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born for you

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It was just another day at the precinct where Chloe is filing her paperwork on her desk. She gritted her teeth when she felt another jolt of pain in her chest reminiscing that by now, Lucifer would strut towards her, her desired coffee in his hand and would greet her with his charming self and boyish smile while he handles him her coffee. Then he would sit next to her and stares at her, waiting for her to get up and asks where their next case will be. Once he realizes that they don't have any case on hand, he would grumble and bother Ella or Dan. 


It's been five months since Lucifer "disappeared off the face of the Earth" according to Ella which was painfully accurate. He is off Earth, protecting them. The whole thing had such a bad timing. They just finally confessed their love for each other only to be torn apart seconds later. Chloe missed him so much that she decided to take a month rest and wallowed in pain inside her house. Maze and Linda tried to console her but none works. Trixie even tried cheer her up but she knew that her mom was only putting up a brave face to not disappoint her.


Ella and Dan tiptoed around her, now that the two had a secret not-yet-relationship. But before the two tried their romance, Ella had forced Dan to admit that he was the one who whispered to Tiernan about Lucifer. To say that Chloe was angry was an understatement. She even managed to impressed Maze when she delivered a heavy blow to Dan's nose that had him crying out for days. Of course, Maze gave him a piece of her mind too for putting Trixie and Eve's lives in danger. Speaking of Eve, after months of discovering herself, she returned to Maze and the two started a very healthy relationship. Chloe insisted that Eve should use Lucifer's penthouse but the older woman decided not to, out of respect for her and Lucifer's relationship. So, Maze decided that Eve should just live with them. 


The whole thing worked out. Trixie loves Eve and Chloe likes her too. Sometimes, Eve would join Maze on her bounty hunting, but most of the time, she's handling Lux. Chloe would sometimes spends her night at Lucifer's penthouse, wearing his shirts and sleeping on his bed just to remember what he use to smell like. It was selfish of her, but she hates how happy all her friends are. Linda have Amenadiel, Maze with Eve, and Ella and Dan are both happy too. Trixie makes her happy of course, but it wasn't enough. She needs Lucifer. She wants Lucifer. 


Chloe's phone rings and she looked down on her table to see who it is. "Hey, Eve." she answers.


"Hi, babe." Eve softly replied. "So, um, I invited the others tonight for a drink. I was hoping you'd come."


Despite not seeing her friend right now, Chloe could tell that Eve is nervously twirling her hair in her fingers while she fidgets. 


"Trixie will be staying with her friend's house tonight right? Please? We miss you. I miss you."


Chloe chuckles. "You just saw me last night."


"True, but we didn't drink. Come on? Please?"


Chloe bit her lip. "Okay, yeah, tribe night."


"Yes! Thanks, babe. See ya later. Wear the dress on your bed." Eve smacked her lips and ended the call. 


"Eve wait – great." she mumbles to herself.


Chloe folded all her folders and closed her computer. She saw Ella making her way towards her and smiled. 


"Did Eve called you?"


"Yep. Tribe night?"


Ella hollered. "Oh yeah! It's been a while."


Chloe hummed. "Do you know where?"


"At Lux." Ella nervously said. 


"Sure, great. That way, if I get drunk, I'll just sleep at the penthouse."


Ella nodded. "Maybe you can –"


Chloe shook her head. "I don't want to hook up with anyone, Ella. I just want Lucifer."




Chloe took her keys and waved dismissively at Ella. "It's fine. Just don't force me to flirt or hook up with any guys or girls at the club. See you tonight."


Chloe guffaws at the dress laying on her bed. She immediately dials Eve's number.


"Hey, Chlo. Maze and I are already here at Lux. Everything okay? You're not bailing on us right?" came Eve's panic answer.


"What kind of dress is this? It barely covers my legs!"


"Exactly the point, love." Eve coos. "You have long, leaned, delicious legs, Chlo. You need to show that off."


