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A Knight's Desire

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Ever vigilant, Sir Hawks was around his princess almost every hour of every day. It was his duty to protect the royal family, her more so than any member. At first, Hawks dreaded the assignment. Watching a princess stay in her castle all day wasn’t the kind of action Hawks expected from being a royal guard, but he was honored nonetheless. Over time however, he found himself thanking the gods for allowing him to be responsible for such a woman. Everything about her enticed him. Her beauty, her kindness, that naivete that makes her believe in people. Her little tokens of affections, whether a hand on his shoulder or a mere glance was enough to send Hawks to heaven. He was in bliss, his version of his eternal reward. But this was reality, and his princess was bound to steal the heart of another.

He was a king of some warring nation, someone grand and rich Hawks presumed. The knight was of course heart broken at first, but he knew this day would come. His princess had her role to play, and he is own. Only in his most depraved nights did he wonder what life would be like, if their roles were different. He would touch his cock and pleasure himself at the thought of being able to see her naked form, to watch her moan while he impales her on his length. He found those nights to become more and more common as the day of his beloved’s wedding grew closer.

It was his responsibility to guide her there, to literally hand her to another man. Hawks loved his kingdom, none could deny that. Yet, his bitterness grew as everyone clamored on about the wedding. Every glimpse of white fabric, or talk of marriage drew him up a fucking wall. They didn’t know this man, not really. She could be marrying anyone. She should be marrying him. thought the knight in his darkest moments. When the day finally arrive for them to depart, Hawks felt himself shaking at the thought of her no longer being his princess.

He just wanted more time with her.

It was easy to arrange, to separate themselves from the giant royal guardsmen that followed them at every moment. Just a rumor or two about a threat, and him declaring the need for them to lie low in the outskirts of a small town. A cabin, where the loyal knight could protect the soft princess while the rest act as a decoy in town. Everyone trusted Sir Hawks, he was after all the royal family’s most trusted knight.

That day Hawks almost felt like another person. Gathering food and wood for his beloved, who waited patiently inside for him. Both of them removed of armor and crests, anything that reminded them of their cursed lives. Hawks wondered if she ever thought about the handsome knight that followed her every move, that would kneel and praise her at her whims. Hawks would tend to the fire, heating the room to a cozy temperature for the night. The two would make idle chatter about things like the beauty of the land, but the mere mention of the royal wedding made Hawks face turn grim. That man doesn’t deserve his princess, Hawks would ponder. Oh if fate were different.

He would continue to think along that line of thought, well into the night. She had already fallen asleep, barely able to hold on to consciousness after such a long ride. After a while, her soft groans alerted him, and he went to check on her sleeping form. He could’ve sworn she was an angel by the way she looked, her chest slowly rising and falling with each breath. She must’ve been cold, barely covered by her blankets. But the shivers her body made wasn’t the focal point of the knights attention. Under the thin fabric of her white dress gown he could see the hard buds of his lovely girl. He knew it was wrong to linger, but the ache in his heart, and manhood, told him there was no harm. It was natural for a man to admire the body of the woman he loved.

He pulled back what little cover she had, revealing her plush thighs that clasped together in exposure to cold, the satin fabric brunched up towards her heat. Hawks had spent so long thinking about her like this, under him and exposed. The pressure within his breeches started to test the mans boundaries, his aching cock begging for attention. Rough fingers worked at unlacing his trousers to reveal the throbbing sword of the knight, weeping over the form of his sleeping princess. With hesitation, Hawks stroked his member as he lovingly swept his fingers against the bare skin of the maiden before him, his knees pressing against the side of her bed. She could awaken any moment, but Hawks told himself this was his final moment with her, and that he deserved this.

He deserved to be with his princess.

The thought echoed in his mind as he continued to stroke his length to the silent whimpers of the slumbering girl, his pace quickening. Even as he crossed a boundary he never dared to venture over before, he felt empty. Surely if the princess had slept this long, she must be in a deep rest. Sweat trickled down the back of his neck as he felt the grip on himself loosen, and his leg slowly moved to reach over the other side of her sleeping form. There he hovered over her, practically straddling her form with his anguished cock resting so close to her maidenhood. Thoughts were rushing in Hawks head, the man overcome with his desire for the woman. She deserved better, she deserved love and respect from a patient and virtuous man. Despite his cravings, Hawks knew he was that man. Why deny their love because fate was so cruel to thrust them into these roles. From here, they could create a new fate, one of unity and passion. He’s always provided for her needs, and he doesn’t see why that would change now.

