else Sora will skin me if anything happened to you" Lea said making Kairi blush. He smirked to himself watching her go towards the village. She walked though the village and saw many children were playing and The Vikings were at peace. She walked past the forge as The forge's fires roared as a large viking man with a hammer for an arm. He was in the middle of forging a sword when a large viking with dark red hair and beard entered the forge. "Gobber" said the man.

"Hello Stoick," said Gobber before putting down the sword.

"where is Hiccup?" asked Stoick.

"He's somewhere. it's his day off from the Forge and he's off at his quiet place." said Gobber noticing Kairi never seeing the lass before, "I wonder who she is?" he asked himself.

Stoick nodded before he exited the forge before he heard the laughter of the Thorsten twins. "They better not be messing with the sheep again" He sighed before going to deal with them.

Kairi now alone explored the forest and she looked up to the sky still walking. "Sora, i hope your doing okay" She muttered before she even realizing, She accidentally bumped into someone as the two were on the ground. "okay next time, watch where i'm going" She heard a male voice. Sitting up she saw a boy with auburn brown hair and forest green eyes. his attire was a green longe sleeve tunic, brown pants, and a fur vest. on his chin was a small scar. "are you okay?" asked the boy.

"yeah, im sorry for running into you" Kairi apologized.

"No i wasn't watching where i was going" said the boy before he helped her up. "Anyway are you new here? Never seen you around here before" asked the boy. Knowing to keeo the World Order in check did Kairi said "Yeah, me and my friend just came here to do some training"

"What kind of Training, Dragon Training?" asked the boy raising an eyebrow.

"sort of" She said before she offered her hand to him. "My name is Kairi Stoner and i'm from Destiny Islands."

The boy shook her hand. "My name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third,Heir of Berk" said Hiccup. Kairi giggled before she said. "That's a weird name,"

"Yeah i know, not the best name. Vikings believe that hideous names will frighten off Gnomes and Trolls" said Hiccup. Kairi giggled before she said. "i think it's kind of cute."

Hiccup blushed a bit red on the comment before he asked. "I heard you mention the name Sora. Who's that?"

"He;s my Bestfriend" Said Kairi. Hiccup nodded before he and Kairi began to walk back to the Village. "So whats it like here on Berk Hiccup?" asked Kairi curious about the world she was on. 

"Well, A very charming island. It's found twelve days north of Hopeless, and a few degrees south of Freezing to 's located solidly on the Meridian of Misery" He said as the Village came into view. "Sounds like a rough place to live." Kairi said as the two passed a few Vikings who noticed them talking. "We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are we get raided by Dragons"

"Dragons" said Kairi. Dragons were real and they live in this world.

"Yeah, Vikings and Dragons have been at war here for the last three hundred years and it doesn't look to be ever end" Hiccup said. They were now not to far from the docks. 

"How very interesting" spoke a dark voice making the two jump as a corridor of Darkness open to reveal Saix. "YOU!" shouted Kairi clenching her fists. "I see that you remember me well Princess" spoke Saix with a laugh. 

"What is your buisness here!" Hiccup demanded. His mother warned him to always be ready for a fight should anyone that uses the Darkness comes to Berk. "I've come for the Princess of Heart" 

"Princess of Heart?" Hiccup said although he was in shock that he had just befriended one of the Seven Lights. "Yes, now stand aside and you won't get hurt." spoke Saix stepping forward but Hiccup moved in front of Kairi. "I don;t think so, you want to hurt my friend you have to go though me" He said defending his new friend. "That can be arranged" Saix said before summoning Lunatic and rushed forward to him with his Claymore ready to kill but Hiccup summoned his Keyblade and blocked the strike. "What?" Saix said in shock. 

"A Keyblade!" Kairi exclaimed. His  was pitch black and the shaft had two barbed blades had a head of a Night Fury etched on it. Its pommel and guard resemble black, demonic wings. A Night Fury wing was on it but what made them weapon look more demonic it had a giant green cat like eye was near the teeth which was a Night Fury's wing. The token was The Strike class symbol with another green eye.(Dragon's Gaze.)

"This is impossible!, Another Wielder!" Saix said before Hiccup forced him back. 

"Oh so you know about the Keyblade?, good then as a Keyblade Master it is my job to protect the Seven Lights!" Hiccup shouted. 

"What does it matter if you have a Keyblade. I will defeat you and complete my mission." Said Saix

"He;s not fighting alone" Kairi said summoning her Keyblade Destiny's Embrace stunning Hiccup on seeing her keyblade. "ISA" Saix heard as Lea appeared next to the two with his Keyblade Flame Liberator out. "Well, if it isn't Axel, our Traitor" Saix said. 

"what can i say, i have a knack for standing up for my friends, Isa" Lea said holding his keyblade.

"No matter, Same fate will come to you as well Axel" said Saix. 

(Saïx boss fight form Kingdom Hearts II plays)

Mission: Defeat Saïx

Party Members: Kairi, Hiccup, Lea.

"Do you feel it, the moon's power?" exclaimed Saïx as he charged towards them.

Saïx began attacking them with his claymore as Hiccup blocked most of the strikes with his Keyblade. Seeing his chance did Hiccup go around him and landed a few hits on him with his keyblade before Saix sent him flying with a smack of his Claymore. "Go!" Kairi said firing her Flower Shot spell at Saix. Saix dodged the spell before he came towards her with a fury. 

"Be gone!" he shouted tossing the Claymore at her and sent her flying. Lea came towards him and form changed his key blade into Chakrams and tossed the weapons at his frend who was under the control of Xehanort. Saix smacked them away before he and Lea clashed with their blades. Saix pushed him back as his eyes were glowing. "He's Getting ready to go into Berserk mode!" Lea said. 

"MOON, SHINE DOWN!" Saix jumped up and went into Berserk Mode. "BEGONE!" The man charged for Kairi, as she dodged his attacks, Saix was slashing her, trying to get a hit, then Kairi used Aerial Slam. Saix got up, back to his calm state. "I misjudged you Princess..." Saix chuckled and pointed his Claymore at Kairi. "I want to see you die fighting."

Saix slammed his Claymore to the ground, sending a shockwave to the island girl. "Whoa!" Kairi jumped up and then received a Claymore to the chest and was blown to a wall.

Saix landed and looked at Kairi. "Hmph."

"Gronckle Blast!" shouted Hiccup as several large fireball came out of his keyblade. Saix was thrown back by the spell before sharp spikes surrounded Saix. "Spine Shot!" Hiccup said as Saix parried the spikes with his Claymore. he ran right to Saix and slashed him, but Saix back flipped and jumped up. "MOON, SHINE DOWN!"

Hiccup was prepared and looked at the Berserker. "ALL SHALL BE LOST TO YOU!" His's eyes widened as Saix charged right at him like a madman, Hiccup dodge rolled all over the place, jumped up a few times, even did a couple Aerial Dodges waiting for the man to calm down. Once he was calm did Kairi hit him with her ariel attack and Lea with his own. Saix blocked their attacks before sending them back. "Plasma Blast!" 

A small purple blast came and struck Saix on the back as he fell down defeated.

(end music)

Hiccup, Kairi and Lea glared at Saix as he stood up. "Leave Berk now and never return" Hiccup said as his keybalde was forming another plasma blast. 

Saïx only smirked. "Very well then. But this won't be the last time we meet.We will meet agian."

And with that, the blue-haired Nobody disappeared into another corridor. Hiccup looked at the two before he said. "who was that guy?" 

"His name is Isa, He's my friend who is under the influence of Xehanort." said Lea. 

"Xehanort? as in Master Xehanort?" asked Hiccup. 

"Wait you know him?" asked Lea looking at Hiccup suspiciously. "He was a friend of my Mother." He answered. 

"Your mother?" asked Kairi still not believing her new friend is a Keyblade Wielder. "Yeah, My mom is Master Valka and she was the protector of my world until she died" He answered her. She nodded before hiccup asked. "But still i can't believe you guys are from another world and your a keyblade wielder and a princess of Heart Kairi." 

"Sorry that i didnt tell you the truth Hiccup." Kairi apologized. 

"Hey it's no problem, You guys have to keep the World Order in check. I don;t blame you." said Hiccup before he wondered "but what is going on and why do you guys hate Master Xehanort?" 

Kairi and Lea then told him about everything that has transpired over the worlds in the last two years about Sora's adventures, Lea being apart of the first organization with Sora's Nobody Roxas, to him Kidnapping Kairi to get Roxas back. to the Mark of Mastery where Sora failed and Riku was made a master. And Master Xehanort's plans to retrigger the Keyblade War. "So that's what's going on. I have been noticing the Darkness was rising" Hiccup said. 

"Why haven't you tried to leave?" asked Kairi. 

"I've been busy tending to my duties of protecting my world" said Hiccup although he was in deep thought /Should i tell them about my other Key?/ 

just then a pop was heard as Merlin appeared. "oh there you two are. i was wondering where you two were?" 

Hiccup blinked before he said. "Merlin? is that you?' 

"Hiccup my boy! how are you lad." asked Merlin happy to see his former pupil.

"I'm good thanks fro asking" Hiccup said with a smile. 

"You know each other" asked Lea looking at their teacher and the Berk resident. "Yeah, Merlin took over for my training after my Mom passed away."

"So anyway, what can i do for you Merlin?" asked Hiccup looking at his former teacher. Merlin then got to the point. "I want you to take over Kairi and Lea's Training from here on. They have learned everything from me." 

Hiccup looked at Kairi and Lea before he nodded. "of course, As a Keyblade Master, it's my job to help out anyway i can. And Xehanort better think twice before he can even think about reforging the χ-blade" 

Merlin smiled at his former student before he added. "and they can be trusted to keep your other Key a secret." 

"Key, what other Key?" asked Kairi. Hiccup opened his palm and in a bright blue fash did the Elder Blade appear in his hands. Kairi and Lea were taken back at the sight of the weapon. "The Elder Blade, The Twin brother of the χ-blade which guards the Lightstar." said Merlin as Hiccup dismissed the weapon as some of the vikings were heading for their homes. "Kairi, Axel. The Elder Blade must be kept secret"

"Of course merlin" said the two. 

"Now i must be off, Riku and the King are getting ready to go into the Realm of Darkness to find Master Aqua" said Merlin. 

"what about Sora?" Kairi asked. 

"Sora, Donald and Goofy are on their way here because i told them that you were here and they want to help out with your training" said Merlin. Kairi gleamed because she was going to see Sora real soon. Lea and Hiccup smirked because they can see that Kairi had a huge crush on Sora and Lea whispered to Hiccup that Sora was in love with her. Merlin then took his leave as hiccup looked up to the sky, "It's getting late, Come, you guys can come crash with me at my house. Tomorrow we will begin your training." said Hiccup. 

Kairi and Lea nodded before they followed Hiccup to the big house near the great hall. The insdie of the house was like any other viking home. "It's just me and my Dad and he's out doing his duties." 

The two followed him to his room and saw many inventions as well as a rack of weapons. "I hope you don;t mind the mess" said Hiccup rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. 

"It's okay, Sora and Riku;s rooms are way worser than yours." Kairi giggled as Hiccup made a hammock for himself and allowed Kairi the bed, He gave extra blankets to Lea to make a small coft. "Good night" Kairi siad. 

"sleep tight," said the other two before sleep took them as Hiccup looked outside his window. "Night toothless, Icefire." He said before falling asleep.

/Keyblade Graveyard./

"Xemnas we have a problem" Saix siad from his collumn. He along with most of the Vessels were meeting here far away from the Graveyard. "What is it Saix and why were you not successful on capturing the Princess of Heart?" asked Xemnas. 

"There is another Keyblade Wielder, Some boy named Hiccup." said Saix. 

"Hiccup? as in Valka's Boy?" asked Master Xehanort from his throne. "You know this kid?" asked Xigbar. 

"No but i knew his mother, She was trained by another Keyblade Master from her homeworld of Berk." Xehanort said before he chuckled. "So he did take on his mother's legacy,"

"Then perhaps he can be recruited as our final Vessel." Young Xehanort said looking at his older self. "Very well, go and bring him to me and capture the two" said Xehanort.

Young Xehanort bowed his head before going though a corridor. 


Chapter Text

A Dragon roar woke up the three inside the small bedroom as they shot their heads up and Hiccup was already getting dressed. "Dragon Raid, you guys can stay here if you want" He said. 

Kairi and Lea were already up and ready as the three climb down the stairs and Kairi opened the door to see a red dragon flying above some vikings and it saw her. Hiccup slammed the door shut as the dragon spewed fire lighting up the house a bit. Hiccup reopened the door and the three took off from the chief's house.

The once peaceful atmosphere of Berk has suddenly changed into a complete warzone. Every Viking out there was armed with axes, swords, maces and hammers fighting off dragons to protect their village.

The three keyblade weilders ran into the battlefield, dodging the vikings as they carried axes and wooden beams.Suddenly in the chaos, Hiccup stumbles, falling over backwards and a male Viking lands on top of him.

"ARGGGHHHHH!" The adult Viking roared before cheerfully greeting "Mornin' kids!" He then left on his path and as Hiccup got up and the three were off again. hey continued on their path when they spotted tiny black creatures forming right near an elder protecting some children. "Heartless!" shouted Hiccup as he summoned his keyblade. The Dragon's Gaze. 

Kairi and Lea also summoned their own keyblades before they stood between the Heartless and the elder protecting the kids. 

(Mission: Protect the Elder and the children from the Heartless.) 

Music-This is Berk music 

Party-Hiccup, Kairi, Lea

"Rufus! Get them inside. We got this!" said Hiccup as he slashed a shadow in half. The Heartless now on them.Hiccup then dodged a Large body before sneaking around it and finishing it off.

"Thank you kids!" said Rufus as he escorted the children he was protecting inside the house. Kairi did her corkscrew strike on several shadows before she aimed her keyblade. "Flower Shot!" A white orb shot out out of her keyblade and it destroyed two more Heartless. "Nice shot kairi" said Lea as he blocked another heartless from attacking him. He kicked the shadow away before he finished it off with his keyblade. Lea then form-change his weapon into his Chakram's Eternal Flames and coated them in fire. "Burn Baby!"  

His chakrams cut though the remaining Heartless before the three dismissed their weapons.

(End Battle) 

"I think that's the last of them ?" said Kairi looking at her friends

"Yeah, come on. This way and stay close" Hiccup said leading the two 

As they ran they passed by many villagers who kept shouting at Hiccup to get inside. These villagers were not saying this out of concern for him but rather out of concerns for themselves. Hiccup was well-known in their village but in a bad way. He was an outcast because his small size and his ability to inadvertently cause destruction most of the time but that is a cover for him to fight Heartless that get into the village. "Why are they telling you to get inside?" Lea asked as they ran by the vikings. "Vecause they see me as a menace becuae of my abliltu to cause Destructuon at the wrong time" Hiccup said to Lea. But for now Hiccup ignored the villagers and continued running until a large man grabbed him, stopping them from running into a line of fire from one of the dragons.

"Hiccup?! What are you doing out aga-?! Why are you out here?! What have I been telling you?! Get inside!" He shouted shoving them off."

"Who's that?" asked Kairi. 

"That's Stoick the Vast. Chief of the tribe. They say that when he was a baby, he popped a dragon's head clean off of its shoulders. Do I believe it? Yes, I do." Hiccup said looking at his father before running off with the two behind him.

Stoick then turned to a nearby soldier and asked "Report."

"The usual: Gronckles, Nadders and Zipplebacks. Oh, and Hoark said he saw a Monstrous Nightmare." The soldier replied.

"Any Night Furies yet?" Stoick asked.

"Not so far." The soldier replied.

This news brought only a bit of relief to the chief. "Good." was all he said. Hiccup Kairi and Lea just arrived at the forge where they were greeted by the one-legged, one armed man. "Oh There you are lad and you brougth some company, I thought you were carried off by a nadder" said the man working on a weapon. Taking off his jacket did Hiccup grab an appron. "Who me? I'm waaaay too muscular for them to handle. They would have no idea what to do with all...this." Hiccup added, flexing his arms.a lone Neoshadow came right behind Hiccup.

"Well, even dragons gotta have toothpicks to clean their teeth, don't they?" joked Gobber working on the weapon. Hiccup not even looking slashed it in half with his keyblade as it dissolve into shadow. "Nice Reflex" whispered Kairi. 

"Thanks" Hiccup said as Gobber asked. "so who are you two?" 

"My name is Lea, Got it memorized?' asked Lea, 

"and i'm Kairi" said Kairi. 

"Names Gobber, i would shake your hand but my hand is currently busy at the moment" gobber chuckled as he resumed working on a weapon. Hiccup then whispered to the two. "The meat-head with attitude and interchangeable hands is Gobber.  I have been his apprentice ever since we were little. Well... littler."

Immediately after Hiccup opened the window to the forge weapons were thrown into his arms as he struggled to get them to the workbench since he was carry so many.

Meanwhile outside the battlefield, the dragons were persistent in catching their prey and the Vikings fearlessly fought back while some carried the sheep out of the dragons reaches.

"Hurry up and move to the moor defenses! There, we will counter-attack them with the catapults!" Stoick commanded just as more dragons flew by burning every house in sight. watching the forge was Young Xehanort. "so that is the one called Hiccup. I shall test his strenght out myself but first i need to draw him out" Young Xehanort said as he watched the raid. Hiccup shot a glance to Kairi and Lea who watch him work on a sword. "See, Every buiding is new but it's an old village" 

"Fire!" shouted a viking. through the window of the forge Hiccup, Lea and Kairi could see the villages' fire brigade appearing on the scene. The fire brigade consisted of five teens. "Who are they?" asked Kairi. 

"The teens of Berk, That's fishlegs, snotlout, the Twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut and Astrid." Said Hiccup watching the five work on the fire. He looked at Astrid with a reluctant admiration. He had crush on Astrid for a long time. Gobber, who was the only one who knew about this, never missed the opportunity to tease him. However, when Astrid abandoned him. Hiccup was hurt by this. Astrid was there for him after his mother died. Although Hiccup claims to have gotten over his crush on Astrid, he cannot help feeling nervous around her or stare at her from afar and he hated himself for this. the teens turn a a slow motion fireball erupts the house behind them, framing them in fire, looking the opposite of Hiccup as he leans out the window. Kairi rolled her eyes at the teens of Berk."Huh cool kids don;t look at explosions" muttered Hiccup. 

the Teens came past the forge. Hiccup hears hissing as he saw several Bizarre Archer Heartless eyeing the teens. He was about to go deal with them when Gobber picked him up with his tongs.

"Oh, seriously? Let me out for a few minutes, please? I got to out there to make my mark or it will be too late!" Hiccup begged beginning to act like he wanted to go kill a dragon. Kairi and Lea saw the Heartless and Lea went to go deal with them. "Oh, you've made plenty of mark. All in the wrong places" said Gobber. /Yeah trying to keep the Heartless away from the young ones./ he rolled his eyes in his mind while at the same time. Lea took out the Heartless and returned to the Forge. 

"Please, two minutes. I'll kill a Dragon. My life will get infinitely better. I might even get a date" he began although his mind was saying. "Good cover story, hopefully gobber will by it."

"You can't lift a hammer, you can't swing an axe" lists Gobber and he picks up a bola, "you can't even throw one of these" and a Viking grabs a bola and throws it to a Gronkle, binding it's legs and causing it to crash to the ground. /Thats not true because he's a keyblade weilder./ Kairi thought because she knew hiccup was keeping his status as a Keyblade Master a secret from his mentor so that if anyone ever dared to target him. then no-one close to Him would get hurt. 

Okay, fine, but ..." and he quickly runs to the back corner of the stall and presents one of his inventions, "this will throw it for me" and he pats, accidental setting it off and knocking out a Viking that appeared at the window. Kairi and Lea winced feeling bad for the guy. 

See, now this right here is what I'm talking about" said Gobber as Hiccup says "Mild calibration issue."

"Hiccup, if you ever want to get out there to fight Dragons, you need to stop all" and he gestures to all Hiccup, "this." 

Kairi and Lea wondered why he meant by that. He was fine the way he was. did nobody from the village even knew of his status as a keyblade master or was he truly an Outcast because his name was Hiccup which means Runt of the Tribe. 

Yes! That is exactly what I'm saying! Stop being, all of you!" Gobber exclaimed.

Now understanding what Gobber meant, Hiccup tried another approach "Keep in mind, that you sir are playing a dangerous, risky game. Keeping this much, raw... Viking-ness... sealed?! THERE WILL BE DIRE CONSEQUENCES!" he warned.

Gobber, seeing right through this facade, was indifferent. "That's a risk I'm willing to take. Sword. Sharpen. Now." 

Hiccup took the sword to the grinder and began to sharpen it. "Hey, Are you okay?" asked Kairi. 

"yeah, im good, Gobber knows well but to my Tribe, Killing a Dragon is everything around here." Hiccup said looking out the window. 

A Nadder head is sure to get us at least noticed by them." and the Nadders climb the building and begin tearing the roof off and walls apart. Sheep run out and scatter.

Elsewhere, Gronckles are lifting up racks of fish and flying off.

"Gronckles are tough. Taking down one of those would definitely get me a girlfriend if i only did care to fight dragons."

A two headed dragons slithering over a rooftop, breathing gas into the chimney while also lighting it at the front door sending the house in flames.

"A Zippleback? Exotic, exciting. Two heads, twice the status."

The Zippleback flies away and past Stoick ontop of a tower, a cry of "They found the sheep!" ran through the air.

"Concentrate fire over the lower bank!" orders Stoick and is answered with a "Fire" and boulders are catapulted to Nadders as a red Dragon whips past, attacking with fire.

"And then there's the Monstrous Nightmare. Only the best Vikings go after those. They have this nasty habit of setting themselves on fire."

The Nightmare emerges from the flames, half of it actually being the flames and smirks at Stoick who yells: "Reload, I'll take care of this," and he takes on the Night,are with a hammer until a screech is heard by Viking and Dragon alike, and the crew on the tower ducks. Down below, Hiccup looks up, reacting the screech./Toothless/ 

"What's that screeching sound?" asked Lea, 

"the one dragon that no-one but me has seen, we call it the..."  Hiccup said before they heard.

LOOK OUT, NIGHT FURY!" "GET DOWN NOW!" Some of the villagers yelled just before everyone immediately ducked down. Then out of nowhere one catapults exploded and it was the one that contained Stoick the Vast and a few other warriors! Fortunately they managed to jump out of there, narrowly missing a fiery death. "THe night fury never misses or steals food. it is the ultimate prize sought out by vikings" Hiccup said with a bit of a growl.

Gobber then turn to his young apprentice "Man the fort you three, they need me out there!" He instructed them as he switched his prosthetic hand from a hammer to an axe. "Stay. Put. There. Do you understand."

"You mean don't run off adding anymore destruction and mayhem than there already is." Hiccup stated with a blank tone.

"Exactly." With that he gave battle roar and ran outside. "How embarrassing" spoke a boy's voice did the three turn to see Young Xehanort leaning against the Mangler. "How fitting is it that the Son of Valka the gentle treated as an outcast by his own tribe." 

