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It felt like the shortest of booms. There one moment and gone the next. Over so quick, one couldn’t have said for sure if it had truly happened or not.

Reyanna’s eyes opened in a flash. She had felt the earth shake. The feeling had awoken her from her long slumber. How long had she been sleeping? What had woken her? Where was she? What was she? Such knowledge left her like a fading dream.


It had been easy for Aizawa Shouta to learn Reyanna’s schedule. Too easy. She walked to town every Wednesday. Arrived at a local coffee shop at seven, where she indulged in a beverage and baked treat. She then headed to the towns private library, which opened promptly at eight; and held a rather extensive selection of occult and supernatural themes, due to the Head Librarian being a witch. Reyanna then spent the entire day housed within the library’s walls, not even leaving to have a lunch.

Shouta never followed her in. Witches feared his kind, and with good reason. Instead he watched and waited, occasionally viewing her through the buildings windows. It was always a few minutes after six, the hour the library closed, that Reyanna finally exited, carrying a stack of six books, the limit allowed for check out. From there she would proceed to the grocery store to get what she needed to sustain herself for the week. Not much, Shouta had noted early on, as she usually came out carrying a single bag, and never more then two. She would then make the trek back to her protected cabin and not leave the warded property till another Wednesday rolled around.

Shouta always followed her back. In her unknowing state, the things that lived in the light of day might prove as much danger to her as anything else, but he didn’t worry much about them. It was the creatures that came out at night that concerned him for her. Heaven and hell were still looking for her. And without her memories. Without knowing who and what she was. She was in danger.

At least the land the cabin was on was protected. Warded against any possible thing that might try to enter. Reyanna had done a good job adding to the property’s warding's, before she had gone to slumber. Before she had wiped her mind.

She had actually done too good a job, as even he couldn’t cross. Then again, after all that had happened, maybe she had meant to keep him out. Still, Shouta knew how to gain access. He just didn’t know how to go about making it happen...yet.

Shouta watched Reyanna openly while she drank her coffee and picked at her savory treat. He knew she knew he was staring and didn’t care. He had spent a month in this town, watching and protecting her. Having to kill ever more demons and supernatural creatures as they arrived. It had gotten to the point that something appeared almost daily. Attracted to the sense of her unique power. Hidden. Locked away as that power was, it was no wonder that they came. Unable to sense its full force. If they had, such beings would skitter away in fear; but then other, more powerful and menacing things would have been drawn in.

Shouta could handle the riffraff that came, interest piqued. He dispatched them easily enough. It had even been fun, at first. But after a month, it had grow old. Tiring. The only thing more tiring was dealing, with the arguments he had with himself. Waiting, as he troubled over how to go about tying himself to her. Preforming a Tie was a tricky business for one who wasn’t in that line of work. Exchanging services for a soul had never been Shouta’s thing. Not that he was going ask for Reyanna’s soul in this bargain.

Just go over and tell her, Shouta scolded himself. You’re acting like some human school child. Stop it. Simply explain to her that she’s in danger and needs your help. That you can help her fill in the blanks of her memory. That you can teach, or more correctly remind, her how to use her power.

With a growl of determination, Shouta pushed himself to his feet. He stopped, seeing Reyanna quickly do the same, and watched her rush out of the cafe.


Reyanna walked the darkened streets carrying a bag of groceries and six library books. She had had another long, fruitless day of searching the library itself. The Head Librarian hanging around and watching her as openly as the man in the coffee shop had this morning. Since the first time she had visited the cafe, he had been there. Tall, pale, and handsome. His dark hair and eyes as black as the clothes he wore. He was there every time she visited, and wondered if he lived in the area. She figured he had to. Unlike her, he was likely a daily patron. She had caught his name once, when the barista had called it with his order. Aizawa. There was something about him.

Reyanna turned the bend in the road and came upon that house. It stood far back from the street, and sat alone on an overgrown block. Set nearly a mile away from everything else in town, it interested her. The place looked abandoned. If she moved in there, then she could visit the library everyday. It was a thought she had had the first time she had seen it, and the idea tempted her every time she passed.

It wouldn’t hurt to have a look, Reyanna thought. Just to see if it was even suitable for living. Not that she needed much. Decided, she leapt over the five foot fence as if simply taking another step. Landing softly, she continued on without pause, picking her way through the tall grass and brush with silent ease. She climbed the three steps up to the patio, and set her grocery bag and books down by the door.

Looking through the window, Reyanna saw that it was dim inside. The low sun affording minimal light even outside, as dusk slowly settled in. Still, Reyanna’s eyes didn’t need much light to see clearly. Chalk it up to one of the many things she was capable of, that wasn’t humanly possible.

