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Trials of a Bug Catcher-Kanto Arc

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“She can’t be serious.”

“Did she really say that?”

“Pft, as if.”

A young ten year old girl was silent as she kept her head down, her black hair pulled into pigtails, wearing a simple white sleeveless shirt, blue shorts and brown boots.

She squirmed underneath the gazes of disbelief of the other kids from the Viridian City Trainer School during recess where some of the kids would play with their Pokemon, after her declaration now wondering if she should’ve just kept her mouth shut.

She was already known as the weird kid who doesn’t talk much, but now they’ll have more ammunition to think she was weird.

That was proven as there was some laughter while a blonde haired girl gave her a taunting look, wearing a blue vest over a black shirt and a black skirt. “Really? Out of any Pokemon you decided to train, you chose Bugs?” She asked, a smirk on her face making the young girl grit her teeth in silent anger. “I knew you were weird, but this pushes it doesn’t it Violet?”

Violet Hawke wanted to glare at the blonde, but she kept her sea green eyes looking down, instead just clenching a fist.

Lucy Anders, the top student at the Trainer School due to her having an evolved Pokemon in the form of a Nidorina along with a Spearow. She also had a Winning streak against the other kids who just have Pokemon like Pidgey, Mankey and Rattata.

Due to her ego and the winning streak, Lucy was a bit of a brat, always looking down on others and one of her favorite targets was Violet due to her quiet nature and how she didn’t have a Pokemon like the other kids.

Well at least until now as Violet had a Pokeball clipped on her belt.

One containing a Weedle she just caught the other day as it was a bit too close to the City which was great luck for her.

“Don’t you know that bugs are the weakest types around?” Lucy asked, a frown on her face for not getting much of a reaction from Violet. “I mean even a Magikarp is better than them, at least that one evolves into a Gyarados.”

“Bugs can be strong too!” Violet finally stood up for her Pokemon, giving Lucy a look.

That just made Lucy laugh. “It’s simple logic that they aren’t, that’s why real Trainers don’t use them,” She said as Violet’s body shook in anger. “None of the Elite Four have a single Bug Pokemon on their team and neither do the Gym Leaders.”

“I-but-well.” Violet stuttered, trailing off as she wasn’t sure how to counter that.

Lucy’s grin widened at seeing that.

“And girls shouldn’t use bugs either, they’re icky and gross,” Lucy continued, demeaning Violet who looked close to crying at this moment. “Then again I guess you’re an exception… Creepy Vi.”

That made Violet tense up, rather horrified by that new nickname.

Creepy Vi?

Some of the kids looked pretty uncomfortable with the obvious display of bullying, yet no one spoke up. They were unwilling to be targeted by Lucy who despite her personality could easily destroy them in a battle.

Plus a lot of them did agree with her about the opinions on Bug Pokemon.

“Like the nickname? I think it’s perfect for you.”

Violet couldn’t take it anymore as she ran past Lucy, trying not to let anyone see her cry, but Lucy just rolled her eyes thinking that Violet was just being a baby.

She’ll never make it as a trainer like that.


Violet didn’t know how long she ran, not caring that she was now skipping the rest of school.

She just wanted to get away from there, tears now streaming down her face.

So she kept running, until she was out of Viridian City, heading south to where Route 1 would be.

Route 1 was a place in between Viridian City and a small town called Pallet Town where only Pokemon like Pidgey and Rattata could be found with the occasional Spearow.

Eventually, Violet stopped running with her back to a tree as she pressed up against it, slowly sliding down until she was sitting, now hugging her legs as she let out a choked sob.

Why couldn’t they just leave her alone? She never bothered them or judged them for the Pokemon they liked. They had no right to judge her for the Pokemon she liked.

Why was it such a big deal that she liked bug types?

… Why couldn’t she just kept her mouth shut about her love for those types?

She was so excited to finally have a Pokemon that she told someone what Pokemon it was and when they made a comment about him being a weak Pokemon she declared that she wanted to be a Bug Trainer without thinking.

Then that whole ordeal happened.

The Pokeball on her waist wiggled as the Weedle let himself out being a foot tall, coming up to her shin while being a yellowish color. It’s body was segmented into spheres with two pink feet being on each segment and a rather large pink nose, a stinger sat on both its head and its tail.

Currently the Weedle was giving her a concerned look with his black eyes, crawling up to her.

“I’m fine Stinger.” Violet sniffled, quickly rubbing her eyes despite how the Bug Pokemon didn’t look too convinced.

Ever since she caught him two days ago, the Weedle was oddly respectful of her, it wasn’t until she looked it up that when a Hive-like Pokemon was caught they would think of whatever team they were on as a new Hive with the trainer being in the same category of a Hive Queen.

So it made sense for Stinger to be concerned for her state at the moment.

Eventually, Stinger crawled up her body until he was on her shoulder, rubbing the side of his face against her cheek in an effort to cheer her up, seeing some Pokemon do this to their trainers, though he kept his head tilted to avoid poisoning her by mistake.

Violet sniffled as she let out a small giggle, this action was actually a bit ticklish to her.

After a few seconds with Stinger now moving to curl up on her lap, Violet spoke.

“Well show them.” She promised despite not being too sure about herself. “Once you’re a Beedrill and we have more bugs on the team, we’ll be strong.”

Stinger gave a cry of agreement, wanting to be strong for his new hive.

That made Violet give a soft smile, rubbing Stinger’s middle body with the bug Pokemon loving that action.

Looking up at the sky, Violet winced as she knew she would be in trouble when she went back to school the next day.

But right now she didn’t care.


The sun was just beginning to set as Violet got up to walk home, only spending the day sitting with Stinger who she was now carrying in her arms.

None of the wild Pokemon bothered her as she avoided the tall grass where they liked to hide. Not really confident in her ability to face them.

It wasn’t until she was on the outskirts of Viridian City that something interesting happened.

She walked into an elderly man who was carrying a briefcase in one hand and a box of parts in the other, none of them seeing an item fall out of the box.

“S-Sorry.” Violet apologized, not looking up to meet the man’s eyes as she had trouble doing that with people.

“It’s quite alright, I should’ve been watching where I was going.” The man said as Violet could make out a white lab coat over a red shirt and tan pants. “Are you heading home?”

After a second, Violet gave a nod, not sure what else there was to say, feeling the man’s eyes on her before they looked down to Stinger, who stared at him defiantly.

The man chuckled, amused by the defiant nature of the Weedle, assuming it was either Rash, Brave or Naughty in Nature.

Violet tensed, thinking he was chuckling at the idea of her having a Bug Pokemon.

“How long have you had that Weedle?” The man asked curiously as he could already see a close bond growing between the two.

“... Two days.”

That made the man quirk a brow in surprise.

Sure Weedles were known to take to trainer teams as a new hive, but it took at least a few weeks for them to fully integrate into being a trained Pokemon. Yet this one was clearly affectionate and looked to be overprotective towards the young girl.

With that said he gave a closer look at the girl, now seeing that she hasn’t looked up to see his face, so it was most likely she didn’t know who he was.

A rather rare thing these days.

But he had a schedule to keep.

“Well I wish you a safe walk home young lady.” The man said with a gentle smile as he walked off with Violet not doing anything until he was gone as she sighed in relief.

At least he didn’t seem judgmental.

She went to walk on only to see a strange item on the ground.

It was a red rectangular item with a blue orb on the upper left part.

Curious she picked it up and realized it could open like a book and the inside looked to be some sort of computer.

“What is this?” Violet whispered watching it turn on right as Stinger leaned in, unknowingly being caught by the blue orb that turned out to be a camera with it taking a picture of Stinger.

Pokemon Registered, ” The device said nearly making Violet drop it with a shriek. “ Weedle, the Hairy Bug Pokemon.

“W-What?” Violet asked with the computer screen lighting up to show the picture of Stinger that it took before a bunch of information showed up.

Pokemon #13

Species: Weedle

Gender: Male

Current Level: 3

Height: 1’0

Weight: 7.1 lbs.

Ability: Poison Point- Can Poison other Pokemon and people on contact.

Nature: Naughty

Characteristic: Capable of taking hits

Moves: Poison Sting and String Shot.

Information: Often found in Forests where it eats its weight in leaves every day, it’s stinger secretes a venom specifically designed to take a Pokemon out by paralyzing their body. Though poisonous it won’t kill unless it or its hive is threatened.

Needed for Evolution: Raise to Level 7

Next Form: Kakuna

Registration Done.

“Whoa.” Violet whispered at seeing all of this information, though she was confused by what she saw.

Nature? Characteristic? Level?

But it gave a ton of other information too, like the types of berries that Weedle would enjoy, different recipes for food that would make them healthy.

This would be extremely useful to hav-.

Violet quickly shook those thoughts from her head.

She can’t keep this, it probably belongs to that guy she bumped into. And it would be stealing if she just takes this home.