"Xehanort!" said Kairi remembering that this was his younger self brought from the past. "I am honored that you know me Princess of Heart but no matter, you three are coming with me" said Young Xehanort. 

"I don't think so" said Hiccup getting defensive as did the other two. Young Xehanort smirked before the three could even block his strike. He teleported them out of the forge and near the abandoned parts of the village. 

"Can you see, Such Tremendous Darkness these people are producing" Young Xehanort spoke now approaching them as they stood up and were defensive again.Darkness was coming off both vikings and dragons as it began to swirl in the air. The villagers were unaware of the darkness coming off them as they fought dragons. The Darkness began to Cover the island. 

"Now Hiccup Haddock, my older self has personally asked of me to recruit you to our seekers." said Young Xehanort. 

"Waht and let him reforge the χ-blade!I Don;t think so!" shouted Hiccup summoning Dragon's Gaze and got into his stance. 

"Such a shame….I was hoping you would join us but no matter. your heart along with the other Seven lights will be broguht to us to forge the χ-blade!" Young Xehanort spoke before he summoned his Keyblade. it' predominantly colored in different shades of blue and is decorated with elaborate, spiked shapes. The tip of the keyblade appears to be a stopwatch, while the teeth are diamond shape spikes that are connected by a black web structure similar to the design on the base of the top spire . The Keychain shares the time theme represented in the blade, and its token is an hourglass. The shaft of the blade features an ever-present blue glow. A blue eye was on it as was a horned lionhead at the top. 

"Kairi, Lea. Let me handle him" Hiccup said as he formed a barrier around him and Young Xehanort. "Time to show this guy that he is not welcomed here" 

(Battle Young Xehanort

Young Xehanort theme from Kingdom Hearts 3 

Mission: Defeat Young Xehanort

Party-Hiccup )

"Prepare!" Young Xehanort said as he Sweeps and stabs with the Keyblade, releasing crescent-shaped waves when he sweeps towards Hiccup who blocked the attacks with his own Keyblade. parry the strikes did He hits Young Xehanort with a few combos sending him flying. 

"You'll never win!" Young Xehanort said casting Blizzard and sending the ice chunks towards Hiccup who was ready for it as he formed a green gas trail with his keyblade confusing Xehanort and the teens. "Thunder" said Hiccup igniting the gas as it exploded and Young Xehanort was sent back by the spell.

"Checkmate!" Young Xehanort as a Time symbol appeared underneath him and his keyblade turned into a whip which smacks Hiccup in the chest. Jumping Back did Young Xehanort formed an  X-shaped shockwave from his keyblade that headed straight for Hiccup. He blocked the Shockwave before he aimed his keyblade high "Meteor!" 

Rocks came down from the sky and struck the Time Traveler. "Enough!" roared Young Xehanort as he changed his keyblade into a whip again and it grabbed Hiccup's keyblade and sent it flying. The darkness now fully covered the night sky. Hiccup was calm despite his keyblade was now at the bottom of the sea. "You still fight, after i took away your Keyblade." asked Young Xehanort. 

Hiccup smirked before he opened his palm. "who said that was my only Keyblade?" 

A bright blue flash came as the Elder Blade appeared in his hand. Young Xehanort's eyes widen on seeing the anceint weapon. "Impossible!" Young Xehanort said as Hiccup looked at the Elder Blade before he got into his stance. "There is one sky Xehanort...ONE DESTINY!" shouted Hiccup as dark clouds covered the night sky. 

Nearby Stoick and his men struggled to capture a group of Deadly Nadders, who refused to go down without a fight. A nadder was about to open its mouth but Stoick stopped it.

"Mind yourselves," he warns, "the devils still have juice in them." He then heard thunder before he saw that the night sky was cloudy. He pushed it aside before focusing on the nadders. The teens noticed the cloudy sky  "whats up with the sky, is it going to Storm?" asked Fishlegs. 

"worry about that later Fishlegs and focus on the fire!" Astrid ordered. 

"Get him Hiccup!" Cheered Kairi as Hiccup blocked Young Xehanort's Keyblade with the Elder Blade. "How did you aquire the χ-blade!" Young Xehanort Demanded. "This is it's twin brother and i wielded like like my ancestors before me!" shouted Hiccup before shoving him back. "Back off!" He said as a light shone down on the Elder Blade. He slams the Elder Blade on the ground creating a shockwave but Young Xehanort dodges the atatck by jumping but Hiccup teleport behind him and hits him with a spiral combo. with one final slam did Hiccup hits the Seeker. Young Xehanort was forced into the ground defeated.  

(End Battle)

Young Xehanort stood up holding his arm as Hiccup,Kairi and Lea glared at him. "Leave now" Growled Hiccup pointing the Elder Blade towards him as it glowed. 

"Very well i shall leave….." said Young Xehanort before he grinned. "But first, let me leave you three a parting gift for you to play with" 

He laughed as he dissapeared as all of the Darkness began to take form as a Heartless. "Form up!" Hiccup said as Kairi and Lea summoned their keyblades. A giant Heartless was taken form and it had an axe as it's weapon (Rock Troll) Accompanying it was several Soldiers. Fire Cores and Bizzare Archers.

(Boss battle. Rock Troll

Theme-The Encounter Olympus Coliseum-Kingdom Hearts 3.

Mission-Defeat the Giant Heartless before it destroys Berk

Party-Kairi, Hiccup, Lea.) 

The Rock troll swings it's axe towards the Three. "Dodge it!" shouted Kairi as the three move out of the monster's way. The Rock Troll swings its axe again smacking Lea away as he did a recover and slashed a soldier with his keyblade. Hiccup casted "Pearl!" His spell left the Elder Blade and struck the Rock Troll in the face. 

Kairi  fought against the soldiers, Fire Cores and Bizarre Archers. "Waterga! Kairi casted as a large ball of water destroyed the heartless around her. a wandering Fire Core was heading for the village but Kairi pointed her keyblade and casted "Freeze" her Bliizard spell froze the heartless before it shattered into many pieces. 

Lea was being surrounded by Heartless as he said. "Come on!, is this the best you got!" He went into a fury with his keyblade  "I can do this all day!" he said with a laugh before he fired a Firaga at the Rock Troll sending it back from the others.

Hiccup hits the Rock troll with an air combo before he said "Sonic Dash!" He smacked the heartless in the face with Sonic Dash. Ready to end the battle did Hiccup stab down on the Heartless leader head with his weapon. It stumbled down as a giant heart floated away. Dismissing their weapons did the three look at each other. "You guys were great" Hiccup said. 

"Thanks your no slouch either Master Hiccup" Lea said with a taunt. 

"Please Lea, Call me Hiccup," Hiccup said a bit embarressed. 

"and call me Axel. Got it memorized" Lea said with a smirk making the two teens laugh until they heard screaming. Turning did the three see Ruffnut and Tuffnut running for their lives from a Nightmare. "Should we help them?" asked Kairi. 

"Nah, it's the twins, they got this" said Hiccup. 

Back with Stoick and his men. Stoick is holding down a net full of Nadders when he hears a scream and turns to see Ruffnut and Tuffnut running away from a Nightmare. Stoick quickly leaves the Nadders and runs to the rescue, telling his men to "Do not let them escape!"

As Ruffnut and Tuffnut passes, Vikings quickly run and they hides behind a pole, "That was scary...Do it again?" asked Tuffnut.

"Yeah" said Ruffnut . They looks around the pole but the Nightmare is coming in from the other side. They quickly turns to run, after not seeing the Nightmare and comes face to face with it. The Nightmare prepares for the kill but is kicked away by Stoick. They fight and the Nightmare tries to set Stoick alight but only smoke comes up.

"You're all out" smirks Stoick and he smashes it in the face until it flies away. Stoick now looks at the Thorsten twins. .

the pole collapses, bouncing down the hill and causing the Vikings holding the net of Nadders to bolt for their life. The twins watch as the Nadder's escape from the vikings. They grab the sheep as they fled with the other dragons who carried stolen food and livestock. All the vikings look at Stoick as he grabbed the bridge of his nose.

/Keyblade Graveyard./ 

Young Xehanort returned to the Graveyard and waiting for him was his older self, along with Ansem, Xemnas and Xigbar. "So it's true, Hiccup has the Twin Brother of the χ-blade"Ansem spoke. 

"Yes. The Elder Blade, The Counterpart of the Lightstar, A Power that rivals Kingdom Hearts." Master Xehanort said.

"Then we should go and take it from him. With the Lightstar and the Elder Blade, We should be able to retrigger another Keyblade War without forging the χ-blade" Xemnas spoke looking at Xehanort. 

"No it would not do because the Elder blade cannot be wielded by one who has Darkness, That blade has been passed down in Valka's family fro generations and each wielder who wielded it became pure hearts." Master Xehanort said. 

"Then we shall stick to our original plan to capture the seven Guardians." said Xigbar. "Yes and perhaps with Hiccup and the Elder blade, We can create a power much more powerful than the χ-blade" Master Xehanort said with a grin. Xigbar smirked before he thought. /Everything is going according to your plans Master, Soon you and the others will return...May our Hearts be our Guiding Keys/ 



Chapter Text

Stoick began to give the twins a good lecture and Gobber shook his head at the twins before he saw Hiccup, Kairi and Lea walking away. "sorry that you guys didn't get enough sleep" Hiccup said passing the chief's house. 

"No it's okay, we were glad to help out" Kairi said to him. The three entered the forest and they heard a thud as a Black Dragon with Cat like features and bat wings. "Uh oh" Lea said but Hiccup approached the dragon. "Hey Bud, i thought i told you to wait at the Cove" 

The Night Fury  warbled happy to see his rider as he tackled him and the two began to play fight. he bond the two had was so strong that nothing could tear them apart.. "He's down For the Count!" said Hiccup holding dragon down until Toothless reversed it and he was now pinned down as he began licking him until he was covered in dragon saliva. Kairi and Lea watched the two. /wait, i thought he and his people were at war with Dragons/ Kairi thought. 

Toothless let him up as he said wiping the saliva off. "You know that doesn't wash off" he said as Toothless laughed at him before he noticed Kairi and Lea. Hiccup sat up before he said to the Dragon. "Toothless, this is Kairi and Lea, Kairi, Lea, Toothless, The Night Fury and My Best Friend" 

"Toothless? what kind of name is that for a dragon?" asked Lea raising an eyebrow. Toothless stood on his hind legs and opened his mouth to reveal his gummy smile. "You have no teeth?, so cute" Kairi cooed as she hugged the dragons head. Toothless pured before she let go and he revealed his retractable teeth. "Retractable Teeth?' asked Lea. 

Toothless ears then perked up as he heard something. "What is it Bud?" asked Hiccup as his dragon took off in the opposite direction of the forest. "Come on, Toothless may have detected some Heartless." hiccup said. Kairi and Lea nodded bfore the three went after the Night Fury. 

in the middle of the Forest did five beams of light flashed and five people appeared. 

Sora was wearing a black hoodie, with silver pauldron-like additions to his sleeves and white lining. His undershirt was a navy blue with a red patch in the center. His pants, similar to chaps, were colored black on the outside, and a navy blue on the inside, lined with silver-white edging. Yellow straps criss-crossed around his pants, held together with a black belt. The pants featured red pockets with a black cross over them. His gloves were colored black on the outside and white on the inside with a yellow line running around them. He also wore large black-yellow shoes with silver soles, a zipper running across the top, and black straps holding them together with buckles here and there, and a silver crown pendant is present on his neck.

Donald was wearing a blue hat (which resembled a beret), which had a belt in place of a normal brim, and sported a zipper that spanned the length of the hat. His high-collared jacket was navy blue with sky blue lining and cuffs. There were three pouches, all of which were blue with yellow lining, along the middle of the jacket; the center pouch was secured by a flap, while the other two used silver zippers. The middle pouch was framed by two other silver zippers that spanned the entire length of the jacket, from the top of the collar to the bottom. He had a short, blue cape with yellow lining that he wore draped over his shoulders, kept in place by a silver strap. Donald also wore a thick, gold bangle on each of his wrists. He also wore a shorter, light blue coat over his jacket, this one with more bell-like sleeves, gold lining and cuffs, a turtleneck-esque collar, and the two silver, vertical zippers present in his jacket.

, Goofy was wearing an orange hat (save for a blue band in the middle, and the top is an odd shape) resembling a teardrop placed on its side. There was also a small pair of red goggles around the bottom of the hat that strangely, were quite a bit smaller than Goofy's eyes. Goofy wore a green turtleneck sweater with sleeves that belled out slightly and a blue arrow-shaped strap on each cuff. He wore white gloves with a brown band around each wrist. Over the sweater, he wore a sleeveless, black combat vest with grey lining and four pockets of the same color. Goofy's pants were yellow and secured by a thick, black belt. They had rather large pockets and a pouch on each leg with a silver zipper. The legs of his pants had a peculiar style, with the dark orange bottom rims being pulled upward in the front by a brown strap. Goofy also had very large shoes which were brown with steel toes on the outside.

Riku wore a sleeveless, black zip-up tank-top with double zippers, and a white-and-yellow vest over it with a blue separating the two colors and decorated with four silver buttons. He sported a white thick band on his left wrist, baggy blue pants held up by a black belt covered with square spike studs. He wore a pair of yellow-laced, white sneakers with gray lining and soles, and three black stripes on the sides.

 Mickey wore a short-sleeved jacket with white lining. The top half of this jacket was black, while the bottom half was red, and there were two yellow straps dangling in front of it. His pants were red and sported a zipper going down the front of each leg. Each leg also had a yellow pouch with a black strap that partially cover the zipper, as well as a blue strap on the outer side of each pant leg. Mickey wore very large, yellow shoes with grey backs and two orange, intersecting straps attached to the front of each shoe.

"Are you sure this is the world Kairi and Lea are on Mickey?" asked Riku looking at the King of Disney Castle. "Of course. Merlin told Master Yen Sid that he had a former pupil named Hiccup here that is a Keyblade Master like you and Me Riku, If anyone can help get Kairi and Lea ready for the War it's him."

Just then the bushes moved as Toothless came out of nowhere and he noticed the newcomers. "is that a Dragon?" Riku asked trying his best to not summon Way of Dawn. "Nice Dragon," Sora said calmly making Toothless tilt his head. just then they heard "Sora! Riku!" 

Kairi came though the bushes behind Toothless with Lea and Hiccup. "Kairi!" The two boys said as Kairi hugged them both who returned it. "I'm glad you guys are okay" She said after letting go of them. 

"Merlin says that your training has been going great." said Sora. 

"Kairi here is a natural at Magic." said Hiccup as the five turn their heads towards him. Mickey exclaimed "you must be hiccup, My name is King Mickey."


"Donald Duck"

"Goofy, Nice to meet you Hiccup." 

"and I'm Sora" said Sora. 

"Nice to meet you all, My name Is Hiccup and this is Toothless" said hiccup introducing himself and Toothless. The eight begin to travel though the forest with Hiccup leading as Hiccup told the Five newcomers about his world as well as his status as the protector of this world. He even showed them the Elder Blade shocking the five. "I thought Master Yen Sid said it was just a myth" Mickey said looking at the legendary blade. 

"Actually, Master Yen Sid along with Master Eraqus and Master Xehanort knew of it's existance because of my Mother." Said Hiccup before he muttered. 'but since Master Xehanort has gone rogue and has become a Dark Master, He will no doubt target me to help him forge the χ-blade" 

"That;s why we need to find Aqua, Terra and Ven, Unfortunatly, We have no clue to where Terra is and Ven is still in a coma. Only Aqua knows where she hid his body and Aqua is trapped in the Realm of Darkness." Mickey said sadly remembering Aqua saving Riku from a Demon Tide so they could close the door to Darkness. "The Realm of Darkness!" Hiccup exclaimed. 

"So how do we get into the Realm of Darkness your Majesty" said Donald. 

"hmm, Ir's not easy getting in as getting out of the Realm of Darkness." Mickey said. 

"Icefire might know how to get in there" said Hiccup. 

"Icefire?" asked everyone. Toothless raised a scaly eyebrow at his rider before Hiccup assumed. "Don;t worry bud, they can be trusted" 

The Night Fury nodded before Hiccup gestured for them to follow them. The group then walked throughout the forest of Berk occasionally stopping as Hiccup was disarming new Traps set by the vikings. "My mother believed that peace can come between Vikings and Dragons but unfortunately people like my father are too stubborn to be change from their ways. so she did everything in her power to save dragons from being killed and take them to her Sanctuary." 

They soon arrived to a large ice mountain as Hiccup made them stop near a small cave. "Cloak, Dagger im back"  two pairs of reptilian eyes appeared as two red dragons appeared out of nowhere. Sora and Co were shocked to see the two dragons. "Changewings, they can blend in with any environment and they spit acid." Hiccup said as he placed his hands on the dragons snouts. They purred in delight before taking their spots back to guard the small entrance. Sora and Co followed Hiccup and Toothless into the cave. cup. They all climb tall rocks until they reach a lush paradise and thousands of Dragons were seen. "Welcome to the Dragon Sanctuary" said Hiccup. 

Sora and Co looked at the dragons as they flew in peace especially Kairi and Lea after seeing a Dragon Raid. "But why do they raid your village if they live here?" asked Kairi. 

"Those dragons are from another Nest, A Nest close to Helhiem's Gate and they have been declaring war on the Vikings for the last three hundred years, My mother and our ancestors built this place for Dragons who wished to bot be apart of the fighting. The Vikings of Berk can never find this place. I have defenses all over this mountain." Hiccup said. 

"But what happens if your tribe finds the Sanctuary?" asked Lea. 

"no worries because my dragons are protected by the Great Bewilderbeast" Hiccup said leading them towards the cliffs and down below, in a pool of water, is a huge, white dragon with giant tusks and hundreds of long spikes jutting out from the back of his head and all over his back. The gang was shocked to see a dragon that was huge. /That Dragon looks like it can go head to toe with a Groundshaker Heartless/ Sora thought. 

"Amazing" said Jiminy taking many pictures of the dragon with his gummiphone. 

I suddenly feel tiny" said Mickey

"The Alpha species, one of the few that still exists." continued Hiccup.

Dragons fly around him and bow down to him when they get close. "Every Nest has its Queen but this is the King of all dragons. With his icy breath this graceful giant built our Nest. A safe haven for dragons everywhere." said Hiccup pointing to the ice above with the Elder Blade. 

"He protects us all. We all live under his care and rule. All except the babies who listen to no one" laughed Hiccup. a few scuttleclaws were playing on the kings head. He brushed them off gently and he stood up. Hiccup and the dragons bowed as the King hovered them all. "For generations my family has learned everything from them. learning all their secrets"  The king let out a small mist which formed into frost on their heads.

"He likes you guys" said Hiccup with a chuckle. .

"Wow" said Sora and Riku brushing the frost off his hair.

"Welcome to my home. Wielders of the Keyblade." Icefire Spoke with a gentle voice. 

"Wak!, It talks!" shouted Donald jumping back as did the rest of the gang.. A chuckle escaped the Bewilderbeast. "Why Of course i can speak my young friend. I am an alpha. Alpha dragons have the ability to communicate with Telepathy"

"This is amazing!" said Goofy

"Sorry but where were from. Dragon's are just a myth to us" said Kairi.

"That is alright Princess of Heart," Icefire said.  

"Icefire, How can we enter the Realm of Darkness" asked Hiccup getting to the point. Icefire raised an eyebrow before he asked. "Why do you want to go there Hiccup?" 

Mickey then sadly explained to Icefire about how Aqua was trapped in the Realm of Darkness for twelve years and since Sora found her Keyblade on Destiny Island that she was defenseless against the Heartless. "do not feel guilty little king, Your friend made a heroic sacrifice to save Riku from the Heartless." said Icefire. Kairi was still trying to remember how she knew Aqua but her memory was hazy about her. 

"And now it's our turn to save her" said Sora. 

"That;s right" said Riku. 

"But without a Corridor of Darkness, hoe can we even get in and get out with her" said Lea. 

"Simple, The Kingdom Key D as it is the Dark Realms key can open gates between the two realms. But without proper protection, you will slowly get corrupted by the darkness." said Icefire. 

 "Well, Merlin is working on Keyblade Armor for Sora, Riku, Kairi and Lea and i still have my black coat." said Mickey. "not to worry, i shall assist you" said Icefire before his eyes turned into slits as the seven glowed with a small aura. The king's eyes returned to normal before he said. "There, My spell shall last for about an hour, that should be plenty of time to get in and find Master Aqua." 

"what about Hiccup?" asked Donald. 

"Not to worry Donald, I have my own Keyblade Armor." said Hiccup revealing a hidden shoulder guard underneath his sleeve, He pressed the button as a bright flash covered him. The Seven saw that his armor was pitch black and his helm was design like a Night Fury's head, two black dragon wings were on his back. Red and Green also mixed on the clothes of the armor. 

"So what do you guys think?" asked Hiccup talking though his helm. 

"Awesome! I want Keyblade Armor" Sora exclaimed. 

"Don'y worry Sora, You'll get your armor soon." said Mickey before summoning Kingdom Key D. focusing did the king fired a strange purple beam as it created a Corridor of Darkness. "Aqua, were coming to save you" Sora said as the nine then entered the Corridor of Darkness as it closed. 

Chapter Text


Almost every viking in the Tribe was present in the hall except for the teens who were watching the children of the village.

"Either we finish them or they'll finish us! It's the only way we'll be rid of them! If we find the nest and destroy, the Dragons will leave, they'll find another home!" shouted stabs a blade into a map, on the area which shows the Dragon's nest.

"One more search, before the ice sets in" Stoick decided.

"Those ships never come back" argued a Viking.

"We're Vikings, it's an occupational hazard" replied Stoick, "now who's with me?"

Nobody cheered although there were a few mutters like: "Today's not good for me" and "I've gotta do my axe returns." Many eyes were everted from the Chiefs. So Stoick pulled out his last weapon. "Alright, those who stay will look after Hiccup " and at once, every hand in thrust into the hall and yells echo around like: "to the ships" and "I'm with you Stoick!"

"That's more like it." Said the chief.

The Vikings hurriedly leave to their homes, Gobber and Stoick are now alone and Gobber gulps back the last of his drink, telling Stoick: "I'll pack my undies."

"No, I need you to stay and train some new recruits" said Stoick looking at his longtime friend

Gobber cheered, he loved it when he could train the new recruits, they always looked so scared.

"Oh, perfect. And while I'm busy, Hiccup can cover the stall. Molten steel, razor sharp blades, lots of time to themselves ... what could possibly go wrong?" asked Gobber, sarcasm laced into his voice. Frustrated. Stoick sinks down to sit beside him. He has been noticing that his son became more distant of him and is  always in the forest. "What am I going to do with them Gobber?" he asked the blonde Viking.

"Put him in training with the others" suggested Gobber.

No, I'm serious" said Stoick, looking at Gobber as if he had gone mad.

"So am I."

"he'd be killed before you let the first dragon out of its cage" argued Stoick.