She tried the door, and found it unlocked. Venturing inside, she took in what appeared to be a living, or maybe dining room. She walked down a hall, passed a set of stairs that led to a second floor, and found herself in a kitchen. It struck her then that no, the house wasn’t abandoned. That someone did indeed live there. Or if not so, then had followed her in. It wasn’t so much a smell, as an essence. An aura. That Reyanna felt. Cold. Calculated. Menacing. And yet alluring.

“Well if this isn’t a surprise.” A low, almost amused, voice said.

“You! You live here?” Reyanna questioned, unsure whether she was relieved or further distressed that it was the man from the cafe. She looked him over and instantly wished she hadn’t. Averting her eyes, and shielding her gaze for good measure, she demanded. “Where the hell are your clothes?”

Shouta smirked at her innocent blush. “Yes. Dirty.”

Reyanna glanced at him through fanned fingers. “What?”

Shouta sighed and stepped closer to her. “Yes. I live here. And my clothes are dirty. Will you look at me.”

It was more of a demand then a request, and Reyanna found herself obeying, though she did her best to keep her eyes off of his bare chest. At least he had bottoms on, she told herself. Black boxer briefs that they were.

She huffed. Of course they were black. Did the man wear any other color? Not fair, she scolded. You’ve only see him at the coffee shop every Wednesday, and it’s only been four Wednesdays at that. Who knows, maybe there’s a reason he wears all black that day. Maybe his a widower or had recently suffered some other kind of loss. The thought, coupled with the fact that he was in nothing but his underwear, made her want to leave his presence as quickly as possible.

Slowly, Reyanna took a backwards stepped, eyes searching for another exit. There was a door five feet to her left. From the view of window beside it, it presumably led to the backyard. She’d take it. One of her curious, non-human abilities was speed, she’d be at the door and out of sight before the man could bat an eye.

Reyanna turned and promptly fell back, the man suddenly blocking her path. Dumbly, she looked to where he had been stationed.

“Where do you think you’re going, Kitten?”

Looking up at him, Reyanna crawled back on her hands and knees. “I--”

“I suppose I should have clarified that this was a good surprise.”

Reyanna barely felt her palm being cut by a piece of glass, but Shouta caught sight of fresh blood smeared on the floor. He cast out a thread of darkness that wrapped around her waist and lifted her to her feet.

Reyanna squeaked and thrashed. “Wha-- Let me go! Get off me!”

“Calm down, child. You’re hurt. Let me help.”

Reyanna noticed a hint of tired, bitterness in the censure, though his eyes held an almost worried softness. “I’m fine. Let me go. Please. I promise I won’t tell anyone about this.”

“That you broke into my place of rest?” Shouta smiled, showing too many teeth.

Reyanna would've found the expression almost cute if the situation was different. If some dense, dark shadow wasn’t wrapped around her, holding her as firmly as any chains or rope might. After having skimmed through countless books and reading the entirety of numerous others, she knew that this was powerful spell work. That was if the man was a witch. For her sake, she hoped he was a witch, the other possibilities too heart stopping to think about.

“I’m—I’m sorry. I--” Reyanna’s words cut off in a yelp of surprise when the man grabbed her bleeding hand and licked it.

“There.” Shouta said, with a self satisfied hum. “All better.”

Reyanna stared at her healed palm in awe. The wound hadn’t been big, but it had been deep. She opened and closed her hand, testing it out. There wasn’t so much as a lingering sting of hurt. It was like the gash had never been there.

“H—how did you--”

Shouta’s eyes dilated. He growled, realizing his mistake. The feel. The taste and scent of her. It was near impossible, but he managed to resist the urge to wrap his arms around her and taste her further. Instead, he gritted his teeth and took a step back.

Reyanna saw his blown pupils. Heard his deep, rumbling growl. Was the man a vampire? Please, fuck, don’t let him be a vampire!

Shouta didn’t want to waste time talking. He wanted to tie himself her. And not just because of the pack of three Were’s he had killed in the alley behind the grocery store, while Reyanna shopped, blissfully unaware. Or the Red Cap that had found its way into his home, that laid dead at the top of the stairs. His want. No. His need to tie himself to her, was more then merely wanting, needing, to protect her. Shouta wanted her. And after everything that had happened before. After the time spent alone during her long slumber. After watching her from a distance for a month. Shouta didn’t much care that act would be for a pact.

He had slowly begun releasing his essence the moment he sensed Reyanna enter the house. But now, he allowed it to ooze out of him without limit. Daimon's had an easy time manipulating humans to their will since humans found them irresistible. Their looks The tone, timber, and cadence of their voice. The gaze of their eyes. Hell, even watching them move could captivate lesser beings and bend them to a daimon's will. After all, daimon's were nothing more then fallen angels.

