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Succubus Half

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Castle Aensland, Scotland, The Middle Ages

Morrigan went back over the particulars of her plan as she watched the subject of her ire read a copy of one of the white magic books that one of her ancestors tossed in her library after turning it’s previous owner. It had been a simple plan, with absolutely nothing that could have gone wrong. How wrong she’d been.
Oh, the beginning of the plan went perfectly. She’d headed to the castle of the local self-proclaimed king, who had been making quite the wrong comments about the Aensland family holdings, hearing about his beautiful, innocent and gentle daughter from a bard. The bard was delicious, the information accurate. She was indeed beautiful, exuding a calm and peaceful aura.
She’d planned to turn her, to make her into a daemonic ‘dark princess’ who would act as her proxy, allowing her to get revenge on the lord for the audacity in claiming her lands as part of his own holdings. That's where it went wrong. Instead of being corrupted, Morrigan found the girl had retained a level of free agency that meant, when her mortality was claimed, the wings that developed were a greyish colour and lightly feathered, turning white in short order.
Even worse, the reliquary that was created was a golden pendant, with a bright white stone, flawless like a diamond. She knew what needed to be done, but Morrigan found herself caring about the abomination, and giving her cuddles and soft touches, naming her as her daughter in short order.
Morrigan mused that maybe Jedah hadn’t been as thorough as he thought in removing that pesky taint on her soul, for her to create and care about a white-winged succubus, and even dote on her and name her as her heir…
Oh, Yes, while she might have the pure soul of an angel, Morrigan admitted, she still had taken on the countenance and allure of a succubus. Given a few centuries, she’d be just as kinky and fun as any other succubus, but she would never permanently take on dark or coloured wings. She would always have white.
Admittedly, Morrigan decided, Those features that made her so beloved by her father and his staff also would likely make mortals drop their guard further, and, when she took a prince to her bedchambers, she would not be the one accused of his abrupt death. Her continued musings were interrupted by her manservant.
“Lady Aensland, Princess Aensland...” Her manservant offered, nodding to both of them, “I have found a… temporary retreat within China. A particularly wretched place, it is heavily cursed, so you will not be interrupted in whatever tasks you may need to do...”
“Excellent. China is always good for a bit of fun… Who currently rules?” She mused, allowing herself a brief smile at the fact even the most wretched of her servants referred to the white-wing as ‘Princess Aensland’, before considering that she’d need to recreate the castle when the incredibly highly paid mob had finished with it. She could tell it was highly paid. They didn’t use pitchforks.
Admittedly, she couldn’t really joke about what was happening too much, since, in this tenacious period, the princess could still die, which was why the reliquary existed. It could bring her back, but would weaken her in ways she didn’t want to consider, and the kind of rituals that brought souls back from that... might not agree with her.
"Why do we have to leave? This is my home..." She asked, Morrigan giving a crooked smile before sighing. She would have to tell a few white lies, the fact she called it ‘her home’ making Morrigan’s heart break a little in what she was saying, spinning it with some of her own desires for the beautiful girl in front of her, the literal light of her life.
“I do not want to lose you and I have things I wish to teach you about your new bloodline and heritage… Your light gives hope for the future of my clan, that we will be able to walk amongst your former kin, accepted...” Morrigan stated, spinning a lovely yarn for her.
She doubted Belial would even give her the time of day before he smited her, since he considered angels and their kind to be reprehensible, Morrigan’s last happy memory of her being as she made the book she was reading disappear, effectively sealing it away for her own future use. When Morrigan returned to the castle, several years later, her reliquary was around her neck, it’s golden setting blackened and bent, the jewel bisected by a jagged crack, the light within barely a flicker.
In an accident, she’d drowned, and now, she was dead... and from how the reliquary acted, it was not a death she could just undo.

For the next several centuries, even when the odd halfling Lilith came into her life, made up of the tainted part of her soul, giving her part of what she craved from the loss of her daughter, she cursed Jusenkyo, and she likely would forever… unless, of course, there was a way to bring at least some of her daughter back...


