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The two souls sat there in silence after the other Heaven Officials had left, a sense of faux peace settling around them. Jun Wu lay on the ground still, with the bamboo hat covering his face as it had when Xie Lian had thrown it to him. Mei Nian Qing settled down beside him, quietly awaiting a response from his former prince, staring around at the destruction they had caused, then back to Jun Wu. It was a long while before Mei Nian Qing huffed a quiet sigh, finally shifting his position to compensate for the aches that had began to make their presence known. Still, there was no response or movement coming from the one laying before him.

Was he asleep? Or was he pretending? Mei Nian did not know. Reaching his hand out, Mei Nian gently lifted the object that obstructed his view of Jun Wu's face. Of course, after a long while of rest the three faces of his former friends had finally begun to settle down, going back to becoming just small welts on top of the otherwise unblemished face. Mei Nian trailed his eyes up Jun Wu's face, taking note of his pale lips, the chiseled jaw-line, and finally coming to rest on Jun Wu's eyes. He continued looking on, staring at the prominent eyebags on display(almost as high quality as gucci bags), when said eyes opened to reveal coal black irises filled with a semblance of amusement and weariness.

"Hm? This position seems fairly familiar don't you think? Are you going to leave me once more, now that you've seen me in this state again, Head Priest?" Jun Wu asked innocently, yet Mei Nian could hear and sense the apprehension in his voice, too proud to display his true thoughts, yet too tired to conceal them like he always did. Patting him on the head, Mei Nian sighed, "In this sort of state, its only given that I should support you, should I not? Regardless of what you do from now on, I will follow you just as promised all those centuries ago." Just as Mei Nian was about to remove his hand and lay the hat back, his wrist was snatched, his entire weight being carried forward by the momentum of Jun Wu's pull.

"Really? Not even if...I do this?"

A warm pair of lips suddenly smashed against his, shocking Mei Nian entirely, his brain short-circuited, leaving him tense in Jun Wu's embrace. Sensing his tenseness, Jun Wu began to let go, yet was pulled by the front of his robes for another kiss. The pair rolled on the ground, kissing passionately, like as if they were drowning and the other were their only source of air. Finally breaking the kiss after some intense tongue sucking, the couple lay by each other, panting yet not letting go of the other.

Breaking the quiet moment of thirsty panting, Jun Wu chuckled, "Then I suppose I'll take that as a yes?"

"...Your highness, even if the world cursed you from today onwards, I'll stay with you forever, I'll never leave you again."








And then they fucked :D