"Oh, you don't know that."

"I do know that, actually."

"No, you don't."

"No, actually I do."

"No you don't!"

"Listen!" yelled Stoick, "you know what he's like. From the time he could crawl he's been...different. He doesn't listen. Has the attention span of a sparrow. I take him fishing and he goes hunting for... for trolls."

"Trolls exist! They steal your socks" Gobber's defensive tone changed to a dark tone, "but only the left ones. What's with that?"

"When I was a boy..." began Stoick, he ignored Gobber's "Oh, here we go." and kept talking.

"My father told me to bang my head against a rock and I did it. I thought it was crazy, but I didn't question him. And you know what happened?"

"You got a headache" replied Gobber in an bored tone.

"That rock split in two. It taught me what a Viking could do, Gobber. He could crush mountains, level forests, tame seas! Even as a boy, I knew what I was, what I had to become. Hiccup is not that boy." Stoick said thinking of valka.

Now that Stoick's big speech was over, it was time for Gobber's.

"You can't stop him, Stoick. You can only prepare them. Look, I know it seems hopeless. But the truth is you won't always be around to protect him. He's going to get out there again. probably out there now."

/not like He need protection anyway and if only you knew his true power/ though Gothi as she was still in the great hall listening to Stoick and Gobber talk

/Keyblade Graveyard /

Master Xehanort was once again seated on his throne as the rest of his seekers were out on assignments. 

At that moment, a dark corridor opened, and out stepped Ansem. As he did before, Xehanort floated down from the throne and stood before his heartless.

"Sora and his allies have entered the dark realm," said Ansem. 

Master Xehanort then smirked. "so they are going to retrieve Aqua, Very good and once that is done will Ventus be recovered. Very good, Go and make sure they don't escape." 

Ansem nodded before going though another corridor leaving the old master alone. /All is going to plan, Soon i shall have my prize/ Thought the old master.  

/Realm of Darkness/ 

 The Corridor of Darkness opened in the Depths of Darkness as the Nine stepped out. The Depths of Darkness is a Bleak landscape comprised of fragments of earth haphazardly spliced together into a single, continuous area. 

"Alright everybody stick together" Mickey said as He and Hiccup took the lead with Toothless. The Nine began walking though the Realm of Darkness and so far they have not yet encountered a single Heartless but that would only be a matter of time before the Heartless knew they were there. Riku came to a halt making the rest of the team look at him. "Everything alright Riku?" asked Sora looking at his best friend. 

"No, It's just, i've been here, I should know this place, But all that seems like another life" Riku said looking around. 

"Well gee, Think about You've seen, All the feelings you felt, why you've done years of growing in almost no time at all." Mickey said approaching him. 

"The King is right Riku, Why you matured alot since getting your Keyblade" Goofy said. 

"Yeah unlike Sora here" Donald said with a smirk. 

"Hey!" Sora said a little offended making Kairi laugh. 

Riku continued putting his hand on his chest "I remember my first time here, I was so scared, but now my doubts and fears are gone, If anything, i feel Exhilarated and it's not because there's darkness in me. I know too well what that rush us like. This is Different." 

"Maybe it might be Adrenaline?" Lea asked. 

"No, it's not Adrenaline, i know Aqua needs us but i'm ready because i have you guys with me" said Riku. 

"It's not us Riku, It's because you finally found that special strength to protect what matters," Mickey said. 

"What?' asked Riku. 

"Sometimes when you care so much for somebody, all other feelings dissapear and then, there is no room for Fear or doubt." said Mickey. Riku looked at his hand as a sudden flashback came to him of seeing Terra letting him hold his keyblade. "Strength to protect what matters. it reminds me of a promise i made to someone." 

"To who?" asked Sora. 

"Just someone i met, Can't tell" said Riku

"Sounds like a good memory" Hiccup stated.

"We better keep going, The Realm of Darkness has changed and we have to find Aqua" Mickey said earning a nod from the others before they resumed walking. they pass by many Heartless looking for hearts to devour but they have not yet notice them. Toothless was sniffing the ground before his ears perk up. "He's got Aquas scent!, Good job bud" Hiccup said as the nine continued on their way with toothless guiding them. "I'm actually curious to how you and Toothless met Hiccup" Kairi asked him. "We met the same day my mother showed me the truth about Dragons" Hiccup said. A sudden memory came to him as he remembered how he met Toothless. 


Mama where are we going?" asked a four year old Hiccup walking beside his mother. It was a few days after he received his keyblade and now was following her though the forest. He had just perfected summoning his keyblade. "I want to take you to meet a friend of mine. She lives here." said Valka as she looked down to her son with a smile.

"A Friend? Is she nice like Mrs. Hofferson?" asked Hiccup holding his mother's hand.

"Yes...well be there soon" said Valka looking at him. Soon they reach the cove near Raven's point as valka moved to remove her sword from her waist and bow and arrow.

"Now don't be afraid of my friend. I been telling her about you and she is eager to meet you" said Valka looking at her son

 Hiccup nodded to his mother as they entered the cove. A large sunken area in the forest with rocks, tree roots, and a pond full of fish.

"Wow mama this place is pretty" chirped Hiccup looking at his mother. Valka smiled before she let out a shout. "Nightscale, im here and i brought Hiccup with me."

"Nightscale?" Hiccup thought looking at each other. Just then they heard movement from the cave uptop.. Soon a blueish black scaled Dragon with catlike features and bat wings came out of the cave as it moved towards Valka. It's dark blue eyes with round pupils instead of slits looked at Valka who smiled back.

The dragon landed within inches of Valka and the children. "Nightscale my friend," She said as the Night Fury came to a stop in front of her . Nightscale lowered her head and Valka placed her hand on her snout as she purred as Valka's forehead touched the dragon's forehead.

Hiccup just looked at his mother as she placed her hand on the dragon. he was told dragons were mindless monsters from the depths of Hel. Valka and Nightscale moved away as Nightscale looked at Hiccup with curious eyes. Valka got on her knees before she offered her hand to him. "Come here, it's okay."

Hiccup approached his mother a bit scared of Nightscale as he stood close to her. She then raised his hands much like she had just did. "Let her come to you" said Valka. Nightscale looked at his hands before she lowered her snout onto their hands. Hiccup felt warm scales on their heads as they looked at Nightscale. "You see, Dragons are not the monsters everyone claims them to be" Valka said to him.

"But why do they raid people mama?" asked Hiccup as he sat on her lap. 

'Well that's the thing. No one knows although my family has been here before the Vikings came to Berk. perhaps it's because the vikings forced them off their island since they lived here. And so in retaliation. The dragons take their livestock as revenge. And for Three hundred years. The dragon war has continued on with no end in sight." said Valka as Nightscale laid down beside her asleep.

"But why not tell Dad about Nightscale?" asked Hiccup looking at his mother. "Well. No matter what i would tell him. He would just ignore me. Your father cannot be changed from his ways. No one here can't. I tried but they are too stubborn in their beliefs and believe killing is the only way.." said Valka putting her hand on Nightscale. "But since Keyblade Wielders have no quarrel against dragons. Dragons help us when there is Heartless we cant defeat on our own. Nightscale has been aiding me for a long time."

"So can we have a dragon too Mama?" asked Hiccup.

"Yes. I shall teach you everything i have learned about dragons as i train you in the ways of the Keyblade. Now it's time for your next lesson" said Valka standing up with Hiccup when Hiccup saw a smaller black dragon with dark green eyes looking at him. "Oh is this your son Nightscale?" asked Valka earning a nod from Nightscale. The baby Night Fury approached Hiccup and sniffed his hand. He did what his mother did and the baby dragon pressed it's snout on his hand. Valka smiled seeing that her son was so much like her. The baby night Fury looked at him and gave him a Gummy smile. "You have no teeth?" asked Younger hiccup as the baby dragon revealed retractable teeth making both children gasp at the baby dragon.

"Retractable teeth, i didn't know Night Furies had that" said Valka looking at her dragon. Nightscale chuckled as she looked at Hiccup and the newly named Toothless. Both of them smiled as they had became friends. That night did Valka took him to the Dragon Sanctuary and he met Icefire." 

/End Memory/ 

"and that's how i met Toothless and we have been together ever since" Hiccup finished his story to the seven. "Gosh what a story Hiccup" Mickey said to the armored boy as they arrived to the Dark Margin. "This is where we ended up after we defeated Xemnas" said Sora. 

"Look!" Donald pointed to the shoreline. Down the beach, sat two figures, a woman with blue hair, and the other wore a black coat, but he did not seem threatening. Mickey smiled and rushed forward. "Aqua! Aqua!"

The woman jumped slightly and turned around. "Mickey!?" The mouse leapt on her, wrapping his arms around her in a hug. The woman blinked in shock but soon hugged him back. "Mickey… My friend." They separated. "What are you doing here?"

"We're here to get you out of here!" he exclaimed

"We?" She looked up and saw everyone else. "My goodness." The group came closer and Aqua looked up, eyes widening in recognition as she beheld the first three. "Sora? Riku? And, is that Kairi?"

"Good to see you again, Aqua." Riku held out a hand to her.

She took his hand and stood. "All of you… you're here? It has been so long. You were barely above my knees and Kairi, you weren't even from the same world as these two."

"It's a long story, but I ended up on their world and I've lived there for years." Kairi answered

Aqua nodded, and then looked at Kairi's necklace. "So my spell worked."

Sora raised an eyebrow. "Spell?" Aqua gently touched Kairi's pendant.

"When I first met Kairi, I had to save her from a group of monsters called Unversed with Mickey. After it was over, I sensed her pure light and cast a protection spell on her by this pendant."

"Gosh!, that little girl was Kairi!" Exclaimed Mickey. 

Kairi's eyes widened as some of her memory came back, recalling that very event.

"I remember!" she exclaimed. "You said that the spell would my light to the light of another when I was in danger. Someone to keep me safe."

Aqua giggled at that and looked at Sora. "It worked, all right." Sora and Kairi both turned red at that. "Oh that reminds me" Sora said before he summoned Master Defender and held it out to Aqua. "This is yours right?" 

"Yes, my Master's keyblade. Thank you" Aqua said taking the weapon. Aqua let out a deep breath and the others saw a tear glinting in her eyes.

"Aqua," her fellow Keyblade Master smiled. "I never got to thank you. You saved me, at the risk of yourself. Because you did that, you were trapped here, but I got to live, thank you."

"You're welcome, Riku." She smiled gently.

"Aqua," Lea approached. "Hi, I'm Lea. I'm a Keyblade wielder, like these guys."

"and My name is Hiccup Horrendus Haddock the Third, Keyblade Master" Hiccup said taking off his helm

The woman's eyes widened. "Wait, are all of you Keyblade wielders?"

"Everyone but me, Donald and Toothless." Goofy gave a small smile.

Aqua looked around, slightly in shock. Part of her still believed that this was one of many rescue dreams she'd had over the years. However, the light from the people before her was more than a dream. "So, when are we to leave… and may my friend join us?" The Keyblade master turned around and smiled at the hooded figure.

"Who is he?"

"I don't know," the woman shrugged. "He has very few memories."

Mickey strode fearlessly towards the man. "Show us your face." The figure reached up and pulled back his hood to reveal an aged face with blond hair and beard. "Ansem the Wise!?"

"Is that my name?" The man's eyes looked down at the mouse, all faded and confused. "Wait… th-that is my name. I do remember that now."

Lea took a few steps closer to the old man. "Lord Ansem, it's really you." He merely gave Lea a confused shrug. "Oh well, never mind."

"Sorry, young man, that I do not know you." Ansem the Wise answered.

Riku sighed. "Well, Ansem, it is good to see you. Now, why don't we get back to the Realm of Light?"

"Light…" Aqua let out a deep sigh. "I have missed it."

"Well, you will have to wait some more" Spoke a familar cold voice as Ansem came out of nowhere. 

Riku snarled. "Ansem…"

"Wait, I thought that was my friend?" Aqua cocked her head.

"Different Ansem. An evil one; he's Xehanort's Heartless." This shocked Aqua. 

"Now you all are coming with me so that we can forge the χ-blade" Ansem, Seeker of Darkness spoke as a cluster of Shadow Heartless appeared in the form of a tower. "Not going to happen" Hiccup exclaimed before summoning Dragon's Gaze, Mickey with Kingdom Key D.Riku with Way of Dawn, Kairi with Destiny's Embrace, Lea with Flame Liberator and Aqua with Master Defender. Donald summoned his Mage's Staff and Goofy with his knight sheilds. Toothless growled to the dark man. 

"Very well, time to cast you all back into the dark Abyss" Ansem spoke. 

(Boss battle, Ansem and the Demon Tower)

(Hunter of the Dark begins

Mission: Defeat Ansem and his Heartless attack force. 

Party-Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Hiccup, Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Toothless.) 

"Take this!" Ansem said as he and his Guardian rush towards the Guardians as the Demon Tower lunged at them. The Guardians of light dodge the two attacks before Kairi, Lea, Donald and Goofy went to deal with the Demon Tower leaving Aqua, Sora, Riku, Mickey and Hiccup against Ansem. "Prism rain!" Aqua said performing her shotlock sending multicolored orbs at the Demon Tower and Ansem dealing damage to both. 

"Submit!" shouted Ansem as his Guardian Grabbs mickey and tosses him away. "Plasma Blast!" Hiccup shouted firing his Night fury spell at Ansem but his Guardian blocked the strike. Sora and Riku then eyed each other. "Riku, Eternal Session!"

The two charged forward at a Ansem and the Demon Tower. "Out of our way!"

Sora delivered an upward blow that somehow caught Ansem off guard at once. Riku followed up with two similar strikes on some lone shadows

The two Keybearers then took to the air themselves, and flew all about their suspended in midair. They delivered dozens of lightning fast strikes at them, picking them off quickly one by one. Those particular enemies were down in less than ten seconds, and they had only finished the first tier of the Limit.

"Is that all you got?" Riku chastised, floating to Sora's side. They flew at another group of enemies that had just arrived on the battlefield. Before they had a chance to do anything at all, Riku and Sora were all over them.

The Keyblades flashed even faster, tearing the shadows to ribbons and dealing much damage to Ansem and the Demon Tower. They unleashed a flurry of high-speed stabs into them. More fell into place behind them to replace their fallen comrades. That was just fine with Sora and Riku, they weren't done yet.

They flew backwards quickly, and dismissed their weapons. They stretched out their hands. Their hands were immediately covered in dark fire. It was white-hot, but outlined with faint traces of blue and black. They aimed at the Heartless, and football sized fireballs burst from their fingers.

They streaked at their targets and exploded on impact. The barrage of Dark Fire didn't cease for a long time, and when they finally did, the last of them was nothing more than a few smoking craters.

"Let's take 'em." They placed their Keyblades together, and in a surge of energy they transformed into a single huge blade. It shone blue like Riku's dark fire, but was outlined in pure gold light. Riku took the sword first, rushing toward the Demon Tower with Sora floating behind his back.

He swung hard at the base of the Demon Tower. The blade covered a huge arc, tossing them backwards. He swung so hard, he rotated completely around in the air and handed it off to Sora. He swung it again in the opposite direction, tossing the Earth Cores back farther still.

The Heartless were tough due to this being their Territory, 

They migrated to the center of the battlefield where Lea was struggling against a group of Invisibles. They floated back to back and dismissed the blades again. Around them, thirteen scarlet energy blades rimmed with gold surrounded them, points facing up. They spun around them, then shifted to horizontal positions. As the two friends spun on the spot, so did the blades.

They cut through the Heartless like a massive floating chainsaw. They sliced through even the Invisibles Swords. Soon there were only twenty Heartless left besides Ansem and the Demon Tower, and it was time for the finisher.

Sora and Riku flew apart, and then swooped back at each other, tossing Kingdom Key and Way to the Dawn into the air. They hung suspended in the air six feet apart with their points facing each other.

"You're gonna lose it all!" Riku shouted. The blades started glowing, Kingdom Key was gold, Way to Dawn blue. The magical energy sucked all the surrounding enemies into the gap between the blades as the glow became stronger and stronger. Until eventually, it became absolutely blinding.

When the light faded they were gone, and Sora and Riku landed softly on the ground. "Time's up!" They said, and bumped fists. 

Mickey and Aqua used their wayfinder Limit to attack Ansem with lightning speed attacks before letting off a light. "Come Guardian!" Ansem Spoke as his Guardian formed a shield against another Gronckle Blast. Toothless living up to his name as the unholy offspring of lightning and death was a demon taking down any Heartless that dared to come near Ansem the Wise.Lea engaged another Invisible with his own Keyblade before he took it down.  Donald casted several thunder spells on the Heartless as Goofy used his Goofy Tornado on the Demon Tower. The eyes on the Tower glowed orange and it smacked The two away before Lunging at Aqua. 

"Look out!" Riku shouted as he and Mickey shoved Aqua away just in time as the Demon Tower consumed him. "RIKU!, MICKEY!" shouted Everyone. 

"No you dont!" Hiccup shouted before dismissing his keyblade for the Elder Blade. The legendary blade glowed with it's blue aura as Aqua and Ansem gasp on seeing the blade. "Let my friends go!" Hiccup shouted as he dove the blade down on the Demon Tower slaying it to reveal Mickey and Riku were unconcious. Ansem(SOD) had his guardian fire Energy disks towards Kairi which she used Reflect to block it, She then countered with a fire spell which was blocked by the Guardian. "Nice try Princess" Ansem(SOD) replied but noticed her smirk. He turned to see Toothless had lunged at him and had him pinned down. Toothless then roared in his face before charging up a plasma blast which the man vanished. 

(End Battle)

Ansem(SOD) held his arms before he replied. "You may have won today but know this, We will emerge victorious" He retreated into a corridor and the Guardians regrouped with Riku and Moickey who regained concious. "Are you two okay?' Kairi asked. 

"Were fine" said mickey with a assuring smile. 

"Yeah, the Heartless are alot stronger here" Riku said when Sora gasoed. "Riku!, Your Keyblade" 

Riku looked down to his keyblade and saw that it was completely broken."Oh no" Aqua said looking at the broken blade. Riku nodded before he walked over to the shore and placed the keyblade down. "Can't use this Keyblade anymore, Might as well leave it here" 

Mickey with Kingdom Key D created another portal and the group hurried out of the realm of Darkness with Aqua and Ansem the Wise.


Exiting the portal did the group find themselves back at the Dragon Sanctuary and right near Icefires pool. "Welcome Back" Icefire greeted to them as Aqua collapsed on the ground on her knees. "Light. Light again." She said. 

"Your Home" Sora said offering a hand to her. 

Sora holding out a hand. For a second, Sora's face changed the Ven's. When it faded, she smiled.

"Thank you, Sora." She smiled to him as Light continue to shine down on them. 


Chapter Text

"Your home" Said Mickey as he, Donald Goofy hugged her and the others joined in. All happy that Aqua was finally out of that dark and horrible place. Just then a small green dragon flew in and landed on Hiccup's shoulder. "what is it Sharpshot?" asked Hiccup looking at Sharpshot.

Sharpshot made a few hissing sounds before His eyes widen. "what?, Master Yen Sid is Here and at the village."

"We better hurry to the Village fast." said Riku wanting to talk to Yen Sid about his broken Keyblade. "We'll be back later Icefire." said Hiccup.

"Go and tend to your duties Hiccup and you are all welcome to come back here anytime" Icefire said. after bidding farewell to Icefire and Toothless did the Nine of them with a quick warp spell returned to Berk and they noticed that all the repairs was done to the homes.

"Master Yen Sid should be waiting for us at the Great Hall" hiccup said as he opened the doors to the great hall and the nine stepped though. Sitting at the head Table was Yen Sid along with Merlin and Elder Gothi. Stoick and Gobber were nowhere to be found. The nine approach the table and Yen Sid opened his eyes. "It is good to see you, Master Aqua." The old wizard gave a small, rare smile. He looked over at Ansem the Wise, who seemed very confused,

"Master Is Terra?" asked Aqua.

"There is still no signs of Terra anywhere and Ventus is still in his coma." Yen Sid said with a frown. Aqua looked down in sadness. "I took Ven home and change the place so that only i can navigate though it by the orders of Master Eraqus before he was killed by Xehanort."

"I see, We have been searching for his Heart and we have not yet located it" Yen Sid said.

Mickey then asked "Master Yen Sid, what about Ansem? His memory is gone."

The blond man shook his head. "Do not worry, old friend. My memories have been returning since we left the Realm of Darkness."

"His mind was tainted by the darkness, all he needed was exposure to the light to repair his mind." Yen Sid said to his former apprentice.

"That's good," Lea grinned. "Radiant Garden need's its ruler to be in top form, physically and mentally."

The old man looked at the pyro. "Lea, our home…"

"It's back to normal. Even, Ienzo, Dilan, and Aeleus are back too." Lea said to his Ruler.

"That's good…" the ruler sighed.

Yen Sid then turned his attention to Hiccup who dismissed His armor. "And It is good to see you again Hiccup."

Hiccup bowed his head in respect to the retired master. "Master Yen Sid"

Yen Sid then asked, "Summon your Key"

Hiccup opened his palm as the Elder Blade appeared in his hands. "Chosen wielder of the Mystical Elder Blade, Your duty is to Guard the Great Lightstar from those who dare to seek it's power." Yen Sid said to him. Hiccup nodded before dismissing his weapon. "Master, I wish to help. Xehanort knows i have the Elder Blade and is going to come after me."

"I know, Therefore you are a Guardian of light now." Yen Sid said.

"Master, While we were in the Realm of Darkness, My keyblade was broken beyond repair during a fight with Ansem and the Heartless" Riku said. Yen Sid stroked his beard before he said. "I think i may have a Keyblade just for you"

Yen Sid opened his palm as he summoned a Keyblade no-one has ever seen. a dimple key for a pin tumbler lock, as opposed to the lever tumbler lock key. The blade is silver, with two parallel grooves running the length of the blade at the center; several circular intents are etched along each edge asymmetrically. The blade juts out and then cuts back in just before it connects to the guard, which is black and blocky. It too had a mouse keychain(Braveheart.) The guardians looked at the weapon as did Gothi. "It's name is Braveheart and it belong to an old friend of mine. May it be of use to you Master Riku"

Riku took Braveheart from him and gave it a few practice swings before he dismissed his new weapon. "Thank you Master"

Yen sid nodded before he said. "Now then to why i am here and not at the Tower, I am afraid that the Tower's location has been compromised."

"Compromised!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Yes so i asked Gothi here if we can use Berk to hide the Mysterious Tower until Xehanort has been defeated and she has agreed." Yen Sid said as Gothi bowed her head. She took her staff and wrote in the runes. "Huh?" asked Sora confused.

"Gothi is a mute and only Gobber and i can read her runes," Hiccup said looking at the Runes. "Gothi says that She will provide everything we will need. from Food to Medicine and we can use the Kill Ring for our training."

"Thank you Elder gothi" Kairi said in respect. Gothi smiled at her before taking her leave to allow them to continue their meeting.