He was obviously heading to Pallet Town, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find him. ’ Violet thought as she turned to move, surprising Stinger. ‘ If I need to, I can ask around for whoever wears a lab coat over a red shirt.

But it’ll take a good hour to get to Pallet Town so there’s a chance that she won’t get home until late at night.

For once it’s a good thing that her Dad works at Saffron City.

As she ran however, Violet gave a cry as a Rattata leapt at her, coming out of nowhere in the tall grass.

In response to the threat against his new Queen, Stinger leapt down from her arms to combat this new threat while Violet was unsure of herself given how this would be Stinger’s very first battle.

As Stinger got ready, the Device beeped once more.

Rattata the Mouse Pokemon. Bite’s anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places. Current Level is 3. Gender: Female.

Unlike the detailed explanation it gave for Stinger, this one didn’t show the ability or moves, but Violet didn’t care as the Rattata ran at Stinger with a Tackle, so she reacted.

“String Shot!” Violet ordered wanting to scare the Rattata away.

Listening to her, Stinger fired a strand of silk from his mouth, blinding the Rattata as a blue aura surrounded her showing her speed being lowered in the process.

He quickly followed up with a Poison Sting while the mouse was struggling with the String Shot, slamming into her with his stinger, injecting a small toxin within the Mouse as she glowed purple showing the condition.

Gritting her teeth the Rattata managed to Tackle Stinger, using her ears to locate him, sending him rolling but he responded by immediately getting up to do another Poison Sting on Violet’s command resulting in the Rattata being knocked out and sent flying back into the Tall Grass.

“We… Did it?” Violet whispered not expecting that when the Device beeped again.

Congratulations your Weedle has gained a level.

Eyes widening, Violet opened it to see the Level bar showing the number four as opposed to the three from earlier.

“How does this work?” Violet whispered before she saw that it showed a bar detailing his health and the Tackle took him down to half while the Rattata’s bar was empty.

She really needed to be more careful.


It took nearly two hours to get close to Pallet Town as the Wild Pokemon were a bit more aggressive at night, especially with how she was running which kept them awake.

Due to that Stinger had to fight off quite a few of them and the Mini Computer she had said he was at Level 5 but his ‘Health’ was in the red showing how it would’ve been bad to keep fighting. Thankfully the Pokemon Stinger fought were scanned to be around Level 2, so they didn’t do too much damage.

Though she still didn’t understand it, but Violet was beginning to learn that it basically measures its strength, which made it useful because she didn’t really chance battling if the wild Pokemon was higher than 2.

But she was really hoping that they would be able to get to Pallet Town without fighting anymore wild Pokemon. Getting back however would be another thing.

Especially since she won’t have this device to help fight on the way back.

“We should really look into buying potions.” Violet whispered with Stinger still looking ready to fight despite being exhausted. “When we get back home you’ve definitely earned some honey soaked leaves with some sliced Oran Berries.”

Stinger perked up at the mention of the treat, already envisioning himself eating that meal.

If he could drool, he would be doing that right now.

“After it!”

The sudden voice made Violet jump as she could hear heavy footsteps before a strange Pokemon she’s never seen before shot out of the forest, flying towards her.

It looked to be a pink feline-like Pokemon with a rather long tail and stubby paws with large blue eyes.

As it’s eyes met hers, Violet didn’t pay much attention to the device in her hands taking a picture of the creature, adding its info to it.

She was mesmerized by the unknown Pokemon.

And that was before it suddenly veered and turned towards her, glowing right as it became a Caterpie with her eyes widening as it landed in her arms next to Stinger who glared at the intruder.

Violet barely had time to process seeing the creature use Transform, a move she thought only Ditto could learn, before the footsteps got louder when a group of people wearing black uniforms with a red R emblem on their chest burst into the clearing.

“Damn it, which way did it go?!” One of them shouted.

“It clearly went this way, it couldn’t have gotten far.”

The way they spoke made Violet tense as she realized why this strange Pokemon did that.

It was hiding from them.

It didn’t take long for one of those guys to notice her. “Hey girly, did you see a strange Pokemon?!”

“I-wha-? Violet asked, not sure what to say with being put on the spotlight like that while she was very aware of the disguised Pokemon looking at her.

“Answer the damn question!” The guy ordered, sounding very impatient with Violet flinching in fear, trying not to whimper.

“Relax, it’s a kid.” Another guy said, rolling his eyes before turning to look at Violet, seeing the two bug Pokemon in her arms and deeming them unimportant. “It’s a pink Pokemon that can fly, did you see it?”

Wanting them gone, Violet moved the disguised Pokemon to the same arm with Stinger and pointed in another direction, scared that they would find out she was technically lying.

Thankfully they believed she was too scared to lie as they all ran in the direction she pointed, not wasting any time.

It was quiet as their footsteps dissipated and after a few seconds the unknown Pokemon changed back and flew out of Violet’s arms, at eye level with the girl before its tail poked her nose in a way of saying thanks.

Violet barely had time to register that when it flew off in the opposite direction.

“What-?” Violet wasn’t sure what to say about this experience.

Who were those people? What Pokemon was that?

After a few seconds Violet was pretty sure she didn’t want to know.


It was pretty late as Violet made it to Pallet Town, looking physically and mentally exhausted from that strange ordeal.

Using the device, Violet was able to see that it was around eight at night which made her wince.

It’ll be late by the time she gets back home.

But she was here… Now where to find this guy?

Stinger yawned in her arms, making Violet give him a sad smile as she pulled out his Pokeball to return him. “Thank you, get some rest.” She said to the bug.

She’ll make sure to keep her promise of that meal after she gets back home.

Not many people were out at this time and Violet was wondering if she should’ve waited until after school the next day to come here, but she wasn’t sure if she should head back at the moment while she bit her lip in concern.

What do I do? ’ Violet asked herself only to see a rather large building with its lights on, the moonlight showing a windmill blowing lazily in the field behind the house.

It was a rather large field that went into the small forest near Pallet Town and after a few seconds of thinking on it, Violet decided to head to that place.

Perhaps whoever lives there could help her find that old guy?

Making it to the door after climbing a ridiculous amount of stairs, Violet looked pretty tired as she rang the bell, waiting for a bit before hearing footsteps coming towards the door.

The last thing Violet expected when it opened was the same man she was trying to find.

“Yes, what is it-? Hm?” The man looked visibly surprised at seeing Violet though she did hear a bit of an annoyed tone before that. “Weren’t you that girl I met on Route 1?”

Now that she was seeing his face, Violet swore she saw him somewhere before, but she swallowed nervously and pulled out the device, holding it out to the man who looked even more surprised.

“Y-You dropped this when I bumped into you,” Violet mumbled, with man barely hearing her. “Sorry about that.”

The surprise turned into a smile showing gratitude as the man accepted the device back from her. “It’s quite alright,” He said happy to have this device back before he saw some smudges on it and opened it to see some dirt on the inside. “You turned it on didn’t you?”

He didn’t sound accusatory, only amused while Violet fidgeted. “I didn’t mean to.”

“I would’ve been surprised if you didn’t to be honest,” The man said with a laugh, knowing how curious children could be, noting how tired Violet seemed to be. “Do you wish to come in?”

The second the question left his mouth, Violet hesitated, unsure if she should accept the offer or not as while the man seemed friendly, he was still a stranger.

Seeing her hesitation, the man continued. “It’s rather late and if you live in Viridian City, you won’t be able to make it back until it’s really late and you look like you’re about to fall over,” He said to her. “It’s only for tonight.”

Thinking it over, Violet slowly gave a nod, knowing the man was right.

So the man stepped to the side and let her in and before long they were in what looked to be a study as the man placed the device on a nearby desk. “Do you wish to call your parents?” The man offered as there was a video phone in the room, but he was surprised when Violet shook her head.

But the fact that the man offered that did earn some trust from Violet while the man sat at his desk, cupping his chin in thought.

“Do you know who I am?” He asked curiously.

Violet shook her head again much to his amusement.

“Yet you managed to track my house down?”

“I didn’t know this was your house.” Violet looked down when she spoke, her fingers twitching a bit. “The lights were on and I thought I could ask for whoever wore your outfit.”

That reasoning made the man chuckle. “Very well, my name is Samuel Oak.”

The second that name left his mouth, Violet’s head snapped up with her eyes wide.

Samuel Oak? The Samuel Oak?!

The world’s most famous Pokemon Professor and a former Kanto Champion?!

“Ah I see you’ve heard of me,” Professor Oak said in amusement, smiling a bit. “But enough on that you really helped save my research by delivering the Pokedex to me.”

The name of the device snapped Violet out of her surprise. “Pokedex?”

“The Pokemon Encyclopedia Index, or Pokedex for short,” Professor Oak explained to the young girl. “It’s a very unique device I invented and one of the only two in existence. It’s more of a prototype of something I want to build. Tell me how exactly did you use it?”

