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Sometimes it's Not Fine

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Sometimes Jimin was able to forget that his entire friend group was made up of werewolves.
Then Jungkook would growl or Taehyung would randomly shift into a fluffy brown wolf. Then, Jimin would hear the sternness in Namjoon's voice and watch as all the fighting around him would instantly stop. Or how everyone seemed to want to cuddle Seokjin in the third week of every month. When Yoongi was on edge, Jimin knew that showing a bit of his neck would calm the elder down. And that when dancing with Hoseok, he knew he should take more breaks (which he never did).

Sometimes Jimin didn't notice that everyone he cared about were werewolves and he was the singled out human. Jimin just wished it happened more often.

Jimin tried not to notice when they would all huddle together and whisper. Or exchange looks when they thought Jimin wasn't looking. Or when Jimin asked what was wrong, it was "just a werewolf thing". He knew they weren't being malicious, but it still hurt.

Jimin tried to forget about the codewords they used. And how he had learned their meanings in just a few months. Like 'going for a ride' was code for their monthly shifting or saying that something was rough meant it was werewolf business. Secretly, Jimin was glad to know the codewords. It made him feel a bit more in the group. Although also so much further from them.
Jimin would like to think, the guys noticed when Jimin would get quiet after they would cut him out of conversations. But really, Jimin knew better. Hoseok had tried to explain it once. Saying that werewolves could smell the feeling off each other so they could be kind of terrible at physically reading people's emotions. Jimin just remembered nodding and saying that everything was 'okay'. Jimin guessed that werewolves weren't great at verbal cues as well.

But Jimin didn't blame his friends because he knew they tried. Sometimes. And Jimin knew he was partially at fault as well. They had said that they were all trying their best too and who was Jimin to say otherwise. So Jimin bit his lip as he smiled.

"Jimin," Taehyung said squishing Jimin's cheeks together. "Why are you always biting your poor lips,"

"Bad habit," Jimin mumbled.

“You’re lips are so pretty though,” Taehyung said shaking his head.

"You really need to take care of yourself," Namjoon tsked. Jimin knew this edge and the effect it had on the others. Jimin thought that this might be the only perk of being the only human in the group.

"He isn't pack," Taehyung said lightly. "You can't force him like you forced me to stop eating ice cream,"

Jimin bit harder at the remark.

“That was because Jin was making a big dinner and I didn’t want you to ruin your appetite,” Namjoon said patting Taehyung’s head fondly. He turned to Jimin, who had continued to bite at his lip."Stop, Jimin" Namjoon said looking at the younger’s nearly bruised lips.

"I'm Home," Jungkook bellowed as he slammed the front door open cutting at the heavy silence that had filled the room. Jimin didn't have a strong sense of smell like the wolves did. But, Jimin could tell that Jungkook had been working out for a while.

"Oh... Jimin's back," Jungkook said moving so Namjoon was between him and Jimin.

"His class ended hours ago," Taehyung said rolling his eyes knowing how Jungkook had been actively avoiding Jimin for the past week.

Jimin glanced over at Jungkook, who still had the wary look of guilt fresh in his eyes. "Hi Kookie," Jimin said softly. Like speaking to a young frightened child.

"Hello," Jungkook said with a curt bow. Jimin saw the way that Jungkook's eyes widened at the large bruise on Jimin's upper arm. Quickly covered it with his hand, Jimin swore he could see the events from last week flash in Jungkook's mind.

It had all been because of a stupid remark Jimin had said. Jungkook had laughed and with a shove told Jimin to "shut up," And in the process shoving Jimin a bit too hard. Even if Jungkook was human, Jimin was sure he would still crash into the wall. Although not enough to actually dent it.

"Ouch," Jimin had hissed and dusting some of the dry wall from his hair. He ignored the hot sting that seemed to run to his bone. In reality he had had much worse with all the dancing stunts that he did. But none of that mattered to Namjoon.

"Jeon Jungkook," Namjoon had growled in a way that Jimin had never heard before. "Get over here. Now."

"Sorry Jimin," Jungkook said his voice barely above a whisper. All the amusement was replaced with guilt and fear.

"It's nothing," Jimin said ignoring the pain.

"It's not nothing." Namjoon had said grabbing Jungkook arm. "Jimin’s only a human. You know how weak he is. If you aren't careful, Don't touch him,"

"Sorry," Jungkook had said head hung low and eyes to the floor. "Sometimes i forget-"

"He's human, Jungkook. He isn't like us at all." Namjoon had said turning towards Jimin. "You better not forget that either, Jimin."

"I can't." Jimin had said quietly turning away from the angry pack leader. Getting thrown into the wall had hurt. But what Namjoon still stung. Even today, a week later.

Jimin saw the way the guilt still flooded Jungkook's eyes and had decided it was best if he gave the younger space. But that meant staying out of the packs shared apartment, and Jimin's temporary housing for the weekend as much as possible. "Thanks for letting me stay the night, Namjoon." Jimin said hugging his bag close.

"Least we can do." Namjoon said. "Since Jungkook’s the reason why you need your apartment renovated."

"Still it means a lot." Jimin scratched his head. "I know how much you value your privacy so-"

"It's just for the night," Taehyung said pulling Jimin into a careful embrace. (Jimin ignored the sharp intake of breath that came from Jungkook). "You won't be able to get any secrets out of us,"

"Still. It means a lot. If I had somewhere else, I would have gone." Jimin said seldomly, which sobered Taehyung up. "But I can still just do an all nighter in the studio! No problem."

"I said if you did that again, I would eat you up, lil’ Red." Hoseok said popping out of his and Yoongi's shared room.

"Hi Hobi," Jimin brightly smiled and ignored the curious look he got from Taehyung. "Are you going to the studio with me,"

"Sorry Red," Hoseok said patting Jimin's head. "Yoongi wants me to finish my verses. It might be an allnighter.”

“No problem.” Jimin said pushing down the tiny voice that screamed that Hoseok had promised to show Jimin how to do the move he had been struggling with. “Maybe during the week,”

“We’ll see,” Hoseok said grabbing two glasses of water and a couple of oranges from the table. “This song is really kicking our butt,” And as quick as he appeared, Hoseok was already back inside his room.

“I’m going to go to the studio,” Jimin said.

Taehyung glanced at Jimin and the flatness in his voice. “You want me to walk you over?”

JImin forced a short laugh. “You have a paper to write, you can’t get out of it.” Jimin said.

“I-” Namjoon began.

“Papers. Grade them,” Jimin shot back. “And Jungkook needs a shower.” Jimin added before Jungkook could even pretend to be interested in joining him. “See you guys later,” Jimin waved and hurried out the door.

Part of Jimin was glad that none of them pressed him to go with him. He ignored the sting as he walked out the door and he heard Namjoon, Jungkook, and Taehyung start to whisper. Taking a Deep breath, Jimin pull in his airpods and blasted the music. “Everything was fine.”