Chloe blushes. "I don't – Eve, I already told Ella that I am not hooking up with anyone."


"You're going to wear that dress not to hook up with anyone or to just flaunt your body. You're going to wear it, because you're beautiful, gorgeous and because you can and you want to. You're going to do this for yourself, Chlo, not for anybody else." Eve softly said. 


Chloe rubs her eyes and sighs. "You make it so hard to say no to you."


Eve giggles. "I know. See you in a jiff, babe."


Chloe picked up the dress and smiles. She did want to wear it. Eve has impeccable tastes when it comes to dresses and make-ups. Chloe can't count how many dresses have Eve had given her but she appreciated it nonetheless. She just find it useless to wear it, since Lucifer isn't there to see it anyway.


Chloe removes her sweatshirt and pants and applied light make up to her face. She also had her hair curled slightly to accentuate the dress. If Lucifer sees her now, he'd be making lewd suggestions about what they should do with her dress, but not before complimenting her how beautiful she looks despite what she wears. She blinks the tears away. Tonight, she'd forget for a while. Chloe tapped her fingers on her drawer. That'll be hard to do since they'll be drinking at LUX where she would always see him entertaining his patrons or playing his piano. 


"I miss you, Lucifer." Chloe softly said into the air, eyes watering. 


She received a text from Ella saying that she's ten minutes away from the club and that Eve already got them their drinks. She hurriedly slid on her dress and whistled softly. Eve had outdone herself with the dress. It was bloody red, and it reminded her the color of Lucifer's devil wings. It slid down on her body and she looks from her mirror. It shows of her collarbone and the curveness of her body. 


Chloe texted Trixie and said her goodnight whilst entering her car. She accelerated a bit and giggles to herself. If Lucifer is here, he would applaud her for driving more than the speed limit. Something he always tells her to do.


Chloe arrived at the club and Maze waved at her from the bar. 


"Holy smokes!" Ella guffaws. "Girl, look at you! Wow!"


"Chloe, you look amazing." Linda gushes.


"You sure you don't want threesome with Eve and I?" Maze licks her lips, eyeing her up and down.


Eve shoos Maze off and hugs her friend. "See? Aren't you a wonderful sight?"


"Thanks to you." Chloe whispered, hugging back the ebony haired woman back.


"Always welcome, babe. But, this is all you." she said before kissing the blonde's cheeks. "Now that we're all here! Toast!"


The others erupted in cheers and clink their glasses together. Maze snapped her fingers and the DJ changed the music into something more wild that had Ella, Maze and Eve grinding on each other. Linda and Chloe watches from their stool and clapped for their friends. 


Linda took that opportunity to approach Chloe. "Hey, how are you?"


The blonde woman snorted. "I would be lying if I said, I'm okay. I'm dealing as the day goes by, but, it's hard. So fucking hard, Linda."


The older woman nodded, and held Chloe's hand. "It's unfair, I know. The two of you belong together."


"We do, right?" Chloe agrees. "It's cruel to be honest. We finally admitted out loud that we loved each other despite him being the Devil and despite me being created by his dad to be specifically made for him. We're way past that but fuck, we both can't have a break."


"When I die," Chloe started, as she drowned another glass of tequila. "I'm going to have some serious talk with God and I don't care if he throws my ass to Hell. I'll give him a piece of my mind. Chloe Decker style."


Linda nervously nodded and looks up at the ceiling as if she was conveying that her friend was just drunk and grieving. 


"I'm pretty sure Lucifer doesn't want you to stay in Hell, Chloe."


"Yeah? Well, I don't care what he thinks." Chloe snaps back. "It's my choice to be with him. Fucking asshole." she murmurs.


By now, the others had returned to their seats and they were all listening to the oblivious blondes.


"See, that's the thing too!" Chloe slurs. "The prick didn't even fucked me before he went back to Hell! So not fair!"


