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You smile to yourself as Isono drops off today's pile of gifts at your station. Aside from the fact that your boss was a very volatile man who constantly had unreasonable demands, working for Seto Kaiba definitely had a lot of perks.


It was part of your job as the head of his secretarial staff to sort through his fans' gifts. Sometimes cryptic duel invitations or Mokuba ransom notes would end up in there, and you needed to make absolutely sure Kaiba wouldn't miss anything. He didn't care what happened to the pile, and the secretarial department didn't mind sharing the loot at the end of the day.


You mostly enjoyed partaking in the coffee, tea and snacks, as your boss's fans definitely did not shy away from the most rare and expensive brands. You figured it wasn't dangerous to consume the branded stuff because it's all properly sealed and packaged, while anything homemade gets immediately tossed out. Besides, you didn't mind letting your staff take all the other gifts anyway because it's mostly clothing, fragrances and gadgetry for men.


You greet Isono a good morning as you help him bring the pile into a nearby meeting room. "Doesn't Fuguta-san usually bring these? To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?"


Isono grunts a small laugh at the sight of your smirk, wondering internally how someone as haughty as you could have lasted 5 years working directly under Seto Kaiba without getting fired.


"Fuguta is handling a particularly feisty fangirl downstairs in the lobby," Isono shakes his head, still in disbelief of how crazy his boss's fans could really get, "She insists she has to bring it herself and got all feral on security when they told her she couldn't do that. I don't understand, they're just mostly teenage girls but they get so terrifying."


Your grin turns lopsided, thinking of what Fuguta and the other security detail must be going through right now, "Well, who wouldn't kill for the chance to meet Seto Kaiba face to face, right? Especially nowadays!"


You eye some of the usual treats, as a lot of people constantly gave the same kind of gifts everyday. Isono nods a curt goodbye as you lift a box of teabags with cutesy but elegant packaging to further inspect it. You didn't recognize the brand, but you didn't really doubt its legitimacy; the box, the sachets the teabags were covered in, even the neatly pressed tea leaves, were all definitely professionally done.


It didn't help that it emitted such a pleasantly sweet aroma, between you and the pile of gifts, you couldn't wait to take a sip out of the inevitably delicious cup of tea this was going to be.


As if on cue, Kaname and Takeyama, two of your immediate subordinates, appeared at the doorway, "Good morning, senpai!"


"Don't smile so wildly, I know you're all excited, but remember, as far as Shacho knows, all of this is going to the trash." You couldn't help but grin at the look of enthusiasm on their faces regardless.


You boot up the PC on your desk as you set your cup of tea beside your mousepad. You could barely contain your own excitement as the sweet, mellow fragrance coming from the tea seemed to completely fill your head. You had even decided to mix in a bit of milk after catching a whiff of honey from the tea leaves. Really, with the stress of this job, you knew you deserved something decadent and indulgent once in a while.


You impatiently click through some e-mails before deciding you really had to take a sip of your concoction right. NOW.


The taste was every bit as amazing as you expected it to be. The creaminess of the milk melted well into the sweet tones of honey, while the strength of the Assam punctuated the drink with much-needed flavor. You shuddered slightly as the tea filled you with unbelievable warmth. This was shaping up to be a great day, crazy stalker at the lobby notwithstanding.


Pleasantly warmed by your incredibly delicious tea, you proceeded to go through your emails much calmer and happier. You took more and more sips of your drink, knowing you had more teabags of the stuff anyway and you could always just fix another cup in the breakroom if you felt like it.


It had only been two hours into the work day and you already had three cups of your new favorite tea, you were vaguely aware this was much more than you'd usually drink in such a short time, but you were already trying to research the brand so you'd know where to buy more when you eventually run out.


You hurriedly close your supermarket tabs as your boss, the devil himself, bursts into your section on the way to his own office. 


His very presence seemed to make the air a lot thicker, as you realize you were taking shallower breaths. You had long admitted to yourself you were hopelessly attracted to your boss despite the fact he was an asshole at best , but you've been smart enough to keep that information to yourself. Something about him today made you feel both nervous and excited.


Seto Kaiba slows to a halt at the sight of you, his eyes glaring holes into your face. You smile good-naturedly, not feeling a single bit of intimidation, "Top of the morning, sir!"


Not that you normally would let Kaiba intimidate you anyway, but today you couldn't even be assed to try to read his moods, you were going to have a great day no matter what!


"Your face is red."


You bring your hands up to your face and feel the warmth radiating off of your skin. You did feel a little warm, but you assumed it was just the tea, "Strange. It will probably wear off though!"


Kaiba narrows his eyes at you momentarily before striding towards his office, "Bring me this morning's report."


You would have confirmed that with him more cheerfully hadn't you started to get the feeling that you did something you shouldn't have done. You couldn't stop thinking about the way he looked at you, even though it was something you were already used to. You stare at your menacingly depleted tea cup, but you shook your head and willed yourself to return to work. It was probably nothing.


