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Trials of a Bug Catcher-Kanto Arc

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“She can’t be serious.”

“Did she really say that?”

“Pft, as if.”

A young ten year old girl was silent as she kept her head down, her black hair pulled into pigtails, wearing a simple white sleeveless shirt, blue shorts and brown boots.

She squirmed underneath the gazes of disbelief of the other kids from the Viridian City Trainer School during recess where some of the kids would play with their Pokemon, after her declaration now wondering if she should’ve just kept her mouth shut.

She was already known as the weird kid who doesn’t talk much, but now they’ll have more ammunition to think she was weird.

That was proven as there was some laughter while a blonde haired girl gave her a taunting look, wearing a blue vest over a black shirt and a black skirt. “Really? Out of any Pokemon you decided to train, you chose Bugs?” She asked, a smirk on her face making the young girl grit her teeth in silent anger. “I knew you were weird, but this pushes it doesn’t it Violet?”

Violet Hawke wanted to glare at the blonde, but she kept her sea green eyes looking down, instead just clenching a fist.

Lucy Anders, the top student at the Trainer School due to her having an evolved Pokemon in the form of a Nidorina along with a Spearow. She also had a Winning streak against the other kids who just have Pokemon like Pidgey, Mankey and Rattata.

Due to her ego and the winning streak, Lucy was a bit of a brat, always looking down on others and one of her favorite targets was Violet due to her quiet nature and how she didn’t have a Pokemon like the other kids.

Well at least until now as Violet had a Pokeball clipped on her belt.

One containing a Weedle she just caught the other day as it was a bit too close to the City which was great luck for her.

“Don’t you know that bugs are the weakest types around?” Lucy asked, a frown on her face for not getting much of a reaction from Violet. “I mean even a Magikarp is better than them, at least that one evolves into a Gyarados.”

“Bugs can be strong too!” Violet finally stood up for her Pokemon, giving Lucy a look.

That just made Lucy laugh. “It’s simple logic that they aren’t, that’s why real Trainers don’t use them,” She said as Violet’s body shook in anger. “None of the Elite Four have a single Bug Pokemon on their team and neither do the Gym Leaders.”

“I-but-well.” Violet stuttered, trailing off as she wasn’t sure how to counter that.

Lucy’s grin widened at seeing that.

“And girls shouldn’t use bugs either, they’re icky and gross,” Lucy continued, demeaning Violet who looked close to crying at this moment. “Then again I guess you’re an exception… Creepy Vi.”

That made Violet tense up, rather horrified by that new nickname.

Creepy Vi?

Some of the kids looked pretty uncomfortable with the obvious display of bullying, yet no one spoke up. They were unwilling to be targeted by Lucy who despite her personality could easily destroy them in a battle.

Plus a lot of them did agree with her about the opinions on Bug Pokemon.

“Like the nickname? I think it’s perfect for you.”

Violet couldn’t take it anymore as she ran past Lucy, trying not to let anyone see her cry, but Lucy just rolled her eyes thinking that Violet was just being a baby.

She’ll never make it as a trainer like that.


Violet didn’t know how long she ran, not caring that she was now skipping the rest of school.

She just wanted to get away from there, tears now streaming down her face.

So she kept running, until she was out of Viridian City, heading south to where Route 1 would be.

Route 1 was a place in between Viridian City and a small town called Pallet Town where only Pokemon like Pidgey and Rattata could be found with the occasional Spearow.

Eventually, Violet stopped running with her back to a tree as she pressed up against it, slowly sliding down until she was sitting, now hugging her legs as she let out a choked sob.

Why couldn’t they just leave her alone? She never bothered them or judged them for the Pokemon they liked. They had no right to judge her for the Pokemon she liked.

Why was it such a big deal that she liked bug types?

… Why couldn’t she just kept her mouth shut about her love for those types?

She was so excited to finally have a Pokemon that she told someone what Pokemon it was and when they made a comment about him being a weak Pokemon she declared that she wanted to be a Bug Trainer without thinking.

Then that whole ordeal happened.

