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Sarada, Princess of the Saiyan Race (Episodes 1-25)

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I am using the Super Broly movie for how Vegeta and Sarada found out that their race and planet were gone. So anyway, let's get this going, shall we? Lemme know if y'all want more of this story, okay?

God bless and Good Day!

~The Lupine Sojourner

"Vegeta?" He turns his head to me from when we were doing our exercises in an effort to continuously raise our power levels.

"What is it?" He asks sharply, not liking the interruption of his concentration. I move on to the next exercise before replying.

"Why do we have to kill everyone on the planets we're assigned to?" I ask. Vegeta halts and so do I, the question hanging in the air like the increased gravity in the chamber.

"What kind of question is that?" Vegeta snaps back. "We- -that's how it's always been! We Saiyans are warriors, conquerors!"

"But why can't we just let them live under us?" I press. Vegeta sighs, crossing his arms before turning a slightly annoyed look toward me.

"You want to be stronger, right, Sarada?" He asks. I nod.

"Yes, of course!"

"Then you have to prove yourself, keep testing your limits! Destroying weaker species is just Survival of the Fittest at work! It's not our fault our opponents are so weak." I blink.

"So if we find opponents stronger than we let them live with us?" I ask. By Vegeta's logic, that made sense, at least to me.

"There are no species stronger than the Saiyans," Vegeta replies in a no-nonsense tone.

"Oh. Okay." I didn't quite understand, but I had learned, even as a five-year-old, that these things were not to be argued, so I went back to training.


"Sarada, come on!" Vegeta hisses at me as he tugs me along behind him. I stumble and try to keep up with him.

"Vegeta, what's going on?" I pant out. Vegeta briefly stops.

"Father is meeting with someone. Someone he demanded to see alone. I've never heard of Father insisting on such a meeting. Figured we should see what this is all about." I could never deny Vegeta, so I nod as we continue moving.

"Okay, you don't have to tug my wrist," I complain and he lets go with a huff.

"You don't have to be a wimp about it." He counters. I stick my tongue out at him and we continue on our way. Soon enough, we slip through the passage we discovered that led into Father's private meeting room. We look out and see a figure looming over the King of the Saiyans, cat-like ears extending from his head and odd clothes over his body, a tail laying limp toward the floor. He was purple, his shoed foot against Father's head as Father knelt before him, and was shaking as if in terror. I flinch. Who could make the King of the Saiyans bow and tremble like that?! I halt Vegeta's movement. If Father was scared, we had no business meddling in this. Better to be silent observers.

Despite myself, I creep a little closer to the pair with Vegeta, beginning to shake in fear myself. Just who was this figure and why was Father so afraid of him?

"Can your miserable little brain comprehend why I'm so angry, Saiyan King?" A booming, authoritative male voice rang out, freezing me in my tracks. Vegeta tugged me to him, positioning me subtly behind him as the figure applied a little more pressure to Father's head. "Answer me." The man growls.

Father took a few moments to reply and I could hear the fear and hesitancy in his voice. "Because I promised to fulfill your mission in the time you gave me, Lord Beerus, but it took longer than I thought it would."

"Wrong." 'Lord Beerus' replies, voice icy and stern as he continues the pressure. Beside me, Vegeta's jaw clicks in anger.

"Father's being humiliated!" He hisses. "How can he take that?"

"I don't know. Whoever this man is, if Father's scared, we should be, too." I whisper back, hand reaching out and grabbing Vegeta's cape as a comfort. This was bad!

"We're Saiyans!" Vegeta snaps back, mindful to keep his voice down. "We aren't afraid of anyone. Just who is this filth?!"

"Vegeta, Father called him a Lord. That means this man is important! We shouldn't interfere!" I whimper. What Vegeta had said was true, but this seemed to be an appropriate reaction in this instance. Anyone who can subdue the King of the Saiyans so completely must be someone we don't want to mess with.