But Reyanna was far from a lesser being. She wasn’t even fully human. Such charms alone wouldn’t work on her, if at all. His essence on the other hand. That was what daimon's used to get difficult, principled people to give in to their deepest, darkest desires. Shouta wasn’t even sure that it would work. Then again, given their history, he may not have needed to release his essence to get her going.

He smirked at that, his own desire growing. Even though she had purposefully wiped her memories, he knew some fragment of their past had to be there. Memories could be wiped. Feelings couldn’t. Which was both a good and bad thing in his case.

Reyanna waited. Unsure what to do. Caught between wanting to struggle and fight to free herself, and wanting to see what he would do. Hoping, to her shocked embarrassment and shame, that one of the things he would do was touch her.

Shouta walked around her, eyeing her from behind. He brushed her dark brown hair back from her shoulder, and hummed at the tiny shiver she gave. Stepping closer, he dipped his head over her shoulder and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of her.

“Surprising as it is, even my kind is blessed from time to time. If I was the praying sort, I’d be doing so right now. Thanking Him for my good fortune.” Shouta’s breathed ghosted over her ear as he spoke. He ran his nose along the outer shell, before stepping back again.

Reyanna squirmed. She had felt an intense heat seeping into her back, when his bare chest had been pressed against her. No. Not a heat, but a cold so frigid it practically burned. To her surprise, the temperature hadn’t been uncomfortable. If anything, it had felt good. She released an audible breath of disappointment at the loss of contact.

The wooden floor creaked under Shouta's bare feet as he walked around her. Reyanna stared straight ahead, refusing to look at him. She closed her eyes and shook her head, trying to clear her mind of the sinful thoughts that kept invading it. If only he’d put some damned clothes on. If only he’d quit standing so close. If only he’d pull her to him and kiss her.

Reyanna watched his feet as he stopped in front of her. Lifting her eyes to a point over his shoulder, she asked. “And what is this good fortune of yours?”

“Don’t play coy, Anna. I know you caught me staring this morning. Did you rush out because you saw me make my move? Or was it simply bad timing?”

Reyanna blinked. Her eyes finally focused on his. Her racing heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t told him her name. Swallowing, she told herself that he must have overheard it the same way she had caught his, at the coffee shop when the barista had called it with her order.

Shouta gave a thin smile, having gotten what he wanted, her eyes on him. A low growl rumbled from his throat in satisfaction. He didn’t want to ruin it, but this was going far easier then he had expected. Apparently, she hadn’t been as furious as she had seemed, the last time he had seen her before her slumber. When she had told him to stay away and that she never wanted to see him again. Didn’t want anything to do with him. Apparently, a greater part of her still wanted him as much as he wanted her. Whether she remembered it or not. Maybe her wiped memories wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all. Sure, it would still be a hell of a hassle; but it would also afford him, them, a new start. The slate of her mind wiped clean of his previous wrong doings, of which there were many.

Caught in the black, bottomless void of his eyes, Reyanna’s breath hitched in her throat. The warmth in the pit of her stomach grew tenfold, a moisture traitorously building between her legs. Blinking, she gave another sharp shake of her head, trying to make her mind to focus. She had to keep him talking, and hope he got caught up enough in his words to become distracted. She had to bide her time, and look for an opportunity to break free of this black tendril-like smoke, and get out of here.

“A bit of both.” Reyanna said, answering his question.

“So you were done and getting up to leave when I made my move; but what? Got startled when you saw me heading in your direction and rushed out?”

“Something like that.” She muttered, lowering her head.

When he put it that way it made her actions seem foolish. Like that of a nervous school girl. Then again, here she was bound by some other worldly power while he toyed with her, and there was no mistake that that was what he was doing. So maybe, she had been right to run away, even if she hadn’t known it at the time.

Shouta captured her chin between a thumb and index finger, and lifted her face. “Look at me, Lovely.”

Reyanna did as he bid, embarrassed to find herself leaning into his touch. Shouta gave a wicked grin at that. His hum of approval reaching her ears. Catching herself, she pulled her face free of his hold and glared up at him.

“Tell me, Aizawa. Are you the one that’s been following me?”

“Shouta.” Shouta growled, his eyes darkening.

“I’m sorry.” Reyanna said, in confusion. “You’re name’s not Aizawa?”

“It is.” He allowed. “But—” Shouta huffed at the truth. “Let’s just say that it is my given name.” The name He had given him before time was time and the earth began. “Here. Right now. You are to call me, Shouta. It is the name I chose for myself.”