The Pokeball on her waist wiggled as the Weedle let himself out being a foot tall, coming up to her shin while being a yellowish color. It’s body was segmented into spheres with two pink feet being on each segment and a rather large pink nose, a stinger sat on both its head and its tail.

Currently the Weedle was giving her a concerned look with his black eyes, crawling up to her.

“I’m fine Stinger.” Violet sniffled, quickly rubbing her eyes despite how the Bug Pokemon didn’t look too convinced.

Ever since she caught him two days ago, the Weedle was oddly respectful of her, it wasn’t until she looked it up that when a Hive-like Pokemon was caught they would think of whatever team they were on as a new Hive with the trainer being in the same category of a Hive Queen.

So it made sense for Stinger to be concerned for her state at the moment.

Eventually, Stinger crawled up her body until he was on her shoulder, rubbing the side of his face against her cheek in an effort to cheer her up, seeing some Pokemon do this to their trainers, though he kept his head tilted to avoid poisoning her by mistake.

Violet sniffled as she let out a small giggle, this action was actually a bit ticklish to her.

After a few seconds with Stinger now moving to curl up on her lap, Violet spoke.

“Well show them.” She promised despite not being too sure about herself. “Once you’re a Beedrill and we have more bugs on the team, we’ll be strong.”

Stinger gave a cry of agreement, wanting to be strong for his new hive.

That made Violet give a soft smile, rubbing Stinger’s middle body with the bug Pokemon loving that action.

Looking up at the sky, Violet winced as she knew she would be in trouble when she went back to school the next day.

But right now she didn’t care.


The sun was just beginning to set as Violet got up to walk home, only spending the day sitting with Stinger who she was now carrying in her arms.

None of the wild Pokemon bothered her as she avoided the tall grass where they liked to hide. Not really confident in her ability to face them.

It wasn’t until she was on the outskirts of Viridian City that something interesting happened.

She walked into an elderly man who was carrying a briefcase in one hand and a box of parts in the other, none of them seeing an item fall out of the box.

“S-Sorry.” Violet apologized, not looking up to meet the man’s eyes as she had trouble doing that with people.

“It’s quite alright, I should’ve been watching where I was going.” The man said as Violet could make out a white lab coat over a red shirt and tan pants. “Are you heading home?”

After a second, Violet gave a nod, not sure what else there was to say, feeling the man’s eyes on her before they looked down to Stinger, who stared at him defiantly.

The man chuckled, amused by the defiant nature of the Weedle, assuming it was either Rash, Brave or Naughty in Nature.

Violet tensed, thinking he was chuckling at the idea of her having a Bug Pokemon.

“How long have you had that Weedle?” The man asked curiously as he could already see a close bond growing between the two.

“... Two days.”

That made the man quirk a brow in surprise.

Sure Weedles were known to take to trainer teams as a new hive, but it took at least a few weeks for them to fully integrate into being a trained Pokemon. Yet this one was clearly affectionate and looked to be overprotective towards the young girl.

With that said he gave a closer look at the girl, now seeing that she hasn’t looked up to see his face, so it was most likely she didn’t know who he was.

A rather rare thing these days.

But he had a schedule to keep.

“Well I wish you a safe walk home young lady.” The man said with a gentle smile as he walked off with Violet not doing anything until he was gone as she sighed in relief.

At least he didn’t seem judgmental.

She went to walk on only to see a strange item on the ground.

It was a red rectangular item with a blue orb on the upper left part.

Curious she picked it up and realized it could open like a book and the inside looked to be some sort of computer.

“What is this?” Violet whispered watching it turn on right as Stinger leaned in, unknowingly being caught by the blue orb that turned out to be a camera with it taking a picture of Stinger.

Pokemon Registered, ” The device said nearly making Violet drop it with a shriek. “ Weedle, the Hairy Bug Pokemon.

“W-What?” Violet asked with the computer screen lighting up to show the picture of Stinger that it took before a bunch of information showed up.

Pokemon #13

Species: Weedle

Gender: Male

Current Level: 3

Height: 1’0

Weight: 7.1 lbs.