"Aqua," Ansem stood up from one of the chairs. "I just remembered something. You mentioned that your armor is missing; it wouldn't happen to be blue and silver and went missing with a Keyblade?" The young woman nodded. "I thought as much. We found your armor years ago, back in Radiant Garden. We stored it in the lower laboratories of the castle, to keep it safe."

"Really? Can we go retrieve it?" asked Aqua.

He nodded. "Of course."

"After you retrieve your Armor and Keyblade Aqua, Return here and rest for a few days." said Yen Sid. Aqua nodded before she approached Kairi making the redhead look at her. "Kairi, once i retrieve my Armor and Keyblade. I want to take you as my apprentice if that is okay."

"Sure Aqua, i would like that" Kairi beamed a smile to her.

""I will go with you." Riku said standing up

"We'll take the Gummi Ship and we'll be back soon" Mickey said wanting to accompany Aqua and Ansem to Radiant Garden. "Very good and in the meantime, I will begin Kairi and Lea's next lesson with the Keyblade." Hiccup said earning a nod from the masters. "We'll stay too" said Sora.

Donald and Goofy also nodded as Yen sid and Merlin used their magic to head home. Hiccup then lead the group out of the great hall as Riku, Mickey, Aqua and Ansem boarded the Gummiship by a Warp point. saying that they would return soon. Hiccup lead them towards the outskirts at the cliffs before he looked at Lea and Kairi. "Now the next thing you should learn about the Keyblade is Shotlocks."

"Shotlocks?" asked Sora.

"Shotlocks require a bit of energy and focus before you can use them. Many Keyblades have different Shotlocks." Hiccup said before summoning Dragon's Gaze. He aimed his keyblade at a few trees. "Dragon Pulse!" many projectiles that formed into Dragon heads headed towards the trees and exploded upon impact. "for today, i want you two to build up your focus, We will be meditating." Hiccup said sitting down crossing his legs before closing his eyes. Kairi, Lea and Sora copied him and closed their eyes.

/Sora's Heart/

Sora opened his eyes and saw that he was on a copy of Destiny Islands that was inside his heart. He smiled just thinking about his home when he saw the girl who looked like Kairi only she had black hair and was wearing the organizations coat. He smiled before he approached her on the tree. "Xion"

Xion turned to Sora before she smiled. "Sora, Your back so soon?"

"Of course, I did promise i would come and Visit you and Roxas." Sora smiled before he asked. "where is he anyway"

"Right Here Sora" Roxas said taking a spot next to him on the tree. He too was wearing his Organization coat.The three of them sat by the tree. listening to the waves of the water and watching the sunset. "Soon you guys will have your own lives back" Sora said to them breaking the silence.

"But Sora, We gave up our lives so that you would wake up." Roxas said to him.

"I am grateful for that but you guys deserve to live just as much as i do, A chance to experience love and all sorts of other things, " Sora said to them. Roxas and Xion smiled to him after hearing those words. "Besides i know that Axel misses you guys and Kairi mentions that he starts crying whenever he is training with her."

"Because he is starting to remember me, when i merged with Roxas, Everyone that knew me lost their memories of me." Xion said. Roxas remembered that day as it was the same day he left the Organization to find Xion but lost to Riku and was placed in the Virtual Twilight Town. "Xion, Roxas, you guys still have your Keyblades?" Sora asked. Xion and Roxas nodded before they summoned their weapons.

Xion was holding a keyblade much similar to Sora's Kingdom Key only The guard is green and orange, with the edges at the bottom tipped with orange circles and the edges on the top capped with a sun parallel to the teeth and a moon on the other side. The base of the blade is green with red stripes running on the side.(Dawn Till Dusk)

Roxas was holding two Keyblades that Sora occasionally wields. The one in his rigth hand was pitch black, the hilt guard is comprised of two bat-like wings extending downward. The teeth are in the shape of the Kanji for "darkness" (闇). The Keychain's token is a black version of Sora's crown necklace. A chain-like design runs up the length of the blade. A purple diamond in its hilt. (Oblivion.)

The second key in his left hand was pure white. it's shaft displays two hearts, and its handle bears two angel wings, contrasting the bat wings that comprise Oblivion's handle. The teeth are fashioned in the shape of the Kanji for "light" (光), Its Keychain token is Kairi's good luck charm, a star sewn together from Thalassa Shells.(Oathkeeper).

"Lets spar for a while and then you guys can try to talk to Axel and let him know that your okay" Sora said to the two. "Your on!" Roxas said before the three of them begin to spar on the beach.

/Kairi's Heart/

While Sora was sparing with Roxas in Xion inside his heart. Kairi was in her own Heart talking to her Nobody Namine. Her platform had a picture of her in her current attire and it was red and pink and in the bubbles was Sora, Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Aqua, Hiccup and Toothless. Namine was slowly crying after Kairi told her about Axel keeps on breaking down. "She’s alive,” Naminé whispered, “I was wrong, she’s alive…”

"Who's alive Naminé?" asked Kairi confused. Namine sighed before she said. "During the year that Sora slumbered to regain his memory. Vexen created a doll implanted with some of Sora’s stolen memories, as a backup in case the Organization couldn’t control Roxas. I thought that she would die when the memories were returned to Sora. And… I told her as much. That she would vanish, and… that nobody would remember her.”

"oh Light" Kairi muttered in shock.

"Yes and her appearance was almost like yours Kairi because the memories that were stolen were Sora's strongest memories of you." Naminé said.

"what is her name?" asked Kairi.

"Her name is Xion." Naminé said before looking away, "Then perhaps this is my fate. To be joined with you again Kairi, I messed with Sora's memories and then took away the freedom of Roxas and Xion and you lost your memory of Sora for a year."

Kairi approached her Nobody and gave her a hug shocking her. "I don;t blame you Namine, You were being used by the Organization and Sora wouldn;t wan't you to feel guilty over it. you are innocent in all of that"

Naminé smiled to her Somebody before a small flash came. She looked down to see that she was holding a Keyblade of her own. Her keyblade was pure white. The blade was much similar to the blade of Oblivion had only it was white and the teeth was an artist’s palette. . The guard of the weapon was made of two angelic wings althought one wing was red and the keychain token was her sketchbook.

"Memory's Embrace" Naminé muttered looking at her blade before looking at her Somebody, "This time, with this Keyblade, I will stand with my friends and make things right for Roxas and Xion"

Kairi smiled to her Nobody when she heard Hiccup voice. "Kairi?"

/end Heart/

Kairi opened her eyes and saw that Hiccup and Lea were looking at them concerned. "How are things with Namine?" asked Lea.

"Why don;t you ask me your self Axel" said Naminé becoming transparent sitting next to Kairi. "good yo see that your doing alright Naminé" Lea said.

Naminé noticed Hiccup before he said. "You must be Naminé, Kairi's Nobody. My name is hiccup."

"It's nice to meet you although i wise i could shake your hand" Namine said with a small smile.

"Looking sharp Naminé, Axel" Roxas said as he appeared next to Sora also transparent. Sora opened his eyes before he smiled which didn't go unoticed by Namine, Kairi and Hiccup. ""Roxas" Lea said happy to see his friend.

"Oh, guess what guys," Kairi said getting their attention.

"what is it Kairi?" asked Sora.

Naminé opened her hand and summoned Memory's Embrace stunning the team on seeing her blade. "You have a Keyblade Namine" Lea exclaimed.

"Yes after all since i am Kairi's Nobody and she has a Keyblade so i must have gotten it from her" Naminé said before dismissing her weapon. "That's great, we now have another Guardian of Light for the clash with Master Xehanort." Hiccup exclaimed. The group then looked out to the sunset watching it from the cliffs. Kairi and Sora remembered that they would do this everyday at their play island with Riku and once Xehanort is defeated. They will return to their peaceful lives on the islands.  Hiccup would normally be out flying with Toothless for their evening flight.

“Hey Roxas?”Lea asked Roxas, “Does something about this seem strange to you?”

Roxas cocked an eyebrow. “Other than the fact that I’m currently living in Sora's Heart."

“Yeah, besides that. This is exactly what we used to do, but it feels like something’s missing. And before you start, it’s not the ice cream,” he added with a gentle warning glance to head off the inevitable snark. Roxas had learned well from him.

“The two of us on a tower at sunset. What else could be missing?” Roxas said. “Aside from the ice cream.”

Something was itching at the back of Lea’s skull, something that he knew was important but that avoided all attempts he made to nail it down. “, I felt like I was forgetting something. The phrase ‘the two of us’ just sounds… I don’t know, wrong to me. And I don’t know why.”

“Like it wasn’t just the two of us?” Roxas asked, quietly.

“…I know it was just us two, but that sounds wrong. Saying it out loud, thinking about it, something’s missing. Like there’s a hole or something in my memory.” Lea said scratching his head.

“That might be because there is Axel” Roxas said.

Lea turned to look at his friend. “What do you mean?”

“If it feels like you’ve forgotten something important, it’s because you have. We all did, except Naminé.” Roxas said looking at the blonde who smiled softly.her own tears were visible feeling guilty to what she did to Sora, Xion and Roxas

“What did we forget?” Lea asked, confused and concerned.

“Not  a what Axel.” Roxas said. 

“…no, it’s a who, isn’t it.” There was a certainty to the idea in Lea’s mind. “Who did we forget, Roxas?”

Roxas turned to meet his eyes. “Her name is Xion.”

And there was a sudden pain in Lea’s skull as the memory floodgates opened, and the image of a black-haired girl Roxas’s age seared itself back into his consciousness. Once he only thought of her as a puppet, but eventually became able to see her the same way Roxas had; as her own person, who may had grown her own heart just like the others.Harsh words, drawn weapons, seashells, ice cream, worry, laughter, threats, promises, none of which he realized he had forgotten, all came rushing back, filling holes he didn’t know were empty. There was another promise to a friend he couldn’t keep.

“I’ll always be there… to bring you back,” he whispered, now understanding that the “you” had been plural. 

“Roxas, what happened to her? Why couldn’t I remember her until you said her name?” he asked as his tears were falling.

Tears misted in the corner of Roxas’s eyes.  He asked “You remember when the Organization set us against one another, Xemnas and Saix told us to ‘eliminate the enemy’ that was each other in disguise?”

“Yeah.” Lea answered him. 

“Well… apparently it was always going to come down to that.” Roxas continued on to talk about how Xion had taken on Sora’s appearance in full, and had forced him to fight her until he killed her. “She was made from Sora’s memories, and those memories had to go back to him. She had accepted that, and thought that if she sacrificed herself, I could survive. Which, as we’re both aware, was not the case,” he said, with a humorless laugh. “She said she was glad she was able to meet the both of us, and died in my arms. Then the memories returned to Sora, and she vanished, like she never existed. And our memories of her faded, like everyone’s who ever met her.” A single tear rolled down the side of his face. He didn’t seem to notice. Hiccup and the others were silent  letting Roxas and Lea talk since they were finally having a chance to catch up.

Lea then said, "that’s a bunch of bull. She was her own person, with her own life, and her own memories. Those didn’t just vanish with her! She was a real person, who cares if she ‘came from Sora’s memories’ or whatever?! There was enough of her that was distinctly her, that was Xion, not clone of Sora's memories’

“I watched her die in my arms Axel.” Roxas said with guilt.

“The hell you did, Roxas! If you had a heart, then Xion definitely had a heart, too! You didn’t disappear when you went back to Sora, so she has to be alive?!” Lea was feeling anger, real, not mimicked, genuine anger for the first time since he’d come back to himself. It felt good, to feel. Hiccup noticed that Sora was smiling at Lea because he had his back turned to him as Xion appeared next to him also transparent like Roxas. Donald and Goofy gasped on seeing her as did Kairi and Naminé.

“She has to still be out there, somewhere. And we’re going to find her and bring her back.” Lea exclaimed.

“Find her?” Roxas asked still acting that Xion hadn;t appeared next to Sora. “How? Her body’s gone, Axel.”

“I don’t care. What’s the point of a Keyblade if I can’t help my friends? ‘So long as you champion the ones you love,’ got it memorized? I made a promise, and I’m going to bring the both of you back.” Lea Declared wanting to find Xion.

"Do you really mean everything you said Axel" Xion speaking now catching the pyro off guard. Lea shocked to see that Xion was alive and also transparent like Roxas. He asked“Xion?”

“Yep.” she smirked.

“You’re inside Sora, too?” he asked.

“I sure am and still alive.” Xion said with small smile.

“Good.. Would you mind, you know, explaining?” Lea asked as he sat  back on the rock. 

The girl laughed and sat beside him and Roxas on the other side of him. “Basically, you’re right. Despite everything, I did have a heart of my own. When I died,” and she patted his arm as he flinched, “my heart latched on to Roxas’s. When he went back to Sora, I came with him, and here I am.”

Lea then punched Roxas on the arm only his fist went though him. "That is for making me think that Xion is Dead!"

"Relax Lea" Roxas said with a laugh.

"Lea?" asked Xion raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah my real name. got it Memorized." Lea said making the three laugh. it was like old times for them during their days in the Organization.

The smile slid off of Lea’s face. “Look, uh… I’m sorry for–”

“Don’t start,” Xion cut him off. “Forgetting me wasn’t your fault. Besides, you were ready at a moment’s notice to find me again the second you thought my death sounded suspect. It means a lot.”

“Not just for that. For everything I did while we were in the Organization. If I hadn’t brought you back.”

“Someone else would have. And they might have actually killed me. You’re forgiven, Lea.” Xion assumed him.

He looked up in surprise. “Oh. That’s… okay. A bit unexpected that you would just forgive me on the spot.”

Xion smiled. “We’re friends. Best friends. Friends forgive each other. It all turned out okay, anyway. I can still be with the two of you once we find a way to get our own bodies.” 

"And we will help anyway we can, right guys" Sora said now talking earning a nod from the others. The Guardians along with the three nobodies looked back to the sunset enjoying the peace while they still can. Toothless watch them from the safety of the forest.

/Radiant Garden/

Riku, and his three companions disembarked off the Gummiship right near the castles gates. at the gates of the castle.  A young man, with silver-blue hair which hung over his eyes, came inside with two other men, one with scraggly orange hair and the other with black dreadlocks and long sideburns.

"Welcome back to Radiant Garden King Mickey" said Ienzo with a small bow.

"Zexion?" asked Riku.

Ienzo…" Ansem the Wise stepped forward, much to the surprise of the three former nobodies. "Dilan, Aeleus… It is good to see you."

"L-lord Ansem!?" exclaimed the three

"We found him in the Realm of Darkness, and we thought we'd bring him home." Mickey said with a smile.

"Thank you." Dilan approached. "We did not know what had befallen him, and we were worried." The three men all bowed before their lead. "Lord Ansem, we must first apologize for what we did to you during our time in the organization… and this apology extends to everyone else gathered here."

Ansem looked down at them and smiled. "All is forgiven, for you were not truly yourselves. Now, let us set to bringing our home back to its glory, together." The three all straightened up and smiled, even Dilan and Aeleus.

"Come, we are here to retrieve Master Aqua's gear" said Ansem leading them into the castle and to his study once there they encountered Even who was in the middle of workong on something. "Lord Ansem, We are happy to have you back with us again." Even bowed his head in shame.

"All is forgiven Even," Ansem replied before he pressed a few keys to reveal a hidden case of stairs. Ansem and Aqua went down the stairs while Riku and Mickey looked at Even amd Ienzo who continued their work. "What are you working on Even?" asked Mickey.

"Ever since i returned, i have been working on these and with Xehanort back, you guardians are going to need all the help you can get so i and Ienzo have been working on them" said Even pulling the tarp back to reveal two lifeless bodies. "Replicas" Riku exclaimed.

"Yes, for Roxas and Naminé" Even stated before he heard "Very good Even" 

Ansem came back up with Aqua. in her hands was Stormfell "Hang on, Lets contact the others and let them know that we have a plan to bring back Roxas and Naminé" Mickey said before Ienzo began typing on the computer. His gummiphone was connected to the computer.


Sora and Co were still watching the sunset off Berk's cliff when they heard a ringing sound coming from Sora. Roxas, Xion and Namine have gone back into Sora and Kairi's heart planning to do as much training on their own so that they can be ready for when they do get their own bodies.  Sora reached into his pocket and pulled out his Gummiphone making Hiccup confused. "what's that?"

"This is called a Gummiphone, We use them to communicate between Worlds" Sora said as he answered it to reveal Ienzo and Ansem. "Ah Sora, good is Kairi with you?" asked Ienzo

"Is that Ienzo?" asked Lea turning to him. Lea explained to Sora and Kairi that some of the organizations members came back alongside him and have gone back to their peaceful ways. Ienzo looked at Sora before he said. "you may not know me Sora, but i was once Zexion," 

"and i along with Aeleus and Dilan were known as Vexen, Lexeaus and Xaldin." Even said with a small bow. 

"It;s okay, all you guys wanted was your hearts back" Sora said making the four smile to him. 

"Hang on Sora, press the green button and a projection of us should appear." Ienzo said. Sora looked for the button and he pressed it as a holographic form of the Study appeared and Ansem, Aqua and Riku. "Did you recover your gear Master Aqua?" asked Kairi. 

"I did Kairi" Aqua smiled to her new pupil. 

"anyway the reason we called is because we have these to show you?" Even said moving to the side to reveal the Replicas. "What are those?" asked Hiccup. 

"Replicas" Lea said with wide eyes. 

"Replicas?" asked Sora, Donald and Goofy. 

"There basically Human." said Riku.

"What do you mean by that Riku?" Sora looked at his best friend as Donald and Goofy were confused. Xion explained to him what a Replica is but he wanted to hear what Riku knew about them.

"That's right. You wouldn't remember Sora, The previous Organization developed Replicas, Realistic Vessels to place hearts in. There so Real that you would mistake them for actual people" said Riku placing his hand over his heart.

"And it was Vexen who originally discovered the Replica Program by the order of Xemnas" said Lea. Even nodded to him.

"Wait, you guys, what if there after Replicas too" Sora said looking at his friends. That made everyone look at Sora with wide eyes.

"You may be right Sora. Xehanort must be using the Replicas to fill in his ranks to bring his Thirteen here from the past. We must be ready." siad Mickey. 

"Yes, i do recall before i woke up. Xigbar or rather Braig had come and stolen all my research of Replicas but i was glad to have a secondary file." said Even. 

"so far we are working on two Replicas for both Naminé and Roxas." said Ienzo. 

"Wait, theres something you guys all need to hear," Lea said before he explained the situation with Roxas and Xion as well as Naminé. He told them that Naminé now has a Keyblade of her own. when Xions name was mention did Riku and those who knew her clutched their heads remembering Xion. 

You mean Replica no.1?” Even asked, rubbing his head. “Our backup plan in case Roxas couldn’t cut it and our plan with Sora failed?”

"Yes and she is much alive and is inside of my heart without her own body" Sora said. 

"Do not Worry Sora, We will begin working on a Third Replica for Xion's heart right away." said Ansem. 

"We'll be heading back to Berk after we take the Gummiship to Chip and Dale so they can modify it for our travels." Mickey said before he hanged up. by now the sun was starting to set as Hiccup did a few stretches before he heard someone was approaching, reaching for his dagger he saw that it was only Gothi. Gothi mentioned for them to follow her. Sora and Co Followed the two vikings to the Inn which happens to be at the plaza. Gothi begin writing in the sand again and Hiccup read."She says that she has rented out two rooms. one for the boys and the other for Aqua and Kairi." 

The group nodded before Sora gave Kairi a hug. "good night Kai"

She hugged him back before she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Night" She said before heading to her room. Lea and Hiccup smirked as Donald Snickered. Goofy chucked with a small laugh. Sora's face turned red as he touched his cheek. Hiccup then bid the boys good night before he headed to his house. opening the door did he see his father sitting beside the fire and Hiccup saw a satchel and he rolled his eyes. /Seriously, Why doesn't he just give up. The Nest can only be found by a Dragon./ He thought before silently trying to climb the stairs. "Hiccup" Stoick looked up, lifting his head.

"Dad, uh" stuttered Hiccup and he slowly walked down the stairs. Stoick made his way over to his son. Stoick took a deep breath."I need to speak with you son. I am going on another nest search before the ice sets in and Gobber will be the acting Chief. Also you get your wish, dragon training, you start in the morning."

"Why can't I just work in the forge or help with repairs or better yet help the bakers?" Hiccup asked trying his best to try to not get into Dragon Training.

Stoick tosses an axe at him and he pretend to have a hard time holding it up he says "You will need this. I need you to stop acting like this and act like a true Viking because when you carry that axe, you carry all of us, which means you talk like us, you think like us and no more of this." He gestures at Hiccup at the last part.Hiccup clenched hi fists as he tried not to summon his Keyblade.

"You just gestured to all of me." Hiccup said knowing that he never listens to him.


"This conversation is very one-sided."


Hiccup sigh "Deal."

"Good. Train hard. I'll be back, probably." Stoick said before heading for bed. 

"And I will be here, maybe." Hiccup says as his father  leaves and starts walking towards the docks. He looked at the axe in his hand before he growled. "I am not a Viking nor i ever want to be." Hiccup went up to his room and fell asleep in his bed tired from his long day. 

-Radiant Garden-

"So you ready for my deal now kiddo?" asked Xigbar looking at a girl in a cell in the dungeon. He was in the Heartless castle as it was his home at the moment.She had long black hair, pink star earrings, and light brown eyes. She wears a grey, zippered shirt under a black vest, and a studded belt around her black skirt. She has a red belt wrapped around her left arm, and two around her ankles. She wears black boots and knee-high stockings.  

"Why are you doing this to me?" asked the girl. 

"We'll because i know where your friends are is but all you have to do is go to Berk and kill a boy named Hiccup. once you do that then you will be free and i will tell you where your friends are. Do we have a deal?" asked Xigbar although he wa never going to tell her what she wanted to hear. 

The girl looked down before she said. "Yes, Xigbar." 

Xigbar smirked before he thought. /Don;t worry master, Everything will remain according to plan, The Keyblade War will commence and Kingdom Hearts will be Balanced so that you can return to this world with the others. May my heart be my guiding key/


Chapter Text

Hiccup wakes up as the sun rises and after washing his face with cold water, he goes and makes breakfast for himself before grabbing his Gronckle Iron Sheild, His mothers staff. He heads down to the Inn to meet with his friends. He arrived and saw Lea, Donald and Goofy were already awake and waiting for him. "Hey, wheres Sora and Kairi?" He asked. 

"Right here" Sora yawned as he shook himself awake and Kairi was next to him smirking. "Lazy Bum" she thought with Namine trying her best not to laugh. 

"So whats on the agenda for today Hiccup?" asked Lea. 

"Unfortunatly, i have Dragon Training to tend to because my father signed me up for it. Although i have no quarrels against dragons, i have to attend to keep my cover" Hiccup said noticing the teens of Berk were heading for the killring, They noticed Hiccup talking to them. "Hey who are those guys talking to Useless?" asked Ruffnut. 

"Gothi said, they came from an island far away." said Fishlegs remembering that Gothi did say that there would be some new people here and that they were to be nice to them or else suffer her wrath. 