You try to focus on each department's e-mailed updates, compiling them into a separate document for easier reading. It was working out for you for a few minutes, but eventually you realize you couldn't seem to understand whatever it is these damned departments were talking about. What exactly should you be putting in this report anyway? You wrap your arms around yourself, realizing the pleasant warmth that tea gave you wasn't going away.


You glance worriedly towards your boss, he hadn't frosted the glass walls to his office today, which is something you normally liked. Seto Kaiba was hell to work under, but you couldn't deny he was easy on the eyes.


You felt your whole body shudder-- it's fear! You remind yourself, nothing else -- as you catch him apparently staring at you from across his office. He stared you down as you flinched and whipped your head back to your monitor. He probably knew something was up and wanted to see if you were slacking off.


You hurriedly scroll through more emails before a new one suddenly pops up at the top of your inbox. It was from Security.


You bring a hand to your mouth as you began to read about this morning's events. 


A young woman became visibly upset upon being told she had to deposit her gift at the front desk. She screamed and struggled against security as we escorted her out of the building.


The warmth bubbling inside of you almost dwarfed the dread starting up as you read the document.




"You don't understand, I have to give it to Kaiba-sama!"

"When I do you won't be treating me like this! I'll have you all fired. Let me in!"

"He'll fall in love with me, I don't care if you don't believe it because it's going to happen!"


You sighed at how stupid you realized you were, you knew you shouldn't have trusted anything you didn't recognize, but you went and drank the damned tea anyway.


You thought about how you were going to report this to Seto Kaiba, but you flinched when just the thought of him hit you with a pang of need. Showing up in front of him was probably a very bad idea, but you couldn't just leave your terminal for--possibly --a few hours without explaining anything. You also really, really , wanted to see him, but you decided to conveniently ignore that thought.


You hit the button on your desk indicating your need to enter his office, technically you could buzz yourself in, but that was something only used for guests. You still needed his permission to come and go from his office. With the way he was staring at you, he probably already knew something was wrong, maybe he'd deny you entry and you wouldn't have to deal with him after all. Truth be told, you didn't know what to do. Go to the infirmary? Run to the washroom and deal with things yourself? Anything sounded better than dealing with the throbbing heat assaulting all your senses.


A loud buzzing noise brings you out of your thoughts. Seto Kaiba was allowing you in.




You swallowed hard as Kaiba immediately frosted the glass walls as soon as the door closed behind you.


"Out with it." He was staring with what you think was supposed to be coldness, but all you could think about in that moment was how goddamned gorgeous this man was.


You knew just how fucked you were going to be if you stayed in this room any longer, "I--I mistakenly prepared some tea that turned out to be from one of your s-stalkers..."


He stayed silent, his gaze not faltering. He knew you had more to say. His unwavering eye contact stoked the fire inside you further.


You clutched at the hem of your skirt, wanting to look at anything else but him, though you find yourself unable to, "I think it's a, uh… s-stimulant…"


To your surprise--and agony-- Seto Kaiba smirked at your admission. You fidgeted as you fought the desire roiling in your stomach, Does he even realize how attractive he is?


"A-anyway I have to really go right now and find a way to deal with this I--," you ducked your head rapidly to avoid having to stare at your boss any longer, starting towards his office door. You stop right in front of it, shaking the handle and only to find it locked.


Your body shudders at what this could possibly mean, "Sir, please!" Your hands remain on the door, afraid of what you'd do if you had to look at your boss again. Each second you spent inside his office compounded the heat consuming your body. You clutched at the handle tighter, the desire was already starting to hurt.


"What do you intend on doing to deal with that, exactly?" You could practically hear the sadistic amusement dripping from his voice.


"I-I was gonna figure it out, okay?!" Somewhere along the five years you've been with Seto Kaiba, he began allowing you to speak informally to him, though you always made sure to refer to him respectfully and to never go too far with your ribbing. He opens up at a snail's pace, but then again you never expected he'd let you get this far at all.


You stick yourself against the door, willing the cold glass to calm the unbearable heat, "I-I could do it myself, o-or find someone who can help--"


" No ." He barked, a little too quickly, you would have wondered why he sounded displeased about what you said--all you wanted was to find a doctor or something-- but a heavy haze was clouding your mind.


"Look at me." 


"Kaiba-san, you don't know what you're asking." You emphasize the honorific, trying to put distance between you even if you couldn't do it physically.


"I do. Come here." 


The way his voice sounded huskier than usual sent a wave of intrusive pleasure through your entire body. You turned around anyway, but making sure to only stare straight at the floor. You caught a glimpse of his well-polished shoes, apparently he was leaning on his desk, his long, toned legs crossed at the ankles.


"You've defied me for so long… you think I'm going to let an opportunity to put you in your place pass?"