Ability: Run Away- Allows the Pokemon to escape from battle with relative ease.

Nature: Naughty

Characteristic: Capable of taking hits

Moves: Poison Sting and String Shot.

Information: Often found in Forests where it eats its weight in leaves every day, it’s stinger secretes a venom specifically designed to take a Pokemon out by paralyzing their body. Though poisonous it won’t kill unless it or its hive is threatened.

Needed for Evolution: Raise to Level 7

Next Form: Kakuna

Registration Done.

“Whoa.” Violet whispered at seeing all of this information, though she was confused by what she saw.

Nature? Characteristic? Level?

But it gave a ton of other information too, like the types of berries that Weedle would enjoy, different recipes for food that would make them healthy.

This would be extremely useful to hav-.

Violet quickly shook those thoughts from her head.

She can’t keep this, it probably belongs to that guy she bumped into. And it would be stealing if she just takes this home.

He was obviously heading to Pallet Town, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find him. ’ Violet thought as she turned to move, surprising Stinger. ‘ If I need to, I can ask around for whoever wears a lab coat over a red shirt.

But it’ll take a good hour to get to Pallet Town so there’s a chance that she won’t get home until late at night.

For once it’s a good thing that her Dad works at Saffron City.

As she ran however, Violet gave a cry as a Rattata leapt at her, coming out of nowhere in the tall grass.

In response to the threat against his new Queen, Stinger leapt down from her arms to combat this new threat while Violet was unsure of herself given how this would be Stinger’s very first battle.

As Stinger got ready, the Device beeped once more.

Rattata the Mouse Pokemon. Bite’s anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common sight in many places. Current Level is 3. Gender: Female.

Unlike the detailed explanation it gave for Stinger, this one didn’t show the ability or moves, but Violet didn’t care as the Rattata ran at Stinger with a Tackle, so she reacted.

“String Shot!” Violet ordered wanting to scare the Rattata away.

Listening to her, Stinger fired a strand of silk from his mouth, blinding the Rattata as a blue aura surrounded her showing her speed being lowered in the process.

He quickly followed up with a Poison Sting while the mouse was struggling with the String Shot, slamming into her with his stinger, injecting a small toxin within the Mouse as she glowed purple showing the condition.

Gritting her teeth the Rattata managed to Tackle Stinger, using her ears to locate him, sending him rolling but he responded by immediately getting up to do another Poison Sting on Violet’s command resulting in the Rattata being knocked out and sent flying back into the Tall Grass.

“We… Did it?” Violet whispered not expecting that when the Device beeped again.

Congratulations your Weedle has gained a level.

Eyes widening, Violet opened it to see the Level bar showing the number four as opposed to the three from earlier.

“How does this work?” Violet whispered before she saw that it showed a bar detailing his health and the Tackle took him down to half while the Rattata’s bar was empty.

She really needed to be more careful.


It took nearly two hours to get close to Pallet Town as the Wild Pokemon were a bit more aggressive at night, especially with how she was running which kept them awake.

Due to that Stinger had to fight off quite a few of them and the Mini Computer she had said he was at Level 5 but his ‘Health’ was in the red showing how it would’ve been bad to keep fighting. Thankfully the Pokemon Stinger fought were scanned to be around Level 2, so they didn’t do too much damage.

Though she still didn’t understand it, but Violet was beginning to learn that it basically measures its strength, which made it useful because she didn’t really chance battling if the wild Pokemon was higher than 2.

But she was really hoping that they would be able to get to Pallet Town without fighting anymore wild Pokemon. Getting back however would be another thing.

Especially since she won’t have this device to help fight on the way back.

“We should really look into buying potions.” Violet whispered with Stinger still looking ready to fight despite being exhausted. “When we get back home you’ve definitely earned some honey soaked leaves with some sliced Oran Berries.”

Stinger perked up at the mention of the treat, already envisioning himself eating that meal.

If he could drool, he would be doing that right now.

“After it!”

The sudden voice made Violet jump as she could hear heavy footsteps before a strange Pokemon she’s never seen before shot out of the forest, flying towards her.