Scotland, The Present Day
“Morrigan! Morrigan!” Lilith’s voice called, making Morrigan rub her temples. What had that damn halfling done NOW?!?
She ran into the room with a chest that was positively vibrating in her hands, cracks running across it's surface…
Oh yes, she’d be killing her shortly. Very shortly. That was a very familiar chest, inside which she had placed the cracked and broken remains of her daughter’s reliquary as it fell apart, due to the inability of resurrecting her ‘daughter’. She’d ordered Lilith to never touch it, and right now, it was doing something abnormal. Meaning she obviously ignored her.
“You know that chest you told me never to touch, on fear that you’d send me back to the void which birthed me?” Lilith stated, looking very worried at Morrigan’s scowl. Morrigan mentally frowned, since she pretty much admitted she knew she was about to get smited. Or worse.
“You touched it, didn’t you?” Morrigan growled, “It is to be...”
“I didn’t touch it… at first. I just felt a warm feeling, and found the chest shaking on the shelf...” Lilith declared, “I brought it right to you!”
The sound of the box cracking made Morrigan’s eyebrow raise. Lilith managing to catch the contents as the chest vibrated to pieces, Morrigan hissing at the blinding light from the restored reliquary. She had been able to stand her daughter’s reliquary before, this was something more. After a metal bowl was slammed down over it, Morrigan wincing at the fact even that was showing fractures, Lilith gulped as Morrigan’s scowl broke into a massive grin.
“You can smite me now if you want...” Lilith gulped, expecting she had done something very very wrong.
“Oh, Lilith, You are forgiven… You are so so forgiven! Lucien, Mudo! We are going out, we may be some time...” Morrigan crowed. Things were looking up if her daughter’s soul had been reborn, the covenant unbroken…
And if it was glowing this brightly, even more than when her daughter had anchored her soul to this plane, however she had returned, it would be the very real light that would give her clan a new direction, rather than a white lie. Well, Her father wasn’t around to disallow it, so she could do exactly what she’d told her she could.
Notably, Lilith was given the reliquary to wear until the glow died down, since she wouldn’t be burned by touching it wrong. That was the good thing about having her around. She could touch divine-touched artefacts without bursting into flames...

Jusenkyo, A short time earlier...
“Poor, Poor Customer, You have fallen into a blighted and cursed spring indeed...” The Guide stated as Ranma got up, shaking himself off, “A daemon fell into that spring...”
“What do you mean by that?” Ranma asked, looking confused, as well as annoyed by the fact the daemon had been a girl, not noticing the off-white wings that unfolded from her back.
“Whatever falls into that spring is cursed doubly!” The Guide lamented, “There is no way to change back, Customer...”
“You mean I’m stuck like this!?!” Ranma snapped, an anger welling up within her, for her to feel her chakra moulding into a shape that seemed oddly familiar, her hand moving forward in a punch motion as she declared ‘SOUL FLASH!’, watching as a strangely shaped fireball sent the Guide flying and her father fleeing in terror. As her arm lowered, Ranma heard, for some reason, clapping.
“She did so well, didn’t she?” A purple-haired young girl was gleefully declaring as she kicked the air, Ranma’s eyes going wide at the fact she was both naked and sunning herself atop a group of bats, a second woman in a smart suit stood nearby, not even phased by the fact.
“She should be knocking a few bad men… Maybe a few less than innocent women… dead in time,” The woman observed, “For now, who she was doesn’t matter… Does our little albino have a name?”
“Well, it was Ranma Saotome...” Ranma offered, wondering what she meant by ‘albino’, “But I suspect that isn’t going to last...”
“You restored life to my… daughter’s soul, of course your old name isn’t going to last...” The woman stated, “Lilith, please get acquainted with her, purge anything that isn’t meant to be there, while I go get something to eat. That Guide positively reeks of deceit and ignorance, but the panda…”
Ranma didn’t want to think about the fact she licked her lips at the thought of finding her father before the woman continued. “I’ll be bringing some back… He was positively radiating greed, avarice and all the really delicious sins… I’ve not seen sins of this quality in centuries. Our sisters will drink well tonight!”
Ranma blinked as the smart suit vanished, to be replaced by a look that screamed ‘Evil daemon’, the other girl shifting into a similar look, before she then directed her towards the cabin of the guide, as if she didn’t expect him to return. Ranma was sure that she hadn’t hit him that hard...