Violet swallowed a bit as she looked down. “When I opened it, it scanned Stinger and told me a lot of stuff that confused me, but it also helped out against the Wild Pokemon that attacked on my way here,” She explained to the Professor. “If it wasn’t for that device I wouldn’t have made it here.”

“I see.” Professor Oak said, cupping his chin in thought. “And I assume it helped out with the wild Pokemon on your way?”

Slowly Violet gave a nod. “The Pokedex said something about levels though, why?”

That made Professor Oak grin wryly as while this was an unintentional field test for this particular Pokedex, it will provide very useful information to research. “I wanted to try and measure how strong a Pokemon was in an area and on a trainers team, so I tried numbers called it the level function where it took off from there,” He sounded rather proud of that part. “As a lot of Pokemon evolve at a certain level I say it works pretty well.”

Violet couldn’t help but be amazed by the device. “You said it was a prototype?”

“Yes, I still need to work on it quite a bit, it’s main function is to scan a Pokemon and tell it’s strength’s, weaknesses, usual habitats and any information on them that would provide me with a ton of research,” Professor Oak explained, happy that Violet was listening despite how tired she was. “It’s a long way off from being complete though… What’s your name?”

“V-Violet Hawke.” Violet stammered out to the man.

“Do I have your word that you won’t tell anyone about this device?” Professor Oak asked in a serious tone that made Violet tense. “While it’s still a prototype it does provide a lot of info that would make people want to take it for themselves.”

While unsure of that, Violet was wondering why Professor Oak wanted to hide it, but decided she didn’t want to know, instead she gave a nod.

Just like that the serious look was gone as Professor Oak looked friendly once more.

“Alright I’ll show you to the Guest Room where you can stay the night Violet.”

As the Professor walked by her, Violet bit her lip and decided to ask. “Professor Oak, I actually have a question”

“Hm?” The Professor paused to glance at her to see that she looked away, as if nervous.

As she went to ask her question, she heard the same voices from earlier going through her head.

She can’t be serious.

Did she really say that?

“I want to know if,” Violet paused in her question as she shook. “If-...”

Don’t you know that bugs are the weakest types around?

It’s simple logic that they aren’t, that’s why real Trainers don’t use them. None of the Elite Four have a single Bug Pokemon on their team and neither do the Gym Leaders.

“Is it possible to be strong with a team of Bug Pokemon?”

The second that question left her mouth, the Professor looked surprised, not expecting that Question from such a young girl.

She shook a bit at the silence, thinking the Professor would say no, to outright laugh at that given the stigma about bugs.

“You want to be a Bug Trainer?” Professor Oak answered with a question.


Professor Oak let the silence continue, thinking on that question. “Tell me, what is strength to you when it comes to Pokemon?” He asked curiously. “Is it having a team of powerful Pokemon, having the rarest? Being unbeatable?”

Not knowing why he was asking these questions, Violet shrugged.

“You don’t know?” Professor Oak sounded a little disappointed but he quickly hid it. “To answer your question. Yes and no.”

Now he was just confusing Violet who tilted her head to the side.

“Any Pokemon can be strong depending on the trainer, no matter their type or what Pokemon they are.” Professor Oak gave a short lecture to her. “What matters most is your bond with the Pokemon. Do you view them as tools or as friends?”

Violet looked down in thought at hearing this.

This was something they never taught in Trainer School, they always taught about certain Pokemon, Type Advantages, where to find them, how to catch them.

Never a philosophical debate like this.

But Violet knew her answer.

“I want to view them as family.” Violet said hating the idea of someone viewing Pokemon as tools.

That answer made Professor Oak smile as he could tell she really meant it. “Never change that attitude and you will make it far as a Trainer.”


Professor Oak smiled as he sat back in his study after letting Violet take the Guest Room, holding the Pokedex in his hands.

It was the only one he had at the moment as he gave the second one to his Grandson Green to have him test it out for him and gather information on the Pokemon in Kanto.

He was horrified that it was gone when he made it back to the Lab after picking up his order at the Viridian City Pokemart, he didn’t know where he dropped it or if anyone stole it from him.

Then Violet ended up tracking him down to deliver it to him.

The fact that she did that instead of keeping it said a lot about her as most people on discovering what a Pokedex could do would keep it for themselves.

A bit curious about how it was used, Professor Oak turned it on and the first thing he saw was her Weedle’s current status with him slowly recovering due to sleeping right now and the Level it was determined to be when it first scanned him.

Besides that it showed that she ran into three different Pokemon so he checked the first two to see they were just Rattata and Pidgey’s, common Pokemon that he’s studied quite a bit already. And it showed the number of times she ran into said Pokemon.

It was when he got to the third Pokemon however that his eyes widened and he sat up rather quickly.

Was he reading this right?

“Mew?” Professor Oak asked recognizing the Pokemon from both blurry pictures and whenever there were ruins discovered with this Pokemon on the wall as a hieroglyphic.

No one ever got a good look at Mew, leaving for people to believe that the Phantom Pokemon was only a Myth.

Yet for this Pokedex to register it, that meant that Violet saw the Legendary Pokemon.

Violet has seen a Pokemon that most people brush off as a myth, many people would go their entire lives without seeing a Legendary and yet she saw one. The fact that she didn’t mention it could be because she didn’t know what it was.

Professor Oak was definitely going to ask her about that encounter tomorrow.

Closing the Pokedex, the Professor looked at it in thought, an idea coming to him.

While Green was doing a marvelous job with his Pokedex, he was still one person and scanning all the local Pokemon in Kanto would take awhile. What if he gave this second one to Violet and have her help out?

After all she knows what it is and that saves a lot of time explaining it to someone else, she was certainly polite and had a good head on her shoulders given everything that happened so she could be perfect for this.

But should he do this? By giving this to her he would be making her an assistant to his research and that required her to travel which meant he would be pulling her out of the trainer school, taking her on as a protege, much like his Grandson.

And traveling was pretty dangerous.

Thinking more on it, Professor Oak came to a decision.

To Be Continued...

Party Data


Name: Stinger

Species: Weedle

Type: Poison/Bug

Gender: Male

Nature: Naughty (Up Attack/Down Sp. Defense)

Characteristics: Capable of taking hits. (Up Defense)

Lv. 5

Caught at Lv. 3

Ability: Poison Point

Moves: Poison Sting and String Shot

Chapter Text

Violet grimaced as she rolled over in her sleep after sunlight filtered through the window.

She didn’t want to open her eyes, not when the bed was so comfortable.

… Wait, sunlight?

Cracking an eye open, Violet tensed when she didn’t recognize where she was and sat up rather quickly in a panic. After a few seconds however she calmed down.

Right, she was in Pallet Town after returning the Pokedex to Professor Oak-.

Violet ended up glancing down at the clock only for her eyes to widen as she realized it was eleven in the morning.

She’s late for school!

Panicking, Violet jumped out of bed, her feet still caught up in the covers as she tripped and slammed into the floor, having a bout of clumsiness that usually happens around her.

Rubbing her chin in slight pain, Violet didn’t let that stop her while she grabbed Stinger’s Pokeball and her shoes, not even bothering to fix her hair up in pigtails while she ran out the door only to see the Professor waiting in the study room that was near the front door.

“Ah Violet, I was wondering when you would wake up, I need to talk to you about something.” Professor Oak began but Violet kept going.

“Sorry I can’t, I’m late for school!” Violet went to run out, but Professor Oak’s next words made her stop.

“I took the liberty of calling your school to let them know you wouldn’t make it today,” Professor Oak commented, leaving out how the principal of said school was in shock that the Pokemon Professor called for something so trivial. “So you don’t have to rush. Now please sit down, I wish to talk to you.”

Violet gave him a look, unsure of what to say in response to that.

True that meant she won’t be in bigger trouble from being late after skipping the other day, but why would the Professor do something like this?

Still it would be rude not to listen, so she walked to the study and sat on the couch while the Professor was sipping his cup of coffee. Seeing the coffee made Violet grimace as she tried that type of drink once before and found it rather bitter.

Taking a few moments to let Violet get comfortable, Professor Oak began. “How do you feel about the idea of helping me with my research?”

Violet blinked, processing that question. “Come again?” She asked thinking she heard wrong.

Why would Professor Oak ask her of all people to help him with his research.

Instead of repeating the question, Professor Oak pulled the Pokedex out and placed it on the table with Violet glancing down at it before looking back up to the Professor in complete confusion.

“Let me rephrase that,” Professor Oak said, a smile crossed his lips. “How do you feel about the idea of keeping the Pokedex and going around the Kanto Region to see other Pokemon?”

That request made Violet’s eyes go wide in disbelief.


She couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Professor Oak gave a good natured chuckle at the reaction, finding it appropriate. “I looked at the data you managed to get yesterday with the Pokedex and I saw that Pink Pokemon you encountered yesterday,” He began with Violet remembering that strange Pokemon. “Do you know what Pokemon that was?”