Maze and Eve stifled their laughs. Linda and Ella felt their jaw drops in shock. "I mean, he couldn't spare thirty minutes with me?"


"I, um, didn't expected that." Linda said, blushing a bit. "But yeah, so selfish of him." 


Chloe nods. "Like, everyone here had their fair share of Lucifer but not me." she whined.


"I haven't!" Ella raised her hand.


"Eh, he sees you as his little sister." Maze waved her off. The forensic pump her fist in the air and danced. 


"You're going to get some, Decker. Don't worry." Maze said, eyes twinkling. On her side, Eve is nodding enthusiastically.


"When I go to Hell, yes." Chloe nods, and her eyes drifted towards the piano.


She yelp when Maze gripped her wrist and hissed at her. "You're not going to that Hellhole. Don't die with something you felt guilty with. Lucifer will storm the gates of Heaven just to put you where you belong."


Chloe gripped Maze's hand back. "And like I said, I don't care what he wants or he thinks what I want. I'm going to see him in Hell, one way or another and apologize to him. To those awful things I did, and was about to do, or how I got fucking scared of him. I want to apologize for all that."


Maze's eyes softened. "He already forgave you, Chloe."


"He loves you, babe." Eve added, wiping the tears off Chloe's face. "He loves you so much, he's willing to go back to the place he always hated just to protect what he loves. The old Lucifer wouldn't do that. He would selfishly stay here, let another angel deal with the gates of Hell and stay here with you."


"I almost wished the old Lucifer was him that night." Chloe whispered.


Linda smiles. "Well, he changed. All because of you. And that's a good thing, Chlo."


"Seriously though," Ella agreed. "Your love story is hundred times better than any ship out there. Team Deckerstar all the way!"


"To team Deckerstar!" Eve hollered. They all giggled and screamed as they drowned their shots. Eve pulled Chloe with her and the two danced on top of the table, unaware of the hungry eyes gazing at Chloe.


Maze shoos of the LUX's patrons and called Amenadiel and Dan. Her eyes sweeps towards the penthouse' elevator and saw her friend walk out of it, wearing his as usual pristine clothes. She grinned mischievously and winks at him. 


He winks back and stayed hidden, watching Chloe and Eve danced crazily. Ella burps and toss another drink before joining the duo on top of the table. Maze nudges Linda and jutted her chin towards Lucifer's direction. The doctor loudly gasped when she spotted her favorite patient.


"Luci - mmph!" 


Maze narrowed her eyes and shook her head. "Not yet!"


Eve and Ella made their way back towards them and called for another shot of whiskey. The music mellowed down and the DJ asks the girls for any requests. Chloe made her way over and whispered something on the DJ's ear.


"Hey guys! I'm going to play the piano! Watch me!" she called. 


Lucifer slowly made his way towards the other girls. Ella was about to scream her surprise when Eve covered her mouth, the same way Maze covered Linda's.


"Dude, what the fuck? You're back! For good?" Ella whispered harshly.


Lucifer nodded, eyes solemnly asking for an apology. Ella narrowed hers. "Make sure you fuck Chloe tonight and you're forgiven."


Lucifer perked up and nodded. "Consider it done." they all chuckled and watch Chloe as she sat down on Lucifer's bench.


"She knows how to play the piano now?" He asks. "And she can sing?"


"She's been practicing during her one month rest day." Eve answered. "And excuse you! Chloe have the best singing voice. Probably even better than yours." 


"How dare you?" Lucifer sneers. "How did you even know she can sing?"


"Because we're room mates and she sings while we shower."


Maze hums while Lucifer guffawed.




"Eve would sometimes join Chloe in the shower." Maze supplied, grinning.


Lucifer's jaw drops. "You – you sinner!" he hissed, pointing at her in horror. 


"And she loves it." Eve lustfully licks her lips.


The spotlight moved towards Chloe's direction and the girls cheered her. 


"Go, Chloe babe!" Eve cheers, looking at Lucifer, her eyes twinkling.