"Who cares, Lets just get to Dragon Training" Astrid said before Gobber came out of his house and he leads the teens to the arena. Sora and Co follow Hiccup to the Arena as Gobber raises the Ring gates. unkown to them that the girl now wearing an Organization coat was hidden from view as she waited for her target to appear. Sora and his riends took their spots to watch the training. Gothi was beside them as she nodded. 

"Welcome to Dragon Training!" yelled Gobber as he lead five teens through to the arena. The five of them look around as they took in the atmosphere, the deaths of dragons and what their future will be about. Gobber stayed near the entrance.

"No turning back" whispered Astrid.

Hiccup rolled his eyes before he glared at the ring, /I hate this place, Killing a creature that only defend itself is not an Honor. especially if it has been trapped for months/ He growled in his thoughts. 

"I hope I get some series burns" said Tuffnut.

I'm hoping for some mauling, like on my shoulder or lower back" said Ruffnut.

"Yeah, it's only fun if you get a scar out of it" agree Astrid.

"Yeah, no kidding, right? Pain. Love it" said Hiccup in his normal sarcastic voice.

"Oh great, who let him in?" sneered Tuffnut. The Guardians glared at Tuffnut for saying that as gothi shook her head. How much has the tribe fallen since Valka's death and Hiccup's mistreatment. 

Gobber steps in before anyone says anything else, "Lets get started. The recruit who does best will earn the honor to killing their first dragon in front of the entire village." 

"Gobber, Can i be transfered to the Cool Viking class" Tuffnut said. 

"There is only one class you idiot" Hiccup sneered to him. The teens were taken back at his tone of voice never hearing it before. Gobber looked to his apprentice before he motioned for Gobber to continue on. The five vikings and Keyblade Master stood in a line with Hiccup holding the axe his father gave him. 

Behind these doors are just a few of the many species you will learn to fight. There's the Deadly Nadder." Gobber starts walking on front of the cages going in front of the Nadder's cage as he says this.

"Speed 8, Armor 16." Fishlegs starts spurting out dragon stats as Gobber announces each one.

"The Hideous Zippleback"

"Plus 11 stealth times two."

"The Monstrous Nightmare"

"Fire Power 15."

"The Terrible Terror."

"Attack 8, Venom 12."

By now Gobber is getting annoyed and yells "Will you stop that?!" Then he continues, "And the Gronkle."

Fishlegs whispers to Hiccup, "Jaw Strength 8."

Snotlout sees Gobber getting ready to release the Gronkle and shouts, "Woe woe wait, aren't you suppose to teach us first?!" Gobber grins at this along with Hiccup. "Hiccup!, what is my motto" 

"Learning on the Job Meathead" Hiccup said. The hooded girl looked at Hiccup before she would wait for the right time to attack. 

"Thats right Toothpick" Gobber grinned pulling the lever. A light grey Gronckle charges out of his prison, causing the recruits to run in different directions. Hiccup quickly pulls out his Gronckle Iron Shield and on it was the strike class Symbol and his Mother's staff was on his back. 

"Today is about survival, if you get blasted, you're dead" shouted Gobber, in order to be heard over all the chaos, "quick, what is the first thing you are going to need?"

"A doctor?" answered Hiccup already holding his shield. 

Fishlegs responds nervously "Plus 5 speed?"

"A Shield!" Astrid shouted. 

"Shield," confirmed Gobber, "go! nice shield lad!""

The teens run all the to the shield which have been lying in a row on the ground.Hiccup kept his distance away from the gronckle.

"Your most important piece of equipment is your shield. If you must make a choice between a sword and shieldd, take the shield" advised Gobber. Ruffnut and Tuffnut begin fighting over a shield with a skull on fire. Roxas appeared next to Sora. "Are those two really fighting over the same shield with a Dragon in the ring" 

"i guess so" Sora answered his nobody. 

"Get your hands of my shield!" yelled Tuffnut.

"There are like a million shields" argued Ruffnut.

"Take that one, it has a flower on it. Girls like flowers" retorted Tuffnut, so Ruffnut bashes him on the head with it.

"Oops, now this one has blood on it" smirked Ruffnut just before the shield was blown out of her hands as the Gronckle made itself known.

Tuffnut and Ruffnut go in circles until they eventually land.

"Ruffnut, Tuffnut. Out!" yelled Gobber. 

"What?" Both the twins say still dazed.

"Those shields are good for another thing, noise, makes lots of it to throw off a dragons aim." Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs and Snotlout start hitting their weapons on their shields and the Gronkle is visibly less stable and distracted. Hiccup sees his chance to stay out of the dragon;s eye sight and took it. 

Then Gobber asks, "Each dragon has a limited number of shots. How many does a Gronkle have?"

Snotlout guesses, "Five?"

"No, six." Fishlegs corrects.

"Correct, it's six, that's enough for each one of you."

Fishlegs is about to protest when the Gronkle hits his shield and Gobber shouts, "Your out Fishlegs." While running around, Hiccup noticed that the Gronkle was only shooting the shields, not at the teens. /Good work Silverback, your doing great, You and the other dragons will be freed soon/ Hiccup thought. 

Astrid perform her technique and get ready to strike the Gronckle only for Snotlout to appear next to her not paying attention. 

"So anyway I'm moving into my parents' basement. You should come by sometime to work out. You look like you work out" started Snotlout, but Astrid rolled away, causing Snotlout to get shot at, and appear beside Hiccup. Hiccup held his shield ready and the girl saw that this would be the perfect chance to strike. pulling out a pair of Arrowguns she got from Xigbar. she aimed the weapon towards Hiccup. 

"looks like it just you and me" Hiccup said to Astrid before she said. "Nope!, just you" 

The Gronckle shoots at them but Hiccup rolled out of the way as the Gronckle had Astrid pinned. "Astrid!" Gobber shouted as Hiccup ran towards the gronckle. The Gronckle opened his mouth ready for the kill when Hiccup got there and raised his shield which blocks the blast from the Gronkle with his shield, saving her from a fiery death. After the dust settled down Gobber grabs the Gronkle with his hook hand and says, "That's six, get back to bed you overgrown sausage."

After putting the Gronkle in it's cage Gobber starts walking towards the other teens and said, "You'll get another chance, don't you worry. Remember, a dragon will always... always go for the kill."

/That is not true Gobber, THey can be peaceful if only you lot would just stop trying to attack them everytime you see one/ Hiccup thought. 

 Astrid looked at Hiccup and saw that his shield didn't even shatter as it was coated in a silver like metal.  Hiccup then turned to leave the Killring and was on his way with the others behind him. Since the village was empty since most of the tribe went with Stoick on another Nest search. he heard something, Green Arrows headed straight for him and he blocked them with his sheild. "what in Odin's name was that?" He asked when the the hooded figure came out of nowhere, "The organization!" said Sora. Kairi, Donald, Goofy and Lea were defensive on seeing the hooded figure.  They caught up with Hiccup and saw the hooded figure. 

The hooded girl then opened her palm to summon a Keyblade. the guard was similar to Kingdom Key only it was blue. The shaft now has an hourglass arc, joining to the now-wider rainguard with a silver segmentation and the teeth with a silver cage shape; the orb at the end of the shaft has been replaced by a crescent moon. The gold star at the teeth of the key is now overlaid upon a blue five-pointed star, producing a ten-pointed star, and the trail is now wider and hollow. The guard now bears a gold star filled with blue at the hilt, with silver and blue shooting star trails in either direction. The Keychain is now alternating links of silver and gold, with the clip being silver, and the token is now filled in with blue.(Starlight, Third upgrade) "A Keyblade?" Sora and Co exclaimed.

The girl didn't even answer but instead headed right for hiccup who waited for the stranger. dust coverred the two as the girl strikes him. The dust cleared and the figure now saw that her keyblade was being blocked by Hiccups keyblade. The two blades sparked as the girl tried to overpower him. Hiccup pushed the figure back before getting into his stance. His shield and staff were on his back. 

(Boss battle mysterious figure. 

Mission-Defeat the Mysterious Stranger 

Theme-Unforgivable-Kingdom Hearts 3


 "Who are you?" demanded Hiccup as the figure charged towards him again only for him to parry her strike with his keyblade. , Donald, Sora, Kairi and Lea watched afar nowing he has it under control.  he parries the strangers keyblade with his own before sending the stranger flying and hits her with an air combo before finishing with a Sprial attack. The figure recovered before she fired Triple firaga at Hiccup who couldn't dodge the fireballs.  The stranger lunged at him but he blocked next strike from hurting him even more. The stranger pushed him back before she begins hitting his keyblade frantically before sending him flying.

Nadder spikes surrounded him before he shouted. "Spine shot!"  The spikes headed right for the stranger who parried the spikes away from her. but that was a distraction as Hiccup strikes her exposed side with his keyblade. She crashed into a weapons rack before she even knew it. Hiccup was charging at her with his Keyblade. She took off with blinding speed and the two clash with their blades again creating a stalemate. 

Hiccup was  disarmed of his Keyblade as the girl tried to hit him with hers. Hiccup ducked underneath her and kicked her legs with his feel sending her off her back.  His keyblade returned to him in a flash of bluish green flame like the Night fury's plasma blast and he held his Keyblade to her neck after disarming her of her own keyblade.

(End Battle) 

"Surrender" Hiccup said. The girl only nodded before out of nowhere did a small purple arrow made contact with the girl's back. Her eyes widen in shock before she collapse only for Hiccup to catch her. "Well it looks like she couldn't keep her end of the bargain" Xigbar said coming out of a dark corridor. 

"Xigbar!" Sora, Donald and Goofy said. They along with Kairi and Lea were in the kill ring standing next to Hiccup as he held the poor girl. "That's low even for you Xiggy," Lea said tauntly. 

"As if, like you would care anyway Axel." Said Xigbar before he snapped his fingers as White creatures surrounded the guardians. "What in odins name are these guys?" asked Hiccup holding his keyblade. 

"Nobodies!" Goofy said. 

"Have fun kiddos" Xigbar said with a smirk before disappearing. The Nobodies consisted of Dusks, Creepers, Snipers and a new breed of Nobody, The new Nobody were roughly human shaped with femine figures  and silver (as was common among the lesser Nobodies). They were carrying golden double-bladed axes. "Valkyries" Jiminy said from his safe spot. The first Dusk lunged only to meet it's end by Mickey and his Keyblade. "Watch out!" he said. 

Riku and Aqua arrived as well with both their keyblades out. Riku with Braveheart and Aqua with Stormfell. The team now stood in a circle surrounded by the Nobodies. 

(Tension Rising-Kingdom Hearts 2

Mission:Defeat the Nobodies.

Party-Sora, Riku Kairi, Aqua, Hiccup, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Lea)

Sora charged at the nearest Dusk, who "ran" to meet him. Less than one foot away, he twisted around, into a kind of spin around the Dusk (cutting a Creeper in half on the way). He wound up on the Dusk's other side. The Nobody looked back and forth for a second, wondering where he went. He had a good laugh at that, and cut it down before he could turn around.

Riku sent a barrage of dark fireballs at a pair of Valkyries taking them down quickly. Kairi casted several flower shots taking down two Snipers when a Valkyrie rushed at her, swinging a wide left-to-right arc. She met the powerful strike, holding her blade vertically before using reversal to get behind it and took it down with her keyblade. Satisfied did she continue to fight. 

Aqua casted Triple Blizzard at the creepers she was fighting before she blocked a Valkyrie axe with her keyblade. "Magic Pulse!" Orbs of Light came from the ground and send the Samurai flying before she used Stormfell to finish off the Nobody. Aqua then casted magnet gathering the Creepers before Kairi came over and took them down with Thunder. 

Lea ducked underneath a Valkyries axe before an Assassin Nobody that was slightly different than the rest appear behind the Valkyrie, It was red and black and on its face was an x mark scar. using it's blades it took down the Valkyrie Lea was fighting. "My Liege, you have survived" the Assassin bowed his head. "Xonis?" Lea asked before three more Assassins appeared behind Xonis. "We wish to serve you again, My Liege." Xonis bowed. 

"Alright, Take out any enemies that dared to go near the village." Lea ordered. The four assassin nobodies dived under the ground to carry out thier task. Goofy bashed his shield against any Nobody that stood in front of him. He then tossed it like a Frisbee against three Creepers. He the used Goofy Tornado once he was surrounded by the creepers. 

 Donald casted lightning spells followed by Ice spells at several Dusks. "Sora!" Donald exclaimed before the two were surrounded by fireworks. "Flare!" the two shouted as the fireworks homed in on the enemy nobodies taking them down. 

King Mickey was leaping everywhere, taking down Heartless after Heartless after Nobody. He and his Keyblade were a red and gold blur. Hiccup had seen the king in action before back in the Realm of Darkness, and still wondered how a creature with such small legs could jump so high and move so fast. Hiccup then helped him out by taking down the Dusks he missed. The last Nobody was taken down as the group dismissed their weapons. 

/End battle/ 

The group now looked at the unconcious girl before Lea got a good look at her. "I-It can't be?' Lea said in a bit of a stutter. "Lea, do you know this girl?" asked Sora as Riku carefully picked her up. 

"Yeah, Ansem the wise knows her too. She used to live at the castle with him." said Lea. 

"Come on, Gothi can fix her up real well" Hiccup said as the group took her over to Gothi's hut. She was waiting for them before she ushered them out. Lea walked away from the group before going somewhere private. Lea then pulled out his gummiphone as Ansem's face appeared on the screen. "Yes Lea, What is it?" 

"Master Ansem, I found Subject X." said Lea. Ansem the wise gasped before he asked. "Are you certain Lea?" 

"Aye, She attacked Hiccup with a Keyblade after his dragon training but then Braig came out of nowhere and shot her with Sharpshooter." Lea explained. "I see" Ansem said before he was silent, "so Braig was the reason she went missing, He took her from the castle and hid her, but why" 

"I have no idea but Lea, Make sure she recovers and keep her safe." Ansem said. 

"Understood" said Lea before he looked up to the sky, "Isa, I found her." He said to himself before he rejoined the others as Gothi came out of the hut. "Is she okay Gothi?" asked Goofy. 

Gothi wrote in the sand before Hiccup read. "she will make a full recovery but she needs some rest." 

The guardians nodded before Xonis appeared next to Lea. "Wak! a Nobody!" Donald shouted pulling out his Mage Staff, "Easy donald, He's a friend, This is Xonis, the Leader of the Assassin Nobodies." Lea said defending the Nobody. 

"You were given command of the Assassin Nobodies when you were in the Organization right Axel?" Sora asked him. 

"Yeah and Roxas was given command of the Samurai nobodies. Xonis and his Assassins are on our side now" said Lea. "That is good, We need all the help we can get if we are to defeat Xehanort and his armies of Darkness" Merlin said coming out of nowhere.

"Hi Merlin" said the guardians.

"Master Yen Sid wants to see you all at the Tower. It's time for you to go regain your lost powers Sora." Merlin said to Sora. "Xonis, stay here and watch over Gothi and the girl: Lea ordered. 

"As you command, my leige" Xonis said with a bow before Merlin used his magic to teleport them to Yen Sid's study in the Mysterious Tower. Toothless was already there waiting for them. The guardians bowed their head to Yen Sid before they stood in silence to let him speak. 

"In order to defeat Xehanort there are gather allies we must gather, We have discussed this before Sora. Your Mark of Mastery exam was conducted in the hopes you would acquire the power to wake them.,"

Kairi looked to Sora and as he bowed down. In all the years that she had known Sora she had never known him to fail. She knew that he was trying to cover up how he felt, but she could sense the shame radiating from him. She went to grab his hand and gave it a small squeeze. Sora turned his gaze towards her and gave her small squeeze back. Aqua and Hiccup looked at Sora feeling sad for him because Xehanort took away his chance to become a Keyblade Master.

"Sora, when Xehanort almost made you his vessel he stripped you of most of the power you had gained by then. I suspect that you have already felt this.” said Yen Sid as Sora nodded to him. "There's someone who lost his strength and found it again, a true hero to whom you ought to pay a visit. Perhaps he can point you in the right direction,"

Sora being the goofball that he is started to pose like great Greek heroes that he had seen on the Olympian Grounds. Kairi,and Aqua giggled at his antics while the others shook their heads at their friend with a smile. Toothless just raised a scaly eyebrow. 

The group bowed to Yen Sid as goofy leaned his ear in to listen. He heard. "May your heart be your Guiding Key"

He smiled as he ran to rejoin the others. The gummiship landed as Hiccup ooked at the ship never seeing it before. "Wow, you use this ship to go to other worlds?" asked Hiccup. 

"That's right," Donald said with a smile. 

"I had Chip and Dale add more seats for everyone and for Roxas, Xion and Namine once thier new bodies are ready" Mickey said as the group boarded the ship. The Gummi Ship left Berk before it was now hovering above Berk and Hiccup looked at his world from the window. He took in the stars and other things in the Ocean Between.

"All my life, i have flown though the skies of Berk and now i am finally outside my world." Hiccup said looking at the Ocean Between. Toothless was laying down beside him. Sora was at the chair in the front near the steering wheel. and in the chairs behind him was the others. "Which way Sora?” asked Aqua. 

Sora crossed his arms before he sighed. "How are we suppose to get there now!" 

"What!? i thought you knew!" Donald exclaimed. 

"Looks like the old highways are closed." Goofy pointed out. 

"Yeah, the only highway that is opened is the one connecting Radiant garden, Destiny Islands, Twilight Town and Berk" Riku said. 

"Didn't Master Yen Sid say that you should trust in the guidance of your heart Sora?" Kairi asked. 

Sora begin to think as he put his hands behind his back making Donald a bit Irritated. "Would you get Serious." 

"Hey, these things take time okay" Sora exclaimed. 

“Well since we already been there before, why don;t we picturing our friends like were there.” said Goofy.

Sora stood up from his chair and walked around.  he did the muscle pose again. He shook his head as he said “sorry guys.”

“It’s okay Sora,” said Lea. 

“May your heart be your guiding Key” said Goofy.

“Huh?” said everyone exept for Hiccup, Mickey and Aqua.

“Whats that?” asked Sora curious on never hearing that before. 

“It’s an old phrase keyblade wielders use to say all the time.” said Aqua answering his question.

“Where did you hear that from Goofy?” asked Mickey.

“Im certain i heard it from Master Yen Sid before we went off on our adventures. Maybe i imagined it?” said Goofy.

Sora said aloud. “May my Heart be my Guiding Key? He then smiled as he ran to the front of the ship and summoned Kingdom Key. “I got it!” he pointed the weapon in front of them as the tip glowed. A portal formed right in front of the Gummi Ship. “It’s a Gate!” said everyone.

Sora took a seat before grabbing the wheel. "Alright!, Olympus Coliseum!, Here we come!” Sora exclaimed before piloting the ship towards the gate before it closed. Their new adventure was just beginning. 

Chapter Text

"At long last, The time had come, The planets were edging into perfect alignment….And the plan Hades devised eighteen years ago was about to reach fruition.The Fates had predicted this very future the day he would sieze control of Olympus and rule over the cosmos.His previous attempts at using Terra, Cloud, and Auron to advance his plan had failed. The Hour was not yet Right...A wave of Darkness lanced down from their celestial rank and one by one. Hades freed the Titans from their prison.”

Hades sat on a black throne and right behind them was the Titans. The Rock Titan and the Ice Titan. The Rock Titan was a giant made entirely of rock with two heads. the Ice Titan looked like a skeleton.

“Some of them are the same monstrosities Sora and his friends have faced before. With both the Titans and his longing Vengeance against Zeus reinvigorated.”

Hades smirked before he grinned evilly as the last line played. “Hades began his attack on Olympus”

/Scene Change/ 

When the group came out of a small cavern they was not anticipating to be staring into mountainous region, Sora, Donald and Goofy also didn't anticipate to be standing on a mountain either. They looked around confused, in all the times they had visited Olympus Coliseum, he had never been in this area before; it was odd. He turned around and looked at the others who was looking over the cliff edge marveling at the place.

"Wow, it's beautiful," Kairi breathed.

"No fanfare?" Sora asked incredulously and then he began to imitate a trumpet with his best impersonation of one to follow. Donald put his hands up to his ear and didn;t hear anything. “Uh uh”

Kairi looked away from the cliff edge and back to her friend/crush, she gave him a puzzled look.

"Um, should there be fanfare?" asked Kairi.

“Normally, Looks like we missed the Coliseum.” said Goofy.

“Sora you opened the Gate!” Donald said looking at him,

‘Sorry, guess i was a little off” said Sora.

“Its no big problem guys, lets just focus on finding Hercules” said Hiccup.

Oh! Yeah, you guys wouldn't know," Sora sheepishly said. He rubbed the back of his head and kicked the ground. "So, every time Donald, Goofy and I come here we usually land at the coliseum where games are held. People from all over come and fight to prove their strength," Sora held up his scrawny arms and gave them a smaller scale of Hercules' gun show. Kairi, Aqua and Heather giggled at his antics and shook thier head. "Does this hero Hercules also fight in these games?" asked Bron.

"You bet! i I can't wait for you guys to meet him, Herc is a real stand-up guy, he's incredibly strong, he kept back Hades' giant three-headed dog Cerberus with his bare hands! But not only that, he has such a good heart, he jumped into Hades swirling pool of souls to rescue Meg and honestly, if that is not the definition of what a true hero is, then I don't what would be," as Sora told the story he was bright eyed and his voice crescendo with excitement.

“So he did become a True Hero. Good, his dream came true” said Aqua glad to know that Hercules dream came true.

“You were here too Aqua?” asked Hiccup.

“Yes, a long time ago before our battle with Xehanort.” said Aqua. 

"Wow, he sounds like an amazing person. You're right Sora, I can't wait to meet him," said Kairi looking at him. “Us too” said Riku. this would be an adventure where they were all together.

Sora flashed them his toothy grin and nodded excitedly.

"Now we just got to get going," said Sora.

"But to where?" asked Mickey.

"Well the Olympus Coliseum is usually that way," Sora pointed up in the general direction.

"So, we are just going up?" asked Lea crossing his arms.

"Well yeah, up usually is the general direction for us when we go to the coliseum," said Donald.

The group started walking up to the cave area from the mountain ledge that they were standing on. They both marveled at the amazing mountain that they were standing on; the mountain was beautiful and a majesty of something that they had never seen before. They continued to walk through the small caved area until they reached an amphitheater carved into the mountain. The group stopped and gazed into the circular area mesmerized by the giant statue of a man sitting carved from the mountain side and the mosaic patterns that surrounded it. His stone eyes bored into Sora's soul, as if this man was daring him to not step a toe out of line, or else he will face the statue's powerful wrath. Shivers ran down his spine, and he made a mental note to eventually ask Hercules who this man is.

"Who is that?" Kairi asked Sora.

"To be honest, I have no idea, I haven't seen this man before," said Sora.

"The statue is really large, maybe this is a nobleman or something?" said Goofy.

