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“Let me paint your nails.”

Tyler froze at the question for a moment before he glanced back towards John. “What?” he asked. John shrugged and moved forward, a light to his eyes that showed he was already planning. “Let me paint your nails,” he repeated, “I have black if you want, or Blue to match your channel.”

The taller stared at the blonde, a look passing him before his eyes rolled. “What the fuck John? No, you aren’t painting my nails.” He moved farther into his house and the other followed, a pout appearing on his face. “Why not? Scotty and Marcel let me paint theirs, and I paint mine all the time,” he tried to convince but Tyler just shook his head again. “No.”

“Tyler,” John huffed and stood in the doorway leading outside to the deck. Tyler turned to look at him, annoyance placed on his face. “Ask again and I’m kicking you out of my house,” he threatened and John let his mouth stay shut. Feeling successful, Tyler left to join their friends, but John wasn’t done trying.

The blonde moved off the deck and to the yard, sighing softly as he moved to stand by Jaren. “What he’d say?” he heard his friend ask and he just sighed again, dramatically, and placed his head on his shoulder. “He said no,” he mumbled and looked where Tyler was, pursing his lips. “I buy all this nail-polish so I can make everyone look pretty and the guy who’s running the party doesn’t want any. Fucking lame,” he complained and leaned more against Jaren, who laughed softly and wrapped an arm around him. “Why’s it matter so much, dude?” John shrugged a little. ‘It doesn’t but… I don’t know, I thought it’d be fun to start it with him- wait. Oh, Jaren you gave a great idea,” he beamed and stood up straight. Jaren looked at him and smiled brightly. “Glad to help, John,” he replied, and melted as he was pulled into a little hug before the blonde pulled back. “Go grab Mini, both of you meet me inside,” he stated, and Jaren nodded. “Got it.”

John hurried inside with his plan devising itself into his head. He was a bit excited, really, to get to work on it, despite knowing it would take a bit.

He sat in the living room after running to get his kit, which was a bag full of nail-polish and remover, a few extra brushes, etc. He heard footsteps approaching soon enough and smiled and he smiled as both his friends came into the room. “Craig,” he greeted. Craig looked at him, faking a serious expression. “John,” he stated. They held eye contact and a serious expression the best they could till it broke and they both laughed.

“What’d you need?” the slightly shorter asked, and John gestured him to sit by him. “I’m gonna paint your nails.”

“What?” Craig asked, but he was walking to the couch regardless. “I’m gonna paint your nails cause Tyler is a bitch and won’t let me paint his,” he restated with context and Craig let out a little ‘oh’ as he sat down. “Then I’m gonna paint Jaren’s, then hopefully I can redo Marcel and Scotty’s, try and convince Evan to let me do his, get Anthony to let me paint his, etc. till Tyler’s left by himself, polish-less,” he explained and Craig nodded some. Jaren sat on the other side of John and eyed the display of polishes he placed on the floor. “Pick a color, Mini, might I suggest yellow?”

Craig hummed and leaned a bit to grab a color, picking a pastel pink one. “Paint me bitch,” he chuckled and held his hand out, “Let’s single that fucker out!”

John was happy to have supportive friends.

It took him about half an hour to get done with Craig, despite the other’s hands shaking a bit the entire time and needed to do two coats, it still wasn’t a hard process. “Alright, I’m done, but let them dry,” he mumbled, and Craig nodded, beginning to blow on his nails. He then turned to Jaren with a smile.

“Your turn Hubby,” he joked and Jaren snickered, holding a color towards John. “Black? I like your style,” John hummed and took it. “Yeah, but I want the glitter final coat,” he added, “The blue one.” John rolled his eyes as Jaren winked. “Course you do,” he chuckled and then got to work.

Craig left during the time John was painting Jaren’s nails, and Marcel came in to replace him. Jaren took about 15 minutes, thanks to him keeping steady hands and black not being the hardest color to layer. Plus, the polish wasn’t totally thick.

“Don’t eat the polish,” John threatened as he tightened the lid and Jaren stuck his tongue out before nodding and standing up carefully, shaking his hands and blowing to dry the top coat. Then, he started his way outside. Jaren then turned to Marcel. “Let me see you nails,” he mumbled and the other nodded. “Here,” he mumbled and held both his hands up. The red polish was still intact, thankfully, and he smiled. “Okay, you’re fine, go get Scott.”

Scotty’s nails were okay too, the layer of green still perfect. So, the next one was Evan, who Scotty did get to come inside at least.

“Evan,” he greeted, smiling and patting the spot by him. Evan eyed it and moved over, though he did seem to catch on as he grabbed a color right off the bag. “If you don’t make my nails as pretty as possible, I’m contacting my lawyer,” he warned him, putting the color into his hand and then holding his out. “Dark blue?” John asked, a little curious to the choice but Evan didn’t give him an answer. “Just paint them.”

It took about 15 minutes to get done with Evan, the Canadian humming softly as he looked to his nails and then stood. “Sweet, thanks John. Am I hot now?” he asked, and looked down at him. John chuckled softly and winked. “You were already hot,” he flirted and they shared a laugh before Evan began to walk off. “Send in Anthony, would ya?” he called after, and Evan let out a little ‘Okay’ before he was gone.

Anthony came in a few minutes after, smiling and waving at John. “Hey John!” he beamed and moved to sit down. “I think I’m filled in enough to know what’s happening,” he mumbled and glanced to the colors, “Scotty filled me in.”

“Does Tyler know?” John asked, watching as Anthony grabbed a color and looked it over before grabbing a yellow instead and sitting up. “Nah, but I think he’s catching one, sense almost all of have painted nails and keep coming in here, plus he’s asked where you went once or twice,” he shrugged and handed him the Yellow, John taking it with a hum. “And none of you told him?” Anthony shrugged again and held a hand out after John opened the polish. “I don’t think so, Craig might’ve dropped a hint with Jaren and Scott, they’ve been flaunting their nails. John hummed and nodded, going to work after that.

It took him twenty minutes to get done, mostly from Jiggly occasionally twitching his hand and messing John up on purpose, but they got done and John smiled, putting the brush back on the polish and then standing up, stretching. “Alright, back to the party?” he looked to Anthony who joined him in standing, kind of holding his hands still, looking panicked and John laughed. “Blow on them, idiot, and give them a little shake,” he answered the unasked question and the man nodded, doing as told and walking to leave. John cleaned up his stuff before he left the room, a smile on his face.

Once he got outside he found himself wandering over to Jaren who was by Tyler. Sneaking up behind them both, people had quickly noticed and he raised his hand to gently push them both. “Boo!”

Tyler let out a noise and Jaren shouted, both turning after that to glare at John, who stood laughing, bringing a hand to his mouth to contain it.

Jaren saw hearts after that and he pouted. “Damnit John,” he grumbled and glanced off, his face turning a little red. John could recognize that expression at least, but when he looked up at Tyler.

It was weird, really. A glare rested on the taller’s face, he didn’t look amused yet John couldn’t find any real anger in it. In fact, if he was really thinking about it, it looked similar to Jaren’s.