"Thanks babe!" Chloe calls back.


They all laugh when they saw how Lucifer bristled in his spot.


"No, no, no, no. Chloe's mine." he gritted at Eve.


The ebony haired woman held up her hand in mock surrender. "Just messing with you, Luce. Took you long enough to deal things in Hell, so I had to make Chloe's life worth living. We all did." she says, nodding at her friends.


"Decker was a wreck." Maze added. "Didn't left her house for a month, barely talks to anyone, hell, even Trixie sometimes. So we have to literally drag her out just to talk to her. She was in denial for a while and just continued living."


"But you're here now, make sure you're both happy this time." Ella says.


"You got this, Lucifer." Linda smiled. 


"I'm glad she have you all." Lucifer sincerely said.


"Damn spotlight! I can't see my friends!" they heard Chloe yelling. 


"We'll move there, babe." Eve says. "What are you going to sing?"


"It's for Lucifer." she replied. The former stiffened. Does she know I'm here? Can she see me? "I hope he hears this because I'm directly singing it to him like a prayer."


"That's so sweet, Chloe." Ella murmurs, side-eyeing the aforementioned man.


"Alright!" Chloe grunted and drowned another shot. "Lucifer Morningstar, this one's for you. I love you and I fucking miss you so much." she sniffles and started playing the keys om the piano for her chosen song.

Too many billion people running around the planet
What is the chance in heaven that you'd find your way to me


Lucifer reminisce that day when Chloe walks up to him and asks him about his name. He remembered how non-chalant he was at first, but he will never forget how his heart jumps a little at the sight of her. 

 "Lucifer Morningstar. Is that a stage name or something?"


"God given I'm afraid." 


Tell me what is this sweet sensation
It's a miracle that happened
Though I search for an explanation.

Only one thing it could be


Lucifer slowly walks up to her and his heart thudded against his chest painfully. She's so beautiful, so radiant, a lot more divine than all the divinity out there. His Chloe was glowing under the harsh glare of the spotlight but Chloe was drinking up the light, basking in the glows that surrounds her as she elegantly pressed the keys. Her soulful singing voice really is a prayer sent to him alone. Lucifer felt his eyes stings and he inhaled sharply when Chloe looked up and her wide cerulean eyes landed on him.


And instead of stopping, Chloe continued singing. 


That I was born for you
It was written in the stars
Yes, I was born for you

Lucifer has to disagree on that statement. She is so much more than just being born for him alone. First of all, she is a mother, a friend, a Detective, a damn good one. Whatever his Father thinks he's done, Chloe was built for something much more.

And the choice was never ours
It's as if the powers of the universe
Conspired to make you mine until the day I die

I bless the day that I was born for you


Lucifer bit his lip and nodded encouragingly at Chloe to continue her singing. He practically leapt from his place and immediately sat next to her and eagerly wipes her tears. He gingerly kissed Chloe's forehead.


"Keep singing, love." He murmurs. "You sound so wonderful, I can hear you, Chloe."


Chloe nodded, her eyes drinking up the sight of Lucifer. He was here! He was really here, sitting next to her, alive and well. Dressed up like he was the model of the brand of clothing he is currently wearing. He looks dreadful with his dark bags under his eyes and the stress written on his face. But once he kissed her lips, his face lightened up, removing the stress that layed there for months.


Too many foolish people try to come between us
None of them seem to matter when I look into your eyes

Lucifer and Chloe smiled to themselves when they think of the names of those people who was once a huge hindrance in their blossoming relationship.


Daniel Espinoza, Malcolm Graham, Lucifer's mom in the form of Charlotte Richards, Uriel, Jana, Candy, Marcus Pierce, Father Kinley, Eve and Chloe herself as well as Lucifer.

So much wasted time and opportunities. 


