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You’re in my inappropriate thoughts

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Today had been a long day at the academy for Faustus. After his normal lessons, there were a few students who insisted that they were failing and needed extra lessons. Faustus knew better, he always saw how they stared at him, in class and outside of it. It often made Zelda jealous and she would proceed to fiercely kiss him whenever she caught the students staring.

This afternoon it was no different. After class, Zelda came to him to go home together, only to see that the students were talking to her husband, practically drooling all over him. She gracefully and with determination walked to him, swaying her hips like no one else could, and kissed him in front of those students like there was no tomorrow. He immediately responded, putting his hand on her back as the other held on to her waist.

After they finally broke apart, she bit her bottom lip, a playful glint in her eyes. Faustus smirked and looked behind her, checking on the students. They were talking amongst each other now, acting like they didn’t care.

“Let’s finally go home.” Zelda smiled, but it quickly faded as Faustus sighed.

“I’m sorry, dear. But I have to stay longer today…” He looked back at the small group of students who were now smiling at them.

Zelda looked at them and then back at Faustus. “Fine.” She huffed. “Don’t be too long, I’ll be waiting.” She whispered in his ear, gently biting his earlobe before walking out the classroom.

Now finally, after 2 hours of explaining how to trap a demon, he could finally go home to his beloved and beautiful wife, who he couldn’t get out of his mind the entire time. Faustus loves it when she gets jealous.

He stepped inside the house, expecting her to either welcome him or jump straight onto him, most of the time it was the latter, but nothing happened. He frowned and walked into the kitchen. She wasn’t there either, nor was she anywhere else on the ground level. Faustus was puzzled for a moment, but then a smile crept on his face. She must be in their bedroom.

Faustus quickly made his way up the stairs, already imagining her lying on the bed while waiting for him. As he got closer, he suddenly heard noises coming from the bedroom. He stopped and listened for a moment. Faustus could hear Zelda moaning and whimpering, and he was about to get angry until he heard another faint noise, a buzzing noise. That’s when he understood was she was doing.

Faustus opened the door and there she was, on their bed, naked, moaning, leaning on one arm to keep herself upright while the other was slowly pushing a vibrator in and out of her pussy. A wicked smile appeared on his face.

He tutted at her, “Well, well, well… What do we have here?” Immediately her eyes shot open and found his. “You couldn’t wait even a few hours for me?”

“I told you, don’t be late.” Her breathing is heavy as she continues to please herself, not wanting to stop.

Faustus stepped closer to her, his eyes gliding over her body. “And I thought I told you that I’m the only one who gives you orgasms.” She involuntarily let out a whimper in response, but Zelda didn’t slow down, instead she started pumping harder, placing her hand on her clit.

“So you’re such a little slut, you can’t even stop to have a proper conversation with me, hm?” Faustus said in a low, teasing voice as he licked his lips. His voice was making her moan even louder, always turning her on, and suddenly she was coming, hard, her cunt clenching around the object. Faustus watched her carefully as she cried out, her breathing becoming ragged. When Zelda had calmed down, she put vibrator on the bedside table and propped herself up to look at her husband. He was still standing there, arms crossed and his eyes looking at her with hunger.

There was a brief moment of silence before Zelda playfully laughed at him, his expression didn’t change however and before she could even comprehend what was going on, she was pulled back onto the bed, making Zelda shriek. Her head rested on a pillow and both her hands and legs were tied to the bed, spreading her out in front of him.

Zelda pulled on the restrains to try and get herself loose. When she found that she couldn't, she huffed. Faustus moved to the foot of the bed, watching her. "So exquisite…" He mumbled.

Suddenly Zelda started laughing, her head thrown back. "What's so funny, dear?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Zelda looked back at him, rolling her eyes. "I already got what I wanted, didn't I?"

It looked like Faustus was contemplating his answer, taking a moment before speaking again. "Hmm, yes, it would appear so." He crawled onto the bed, placing himself in between her legs and hovering over her, his face inches away from hers. "You've been a bad girl, Mrs. Blackwood. And bad girls get punished."

“Your Excellency… I was waiting for you and when I thought about you and this delicious body, I just couldn’t help myself…” She said, moving her hips a little. She always was insatiable, even with him. The toy gave her a wonderful orgasm, but the more she looked at him, as more she wanted to touch and feel him.

“I didn’t allow you to talk, whore.” Faustus squeezed her hip, making her moan a little.

“But, Faustus, damn it, just give me…” Zelda started, but the next moment he snapped his fingers and a gag appeared in her mouth.

“You just couldn’t wait for me to do something… more appropriate, Zelda… Such a horny whore.” He said with a hoarse voice, moving his hands to her breasts and squeezing them. She let out a muffled whimper, feeling herself so desperate.

Faustus slid his fingers down her body and leaned his head to her neck to bite it, sucking the skin and leaving a purple mark there. He moved down, his hand reached her intimacy, but he touched her inner thigh, gently stroking it. Zelda threw her head back on the pillow feeling herself already so needy, like she didn’t have an orgasm a few minutes ago. Faustus moved his head, going up and down while leaving wet kisses on her hips. She moved her hips against his mouth with a quiet moan, as he still didn’t touch her where she wanted.

Finally he moved his hand up her thigh, placing two fingers against her entrance. She growled, trying to get more contact in her position. He looked at her red face for a moment and with a smirk he entered her with his fingers.