Violet shook her head, given how she didn’t really try to look into it given how late it was. And with the people chasing it, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to know

After a second, Professor Oak smiled. “I would be surprised if you did know considering how little Mew shows itself to others.”

The second he said the name Mew, Violet’s brain came to a halt, having trouble processing that.

M-Mew? That was Mew?!

She met a Legendary Pokemon the other night?!

“That actually explains those people chasing it.” Violet whispered, but that sentence caught the Professor’s attention.

“There were people chasing Mew?” The Professor asked calmly with Violet giving a nod. “Can you describe them?”

Fidgeting a bit, no doubt remembering the encounter, Violet spoke while she tapped her fingers on her leg to help calm herself down. “They wore black and they had a red R on their chest.” She said, the description making the Professor’s eyes narrow in annoyance.

“So it is them, Team Rocket.” Professor Oak said the name with anger that surprised Violet. “You were very lucky they didn’t do anything to you.”

“Team Rocket?” Violet asked never hearing of them before. “Who are they?”

Professor Oak was silent at this, debating whether or not to share this with a young child before deciding it was better that she knew if she accepted his proposition.

Leaving Violet in the dark about who they were could get her hurt. This way she’ll know to avoid them in the future.

“First off, do you remember the Pokemon War that happened a good twelve years ago that caused some of the regions to remain cut off from each other?”

Violet gave a nod as that was an important History Lesson taught in school. “The Kanto-Johto-Orre War?”

“Precisely, it was a rather dark time for Kanto’s History with a lot of trainers dying in said war,” Professor Oak’s eyes showed a lot of bad memories of that time. “It’s the war responsible for the Kanto Region’s decline in trainers as most of them are rather up there in years or too young.”

It was also the reason that the age a person could become a trainer was ten as the Kanto League wanted to fill the ranks back up again overtime. Still they were better off than the Johto Region as their stock market crashed after the war as they didn’t have much money compared to the Kanto Region. And the Orre Region was practically devastated by the war with their League being entirely destroyed in the aftermath leaving the region to fend for itself.

While Violet grimaced at the thought of death she wasn’t naive about it, they desensitized kids to the idea of death the minute they start Trainer School given how dangerous the world could be. It was a way to avoid having rookie trainers not go into shock when something terrible happens.

“Because of that a lot of criminals were pardoned to help with the war effort but they stuck together, forming a group that would eventually become known as Team Rocket,” Professor Oak looked away, no doubt remembering how he had a lot of misgivings about the idea. “While they did help secure a victory for the Kanto Region, they began to cause problems and even outright mistreated Pokemon, using them as tools for both war and crime.”

Hearing that she ran into criminals made Violet pale in slight terror. “So when you said I was lucky-?”

“If they knew you saw Mew or they weren’t too busy, chances were they would’ve stolen your Pokemon and more.” Professor Oak left out that they might’ve killed her to.

But they probably deemed her not worth it given how she only had a Weedle.

Violet swallowed the lump in her throat.

“The Elite Four are doing everything they can to capture these criminals so they won’t be out for too long.” Professor Oak said giving her a calming smile.


So avoid anyone wearing anything with a red ‘R’ on it.

Seeing that she looked scared, Professor Oak steered the conversation back to his original intent thinking that was probably enough info on them for the young girl. “You see Violet, it’s my dream to make a complete catalogue on every Pokemon in the world, it’s been my dream ever since I was a young boy,” The Professor had a gleam in his eyes when he spoke. “That was the reason the Pokedex was created, but I’m too old, I can’t go around to do this anymore.”

Violet tilted her head in interest, now getting why the Professor asked her. “So you want me to go on a journey?”

“And with the Pokedex you can complete your own goal of proving to everyone on how strong Bug Pokemon are,” The Professor revealed with Violet tensing in realization. “With it you’ll have quite the advantage over countless people.”

A chance to prove that Bug Pokemon were strong, and by doing this she’ll have a head start on everyone else in the Trainer School who would have to wait until they graduate in a few months to begin their journey.

It was too good to be true.

“Why me?” Violet whispered having some doubt. “I’m just a kid you met yesterday.”

“A kid that risked a lot to return the Pokedex, that says a lot about you.” Professor Oak reminded her. “Now will you?”

Violet glanced back at the Pokedex a hint of longing on her face mixed with apprehension.

Could she do this? Should she?

The Professor was asking quite a lot from her, but shouldn’t that be more of a reason to accept?

Then again she might screw this up somehow.

But with it she could accomplish her goal and see the world.

A bit at war with herself, Violet came to a decision and looked at Professor Oak with clear determination in her eyes, a rare sight for those who knew her. “I’ll do it.”

“Splendid!” Professor Oak sounded excited. “Now the Pokedex is yours to use as you wish, within reason that is, I’ll start off by creating a Trainer ID for you and register you as an assistant alongside my Grandson Green.”

“Green?” Violet asked not expecting that.

“Yes, he has the other Pokedex I mentioned,” Professor Oak explained with Violet not expecting that. “As such both of you will be helping me out, he’s somewhere out in Route 31 at the moment.”

Professor Oak was about to suggest that perhaps they would meet up but decided not to as while he loved his Grandson he wasn’t blind to how cold the young trainer could be.

Hopefully his journey would help him be a little friendly towards others.


Slowly Violet trudged on back home in thought, looking at the Pokedex that was now officially hers in one hand and the other being her new Trainer ID that was blue to signify her being a rookie, something she shouldn’t even have as of yet.

This was an outcome she never expected.

She was officially a trainer instead of a student with a Pokemon.

As such she had the standard start of 3000 Pokedollars, she could buy trainer related items such as Antidotes, Paralyze Heals, etc and she could legally travel the region now and was legally an adult in the eyes of the Kanto Region which was just crazy to think about.

For a second, Violet imagined the look on Lucy’s face when she hears about this with a rather vindictive smile, but she shook her head with her shoulders slumped knowing that despite this Lucy would still be able to beat her in a battle pretty easily.

She didn’t want to think about that.

Right now she had to prepare for her journey.

… Her Journey, those words kept repeating in her head.

Taking a deep breath, Violet thought about her steps.

While she was going to travel around the Region per the Professor’s Request she can’t do it with just Stinger, especially with him being a Weedle, so the first thing she has to do is train him until he’s a Beedrill. She’ll try to catch a Caterpie in Viridian Forest to get a Butterfree as well.

From there she’ll move on and she’ll add the other four Kanto Bug Pokemon as she finds them.

Paras, Venonat, Scyther and Pinsir.

The last two would be pretty hard to find given their rarity but they’re a must for a Bug Team and Paras is said to be inside of Mt. Moon, which is near Pewter City, so it will be the third Pokemon she’ll catch.

That was her plan for a team, but Violet had no idea what she wanted to do. Journey’s were for trainers to find their goal in life.

But what would her goal be beyond showing how strong Bugs could be?

“I guess I’ll find out on the way.” Violet decided as she should just go home and pack.

Pack, make plans, ensure she has food and get a map of the region, so she won’t get lost.

At least she knows how to survive in the wilds as at school they taught survival training in the first month to make sure every kid knew what to do and what not to do when it came to being away from a town or city.

Hearing a snarl, Violet glanced up to see a few Rattata that were glaring at her and while she hesitated, she knew that Stinger needed the experience to get stronger, so she pulled his Pokeball out.


“Let’s see.” Violet was back home in her room looking through some supplies while Stinger was on her desk eating the promised bowl of honey soaked leaves with berries, some new injuries that were treated from a stop at the Pokemon Center.

Currently she had different clothes, rope, medicine, food, canteens of water, a local map of the region which would help immensely, some Pokeballs.

That was practically it, a lot of this stuff drained her starting funds from 3000 to 250 Pokedollars and if she wanted to get it back up she would have to win battles against other Trainers. But she could also lose money by losing battles as well which is the most likely outcome due to her inexperience.

Now she just had to pack this stuff into her new bag which was given to new trainers when they set foot inside of the Pokemart after obtaining their license. It used the same technology as Pokeballs to hold a lot of items.

There were rumors that she would be able to fit a whole bicycle in this type of bag, but Violet had her doubts about that rumor. Still, it was a good item to have for her journey.

Especially since it worked like a satchel which had one strap that would make it easy to carry. Though she’ll keep her Pokeballs that contain the Pokemon she has on her belt for easy access.

Hearing noise, Violet looked to see Stinger using String Shot to pull himself up to the bed, his bowl now empty. “You satisfied?” She asked in amusement while the Bug Pokemon curled around her items making her giggle. “I guess so.”

Her giggling made Stinger sit up before bending over as if he was about to pounce in a playful manner.

Stinger was acting like a baby Growlithe right now, it was adorable.