He snapped from his thoughts though and he blinked. “Mad, Ty?” he asked with a giggle and Tyler rolled his eyes a bit. “Shut up,” he mumbled and looked off to the side before his eyes were on John again. “Did you go and paint everyone else’s nails?” he asked, and there was no real annoyance, rather just a tiredness to the words which let John knew he won. “Mhm. You could have been first, well… third, but you didn’t want too,” he shrugged and smiled. “They all look great now though, right?”

Tyler just huffed a little bit and rolled his eyes before moving past John and towards the house, “Come on.” John watched before success lit through him and he grinned. “Yes!” he beamed and he went to walk but his hand was grabbed b Jaren. He stopped and looked over his shoulder, confused until he got a kiss on the cheek. “Take things slow there, John,” he mumbled and John blinked before nodding. “Of course.” A slow smile spread across his face and Jaren mirrored it before they pecked lips and then John pulled away and hurried after Tyler. Jaren went to join the party.

John got inside quick enough and found his way to the living room where Tyler was placed on the couch. His arms were crossed and he looked impatient, but he glanced over to John and relaxed a little. “Took you long enough,” he teased, faking the annoyance. John just smiled and moved to sit by him after he grabbed his kit. “What color?” he asked, and Tyler shrugged. “Whatever, you pick.” John nodded and dug through his kit till he pulled out a baby blue and smiled. He took the brush off and then hand his hand for Tyler’s. “Hand please.”

Tyler hesitated and then gave him his hand, John thanked him quietly and then went to work.

John was quiet when focused, occasionally humming when he moved to the next nail, or if he was trying to be extra careful. Tyler noticed it. He also noticed how focused John seemed, his eyes stuck to his hand and his mouth sealed shut in concentration. Tyler forced his eyes off of him and he tried to focus on something else but the next thing his mind went to was how oddly soft John’s hand was, and how gentle he was holding his in place.

“Okay, this one’s done,” John mumbled and Tyler moved it away, looking at it in wonder. John did a really good job with this. “It’ll take to coats, but while it’s drying, I’ll do your other hand. Give it here.” Tyler gave it to him without a word, just a nod.

It went through the same process till John was finishing his last finger with the second coat. “Aaannndd done!” He smiled and Tyler moved to pull his hand back but John held it there. “You know a really quick way to dry your nails is to blow on them? Like this,” he gently blew on Tyler’s nails and Tyler watched until John looked up, their eyes meeting and making Tyler flinch back. “Y-yeah, thanks John,” he mumbled and looked to his hand, opting to the shaking motion instead. “They um,” he paused and slowed his hand, looking to the nails and swallowing, “They look good. I… Can’t believe I’m saying that.” John smiled a little and he chuckled. “Did you doubt me?” he asked, a tease and Tyler glanced to him, his heart fluttering at just how happy John looked, how soft his gaze was. He seemed content.

“Nah, I didn’t doubt ya just… Didn’t know I’d like it,” he answered and looked back to his hand. It fell silent and John shifted in his seat a bit, glancing to Tyler. “Hey,” he mumbled finally, “I uhm…” He fiddled with his hands and sighed. “Look, Ty,” he watched the other look at him and all words left him. He licked his lips and then shook his head, standing. “We should join the others, flaunt your new look,” he grinned and Tyler stared for a moment before nodding. “... Yeah. Okay.”

They left the house and John stayed silent till he got outside and moved right back to Jaren’s side, who looked at him in confusion. “How’d it go?” he asked and John started at his feet. “I didn’t ask,” he mumbled, reaching into his pocket and digging out his vape, placing in his mouth and hitting the button. He let out a mist in a sigh and felt Jaren nudge him gently. “Why not?” he edged and John shook his head. “Have you seen Tyler? I couldn’t think of how he’d react Smit, I… what if he was disgusted?”

Jaren pursed his lips and looked towards Tyler, who was standing by Anthony and Marcel, making dumb poses with them and laughing. Jaren could feel his heartbeat quicken. “I… I know what you mean, but… We’ll never know till we try, John,” he mumbled and John shook his head. “I don’t think I wanna know.”

“I’ll find out then,” he opted instead, and John raised his head to look and Jaren, surprise in his eyes and denial forming in his voice already, but Jaren silenced him by giving him a quick kiss and then walking by him towards Tyler. “Jare-” “Already made up my mind, John!”

The Canadian made his way to Tyler, a smile lacing his face as he approached. “Tyler, just the man I wanted to see,” he grinned and stopped walking after Tyler looked at him. “Yeah?” he asked and the noirette hummed. “Need ya to come with me for a minute, gotta ask you something. It’s a secret,” he glanced to Marcel and Anthony, who exchanged glances but stepped away from Tyler, who nodded and began to walk towards him. “Okay?”

Jaren led Tyler back to where John was standing, sort of isolated and staring in a panic at the two. He was gonna book it. “John! I got Tyler!” he beamed, Jaren only did it because he knew it’d stop the blonde, who froze in place and opted to take another hit of his vape instead.

The trio stood in the little area, Jaren taking a few glances to make sure everyone else was doing their own thing, which he was thankful they were. John stood there, blowing out and then looking down. “So…” Tyler began and Jaren stopped him. “Tyler, we both have something we need to ask you and I want your word you won’t think of us any differently,” he mumbled and Tyler locked eyes with Jaren.

It was serious if Jaren was keeping his tone straight, another little thing Tyler noticed with his friend. He felt a tad nervous but he nodded. “Of course, dude, you’re my friends. Kinda gonna be hard to change my mind on that.

“Tyler… John and me both like you. Like… We both wanna go out with you.” Tyler blinked and felt his heart speed up before he gazed from Jaren to John, who was looking down and fidgeting with his vape pen. “You… both like me?” he repeated and looked to the noirette again, who nodded. “Yeah. We just… We wanted you to know cause we were wondering if you… would like to join our relationship.”

Tyler felt the question hit him like a shot of electricity and his heart exploded to life. “Sure, I’ll try it out.”

“See, Jare! I told you he wouldn’t want- wait. Sure?” John looked from Jaren to Tyler in surprise. “Yeah. I mean, I like you both too, this makes things easier. Kinda… surprised you like me if I’m honest but I’m glad for the offer. Its a two for one deal,” he laughed and Jaren joined in on John’s shocked expression before the two jumped with joy and John pulled Tyler into a hug that Jaren quickly joined. “Fuck yeah!”

John had painted his nails blue, Jaren had blue glitter, Tyler had gotten baby blue.

John was so happy he painted their nails. He was glad they matched. He was glad it all worked out. He was glad tyler yet to notice the fact they had a color scheme and he was just happy to be here with his two boyfriends, and he couldn’t wait to tell his friends.

Or he could, he wasn’t ready for Scotty’s teasing quite yet.