Zelda moaned as loud as the gag allowed her to, making him enjoy the dirty sounds that escaped her lips. Faustus touched her sensitive spot inside, caressing it with his fingers, as his thumb found her clit, gently rubbing it. He continued sliding in and out of her with his fingers, feeling her soaking wet and he moved up on her body. He captured her nipple with his lips, playfully circling it with his tongue, while her breathing became quicker. As he felt her inner walls clenching around his fingers, he smirked and pulled his fingers out of her cunt, making her desperately moan.

“That’s what happens when you become such a disobedient wife, darling.” Faustus whispered in her ear, softly biting it. He touched her cheek gently and the next moment the gag disappeared.

“I hate you.” Zelda growled, rubbing her face against his hand. He laughed loudly, brushing his thumb on her bottom lip.

“Yes, dearest, I can see that.” Faustus put his fingers in his mouth, sucking them and feeling her taste. She involuntary moaned, it felt so erotic and she desperately moved her hips again. “And since you hate me… I believe we didn’t finish with your punishment.” A wicked grin appeared on his face.

Suddenly he pulled away and reached for vibrator. He turned it on, changing it to the highest setting and noticed with satisfaction that her eyes widened.

“Faustus, please no.” She whined, trying to close her legs unsuccessfully because of the restraints. Faustus caught her gaze, her eyes darkened with a lust. He approached the vibrator to her entrance, slowly pushing it inside. Zelda screamed, arching her back and twitching her hips.

He grinned, getting up from the bed and leaving her in this position. She gasped with her moans and squeezed her hands into the fists, as he walked to the shelf and took a bottle of whiskey from there. Faustus filled a glass with it and sat in the armchair, watching her desperately pulling at the restraints and moaning.

"Is this what you wanted, hm?" He asked with a low voice. He could feel his own hardness pressing against his trousers, but he wanted to wait a little longer, wanting her to beg for him and only him.

Zelda didn't answer, instead she let out a desperate whimper as her legs began to shake and she tried to close them, a sign she was close.

A wicked grin appeared on his face as he saw her squirming on the bed, wanting release. She was about to come, her walls already clenching but suddenly the delicious vibration was halted. Zelda looked at her husband, who was smirking at her as he took a sip of his whiskey.

"Faustus, please…" She pleaded, panting heavily.

He tutted, "No, no, no, Zelda. This is what you get for being such a needy little slut who can't even wait for her husband."

Faustus waved his hand, turning on the vibration again and hearing her loud whimpers. Every time she was close and ready to come, he turned it off, and every time her screams became louder.

“Please Faustus… please just let me come.” She felt her body shaking uncontrollably, while he left her without vibration again.

“That is, Zelda… the punishment that dirty and needy sluts get.” At this point Zelda was almost sobbing, wanting release so badly. He put the glass down and walked to her, starting to caress her cheek as he sat down on the bed beside her. With a wave of his hand, the vibrator was gone and she let out a soft gasp.

Zelda looked at him with begging eyes. "What is it you want, dearest?" He asked in a soft, gentle tone, much different from his previous one.

"You." She sobbed as she started to twist her hips. He hummed and moved his hand down her body, reaching her clit and gently rubbing in circles, just enough to tease but not enough to let her come.

"You have to be more specific, dear…" He said as his motions became a little rougher. Zelda whined and moved herself, trying to get more contact.

"I want your cock inside of be." She breathed heavily. Faustus began kissing her neck again and she felt him everywhere, but still wanted more.

"That's a good girl." His hot breath against her neck. "You took your punishment well."

In one swift movement, Faustus was on top of her and her restrains had vanished. He continued kissing her neck, while Zelda clawed at his belt. She felt him smile against her neck and with a snap of his fingers, he was completely naked on top of her.

"You've been a good girl, Zelda." He groaned, "And good girls deserve a reward." And at his last words he pushed inside of her, Zelda screamed in delight at the sudden intrusion. Faustus didn't wait for her to get adjusted and immediately started pounding inside of her.

"Is this what you wanted, Zelda?" He said as he moved to look into her eyes, her beautiful emerald green eyes.

Zelda could only nod as she clawed at his back. She was surprised she didn't come as soon as he entered her.

"Fuck you are so tight." Faustus panted as he roughly grabbed one of her breasts and played with it. She whined and arched her back, as he increased the speed of his movements. She closed her eyes, feeling him hitting every right spot. He felt a knot forming in his stomach and he let out an involuntary groan with a sensation of her tight pussy throbbing around his cock.

“How can this cunt be so tight, hm, Zelda? You’re my little needy insatiable whore, so how is that possible?” Faustus growled in her ear, squeezing her waist. She loudly whimpered and felt heat rising in her belly.

“Please daddy…” Zelda whispered in his ear and it was too much for him. He loudly groaned and came inside of her, his whole body shaking.

“Come for me, darling.” He breathed out on her neck and moved his hand to rub her clit. She screamed, squeezing him with her inner walls and her mind became white, as her orgasm covered her body. "That's it." He sighed as they rode out their highs, him pressing lazy kisses all over her.

After a moment, Faustus fell down on the bed beside her and Zelda instantly rested her head on his chest. He pressed her closer to him and placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. "Are you okay?" He asked, gently stroking her back.

"Mhm." She hummed in agreement. "Thank you."

"Anything for you, sweetheart." He whispered in her hair, but Zelda had already fallen asleep. Faustus smiled and fell asleep soon after.