It looked to be a pink feline-like Pokemon with a rather long tail and stubby paws with large blue eyes.

As it’s eyes met hers, Violet didn’t pay much attention to the device in her hands taking a picture of the creature, adding its info to it.

She was mesmerized by the unknown Pokemon.

And that was before it suddenly veered and turned towards her, glowing right as it became a Caterpie with her eyes widening as it landed in her arms next to Stinger who glared at the intruder.

Violet barely had time to process seeing the creature use Transform, a move she thought only Ditto could learn, before the footsteps got louder when a group of people wearing black uniforms with a red R emblem on their chest burst into the clearing.

“Damn it, which way did it go?!” One of them shouted.

“It clearly went this way, it couldn’t have gotten far.”

The way they spoke made Violet tense as she realized why this strange Pokemon did that.

It was hiding from them.

It didn’t take long for one of those guys to notice her. “Hey girly, did you see a strange Pokemon?!”

“I-wha-? Violet asked, not sure what to say with being put on the spotlight like that while she was very aware of the disguised Pokemon looking at her.

“Answer the damn question!” The guy ordered, sounding very impatient with Violet flinching in fear, trying not to whimper.

“Relax, it’s a kid.” Another guy said, rolling his eyes before turning to look at Violet, seeing the two bug Pokemon in her arms and deeming them unimportant. “It’s a pink Pokemon that can fly, did you see it?”

Wanting them gone, Violet moved the disguised Pokemon to the same arm with Stinger and pointed in another direction, scared that they would find out she was technically lying.

Thankfully they believed she was too scared to lie as they all ran in the direction she pointed, not wasting any time.

It was quiet as their footsteps dissipated and after a few seconds the unknown Pokemon changed back and flew out of Violet’s arms, at eye level with the girl before its tail poked her nose in a way of saying thanks.

Violet barely had time to register that when it flew off in the opposite direction.

“What-?” Violet wasn’t sure what to say about this experience.

Who were those people? What Pokemon was that?

After a few seconds Violet was pretty sure she didn’t want to know.


It was pretty late as Violet made it to Pallet Town, looking physically and mentally exhausted from that strange ordeal.

Using the device, Violet was able to see that it was around eight at night which made her wince.

It’ll be late by the time she gets back home.

But she was here… Now where to find this guy?

Stinger yawned in her arms, making Violet give him a sad smile as she pulled out his Pokeball to return him. “Thank you, get some rest.” She said to the bug.

She’ll make sure to keep her promise of that meal after she gets back home.

Not many people were out at this time and Violet was wondering if she should’ve waited until after school the next day to come here, but she wasn’t sure if she should head back at the moment while she bit her lip in concern.

What do I do? ’ Violet asked herself only to see a rather large building with its lights on, the moonlight showing a windmill blowing lazily in the field behind the house.

It was a rather large field that went into the small forest near Pallet Town and after a few seconds of thinking on it, Violet decided to head to that place.

Perhaps whoever lives there could help her find that old guy?

Making it to the door after climbing a ridiculous amount of stairs, Violet looked pretty tired as she rang the bell, waiting for a bit before hearing footsteps coming towards the door.

The last thing Violet expected when it opened was the same man she was trying to find.

“Yes, what is it-? Hm?” The man looked visibly surprised at seeing Violet though she did hear a bit of an annoyed tone before that. “Weren’t you that girl I met on Route 1?”

Now that she was seeing his face, Violet swore she saw him somewhere before, but she swallowed nervously and pulled out the device, holding it out to the man who looked even more surprised.

“Y-You dropped this when I bumped into you,” Violet mumbled, with man barely hearing her. “Sorry about that.”

The surprise turned into a smile showing gratitude as the man accepted the device back from her. “It’s quite alright,” He said happy to have this device back before he saw some smudges on it and opened it to see some dirt on the inside. “You turned it on didn’t you?”

He didn’t sound accusatory, only amused while Violet fidgeted. “I didn’t mean to.”

“I would’ve been surprised if you didn’t to be honest,” The man said with a laugh, knowing how curious children could be, noting how tired Violet seemed to be. “Do you wish to come in?”