"I don't care!" Vegeta replies hotly, barely managing to keep his voice low. "This man should remember his place!" I tighten my grip on his cape. Something told me if we intervened, it would end disastrously. Before I can speak, however, Lord Beerus' voice booms around the room and once again I'm stiff with fear.

"I consider myself a rather flexible diety." He begins. I flinch. Diety?! "I know you mortals have your limitations, but there is one thing I cannot tolerate; the callous arrogance of those who do not pay the respect a Destroyer is due." I gulp. A destroyer? A diety?! And he was here!? Why? Why would a deity come here and- -Father's head slams into the ground, cracking it slightly, and Father grunts in pain. Vegeta and I flinch. I put my hand over my mouth to stifle any noise. The last thing we needed was for Lord Beerus to see us. We likely wouldn't survive such an encounter. "I ordered you to find me the most comfortable pillow in all the universe, and I know for a fact you obtained it." Come again?! This diety, this Lord Beerus, came here and demanded that the King of all Saiyans find him the universe's most comfortable pillow?!

A rage slowly began to build inside me. Not enough to make me act, but enough to slowly begin eating at my fear for the figure threatening my father.

"Your tenacity is impressive," Lord Beerus continues, grinding Father's head into the ground, "although your methods? A bit severe." He adds, an almost coy undertone to his voice now as he leans closer to our father's prone body. He was playing with Father, taunting him! Beerus knelt in front of his victim, grabbing Father's hair and hauling Father up to face him. "I bet you don't even know how many creatures you killed in that raid." I blink. Was he talking about Father's rushed reentry to the planet a few days ago, and then a secret meeting with a few choice advisors? I think I did see someone carrying something that could have been a pillow toward our bedrooms, but...I didn't want to intervene and tell this man my suspicions as to the location of this pillow. "Of course," Lord Beerus' voice snaps me back to the matter at hand. "being what I am, I could have accepted all that if you had simply given me the best pillow instead of keeping it for yourself and trying to fool me with the second best." Beerus hauls Father up further and punches Father in the chest, hard enough that Father instantly keels over, winded and groaning in agony. Tears prick my eyes as Father collapses and I don't notice that I had let go of Vegeta's cape at some point until he's stepping back in utter shock before his fists clench and his eyes narrow in outrage.

"Bastard!" He growls, and I can tell by the look in his eyes, he is going to charge.

"Vegeta, no!" I snap, trying to grab the cape, racing after my headstrong brother, but it's no good.

"That is the King of all Saiyans!" Vegeta roars as he runs forward. My mind replays what Lord Beerus said about being respected, just as I move to cut in front of Vegeta. But before I can speak or stop my brother, I feel something strange happen and suddenly, I feel sluggish and as if I were in the training room with the artificial gravity increased far beyond what I could stand. Just before I collapse, I manage to move in front of my brother, trying to form any kind of shield I could. I fall to the ground, trying as hard as I could, but I can't speak or move hardly at all. I try to move to better protect my brother, but it doesn't make much of a difference.

"Children should not interfere with the affairs of gods." Lord Beerus growls and I feel my mouth dry in terror. This was how I die. Lord Beerus then yawns. "I think I'll retrieve what's mine and put the pillow to use; I grow weary of mortal's disappointments. Listen well, children; you should never intervene in matters beyond you again. Come, Whis." From behind us, I see a man in strange robes come forward, following Lord Beerus toward the door. Suddenly, we can move and instantly, I have to move to restrain Vegeta, who seemed too blinded by rage and frustration at how easily we were restrained to even speak.

"Take a left down the hall. I think our father has the pillow in his bedroom." I murmur, resigned to let the god go about his business. Lord Beerus huffs.

"At least one of you has some small fraction of sense. Thank you, child. I think I might spare this planet, but know this; if you test me again, I will annihilate the entire Saiyan race before you can comprehend that you've died." Beerus growls menacingly, then turns and walks away. I breathe a sigh of relief, then am promptly punched in the face. Winded, I fall to the ground.