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The minute he heard the blowing of the hair dryer stop, Jaren stood up excitedly and waited. They had a mutual agreement not to go into the bedroom if one of them were showering and until they got dressed. Jaren agreed on that without the realization that John took late showers, so he was usually itching to go to bed after his.

"Jare!" He heard the voice call and he felt giddy as he moved to the bedroom and saw John, laying in bed already and dressed in an oversized sweatshirt and pajama pants. "There you are, babe," he smiled sleepily and Jaren couldn't help but melt. "Hey," he greeted back and he moved to join the other in bed after flicking the lights off. "How was your shower?" He asked after he got under the blankets. "It was good," the blonde replied, turning on his side to wrap an arm around the other. "That's good," he mumbled and he raised a hand to mess with John's hair.

John hummed contently at the feeling and Jaren moved closer to him, one arm slinging over him and the other messing with his hair. "Your hair is always so soft after showers," he commented and twirled a strand around his finger gently before pulling and letting it untwirl. "It's called conditioner," John snickered. "I know that, dumbass," he chuckled softly, "but you get yours really soft."

John shrugged a small bit. "I take good care of it," he replied and then pressed a kiss to Jaren's lips. They both melted and everything was calm and relaxed. Nothing pushed a boundary and they were happy with that. They were happy with each other. Jaren broke the kiss to whisper; "I love you so much, dude." John chuckled softly but replied back, his tone soft and loving; "I love you too, Smit."

They both relaxed and held each other close, their eyes shut and breaths evened. They fell asleep together with thoughts of another running through their head. They were truly in love.

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Luke and Ryan were sitting on the couch.

It was quiet.

Not the heavy type of quiet that suffocates you and pushes you to search for conversation in order to fill the room. No, instead it was a blanketed quiet that laid across the room and surrounded them in a security, letting them know that it was still there because they were comfortable enough to be with each other in it.

Luke gazed at Ryan, who was scrolling on his phone with a little smile. He looked calm, at peace despite his usual excitement. He glanced to his own device that had went to sleep, giving him an idea of how long he stared. Yet, despite knowing he was staring longer than necessary, he turned his eyes back to the brunette.

The perfect man who sat on the other side of the couch, the man who brought a light to his life that filled him with a warm and fuzzy feeling. A feeling that he loved and became addicted too, and the more he got it the more he craved. He had found himself longing for contact, physical distribution of the light that made him tingly wherever it was Ryan decided to touch and transfer the feeling. It felt better than anything he’s experienced, his own personal drug.

And, the feeling was easily classified. Easily he could note what it was, yet the word was so hard to say.

Finally, the silence broke. “You’re staring, Luke.”

The voice was soft, a sweetness contained in it that was meant to act as concern. It made him feel weak at the knees.

“Am I?” he asked in response, meeting his eyes and thriving in the blushy smile that earned him. “You know you are,” Ryan responded and he placed his phone down with a giggle. The sound was like cupid’s arrow, hitting Luke through the heart and forcing him farther into the emotions he felt for his friend. “What’s up?” he heard him follow. He felt dizzy with all the thoughts in his head, each one containing something he liked- no, loved about Ryan that he need to take a moment before he could answer. He swallowed down and shrugged. “Nothing’s up,” he replied.

The cuteness in the doubtful expression he got in return was unexplainable, and then there was a touch on his shoulder and he felt the spot burn. “You sure, Luke?” Ryan asked, scooting closer, tilting his head in a curious way. But, it failed to hide the mischievous glint in Ryan’s eyes. One that Luke could recognize as easy as day that told him he knew.

“I’m quite positive, Ry,” he reasoned with a chuckle, playing dumb on purpose and watching the precious pout appear on the other’s face. “Luke,” he whined, “Don’t lie.” Ryan had moved to get closer and Luke smiled, leaning forward with a shrug. “Well, I guess there it one thing,” he stated and Ryan smiled. “Yeah?” he murmured, trying to nudge him to continue. The noirette hummed and leaned in, stealing what was nearly a kiss, their lips brushing but never quite pressed together. He could feel Ryan tense, another trait he loved being how reserved he could force himself to be.

He didn’t pull back much, keeping the gap between them again for a minute so he could meet the chocolate brown eyes he could stare into for days. “I think I might love you, Ryan,” he whispered, his voice touched into something daringly gentle. The brunette’s eyes stared back and softened, his lips turned into a smile full of nothing short of love. “I think I love you too, Luke.”

Then the gap was closed and they shared a kiss, not their first by any means. But, it had a meaning to it now, a bond that they wouldn’t and knew they couldn’t break so easily as it hit them enough to hear it verbally. They loved each other, they really did.

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“Tyler,” Brock exclaimed with a giggle to follow as he gently hit the man laying over him. “Get off, you’re crushing me!” he added and laughed as he felt more weight being put on him. “Nuh-uh, I’m too tired to move, I might just die on top of you,” the taller teased and pressed kisses to the side of his face, making the smaller fall into another fit of laughs and giggles.

Finally, he stopped for a moment and propped himself up, looking down at the brunette, taking in the sight for a moment. Brock had his eyes closed and his face was flushed red from the laughter. Happy noises kept escaping him and his mouth stayed curved in a nice smile that Tyler loved to see, it just fit him so well. “I love you,” he stated and Brock opened an eye, bringing a hand up to wipe the tears that formed from laughing so much. He sent a confused look, a goofy smile still on his face. “What?” he asked. “I love you,” he repeated, no hesitation needed as he leaned down and kissed Brock softly, who kissed back happily.

They both put so much care into it, keeping it gentle and delicate as they came down from their roughhousing.

It broke slowly, even when they weren’t pressed together anymore, they still brushed lips in a way of lingering for the contact until Tyler pulled back again. “I love you too,” Brock replied, and Tyler felt his heart swell with the reply. Every time he got it back he fell in love again, he was just beyond happy to be able to get such a return from Brock. “I love you so much,” he heard the other continue and his eyes were on him, watching as his boyfriend tried to find the words. “You’re just, well, you’re just- god, you’re the best. A good boyfriend, a good friend, a natural born leader, the gang loves you,” he sighed and Tyler saw so much awe in his eyes that he could feel his heart race and himself melting. He felt like when he first fell for Brock but ten times worse now that he had him. “Stop it,” Tyler commented, his face red but a loving smile laced his lips and his eyes were filled with admiration, “You’re gonna make me go soft, Brock.”

“You already are a big softie,” Brock commented and brought his hands up to cup Tyler’s face and pull him into another soft kiss. They stayed that way for a bit, just kissing where they could, keeping it gentle and loving with touches that never went further than that. They mumbled things to each other, compliments and words of love till Tyler finally moved off of the brunette in order to lay by him and pull him close. “I can’t believe I actually managed to ask you out,” he chuckled, his eyes closing at he pressed a kiss to the top of his head. Brock smiled and hid his face in Tyler’s chest, muffling out something that Tyler only figured was an agreement. “Sleep well, Babe,” he murmured. Brock tilted his head a bit to whisper out a reply; “You too, Honey.”

