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What Dreams May Come

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The fox couldn't remember having felt this much pain before in all his long life. Even when that blonde annoyance sealed him inside the other blonde brat didn't measure up. That had certainly hurt to be ripped from his body and shoved behind a seal. However that really couldn't compare to what he was feeling right now. Judging by the screams coming from his host he got the feeling that the brat agreed with him. He gritted his teeth, holding back his own pained howls, after all it wasn't like anyone but the brat could hear him.

Akatsuki must not have had a clue how difficult this would be. It wasn't like with the others, their seal was more complex. The Fourth hadn't just sealed him inside the brat, he'd set it up so that their chakras and even their souls, to the kitsune's annoyance, had bled together at least a little. So instead of just working to pull him out of the boy, they also had the tedious task of trying to separate them first. A task that the S-class ninja's were finding to be more complicated. They hadn't counted on the blonde clinging to his inner parasite so fiercely.

The old fox winced in pain as he felt the boy wrap their chakra together once again. It was useless really, for every step back he took the jutsu pulled them two steps forward again. All the idiot was doing was draining their energy and screaming his throat raw. It was only a matter of time before they both ran out of steam and lost. Behind the bars of his cage he shook his head. Kyuubi had warned the brat, more than once, that if they were caught it would be best to just try and shove all of the youki behind the seal. Akatsuki would nab it up, rip it out, and hopefully the boy would make it out of the experience alive.

When he suggested that plan to the boy Naruto had only grinned at him, flashing that annoyingly wide grin, and stated, "No way I'm letting them kidnap you, you smelly old fox! They'll have to kill me first! Believe it!"

Kyuubi didn't know why it even mattered to the brat. Once he was gone the boy might actually get to live a semi normal life for once. Maybe settle down with that timid Hyuuga and actually get time to train to become Hokage one day. He didn't need the fox's power for that, he was strong enough on his own. But for some reason he felt that he 'owed' it to the demon for 'stealing his life' or some nonsense.

But in a way….it was kind of nice to know that there was still some living thing that would miss him if he was gone…and-and just what in the world is that brat doing?

As fiercely as he was holding onto the youki before, now he was pushing it with all his might behind the seal. Abruptly the fox was alone once again in his cage. The pain of his container was a distant thing and he blinked at the bars in shock. He felt…abandoned.


After all that fancy talk the brat was still just a human. He must have given in to the pain and fear and pushed him away. Without the tug from Naruto he could be drawn out in no time at all. In fact he could already feel something grabbing him and pulling him out from the seal.

He didn't resist, that would only cause him more pain. He could try clinging to the blonde, he might even be able to kill him in the fight, but in the end the result would be the same.

He sighed, and decided to go out with some dignity. Closing his eyes he let himself float up and as he rose darkness crept into his consciousness until he started to black out. He wondered briefly if this was it. Would this be the last time he fell asleep?

As he finally passed out he could hear off in the distance an annoying voice, Sorry Kyuubi-jisan…