Now I know why I belong here
In your arms I found the answer
Somehow nothing would seem so wrong here
If they'd only realize that
I was born for you and that you were born for me
And in this random world, this was clearly meant to be


Lucifer hook his arm around Chloe and pulled his Detective near him while planting kisses on her hair and forehead. He closed his eyes and savored the warmth of her voice, how her emotions poured out as she sang her heart out. She's singing. To him. Had she sang to anyone else? Aside from Eve, of course. That minx.


 What we have the world could never understand
Or ever take away until the day I die
I bless the day that I was born for you

Lucifer vowed to himself that it'll take years and years before his Dad gets his hand on his beloved. And no one could really, even if they try to understand, how their entire relationship had worked for years and the upcoming years to come. His eyes drifted to his psychiatrist. Maybe there is one who had a smidge of understanding.


What we have the world could never understand or ever take away
And as the years go by until the day I die
I bless the day that I was born for you

Chloe hummed the last note and pressed the last key. Lucifer stood and loudly clapped for his Detective's outstanding performance. The girls cheered and sniffs, wiping their eyes at the two star-crossed lovers who, finally, at each others arms again.

Chloe's lips trembled and she reach out to caress Lucifer's cheeks, softly rubbing that familiar stubble. "Lucifer? Are you really here?"


Lucifer pulled Chloe in a firm hug, burying his face in her vanilla scented hair. "I'm here, Detective. I'm back."


"I miss you." came her muffled reply. Once she knew that she was not hallucinating, tears flowed down her cheeks again and she gripped Lucifer close to her. "I miss you so much."


Lucifer nods. "I couldn't leave you, I can't stay there. Knowing that you're miserable here and I was in, well, Hell."


"I'm so sorry." she murmurs. "For everything. Will you ever forgive me?"


Lucifer pulls her back just a little and leaned his forehead on hers. He softly smiles and wipes her cheeks. "There's nothing to forgive anymore, Chloe. You were literally willing to die just to save me. Your actions are enough. Always."


Chloe smiles. Lucifer felt his heart clench at the sight of it. So beautiful, he thought. Chloe leaned up and press her lips on his. "I love you, Lucifer." 


"And I you, Chloe." he says back. 


"Aww you guys!" Ella wails. "Go! Up to the penthouse! Go make Rosemary's baby, please." 


Everyone laughs and they all huddled in the middle of the club, drowning the pair with their hugs and warm welcome.


"You both knew, didn't you?" Chloe tutted at the two women.


Maze shrugs. "Yep. What? I'm still a demon and I still want to have fun."


Eve winks at Chloe. "You're welcome, babe."


"Ugh. Ridiculous. What a slob of a pet name." Lucifer grumbles. "It's so millennial. And we all know we hate them."


They all voiced out their agreement. As the music changes, Chloe was wrench away from him again. She sent him a shrug but winks at him rather sultrly. He gave her a dark look. He was just now appreciating what her outfit looks like. The dress just shows off her curvaceous body and her long legs was on display. Lucifer stood and adjusted his pants.


Eve giggles. "You can thank me for the dress later, Luce."


Lucifer spared her a glance. "I'm glad you're back, Eve."


"Glad to be back, Luce. I finally found what I'm looking for." she added, her eyes were rather misty as her friends dance and giggles on the dance floor. "What are you still doing here? Ella's still not forgiven you until you fulfill your promise." 


"Right." he chuckles. He downed his drink and approach Chloe with his predatory gaze. 


His Detective let out a squeak when she was suddenly haul up his shoulder and he was immediately racing towards the elevator.


"Oh, hell yes!" Ella cheers. "Let the party starts!"


"Take the lead, Chloe!" Eve called out. "He likes it when us women are more dominating!" 


Both Linda and Maze nodded. "Oh! Also squeeze his balls when –"


The elevator closed before Chloe could hear Eve's follow up suggestion.


Lucifer set her back on her feet, his arms were circled around her waist. She inhaled sharply and pulled his head towards her, colliding her lips with his hungrily.