"What the hell was that, you traitor?!" Vegeta roars, looming over me, shaking in rage. He hauls me up to face him. "How could you let that scumbag steal from us like that!?" I pry his hand away, getting in his face.

"Didn't you hear him, Vegeta!?" I snap. "Lord Beerus told us not to intervene in a god's affairs!"

"That doesn't mean you help him!"

"I think you should be thanking me! He could have easily killed us and the planet!"

"That doesn't matter! Where's your Saiyan pride!? Don't you care about the humiliation we suffered because of that filth?!"

"He's a god! There isn't anything we can do against him!"

"That doesn't mean we can't try!"

" two..." Comes Father's voice before I can reply, and we instantly stop arguing and help him up.

"Father, tell Sarada she shouldn't have- -"

"Enough! What's done is done."

"But Father!"

"No arguing!" Father interjects sternly, resulting in a fit of coughing.

"Are you alright?" I ask. Father nods.

"I will be, Sarada. Now, help me clean myself up, and tell no one what you saw in here, got it?" I nod.

"Of course, Father." Vegeta huffs.

"...If you say so, Father."


I don't know why, but I woke up late at night, throat dry and feeling groggy. I went to get a glass of water when I heard a strange noise and got a weird feeling, so I made my way forward, sensing something very strange. There was someone down near the room with the pods but hadn't made it there yet.

"C'mon! Where are they?" The man hisses to himself when I arrive. Based on the description, it looked like it could be the new military recruit, Radditz's father, Bardock. What he was doing, I didn't know. He did seem to want a pod, though...

"If you're looking for the pods, they're down the hall, second door on the left." I murmur, rubbing my eyes. "But why do you- -"

"Thanks!" Bardock (if that's who this guy is) interrupts, starts running away, then turns to me. "...this needs to be a secret, okay?" For some reason, I trust him, finding myself nodding.

"Okay." Bardock's face lights up a bit and he gives me a small smile, walking over and ruffling my hair.

"Thanks again, kid." I smile back at him, then the smile fades as I remember I still didn't know why he wanted a pod.

"Why do you need a pod?" I ask. Bardock sighs.

"It's for something very important," Bardock explains. I move to stand in front of him.

"What precisely is so important you need to steal a pod?" I press. Bardock crosses his arms.

"Listen, kid, I don't have time to keep talking to you."

"Then I don't have to remember that this is supposed to be a secret." I retort, crossing my arms and glaring at him. "Now, as the Princess of the Saiyans, I demand you tell me why you need a pod!" Bardock groans then sighs heavily.

"Fine. For my son. Now get out of my way and don't breath a word of this to anyone, got it?" I huff.

"Was that so hard?" I reply sarcastically, side-stepping to let Bardock by. "I won't tell anyone, but you'd better hurry and use that pod. Its absence will be noted soon enough." Bardock doesn't reply, walking away down the hall. I roll my eyes, face back down the way I'd come, and return to bed, someone finding myself able to go back to sleep, feeling like I did something right.

No one would ever notice the stolen pod, turns out.

They'd all die in a freak meteor strike within a week of the incident.


At only about ten years old, we were going on assignments to planets in need of...repossession. Each assignment was more dangerous than the last and we kept getting stronger, as is usual for Saiyans. Then...

We were assigned to some planet I can't remember, just a day or so after I met Bardock.

It was a relatively easy assignment, considering we had Radditz, two adults and Father's advisor, Nappa, with us. However, it was a large enough planet that the assignment took longer than we thought.

Partway through, we all got an order to return to Planet Vegeta, but we weren't done with the assignment, so we all agreed to ignore it. Once we were all done with our part, we met back near our pods to eat and rest up a little before the trip back home. That's when we got the worst message possible.

"Did you hear that?!" One of the adults asks, voice shaky in fear.

