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What We Got Cooking In The Kitchen

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Katya's POV
I looked out of the window as the plane landed. The breaking through of the clouds is always my favorite part, the world below coming into view. It had been a whole two months, two long months back home in Russia. I loved my family back home but oh boy they were a hand full. But now I was going back to the family I had hand picked over many years. Many years of tears and stupid mistakes mixed with heartbreak. Yeah, I was single but I had the best group of friends. All of us came from different sides of the track and shit but we were good together. While I was away, my phone was the only way to keep up with the girls. Text messages, phone calls, Skype calls, it was all just a way to keep me a afloat in the ocean of loneliness that I could have drowned it.

After the plane landed, I grabbed my bags and walked to the parking lot. I wasn't off the plane long until I heard the high pitched screams of two girls. Violet and Adore. They ran towards me, nearly knocking me over while hugging me. "Katya! You're back. I missed you so much." Adore laughed as she hugged me tight.

"We both missed you Kat." Violet smiled as she pulled back a little.

"Hey, move out the way brats. I want to hug her too." My oldest friend, Ginger, pushed Violet and Adore out of the way and pulled me into a hug. "Good to see you in one piece."

"Good to see you haven't killed these two while I was gone."

"Oh no, she tried. Like fully tried." Adore backed up a little as Ginger looked at her.

"Yeah and I will try again. Come one let's get you home."

"Well I want to go to the restaurant. I missed it." Ginger laughed and put her hand on my shoulder.

"What home did you think I was talking about?" I smiled as we all loaded into Ginger's car and started the drive to La Mattel. The drive was quiet until Ginger turned down the radio and looked at me. "Old man Mattel says he had something to tell us. He wanted to wait until you were back."

"What do you think it is?"

"I dunno he won't tell us. But it must be something big if he wanted to wait until his head chief was back." I hummed and looked out the window. Old man Mattel was like a father to me and the rest of the girls. Adore, Violet, and I worked for him since high school and now we had graduated college and were still there. It wasn't that we couldn't get any other job, because we could. Violet was a model, Adore was a singer, and I was a painter. We just couldn't leave our home away from home.

After an hour drive, we pulled into the parking lot of La Mattel. I smiled as I stepped out of the car. I missed this place with my whole soul and heart. As I walked to the door, I saw a pink car. It was odd because on Sundays we are closed, I shrugged my shoulders as I walked in. "Look who is finally back." Old man Mattel smiled as he saw me and pulled me into a hug. "How's the family back home?"

"They are good. But they are better when I'm on the other side of the world. How are ya?"

"As good as this old body will let me be."

"The girls told me you had something to tell us?"

"I will be patient Zamo. Relax, get comfy for a little." Old man Mattel walked into the back to his office. I sat in one of the booths and closed my eyes. It felt so good to be back. The rest of the girls went into the lounge that old man Mattel had made for us, but I was just fine out here. When I opened my eyes, I noticed a blonde sitting on one of the bar stools in the far corner of the restaurant. She had earbuds in and her head on her elbow. As I looked at her more, I saw that blondie was a dime. She was drop dead gorgeous, but she seemed out of place. The pink car had to be hers, considering she basically had the color pink dripping off of her. I got up and walked into the back to the lounge.

"Hey, who is the blonde bombshell sitting at the bar?"

"Oh, she's old man Mattel's granddaughter. She flew in from LA a month ago." Ginger looked up from her book and raised an eyebrow.

"I think she seems pretty nice."

"Adore you think everyone is nice."

"No I don't! I think you're a bitch Violet."

"Oh hush up, and plus we all think Vi is a bitch."

"Ginger whose side are you on here?"

"My own. Stating facts does not mean I am on anyone's side." I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat.

"Well does anyone know why she's here?"

"Not for you to finger bang her, that's for sure. Lil miss thang has a ring on her finger." I raised my middle finger at Ginger and smiled.

"Wasn't thinking about that. It's just we've never seen her before."

"He has pictures of her all over his office."

"I mean in person asshole." The door opened and old man Mattel walked in.

"Ladies, I would like to have that meeting now." We all followed old man Mattel out of the lounge. "Please, sit down." Ginger and I looked at each other as old man Mattel stood in front of us. "As you ladies may know I am getting old."

"Sad to break it to you Dan, but you're already old."

"Fine Ginger, I'm getting older," there was a weak smile on the face of the old man we loved. "But anyway, my health isn't the greatest right now and due to that I have had to make choices." He looked over to the blonde sitting at the bar and smiled. "Beatrice, dear would you join me please?"

"Yes Sir, grandfather." The young blonde stood up and walked to stand by Dan's side. She was tall and considering how tall her grandfather was, it was easy to see that it ran in the family. As she stood before me, I could fully see how beautiful she actually was. She had a hourglass figure that would put any Instagram model to shame, along with long flowing hair and a pretty face to match.

"This is Beatrice, but she prefers to be called Trixie." Dan put his arm around Trixie and smiled with pride. "As of now, I am standing down as the owner of the restaurant and will be passing it to my angel here." There was silence and shock as old man Mattel spoke those words. Before I could think my mouth opened.

"You what?"