The second the question left his mouth, Violet hesitated, unsure if she should accept the offer or not as while the man seemed friendly, he was still a stranger.

Seeing her hesitation, the man continued. “It’s rather late and if you live in Viridian City, you won’t be able to make it back until it’s really late and you look like you’re about to fall over,” He said to her. “It’s only for tonight.”

Thinking it over, Violet slowly gave a nod, knowing the man was right.

So the man stepped to the side and let her in and before long they were in what looked to be a study as the man placed the device on a nearby desk. “Do you wish to call your parents?” The man offered as there was a video phone in the room, but he was surprised when Violet shook her head.

But the fact that the man offered that did earn some trust from Violet while the man sat at his desk, cupping his chin in thought.

“Do you know who I am?” He asked curiously.

Violet shook her head again much to his amusement.

“Yet you managed to track my house down?”

“I didn’t know this was your house.” Violet looked down when she spoke, her fingers twitching a bit. “The lights were on and I thought I could ask for whoever wore your outfit.”

That reasoning made the man chuckle. “Very well, my name is Samuel Oak.”

The second that name left his mouth, Violet’s head snapped up with her eyes wide.

Samuel Oak? The Samuel Oak?!

The world’s most famous Pokemon Professor and a former Kanto Champion?!

“Ah I see you’ve heard of me,” Professor Oak said in amusement, smiling a bit. “But enough on that you really helped save my research by delivering the Pokedex to me.”

The name of the device snapped Violet out of her surprise. “Pokedex?”

“The Pokemon Encyclopedia Index, or Pokedex for short,” Professor Oak explained to the young girl. “It’s a very unique device I invented and one of the only two in existence. It’s more of a prototype of something I want to build. Tell me how exactly did you use it?”

Violet swallowed a bit as she looked down. “When I opened it, it scanned Stinger and told me a lot of stuff that confused me, but it also helped out against the Wild Pokemon that attacked on my way here,” She explained to the Professor. “If it wasn’t for that device I wouldn’t have made it here.”

“I see.” Professor Oak said, cupping his chin in thought. “And I assume it helped out with the wild Pokemon on your way?”

Slowly Violet gave a nod. “The Pokedex said something about levels though, why?”

That made Professor Oak grin wryly as while this was an unintentional field test for this particular Pokedex, it will provide very useful information to research. “I wanted to try and measure how strong a Pokemon was in an area and on a trainers team, so I tried numbers called it the level function where it took off from there,” He sounded rather proud of that part. “As a lot of Pokemon evolve at a certain level I say it works pretty well.”

Violet couldn’t help but be amazed by the device. “You said it was a prototype?”

“Yes, I still need to work on it quite a bit, it’s main function is to scan a Pokemon and tell it’s strength’s, weaknesses, usual habitats and any information on them that would provide me with a ton of research,” Professor Oak explained, happy that Violet was listening despite how tired she was. “It’s a long way off from being complete though… What’s your name?”

“V-Violet Hawke.” Violet stammered out to the man.

“Do I have your word that you won’t tell anyone about this device?” Professor Oak asked in a serious tone that made Violet tense. “While it’s still a prototype it does provide a lot of info that would make people want to take it for themselves.”

While unsure of that, Violet was wondering why Professor Oak wanted to hide it, but decided she didn’t want to know, instead she gave a nod.

Just like that the serious look was gone as Professor Oak looked friendly once more.

“Alright I’ll show you to the Guest Room where you can stay the night Violet.”

As the Professor walked by her, Violet bit her lip and decided to ask. “Professor Oak, I actually have a question”

“Hm?” The Professor paused to glance at her to see that she looked away, as if nervous.

As she went to ask her question, she heard the same voices from earlier going through her head.

She can’t be serious.

Did she really say that?

“I want to know if,” Violet paused in her question as she shook. “If-...”

Don’t you know that bugs are the weakest types around?

It’s simple logic that they aren’t, that’s why real Trainers don’t use them. None of the Elite Four have a single Bug Pokemon on their team and neither do the Gym Leaders.