Reyanna’s eyebrows knitted together. Even first names weren’t chosen by the person baring it, at least not usually. Parents picked their children's names. Then again, she wasn’t sure about the social workings of other worldly creatures, and Aizawa Shouta was very likely not human. At least he didn’t strike her as a witch. Not that she knew any witches to base that off of.

“Shouta.” Reyanna sighed, lashes fluttering. She made a face, chastising herself. What was wrong with her! She needed to get out of here, not moan the mans name. Her hips swayed, legs pressing together as she tried to feed the growing need between them.

Shouta’s eyes lowered. The small, pleased smile he had given when she said his name, grew at the sight of her dance. His hand lifted once more, caressing her cheek. Again, Reyanna found herself leaning into the touch, reveling in the feeling of his rough, calloused fingers. She sighed, eyes closing slightly as his hand traveled down her neck. She didn’t even realize that the black mass that had bound her had evaporated, till he pulled his hand away and her eyes had fluttered open to see it gone.

He gave a smug, crooked grin at her dazed expression when she realized she was free of his binding. “Tell me, Kitten. Do you wish to go, or would you rather stay?”

Reyanna stared wide eyed. Was he really giving her a choice? She was free of his bonds. Of course she was going to choose to go. Why then were her feet not moving to take her away from here? Her legs trembled unsteadily beneath her; tired from being squeezed so tightly together in her effort to satiate the hungry throbbing of her core. Her slick, having long since seeped to her panties, continued to pool.

Quicker then the human eye could see, Shouta reached out. One hand grabbed a fist full of Reyanna’s dark brown hair. The other gripped her waist. He pulled her to him. Her body slamming into him with enough force to knock the air out of her. As Reyanna gasped for breath, Shouta rumbled.

“I’m done playing games. Answer me, Kitten. Tell me you want to stay, knowing full well what happens when you do.”

When, not if. Reyanna wondered if the man was that sure of himself, or if her struggle was just that obvious. She stared at him, hating both his surety and her neediness.

Shouta’s eyes lowered to her lips. He licked his own, watching as she mimicked the action. His dick twitched at the sight, a groan escaping him.

“Don’t make me ask again, Anna.”

“Stay.” Reyanna said, sounding much more sure then she felt.

As soon as the word was out, Shouta's lips crashed against hers. He gave another groan as her mouth opened, her tongue eagerly meeting his. Hands fisted, Shouta pulled away before he lost himself and took to ripping off her clothes, ruining the whole thing. His desires, wants, needs, and preferences were not the goal that was to be met here. He had to tie himself to her. If he gave in and lost himself, he may not get another chance.

Panting, Reyanna stared up at him in open disappointment. Why had he stopped? Was he still toying with her? And after he had said he was done playing games. That was just plain rude. She stepped after him, giving a low, hungry growl of her own. Her hands reaching out toward him.

Shouta pressed a hand to her shoulder, holding her at bay. “Well, aren’t you suddenly sure and demanding. How about you be a good little Kitten and strip for me then?”

Reyanna’s mind balked at his words, her cheeks burning as her pride raged at his nerve. Her hands, on the other hand, practically flew to her jacket, tearing it off.

Shouta grabbed her wrists, halting her movements as she made for her top. “Slowly.” He ordered, huskily.

Reyanna eyed him as he stood back, his gaze raking over her. She did the same to him, taking in the bulge that was his hard imprisoned cock. An anger rose up in her. First at herself for doing this. Then at him for stopping her, even if it only was to slow her down. She remained motionless as she tried to will herself to walk out. To reason out what had come over her, and why she was doing this. Sure he was handsome as all hell. His voice, movements, and confidence intoxicatingly hot. She had even had a few dreams about him. And yes, shamefully, most had entailed sex. But this wasn’t a dream. And stripping for a man whose first name she had barely learned, in the hope of having sex with him was...well it was ludicrous. Even so, the deepest part of her that should never have been allow to roam free, wanted this. Wanted him. Wanted him from the first moment she had laid eyes him. A self loathing blossomed and burned inside her as, instead of leaving, she proceed to undress herself to the tempo he had commanded.

Shouta had held his breath as he watched her, silently willing her to resume. When she did, he exhaled in relief, and began soundlessly saying the words that the Tie required.

Reyanna let out a shaky breath, her heated gaze never leaving him. His captured hardened cock enough to tell her that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. So why should he have all the fun? The dark pools of her chocolate eyes took on a mischievous glint as she warmed to the idea. She ran her hands over her clothed body, hips swaying as she as teasingly exposed her flesh with exaggerated slowness.