So she stopped preparing and rubbed his stomach, the Weedle melting like putty in her hands as he rolled over to allow more of his stomach to be rubbed.

While she did that, she looked from him to the desk where he was before she realized that he used String Shot to move quickly as opposed to crawling around.

Could that be used in battles?

In fact what else could String Shot be used for rather than blinding others and slowing them down?

“Perhaps it could be used for traps?” Violet stopped rubbing Stinger much to his chagrin and cupped her chin in thought. “Especially if we fire it at the ground under the pretense of missing, it could give any enemies less maneuverability.”

Stinger tilted his head at her incessant mumbling, barely hearing her.

“Then we could use so much that they can’t move and the speed of using it to get from one place to another would give us an advantage,” Violet continued now pacing, getting way too into her thoughts. “How has nobody tried that before? It could change how Bug Pokemon fight! Especially if we add barbs of Poison Sting to it to cause some damage along with immobilizing any targets-.”

Having enough, Stinger fired a small String Shot to her leg catching her attention.

“Oh uh, sorry about that,” Violet rubbed the back of her head with some slight embarrassment on her face. “Haven’t done that in awhile.”

She tends to mumble when she overthinks on something she finds interesting.

But right now she was just happy to find a use for String Shot that she was sure not many people would think of.

Especially when Stinger evolves into Kakuna, String Shot might have enough uses to ensure he could still battle?

That night she was wearing a black nightgown with Pokeball emblems stitched on the hems while she lay in bed, looking over the Pokedex a bit, Stinger curled up next to her.

She was looking on the information it had on her Starter showing the Level Function.

It said that Stinger evolves at seven, he was currently six due to those Rattata from earlier and he started out at three back when she picked up the Pokedex. So he’ll evolve pretty soon if she keeps it up which had her pretty excited at the thought of seeing an actual evolution.

Learning about it was one thing, but actually seeing it? It would be amazing.

Perhaps someday she’ll be able to beat Lucy in an actual battle? Though Violet was realistic and knew she wouldn’t be ready for quite awhile.

But then there was this Green that Professor Oak mentioned, she wondered if he would be friendly or not.

If they were both working on this Pokedex, perhaps they could be friends?

Violet really hoped that would be the case, but deep down she wondered if she was being too optimistic for something that probably wouldn’t happen.

She couldn’t help but hope it will happen though.

Yawning in the process, Violet figured she should get some rest as the next day she was going to be heading into the Forest in order to get her second Pokemon and do some training.

Her Journey would officially begin in the morning.


Violet hummed to herself the next morning as she was ready to go, she was just putting the finishing touches on her hair, tying them into pigtails like she usually does.

She already ate, same with Stinger who was currently in his Pokeball attached to her belt, she was packed with everything she would need to get to Pewter City which was at least a good few days of travel through the Forest, hopefully by then she’ll have both a Beedrill and Butterfree when she gets there.

Finally she ensure she had plenty of Antidotes, while Stinger was immune to Poison they were for her in case she gets poisoned or for her future Caterpie as they work for both Human and Pokemon.

It was something to consider when traveling.

Her two canteens were filled with water and she had a few bags of trail mix and wrapped sandwiches which should be enough to get her through the Forest.

Taking one last look in the mirror, determination filled Violet’s face.

She can do this.

Getting through the Forest would only be the first step, but she needed to prove she deserved to assist Professor Oak.

“When in doubt, smile and move.” Violet whispered remembering finding one of her Mom’s old journals and that was something she always said when getting ready for something.

With that done, she left her room and bounded down the stairs two at a time before stopping in the living room.

It looked to be a casual room bare of anything that stood out except for one thing.

A glass cabinet that was turned into what looked to be a shrine, complete with a picture of a young woman with shoulder length black hair showing a kind smile.

It was far from the only picture as there were a few of her in both casual and formal wear. But above the pictures was a single straw hat that she wore in the casual pictures with two feathers in it.

Swallowing a bit, Violet smiled. "Hi Mom." She said to the makeshift shrine, looking from it to the floor. “I guess this is the last time we’ll talk in awhile.”

Due to her Dad being out of town most of the time, Violet made a habit of talking to the picture of her Mom, always imagining what it would’ve been like if she didn’t die from an illness when she was a baby.

Instead she only had the journals to learn about her.

Forcing herself to look at the picture, Violet continued, grabbing Stinger’s Pokeball to hold it up to the picture as if the woman could see it. “I got my Pokemon License yesterday and I have a Pokemon, I think you would love Stinger, he’s pretty affectionate.” Slowly she lowered the Pokeball, a sad look going across her face. “Dad’s doing great too, he’s been working hard in Saffron City and he sends letters.”

There was some bitterness in her tone that she tried to hide when she said that before she felt Stinger’s Pokeball wiggle in her grasp making her giggle, feeling a bit better.

Right, she forgot that unless they were in stasis, Pokemon could sense something going on with their trainers while inside of the Pokeball.

So she placed it back on her belt and looked at the shrine one last time, this time her gaze going to the straw hat and she hesitated.

Truth be told she was thinking about taking the hat with her. It might seem disrespectful, but she wanted to have a piece of her mother with her on this journey.

Would that be so bad?

After a few seconds of contemplation, the young girl caved and moments later she was holding the hat, turning it over before she slowly placed it on her head where it was a little loose.

… She’ll just have to grow into it a bit.

With that done, she gave the house one last look before walking out the front door, locking it behind her.


Professor Oak rubbed his tired eyes as he spent most of the night going over one of his old Research Papers, something he did years ago in his youth.

Most of it was outdated but there were times when he would forget something he wrote about a long time ago that would still be viable in the near future.

It was an old thesis on where humanity came from as it was discovered through ruins that Pokemon were here much longer than humans were since ancient times before a meteorite hit the world and killed off a good amount of them such as the Fossil Like Pokemon known as Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, Omnastar and Aerodactyl.

After the meteorite, humans started to appear and throughout the years there was little to no explanation on where they came from, or how they could bond easily with Pokemon.

Though there were notes at how Humans evolved along with Pokemon throughout the different generations becoming pretty durable, not to the point of surviving a Hyper Beam or a Dragon Claw, but they could easily survive being electrocuted or a rather large fall as before they were rather fragile in the beginning. Then there were the papers of Psychic Humans that the Professor managed to study in his earlier years with different questions in his mind.

Were Humans evolved from Pokemon? Were they new life given form? And then there were the Pokemon themselves.

Where did they come from? How many were there? In Kanto, there were said to be 150, though Oak knew better that from before the war when other Pokemon used to be seen around this region before they migrated away to the regions they’re most commonly seen in. How long it would take for some of them to come back was up in the air though.

I wonder how Violet is doing? ’ Prof. Oak mused with a hum. ‘ If she waited until today she should be in the Forest by now.

His Grandson should be in there as well, hopefully they have a good first meeting.


“Quick Attack.” A cold voice ordered as a small fox-like Pokemon with brown and white fur slammed into a Pidgeotto, knocking it out. “Just one hit? Not even worth catching.”

The one who spoke was a ten year old boy with spiky brown hair wearing a long sleeved blue shirt and jeans.

In his hands was a Pokedex.

“Besides I already have a Pidgey, no use in wasting a Pokeball if I’m just going to evolve him.” Green Oak said while the Eevee sat next to his foot patiently, feeling rather proud of his achievement in knocking the evolved bird out in one hit.

Currently he had at least twelve Pokemon captured for his Grandfather’s research, once some of them were fully evolved for the Pokedex he’ll send them to his Grandfather, though he’ll keep a few for the team he’s planning to make.

“Now where are you?” Green muttered as there were rumors of a powerful Pokemon going on a rampage in this forest, one that he’s been searching for quite awhile.

Closing the Pokedex, Green figured he might as well train up his team while searching.

After all, he had his own goals on this journey.

To Be Continued… 


Name: Stinger

Species: Weedle

Type: Poison/Bug

Gender: Male

Nature: Naughty (Up Attack/Down Sp. Defense)

Characteristics: Capable of taking hits. (Up Defense)

Lv. 6

Caught at Lv. 3

Ability: Poison Point

Moves: Poison Sting and String Shot

Chapter Text

“Use String Shot! Violet ordered as she was having her first battle against a fellow Bug Catcher who was in the forest, having just entered there with her Weedle versus his Caterpie.

“Counter with your own!” The Bug Catcher, his name being Rick as Stinger was a bit weakened from battling his own Weedle a little bit ago.

Violet frowned in thought while Stinger was covered in silk, trying to think of a way to get out of this situation right as Rick ordered a Tackle.

So with a grin, Violet ordered a Poison Sting aiming for the ground right in front of Caterpie, leaving for the green caterpillar Pokemon to run over it, being poisoned immediately if the purple hue it took on was any indication.

While it flinched with poison running through its veins, Violet ordered one more Poison Sting that scored a crit, downing the Caterpie with relative ease.

