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All Jeongguk wanted was some attention.

Sexual attention, that is.

Being a bunny hybrid had its perks, as well as its downsides. And he wasn't sure which category his high sex drive fell into. Usually, it was always a perk, because it meant his and his owner-slash-boyfriend Taehyung's sex life was fantastic. Taehyung was always up to bend Jeongguk into different shapes of kinky, and Jeongguk was only too happy to oblige. But that also meant Jeongguk tended to get horny at some really inconvenient times-inconvenient for Taehyung.

It  had been a few days since they had had sex and Jeongguk was getting restless. Every night Taehyung would return too exhausted to do anything more than kiss and would leave early in the morning for work. Jeongguk tried two ways to get his attention. The first time, on a Friday night, Taehyung was on a call when Jeongguk stepped into the room with nothing but racy lingerie, walking on in front of Taehyung to the kitchen, as if grabbing a glass of water in lingerie leaving nothing to imagination was totally normal. When he looked back at the elder man, he was greeted with a flustered look and the usually composed man stumbled on his words. However, mumbling a 'hold on a minute please' he grabbed his jacket and walked out the door, leaving Jeongguk in near tears as he rushed to their room, throwing himself on their shared bed, but not before making sure he had locked Taehyung out of their room.

The next day, he was greeted with only a note which said that he would make it up to Jeongguk.

The second time, the following Sunday, he was a little more direct. Taehyung was working on a report with a bored Jeongguk by his side, staring blankly at the TV which his owner had told him to watch. They hadn't made love since the previous incident and it was making Jeongguk antsy. He was reduced to using his own hand, something he thought he would never have to do with Taehyung around. The bunny hybrid turned to his owner, finding the look of concentration etched on his face a major turn on. He slowly trailed his hand up his thigh and leaned over to nibble on his earlobe. Taehyung merely hummed distractedly. "Baby, I'm working." He said. Jeongguk persisted. "You're always working, why don't you take a little break, sir?"

Now, on all previous circumstances, that title always brought Taehyung in the mood. Apparently, this was a new first though, because he remained still, typing away on his laptop. "Not now, bun, I gotta finish this." He said, not even glancing at his offended bunny, who gritted his teeth and stormed out the house, stomping his way three floors down to Namjoon's flat.

Let's just say Namjoon and Yoongi weren't too happy to be interrupted, but they didn't say anything when they saw Jeongguk's expression.

Jeongguk finally lost it the third time. The whole week was the same as the previous one, Taehyung having barely any energy to even eat his dinner. When Jeongguk asked, he said that this wouldn't be permanent, right now there were some issues in the office that needed sorting, and Jeongguk understood, and stopped his attempts, putting even more effort in just taking care of Taehyung.

Finally, everything had been properly sorted and Taehyung was now home at more normal hours. But he still didn't entertain Jeongguk's needs on the weekdays, saying he was still a little exhausted. But now it was the weekend and Taehyung was still on his phone. But this time, he was laughing, and Jeongguk knew he wasn't texting someone who wasn't from work. Jealousy and irritation swirled in his belly, but he tried to push it down. "Taehyungie, give me some attention please." The bunny pouted, using his aegyo voice. The elder male merely glanced towards him for a second before looking back at his screen. "I'll come in a bit Gguk."

Jeongguk has had it with his boyfriend.

Hurt flashing in his eyes, he walked to the back of the sofa Taehyung sat on and peeked at who he was texting. Seeing the name Jimin was enough for the last string of patience in Jeongguk to snap. 

He growled- something he didn't know he could do as a bunny hybrid- before he roughly grabbed Taehyung's phone. Ignoring his owner's protest, he walked to the window, opened it and promptly threw the offensive device out. Since they were on the 16th floor, he was sure the phone would shatter completely on impact to the ground, which filled him with a sense of satisfaction.

Then he turned to see Taehyung's horrified expression. "Jeongguk! What the fuck did you do!?" The said male simply scoffed. "Well, now I have your attention." He bit back harshly. "That's not a way to talk to me, Jeongguk." Taehyung shouted, and anger boiled in Jeongguk's gut, something primal and ugly unleashing.

He stomped over to his owner and grabbed his face in one hand, leaning in intimidatingly close. "Shut. The. Fuck. Up." He seethed, and Taehyung was shocked. The pure anger in Jeongguk's eyes started to scare him a little. The shock made him unable to react when his bunny harshly grabbed his arm, dragging him to their bedroom.

Jeongguk proceeded to throw Taehyung on the bed, his anger causing him to unconsciously use more force. Then he walked to the bedroom door, locking it, before slowly turning back to his owner, lust shining in his eyes. Eyes not leaving Taehyung's he walked slowly and purposefully towards their cupboard, opening a certain drawer that had Taehyung's eyebrows shoot up.

The elder was positively alarmed, and turned on when he saw Jeongguk walk with feline grace towards the bed, his hand holding a pair of handcuffs in one hand and a familiar plastic pouch in another. He climbed on the bed and grabbed Taehyung's throat, using his strength as a hybrid to push his owner back till he was near the head of the bed. Taehyung gasped and went to claw at his hybrid's hand, only to have it removed within a second as both of his were gathered in the other hand.