"Something wrong?" Nappa asks.

"We got a message from the Frieza Force!" The first adult continues. "A meteor collided with Planet Vegeta and- -what?!" He grows even more shocked and terrified, if possible. I find myself falling into the same response despite not knowing the full reason behind his reaction. His cry of shock makes me flinch subtly, my food forgotten in my hand. "Our whole world was obliterated!" He exclaims. I have to sit down.

"No way..." I mumble breathily, hardly aware I was even speaking.

"Impossible!" Nappa asserts. My head whirls under the weighty implications of the Saiyan's words.

"That means most of the Saiyan race was completely wiped out!" The second adult notes, eyes as wide as the rest in shock. I swallow. That means...that means...Mother and Father were...were gone! Father and I relationship had somewhat soured over the years, fraying a little over my power level, a bit lower than Vegeta's. That didn't mean his loss didn't affect me, but it made my emotions regarding his death a bit...complicated. I sat there, trying to process what happened when I see the adults jog toward us.

"Well, I guess we're pretty lucky, aren't we? It's a good thing that we decided to ignore Frieza's order to head home." I swallow.

"I guess, but...we all had family...and they're just...gone." I murmur. Vegeta huffs.

"Now I'll never get to be King Vegeta!" He groans. I blink.

"Is that all you can think about?" I ask in shock.

"Of course! I was destined to rule Planet Vegeta one day! Now I'll never get the chance!" I decide not to press the issue and blankly stare at the adults that were approaching.

"Vegeta, Sarada, you two have a brother, don't you?" Someone (I'm too frazzled to really process who it was) asks. I flinch. Shit! I'd almost forgotten Tarble!

"Oh no! Tarble!" I squeak, hand over my mouth in horror at the thought of him being gone as well.

"Yeah. Wonder if he got blown up, too." Vegeta muses apathetically. I whirl on him.

"How can you be so calm?! We lost our planet and almost all of our people!"

"Like I've been telling you our whole lives, Sarada; Survival of the Fittest. Guess most of the Saiyans didn't fit the bill." I bite my lip. I felt like crying, screaming, doing anything that normal people would do in this situation, but not here, not in front of everyone. So I simply don't speak, and no one really questions it as we fly back to the Frieza Force.

Later that night, in the privacy of the dormitory I was given on a ship, I let the tears flow and the sobs echo around my room for who knows how long. I never told Vegeta about all the nightmares and sleepless nights I've had since losing Planet Vegeta, and he doesn't ask. He's far too concerned with bettering himself to actually talk to me or relay his own emotions about our endangered species status.

He just assumed I was over it, and I never corrected that notion. No, as far as Vegeta's concerned, I was as apathetic and cold as he was, but there was an ember inside me, a shred of decency left, and I was determined not to let it get put out.


Being one of the last Saiyans in existence was easily the worst thing I'd ever gone through.

Being forced into employment under someone like Frieza and accumulating more genocide charges than any other decent living being was somehow even worse.

"Pl-please, don't!" These words never failed to make me miserable. However, if I caved every time I heard them, I'd be long dead for my disobedience. "Why are you doing this?!"

"Look, this isn't anything personal. But I have my orders; nothing living is to be left on this planet. That's just the way it is." I reply listlessly. It was a usual response for me. No one ever understood how much I hated doing this.

"Sarada, are you done yet? We're behind schedule!" Comes Vegeta's voice, reminding me why I needed to stay strong and complete the assignments I was given.

I had to stay with Vegeta, no matter what. He was all I had left. He was all I cared about. So, without any more excuses to stall, I send a ball of ki into the house as I walk away, having to ignore the screams and horrible smell as I rejoin my brother. "Just finishing now," I reply. "Let's go." We did, and I watch the fires' crackle til we were out of sight of the village. Vegeta gave the report to the Frieza Force, and I got something to eat, trying not to feel sentimental. But, this was another entire species that was now extinct. And another charge of mass genocide on my conscience.