“Aw man.” Rick complained at seeing his two prized Bug Pokemon go down, though he didn’t mind as much considering it was another Bug Pokemon that took them down.

He’ll have to see about remembering that Poison Sting trick in the future, that was pretty smart though.

"Alright Stinger, that was amazing!" Violet Cheered as she ran towards the Weedle who looked to be shaking. "Stinger? What's wrong?"

Her concern was cut off when Stinger exploded in a flash of light as he stood up, spraying silk into the air.

Rick whistled in awe. "Nice job on evolving your Weedle."

Violet gasped at that, not taking her eyes off of Stinger as he continued to change, growing a foot taller before a yellow cocoon took his place with a domed shaped head and black triangle eyes that shone with excitement.

Slowly, Violet picked Stinger up, realizing he was a bit heavier than when he was a Weedle, but she didn't care.

He evolved.

Stinger gave a low cry making Violet realize she was beginning to cry, making her quickly use one arm to wipe the tears away while Rick who was watching look a bit unsure.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Violet gave a nod, sniffling a bit. "I'm fine, just happy."


When she was by herself, Violet quickly checked Stinger's new information with the Pokedex.

" Pokemon Registered. Kakuna the Cocoon Pokemon. Kakuna has learned Harden. Ability has changed. "

Pokemon #14

Species: Kakuna

Gender: Male

Current Level: 7

Height: 2’0

Weight: 22 lbs.

Ability: Shed Skin-Can get rid of a status effect by shedding its skin.

Nature: Naughty

Characteristic: Capable of taking hits

Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot and Harden.

Information: Able to move only slightly, this Pokemon can stick out its stinger when threatened as it awaits evolution. When the shell is hot to touch, evolution is near.

Needed for Evolution: Raise to Level 10

Next Form: Beedrill

Registration Complete.

“Just a bit more and you’ll be a Beedrill.” Violet said putting the Pokedex up while carrying Stinger who remained silent. “Now we just need to find a Caterpie to train up and we’ll be doing great.”

It shouldn’t be that hard to find a Caterpie as the Forest was always crawling with them and Weedles.

With that in mind, she began to walk through the forest, staring in awe at just about everything, this being the first time she’s been in the Forest.

While there weren’t any Pokemon to catch at the moment, Violet could see the beauty of nature inside of this forest with everything from the dew on the grass to the leaves changing colors to signify spring.

Taking a moment to admire the scenery, Violet smiled and continued onward, ready for whatever the Viridian Forest had to offer.

It was Evening by the time Violet decided to make camp, her legs feeling pretty sore from all of the walking she did.

But she’s also had other battles against fellow Bug Catchers that she used Stinger for, giving him a bit more experience and to test her hypothesis on using String Shot to zip around the field, though she didn’t win all of them.

One of them had a Butterfree that practically decimated her in a fight using psychic attacks, she didn’t even know Butterfree could learn psychic attacks showing that despite her love for them, there was a lot about bugs that she didn’t know.

She didn’t complain because it just made her want to get a Butterfree of her own one day. And even a loss was a good experience. She did learn some things from it after all.

Unrolling the sleeping bag, Violet turned to the small campfire she made, having gathered some wood when it became clear that the sun was beginning to set.

“What a day.” Violet said, readjusting her straw hat while Stinger was currently in his Pokeball, asleep having already eaten his dinner.

Even as a Kakuna he was liable to be attacked by predators.

She didn’t know how long she had to go before she was out of this forest, but Violet knew it would take a few more days. It was a huge forest after all.

Without another word, she pulled out one of the sandwiches she’s prepared for her journey to munch on, looking up at the clear sky that could be seen through the trees, a full moon right now while the stars were a lot more visible then they were back in Viridian City.

It was breathtaking.

She could sit there and watch the stars for hours, but Violet knew she needed her sleep if she wanted to keep going tomorrow.

So she took her Straw Hat off and undid her pigtails only to hear rustling in one of the branches.

Thinking it was just a Pidgey, she glanced up only for her eyes to widen when she saw a Caterpie that was giving her a curious look, though the worm did tense up at being spotted.

Violet stared, her mouth dropping open.

Seriously, after spending all day looking for one this happens?

She wasn’t going to let this chance go to waste.

But unlike other trainers who would just throw out a Pokemon to battle it, Violet decided another route because Stinger was most likely asleep right now.

So she slowly reached into her bag, the Caterpie’s eyes following her movements before she pulled out a Oran Berry before holding it out to him.

“Hey there, are you hungry?” Violet asked curiously as the Caterpie slowly made his way down the branch, sniffing the berry before accepting it.

Violet watched the Caterpie eat it pretty quickly showing she was right on the fact that it was starving before it decided that Violet was trustworthy and crawled down until it was on her shoulder.

“You’re a friendly little guy-,” Violet began only for the Caterpie to glare as its pink feeler on the top of its head shook, a bad smell now surrounding her making Violet cough. “Girl, girl got it.”

Just like that, the Caterpie calmed down looking rather content.

“Remind me not to get you angry.” Violet said still coughing from the bad smell.

Reaching into her bag, Violet produced another Oran Berry that the Caterpie accepted showing her straightforward personality that made Violet grin.

“You want to come with me?” Violet offered now pulling an empty Pokeball out. “The only Pokemon I have is Stinger, a Kakuna, I’m putting together a team of Bug Types.”

The Caterpie tilted her head to the side at the offer, glancing from Violet to the bag where more berries were sure to be.

That sealed the deal as she crawled down Violets arm until she was right next to the offered Pokeball and poked it, catching herself.

Violet’s smile was extremely wide at this point as she had her second Bug Pokemon and this one joined her of her free will just like Stinger.

“Alright, welcome to the team-er…” Violet paused and went through different nicknames in her head before snapping her fingers. “Silk! I hope we’ll get along.”

With that she pulled out the Pokedex and used the see through feature on the top part of the Pokeball to snap a picture.

Pokemon Registered. Caterpie the Worm Pokemon.

Just like that the information showed up on the screen.

Pokemon #10

Species: Caterpie

Gender: Female

Current Level: 5

Height: 1’0

Weight: 6.4 lbs.

Ability: Shield Dust- Blocks the added effects of attacks taken.

Nature: Bold

Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning

Moves: Tackle and String Shot.

Information: For protection this Pokemon will use the feeler on the top of its head to release a horrible stink that repels enemies. It is also a voracious eater that will devour leaves and berries bigger than its own body. As it can grow quickly, this Pokemon is easily recommended for novice trainers.

Needed for Evolution: Raise to Level 7

Next Form: Metapod

Registration Complete.

“Level five? Silk is definitely stronger than when I caught Stinger,” Violet mused to herself as she sat down on her sleeping bag after putting Silk’s Pokeball right next to Stinger in her backpack. “It’ll take her no time at all to catch up and become a Metapod, but Stinger is close to becoming a Beedrill too, so perhaps I should focus on him first and then on Silk, or should I let Silk evolve first and then do both?”

She sat there mumbling to herself before yawning.

“I should probably sleep first then decide otherwise I’ll be here all night.” She decided, checking the small fire to make sure it wouldn’t leave the circle of stones and dirt she had.

The last thing she needed to do was start a forest fire by accident.


Now while Violet did end up sleeping well despite how her body ached the next morning from all of the travelling and sleeping on the ground, her morning did not start off so well as she woke up with a sword in her face.

Eyes widening, her mind waking up rather quickly at this development, Violet gave a scared look as she followed the sword to see a figure dressed up like a samurai. “Are you from Pallet Town?” He asked while Violet shook her head.

“V-V-Viridian City.” She stammered out, hoping her journey wouldn’t end here as she wouldn’t be able to get to Stinger and Silk’s Pokeball in time if he tried anything.

“Ah-,” The Samurai actually looked rather awkward as he withdrew his sword much to Violet’s immense relief. “Apologies, I’ve been on a bit of a losing streak to the trainers of Pallet that I wanted to regain my honor.”

“... You’re not going to rob me?” Violet asked letting out a sigh of relief while the Samurai looked rather offended.

“As if I would stoop so low.”

Violet just tilted her head and looked from him to the sword. “Really?” She asked, not too sure about that and after a second the Samurai realized the message he might’ve accidentally set before coughing to regain his composure.

“I’ll continue on my way.”

But before he left, Violet quickly stood up, getting out of the sleeping bag. “W-Wait, I wouldn’t say no to a battle if you won’t.” She said grabbing her bag while the Samurai glanced at her. “I’m not going to be a good bug trainer if I don’t battle.”

That sentence grabbed his attention. “You’re a bug catcher?” He asked not expecting that while Violet nodded. “Interesting then I accept your challenge as a fellow Bug Trainer.”

So they both got ready and sent their Pokemon out at the same time.

“Stinger get out there!” Violet ordered right as Samurai sent his out.

“Let’s regain our honor Pinsir!”

