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“Let me paint your nails.”

Tyler froze at the question for a moment before he glanced back towards John. “What?” he asked. John shrugged and moved forward, a light to his eyes that showed he was already planning. “Let me paint your nails,” he repeated, “I have black if you want, or Blue to match your channel.”

The taller stared at the blonde, a look passing him before his eyes rolled. “What the fuck John? No, you aren’t painting my nails.” He moved farther into his house and the other followed, a pout appearing on his face. “Why not? Scotty and Marcel let me paint theirs, and I paint mine all the time,” he tried to convince but Tyler just shook his head again. “No.”

“Tyler,” John huffed and stood in the doorway leading outside to the deck. Tyler turned to look at him, annoyance placed on his face. “Ask again and I’m kicking you out of my house,” he threatened and John let his mouth stay shut. Feeling successful, Tyler left to join their friends, but John wasn’t done trying.

The blonde moved off the deck and to the yard, sighing softly as he moved to stand by Jaren. “What he’d say?” he heard his friend ask and he just sighed again, dramatically, and placed his head on his shoulder. “He said no,” he mumbled and looked where Tyler was, pursing his lips. “I buy all this nail-polish so I can make everyone look pretty and the guy who’s running the party doesn’t want any. Fucking lame,” he complained and leaned more against Jaren, who laughed softly and wrapped an arm around him. “Why’s it matter so much, dude?” John shrugged a little. ‘It doesn’t but… I don’t know, I thought it’d be fun to start it with him- wait. Oh, Jaren you gave a great idea,” he beamed and stood up straight. Jaren looked at him and smiled brightly. “Glad to help, John,” he replied, and melted as he was pulled into a little hug before the blonde pulled back. “Go grab Mini, both of you meet me inside,” he stated, and Jaren nodded. “Got it.”

John hurried inside with his plan devising itself into his head. He was a bit excited, really, to get to work on it, despite knowing it would take a bit.

He sat in the living room after running to get his kit, which was a bag full of nail-polish and remover, a few extra brushes, etc. He heard footsteps approaching soon enough and smiled and he smiled as both his friends came into the room. “Craig,” he greeted. Craig looked at him, faking a serious expression. “John,” he stated. They held eye contact and a serious expression the best they could till it broke and they both laughed.

“What’d you need?” the slightly shorter asked, and John gestured him to sit by him. “I’m gonna paint your nails.”

“What?” Craig asked, but he was walking to the couch regardless. “I’m gonna paint your nails cause Tyler is a bitch and won’t let me paint his,” he restated with context and Craig let out a little ‘oh’ as he sat down. “Then I’m gonna paint Jaren’s, then hopefully I can redo Marcel and Scotty’s, try and convince Evan to let me do his, get Anthony to let me paint his, etc. till Tyler’s left by himself, polish-less,” he explained and Craig nodded some. Jaren sat on the other side of John and eyed the display of polishes he placed on the floor. “Pick a color, Mini, might I suggest yellow?”

Craig hummed and leaned a bit to grab a color, picking a pastel pink one. “Paint me bitch,” he chuckled and held his hand out, “Let’s single that fucker out!”

John was happy to have supportive friends.

It took him about half an hour to get done with Craig, despite the other’s hands shaking a bit the entire time and needed to do two coats, it still wasn’t a hard process. “Alright, I’m done, but let them dry,” he mumbled, and Craig nodded, beginning to blow on his nails. He then turned to Jaren with a smile.

“Your turn Hubby,” he joked and Jaren snickered, holding a color towards John. “Black? I like your style,” John hummed and took it. “Yeah, but I want the glitter final coat,” he added, “The blue one.” John rolled his eyes as Jaren winked. “Course you do,” he chuckled and then got to work.

Craig left during the time John was painting Jaren’s nails, and Marcel came in to replace him. Jaren took about 15 minutes, thanks to him keeping steady hands and black not being the hardest color to layer. Plus, the polish wasn’t totally thick.

“Don’t eat the polish,” John threatened as he tightened the lid and Jaren stuck his tongue out before nodding and standing up carefully, shaking his hands and blowing to dry the top coat. Then, he started his way outside. Jaren then turned to Marcel. “Let me see you nails,” he mumbled and the other nodded. “Here,” he mumbled and held both his hands up. The red polish was still intact, thankfully, and he smiled. “Okay, you’re fine, go get Scott.”

Scotty’s nails were okay too, the layer of green still perfect. So, the next one was Evan, who Scotty did get to come inside at least.