Even with the choir of dark thoughts in his head and the creaking of the bed, she slept soundly, dreaming of her future husband and kingdom. She barely registered the calloused fingers sweeping across her thighs to her breasts, the finger tips pressing into her soft skin. Her trusted knight brought his unworthy hands to her heat and tested the boundaries of his ambition. A soft nudge between her folds and he was rewarded with the slick of her heat, as if she was calling to him. He couldn’t help but feel like it was the song of his sweet princess, beckoning him to embrace their love. He blushed at the thought of his charge thinking of him in that way, that perhaps she had loved him all this time. Of course she did, he was hers and hers alone. Without another thought he pushed his fingers into her seeping core, eager to feel the tightness of her embrace. It took everything to hold back the moans from escaping his lips, as he finally felt so close to his desire. But desire isn’t so easily sated. If his drowsy princess could sleep through this, he could truly reward his dedication. Indulge himself in his love in a more intimate manner. He began to curl his fingers, hoping to entice some cloudy moans from the girl underneath him. The circling of her clit with his thumb seemed to illicit the response he desired, as her thighs tightened against his hand and a meek whimper littered the air. He could bring her so much pleasure, a true man for the finest of women.

He desire ran rampant through him, his body heated from the excitement for what he was about to do. Hands moved to embrace her thighs, shifting them ever so gently so he could present himself against her sopping core. He gritted his teeth as he brought his cock against the welcoming folds of her heat, pondering just for a second on whether he was doing the just thing before slowly forcing himself into her velvet embrace. He was flooded with emotions, from surprise at her barely shaken form and by the overwhelming feeling of her tight hold. As he fully sheathed himself inside her, her walls clasped around his sword. In that moment Hawks knew they were truly meant to be. Duty, laws, and gods be damned, Hawks would make this woman his. She had owned him for so long, and now he could finally make her his own. The knight no longer cared for delicateness, instead gripping firmly on her hips as he wildly thrusted into her. Moans escaped her lips as she began to stir, but the man paid no mind as he was lost in his own bliss. His thoughts were occupied by the lovely home he’d build his wife, and how he could so easily provide for her. He’d return home with fine silks and treats, welcomed by his fertile young wife, so eagerly awaiting to be ravished by her husband. Even the hands pushing against his chest couldn’t deter him from his fantasy, his pride swelling as he got closer and closer to his goal.

The maiden was no match for the formidable mass of man above her who was so aggressively thrusting inside her. She could barely recognize the man that she had trusted for so long. With each rough clash of his hips against her thighs, his cock would hit the deepest caverns of her heat, bringing pleasure to her inexperienced body. Her distraught soon turned to cries of pleasure, as she was overpowered by new sensations the man was giving her. Her hair clinged to her face as her mouth opened with awe. An opportunity raised for the knight, his grip moving from her thigh to pulling her close by her back, all to explore the beauty that is her mouth. As his member thrashed inside of her, his tongue found itself sweeping the walls of her mouth, anything to bring himself closer to her. Her arms would find themselves around his shoulders, confused by their intent. One moment she was scratching to get free and the next she was pulling her knight closer to her.

Hawks felt like a man possessed, astonished by the eager clutch of his love, how she was so clearly accepting his love. To think, the knight would be the first and only man to see the princess like this, writhing underneath him as she came undone on his cock. How he would be the only man to ever pound into her body, to knead her breasts between his fingers as he shoved his tongue down her throat. The depravity of the situation should have hit the man, but the mere thought of being the only man to cum deep inside her, to flood her womb with his thick seed and impregnate his own princess became the fuel that drove him. His cock twitched inside her, impatiently leaking cum from his tip. No one could ever take his princess away from him once she was swollen with his child, and his thrusts became more erratic. With one final deep thrust, the knight released himself in the tight embrace of his lover’s womb, hoping that tonight would be the night he would create the fate he so desperately desired.