The group moved closer to in order to inspect the scenery that laid intricately before them. The moment that they reached the circle, heartless appeared, waiting to ambush the unexpecting souls that were before them.

"Heartless!" Sora cried before summoning Hero's Crest. Riku with End of Pain, Mickey with a brand new Keyblade that was a mix of Star Seeker and Kingdom Key D, Kairi with Destiny's Embrace, Lea with Flame Liberator, Hiccup with Dragon's Gaze, Donald with his Meteor Staff, Goofy with his Herc's Shield and Aqua with Mark of the Hero. 

(Theme-Olympus battlefield

Mission Defeat the Heartless

Party-Sora,Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Donald, Goofy. Mickey, Hiccup, Lea and Toothless.) 

a Fat Body Heartless slid on its bloated belly towards the two wielders. Before Sora and the others could even react Kairi deflected the large heartless making it spin around and become confused. She ran quickly slid around behind the Heartless' back and began a quick combo. “Whoa nice combo Kairi” said Sora looking at the girl who smiled back at him.

Hiccup  blocked a soldier heartless claws with Dragon’s Gaze before he took his dagger and stabbed it in the head as a Heart floated away. He kicked another away before engaging an Armored Knight with his Keyblade. 

Sora took on a few soldiers with a few swings with his keyblade before casting Water on a large body soaking it. He stabbed it in the back as a heart floated away.

Riku with his new Keyblade took on a cluster of shadows. “Want some?” He asked as he fired a dark firaga storm taking them out. He kicked a large bodie away before he took it out with a single swipe.

Mickey jumped over him with his new keyblade. Dispite his small size. The king was no pushover as he leaped everywhere taking down the Air Soildiers who had gotten a new look. He casted a quick pearl spell taking down the last one.

Goofy with his shield mostly sticked to bashing the shadows before using his famous Goofy Tornado on the Air Soldiers the King missed.

Donald with his magic mostly sticked to using Blizzard and Thunder spells. When a heartless was close enough he bashed it with his staff like a club

Aqua with her skills of magic casted powerful spells like Deep Freeze and Triple thunderga. When a heartless got close enoguh to her. She used her keyblade to take it out in one swipe.  Lea with his keyblade slashed two shadows before he dismissed his keyblade for his chakrams. "No you Dont!" He shouted before coating his chakrams in fire before tossing them at a few soldiers about to attack Kairi and Aqua from behind. His chakrams took them down before he called them back to him. 

"Thanks Lea!" said the two girls before Aqua moved to engage a Red Armor. a Slighly smaller version of the Guard Armor only it's entire body was shaded a dark red instead of purple. The Red Armors attacks were similar to the Guard Armors as well. Toothless charged up a plasma blast before he blasted the Red Armor's chest destroying it in a matter of seconds, "Nice shot bud" Hiccup said earning a small growl from his dragon. The Heartless were dealt with as the team regrouped. 

(End Battle)

"Well that takes care of them" said Sora with a grin. 

"Mickey is that a new Keyblade?" Aqua asked Mickey as everyone looked at the Kings new Keyblade. it is modeled after the Kingdom Key D and, by extension, Sora's Kingdom Key. It features a gold handguard, and a blue blade patterned with stars in the manner of the Star Seeker. The concave rainguard has now been replaced by a diamond-patterned bell shape. At the top two corners of the handguard are five-pointed star designs, while the bottom two appear to have massive golden screws. Between the handle and the rainguard is a glass-like dome, deep blue and speckled white like a starry sky, and on the guard below the handle is a gold crescent moon. The teeth of the blade are now silver, and the crown shape is lined. The Keychain has golden links connecting to a golden Hidden Mickey. 

"Yep, this keyblade is called the Kingdom Key W. it's keychain was made as a combination of Star Seeker and Kingdom Key D” said Mickey holding his weapon in pride. "I Think it suits you well Mickey" Riku said looking at the weapon the King now wielded. 

“lets keep moving.” said Hiccup as the group then resumed their trek. Aqua showed them all how to wall run. Once they got to the stop. The group marveled at the beauty scenery before them.

"Look! There is a city in the distance over there, that might be where we find Hercules!" said Donald pointing to the greek city and the guardians notice that smoke was coming from the buildings. Something was clearing wrong at the city.

HERCULES WHERE ARE YOU?" Sora belted with his hands cupping his face.

"Sora, I really don't think that's going to help," Just as those words left Kairi's mouth a wisp of black swirling smoke filtered down from the nearest tree on the pathway that they were standing on. Sora eyed the swirl warily having a distinct suspicion of what, or who was within it. The smoke dissipated and a black robed figure with flaming blue hair appeared with his back towards them. “Alright, I know i dotted my I’s, Crossed my T’s, Zeroed the Hero, So what gives?, Who could possibly be trying to give me a Migraine by yodeling that yutz’s names?” he said before turning to the gang.

“Really? Hades?” asked Sora as the group eyed the god. “Oh it’s just you. Oy Vey” said the god of the dead.

“Just us, That's even cold even for you” said Sora as the rest of the team were wary of the god. Hades noticed Aqua and Riku with them. “Well if it ain’t Maleficent's former lap dog and Bluebird”

“Whats the matter Hades? Are you not happy to see us?” asked Riku with his arms crossed.

“Don;t forget, I can always turn up the Heat!” snapped Hades pointing his fingers at them. “Wait if Hades is here then where is Herc?” asked goofy as Hades snapped his head towards the Captain of the Guard. “What is everyone's infatuation with that DOLT!” shouted Hades turning red. He then turned away calming down. “You know what i'm calm i'm cool, i'm good because Wonderboy will be out of my hair soon enough”

“So your up to no good again aren't you!” said Sora as the group summoned their weapons. “Of course he is!” said Goofy

“You Bet!” said Donald.

“Whoa easy what is this Sparta?” asked Hades turning to them. “Kinda on a Schedule. Don’t have time to toss around the old fire and Brimstone.”

He turned his back to them as he continued. “The Whole Cosmos is basically waiting for me to you know Conquer it!”

The group dismissed their weapons as Sora said “poor Hades, thinking he can pull it off this time”

Hades looked up to the sky as he shouted “Where are my Titans, Show me your power!”

The sky began to get dark as the earth started to move. The group tried to stay on their feet. A big shadow came and a powerful gust of wind came. Lava came spewing out as it came down. Hades sighed “Love that Breeze”

The gang tried their best to hold on until the wind forced them all flying away and towards the city. Hades smirked as he turned back to the Titans.

“Ah that sent them sailing” said Hades as he had a thoughtful grin on his face. “Sailing to where i left...Eh no biggie”

“Nice work boys, Now back to the whole Cosmos coup thing” said Hades as the shadow of the titan began to dissapear with heavy footsteps. Hades waved as a Corridor of Darkness formed right behind him.

Hades let his shoulder drop as he said “Uh, Really, are you kidding. Geez, Louise, Seriously, when it rains it pours, alright who's the new pest.” He turned around to see Pete and Maleficent coming out of the corridor.

Hey now, that ain’t no way to say hello to your old friends now would it?” asked Pete.

Hades groaned as he said “Oh Perfect, now i got to deal with you two, funny i don’t remember you doing me any memorable favors, you can keep your heartless this time, i'm going back to my original plane all right” he said as he pointed his fingers to the side. “So tooteloo. The exit is that way! Hey it’s great seeing ya, Happy Traaaails!” he sang the last part.

Maleficent began. “We are not here for you. I have our own business to attend to. All i need to know if there is a distinguish Black Box here in Greece?

Hades said thinking “Black Box huh?....Black Box, Black Box, Black Box….Wait don’t tell me your after the one Zeus hid here on Earth?”

“Possibly, it it is, where might it be?” asked Maleficent. 

/Scene change./

the Greek city of Thebes that was close to Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus in the background as Smoke was coming from parts of the city and standing on an edge was a man with Extremely muscular, with broad shoulders and a comparatively thin waist, He is wearing orange-brown armor that ends in metal kilt. His armor does not extend to his arms, nor to most of his legs. He wears a brown belt around his waist with a gold emblem with the symbol of Zeus printed on it. His sandals are knee-high and have cross-shaped straps and are brown, as are two wristbands he also wears. He has a reddish-brown headband tied around his forehead, pushing back his rust-colored hair, save for one bang that falls over it in the form of an S-curl. The only aspects of the man's appearance not colored in earth tones are his sky blue eyes and short, deep blue cape.

Hercules was dusting his hands off when he heard the gang screaming and coming towards him. Hiccup shouted “Toothless!”

Toothless caught him on his back before slowly gliding. Aqua tossed her keyblade to form her Glider and she along with Kairi and Lea landed on her Glider. 

Riku and Mickey stopped midair to glide as Sora, Donald and Goofy were still falling. Hercules went to work as he caught Sora and Goofy and landed right in front of the others. Sora was dangling from Hercs arms as he said “See found him”

“Yeah guess this counts” said Goofy from Hercs other arms.

Hercules smiled at seeing his friends until he heard Donald quaking. “Get me Down!” He was stuck in a mouth of a lion statue. “Just a Sec Donald” said Herc.

Donald threw a temper tantrum as he crossed his wings. A few moments later did the gang now together looked at Hercules.

“You guys are here, Sora, Donald and Goofy” said Hercules happy to see his friends.

“Yeah Herc, we brought our friends with us” said Sora as the group waved to him. Hercules looked at Aqua before he gasped . “Aqua!,Wow i haven't seen you in years,Wheres Terra and Ven?” asked Hercules.

"something bad happened and Ven is in a Coma, Have you seen Terra Hercules?." Aqua asked with a bit of hope. 

No i haven’t seen him” said Hercules as the group sighed. The rest of the gang introduced themselves to Hercules and Hercules smirked when Kairi was introduced. “You guys literally Dropped i'm impressed”

“Thanks” said Donald.

“Like the catch” said Goofy.

“Yeah thanks Herc but whats going on” said Sora as the group looked at Thebes. Several buildings were on fire. Hercules sighed before he said. “Take a guess, Starts with an H.”

“Hades” said Riku clenching his fists.

“Got the picture” said Hiccup as Toothless agreed with him.

“Actually, we bumped into the H-ster on the way here” said Sora.

“Yeah he said something about ruling over the Cosmos or something” said Bron.

‘All of it huh. glad to see some self restraint. Well whatever he’s planning ill send him back across the Styx.” said Hercules/

“That's our Herc” said Sora as the group slowly began heading to town. They made a quick stop at the moogle shop and bout plenty of potions and Ethers. “So Sora, is there a reason for your guys visit?” asked Hercules as the group approach the statue of him.

“I'm guessing it’s not for the cheese or olives” he asked.

“Oh yeah” said Sora as the group laughed. “Looks like somebody forgot” said Goofy.

“That's our Sora, always forgetting things.” said Donald with a smile.

“I just took my time remembering” said Sora as he looked at Hercules. “Herc, i came here to ask you something”

“Ask me?” asked Hercules.

“Yeah, do you remember the last time we were together. You were all down and upset. How did you get your strength back after you jumped to save Meg.” asked Sora.

“Ah...that's tough, All i knew was that she was in trouble.” said Hercules as he put his finger on his chin. “Suddenly i wanted to save her with all my heart but. Its not like i can tell you how.”

“Oh man” said Sora looking down.

“Whats wrong?” asked Hercules.

“Well, an old foe of ours has come back and he took all of Sora’s strength from him. All his abilities too. That's why were here Herc is to see you since you had the same thing happen. We were hoping you would have a solution.” said Riku.

“That's Terrible!” said Hercules feeling bad for his friend. Donald spotted something coming as he shouted “HEARTLESS!”

Fire Core Heartless came falling down like meteors as they struck the statue making it collapse. “Fire Cores, I fought these things in the Realm of Darkness” said Aqua summoning Mark of the Hero,

 “Well talk later,” said Hercules. 

“Once we dealt with these guys” said Sora as the group charged into battle. “Use Water Spells!, these guys hate Water!” said Aqua as she doused a few with a waterga spell.The rest of them followed suit as they casted Water spells on the Fire Cores. Lea using his pyro powers absorbed the flames that were aimed for them.Hercules demonstrated his strength by picking up a boulder and tossed it at a group of Fire Cores taking them out. Once the heartless was taken out did they regroup.

“Hercules!” shouted Meg as she was on Pegasus and Phil was with her."Wow a real Pegasus.” said Kairi as she approached Pegasus. Pegasus gave the princess of heart a lick and she hugged his head.

"Meg,” said Hercules happy to see that she was alright.

“Your okay, That didn’t look fun at all” said Meg approaching him.

“No, not with the Heartless involved. It’s a good thing our friends arrived.” said Hercules as Meg looked at the group. “Well what do you know, Sora, Donald, Goofy, i guess i owe you big time” She said to them.

They nodded as Hercules said. “Meg, You need to get somewhere safe. Well make sure everyone else gets clear away form the Fire.”

“Be careful Wonderboy” she said putting her hands on her chest.

“I will” said Hercules before he turned to the Gang. “You guys in?”

“You can count on us, Were Heroes too” said Donald. The others nodded as Meg said with a smile “Break a leg.”

“Phil, stay with meg please” said Hercules.

"You got it champ." said Phil as he and Meg got back on Pegasus. Pegasus took flight into the sky.

"HELP!” they heard a little girls voice. Toothless looked over to see a little blonde hair girl trapped on a ledge and a blazing inferno beneath her.Toothless let out a growl getting everyones attention. "Oh no, That girl is trapped in the fire!" Hercules exclaimed. 

“We gotta get her out of there!” said Kairi as Sora started to run towards the fire. “Wait!, running to slow Sora” said Riku.

“And those flames are creating a powerful updraft so Toothless can’t hover and only a Gronckle can hover over flames like that” said Hiccup.

So whats the other alternative route?” asked Goofy.  Hercules began to think of an idea before he said pointing to the destroyed statue. “Get on that” 

The group did what he asked as they were all on the statue.”Is this safe?” asked Donald as Sora helped Kairi up and Hiccup got on with Toothless. “Like this Hercules?” asked Mickey

“Yeah now hold on tight” said Hercules as he picked up the statue with no problem. “Wow, he is so strong” said Hiccup amazed at his strength looking at Toothless."Herc!, i don;t think this is a good idea!” exclaimed  Sora as Kairi held onto him. Hercules with all his might tossed the statue as the gang screamed. “OH NO NOT AGAIIIN!” shouted Sora. 



The gang jumped off the statue and landed on the alcove above where the girl was trapped. Luckily Hiccup had some rope and they brought the little girl to safety. “Thank you for saving me” said the little girl as she took off to find a safe place.

“We better check and see if anyone else needs our help” said Lea.

“Good idea Lea, there might be other people in need of our help.” said Mickey. That's when they heard. “Well, if it ain't Sora and his friends?” said Maleficent as she and Pete came out of their corridor of darkness.

“Maleficent!” They said as they summoned their weapons. Maleficent noticed Aqua and Riku. “Well, this is a surprise, if it ain't Aqua. Its been a long time since our last encounter.”

“Maleficent” growled Aqua.

“Are you the reason why the Heartless are here!” shouted Riku.

“Certainly not!” said Maleficent as Pete leaned in to look at them, “Say Maleficent, the boy looks way smaller than the last time we saw them, I say we finish him off right now.” said Pete.

“You wont lay a finger on him!” shouted Kairi as she stood in front of him with Destiny’s embrace. Toothless's back glowed blue as his Alpha mode was activated, "What;s up with Toothless Hic?" Lea whispered To Hiccup. 

"That is Tootlhess in his Alpha Mode” said Hiccup as they focused back on Maleficent and Pete.

"No leave the boy be, not unless you want to become the Night Fury’s Meal. Besides, We have far more matters to deal with” said Maleficent.

Pete smirked. “Oh right, we have to find that Black Box”

“Be silent you fool!, As for you all, we shall meet again” said Maleficent as they went though a corridor of darkness. Hiccup looked at Sora’s slum shoulders. “You alright Sora?”

“Yeah, i can take it” said Sora.

“Don’t listen to them Sora. We know you get your strength back” said Riku.

“He’s right!, you gotta keep moving, you will regain the power you were meant to have, My Champion” said a mysterious voice. Sora’s head bolted on hearing the voice agian. /Not agian!/ 

"Everything alright Sora?” asked Aqua noticing his sudden discomfort.

“Yeah, i'm good, lets keep moving “ Said Sora as the group moved out.From the shadows Xigbar watch them go before he said."So it's finally happening, His connection to Kingdom Hearts is beginning to stir at last."

The group walked down the stairs when they were ambushed by more Fire Cores coming though some buildings. The group made quick work on the monsters unfortunately their path was now a blazing inferno.

“Now what are we going to do?, most of our mana is recharging” said Donald. 

Goofy approach the fire with his shield and he said “Hey fellas i got a crazy idea”

“Goofy’s shield” said Mickey as Goofy placed his shield down as it became big enough for all of them as they jumped on the shield and Toothless pushed them though the Fire. some rubble came down as Toothless moved them out of the crumbling rubble.

The came to end of the blaze as the group dismount the shield. As they moved though the city. They saw fireballs raining down from the sky. The group jumped over to a statue with a shield as Kairi spotted a couple surrounded by Soldiers and Air Soldiers down below them. “Those people need help!” she said as the group hurried to assist them. Once again they used their teamwork to defeat the Heartless.

Once the heartless were dealt with did they check on the couple. “There's still others trapped in the City” said the man as he gave them some potions. The group moved out as they came to another fire. Goofy use his shield as they traverse the blaze with Toothless guiding them. They came to the gardens as they watch a Fireball smack into a tall building as it collapsed. “WAK! The Building” shouted Donald.

"I hope they got insurence’ said Goofy

“Huh?” asked Hiccup confused with Toothless tilting his head confused. 

“If there anyone else out here, we gotta get to them fast” said Sora as the group arrived to the small garden. They saw a person being surrounded by Heartless. “I got this!” Hiccup said as he charged into battle. The heartless shrieked at him as he smack the first soldier away with his keyblade and He grabbed the two shadows and bonked their heads together. More Heartless appeared but Hiccup wasn’t finished as he said. “”Take this,” He said rasiing his keyblade into the sky. "Thor's Wrath!" Bolts of lighting stuck his keyblade before he fired the lighting at the Heartless taking them down with his spell. 

Hiccup looked at the man as he said. “Thanks kid” he handed him a hi-potion. He ran back to the others and they gave him a thumbs up as they moved out through the garden. “Such a beautiful garden” said Kairi. They found a safe point and it replenished their health and their magic before they continued onward to find more people who need help. 

They soon saw a girl on top of a column surrounded by Fire Cores. “Someone Help!, Where did all these monsters come from!” she shouted. 

“Hang on up there!” said goofy as the gang charged in to attack. Once the monsters were dealt with did the women climb down from the column. “Thank you all, Keep training and your be great heroes like Hercules” she ran off to find a place to hide. “Is it that obvious?” asked Sora looking at himself.

“Just for you” said Donald.

“Hey!” Sora said a little hurt.

“We got a long ways to go but at least well get there together.” said Goofy. The group moved out as they watched another fireball hit a tall building as it collapsed.”Oh no, Another Buildings going down” said Aqua.

“I hope nobody was in there” said Kairi as the group went sliding down a steep hill into a alleyway with parts of it on fire. “Looks like we’ll have to Wall Run over” said Hiccup as the group wall run as Air Solders appeared. “Thunder!” shouted Donald casting Thunder spell taking them out as they all reached the other side. Toothless glided over with ease. They continued on as they reached another main square. Debris was all over the place as they spotted more Heartless attacking a women with a little boy. The group quickly went to work on taking them out. “Thank you all!” said the women handing them more hi potions. They continued on as they found another women surrounded by Heartless. Aqua and Kairi worked together to take them out by using Magnet and Fire spells to take them down. "Kairi, you are really good with magic, Remind me to start teaching you Grand Magic once we get back to Berk." Aqua said to her new apprentice. 

“Thank you two.” said the women as she handed them some Ethers. The group came across more fire as Goofy and Toothless once again guided them across until they reached the other side. They went down the stairs where they were ambushed by new heartless with bows as their weapons and had red hats. “Those are new heartless” said Jiminy writing it into Sora’s Gummiphone. “Bizarre Archers.”

The archers fired their arrows towards them but Aqua used Barrier to block them. Mickey and Aqua used their Wayfinder Limit to take them all out.

"Nice work guys" said Lea as they rejoined them.

The Group ran into a building as they saw Hercules was holding up the roof and underneath him was a family huddling in fear. “HERC!” shouted everyone as they ran towards him. A rumble was heard as the door they just came into collapse. “Oh no!” said Donald.

More Heartless appeared as they eyed the frightened people. “More Heartless!” said Hiccup.

“You guys we need to save these people” said Hercules as he was holding up the roof. 

Herc, can you  hold the building?” asked Sora.

“Yeah, I got this!” shouted Hercules.

“Guys we gotta do this quick!” said Sora as he felt a sudden power come over him as Kingdom Key was the keyblade he currently had equiped now. He said “FORMCHANGE SECOND FORM!”

He then lunged into the Frey as he unleashed a multitude of combos on the heartless and sent them all flying with a Magnet Spiral. "Sora has learned to use Formchanges" Hiccup exclaimed before he blocked a soldiers attack with his keyblade. 

Plasma Blast!” shouted Hiccup as he fried a dark purple orb as it destroyed a few shadows. Mickey kept up his strikes on the smaller Heartless as he fired a pearl spell. One heartless stalked towards the frightened people and Kairi gritted her teath, she too felt a power come over her. “FORMCHANGE! DESTINY WHIP!” she said as her keyblade morphed into a Whip with thorns on it.

Kairi smacked the heartless away with her Whip and then grabbed another heartless and tossed it into one that was giving Heather Trouble. “Nice one Kairi!” said Goofy before he bashed a heartless away.

“Keep it up guys!” said Hercules from his spot.

“Alright, want some!” said Riku as he slashed a couple Shadows with Braveheart. Toothless was guarding the family and he blasted any heartless that came near with his plasma blast. 

“STUN IMPACT!” shouted Sora as he stunned a few heartless as Lea finished them off with his Keyblade. “Sora!,” said Donald as he and Sora unleashed their move Flare Force. The rockets flew towards their enemies and took them out. The last of the enemies were gone as Hercules said. “Hurry!, Get them out!”

“Come on, lets get you people out of here” said Lea as the group quickly got them away. Sora turned to Hercules worried for him. “Sora Come on!” said Kairi as she grabbed his hand and lead him out. Once outside did they see a cloud of dust form as they took shelter behind Toothless and Goofy. “Hercules!” said the gang.

The gang then saw  Hercules came out of the rubble unscathed. 

"What was that you guys did in there?" Donald asked Sora and Kairi.

"Yeah, your keyblade turned into a whip Kairi" said Goofy.

"Keyblade Transformation" said Hiccup.

"Keyblade Transformation?" asked everyone exept for Aqua and Lea. "Yes, Keyblade wielders can manipulate their keyblades to turn into anything they want," Hiccup explained

"Yeah, we use Keyblade Gliders to get us to places" said Aqua  before she tossed hers in the air and it became a Glider. "Whoa" said everyone.

