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Pulling Heaven Down

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Tower of the Heavens Official Records
Last entry of the Gods Era, First entry of the Despair Era

Cho Inyoon, Omega High Priest, Second hand to the Moon
Year of the Gods 520
Third Day
Second Week
Month of the Rabbit


I write this entry with the heaviest of hearts and a guilt weighing down my shoulders. As the Highest Priest to our sacred God King of the moon, I have committed the highest of sins, treason against our Kings. I do not wish to absolve myself of my crimes, or any that partook in our plot, but as a matter of order I write this record as explanation of our actions.

For one hundred years, as told by my predecessors, the God Kings have quarreled. The reason for their fighting is not for mortals to understand, or question, but their fights spilling out into the countryside has caused concern. The priests of both Omega and Alpha have tried to quell their anger, but a God's heart burns with a passion that cannot be sated except by another God.

For one hundred years, us mortals have lived in fear of being caught between the Alpha Sun and Omega Moon. Their fighting has scorched farmland, killed livestock and decimated towns. Ordinary people have lost their lives, too many to count. The skies have burned red, and the rivers have turned to blood. We feared the end would come when the Gods would destroy each other, taking the world with it.

I, and the Alpha High Priest, my mate and partner for the rest of our days could not sit by and watch everything we hold dear be destroyed. With the Council at our backs, we consulted with the Mother, and she granted us the power to stay the Gods and keep them from destroying us. She told us the price it would cost us, for a thousand years of peace we would face hardships of the land. We would persevere, but we would not thrive. We would not grow as a people, as a nation.

As the purveyor of our people's soul and faith, I knew it would be much to ask, but I saw no alternative.

A thousand years of peace is worth the cost.

I beseech you who read this in the eras to come; when the God Kings are released from their prison, when they are released from the hold the Mother has on them, end their fighting. No mates, Gods or Kings, should fight so viciously.

I wish you good luck, and are able to do what I was not capable of doing.