"J-jeongguk, what is wrong with you?" Taehyung stuttered, searching the younger one's chocolate orbs with his own. What he was searching for, he himself wasn't sure. He felt his heart thunder when he heard Jeongguk's dark chuckle. "I've had enough of your bullshit, Tae." He pulled back and Taehyung tried to get up, only to realize that his sneaky hybrid had handcuffed him to the bed. Alarm flashed across his features.

"Bun, let me go. You don't want to be a bad boy, do you?" Taehyung tried to gather some semblance of his usual dominance. All that melted when Jeongguk threw his head back and laughed, though there was no humour in that laugh.

"Why the fuck should I listen to you, Taehyung?" The lack of respect was something Jeongguk would be scolded for on a normal day, but now, Taehyung just gulped, anticipating what was to happen next. Jeongguk crawled up till he was nose to nose with his owner, and that predatory manner- something so uncharacteristic to harmless little bunnies- made Taehyung's dick twitch a little in his pants. "Give me one reason why I should listen to you, you who ignored me for weeks?" "Baby it was work-"

The rest of his sentence was cut off when Jeongguk stuffed two fingers suddenly in his mouth, going so far down as to trigger his slight gag reflex. "Work." The bunny sneered condescendingly. "I suppose even texting Jimin was 'work'?" All he could get from Taehyung was a garbled reply, turning into something resembling a moan at the end when Jeongguk reached down to palm him and oh-

"What's this? You're hard?" He chuckled mirthlessly. Tears started collecting at Taehyung's eyes at the rough groping and the pressure in his throat. "That does save some of my time for what I've planned with you....." And that evil glint in his eyes should've terrified Taehyung- such dominant behaviour was so uncharacteristic of his usually playful, submissive bunny- but instead it just turned him on more.

"But before this," Jeongguk took out his fingers and Taehyung panted softly, "I need to know you're okay with this. Sure, I'm livid at you, and I wanna make you scream, but I won't do anything if you don't want to." And the doubt in his eyes is something more resembling the usual Jeongguk, and this act just makes Taehyung's heart swell in joy and love. His voice wouldn't cooperate, so he simply whimpered softly and nodded his head. Jeongguk smiled at him as he kisses him tenderly, before he suddenly turned ferocious.

He pulled back and took the plastic pouch in his hand. "Let's see what we have here, hmm?" Jeongguk asked, knowing full well what exactly was in that pouch. He pretended to be searching for something for a minute before he pulled out his favourite vibrator and cock ring, along with a set of adjustable nipple clamps.

Taehyung's eyes widened in slight fear and arousal. "You know our safe-word right, Tae?" Taehyung nodded, muttering "pancake" so as to confirm that he did indeed, remember. "What are you now, love?" Jeongguk asked softly, caressing his lover's face. Taehyung leaned into the touch, breathing out a soft "green". Then he turned to meet Jeongguk's eyes. "Please, bun. Touch me, please."

Jeongguk's eyes darkened again. "You look so pretty begging. I understand now why you always love it so much to make me beg." He slowly traced his way down Taehyung's neck, his chest, his hipbones till he reached his thighs.  Gripping it harshly, causing a whimper to erupt from the tan male's lips, Jeongguk whispered, "but you won't get to feel good only. You will feel pain today. You will feel what you put me through the past few weeks."

He then reached for the nipple clamps, setting them down on Taehyung's stomach before putting them on and adjusting them so that the pinch was borderline painful. Taehyung let out a pitiful whine at that. Jeongguk then pulled on the connecting chain, attaching it to the cock ring after slipping it on, so now there was a constant tug of his nipples along with the pinch. Finally, he reached for the lube he had taken out along with the other toys. Coating his fingers generously, since it had been a while since Taehyung had anything up his ass, he warmed the lube and slowly inserted his index finger.

Taehyung sighed, squirming a little at the odd feeling. Despite the anger in his movements, Jeongguk was nothing but gentle when prepping his boyfriend. Very slowly, a bit too slowly for Taehyung's liking. When Taehyung let out a soft whine and tried to move his hips, he only received a harsh slap on his thigh in return, effectively shutting him up with a yelp.

When Jeongguk deemed him ready enough, he pulled out his fingers and wiped them on the bed covers. Finally he reached for the vibrating plug, and slowly slid it in. He twisted it a little, searching for something, and stopped when Taehyung let out a moan. "Found it." Jeongguk smiled a bit too innocently for what he was planning to do.

Withdrawing his hands, he switched on the vibrator, Taehyung jolting a little and then letting out another lewd moan. Jeongguk sat back for a minute, just observing him, before he got up and walked to his cupboard. Taehyung gasped in shock when Jeongguk pulled out his college books.