Shouta found it difficult to remember to words needed to tie himself to her. And it had nothing to do with the fact that he had never used them before. No. The problem was her. Reyanna’s teasing display was distracting, to say the least. His eyes blinked rapidly as he began to walk a circle around her, forcing himself to focus and do what needed to be done. There would be time enough later for such heady enjoyments once this deed was complete. That was if she opened herself to allowing it, as he had sworn to himself that he would never again use his essence to bring forth her inner wanting in order to have his way. That this would be the first and last time he ever did such a thing. Necessary as this was, it still felt wrong. Still felt like a betrayal. And after his last betrayal… He found himself faltering.

No. Shouta shook his head, steadying his nerve. This had to be done. It was for Reyanna’s protection. It was in her best interest. So had the other, he thought. Shut up! He silently snapped at himself, the words that would tie him to her never halting.

Reyanna lost sight of him as he walked around behind her. Hands halting, she turned.

Shouta's eyes lowered to the half pulled zipper of her pants, then back up to meet her gaze. His black eyes hard, almost cold, annoyed at his internal argument.

“Did I tell you to stop?” He questioned, voice and face expressionless.

Reyanna shivered under his burning gaze. She wondered, yet again, what the hell she was doing. With a swallow, she resumed.

Shouta continued to walk a wide circle around her, his near inaudible mummers resuming. Standing in front of her once more, he watched her unhooked her bra.

Reyanna let the garment slide off her shoulders and fall to the floor. Gone was the confident, playfulness she had momentarily felt midway through undressing. Eyes lowered, she found that she could barely look at him, a shy nervousness over taking her.

The Daimon watched her nipples pucker, exposed to the cool, almost cold, fall air of the drafty, unheated house. “Look at me.” He commanded.

Her chest shook as she drew in a deep, shuddering breath. Hesitantly, Reyanna’s eyes lifted; but as they did, so did her arms.

Shouta’s lip twitched in annoyance at her shielding her breasts from view. “Come here.”

Reyanna stepped to him in a daze. Shouta smirked down at her.

“And here I was thinking you’d be a difficult little Minx.” Shouta rumbled softly, his hand reaching up to caress her cheek. His eyes locked with hers a moment, before lowering to take in the cleavage of her covered breasts. His gaze lowered further still. The sight making him groan. “Damn, Kitten. You’re soaked through. Aren’t you?”

A part of her foggily remember that she never took off her panties and moved her hands to remedy that, intent on obeying his command to strip.

“Leave those for now.” Shouta snapped, taking her wrists and drawing her hands away from the garment.

He pressed his face into her neck, his longing for her making him groan. Focus. He scolded himself. Straightening, he firmly pressed her arms to her sides, silently tell her to stay that way. The next words needed came to mind. He began to circle her and utter them. His lips barely moving. His voice the barest of breezes.

After completing another full circle, he stopped and smiled. Now came the fun part. Still, he couldn’t completely loose himself. There were points of the contract he had to meet. Deed. Feed. Seed. Shouta had never had trouble pleasing Reyanna before her slumber, so getting her to orgasm first by his hand, then mouth, and lastly his cock shouldn’t be an issue. The problem was, denying his own desires after so long a time without. Damn. How he had missed her.

Shouta paced around her once more, his hand reaching out to trail along her stomach. Stopping behind her, he stepped close. One hand slowly traced up to cup one of her breasts. While the other traveled down, along hip and gripped her thigh.

Reyanna released a soft sigh, her head rolling back against him. His touched felt like fire and ice. Like electricity arching. It felt wonderful.

Chin hovering over her shoulder, Shouta took in the of the rise and fall of her bounty with every breath she took. “You’re perfection. You know that, Kitten. Fucking perfection.”

“Shouta.” Reyanna whined, turning her face toward him.

Unable to resist, he clasped her neck and pulled her into a kiss. Reyanna eagerly kissed him in return, rocking her hips back, pressing her ass against his trapped, leaking cock.

Shouta groaned a soft, drawn out curse. “Fuck.”

Cupping just beneath her chin, he turned her face away, exposing her neck to him. Reyanna whimpered at the long, hot stripe his tongue drew up the curve of her neck. Shouta smirked into her skin, kissing and nipping his way to her ear. Releasing her thigh, his fingers climbed up her leg to her clothed sex. There, he pressed against the wet fabric and into her folds.

Reyanna gave a sharp gasp, which quickly turned into moans as he began to rub.

“To be honest.” Shouta said, as he continued his ministrations. “I have been troubling over how to go about this for a while.”

Long before she woke, in fact. From the moment he had learned she had wiped her memory in order to stay in hiding and await the arrival of the Llaes. For years, Shouta had gone over, planned out, dreamed, and even fantasied about how he would manage to get a memory wiped Reyanna to allow him to preform a Tie.