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The heist was a mess. Nothing went right, weapons weren’t loaded fully, equipment wasn’t working, a shot, which was made due to the trigger being touchy due to a failed modification, gave their positions away- which put them all at risk of getting shot. It wasn’t a good night.

And now Tyler, who had thought he managed to get everyone out, was realizing he forgot Evan of all people. Evan, who was usually the one projecting the most, the most noticeable, and he forgot him.

The heist was made on an opposing gang, the leader wasn’t much of a threat, but the men he had on his crew were ruthless. They’d kill on sight if they felt like it, and Tyler was positive they felt like it. So, he told Brock to get the rest out while he went for Evan. The other reluctantly agreed.

Tyler ran around the base, which was a huge abandoned warehouse full of crates, which was cliche and obvious in his opinion, but it worked well enough for it was hard to navigate. But, he was thankful for people having the urge to talk because it helped lead his way a bit.

“Hehe, lookie fellas, we caught one!”

Evan was stuck. His body was bruised and he was too pained to move. He took on a bit more then he could handle when trying to help his friends escape, but he was happy that he was the only one they caught, he was happy the rest got out. He was glad to help.

“What do you suppose we do with him?”

He glanced at the new voice, panting and then resting his head against the wall as a gun was pointed at him.

“Why don’t we give his group a little warning about messin’ with our loot.”

He watched them smirk, and pull it back, cocking it and then putting it in front of him again. He eyed them for a moment before smiling.

“Who says loot anymore? What are you, a pirate?” he chuckled softly and just tilted his head back some to look up at the ceiling, keeping it to the wall. He ignored their annoyed comebacks and closed his eyes as he saw the guy put his finger on the trigger.

He held his breath. Than heard the shot. He swallowed, expecting pain, expecting something but instead he heard voices. “Get the fuck outta hear or you’ll end up like him, got it?”

He opened his eyes and looked towards the scene, watching the two others run and then glancing at a body that was in front of him. Then his eyes were on who saved him and his eyes softened. “Ty?” he mumbled, and then he let his eyes fall close again as he blacked out.
Evan woke up in bed back at the base. He was sore and tired, but he felt okay. He blinked a few times and then stood up. He was changed, not something uncommon if people blacked out on missions. They were usually changed into comfier clothes so they’d be more comfortable while resting.

His legs hurt but he managed to move to the door and open it, blinking as he came face to chest with someone. He looked up to meet Tyler’s eyes, who were widened in surprise and then quickly filled with worry. “You’re awake,” he pointed out, his tone soft as he looked him over. “Are you okay?” he asked and Evan nodded. “Yeah, of course I- ow!” He flinched as Tyler punched him in the arm and the taller glared but it didn’t hide the worry. “That’s for running off during the heist, dipshit!” Evan rubbed the spot that was hit and huffed.

“You know, I should be mad, but I’m really happy to be struck by beauty instead of shot,” he chuckled. Tyler glared. “You almost fucking died, Ev! Save the flirting for when I’m not freaked out,” the taller scolded and crossed his arms. “But it’s true! You’re my knight in shining armour Ty! I’m so glad to see you, I-... Are you crying?” Taking an actual look at Tyler’s face showed he was tearing up, but the taller tried to hide it by wiping his eyes and looking away. “Oh Ty,” he mumbled and was pulled into a tight hug after. He ignored the pain in order to let Tyler get whatever he needed to out. “I could’ve lost you, Evan,” he murmured, pressing his face to the top of his head. Evan could feel tears hitting, getting into his hair, but he didn’t mind it. “I-I know things like this happen all the time, but that was-it was so fucking close! If I didn’t- if I didn’t notice you were gone, or didn’t make it you’d have been,” he cut himself off, he didn’t want to finish that thought, it hurt him too much.

His breaths were uneven and shook, he fought back from sobbing but little noises escaped him as tears slipped down his face. "I care about you too much to loose you, Evan," he admitted, "It scares me that I almost did…"

Evan's heart was shattered and he held Tyler close, the side of his face pressed against his chest and he let him rant but it hurt to hear. "Tyler, shh, hey… look at me," he mumbled. It took a moment but the taller pulled back a bit and lifted his head so Evan could look up with a saddened smile. "I'm sorry I scared you, I'm not gonna let that happen again. It's so weird to see you cry I never want to cause it again," he joked. It was a lame tease but he saw Tyler's lips twitch up. "Plus, I'm here, right? The past is the past and thanks to you I can say that. We should celebrate instead of worry," he brought a hand up to wipe away Tyler's tears and his smile softened to something genuine. "What'd you have in mind for a celebration?" The other asked, his voice still shaking and he was still a bit emotional but he was calming down.

"Victory cuddles and a movie?" Evan suggested. Tyler smiled a bit and Evan felt his heart come back together with the simple sign he was happy. "Sounds good," he agreed.

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David sighed as he sat in the water, closing his eyes for a moment before he messed with the sand under him. He was out on a camping trip with his friends, but the guys had all gone to sleep at this point. So, he took the opportunity to enjoy the night and water by himself. He jumped when he heard a twig snap though and turned to look behind him. He was surprised to see Tyler of all people standing there, swim trunks on and looking like a deer caught in the headlights, but ultimately they both laughed. 


“What the fuck are you doing up?” his friend asked and David shrugged, not moving from his spot but he turned to fully face the other. “I wanted sometime in the water, it’s too peaceful not to enjoy,” he answered. “And ya?” he asked. Tyler gestured to his trunks. “The same, clearly,” he chuckled and took off his shirt, placing it and his towel by David’s. “You’re not naked in there, right?” his friend teased and David rolled his eyes. “Fuck no, I don’t want nothin’ bitin my dick,” he joked. 


Tyler stepped into the water and immediately squealed. “Holy fuck it’s cold,” he hissed and David laughed. “You’ll get used to it,” he pointed out and the American huffed out a reply the Irishman couldn’t hear before he began to wade his way towards him. He stood for a moment to get used to the water before he sat down by David. “How ye feel?” he asked and Tyler huffed, crossing his arms. “Fuckin’ freezing,” he asnwered and looked at him, smiling a little. “But it is peaceful.” David smiled back and then he gently splashed him. “Told ye so,” he chuckled. Tyler let out a noise at being splashed and then did it right back. “Fuck you!”


The two got into a little war after that, splashing each other back and forth till it began to escalate. Tyler pushed David gently, laughing. “Fuck off, Nogla!” he exclaimed and then started to shout as David came at him, grinning. “No-no, Nogla! Daithi- David, fuck off!” he exclaimed and screamed as he was tackled into the water by the Irishman, who was laughing loudly. His head went under and then he came up with a gasp, propping himself up with his elbows and glaring at David, who was laughing.


His eyes were closed and a hand was covering his mouth, but the laughs were still loud enough to be heard. Tyler stared for a moment, longer than he meant anyways as he managed to get caught and David grinned at him with a giggle. “Yer an idiot,” he teased and Tyler stared before he looked away with wide eyes and a bit of a blush. “Fuck you and get off,” he flipped him off and then pushed him off of him. David got off of him quickly after being asked and blushed a bit himself, but he continued to tease anyways. “I think that means I win,” he pointed out with a grin. “I’m the king of the lake!” 