Lilith sighed. She had to gesture to get Ranma to come, as the boy-turned-girl looked towards where the older of the two daemons headed towards, part of her hoping that her father might actually survive long enough for some answers from him about what she needed to do now.
“He was practically dead already...” She mused, “The Guide, not the panda… Wonder if it was how much power you put into that Soul Flash or the impact from landing...”
She then held her hand over Ranma’s head, and a black ooze flowed up into her hand, which she poured into a cup.
“Oh my… We might need a bigger container...” Lilith mused, “But we have to do it...”
The next thing she summoned was a gallon jug, lookomg slightly woozy as she began to decant the thick ooze into the jug, Ranma finding herself remembering, slightly fuzzily, a meeting with some monks several months back, the memory fading as Lilith stopped, staggering as she lead Ranko towards the bed.
Not long later, their clothes fell away, as their bodies entwined, and nature took it’s course, more and more jugs being summoned during the breaks...

An unknown time later, Ranma woke up from where a very happy Lilith slept, feeling refreshed, almost reborn, a large jug of the tar-like liquid sat on the bedside table next to them, the woman from earlier, who Ranma somehow identified as Morrigan, walked in, pouring herself a glass from the jug, taking a drink from it.
“Whoa… You had quite the impressive ego, didn’t you just, Ran?” Morrigan declared slightly woozily, “I had to decant your former father into several rather large casks…”
“That jug is… me?” ‘Ran’ declared.
“No, That jug is Ranma Saotome. You are Ran Aensland, and recently went through a literal cleansing experience with my sister.” Morrigan stated, Lilith waking up and looking slightly shell-shocked, probably since she was doing the decanting.
“We can draw the dark parts of a person’s thoughts and experiences out of them, making what, for us, is akin to a fine wine. Admittedly, both you and your father are better compared to a good quality vodka in that state,” Morrigan added, looking at Lilith, who looked distinctly cross-eyed, “Very good quality...”
“What happened to Lilith?” Ran asked, as Lilith put her hand on her head, the black liquid that came away with it flowing much easier than the sludge in the jug.
“I highly doubt we’re going to find anything that wouldn’t send us under the table...” Morrigan mused, “Succubi feed off sin. I could bottle your former self and your father into bottles, mark it 80% proof, and keep Makai’s succubus population going for a good few years...”
“That bad?” Ran asked, after Lilith finished filling a third jug with the black liquid that was causing her hangover.
“Oh my… Ahem…” Morrigan offered, blushing as she realised what Lilith was draining out of herself, due to not being able to metabolise it, “I left what I was unable to draw out of your father to go visit some chinese amazons, which nicely cleaned up our mess for us… Lilith, when your hangover has passed, teach her how to decant sin...”
“Can we go get some chinese takeout first?” Lilith asked, blinking a few times after she finished clearing her head. Morrigan sighed.
“You and your fondness for oriental food. Let me just put the irredeemable parts of our new daughter in the wine cellar… along with her father...” Morrigan stated, as she found the rest of the jugs of pure sin, which joined the jugs of freshly decanted dilute sin.
"You are insatiable!" Ranma sighed, before, returning to the subject at hand, "Now, can you explain why I slept with Lilith, while you were busy consuming the owner of this shack and my… former father?”
“Well, The Guide was a light snack, thankfully got to him before he died, but your father… Well, I tried, ended up nearly teetotal, thankfully he was out cold, slept off the imbalance, got a few casks from my manservants...” Morrigan mused, “Oh, right… I bet you noticed what Lilith looked like when she was purifying your soul...”
“White and pink version of your outfit, not like now...” Ranma stated, Lilith now having red solid bat wings.
“Yes, and your outfit would probably be the same… good idea. Don’t shift into your succubus aspect too often,” Lilith stated, “I have to shift aspects regularly...”