Reyanna’s muddled mind could barely put his words together. Was he saying that he had wanted to ask her out, or simply have sex with her? And for a while now? How long a while? Having basically begun her life four weeks ago, in a cabin in the woods, Reyanna could only remember the events of the last four weeks. Was that the time frame he was referring to? Or was it possible he had come across her before that four week time? If so, he had her at a disadvantage. Then again, given the situation, he already did.

“But in the end,” Shouta continued, “I need not have concerned myself with all that, cause here you are. Ripe, and ready to receive me.” At that he pushed the sodden fabric aside and drove a not so gentle finger into her.

“Ah!” Reyanna’s back arched. Her walls clenched around the digits sudden intrusion.

Shouta’s hand lowered from her neck and wrapped around her waist, holding her to him.

“This, Kitten, represents the body, the act of the Deed.” He told her as he slid another finger in and pumped into her at a brutal pace. He had meant to go slower. Intended to be more gentle. But his own need was beginning to become painful. “Doubt any of the books you read in that Witch’s library explained this sort of thing to you.”

Reyanna heard him speak, but had no idea what he was talking about. The deed? What was that? Was that how he referred to sex? Wait a minute. Did he say Witch’s library? And how did he know she was going to the library in the first place? All thought left her when his thumb swiped against her clit. She gave a moan, her hips pushing forward in search of further contact.

Shouta grinned into her neck, and gave her what she wanted. Now was not the time to tease. His fingers gave a half twist every time they pushed inside her. Alternating between scissoring open and curling to hit that special spot within, before pulling out to the first knuckle, only to plunge into her again. All the while his thumb, symbol by symbol, wrote the binding characters upon her clit.

Reyanna was a spasming mess in no time. Thrown back against his shoulder, her head rocked back and forth as she cried out, toes curling underneath her bare feet.

“That’s it, Kitten. Sing for me.” Shouta encouraged, loving the sounds of pleasure she made.

His words were all it took to drive her over the edge. Reyanna buried her face into his neck, shuddering underneath the weight of her orgasm. Shouta lifted his thumb, but continued to slowly pump his fingers in and out, letting her ride the ebbing waves of her peak.

Nuzzling against her sweat beaded brow, he praised. “You did so well. But we’re not done yet, Love. Next comes the mind, the attention of the Feed.” Shouta’s eyes danced as he looked at her out of the corner of his eye, a smug smirk playing on his lips. “Try to keep your legs.”

He pulled his fingers from her. Keeping his index and middle fingers together, Shouta wrote her name over his heart with her juices. He then pressed the pad of his arousal coated thumb to the center of his forehead, muttering a few words. Opening his mouth, he lowered his hand and pressed the pad of his thumb against the roof of his mouth.

Necessitates of the Tie out of the way for the moment, Shouta sucked his fingers clean. His eyes closed, a groaning sigh escaping him, as if he had just sampled the most delectable thing on earth. Pulling his fingers from his mouth, he kissed his way down her back.

Reyanna’s body burned with further wanting at every lick, kiss, and nip. She had no idea why he had done what he just did, or what he meant by attention and feed. Though as he continued to move lower and knelt on the ground, she began to get a pretty good idea what he meant by feed.

Shouta’s hands gripped her hips. He turned her to face him, licking up one thigh and then the other, throat rumbling at the taste of her juices that had rolled down. Eyes trained on her, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled the drenched garment off.

Legs already unsteady, Reyanna stumbled as she stepped out of her underwear. Her eyes followed the fabric’s flight as Shouta tossed them aside.

“Eyes on me, Kitten.” Shouta said, lips brushing against her lower ones as he spoke.

Reyanna returned her gaze to him.

Shouta smiled against her as he breathed in her musk. He licked up her slit, causing Reyanna to squeaked in response. With a low chuckle, he licked at her again, his tongue sinking deeper and deeper into her folds with every swipe. His eyes closed with a hum as he savored the taste of her. It had been far too long since he had had such nectar. His hands gripped her hips securely while the tip of his tongue traced around her entrance. He pushed the muscle inside, feeling her entire body shiver in response.

Reyanna whined at the wonderful intrusion, trying not to grind her hips down onto him. He certainly knew what he was doing. Soon she was panting again, easily worked up after having just come down from the heights of pleasure.

“Nice to know that alluring deep voice isn’t the only arousing thing your mouth is capable of.” Reyanna praised, staring down at him through hooded eyes.

Shouta latched onto her clit and hummed his thanks. After all, it had been a while since he had used his mouth for such purposes. His last time with her, in fact. Meaning, as far as he was concerned, far too long.