Tyler rolled his eyes but he couldn’t help the smile that formed on his face. He really couldn’t, it was impossible to hold back. “Yeah, whatever. The king’s about to lose a subject then, cause I feel like sleeping,” Tyler pointed out and pushed himself up to his feet, holding back from shivering. “Aw man. But, I do gotta agree, sleep sounds magnificent. Except I’m rooming with a clown,” he joked. “You’re rooming with me though, not Del- Wait. Oh my god, fuck you,” he grumbled and began to carefully walk through the water and to the shore. David followed after him once he stood up. “I’m gonna have to start taking a shot everytime you say ‘fuck you’ to me,” he snickered. “Gun shots or drinks?” Tyler asked. David shrugged, “Guess that’ll depend on your mood.”


On the shore, Tyler grabbed his towel and began to dry off quickly, just to help make him a little less cold. He hummed softly and glanced to David, who was drying off as well, but a bit more half-assedly. He clearly didn’t care much. He looked away after that so he could finish drying off what he could.


David reached down and grabbed a shirt after he felt dry enough, smiling as he put it on and then stretched. He did notice the unusual bagginess to it. It was his size, but stretched. “Huh, my shirt feels different,” he commented, looking down at it and then flushing as he realized why . Tyler chuckled at the comment, and he went to say something as he reached for his shirt, but paused. He didn’t see it, and glancing to David he knew why. His face turned a new shade of red but he couldn’t help laughing. “Cause it’s not your shirt, dumbass,” he shook his head and grabbed David’s shirt off the ground. 


“Oh my days,” David breathed and then laughed. “My mistake, I’ll take it off,” he moved to do as he said, but Tyler shook his head. “You don’t have too. You look cute in it,” he mumbled and his voice sounded shy, and shy was weird for Tyler, so it had David looking at him in disbelief. “I look what?” he asked, skeptical he just heard that. “You look cute,” Tyler repeated and he didn't know why he was saying it really, but he went with it. David swallowed down a blush and he let out another laugh. "Thank ye," he replied, not knowing how else too. 


But, he did know how to respond when Tyler took a hesitant step forward. He knew how to respond as their eyes met in a shy glance, and as they both slowly came together. "You know we're really about to kiss because of a shirt," David pointed out softly. Tyler laughed as the moment broke, but he still grinned regardless. "Shut up." 


Their lips connected. 


David was really glad he decided to enjoy the night.

Chapter Text

Evan had his eyes focused on Jon’s, and he’d be dead before he let this bastard win another staring contest. He was the one thought of as an owl damnit, he should win! But, Jon always seemed to beat him, at least the last few times he can remember Jon did.

He narrowed his eyes and Jon relaxed, but a slow smile spread across his face. “You’re eyes are lookin’ like they wanna close, Evan,” he pointed out with a chuckle and leaned forward a little bit. Evan leaned away, not wanting any tricks to happen during their game. “They do not. They look like they want to stay open,” he shot back, his arms crossing some. Jon didn’t seem too phased, and he actually disregarded the come back. It wasn’t the best anyways. “They look frustrated, you’re strugglin’,” he continued on and he moved closer.

Evan moved back and he fought against the truth from invading his head, trying not to think about how right the statement was. “Fuck off, Del, I’m not closing them,” he huffed. Jon continued to move closer to Evan, inch by inch, and he would move back till he felt his back hit against the armrest of the couch. “You know, maybe I don’t want you to close them either, you got pretty eyes, Ev,” he smirked and Evan’s face turned a bit of a shade of red.

“Jon I swear to god,” he mumbled, a threat. “What? I’m not doing anythin’,” he cooed and managed to get his face close enough to where they were nearly bumping noses. Evan could feel his breath against his lips as he spoke. “Come on, close your eyes and I’ll give ya somethin’ in return,” he promised and it made Evan weak at the knees but he stayed confident, despite his heart saying to follow what was asked. “No,” he whispered, not confident but firm.

He took in a breath through his nose before continuing; “I’m not losing again, Del.” He moved a bit so their noses bumped and he watched as Jon’s eyes widened. Which, was perfect because he could see the regret in that as he eyes flinched. Victory was in Evan’s reach and as Jon’s eyes closed, Evan gently pecked his lips and then stood up. “Damnit!” he heard Jon pout and he looked down at him with a little laugh. “Fuck you and your streek,” Evan teased and flipped him off. Jon looked at him and he rolled his eyes before laughing softly. “Fuck you too!”

Chapter Text

Evan nervously paced around the lobby, running his hands through his hair, fiddling with his sleeve, keeping moving as he waited. He took a few glances to the entrance, but otherwise his eyes were on the floor.

"Christ, Ev, calm down." He paused and looked towards the voice, his eyes meeting Brian's and then they looked towards the front. "Sorry, I'm just, well, I'm a little nervous," he chuckled softly and rubbed the back of his head before dropping his hands to his sides. "A little?" his friend repeated, skeptical. "You're walking a hole into the floor!" he pointed out in exaggeration before sitting down on a seat. Evan looked at him before sheepishly glancing off and moving to join him, sitting down with a sigh. “I know, I know- but I can’t believe we finally convinced Del to come out this year!” he beamed, excitement building in him and replacing the nervousness that was just there. Talking helped him feel better about it. “We finally get to see him- what he looks like, how he sounds in person!” he bounced in the seat and Brian laughed softly. “You’re like a fuckin’ child,” he teased. “Yeah, but you would be too! And, you were! Remember when we all first met in person, you nearly tackled everyone in a hug,” he mused and Brian felt his face heat up as he glanced away. “Shut up.”

The two sat there talking for a bit, though it was mostly Brian letting Evan talk about his excitement for seeing his friend, who probably his closest friend out of them all. But, as the time ticked, Evan’s nervousness started to come back and he began to glance towards the entrance every few minutes. By the time it reach half an hour, he was slipping out of conversation to glance and Brian caught onto why real fast. “He should’ve been here by now, huh?” he asked and received a nod. “He told me he’d be in by one, it’s nearly two,” Evan mumbled.

But, then there was some hope. Evan had taken to looking at his lap and Brian gave him half a hug in comfort. They were getting ready to give up for a bit in waiting and go join the other’s in Tyler’s room when a loud voice echoed through; “Evan! Brian!”

Their heads turned to see a brunette running at them and Evan grinned. “Ryan!” he called back. A good sign. Ryan had gone out to visit Luke during the days leading up so they could spend more time together before the con, and then that way they wouldn’t feel a huge need to be with each other 24/7 during it. It was a tactic they were using to help them not give away their relationship to the fans. But, it was a good sign because Luke was supposed to be with Jon too. Evan stood up and Brian followed, exchanging hugs with their energetic friend who grinned at them. “It’s so good to see you both again! Where are the others?” he asked and Brian chuckled. “Tyler’s room. We can show ye up after ye get checked in,” he gestured to the front desk and Ryan nodded. “Right! Luke should be in, in a minute,” he smiled. Evan nodded some. “What about, Del?” he asked.