“Evan,” he greeted, smiling and patting the spot by him. Evan eyed it and moved over, though he did seem to catch on as he grabbed a color right off the bag. “If you don’t make my nails as pretty as possible, I’m contacting my lawyer,” he warned him, putting the color into his hand and then holding his out. “Dark blue?” John asked, a little curious to the choice but Evan didn’t give him an answer. “Just paint them.”

It took about 15 minutes to get done with Evan, the Canadian humming softly as he looked to his nails and then stood. “Sweet, thanks John. Am I hot now?” he asked, and looked down at him. John chuckled softly and winked. “You were already hot,” he flirted and they shared a laugh before Evan began to walk off. “Send in Anthony, would ya?” he called after, and Evan let out a little ‘Okay’ before he was gone.

Anthony came in a few minutes after, smiling and waving at John. “Hey John!” he beamed and moved to sit down. “I think I’m filled in enough to know what’s happening,” he mumbled and glanced to the colors, “Scotty filled me in.”

“Does Tyler know?” John asked, watching as Anthony grabbed a color and looked it over before grabbing a yellow instead and sitting up. “Nah, but I think he’s catching one, sense almost all of have painted nails and keep coming in here, plus he’s asked where you went once or twice,” he shrugged and handed him the Yellow, John taking it with a hum. “And none of you told him?” Anthony shrugged again and held a hand out after John opened the polish. “I don’t think so, Craig might’ve dropped a hint with Jaren and Scott, they’ve been flaunting their nails. John hummed and nodded, going to work after that.

It took him twenty minutes to get done, mostly from Jiggly occasionally twitching his hand and messing John up on purpose, but they got done and John smiled, putting the brush back on the polish and then standing up, stretching. “Alright, back to the party?” he looked to Anthony who joined him in standing, kind of holding his hands still, looking panicked and John laughed. “Blow on them, idiot, and give them a little shake,” he answered the unasked question and the man nodded, doing as told and walking to leave. John cleaned up his stuff before he left the room, a smile on his face.

Once he got outside he found himself wandering over to Jaren who was by Tyler. Sneaking up behind them both, people had quickly noticed and he raised his hand to gently push them both. “Boo!”

Tyler let out a noise and Jaren shouted, both turning after that to glare at John, who stood laughing, bringing a hand to his mouth to contain it.

Jaren saw hearts after that and he pouted. “Damnit John,” he grumbled and glanced off, his face turning a little red. John could recognize that expression at least, but when he looked up at Tyler.

It was weird, really. A glare rested on the taller’s face, he didn’t look amused yet John couldn’t find any real anger in it. In fact, if he was really thinking about it, it looked similar to Jaren’s.

He snapped from his thoughts though and he blinked. “Mad, Ty?” he asked with a giggle and Tyler rolled his eyes a bit. “Shut up,” he mumbled and looked off to the side before his eyes were on John again. “Did you go and paint everyone else’s nails?” he asked, and there was no real annoyance, rather just a tiredness to the words which let John knew he won. “Mhm. You could have been first, well… third, but you didn’t want too,” he shrugged and smiled. “They all look great now though, right?”

Tyler just huffed a little bit and rolled his eyes before moving past John and towards the house, “Come on.” John watched before success lit through him and he grinned. “Yes!” he beamed and he went to walk but his hand was grabbed b Jaren. He stopped and looked over his shoulder, confused until he got a kiss on the cheek. “Take things slow there, John,” he mumbled and John blinked before nodding. “Of course.” A slow smile spread across his face and Jaren mirrored it before they pecked lips and then John pulled away and hurried after Tyler. Jaren went to join the party.

John got inside quick enough and found his way to the living room where Tyler was placed on the couch. His arms were crossed and he looked impatient, but he glanced over to John and relaxed a little. “Took you long enough,” he teased, faking the annoyance. John just smiled and moved to sit by him after he grabbed his kit. “What color?” he asked, and Tyler shrugged. “Whatever, you pick.” John nodded and dug through his kit till he pulled out a baby blue and smiled. He took the brush off and then hand his hand for Tyler’s. “Hand please.”

Tyler hesitated and then gave him his hand, John thanked him quietly and then went to work.

John was quiet when focused, occasionally humming when he moved to the next nail, or if he was trying to be extra careful. Tyler noticed it. He also noticed how focused John seemed, his eyes stuck to his hand and his mouth sealed shut in concentration. Tyler forced his eyes off of him and he tried to focus on something else but the next thing his mind went to was how oddly soft John’s hand was, and how gentle he was holding his in place.

“Okay, this one’s done,” John mumbled and Tyler moved it away, looking at it in wonder. John did a really good job with this. “It’ll take to coats, but while it’s drying, I’ll do your other hand. Give it here.” Tyler gave it to him without a word, just a nod.