Reyanna’s gasp turned into a moan as his tongue lightly traced upon her sensitive clit.

Like he had with his thumb, Shouta wrote the words needed with his tongue, the concert that was Reyanna’s pleasured cries spurring him on. She was close. Her hips constantly trembling beneath his hands. Watching her from below, Shouta saw her eyes roll back.

Unable to control herself any longer, Reyanna grabbed a fistful of his long, black hair. She pulled him to her, her hips bucking into his face, as another all consuming wave crashed over her.

Her legs began to buckle. Second part over, Shouta held her up, quickly getting to his feet to hold her against him. They stared at each other a moment. Reyanna sweaty and panting. Shouta face a glistening mess. He lovingly brushed her damp hair out of her face, tucking it behind an ear.

“You’re doing so well, Anna. But, I need you to keep your legs for me. One more and we’re finished.” He licked his lips clean, the thought of finally sinking into her making his throbbing dick twitch. “I can help steady you. But you need to hold yourself up by your own power. You have to bare and take what I offer or else this will all have been for not. Can you do that for me? Hum, Kitten? Can you keep your legs for one more go?”

Reyanna’s eyes roved over his face in a daze. They weren’t finished? Somewhere in the back of her mind she had known they weren’t. He still hadn’t seen to his own needs. His cock, still trapped in his underwear, probably painful by now. Though she felt spent, the thought of his cock filling her up made her hungry from more. Despite how hard each orgasm had hit her, she still felt unsatisfied. She needed more. She needed him pumping inside her. Not his fingers or his tongue, but him.

Shouta’s smile widened at her mute nod. “Good.”

He kissed her, Reyanna moaning into his mouth at the taste herself on his lips and tongue.

Shouta’s hands released her. He pull down his underwear and hissed as his cock sprung free. It hurt, but it wouldn’t for long. Turned on and denied as he was, he wouldn’t last long, but neither would she. After two back to back orgasms, the barest of touches to her overstimulated clit would likely set her off.

“Lastly, my Love, comes the soul, the affirmation of the Seed.”

Reyanna’s eyebrows pulled together. The part of her mind still capable of clear thought puzzling at his words. But all that left her as soon as she looked down at his pulsing cock. It was about the length she would have expected from someone his height, but thicker then she imagined. The thought of him stretching her open as he filled her with his length made her groan. Licking her lips, she reached out to touch it.

Shouta grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away. Shaking his head, he told. “You do that and we’ll have to go through this all over again.”

Reyanna didn’t understand, but she didn’t have time to ponder on it cause he was once again kissing her.

Shouta pressed his body against her. He ran his length through her slit, covering it in her juices. Back and forth. Back and forth. He bared his teeth, wanting nothing more then to push into her tightness and feed his aching need, but he needed her to ask for him. To voice her want and acceptance. Even if she didn’t know what he was doing. So long as the necessary points of the contract were met, the details, such as awareness of even the contract itself, didn’t matter. It wasn’t as if he was doing this in exchange for her soul. This was a one-sided contract, Shouta more then fine with that.

Reyanna tried to angle her hips to receive him, but Shouta’s strong hands kept her from doing so. His fingers bruising her hips as he gripped them. He was far past smirking at her mewl of wanting. His need for her beginning to blind him to what needed to be done.

Pressing their foreheads together, Shouta continued to tease the both them, sliding his cock along her folds. “Tell me what you want.”

“Mm.” Reyanna moaned, eyes closed at the delicious feeling of his shaft rubbing against her. She wriggled her hips, trying to grind against him in silent answer.

A rumbling growl came from Shouta’s chest. His voice low as it rasped. “Speak, Reyanna.” He reached a hand up, ran his thumb over her lips and across her cheek. His eyes bored into her. “I need you to use your words. Tell me what you want.”

“You.” Reyanna breathed, eyes opening to met his searing gaze. “I want you, Shouta.”

“Then me, you shall have.” Shouta said, thrusting into her.

They both moaned. Reyanna’s head fell into the curve of Shouta’s neck. Her fingers clutched at his shoulders, chest heaving as she felt herself stretched wide. Shouta clenched his teeth, struggling to keep his hips still. To give her a moment to adjust.

Hand at her throat, he lifted her face till she looked at him again. “You good, Kitten?”

“Mm.” She sighed. Then blearily remember he wanted her to voice her answers. “Yes. Please, Shouta. Move. Fuck me, please.”

Reyanna’s back arched as he complied with her wish. Both groaning as he began to pull out and push into her at a slow, hard pace. Shouta lowered his hand and gripped her thigh, only to release it with a growl. He couldn't lift her leg to get a better angle on her. She had to have both feet on the ground for this. Something about her control, ability, and some other reasoning that failed him at the moment.