Ryan paused. That wasn’t a good sign.

The brunette looked at Evan, his lips pursed and he seemed to contemplate, opening his mouth to speak but closing it. “Uhm,” he finally got out after a moment, “He told us to say sorry to you all.”

Evan stared and fought back a frown. “Oh? So… he didn’t come?” he mumbled. Ryan sighed and shook his head. “No, he tricked me and Luke to get out of it. We were on the plane and he said he needed to use the bathroom before he got on and then we sort of figured he boarded, there was a little ordeal after we realized he didn’t get on, Luke’s still pretty upset about it,” he ran a hand through his hair. “Sorry, Ev,” he added. “It’s really fine, Ryan, it’s not your fault,” the canadian smiled at him, something genuine that the other mirrored. It helped him feel better about the whole thing, and that helped Evan feel better somewhat.

Brian wasn’t too happy however and after Ryan hurried off due to forgetting to help Luke bring in some luggage, he began a rant. “That fucker! He gets himself a plane ticket, a fucking pass, and two people to help him get here and he still doesn’t show up? What the fuck!” he crossed his arms. “He had everyone all hyped up and he doesn’t even show and-” he paused as he looked at Evan, who had let him smile drop into a frown. “Ev?” he mumbled and Evan didn’t look up. He was a bit upset, really. He was looking forward to finally seeing Jon. “Oh bud,” he mumbled and pulled the noirette into a hug that he was surprised to get. “Sorry for this all, don’t let it ruin the weekend,” he mumbled. Evan hugged him back.

“I’ll try.”

The rest of the guys reacted on a spectrum of emotions after hearing about it. Luke did stand up for his friend where he felt it was needed, but he was a little pissed too so he didn’t do much. He just didn’t let insults go overboard. Brock tried to see Jon’s side of the situation and explain it, but even he was somewhat upset about it all.

So, the sensible thing they did was pull out Tyler’s laptop and call the man himself on Discord to hear his reasoning. They listened to the tone as it started to call and then it when it clicked it was quiet for a minute. “Hey,” Jon’s voice came through and Tyler glanced around before speaking. “Hey, so uh, where the fuck are ya?” he asked. It went quiet and then a sigh came through. “Luke and Ryan got there, didn’t they?”

“Damn right!” Luke cut in and Jon sat quiet as Tyler began to scold him along with Luke till finally they gave him a chance to explain himself.

“Look, I really was planning on going,” he began, “But I just started getting all these doubts while we were at the airport and I couldn’t take it, I just don’t think I’m ready. Sorry guys. Maybe next year?”

The reasoning was fair, they supposed. Ryan related to it at least, and he loved to go on to people about just how hard showing his face was. So, they all to it as fair enough and left it at that, but Brian had added in; “You could’ve texted us at least. Evan was waitin’ for ye to show up, ye know how disappointed he was to hear from someone else that ye aren’t comin?” Luke gently punched Brian for the guilty comment and a few eyes fell on Evan, who just stared at his feet. “He… he waited?” Jon asked, the guilt in his voice making Brian step away from Luke incase of another punch. “Yeah, he did. He was excited, man, we all were,” he sighed and rubbed his face. “I’m sorry, I’m being a dick, I know, I just… I’m a little frustrated.”

“I’m not that upset,” Evan added and eyes were on him again. “I mean, disappointed, but not upset. I understand you need time, so take it. I’ll just end up hoping again next year for you to come.”

The call ended soon enough.

The con went smooth despite the fact that the group had been upset the first bit of it. The energy that came with meeting fans, and looking at cool booths just ended up lifting their spirits, and they were all excited to talk about it with Jon, loosing any spite they had- at least for the time they were there- rumor has it Luke gave him an earful when he got home after.

When the con did end, it was a sad goodbye from everyone, but they all promised to meet up sometime soon, maybe in smaller groups or whatever, but they still hoped to meet.

Chapter Text

Fourth of July came faster than anyone anticipated, but nobody minded. A weekend at Tyler’s house was the break most of them needed after a busy half of the year.

Evan showed up on Friday, so did most of them. Saturday was the fourth but it was better to be early and get to spend more time hanging out than not.

Everyone was invited, per usual, it was just a good time for friends. Brian and David flew in even for the celebration, happy to see everyone again, of course, and exchanging hugs with one another happily. Once again, though, Evan was excitedly waiting. Jon said he’d try and make it this time, confirming yesterday that he would be showing up, driving out with Luke. Marcel had missed the Con but heard about what had happened, so he was on Evan duty, which was assigned to him by himself. Scott decided to help too, mostly because he thought it was fun.

“Evan,” Marcel called from a bit into the yard. The canadian looked up from his phone and down from the patio, towards his friend. “What?” he asked back, smiling some. “Come take a picture with me and Scott! We have to commemorate the moment we kick your ass in games tonight!” Evan chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Early celebration, guys, don’t ya think?” he asked, but stood up and walked down the steps to join them, flipping them off as both of them did. “Just don’t go posting this if you loose,” Evan chuckled and got in the photo, giving a little grin and then moving back from his friends.
“So, any word from Del?” Scotty asked, giving Evan a curious look. “He said he’d be here soon,” he answered with a shrug. “I texted Luke a bit ago, he said that Jon’s been a bit nervous about the whole thing but that they were making good time. They should be here in the next hour or so,” he explained and grinned. “That’s great! Can’t wait to beat him up for years of pain,” Marcel joked, “Every video game he’s annoyed me in is gonna equal one punch to the shoulder!” Evan and Scotty laughed softly. “He’s gonna be dead by the end then,” the Canadian pointed out and Marcel paused. “I don’t think he’d be dead, more like he won’t have an arm anymore.”

The group fell into a pastime of making jokes and giggling at each other till Evan felt his phone buzz and he drifted off from their conversations. He took his phone out and eyed the screen before he tapped the message. He read it excitedly, it said it was from Jon so of course he would, but then he slowly felt a pain fill him. “What the fuck?” he asked softly and he pursed his lips. “What?” Scotty asked, curiosity filled him as he stopped mid sentence to focus on Evan. Marcel moved to grab the phone, taking Evan by surprise and he read the message, brows furrowing and then he handed it to Scotty, who had a similar reaction. “What the fuck?” he asked. “He’s getting a fucking hotel? He’s all the way out here already!” MArcel ran a hand through his hair and Evan shook his head. “I’ll go tell Tyler,” he sighed. “We’ll come with,” Marcel insisted and Scotty nodded as he handed Evan his phone back. “He’s gonna be a little pissed and we’re gonna help direct some of that off of you,” he added and Evan smiled a little.

God, he loved the guys.

They all moved to join Tyler and told him the news. He flipped a bit, which got the rest’s attention and soon there was a crowd examinig Evan’s phone and sharing a reaction of; “What the fuck?”