“Is it possible to be strong with a team of Bug Pokemon?”

The second that question left her mouth, the Professor looked surprised, not expecting that Question from such a young girl.

She shook a bit at the silence, thinking the Professor would say no, to outright laugh at that given the stigma about bugs.

“You want to be a Bug Trainer?” Professor Oak answered with a question.


Professor Oak let the silence continue, thinking on that question. “Tell me, what is strength to you when it comes to Pokemon?” He asked curiously. “Is it having a team of powerful Pokemon, having the rarest? Being unbeatable?”

Not knowing why he was asking these questions, Violet shrugged.

“You don’t know?” Professor Oak sounded a little disappointed but he quickly hid it. “To answer your question. Yes and no.”

Now he was just confusing Violet who tilted her head to the side.

“Any Pokemon can be strong depending on the trainer, no matter their type or what Pokemon they are.” Professor Oak gave a short lecture to her. “What matters most is your bond with the Pokemon. Do you view them as tools or as friends?”

Violet looked down in thought at hearing this.

This was something they never taught in Trainer School, they always taught about certain Pokemon, Type Advantages, where to find them, how to catch them.

Never a philosophical debate like this.

But Violet knew her answer.

“I want to view them as family.” Violet said hating the idea of someone viewing Pokemon as tools.

That answer made Professor Oak smile as he could tell she really meant it. “Never change that attitude and you will make it far as a Trainer.”


Professor Oak smiled as he sat back in his study after letting Violet take the Guest Room, holding the Pokedex in his hands.

It was the only one he had at the moment as he gave the second one to his Grandson Green to have him test it out for him and gather information on the Pokemon in Kanto.

He was horrified that it was gone when he made it back to the Lab after picking up his order at the Viridian City Pokemart, he didn’t know where he dropped it or if anyone stole it from him.

Then Violet ended up tracking him down to deliver it to him.

The fact that she did that instead of keeping it said a lot about her as most people on discovering what a Pokedex could do would keep it for themselves.

A bit curious about how it was used, Professor Oak turned it on and the first thing he saw was her Weedle’s current status with him slowly recovering due to sleeping right now and the Level it was determined to be when it first scanned him.

Besides that it showed that she ran into three different Pokemon so he checked the first two to see they were just Rattata and Pidgey’s, common Pokemon that he’s studied quite a bit already. And it showed the number of times she ran into said Pokemon.

It was when he got to the third Pokemon however that his eyes widened and he sat up rather quickly.

Was he reading this right?

“Mew?” Professor Oak asked recognizing the Pokemon from both blurry pictures and whenever there were ruins discovered with this Pokemon on the wall as a hieroglyphic.

No one ever got a good look at Mew, leaving for people to believe that the Phantom Pokemon was only a Myth.

Yet for this Pokedex to register it, that meant that Violet saw the Legendary Pokemon.

Violet has seen a Pokemon that most people brush off as a myth, many people would go their entire lives without seeing a Legendary and yet she saw one. The fact that she didn’t mention it could be because she didn’t know what it was.

Professor Oak was definitely going to ask her about that encounter tomorrow.

Closing the Pokedex, the Professor looked at it in thought, an idea coming to him.

While Green was doing a marvelous job with his Pokedex, he was still one person and scanning all the local Pokemon in Kanto would take awhile. What if he gave this second one to Violet and have her help out?

After all she knows what it is and that saves a lot of time explaining it to someone else, she was certainly polite and had a good head on her shoulders given everything that happened so she could be perfect for this.

But should he do this? By giving this to her he would be making her an assistant to his research and that required her to travel which meant he would be pulling her out of the trainer school, taking her on as a protege, much like his Grandson.

And traveling was pretty dangerous.

Thinking more on it, Professor Oak came to a decision.

To Be Continued...

Party Data


Name: Stinger

Species: Weedle

Type: Poison/Bug

Gender: Male

Nature: Naughty (Up Attack/Down Sp. Defense)

Characteristics: Capable of taking hits. (Up Defense)

Lv. 5

Caught at Lv. 3

Ability: Run Away

Moves: Poison Sting and String Shot