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Paying the Price

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Jade gasped, clawing at the tentacle around his neck with fervor. He couldn't breathe, couldn't speak, could hardly see since spots were appearing in his vision. He was being torn apart quite literally by the tentacles forcing their way inside of him, preparation be damned, skin splitting and blood dripping as they took their sick pleasure from him and his pain.

"I told you not to go near him," Obsidian growled, low and frightening. "You wanna be friends with him? You wanna have him treat you all nice and pretty like a porcelain doll? Too fucking bad."

Jade tried to get out a response, but his own tears as well at the tentacle choked him into silence.

"What a pathetic bitch," Obsidian muttered. "You're nothing. How many times should I remind you? Do I have to go for ten in order for you to get it through your dumb skull that I take care of you, that you belong to me? Do I?"

Jade shook his head, gasping for air. "No sir, no master-" he said, then shrieked when another tentacle entered him.

"That's right, scream," Obsidian muttered. "This should teach you a lesson or two. Now look at me."

Jade cracked open an eye, chest heaving with the breaths he stole during the times where the tentacle around his throat loosened slightly. Obsidian met his gaze.

"I. Own. This," Obsidian said, reaching a hand forward to grip Jade's hip and dig his fingers into his skin. He reached up with the other hand, brushing a bit of hair out of Jade's face. "Repeat it back to me."

"Y-you own-"

A crack sounded as Obsidian's hand met Jade's cheek. "Too slow."

"Y-you own me."

Another harsh slap. "Like you mean it, bitch."

"You own me."


"You own me!"

"That's right," Obsidian cooed, taking the hand that slapped him and running it gently over the forming bruises, rubbing soothing circles into his cheek with his thumb. "Now, do you have anything to say to me?"

"I-I'm sorry... for leaving..." Jade gasped quietly.


Jade whined softly in pain, tears finally starting to flow. "H-hurts, it hurts."

Obsidian scowled. "Wrong answer," he said, speeding up the movements of his tentacles. Jade cried out, squirming to try and relieve himself of the pain. It was nowhere near working.

"Since I apparently have to teach you again," Obsidian said - he was royally pissed off now, which was never a good thing - he took his hand off of Jade's hip and moved it to his crotch, gripping his dick, "let's start from the beginning. How do you feel?"

Jade knew where this was going, it always went this way, God, he was so stupid- "H-hurts," he said, despite himself.

Obsidian gripped tighter. "Wrong again. Come on, you know this one. Do I have to spell it out for you?"

Jade slowly shook his head. "N-no."

"Then say it," Obsidian hissed.

Jade trembled softly. "I'm s-supposed to get off on pain."

"Supposed to? I think you do," Obsidian growled, squeezing tighter again. "So prove it to me. Tell me what exactly you're feeling." To Jade's utter dread, Obsidian began to move his hand.

Jade gasped, hands clawing for purchase against the tentacle on his neck, small bursts of pleasure beginning to intersperse themselves throughout the fiery pain. Jade began to twitch and squirm. "G-good?"

"You don't sound so sure," Obsidian said with mock concern. "Try again for me, pet."

Jade squeezed his eyes shut. If he could just focus on the good Obsidian was giving him, he could do what he asked, please him, make it stop-

"Good, it feels good," Jade gasped. He couldn't bring himself to feel any mortification at the fact that it did. In fact, he was glad. It meant Obsidian was happy with him.

Obsidian's mouth twisted into a grin. He thumbed over the tip of Jade's dick before deciding to move his hand faster. "Sounds good enough to cum, hm?" 

Jade nodded furiously.

"And what do you say?"

Jade hesitated only a moment while the words registered with him. "P-please," he gasped, "c-can - can I-?"

As soon as Obsidian so much as dipped his head in allowance, Jade gave a soft yelp and bucked his hips, once, twice. Obsidian slowed and then stopped, pulling his hand away. He lifted it up, showing how it was covered in opaque white fluid.

"Open your mouth."

Jade's jaw trembled as he opened it. Obsidian stuck two fingers inside, pressing down on Jade's tongue. Jade fought a grimace, the salty taste flooding his senses.

"Now this," Obsidian said, softly, gently, barely audible, "is the taste of submission. You would do well to keep that in mind.”

With that, Obsidian withdrew his fingers and his tentacles. Jade dropped to the floor like a ragdoll.

"Go clean yourself up. I expect you to be fixed up in twenty minutes. Zircon will supervise." 

Without anything more, Obsidian left.