It went through the same process till John was finishing his last finger with the second coat. “Aaannndd done!” He smiled and Tyler moved to pull his hand back but John held it there. “You know a really quick way to dry your nails is to blow on them? Like this,” he gently blew on Tyler’s nails and Tyler watched until John looked up, their eyes meeting and making Tyler flinch back. “Y-yeah, thanks John,” he mumbled and looked to his hand, opting to the shaking motion instead. “They um,” he paused and slowed his hand, looking to the nails and swallowing, “They look good. I… Can’t believe I’m saying that.” John smiled a little and he chuckled. “Did you doubt me?” he asked, a tease and Tyler glanced to him, his heart fluttering at just how happy John looked, how soft his gaze was. He seemed content.

“Nah, I didn’t doubt ya just… Didn’t know I’d like it,” he answered and looked back to his hand. It fell silent and John shifted in his seat a bit, glancing to Tyler. “Hey,” he mumbled finally, “I uhm…” He fiddled with his hands and sighed. “Look, Ty,” he watched the other look at him and all words left him. He licked his lips and then shook his head, standing. “We should join the others, flaunt your new look,” he grinned and Tyler stared for a moment before nodding. “... Yeah. Okay.”

They left the house and John stayed silent till he got outside and moved right back to Jaren’s side, who looked at him in confusion. “How’d it go?” he asked and John started at his feet. “I didn’t ask,” he mumbled, reaching into his pocket and digging out his vape, placing in his mouth and hitting the button. He let out a mist in a sigh and felt Jaren nudge him gently. “Why not?” he edged and John shook his head. “Have you seen Tyler? I couldn’t think of how he’d react Smit, I… what if he was disgusted?”

Jaren pursed his lips and looked towards Tyler, who was standing by Anthony and Marcel, making dumb poses with them and laughing. Jaren could feel his heartbeat quicken. “I… I know what you mean, but… We’ll never know till we try, John,” he mumbled and John shook his head. “I don’t think I wanna know.”

“I’ll find out then,” he opted instead, and John raised his head to look and Jaren, surprise in his eyes and denial forming in his voice already, but Jaren silenced him by giving him a quick kiss and then walking by him towards Tyler. “Jare-” “Already made up my mind, John!”

The Canadian made his way to Tyler, a smile lacing his face as he approached. “Tyler, just the man I wanted to see,” he grinned and stopped walking after Tyler looked at him. “Yeah?” he asked and the noirette hummed. “Need ya to come with me for a minute, gotta ask you something. It’s a secret,” he glanced to Marcel and Anthony, who exchanged glances but stepped away from Tyler, who nodded and began to walk towards him. “Okay?”

Jaren led Tyler back to where John was standing, sort of isolated and staring in a panic at the two. He was gonna book it. “John! I got Tyler!” he beamed, Jaren only did it because he knew it’d stop the blonde, who froze in place and opted to take another hit of his vape instead.

The trio stood in the little area, Jaren taking a few glances to make sure everyone else was doing their own thing, which he was thankful they were. John stood there, blowing out and then looking down. “So…” Tyler began and Jaren stopped him. “Tyler, we both have something we need to ask you and I want your word you won’t think of us any differently,” he mumbled and Tyler locked eyes with Jaren.

It was serious if Jaren was keeping his tone straight, another little thing Tyler noticed with his friend. He felt a tad nervous but he nodded. “Of course, dude, you’re my friends. Kinda gonna be hard to change my mind on that.

“Tyler… John and me both like you. Like… We both wanna go out with you.” Tyler blinked and felt his heart speed up before he gazed from Jaren to John, who was looking down and fidgeting with his vape pen. “You… both like me?” he repeated and looked to the noirette again, who nodded. “Yeah. We just… We wanted you to know cause we were wondering if you… would like to join our relationship.”

Tyler felt the question hit him like a shot of electricity and his heart exploded to life. “Sure, I’ll try it out.”

“See, Jare! I told you he wouldn’t want- wait. Sure?” John looked from Jaren to Tyler in surprise. “Yeah. I mean, I like you both too, this makes things easier. Kinda… surprised you like me if I’m honest but I’m glad for the offer. Its a two for one deal,” he laughed and Jaren joined in on John’s shocked expression before the two jumped with joy and John pulled Tyler into a hug that Jaren quickly joined. “Fuck yeah!”

John had painted his nails blue, Jaren had blue glitter, Tyler had gotten baby blue.

John was so happy he painted their nails. He was glad they matched. He was glad it all worked out. He was glad tyler yet to notice the fact they had a color scheme and he was just happy to be here with his two boyfriends, and he couldn’t wait to tell his friends.

Or he could, he wasn’t ready for Scotty’s teasing quite yet.