Hearing the name Pinsir made Violet gape as the large brown stag-like beetle with sharp, thorny pincers on the top of its head landed on the ground, roaring a challenge to Stinger who glared defiantly.

This was her first time seeing a Pinsir in real life and it was a good nine inches taller than she was.

“Whoa, a Pinsir?” Violet had stars in her eyes. “You have a Pinsir?! That’s awesome, where did you get him?!”

Samurai looked taken aback by how she reacted while the Pinsir was beginning to look weirded out.

Stinger hopped in place until he was looking at her with a deadpanned expression, as if asking if now was the time to be doing this.

“The pincers look incredibly sharp, you must help him sharpen them everyday and the shell looks shiny, with some dirt on it showing how often he cleans himself by burrowing into the ground, he is well taken care of-.”

“Hey are we battling or what?” Samurai finally asked as the mumbling was kind of freaking him out.

Violet snapped out of it with a mortified look at what she did and gave a sheepish laugh. “S-Sorry,” She said before getting ready, subtly taking out the Pokedex to see that this Pinsir was at least level 8 much to her surprise, though she wasn’t complaining. “Let’s do this.”

“Start with Sword Dance!” Samurai ordered much to Violet’s surprise as that was a TM move. “Now use Vicegrip!”

“Pull yourself out of the way with String Shot and use Harden!” Violet ordered with the Kakuna listening latching onto the branch, barely dodging as the pincers on Pinsir cleaved the ground.

“Hm, so you’re upping your defense to counter Sword Dance?” Samurai mused before drawing his sword, getting in synch with his Pokemon. “Snatch it out of the air with Seismic Toss!”

Pinsir roared and jumped pretty high into the air while Stinger was still moving and gripped him, spinning to throw him to the ground.

“String Shot to coat the ground quick!” Violet panicked.

Stinger listened, firing a rapid barrage of String Shot, making a web for soft landing on the ground, even if he took a bit of damage.

But it was enough as Pinsir also landed on the makeshift web, the silky strings a bit too sticky for his liking until Samurai ordered for him to use his pincers to tear them off of him.

Violet however took advantage of his current situation. “Poison Sting!”

With that, Stinger fired a few barbs from its shell right into Pinsir’s mouth making him hack before glowing purple showing the status condition.

“That’s a cheap move!” Samurai exclaimed at the dirty tactic which made Violet glare.

It was strategy.

But the Pinsir manage to tear free of the silk and grab the Kakuna in its claws, moving to crush him with Vice Grip.

Though he would be injured it wouldn’t be enough to kill him, but Violet panicked immensely, ordering a Harden.

A loud crack was heard with Violet expecting the worst only to looked relieved as the crack turned out to be because of Pinsir’s pincers breaking as Harden looked to be enough before the effects of the poison made him fall to one knee while Stinger fell from his grip, rolling across the ground.

Gritting his teeth, Samurai quickly returned Pinsir, forfeiting him from the fight as while the damage wasn’t too severe, he knew that continuing it would have a chance at making it worse.

“Very well let’s finish this cocoon to cocoon.” Samurai said now sending out a Metapod, the green Cocoon Pokemon standing upright facing Stinger.

Tilting her head, Violet smiled. “Stinger return, I want to send Silk out.”

That made Stinger look at her in surprise, reminding Violet that he hasn’t met the Caterpie yet while Samurai quirked a brow at the interaction.

“I caught her last night you were asleep, I think it’s only fair for her to get some battling in too, right?” Violet asked with Stinger going quiet before using String Shot to latch onto the tree behind her and pulled himself to his trainer.

“Your Kakuna is… Peculiar, I’ve never seen a cocoon Pokemon move like that.” Samurai said after a few seconds of silence.

He doesn’t mean it as an insult, if anything it’s rather smart.

“Thanks.” Violet said taking it as a compliment before priming her second Pokeball. “Go Silk!”

The Caterpie gave a cry as she was let out, looking around before seeing she was in a battle against a Metapod, though she tilted her head at how the nearby Kakuna was giving her a judgmental look.

Stinger for his part was giving her a chance as if this Caterpie was traveling with them, she would be a part of this hive.

“Alright Metapod, use Harden!” Samurai ordered while Violet had Silk use Tackle.

It was going like that for a bit before Violet finally asked after the fifth time. “You caught him as a Metapod didn’t you?”

Samurai coughed a bit embarrassed by that.

It was recently discovered that with Bug Pokemon usually following a Hive Mind they can only remember the move Harden in their cocoon state while being in the wild, but if one was caught and raised by a Trainer they would retain their past moves as a cocoon as they weren’t a part of the hive mind anymore.

Seeing his embarrassment, Violet took that as confirmation and kept ordering a Tackle until the Metapod was unconscious while Samurai groaned at that. “Once more I’ve lost my honor.”

Violet actually felt a little bad, it was like kicking a baby Growlithe. “Why did you send Metapod out if he only knew Harden?” She asked curiously while Silk slowly crawled towards Stinger, making some small talk to get to know each other.

“I was hoping he had enough experience to become a Butterfree,” Samurai explained with Violet nodding at that answer. “He’s close he just needs a push.”

Stinger rolled his eyes at how Silk was boasting over her win despite how it was against a Pokemon that literally couldn’t fight back while he despite being a cocoon, took down a Pinsir which was said to be one of the stronger bug types by himself.

When he said that, Silk narrowed her eyes as she was a bit proud of her strength.

“Well you trained your Pinsir pretty well, I was surprised you had one.” Violet said while her two Pokemon were now arguing. “Where did you get him?”

“The Safari Zone, my Dad took me there on my tenth birthday to catch my first Pokemon.” Samurai said with a smile at the memory. “That was about a week ago.”

Violet squashed down a feeling of jealousy for both the rare bug Pokemon and the fact that this Samurai had a good memory of his own father in regards to her own.

Instead she turned only to stare as both Stinger and Silk covered each other in String Shot, now glaring while they were immobilized. “What in the world?”

“Hm looks like they were challenging each other, you might want to deal with that as soon as you can.” Samurai advised as despite being a cocoon his Metapod was the same way with his Pinsir at first.

Feeling her shoulders slump a bit, Violet smiled and returned them, making a promise to get them something good for Breakfast after that victory. “Thanks for the Battle, it was fun.”

“Indeed, though I lost I will train to challenge you again to regain my honor.” Samurai vowed, sheathing his sword that was still out before giving a slight bow that Violet found a bit awkward before he was gone.

After he left, Violet blinked as she realized she never asked for his name, but decided she could do that if she did run into him again.

Now it was time to eat.


The next few days passed by rather quickly, if not a bit tame compared to the first few days as the deeper she got into the forest the less trainers she ran into, not that there were many to begin with.

It was a shame because both Stinger and Silk were pretty close to evolving.

Speaking of which, Violet was pretty unsure of how to deal with the bout of competitiveness the two of them seemed to have gained as they were always trying to one-up each other.

Perhaps she could call Professor Oak and ask once she’s in Pewter City?

Ducking underneath a low hanging branch, Violet grimaced as she wiped her brow of sweat, feeling some dirt there.

She also needs a shower soon, sure she knew that traveling would make it a rather rare thing to do but this was ridiculous.

It was so bad that her hair was currently tangled in knots right now as she didn’t have them in pigtails anymore.

Frowning as she checked the time on her Pokedex, Violet muttered at the fact that it was around three in the afternoon, she’s been travelling for a good four hours today and she hasn’t run into a single wild Pokemon?

That can’t be a good sign, the forest was supposed to be full of Bug Pokemon, yet this part was empty.

So where were they-?

The Pokedex started to beep making Violet jump as she looked at it to see a radar-like feature appear with a dot nearby.

A dot that seemed to have paused and began heading her way.

What was this? Since when did the Pokedex have a radar?

The beeping became more frequent the closer the dot got as Violet primed Stinger’s Pokeball just in case only for her to hear footsteps before the bushes rustled as a kid her age walked out.

Green Oak quirked a brow at seeing Violet. “Hm? So this was why my Pokedex was acting up,” He was holding his which made Violet realize just who this was. “I didn’t think Gramps would give his second Pokedex away.”

Turning from Green to her Pokedex, Violet was relieved when the beeping stopped. “What was that about?” She asked thinking he would know.

“A feature Gramps put in there, the Pokedex’s can track each other, he had it in case one of them were ever stolen.” Green answered looking her up and down before frowning.

He didn’t see anything remarkable about her. So why did Gramps give her a Pokedex? … Or did he?

“Um, so I’m Violet.” Violet held out her hand to be nice after putting the Pokedex up, filing that function to the back of her mind for the moment. “Nice to meet you.”

“That’s debatable.” Green didn’t accept the handshake, not one to be friendly with anyone while she slowly lowered her hand. “How did you get that Pokedex?”

The question confused Violet until she realized Green didn’t know and with his explanation about the built-in tracker he probably thought she stole it.