Reyanna’s legs faltered. She took a half step back, vertigo and exhaustion hitting her. Shouta gripped her hips and pulled her to him, steadying her but not holding her up. He felt her body rapidly weaken. Her consciousness beginning to dwindled.

“Stay with me, Kitten.” Shouta panted, snapping his hips.

He was tempted to waken her senses with a bite, but he couldn’t mark her till it was time to seal the contract. He pressed his forehead against hers, the two staring into each others eyes as they breathed the same air. Shouta picked up his pace, thrusting more fiercely into her. Their hips slamming together with enough force to make her teeth chatter.

Reyanna sucked a sharp breath in between her teeth. “Please. Please, Shouta. I—ahh.” Her words fell off in a cry. The tightening coil in the pit of her stomach nearing its breaking point.

Shouta’s thrusts became more violent and erratic, as he too neared his peak. His breath became a labored chorus of grunts and growls. His own legs trembling in the effort to keep him upright.

A moaning mess, Reyanna clutched at him, nails raking his skin as she orgasmed for a third time. Her clenching walls took Shouta with her.

Shouta pressed back against her forehead, and dived to down to her chest as he released hot spurts of cum into her quivering cunt. He latched onto her the top of her left breast, just above her heart, and bit down, sucking in a few drops of blood that oozed from broken skin that his incisors had punctured.

Lips brushing against her bruised, bitten chest, Shouta declared. “I am yours.”

Contract sealed and complete, Shouta pulled out and sunk to his knees, taking her with him. Reyanna’s head lolled against his chest, her hand falling from his shoulder to paw feebly at his arm.

The Daimon curled her onto his lap. “You did so well, Kitten.”

Reyanna blinked up at him with heavy lids.

Shouta brushed her sweat soaked hair off of her brow. “Get most rest. You earned it, Love.”

Unfocused eyes slowly closed, and soon Reyanna was asleep. Shouta gave a sigh of relieved contentment. This was far from the only difficulty he would face, but at least he was tied to her. The first and all important hurdle was done and out of the way. His mind began to think about the next, but he quickly silenced it. There would be time enough for that. Right now he wanted to soak this in. Soak her in. Reyanna. In his arms. He held her tighter and bent to kiss her brow.

“You’re mine too, Kitten. Whether you remember it or not. Whether you want it or not. As angry as you were, you never broke our bond.” He looked down at her in amazement. How could one person could mean more then time and creation itself? “Now I’m not just bonded to you. I’m yours body, mind, and soul. Even if you wish to break the Bond between us once you begin to remember. I’ll still be yours.”

His finger absently rubbed at the Vim ring on his left thumb, dark eyes taking in the absence of hers. Of course he had instantly noticed her bare right thumb the first time he had seen her. And while the sight had wrenched at his gut, the fact that a bit of her Vim, her life force, was still housed in the ring he worn, meant that their bond had not been broken. It was the Bond that had led him to her. Would always lead him to her. So long as it continued.

He stayed like that, holding her sleeping form till she began to shiver. He thought about taking her upstairs to the bedroom, but remembered the dead Red Cap at the top of the stairs. He had been angry at the creatures intrusion and toyed with it, drawing out its death instead of turning it to ash on sight. By the time he had noticed Reyanna’s nearness, it had been too late to dispose of the thing without her smelling the tell tale char. Left with the choice of confronting her in nothing but his underwear or greeting her in clothes covered in Red Cap blood and bits, he had opted on the less gruesome of the two.

Heaving a sigh, he lifted Reyanna in his arms and rose to his feet. She would be out for a while. The act of the contract taking more out of her then mere physical. In a blink of darkness, Shouta flinted to the perimeter of the woods that surrounded Reyanna’s cabin. With the added wards she had put in place, he hadn’t been able to get any closer. He eyed the wardings cut off line, every symbol and casting glowing in the night. With a blink, his vision returned to normal the spells, charms, and runes no longer visible, even though he could still sense their presence.

Tied to her as he now was, he should be able to cross the line. Should... Well, Shouta thought, no way to know for sure without trying.. He took a step and then another. When nothing happened, a wide toothy grin crept upon his face. He flinted inside the cabin. A chuckle of accomplishment rumbling in his chest.

“We did good, Anna.” He told, looking down at her.

Shouta walked down the hall, heading straight for the bedroom. Gently, he lowered her onto the mattress and covered her naked frame. Placing a hand on the crown of her head, he bent over and kissed her temple.

“I’ll get our things and clean up the mess over there, then be back. Alright, Love.”

He brushed his nose against her brow and gave her one more kiss before flitting away.