"Yes, we can teach you guys how to use Keyblade Transformation." said Lea who had already master his Formchange. They turned to Hercules and Kairi asked"You okay Herc?"

"Yeah, no worries Kairi." said Hercules.

You scared us Herc” said Mickey.

“No worries, that's what these are for” said Hercules doing his pose and Donald and Goofy copied him as they all heard a corridor opened. “Oh Wow, Very Nice, Full Marks.All this intrusion is giving me all warm and Fuzzy."” said Xigbar coming out of a Corridor. ‘BRAIG!” shouted Aqua  as they summoned Master Defender.

“Go Away!” said Donald.

“No Organization!” said Goofy as they glared at the man.

“Xigbar” growled Sora and Riku. Xigbar looked at Aqua before he smirked.  “Well if it ain't the Blue Bird, How's it going?”

“Save it, What do you want?” asked Aqua holding Master Defender. Xigbar looked at Hercules as he said. "So then, Does a Heart of Light come with a good insurance policy.”

“Just say what you mean.” shouted Sora getting irritated.

“ Oh but i did thought, No good will ever come from helping other people first.” said Xigbar.

“I was eager to save megs and i place my life on the line.” said Hercules.

“Because you got friends in high places. “ said Xigbar walking towards the ruined building. “Tricks like that don’t come for your average Joe.” He said waving his finger.

‘What do you even know, you weren't even there and would admire Herc’s Courage.” said Sora as the group kept their guard up.

“I don;t admire one guy leaping into danger if it means someone else to jump in to save him. Your all just lining up to lose, Dooming others to take the fall with ya” said Xigbar before looking back at the gang. “Oh you can spare me the usual party line. Yes Hearts are powerful when they are connected. But if you put too much of that power into one place then some of those hearts might end up breaking.”

“Still Sora,that doesn't mean you should ever change. Accept the Powers you were given,” said Xigbar pointing to him.

“Why would i listen to you” said Sora glaring at him.

“Yeah your nothing more than Xehanort's little pawn who is trying to guide us to where he wants us to be” glared Hiccup as he pointed Dragon’s Gaze towards him as Toothless roared. Xigbar laughed as he said. "That is true and thats why i like yah Hiccup Haddock."

"And yet in the end your reward might be around the corner. You already have it” said Xigbar as he laughed as he walked away. Everyone was confused to what he meant by Reward.

“What did he mean by Reward?” asked Sora.

“I have no idea,” said Riku confused.

"Sora don’t let him bother you. He’s just trying to get under your skin because he thinks he can” said Hercules. Sora nodded as Kairi put her hand on his shoulder. 

“Besides, we have proven him wrong” said Donald.

“Yeah were a team and we can do anything together as long as we put our hearts to it” said Goofy.

“Yeah Goofy's right” said Mickey. 

“Alright, Lets move out Team!” said Hiccup as the group walked down the alleyway with Hercules towards a small tunnel. They reach the end which looked breakable. “Toothless, Plasma Blast!:

Toothless fired a plasma blast which destroyed the wall and the gang went though back to the main square as they saw a Rock Troll along with Soldier Heartless.

(Boss battle. Rock Troll

Theme-The Encounter Olympus Coliseum-Kingdom Hearts 3.

Mission-Defeat the Giant Heartless

Party-Sora,Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Donald, Goofy. Mickey, Hiccup, Lea, Hercules and Toothless.) 

"Rock Troll!" exclaimed Hiccup, Kairi and Lea. The Rock Troll began barraging them with a series of Rocks. “You fought one of these before?” asked Sora after they took cover from the barrage.

"Yeah Back at Berk" Kairi said beside him. 

just watch its pattern of attacks and strike when ready.” said Hiccup as Soldier heartless appeared to back up the Rock Troll. “Well handle the small fry, Sora, You take on the Rock Troll!” said Mickey as he and the others went to deal with the Soldiers leaving Hiccup, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Hercules to deal with the Rock Troll. The Rock Troll swings it axeclub smacking Donald away. Hercules tossed a rock at the Rock Troll sending it back as Goofy begins to hit the Rock Troll with his Goofy Tornado. 

Riku and Aqua were back to back as they fought against the soldiers, Fire Cores and Bizarre Archers. “Riku, lets do this” said Aqua as he nodded. Both of them unleashed a multitude of strikes with Dark and Light spells gathering the heartless as Kairi and Donald pointed their weapons at them. “Blizzaga!”

The two spells combined as they froze the monsters and Mickey took them all out with a Faith spell. "High five Kairi!" Donald said as the two high fived.  Lea was being surrounded by Heartless as he said."Burn Baby!" He was surrounded by Fire before he used his Keyblade to make Fire pillars come out of the ground and took down the Heartlsss.

Sora in his second form again hits the Rock troll with a combo before he said “Sonic Dash!” He smacked the heartless in the face with many strikes. It then Reacted with grabbing him. "Sora!" Hiccup said rushing to aid him when the Rock Troll hits him and Toothless with it's axe club. The Rock Troll then prepared to finish him off when Dawn Till Dusk and Two Become One appeared behind him and it slashed the Rock Trolls arm dropping him. The two keyblades floated around Sora. "Roxas, Xion, Thank you." Sora said to his friends trapped inside his heart. 

"Your Welcome Sora," Xion said. 

"Now kick that things butt for us!" Roxas shouted. Sora nodded before he charged towards the Rock troll with the two keyblades in his hands. holding the weapons in an X shape. He hits the Heartless on the head making it fall down defeated. A heart floated away as it faded back to darkness. 

(End Battle) 

“Good work guys” said Hiccup as he cast Curaga on himself and the rest drink a potion to heal their injuries. Pegasus came down to land with Meg and Phil on his back. “Nice job Wonderboy” She said to him.

“We checked the whole area and everyone is safe Herc” said Phil.

“Thats good to hear” said Mickey.

“We did everything we could” said Hercules.

“You heroes have been busy little bees” said Meg looking at the guardians. The group smiled at her comment. Pegasus looked up the sky as he neighed. Toothless growled looking at the sky. Meg looked towards Mt. Olympus as she said. “Oh no, More Trouble.”

A Dark cloud has covered the top of mount Olympus. “It’s Hades” said Hercules with a bit of anger. Sora looked at the gang and they nodded. “Herc, Lets Go!” said Sora.

“Right, its time we took the fight to Hades” said Hercules. The group nodded as Pegasus took off with Meg and Phil as the group headed towards the Mountain to stop Hades and his schemes. 

Chapter Text

the group arrived at the base of the mountain now at the Ravine. “We need to get to the top of the mountain and Stop Hades” said Goofy. The group moved onwards towards the river gushing with water.

“That’s odd, the river is never this full” said Hercules as the group traveled alongside the River, Just then Air Soldiers appeared and the gang quickly engaged them in battle. After taking them out. They resumed following the River and climbing up a ledge when Water Cores appeared from the river.

“Looks like we found out why the river is full. Water Cores.” said Aqua. “Use thunder base magic, They hate that” said Hiccup as the group engaged the Water Cores although they got drenched in water. Once the last Water Core was destroyed did the river calm down.

The group continued to climb up the mountain dealing with Heartless as they go. Soon they reach the area where they began at. “Here again huh?” said Riku as they were surrounded by Earth Cores and a Sand Serpent. The group went to work as they battled the monsters. “I know what to do Sora!” said goofy as He and Sora launched themselves into the air as Sora said “Go get em!” He tossed Goofy into the mouth of the sand serpent as the monster was then destroyed by Goofy on the inside.

‘You alright Goofy?” asked Hiccup

“Never Better Ayuck!” he laughed as the gang continued to climb up the mountain with Hercules. Rumbling sound was heard as they got closer to the top when they stopped. “This sure does feel familiar.” said Riku

Yeah like before” said Kairi looking around. 

“Guys its getting worse by the minute” said Hercules. “I hope im wrong but my family needs me”

He whistled as Pegasus came to him and landed/ “I’ll fly ahead, Guys you been a big help. Leave the rest to me.” He said to them.

"Your Family?" asked hiccup curious about Hercules family. 

"Yeah, Dad is King of the Gods." Said Hercules before he took off with Pegasus.

"WHAT!" They all exclaimed. 

"Hercules is a God?" Aqua muttered not even knowing that. 

"He's a God!, I became friends with a god" Hiccup stuttered holding his head as Toothless was beside him. "We didn't even know" Goofy said looking at the top of the mountain. 

“What should we do guys?” asked Lea.

“The Organization is here and Herc still needs our help” said Sora.

“”Well then lead the Way Sora, Were all right behind you” said Mickey with a smile. Sora looked on still remembering Herc’s words from earlier. “Ahhh...thats tough, All i knew was that she was in trouble.” “Suddenly i wanted to save her with all my heart”

“We fight with all our Heart” he said to himself.

“Come on lets Go!” said Sora.

“Yeah!” said the others as they resumed heading up the mountain to help Hercules.The group came to the mountainside as a huge footstep made them all loose their footing. The gang looked up to see The Rock Titan holding a giant Boulder. “Titan!” shouted Donald and Goofy as the Rock Titan tossed the rock towards them. “Take cover!” said Hiccup as the boulder split in two as it blocked the exit.

(Boss Battle-Rock Troll

Theme-The Deep End Kingdom Hearts 3

Mission-Defeat the Rock Titan

Sora,Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Donald, Goofy. Mickey, Hiccup, Lea and Toothless.)

“Alright he wants a fight then lets give him one!” said Sora as he summoned Kingdom Key as Hiccup summoned the Elder Blade. Aqua summoned Mark of the Hero, Mickey with Kingdom Key W, Riku with Braveheart, Kairi with Destiny's Embrace and Lea with Flame Liberator. The group began wall running up the mountainside as they climbed the first ledge as a boulder came crashing into a small ledge. THe group took cover as the boulder rained down on them and into the ground below. They resumed climbing as the Rock Titan slammed its foot down making more boulders fall towards them. Using their skills they had mastered here. They used their ability to dodged the rocks and came onto the ledge underneath The Rock Titan as it went away. “Come on, this way!” said Hiccup as the gang ran together as one with their keyblades. Like a small army on the move. Soon they were ambushed by a small group of Heartless.They fought the monsters taking them down with their blades and magic. “Sora, Hiccup go on ahead, well deal with the Heartless!” said Riku as he kicked a soldier away.

“Well catch up!” said Kairi as she fired a firaga spell as Lea used his keyblade taking out a shadow from attacking her from behind. Hiccup, Sora, Donald and Goofy went on ahead with Toothless as they ran out into the rain. up above, the Rock Titan tossed a boulder towards them. The boulder destroyed part of the path as Sora lost his balance. Toothless grabbed the back of his jacket with his teeth so he wouldn;t fall. "Thanks Toothless." Sora thanked the black dragon. 

“This is stupid and Crazy!” said Hiccup as he and Sora began running up the wall with The Rock Titan sending down boulders to them, Lightning flashed as the Rock Titan Roared at them.

Once at the top did Sora and Hiccup began attacking the Titan’s legs as the rest of the team joined them. “Take This” said Donald until the Rock Titan made rock spikes come out and strike him sending him flying. They hacked and smacked the Titans legs until they crippled him as he crashed into the rock wall. Sora and Hiccup climbed up the titan's body and began to attack The two heads on the Rock Titan. After hitting the Titan a few times Did sora feel something come over him. Light began to form on his keyblade as he pointed up to the sky, "Magic Coaster!"

A Magic train made of light came out of the sky and headed towards them. The guardians jumped onto the Magic Coaster with Sora at the front car. Hiccup mounted on Toothless as they flew around the titan. The Magic Coaster then began firing Fireworks at the Rock Titan who groaned in pain. "Get him Sora!" Kairi cheered from behind him. The Rock Titan a fist and aimed for them.

"Look out!" shouted Goofy. Sora with the Magic Coaster shot the fist making the titan groan in pain as they did a pass in front of it. the titan aimed for them again with it’s other fist. “Look out!” shouted Donald. Toothless and Sora shot the fist as it groaned in pain. They flew behind the titan and the titan threw its arms back to strike them, “Look out!, Jump!” said Donald and Goofy. The Guardians jump avoiding the fist before landing back in the Magic Coaster. "Way to go Sora!" Hiccup from his spot on Toothless. Sora and Hiccup continue to hit the Rock Titan with plasma blasts and fireworks until the Titan lost it's balance and fell down towards the bottom of the mountain. The Team landed where the Rock Titan stood watching the Titan go down. 

(End Battle)

 “Yes, thats one down!” said Riku as the group celebrated.

“Those guys aren't so tough by themselves. “ said Mickey,

“Hey guys, that one was dumb as a Rock” said Kairi as the gang laughed at her joke.

“Okay whats next?” asked Sora.

We continue on to Olympus, thats the home of the Greek Gods and that's where we’ll find Hades and Hercules.” said Aqua. The group nodded as they resumed their trek to the summit of Mt. Olympus. Soon they entered a cave and the group dried themselves off from the rain. Toothless shook the water off him and drenched Donald in water. “Toothless!” shouted Donald irritated making the dragon laugh. Soon they came to a dead end. “A dead end?” asked Lea

No wait i see light” said Donald as Toothless fired a plasma blast destroying the rocks as a blinding light came. What greeted them all was a bright place and in front of them was steps and at the top of the steps was a golden gate.

"That gate leads to Olympus” said Aqua.

“Come on” said Mickey as the gang ran up the stairs as the golden gates opened for them. As they reached the top did a Golden door opened to reveal Olympus in all it’s glory. the group looked around seeing Olympus for the first time.

"Wow, Is this Olympus?” asked Sora looking at his friends.

“It’s Beautiful” said Kairi holding her hands over her chest.

“It’s amazing.” said goofy as a familiar tune was heard.

"The Fanfare?” asked Donald now hearing the familiar tune. Sora and them summoned their keyblades. “Nope!” said Riku as a horde of new Heartless appeared. “Satyrs, i'm calling these guys Satyrs.” said Jiminy.

The Satyrs moved as a single unit as they charged.The guardians dodged the horde as they destroyed a few columns. “Guys we need to break their ranks up!” shouted Hiccup as the swarm aimed for him which he dodged rolled away from the swarm. “My shield is ready!” said Goofy as he, Sora and Donald used Trinity Shield to separate the Satyr Swarm. Some of them were defeated by the Trinity Shield. The rest of the team then took out the rest of the Satyrs. “Hercules must be at the top” said Donald.

“More Climbing huh?” asked Riku. The group then headed out as they found some stairs. They fought off more Heartless as they arrived to the Corridors. “Which way?” asked Kairi.

“Lets try this way?” said Sora as they went up some stairs and arrived to none other than the Forge. “What is this place?” asked Aqua looking around.

“This is Hephaestus Forge. He’s the Greek God of the Forge who makes the weapons of the gods. Man i never thought i would be here” said Hiccup as he ran towards the anvil. “Man if Gobber was with us. He would totally be awed at the sheer size of this place. I wonder what this does?” asked Hiccup as he pulled a lever which activated the forge. Molten metal and fire came down from the cauldrons which then poured onto Goofy’s shield. “Hey, my spare Knights Shield got an upgrade” said Goofy as his new shield was red. “Hey thanks Hiccup.”

“No problem Goofy” said Hiccup before Toothless grabbed his shirt with his teeth, "Alright, we can come back later." 

the group resumed their trek up Olympus battling heartless as they went until they were closer to the top.they can see the silhouettes of the three other Titans. “How do we get up there?” asked Lea. 

"alright, Everyone, tine for you all to learn to summon Keyblade Gliders." Aqua said. Hiccup mounted on Toothless as Aqua gave them a quick lecture on summoning Keyblade gliders. The five keyblade wielders summoned their keyblades before tossing them into the air, turning into their gliders. Sora's and Mickey's looked like Ven's except Sora's was gold and sliver, and Mickey's was light purple with different shades of blue with stars around it. Riku and Lea's looked like Terra's expect Riku's was silver and black. Lea's was colored all fire like with a design of a chakram on the base. And finally, Kairi's looked like Aqua's, but bright yellow with flowers around it, and a papou fruit on the bade. Donald, Goofy and Toothless looked at the new gliders with wide eyes. Flying up did they reach the top and saw a horrible sight. The Greek Gods were all in chains and Zeus was being put into a mountain of frozen ice and Lava created by the Ice Titan and Lava Titan. The Lava Titan was a new one for Sora as it was made of mass of molten lava with bright yellow eyes and a light hunchback.and the Wind Titan was a giant Tornado with red eyes.

Pain and Panic, Hades lackeys were leading the gods towards the gate. “I can’t hear you!” shouted Pain into Hermes ears. He had Ares war helm and Panic had Hermes’s Staff and glasses.

“I swear to you Hades, when i get out of this….”Zeus said as he was fully encased in the ice and lava prison.

‘I'm the one giving orders now bolt boy” said Hades as he conjured a dark throne. “And i think i'm gonna like it” He conjured a martini and ate the worm.

“Don’t get to Comfortable Hades!” shouted Hercules making Hades spit out his drink. He glared to see Hercules ascending towards them on Pegasus.

“That's right, were gonna stop you!” said Sora as the guardians entered the area with their weapons drawn. “Hercules” said Apollo as all the gods looked up.

“This outta even the odds!” said Hercules as he used his sword to break them free. The chains was shattered as the gods looked at their hands no longer bound in chains. “Yo thank you Hercules!” said Hermes as he used his staff to beat us Pain and Panic. Hades was angry as he shouted to the Titans ‘Get THEM!”

The Lava, Ice and Wind Titans approached the Guardians and they felt a little scared looking at the Titans. “Guys!” said Hercules as he landed beside them. “It’s on!”

“Yeah!” They said.

(Boss theme- Titans Kingdom Hearts 3

Mission-Clash with the Titans. 

Party-Sora,Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Donald, Goofy. Mickey, Hiccup, Lea, Hercules and Toothless.) 

The Lava Titan started belching huge globs of lava toward them. "Evasive maneuvers gang!" shouted Hiccup as they dodged the Lava Titan attack. Hades was then covered in Lava as he shouted." Get them! Not me!"

The Ice Titan fired its ice breath at them. Toothless used his plasma blast to block most of the ice. The ice titans breath froze Hades who wasn't too happy to be frozen. "Guys split up and lets each take on a Titan!" shouted Riku.

Well handle the Lava Titan” said Kairi as she lead one group towards the Lava Titan. Riku lead another team towards the Ice Titan as The Wind Titan appeared Before Sora and Hiccup. “Looks like we got Windy hear” said Hiccup as toothless roared at the Wind titan.

Thier fight began as Kairi on her Glider flew circles around the Lava Titan's head, blasting its face with blizzard and water spells. It bellowed and swiped at her like an annoying fly.“MELT ZEUS!” it roared as it fired more lava at them.  Aqua using her Diamond Storm formchange as she hit’s the Lava Titan with ice based attacks. The Lava Titan groaned at the barrage as it tossed globs of lava to her. She dodged it as she fired “Blizzaza!” a large chunck of ice came from her keyblade and struck the Lava Titan knocking it out.

Lea  focused on the Ice Titan hitting it with Fire spells but the ice would just reform where He struck. Riku and Mickey struck the Titans face with combos as it screeched at them,”FREEZE THEM!”. It fired it’s ice Breath which was canceled out by Lea’s Fire with Donald and Goofy supporting them. Hercules grabbed a boulder and tossed it at the Ice Titan's face just as Kairi and Aqua fired triple firagas from their keyblades. The boudler and the fire spells were enough to knock the Ice Titan out. 

The Wind Titan sucked up some of the other titans powers and tossed projectiles of Fire, Ice and Rock at the gang. "Everyone Dodge!" shouted Hercules as they avoided the barrage from the Titan.

The Wind Titan came toward them, the air around it swirling dangerously. Any rubble it passed was immediately sucked up into its depths, and was eventually crushed by the pure speed it attained spinning around inside. Its deep red eyes displayed a horrible desire to destroy. Its voice sounded like the rushing wind that composed it. "Blow them AWAY!"

Insanely, Hiccup took to the air and charged right into the titan as he was now facing it’s red eyes. “Take this!, Ars Arcanum!” shouted Hiccup with the Elder blade in his hand. 

He smacked the Titan in the face with his weapon. Sora joined in with his keyblade with Second Form. "Ars Arcanum!" shouted Sora as he too used his combo to smack the Wind Titan. Both boys sent the Titan back before Sora pointed his keyblade at the Wind Titan. "Ragnarok!" he fired many projectiles from his keyblade towards the Wind Titan as Toothless fired multiple Plasma Blasts.  It staggered back as The Lava and Ice Titans recovered. The Rock Titan came from behind them as it roared. The Guardians were surrounded by the four Titans.

Uh oh, Now it’s all four of them” said goofy on the screen.

“So what, theirs 11 of us” said Sora.

“No offense Sora but these guys are gods too. We cant beat them” said Hiccup holding the Elder Blade. 

“No but i can get someone who can” said Hercules as he climbed the rock. Hercules freed Zeus from his prison as Hades yelled in frustration. "Thank you my boy." Zeus said to his son.

Hephaestus tossed Zeus a bundle of Lightning Bolts who caught them. He flashed them all a grin, and took off in the other direction. "Now!" He said to Herc, "Watch your old man work!"

""Uh oh." The Rock Titan said as he tried to flee but both of its heads were destroyed by the bolts, making it blind.

The titans began retreating sensing defeat. "Guys get back here and kick some Olympian butt!" shouted Hades as Toothless blew out his hair. "What is my hair out?" he said feeling his bald head. Toothless laughed as did Pegasus. 

ust then the Wind Titan appeared and began attacking our heroes. Hercules then grabbed it by the tail and forced it to suck up the Lava, Rock, and Ice Titans and with them all together, he spun them all around like a top and threw them out of the Earth and in the deepest reaches of space where they exploded.

(end Battle)

“HA HA” laughed Zeus as he high five Hercules. The gang cheered as they hugged each. “We did it” said Goofy hugging Mickey and Donald. Sora and Kairi hugged as well. “Nice work bud” said Hiccup as Toothless grinned at him before he lunged on him and gave him several licks. “Toothless, knock it off!” Hiccup laughed as Toothless got off him. “You know that doesn’t wash out!”

Hades was angry as he snapped pointing his finger at the gang. . “I can’t Believe it, Eighteen years i put into that plan and you Blippin Ruined it!, I really don’t like you!”

“Just give it up already, you never beat Herc. No matter how many times you try” said Sora.

“Yeah so go back home to the Underworld” said Riku.

“Go have the time of your Afterlife” joked hiccup.

“Enough Already” growled Hades. “I did not come this far just to get Ridculed by Zeusy high and mighty. His little sunspot and a bunch of Clowns!” he was now angry as he was glowing red. “You know what i'll just destroy you now” said Hades. 

“Hades” said Hercules catching his attention. Zeus and Hercules were beside as Hercules said pointing to the door. “The Exit is that way”

Hades slummed his shoulders in defeat as he headed for the gate. “Hold on i forgot something” said Hercules as Hades turned to receive a punch in the face. “That one is for trying to wreck Thebes.”