“H-He gave it to me a few days ago.” Violet stammered out, really hoping this wouldn’t turn into a misunderstanding.

Green frowned, not sure if she was telling the truth of not before deciding to take her at her word for now.

He’ll ask Gramps when he gets to Pewter City, if he tells a different story he would take her down and turn her in to the Police.

“So if he gave that to you,” Green stressed the word if to show he didn’t really believe her. “That makes us rivals in a way.”

Violet was silent before giving a nod, seeing his point as she primed Stinger’s Pokeball while Green primed his own already seeing that he would want a battle.

But before either of them could start, Green paused and looked to the side. “You hear that?”

“Hear wha-?” Violet began only to realize the problem.

It was quiet.

During her whole time in Viridian Forest it was never quiet, she could always hear the leaves rustling, the fluttering of Pokemon flying overhead and even the soft pitter-patter of footsteps but never silence.

Green held his Pokeball warily as he looked around with Violet feeling some fear.

The ground shook as a loud stomping was heard, the two barely catching themselves before the stomping was repeated with increased frequency showing that whatever this was that scared the Pokemon it was getting closer.

Green however smirked as he had an idea of what it was. “Kept me waiting.” He said as he’s been searching for this Pokemon.

Violet gave him a confused look before the bushes nearby rustled as a large bipedal Pokemon with a brown hide that had several raised patches and a cream colored stomach that held a pouch, large cream colored ears and red eyes narrowed in fury came stomping out.

“A Kanghaskhan?” Violet asked not expecting that.

What was it doing here?

“Don’t care I’m here to catch it, don’t get in my way.” Green ordered while Violet blinked before shrugging but being a little excited at seeing it.

Kangaskhan's were said to be pretty peaceful, even to humans-. The Kangaskhan quickly proved to be the exception to that as it roared, shooting forward with a Comet Punch.

Eyes widening, the two ten year olds dove to the side right as the Kangaskhan punched the ground where they were, creating a crater.

“The heck?!” Green asked in disbelief as he’s seen Kangaskhan’s due to Professor Oak having one and this wasn’t anything like that one or any other one he’s studied before Violet noticed something that made her pale.

“The pouch is empty.”

Green gave a start and took a wary step back, a frown showing on his face.

They were dealing with a pissed off Kangaskhan that didn’t have its baby which would probably explain the actions of this Pokemon.

“Come on out!” Green ordered as he sent out his Eevee along with a Rattata and Pidgey with them immediately springing into action with Eevee and Pidgey doing a double Sand Attack while Rattata began to lower its defense with a Tail Whip.

“Double String Shot!” Violet ordered sending both Stinger and Silk out with the two Bug Pokemon doing so immediately on seeing the threat to their trainer, not wasting any time with their little competition.

“What the-?! Are those the only Pokemon you have?!” Green asked in disbelief while Violet held Stinger and Silk sat on her hat with the Kangaskhan being blind from the sand and covered in silk, struggling to move.

“Yes.” Violet said while Green made a face of annoyance.

“Gramps gave the Pokedex to a Bug Catcher.” He couldn’t believe it with Violet glaring, but the Kangaskhan roared, reminding them of the situation while it broke through the string shot and ran towards their voices. “We’ll continue this afterwards.”

What a jerk. ’ Violet seethed silently as they both dodged another Comet Punch while Violet finally scanned the Kangaskhan only to be surprised as it couldn’t measure its level for some odd reason.

Instead it was saying error and from how Green frowned he got that too.

“Something isn’t right.” Green muttered watching as Stinger used String Shot to launch himself into the air and fire a barrage of Poison Stings at the Kangaskhan while Silk covered him by using String Shot.

Eevee was now using Growl to lower this Pokemon’s attack power with Pidgey keeping the Sand Attack up, adding Gust to make a bit of a sand twister that surrounded the Kangaskhan who began to glow purple showing that Stinger managed to poison it.

“You think it’s using Rage?” Violet asked with Green considering that as it would explain the strength it was showing.

She did take the time to scan Green’s Pokemon, especially the Eevee but she was surprised to see their levels with the Pidgey and Rattata being 14 while the Eevee was 16.

This guy was definitely stronger than she was.

“Perhaps, if we can weaken it we should be able to catch it.”

That earned an incredulous look from Violet. “You still want to catch that?!” She asked thinking this was the worst possible time to be adding it to a team.

Even if they do catch it, this Pokemon was too strong to respect them at their current level.

“I didn’t say it would be easy and quiet, just because its eyesight is impaired doesn’t mean its hearing is.” Green hissed with Violet clamming up. “If we catch it we can turn it over to the authorities and prevent anyone else from stumbling on it if we manage to escape, but plain Pokeballs won’t work.”

“So what’s the plan?” Violet whispered with Green furrowing his brow in thought before he searched through his bag and pulled out an Ultra Ball. “Where did you get that?!”

Ultra Balls were notoriously hard to get and were very expensive.

“Gift from Gramps, I was saving it for an emergency which this certainly qualifies as.” Green said while the Kangaskhan was proving to still be dangerous as it spun its tail around to catch Eevee and Rattata to send them flying. “We need to immobilize it.”

“Leave that to me.” Violet said getting an idea. “Stinger launch yourself into the air again and fire String Shot at the ground all around Kangaskhan! Silk you fire directly at her.”

As the two Bug Pokemon moved to follow those orders, the Kangaskhan finally located them due to their hushed voices and charged forward for what looked to be another Comet Punch.

However something unexpected happened before they could carry out the plan.

The Kangaskhan’s eyes widened as she gripped her chest in pain, shivering before falling over with quite a thud.

“Did she-?” Violet couldn’t finish her sentence in shock while Green frowned and took out the Pokedex, scanning the unmoving Kangaskhan to see that there were no more vitals.

“She died.” Green stated in a simple tone, leaving for Violet to nod. “But why did she die? There’s no way we were the cause of it.”

“So what happened?” Violet went to ask only for both Stinger and Silk to glow bright showing that some good came from this situation.

Stinger began to change shape as stingers pierced the skin of the cocoon to rip it open showing a bipedal yellow wasp-like Pokemon with red eyes and a yellow body with black stripes having three cone shaped stingers. Two silver ones on its arms and a sharp yellow one on its lower body, a buzzing noise emitted when its wings began to move.

Silk on the other hand changed into a Metapod that wasn’t so different from Samurai’s.

Violet almost wanted to cheer at this happening.

Finally Stinger was fully evolved and Silk was in her second stage. She was really becoming a genuine Bug Catcher.

But given the situation, Violet felt that cheering wouldn't be right.

Green however scoffed with an eye roll given how he's already fought Beedrills and Butterfrees belonging to other Bug Catchers.

Instead, he glanced back at the Kangaskhan with narrowed eyes, wondering what happened. Why did this Pokemon attack them? Why did she suddenly die?

He had so many questions and not enough answers.

So he turned to walk off, only to stop as he passed by Violet, giving her a cold look that caught her off guard. “If you want to be a trainer worthy of using the Pokedex you need to rethink your team.” He said to her which made Violet tense, having some mild flashbacks to the teasing from when she caught Stinger. “Bug Pokemon won’t get you far.”

Stinger seemed to take offense to that from how he was buzzing, with his forearms twitching, but Green’s Eevee, Rattata and Pidgey gave him a warning growl making him tense as he knew how strong they were to him currently.

“You can take my advice or leave it, I don’t care which.” Green left it at that as he walked off, not caring how Violet glanced down at the ground.


Unknown to them, a figure was watching from a few trees, using Binoculars to keep track of everything. “Admin this is Proton,” The figure said wearing a black uniform with a red R on the front, a black hat covering his green hair. “The subject is deceased, it would seem that the serum was too much for it.”

A sigh was heard on the other end. “ Unfortunate but not unexpected, the experiment still provided some unique results and now we know that recently hatched Pokemon won’t be able to handle the sudden increase in power, anything else?

“Yes, it attacked two trainers, some kids who are most likely rookies.”

... And they survived? Interesting, ” The Admin sounded intrigued before shaking it off. “ But inconsequential, fall back to base Grunt.

Proton made a face at being reminded of his rank before giving a nod, taking another look at the two kids before deeming them nothing to worry about.

To Be Continued...

Party Data


Name: Stinger

Species: Beedrill

Type: Poison/Bug

Gender: Male

Nature: Naughty (Up Attack/Down Sp. Defense)

Characteristics: Capable of taking hits. (Up Defense)

Lv.  12

Caught at Lv. 3

Ability: ???

Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden and Fury Attack

2nd Pokemon

Name: Silk

Species: Metapod

Type: Bug

Gender: Female

Nature: Bold (Up Defense/Down Attack)

Characteristics: Thoroughly Cunning (Up SP. Attack)

Lv. 8

Caught at Lv. 5

Ability: Shed Skin

Moves: Tackle, String Shot and Harden