"Wh-what are you doing?" The older one asked. Closing the cupboard, Jeongguk answered nonchalantly, "What does it look like? I have some notes to complete so I'm gonna sit here and finish them." Taehyung let out a long whine at that, cutting himself off when Jeongguk increased the intensity of the vibrator. "Je-Jeongguk- mmhmmm- you can't just- just leave me like this!" Taehyung pleaded, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

"Oh but I can. Besides, this is a punishment. I'm still mad at you Tae. Now sit pretty and take what I give you." The last sentence dropped to a menacing growl, and Taehyung quietened down to whimpers. Seemingly pleased, Jeongguk starting working on his notes. He worked on them for what felt like hours to Taehyung with stellar concentration. He barely looked at him when the whimpers changed to sobs, and the sobs to begging. Taehyung was tempted to say the safe-word just to get his release, but he knew he could work through the scene.

Finally, finally, after what felt like an eternity, Jeongguk cleared his books and stretched. He glanced at the clock, he had been 'studying' for three hours. Taehyung was sobbing on the bed, the cockring denying him his release. Jeongguk's heart swelled with pride. He didn't gag Taehyung because he wanted his boyfriend to be able to say the safe-word in case it got too much for him, since they have never switched roles like this. However, Taehyung took it like a champion, shuddering through two dry orgasms.

Jeongguk decreased the setting of the vibrator, and cupped Taehyung's face lovingly, placing lots of sweet pecks across his face. The older man's whimpers increased. "Shh, shh Hyung. You've been so good to me, I'll let you come now. Let me remove these handcuffs first." After Jeongguk removed the handcuffs and made his way to remove the ring, to his surprise, Taehyung stopped him. The bunny hybrid raised his eybrow in question.

"W-wanna come with you. Want you to fuck me." He said softly, looking at him with watery eyes. "Please." Jeongguk groaned and closed his eyes as he felt his dick twitch violently. "Yes, yes, God, Hyung, anything you want. Lie down, get comfortable for me, Hyung." He urged the older, who followed the instructions. Jeongguk quickly lubed up his own straining erection before shutting off the vibrator and very gently pulling out. Taehyung whined in dissatisfaction, but it quickly turned into a moan when Jeongguk guided himself into Taehyung's prepared hole. He entered slowly, biting his lip at the heat and wetness.

"God, Hyung you feel so good around me. I wonder why I never tried topping before, this feels amazing." Jeongguk groaned as Taehyung panted loudly. "Move, Ggukie!" He pleaded and Jeongguk cursed, pulling out slowly before thrusting in again, building up a slow rhythm. He languidly thrusted at a slow pace till Taehyung whined loudly for him to go faster.

He started thrusting faster and faster, till the thrusts reached a brutal pace that had Taehyung releasing little hiccups between moans. The older male scrambled to find purchase, and ended up scratching Jeongguk's back. Jeongguk cursed but didn't mind, his nearing orgasm blanking out all other thoughts. "Tae, I'm close, baby." "M-me too, Ggukie, please-" he wasn't sure what he was begging for, but his eyes rolled back to his head as Jeongguk thrusted with renewed vigor against his prostate. His thrusts started getting irregular, and he cursed more often. "G-gguk the ring, please, take it off, please, off-" Taehyung begged, he was so near the end, he could almost taste it-

Jeongguk cursed and quickly, by gently pulled off the ring at almost the same time he came inside of Taehyung. Feeling the warmness fill him, it pushed Taehyung off the cliff and he came with a scream. His orgasm lasted much longer than it ever had, and Taehyung was pretty sure he blacked out for some time because when he opened his eyes, Jeongguk was gently wiping him with a warm washcloth.

"Hey." Jeongguk whispered softly, noticing his boyfriend was awake. Taehyung weakly raised his hand and scratched Jeongguk behind his ears, causing him to release a satisfied throaty sound. "Hi." Taehyung smiled back. "That was really intense." He said and Jeongguk blushed. "I hope I didn't hurt you." He said, doubt swimming in his eyes. Taehyung cooed as he cupped his boyfriend's face, "No, sweetheart, no. If it was too much I would have told you, remember? It was really, really hot. We need to explore you topping me more." He smirked, and Jeongguk laughed shyly. He slipped in the covers and kissed Taehyung's forehead as he snuggled up to him.

"Hopefully next time we do, I'm not sexually frustrated and mad at you." At that Taehyung sobered up. "I'm really sorry for not paying attention to you, bun." He said guiltily and Jeongguk shook his head. "Don't be, you really were busy. That was just my frustration talking and I guess I got jealous and snapped when I saw you texting Jimin." At that Taehyung laughed. "My cute, jealous bunny." Jeongguk whined and hid his face in Taehyung's chest.

Taehyung smiled lovingly at his bunny, patting his head. "I love you, Jeongguk." Jeongguk looked up into Taehyung's eyes and smiled his cute smile. "I love you too, Tae. Let's go to bed now. We still have to clean the sheets and get you a new phone tomorrow." "Good night you muscle bunny." "Good night stickman" "Stickman? I'll show you what this stickman can do-"