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KiriBaku Breaking

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Kirishima's POV


“Sato, this is delicious!” Momo swooned, taking another big bite of his cake. Everyone continued to inhale their cakes. Midoriya’s face was completely covered in cake and Mineta kept trying to feed his cake to the girls. Iida ate his nice and slow while staring at everyone else disapprovingly.

I finished my first 2 pieces within minutes. I looked around happily, everyone getting along, laughing and enjoying their sugary treat. Everyone was content and happy. But one. Bakugou sat in the corner of the common area, watching begrudgingly as they made a mess of the place. His expression didn’t change throughout the few minutes I studied him from my position on the couch.

I felt a light blush form on my face as my thoughts began to wander. “Bakugou, can I talk to you?” I heard myself ask suddenly. I was surprised at my sudden request but he looked up from his dazed state and gave me a questioning look. “Somewhere else?” He continued to look confused but nodded hesitantly as he got up to lead me out to the entrance of the dorms. The rain pounding on the ground made me all the more anxious.

“Well?” he growled, crossing his arms, exasperated. 

Shit, how do I say this? I have to tell him but isn’t this so sudden? I can’t keep this to myself forever. It's now or never, Kirishima. Now or never. Crimson Red wouldn’t freak out over something like this! 

“Well, I just wanted to say…”


Bakugou tapped his foot, annoyed at the hesitation.

“What did you do this time?” he grumbled, rolling his eyes. 

“No, no! It’s nothing like that.” I stumbled, worriedly going over all of the possibilities this  could go so wrong. 

“Then just tell me!”

“I, uh, it’s just, for a long time, I’ve been wondering, well, I-”

“Cut to the chase, Kirishima.” My face grew warm. I couldn’t stall any longer.

“I have feelings for you…” I mumbled, my head down.

We waited for a second and just as I felt like I had screwed it up he growled a response.

“What did you say? Speak up! God, it is not like you to be this quiet! What has gotten into you?” 

“I have feelings for you and I have for a while!” I blurted. “I- I’m sorry. I didn’t really know how to say it. Um-” I looked up, searching Bakugou’s face for any sort of hint that he returned his revealed feelings. Any hint. Any form of love? Please.

I was greeted with Bakugou’s normal scowl and a slight bit of confusion and surprise. 

“W- What?” he growled.

“I-” He cut me off before I could continue to explain. 

“Just, fuck off, Kirishima. Stop playing games.” And like that, he stormed off into the dorms. I watched the dorms close behind him and stayed there, watching the now un-moving door, hoping for him to return. He never did. 

After a few minutes went by, I felt tears well up in my eyes, hoping, waiting for him to come back. To say he could return his feelings. Or at least to just say sorry. That he didn’t mean it. That would’ve been better than what he had gotten. Anything would be better than what he had gotten. Trembling, I sat down on the steps in front of the door, watching the rain go down, showing no signs of easing up. Unwelcome tears rolled down my face. I was angry. Not angry at Bakugou but at myself. How could I ever have thought that he’d love me back? I sighed sadly and got up, looking behind me at the doors once more before making my way away from UA and off to an unknown destination. In my mind, I just needed to get away from the others for a bit. 

I walked along the path within UA. I wasn’t supposed to be out of the dorms at this time of night. But a half an hour at most wouldn’t hurt I suppose. I needed to clear my mind. What I did back there was beyond stupid. He probably hates me now. God dammit, I screwed up. 

I stopped abruptly and spun around. 

“Who’s there?” I swore I heard something. Was something in the forest? I inhaled sharply in surprise when I felt someone’s hand around my mouth. My anger turned to fear as my vision began to tunnel and eventually found darkness.