"She's an... anomaly," Morrigan stated, "It does mean that she cannot feed as I can, but can deal with the difficult phases of a rebirth..."
"Rebirth?" Ranma asked, for Morrigan to conjure up a mirror, for Ranma to see that her hair had grown out partially, and was now white, with a pair of white feathered wings sticking out of the sides of her head, Lilith poking at them, for them to turn into red batwings with black membranes, her hair turning a deep red.
“Ooh nice. Yes, they will do nicely...” Lilith squealed, before calming down and stating, “We are succubi. There’s two types. One… much rarer than the other. Dark Wings are normal succubae, born of sin, clothed in sin, living in sin..."
"While you and Lilith are 'Light' Wings..." Morrigan continued, "You still have some morality, but you will find yourself choosing the path which is easy rather than the path that is 'good'..."
“Morrigan’s daughter was a pure ‘Light’ Wing, a being of, quite literally, incorruptible pure pureness, an aspect which carried across to you, your original life’s sin coming away cleanly, not sticking at all,” Lilith stated, “I’m a halfling, my soul having purity within, despite being a sinful soul, Long story, but lets just say that Morrigan isn’t as dark as she makes out...”
"Yes, Yes… Blame Jedah, Everyone else does... Leaving that, Ran-chan, You also retain some measure of human morality..." Morrigan stated, "You will encounter only a handful of people who are pious to a fault, with only that one mistake allowing us in to convert them..."
"If you or me were to convert such rare people, they would become 'light' succubae," Lilith continued, "However, if we were to allow Morrigan to enjoy them, their piety would be meaningless..."
“Only because what little purity that was left in me completely moved to Lilith’s soul, after accidentally creating what you took on,” Morrigan mused, “And we need to go to the Amazon Village anyway...”
“Oh, Why?” Lilith asked, licking her lips at the thought of a tasty amazon or two… dozen, clearly better after getting rid of the imbalance caused by overly pure sin.
“I happen to have an agreement that, when a certain spring has a victim, the spring in question now the spring of Drowned Master Martial Artist… It will be fun when someone lands in it,” Morrigan stated, Ran whistling innocently, “They were to give me one of their warriors for me or my kin to use as we see fit...”
“You’re still going to have that skill level, but it will be tempered by a...” Lilith began, wrinkling her nose as she involuntarily aspect shifted, “Untainted soul. Dammit. Always happens when I’m being preachy. Oh yes, Morrigan told me earlier about teaching you about purifying something...”
Lilith took a swig of one of the jugs she’d made, shuddering before she pulled a very realistic looking black cat out of Ran, which was soon purring as Ran tickled it under the chin, before she placed her hand over it’s head.
“Look for the taint...” Lilith whispered, “It’ll feel like an oily presence… Feel it gather in your hand...”
Ran’s nose wrinkled as she felt it, dropping the oily liquid into the jug, the cat now a snow-white. Ran then put out her hand, the cat flowing back into her.
“It was a taint, a corruption on your being, so it ended up pulled out, and is now purified. Whatever that cat represented, you will not have to deal with the problems, but the benefits will remain,” Lilith mused, shifting back again, “Now, let’s go get some chinese, and get away from light-based things. Maybe we can do like happened with Lei-chan...”
“We’re not making some Jiangshi... yet, You are terrible...” Morrigan snapped, as Ran sighed. How was she meant to learn the fun stuff then? She then felt a solid object in her hand, and took out a yellowed book and started reading it. While it was light-based magic, it was more interesting than dealing with sinful pursuits.
“Morrigan… You said you lost that book centuries ago...” Lilith moaned, “What’s Ran doing with it?”
Meanwhile, Ran wondered why Morrigan was looking at the book with mirth. She wasn't to know it was the same book the princess had ‘packed’ it all those centuries ago and, for Morrigan, proved that her daughter, in a new way, was back…