“Guys, maybe we shouldn’t pressure him,” Brock chimed in and glanced off, “If we leave him alone this year maybe next year he’ll have more confidence to come.” Brian rolled his eyes. “We have been nothing but supportive and you expect us to ignore it? That’s a bunch of praises down the drain!” he complained. “Yeah… Maybe if we ignore him though… he could get the confidence to come out? Maybe we could convince him tomorrow.”


The answer was no. They couldn’t convince him. The group did get close, though. With Ryan and Luke’s help, the two gently urging Jon that he was going to be fine with the reveal, that no one would care. So, Jon agreed to lunch.

A lunch he didn’t show up too, a lunch that nobody talked to him about, a lunch that hurt them all because they hated the fact he didn’t feel comfortable enough with them that he wouldn’t show, especially Evan.

"You know what, fuck him getting our hopes up," Tyler mumbled, taking a sip off his drink after. "Yeah," Brian chimed in, "I love the guy, don't get me wrong, but this is ridiculous." A chorus of agreements sounded. Brock sighed. "We should still ask him to things but... guys, just don't get upset anymore if he doesn't show. I hate to say it but... expect him not to come," he advised. Evan caught Ryan and Luke share a worried glance, but he shrugged them off and just quietly agreed with everyone else.

The trip came to an end and so did another sad patch of days for Evan. The group separated in a few at a time, each goodbye drawn out and saddened. Evan’s lingered a little longer than the rest, he appreciated the comfort of it, and then he was on a plane home soon enough.

Chapter Text

Evan stood in the lobby of the hotel with everyone and Brian approached him, gently placing a hand on his shoulder. “Feel familiar?” he asked and Evan chuckled softly. “Shut up,” he quietly retoriated and then glanced as Brock came to stand on the other side of him. “Alright, so you two know to stay out of trouble during the con, right?” he asked and Brian snorted. “Yes mom,” he teased and Brock smiled with a bit of an eyeroll before he giggled. “Uh-huh. I don’t want sass young man. No, we’re waiting on Luke and Ryan so once those two get here-” “Oi, Brock, they’re comin’ in,” David chimed up and Brock paused. He looked to the door and smiled, ready to call, but then he paused and grew confused. Brian and Evan shared a confused glance before looking over. They suddenly understood the confusion, as there was a third guy walking in with them. Luke had an arm around him, smiling and talking with him. The guy seemed reluctant to be there.

“Luke! Ryan!” Anthony ended up calling. The duo mentioned looked up and Ryan had the same reaction he had last year upon seeing everyone. He dropped his baggage and took off owards the nearest person in hugging range. Craig, the brave brave soul, stepped forward and met Ryan half-way. “I missed you guys!” the brunette gushed and a few laughs were released as attention came to Ryan. But, Evan’s gaze lingered on the mystery man, who had just picked up Ryan’s bag and then was led by Luke over. The closer he got, the more the group noticed he was there, till Luke was in range to be heard without needing to yell. At that point, the groups attention was on the new guy.

The new guy they all shared a feeling of hope for.

“Hey guys,” Luke said casually, “I brought you an apology gift for showing up a little late.” He chuckled and nudged the figure forward. He had a black beanie on but strands of brown hair stuck out. His eyes were blue, he wore a blue jacket over a black shirt. He was familiar and yet, no one believed it was him until he spoke.”U-uhm… hey?” he greeted, chuckled awkwardly, and glanced around. “No fuckin’ way,” Brian gaped and Evan stared until the blue eyes met his and the guy sort of smiled. “Jon,” Evan breathed out. The smile widened. “Hey, Vanoss,” he greeted, his tone teasing yet apologetic. Then there were too many emotions at once. Tyler and Marcel gave Jon a piece of their minds for standing the group up the last few times, gave a few arm punches that Delirious swore were too hard to be a friendly one, but he figured he deserved it. Brock gave him a tearful hug, giving happy words of support on finally showing himself. Anthony gave him a hug as well, squeezing him. David and Craig both shared a few insults, Brian joining them but it was all friendly, too happy to hold any spite from the past. Then, the trio hugged him and Craig stole his hat, saying it was “Compensation for hurting his feelings”. Scotty was a bit more relaxed, giving him a hand shake and a shoulder hug. Then Evan.

Evan was usually so calm, a dumbass sometimes, but he was calm. Relaxed. But now, he was moving fast enough to tackle Jon back a bit, pick him up and spin out of a pure feeling of happiness. He laughed loudly, his face was wet, his stomach hurt, but he smiled bright as day because his best friend was there with him. He was there with all of them and he couldn’t have wished for it any other way.

“Bout time, dumbass,” Evan chuckled, still not releasing from the hug, that Jon had relaxed into. He laughed, and the laugh was so much better in person. “I know, I know.” A few more seconds in the moment and Marcel joined in. “Yeah you fuck. Fourth time’s a charm, I guess,” he grumbled. Brian joined in, followed by Scotty and Brock, David, Craig. The group all came together for a big hug, a welcome, a thank you for Jon finally showing them what he looked like, finally giving them that sense of relief that he trusted them. After standing them up three times, he finally came to life and they were all ecstatic.

And, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapter Text

Evan kept taking little glances over at Marcel. Marcel knew it, he caught him once and then tried to ignore it but it was slowly starting to bother him. What was he looking at? Why was he looking? His concern over the reason formed into light annoyance and he finally looked over from the movie screen to catch Evan's eyes again. The canadian jumped and he smiled awkwardly before his eyes averted back to the screen. Though, they did come back to Marcel after he quietly whispered; "what are you lookin at?"

He took a long moment to answer, his lips pursing and it seemed he was processing the words which was an odd trait sense no one in their group usually thinks before they speak. "At a work of art," he finally answered. Smooth, really, but Marcel couldn't find it in him to be bashful, instead he broke into a smile and brought a hand to his mouth to contain a laugh, little noises coming out muffled from behind him.

He could see the light bulb above Evan's head as he got a mischievous glint. The canadian wrapped an arm over his shoulders and then smirked teasingly. "This movies great, but I'd rather watch something much more interesting," he winked with a chuckle. His voice stayed a whisper, marcel tried to muffle his voice down as he spoke; "That's creepy."

Evan rolled his eyes a bit but otherwise wasn't affected much. "This action movie has nothing on the action you'll be getting tonight," he continued. Marcel hunched forward, squeezed his eyes closed and tried as hard as he could to not go into a laughing fit on the floor. His stomach hurt from containing the laughter but he didn't care about that. He did sort of care about not interrupting other people's movie experience though. "Evan, shh," he urged between muffled giggles. "People'll get mad," he warned and grinned brightly.

Evan looked at the grin and then at Marcel, a bit lovestruck but it was nothing new. He always found something about the other man that had him in awe. "But your smile is better to see than any movie," he jokingly pouted and Marcel shook his head with a chuckle, jumping slightly when he heard a 'shh' come from a nearby lady. He gave her an apologetic look and then rested his head against Evan's shoulder. "I hate you," he murmured and gained a silent laugh.