Honestly, the only reason I stay in the Frieza Force and keep massacring aliens is because I want to get as strong as I can, so I can kill Frieza and run away with Vegeta to find something else to do in our life besides kill and destroy. But we were still far, far away from Lord Frieza's kind of power level. It was so far beyond ours that all I could do was keep training and pushing myself, and hope that one day, we'd be able to finally put an end to this monster.

I join my brother and Nappa around a fire and begin to eat. I don't even complain about eating the people we killed since I am rather hungry and I'd already eaten the food I brought.

"Radditz stinks." Nappa groans. I blink, having ignored anything on the radar while forcing myself through the assignment.

"What?" I ask.

"Radditz was slain by pathetic Earthlings and his very low-level brother, Kakarot," Vegeta explains testily. "He's a complete disgrace!" I sigh.

"He was a Saiyan. Now there are even fewer Saiyans left." I muse. "All the same, I suppose it's better this way; the Saiyans that do remain are strong, it seems." Vegeta spits near the fire.

"Don't make me laugh, sister. Kararot isn't any better than his brother; it was Radditz's foolishness that cost him his life. Kakarot himself is a low-level peasant compared to us, a bug in need of squashing."

"You're saying we're going to teach those Earthlings a lesson?" Nappa asks. Vegeta shakes his head.

"No, that's a waste of time. I was mainly saying that even you could squash him quite easily if you wanted to. I am curious, however..."

"Ah. Are you thinking about what Radditz said?" Nappa asks. I don't bother asking what Radditz said. It didn't matter. Vegeta stands, chuckling.

"Exactly. Those Dragonballs caught my interest." I raise a brow.

"Dragonballs?" I ask. "Sorry, I'm a bit behind. I was focused on the assignment and didn't pay attention to the scouter." I explain. Vegeta nods.

"Well, there are apparently seven items called Dragonballs, and if we can get our hands on them, they grant us anything we want. Anything at all." I blink.

"Are you serious?" I murmur, shocked at the implications. This was crazy! One single wish, potentially anything I wanted? "That definitely warrants investigation," I add, smirking. Maybe I could wish for a way to beat Frieza!

"Yeah, let's go!" Nappa cheers, and we begin heading back to our pods.

"Once we force Kakarot's friends to tell us how to find the Dragonballs, we'll eliminate them, along with anyone else who tries to stand in our way."

"And then we can wish Radditz back to life," Nappa suggests. I scoff.

"Yeah, right. If we can have anything at all, we can't waste a wish on Radditz. We need to aim higher." I reply.

"Sarada's right. Radditz was a weakling and a fool. Any Saiyan who could be defeated so easily doesn't deserve to live." I nod. I'd gotten used to those harsh declarations from Vegeta, even subconsciously began to accept them, but it wasn't enough to make my heart harden as Vegeta's had. "Actually, Nappa, I had something far more grand in mind. Now tell me, how does the idea of eternal life sound to you?" Vegeta asks. Nappa smirks.

"What? Living forever?" He asks. "That sounds great," I smirk, too. With eternal life, we could keep battling Frieza until he died, no matter how long it took. "And if we can't die, then that means no one would ever be able to defeat us, so what the heck would we need Radditz for?" I nod. Harsh as it was, it made sense not to wish him back. I climb into my pod, smiling to myself at the thought of finally making that bastard pay for all the years I'd been kept under his heel.

"Yes, what for indeed?" Vegeta replies smugly. "We'll be the greatest fighters in the universe, and we will ascend to our rightful place among the Saiyan warriors of legend." I blink.

"Do you mean..?" Nappa begins.

"You think we can become the legendary Super Saiyan?" I add. Vegeta nods.

"That's exactly what I mean. We will become Super Saiyans!" I grin.

"What are we waiting for, then? We gotta get to Earth!"