You’ll pay for this!, i have a very long Memory!” shouted Hades holding his face as he vanished in a puff of smoke. Soon the rest of the Greek gods came back as they clapped. “Three cheers for the mighty Hercules and his friends!” said Apollo. Pegasus arrived with Meg and Phil.

“My son, we are so proud of you” said Hera as she hugged him. “Thank you mother.” he said.

"A true hero is measured by the strength of his heart. Now my son, you can come home at last. " Zeus said to Hercules. The gods began to surround Hercules as Meg felt sad knowing that Wonderboy was leaving her. "Mother Father, i wish to stay on Earth with Meg. I know where i belong with her" said Hercules looking at Meg who smiled back at him. She ran to him and they both hugged. Hercules and Meg shared a kiss as the crowd cheered.

Zeus then walked down to our heroes. The gang can feel his aura radiating from him. Zeus has orange skin, a stocky muscular body, long white hair, and a long white beard. Like his son, Zeus has blue eyes. He wears a dark purple chiton with a lavender border, which is held by a round gold pin which displays a thundercloud on it. In the film, he is constantly surrounded by a blinding aura. “I can't tell you how grateful I am for you helping my son, You are all True Heroes" He said with a small glare to Phil who wanted to protest.

"Your welcome Lord Zeus" said Mickey as the gang bowed their heads in respect to the King of the Greek Gods. Zeus chuckled as he said. “Now you all have a great and dangerous Task ahead of you. You must stop Master Xehanort from Triggering the Keyblade War.”

“You know about the Keyblade War?” asked Hiccup.

“That i do, Hiccup Haddock, Son of Stoick the Vast and Valka the Gentle. Guardian of the Lightstar and chosen wielder of the Mystical Elder Blade" Zeus said looking at the legendary blade in his hand.  "Should you ever need anything, come to us and we will handle it for you"Zeus said. The Gang nodded their thanks to Zeus before they headed towards the gates to Olympus. 

The gang was walking down the steps leaving Olympus. “Thanks again guys, Your the best” said Hercules holding Meg close to him.

“No problem Herc” said Goofy as the gang started to climb down the steps leaving Sora and Hercules alone. “You know, i think i figured out my problem and how i can solve it” said Sora.

“Really, how Sora?” asked Hercules looking at him.

“I’ll find my strength just as you found yours” said Sora. He looked down to the gang as they were chatting but his stare was mainly onto Kairi.“Something to fight for with all my Heart. I guess you did give me my answer”

“You got heart Sora, Just keep at it and your get stronger.” said Hercules as he then leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Tell her Sora.”

He blushed big after that as Hercules laughed. Sora ran down to rejoin his friends so they can board their ship. They waved goodbye to Hercules before they were beamed up to the ship. 


Back in Thebes, Maleficent and Pete were in the gardens. Pete was digging trying to find the box Hades mentioned.

"Are you sure this box with the Book of Prophecies is real?” asked Pete."I think that Dingbat in black was just pulling your leg.” .

“Keep Quiet and keep digging you imbecile.” said Maleficent. “I must find that Book of Prophecies and make it my own. His was his own clue we have. We cannot afford to dismiss it without a though investigation.”

"I'M just saying, A dark in the shot ain't gonna get us closer.” said Pete as he stopped digging. “What is it, have you found something, show it to me fool.” Maleficent demanded. Pete pulled out a purple box with a skull on it. He showed it to Her. “This must be that Pandora’s Box Hades mentioned.” said Pete.

“Leave it, It’s not the box we have been searching for.” said Maleficent.

“After all that digging” said Pete as he tossed the box back into the pile. He got out of the hole as Maleficent said. “Come we are though here.”

They left unaware that watching them was Xigbar. Xigbar then said "May your Heart." 

"Be your Guiding Key" Finished another hooded figure appearing not to far from him. He tossed a card towards Xigbar who caught it. "So,Tell me Xigbar?, Who are you really?" asked Luxord taking off his hood. Xigbar was silent looking at Luxord before he said. "Alright, It doesn't make a difference for me anyway, I'll just continue to keep playing Dumb" He smirked before he vanished into a Corridor. 

"The real Question is who are you Luxord?" Xigbar asked before taking his leave. not even seeing that something was watching him from atop a buidling, A ghost of a fox watched him go before it vanished into a mist. 


Chapter Text

a beam of light touched down as The guardians appeared in Toothless's Cove. they sky was dark and cloudy. "Welp, we better go report with Master Yen Sid and Merlin." Mickey said after hiccup got Toothless plenty of Fish for him to eat. "I wonder if X is alright" said Lea as the group walked though the forest. 

"X? is that the name of that girl?" asked Aqua. 

"Well that was the nickname me and Isa gave her when we met her at the Castle." said Lea remembering all the times he and Isa would sneak into the castle to talk to X. It was silent before the group arrived back to the village a bit drenched from the rain. "come along, Master yen sid is problaby talking to Gothi." said Riku. 

The Eight of them opened the door to the great hall and saw that Gobber was already in there with the other recruits eating some dinner. The Storm outside causes the door to rattle. "alright, where did Astrid go wrong today" said Gobber. 

"I mistimed my somersault dive. It was sloppy," admitted Astrid, "it threw off my reverse tumble."

The teens rolled their eyes at her. 

"Yeah," said Ruffnut, sarcasm filling her voice, "we noticed."

Snotlout grabbed Astird hand. He said ""No, no. You were great that was so Astrid."

Astrid pulled her hand away from him.

"She's right, you have to be tough on yourselves" said Gobber 

Hiccup and the other guardians approached. Gobber sent a small glare to the lad for being late but Gothi smacked him on the head. She told him that Hiccup was running an errand for her before she pointed to a table not to far from the teens. on the table was some cooked boar and other foods. The eight bowed their heads to the elder before taking a seat." Looks like we've got some salmon...some nice Icelandic cod...and a whole smoked eel along with some tasty boar. dig in" Hiccup said before grabbing a mug full of his favorite mead. The team fixed their own plates and ate in silence."  the Hooligans  who stayed behind looked at them before talking began. "Geez, they stare much?" Lea said raising an eyebrow.

"just ignore them." Hiccup said although he can feel the teens were eyeing him.They ate in silence while noticing the teens were eyeing them. "Who are they gobber?" asked Fishlegs. 

"No clue but they seem to be friends with the lad," Gobber said noticing that they begin to chat and laugh. 

That was good, My comments to the chef?" asked Mickey looking at them

" I'm Stuffed." said Sora patting his stomach.

"Me too. i needed that" said Aqua before she let out a small burp."Excuse me" 

"You call that a Burp, Let me show you guys a real burp." Hiccup said before he chugged his drink in one gulp and let out a big burp that echoed thoughout the hall. 'Hey, that was a good one!" Riku said with a laugh as everyone else laughed. "I see that you are all having a good time" Yen Sid said talking a seat next to mickey at the front. 'Who's that guy?" asked Ruffnut looking at Yen Sid. 

"I don't know but he has a really big beard." Tuffnut said but Snotlout was eyeing Kairi and Aqua. "two new babes, let see if they can resist the Snotman" He muttered but Yen Sid sent a small glare to him making him sit back down. Gobber was finishing his meal next to Olaf hofferson and Ingrid hofferson. 

"any clue to who they are gobber?" Ingrid asked the blacksmith looking at the Guardians. "I have no clue Ingrid, Gothi siad that they came from another island and are training for something that is about to go down." Gobber replied but he wondered why Hiccup was among them. 

"Now Sora, were you able to find out how to recover your lost power?" asked Yen Sid. 

Yeah, I know what i need to do Master" said Sora placing his hands over his heart. Yen Sid nodded before he waved his hands and in front of the six wielders did a suitcase appear.

"The Three good fairies have made you all new clothes. these clothes will help protect you against the Darkness." Yen Sid said.

The six took the suitcases and set them down beside their feet. "Also Sora, One more thing i want you to have" Yen Sid said waving his hand as a strange talisman appered in his hand. "Okay?" Sora said looking at the Talisman and saw a dream eater symbol on it. "That is a Heartbinder, Think of it as a Good luck charm made just for you, You have a gift Sora, For connecting with others and will make this gift stronger" Yen Sid explained. Sora held the Heartbinder close to him. 

"Was that magic that man just used?" asked Astrid as her parents stood beside her. They could not hear what was being said because Yen Sid put up wards around the table to meet with the guardians. 

Gothi wrote in the runes and gobber read out. "aye, His name is Master Yen Sid and he is a powerful Wizard and those people with him are those who train with him.

"But why is Hiccup with them?" asked Fishlegs wondering. 

'Because his mother was good friends with Yen Sid and he wants to continue that friendship with him." Gobber read from the sands. "You know i am rather curious to what metal the lad used for that fancy shield of his. never seen anything like it, even after taking a Gronckle blast." 

"Wait you don;t know how he made that indestructible shield?" asked Fishlegs. 

"The lad has his secrets and he guards them with his life." said gobber. Astrid looked at Hiccup before nodding. /He may have won today but i will win tomorrow for sure/ Astrid thought. 

"Lad?" Gobber said approaching them as they turned their heads to Gobber. "Hi gobber" Kairi said with a smile. 

"Are these your friends lass?" asked Gobber earning a nod from her.

'Im Sora," 

"Donald Duck" 




"Hello, i'm Aqua" The guardians introduced themselves to Gobber. 

"Is it just me or is that there is a talking duck, Dog and mouse." Ruffnut whispered to Astrid. 

"No," Astrid said as Yen Sid took his leave to go back to the Mysterious Tower.

"Now, you Six need to live and breathe this stuff"  Gobber said to the five vikings and keyblade master and he lays a book on the table, "the Dragon Manual. Everything we know about every Dragon we know of."

Loud thunder shakes the hall and the sound of heavy rain out be heard.

"No attacks tonight," said Gobber, "study up."

And Gobber flees into the storm, leaving the recruits to stare at the book.

Tuffnut groans, "Wait you mean?"

"While we're still alive?" yelled Ruffnut.

"Why read words when you can just kills the stuff the words tells you stuff about?" asked Snotlout, punching his hand to get his point across. Beside, Fishlegs got really excited. "Oh! I've read it like, seven times. There's this water dragon that sprays boiling water at your face. And there's this other one that buries itself for like a week..." 

His friends stare with blank faces and Fishlegs drifts off slowly, realizing he talked for too long. "Fishlegs loves dragons just as much as i do" Hiccup whispered to the others who nodded.

"Yeah" said Tuffnut, "that sounds great. There was a chance I was going to read that..."

"...but now" finished Ruffnut. Snotlout stands up and begins to leave to head home. "You guys read, I'll go kill stuff" he said and then he leaves. The twins and Fishlegs right behind him. Astrid looks at Hiccup before leaving as well to head home. She already read the book once. 

Hiccup rolled his eyes before pulling out his own Book of Dragons and begins showing the eight it's content. "This book has been written by my anestor who lived laongside Bork the bold, He wrote down the dragons habitat, what it eats and how many eggs they lay" Hiccup explained allowing the team to read the Book. "Wow, there are so many different dragons in your world." Aqua commented looking over Riku's shoulder. 

"aye and there is so much more i don't even know about them" Hiccup stated when he felt tired as did the rest of the team. "Welp, we got alot of training to do fella,s i say we all go get some much needed Sleep" Mickey siad with a smile. Everyone agreed with the King before they left the great hall. Hiccup headed for his house while they headed for their rooms at the inn. As soon as Hiccup hits his bed. he was out within seconds. 

Over in the inn. Kairi was looking at her new outfit Yen Sid gave her and saw it was very cute. She looked over to Aqua and saw that she was already asleep and so Kairi pulled out her mirror and she took a pair of scissors from her purse and she cuts her hair a bit. her hair now reaching slightly to her shoulders. once done did she lay down and she fell asleep. 


Kairi was floating in an endless abyss alone. nothing but pure darkness greeted her and she wondered where she was. "Hello?, is anyone here?" asked Kairi. 

"I;m here with you Kairi" Namine said appearing next to her as the two floated in the endless abyss. Just then a light came out of nowhere blinding the two girls before they found themselves in the hospital wing in Radiant Garden's castle. It was night outside."What in the world?" asked Kairi when she heard a Baby cry. Freezing did she turn to see a couple with dark red hair like hers. The man was very well built and he had azure blue eyes. in the bed the Women with Dark red hair and Ocean Blue eyes and she was holding a crying baby girl. 

"She's beautiful" the man said with tears in his eyes. 

"Our little Kairi" the woman said also crying before she kissed the man. Kairi's eyes widen as tears began to form in her eyes. The couple before her were her birth parents."Mom, Dad" She said with tears in her eyes. 

"I thimk we are seeing some of your earliest Memories Kairi" Namine said to her Somebody grabbing her hand in support. Kairi's Mother then kissed baby Kairi on the forehead as she was now asleep. A knock came on the door as Ansem the Wise along with Kairi's Grandma and Valka entered the room. in Valka's arms was a wide awake baby boy with auburn brown hair. "Hiccup" Kairi said before looking at Valka. "Then that must be his mother. what is she doing here with Hiccup?" Namine said.

 "Valka, you made it" the women said with a smile. 

"Of course i did Kane,  Emily, I would'nt miss the birth of my Niece" Valka said looking at baby Kairi in Emily's arms.Kairi's eyes widen as did Namine's after what Valka said. 

"Hiccup and i are family, Were cousins" Kairi muttered because she had found out she had a cousin and it was Hiccup. Valka then moved a bit closer so that Baby Hiccup can see Baby Kairi. ""Hiccup, Meet your cousin." Valka said.  Hiccup just smiled before putting his baby hand on Baby Kairi's forehead. "My grandchildren, are so beautiful" Kairi's grandmother said with her own tears. 

 "Yes they are mother" Ansem the Wise said with pride. He heard footsteps when Aeleus, Dilan, Braig, and Even came in to see the newborn baby, "spread the word, Today is a wonderful day, my Niece, Kairi Stoner has been born and we are going to hold a presentation today" 

"As you wise Lord Ansem" Braig said with a bow as the three men left. Dragon roars can be heard as Valka knew that the dragons would come to see the new Seventh light, She had told her sister and her husband that their daughter would be one of the new lights.  It was early in the morning as the royal family were now at the castle postern looking down to the city. many residents of the city have gathered to see the newborn princess. Kairi saw Leon, Yuffie, Cid, Aerith, Cloud, and a man with black hair with a buster sword. Icefire and the dragons of his sanctuary were in a small section of the city. A staff can be see walking though the dragons as they parted to reveal an elderly man with white robes. He had a long white beard and hair as he began to climb the stairs. The Royal family had huge grins on their faces as the man arrived. " Master Virgo" Valka said bowing her head to Master Virgo.. "Hello Valka," Said Virgo before he looked down to see Kairi. He smiled before carefully picking her up and then stood next to the royal family of Radiant Garden. The dragons and people cheered on seeing her for the first time. just then light broke though the clouds as the Lightstar revealed itself. It's light landed on them making all the people and dragons bow. 

/End Dream/ 

Kairi shot up awake in her bed in the inn and saw that Aqua was still asleep. It was still nighttime outside and Kairi got up from the bed and got a drink of water, "Was it all real?" She asked before she suddenly had another memory flashed. She saw herself running towards Ansem the Wise and Ienzo in the marketplace with Sea Salt Ice cream. "Uncle Ansem!" she chirpred before the Sage King picked her up and hugged her with a smile on his face. 

The memory ended and She began to cry a little. Ansem the Wise was her Uncle. She had to know at once, Maybe Icefire may know a way to reach radiant garden without her having to wake Mickey or anyone else. Grabbing her suitcase with her new clothes. She stepped outside did she see the night guard doing his rounds. "Morning" He said as he continued his rounds. Kairi headed for the forest and she walked towards the Mountain. quite surprisingly she ran into Hiccup and Toothless who were in the middle of his cove. "Kairi?" asked Hiccup. 

"Hey, couldn;t sleep" asked Kairi. 

"Nah, had a very strange dream and you were there and so was my mom and a couple with dark red hair" said Hiccup. 

"Really, i had the same dream only your mom called me her niece." said Kairi before she told him about her dream. 

"Could it be possible that we are related Kairi?" asked Hiccup before he summoned the Elder Blade before offering the weapon to her. "Take it," 

She looked at the weapon before grabbing the hilt of the weapon and a warm glow came over her, Hiccup and Toothless watched as the glow subsided and the blade remained. "It accepted you, Only those who carry my families blood can wield the Elder Blade." Hiccup muttered. 

"We are cousins" Kairi exclaimed before returning the weapon to him. She then said "But i wish i knew more about my parents, Ansem the Wise may be our uncle and knows something.," 

"Do you want to go ask him?" Hiccup asked her. 

"But thr king has the keys to the Gummi Ship." Kairi muttered. 

"True but we will use this" Hiccup said before pointing the weapon in front of him. a bright beam of light, which shot into the air in front of them and coalesced into what a Dark Corridor would look like if it was made out of white haze instead of black. "Light Corridors, easier to travel to anywhere in the Realm of Light, That will also be on our lesson agenda" Hiccup said before the two entered the corridor with Toothless. 

/Radiant Garden/ 

It was evening in Radiant Garden and the town was settling down, Aeleus and Dilan were on guard duty at the castle doors when the Light Corridor opened. Aeleus pulled out his Skysplitter and Dilan with Lindworm. Hiccup, Kairi and Toothless exit the corridor as it closes. Aeleus lowered his weapon before he asked. "What is it that we can help you with Master Hiccup, miss Kairi," 

"We want to talk to Ansem about something personal" said Kairi.  

Aeleus and Dilan shared a look towards each other./Does she remember us now/ the two guards thought. 

"Come, this way" said Aeleus opening the castle door, It was a silent walk though the castle for the three before they soon arrived to Ansem's study. Aeleus knocked on the door before they heard. "Enter" 

Aeleus opened the door and beckoned the three inside. at his desk, Ansem the Wise in his Lab attire. He was speaking to Ienzo when the two looked at the arrivals. "Master Hiccup, Miss Kairi, how is it that we can help you." asked Ansem. 

"Ansem, are you our Uncle." asked Kairi making the two men look at her. Ansems eyes were starting to show tears before he said "Why do you ask that?" 

"I remember seeing my parents and i saw Hiccup's mother Valka here too and she called me her niece." said Kairi. 

Ansem's said with a big smile before. "Yes, we are Family Hiccup, Kairi," 

He stood up from his chair and walked over to a bookcase and he pulled out a book which was a photo album. He took a seat on the couch and beckoned the two to come forward. The two took a seat on each side of them. "I Really wanted to tell you both but i was still regaining my memories due to my stay in the Realm of Darkness" Ansem began before he showed them a picture of Him, Valka and Kairi's parents. Valka was holding Hiccup when he was a baby and Icefire was in the photo. "Your Father Kairi was my youngest brother and he was the captian of the Guard.  He was loyal, brave and everyone in Radiant Garden loved him." 

"What about my Mother?" asked Kairi. 

"Your mother was actually from Berk because she was Valka's youngest sister and she came here to learn more about our world, They both accidentally met in the Fountain plaza and it was love at first site. Within a year, they were married and then nine months later, you were born Kairi, right after Hiccup was born" Ansem said showing them more photos of Kane, Emily and Valka together and then there were photos of Kairi growing up with her grandma, Kane and Emily. There were even photos of Kairi with Aeleus, Even, Ienzo, Lea and Isa.  The last photo Kairi saw with her and her parents was her turning two and she was in front of a birthday cake. a tiara was on her head and a big smile was on her face. 

"What happened to them Uncle Ansem?, where are my parents?" asked Kairi looking at her uncle before she noticed the sadness in his eyes. He shot a look to Ienzo who nodded. "A very bad outbreak of the Flu hit Radiant Garden, your parents were among those who died from the sickness." 

Tears fell from her eyes before she hugged his side. He wrapped his arms around her shoulder and rubbed her back. Hiccup and Toothless watched them being silent. /Kairi lost her parents to a disease while i lost mom from a dragon raid gone horrible wrong/ Hiccup thought looking at his cousin. Ansem and Kairi pulled away before He said. "Now would you like me to tell you more about your parents Kairi and to you hiccup, i can tell you things about your Aunt and Uncle" 

"We would like that Uncle Ansem" Hiccup said to his uncle before the two got comfortable as Ansem begin to tell them more about Kane and Emily. 


Sora woke up to see that he was in an endless plane of Sea and Sky. The sky was clear and blue. "where in the world am i?" asked Sora before he began to walk around looking for someone until he heard. "Can't stay away now can ya?" 

Sora looking around asked. "Hello? who's there?"

A small light came down and landed in front of Sora to reveal  a cat-like, anthropomorphic Dream Eater with a pouch. "The name's Chirithy and this place is the Final World" Chirithy said.

"I'm Sora. What is the Final World?" he asked. 

This place is between the Station of Awakening and the realm of Sleep. You wandered here many times before but i let it slide.  The edges of sleep and Death touch here and one can't help the occasional crossover" said Chirithy. 

"Death?" asked Sora. 

'Yes, The natural end for Hearts and bodies that perished together. but some persist and arrive here like me" said Chirithy. 

"Wait! im dead!" Sora exclaimed looking at his body and saw his body was normal. 

"No, No, your okay, your sleeping at the moment. you accidentally crossed over again in your sleep" said Chirithy earning a sigh from Sora. Sora then sat down next to Chirithy. "So are you waiting for someone here?" asked Sora. 

"Yes but i doubt Ventus doesn't remember me." Chirithy said with a bit of Sadness.

"Wait you know Ventus" Sora asked in shock before he told Chirithy of Ventus's fate and about the upcoming war with Master Xehanort. 

"Ventus lost his heart and Aqua, one of his friends put his body in a safe place while you all are searching for his heart and Terra?" asked Chirithy in shock. Was that the reason why he never came looking for her. because he was in a coma. 

"That;s right." Sora said with a nod. "Why don;t you come with me, I'll take you to Ventus once we find his heart." 

The Dream Eaters eyes widen before she asked. "You would do that for me, Take me with you to find Ventus?" 

"Of course, Were friends right?" asked Sora with his genuine smile. Chirithy's eyes sparkled before she hugged his chest happy to have a new friend in so long. 

/Somewhere near Helhiem's gate./ 

on an island a few miles away from the Nest. Stoick and everyone else in the search party were drawing plans before going into the nest. "Tomorrow we go in and try to locate that nest" Stoick said to Phelgma and Spitelout. The two vikings nodded before continuing to discuss their stragety. A soldier who was on lookout saw something was heading there way. "Cheif!, you may want to come look at this!" 

Stoick rushed over and saw what appeared to be a viking ship. on the sails of the ship appeared the Heartless emblem, "What in the name of odin?" asked the hooligan chief when black monsters with yellow beady eyes. "what are these demons cheif?" asked a soldier,

"Form Ranks! For Odin's glory!" Stoick boomed holding his hammer as he and his men charge into battle against the mysterious creatures.