As soon as the movie ended, Evan was back on his bullshit and made sure Marcel knew the second he saw he credits start. "You pop my corn, your that hot," he snickered and Marcel only laughed due to the stupidity of the words taking him by surprise. "That was terrible," he pointed out and stood up, offering a hand to Evan.

They walked out together happily and another line came. "You remind me of a rollercoaster. You make my heart race at the idea of riding you," he tried to make himself more seductive sounding but his voice was strained from holding in laughter. That one got a blush out of Marcel regardless. "Fuck off, Ev," he snorted and pushed him gently before looking away. Evan stumbled sideways some but he laughed regardless and then grabbed Marcel's hand gently. They laced their fingers together and headed down to their car.

The ride home contained more cheesy lines from Evan and more responses from Marcel, may it be a worded response or just him acknowledging the line with a laugh. Soon they got home though and they stepped out of the car.

They walked up to the door and Marcel waited patiently as Evan looked for the house key, but he was confused instead as he saw Evan look at him, holding something in his hands. "Whatcha doin?" He asked, narrowing his eyes in confusion. "Looking at ya," he answered, shrugging. Marcel grew more confused. "Why?" He asked. "Cause, silly," Evan began and Marcel watched him go down on one knee, "you look strangely like my next husband." The Canadia revealed a black box in his hands and opened it to show a ring.

Marcel felt too many things at once to process but he did manage to muster up a nod while at the same time stammering; "W-what the hell?" Evan grinned and took her hand gently before he slipped the ring on his finger with a giggle. "Thank god, this night woulda been weird if you said no," he chuckled. He stood up then and smiled at Marcel who was just taken back.

"You just- did you- you fucker," he ran a hand through his hair, pulling a bit to tug through curls before he laughed and tears built up in his eyes. He looked at the ring in awe before he met Evan's eyes. "You really… you proposed?" He asked, he was skeptical, confused, beyond happy, but confused. "Well, yeah. Obviously," Evan answered, bringing his hand to his lips and kissing the ring gently with a goofy smile on his lips. "And, you said yes. No take backs," he added before bringing his free hand to cup Marcel's cheek. "I… I honestly don't know whether to be happy your proposed or mad you did it with a line," he laughed and a few tears slipped.

Evan didn't reply, instead he just gently kissed him. Marcel shook a bit as his emotions came through tears, slipping down his face and making their presence known, staining on Evan's face as well. It was a little gross. They pulled back and fond smiled covered both their faces. "I love you, Marcel. Really, and if you'll have me I promise I'll be the best husband ever," Evan spoke softly, teary eyed himself. "I already said yeah, right? No take backs," he replied and they both laughed before coming together again and embracing tightly.

Chapter Text

Evan blinked.

And he blinked again.

"Lui... What the hell is this?" he asked softly as he stared at the poster on the wall. It was made in crayons, and on a cheap poster board from Walmart but it was kind of… Cute.

It showed the two of them. Evan was wearing a pink shirt with a heart on it and Lui was by him, looking at him with big ol' heart eyes. The bottom was in black crayon, saying happy 2 year anniversary. It was childish but overall thoughtful and it warmed Evan's heart.

Lui shifted his gaze sheepishly to the ground, shifting his weight from foot to foot. "Do you not like it? You know I would've gotten something better but I wasted my money on this month's rent and other necessities," he trailed off and bit his lip. "I… I'm going to be completely honest," Evan began and Lui flinched. "I love every bit of it accept my clothes. Me wearing hot pink is unrealistic," he joked and looked to the brunette. Lui looked back in surprise, though it still held a hesitance. "You really like it?" he asked nervously. "Of course I do! I'm happy to even get anything. I knew money was tight for you this month and even if it wasn't I don't need anything huge from you, Lui, just knowing you put in effort to make it special makes it even more so." He moved to give the shorter a hug and Lui felt his lips tug into a smile as he squeezed Evan tightly.

"Oh! And before I forget," the Canadian pulled back and dug through his pockets before handing Lui a case. Lui gave him a look before opening it and then snorting lightly. "This is… The fanciest friendship bracelet I've seen," he laughed. "Its a boyfriend bracelet, you fool," Evan teased and then showed him his wrist to reveal a matching one.

Lui took the bracelet out of the case and Evan helped put it on before he smiled. "Happy anniversary babe," Lui sighed and kissed his cheek gently. "Happy anniversary, Dork."

Chapter Text

David smiled dreamily as he stared at the sight in front of him. He watched as Brian happily talked, waving his hands about and making wild gestures to things that weren't there.

He watched as his eyes squeezed shut and he leaned back with laughter that some joke caused. He noticed his hands squeezing the table, he noticed the way his eyes lit up when he finally reopened them.

He noticed how amazing he was.

Loosely he finally spoke, letting out a joke himself that got a chuckle from everyone, but Brian's laugh came again. He wheezed, which got Anthony laughing. A perfect reaction as the entire table filled with uncontrollable laughter. David took the time to meet Brian's happily tearful eyes, watch them fill with curiosity before he looked away with red filling his face, painting his pale skin.

The night died down and the group left the restaurant to go around town. David stuck near the back. Brian followed beside him, sharing small talk and gentle touches that were nothing more than friendly but they felt hot every time it touched David.

Soon a hand grasped his and David stopped moving, looking down at Brian who stared back up at him with a look in his eyes before he turned to the group, telling them to go on without them, they’d catch up. Tyler had yelled back in agreement, not bothering to look back. None of them did.

David swallowed and his eyes were back to focusing on Brian’s. He listened as the other breathed in, it was slow, relaxing. He felt his hand squeeze his gently and then he listened to the ramble beggin. Words were sown and stammered together in a lovely pattern. Things that David heard made an indescribable emotion fill him that was so quickly addicting he was forced to listen to get more, not that he had any intent to block the words out anyways.

The words were like a song David didn’t know could be sung, and to him of all people. Suddenly Brian had the voice of an angel, a soft smile that held so many more words, but none had to be uttered after a simple nod from the taller that had Brian’s worried determination transition to pure pride and bliss as he embraced David tightly.

David’s heart swelled in pure delight as he hugged him back tightly, almst afraid if he’d let go he’d awake from the dream he was surely having. But, a slap to the back- that was purely surprising to both of them, told him it wasn’t. A groan in pain and a few surprised choice of words had him turning to see Evan, of all people, grinning and giving a thumbs up.

Brian gazed at the Canadian before sheepishly looking up at David and telling him softly that Evan was in on the plan, that he was the recovery for him if he had said no. David took a moment before laughing loud and brightly because it was something he would do. It was something any of them would have done. He wasn’t mad in the slightest, more happy that Evan agreed, though a little sad Brian had felt he would have said no. He couldn’t blame him though, because again, he would have thought of doing it as well- if he had even thought of asking Brian out.

Evan congratulated them after, waving his hands in a gesture of exaggeration for how long he was waiting for Brian to man up and ask, but he was happy he did, really.