Your knees buckle under you, as you clutched at yourself again, it's fine, I needed to sit anyway , every word coming out of your boss's mouth pushed a button inside you. Sure, you were under the influence of an extremely potent aphrodisiac, but something tells you you would be putty in his hands regardless.


You were a little angry at yourself for being so turned on when Kaiba was basically belittling you, but it wasn't about to stop you from clapping back, it was like a reflex at this point, "Ho~h? N-now you're gonna act like you don't like it when I tease you?"


He uncrosses his impossibly long legs and smirks down at you, "You're not really in a position to be talking like that right now."


You look up into his eyes, fully intending to be defiant, but the moment you did you knew you were done for.


You let out an undignified whimper at the sight of his face; his cold, blue eyes staring down at you, his tall nose turned up, his lips curled at one end in a smug grin, and his chiseled jawline showcased perfectly by the slight tilt of his head.


Kaiba laughed darkly at your distress, "Kaiba, I-I can't--" you gasp, each sound coming from him reverberating through your very core. He knew exactly what he was doing to you.


"Y-you're being cruel, j-just let me leave if you're just gonna toy with me, g-geez!" You were sweating bullets despite the strength of the air conditioning in his office. If this took any longer you would stuff your hand down your panties, Kaiba be damned. It was all his fault anyway.


"Don't worry," he started, dark and hungrily, barely above a whisper, "I'll give you what you want."




Kaiba leans toward you, cupping your chin with one hand, "You just have to beg for it, first."


"N-Na-- How dare you?!" You slurred your words, his proximity setting your nerves alight, however, you could still feel your disdain clear as day. You would do literally anything for Kaiba right now, but you were doing your best to pretend that wasn't the case.


Kaiba leaned in closer, ghosting his lips over yours, "You don't want me?"


You were so wound up you wanted to cry, "I-I do… please…," you mutter, swallowing the lump in your throat. You couldn't think of anything except him.


"'Please' what?" He whispers, right against your skin.


"T-touch me." His lips burned a trail where they went, white hot pleasure following close behind.


"You have to earn it." He ghosted a path from your lips to the side of your jaw. Nudging your hand up onto his toned thigh. You knew exactly what he meant.


"F-fine." With his touch aggravating the desire in your body, anything he asked of you sounded fair at this point.


However, Kaiba laughed darkly next to your ear, suddenly pulling away from you completely. You stare up at him, eyes glassy with tears.


"Beg me for it."


"Y-you… what…?" You feel a bit of humiliation bubbling inside you, hating how it mixed so well with the unbearable desire, "Y-you want me to beg for the chance to touch you?!"


Kaiba only answered you with another smirk, "Well?"


"You're horrible, you know that?" That was the first clear sentence you've uttered since entering his office, but Kaiba didn't miss the way you rubbed your thighs together, one of your hands clutching harder at the fabric of your skirt.


You whip your head back down to stare at his impeccable shoes, "I-I… p-please…"


"You call that begging? What do you want?"


You couldn't help but glare at him again, very clearly pissed despite your vicious arousal, however you immediately soften at his smile, even if it was extremely smug, "Y-you. I want you, please."


He was still smirking as he unbuckled his belt, showing you the bulge straining against his pants, "What are you going to do about it?"


You pushed yourself up on your knees in front of him, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, gasping at the heat you felt as you rested your hand over his clothed erection.


You practically salivated at the sight of him as you took him out of the confines of his boxer briefs. He chuckled deeply at your reverence, "Eager, aren't we?"


Your breath was coming in short puffs, one hand circled around his shaft and the other hiking up your skirt. You were ravenous for him. 


You whine as Kaiba grabs your other arm away from your crotch, he knew at the sight of your labored breathing and your unfocused, half lidded eyes that you were beyond being obedient right now.


You wasted no time in getting the head of him into your mouth, swirling your tongue over the tip. You vaguely felt that the sooner you pleased him the sooner he would relieve you.


He grunts a low noise from the back of his throat, grabbing the back of your head and sinking himself deeper into your mouth. You close your eyes in ecstasy, taking in the sensation of his skin--like heated steel sheathed in silk-- and his musk choking you with desire.


You gripped him where your mouth didn't reach, using your spit to pump his shaft steadily. You were thankful he didn't push you any further than you were willing to go. You began bobbing your head up and down, realizing you were way more into this than you initially admitted to yourself.


Kaiba grew harder in your mouth, eventually causing your jaw to start hurting. He suddenly tightens his grip on the back of your head, effectively stopping you from moving. You stare up at him through lidded eyes, impressed at his impeccable poker face. The only thing that gave him away was his slightly reddened skin, and maybe you were projecting, but you were sure his eyes were burning with desire.


"What do you want?" He drags himself out of your mouth, his voice deeper and breathier.


You were mildly taken aback that he'd keep this little game up, but of course your boss would find ways to be infuriating, "I want you. Please!"


"Is that how you talk to your boss, hmm?" He scoffs, clearly amused. He begins stroking himself slowly, your face still practically pressed up against him, "What exactly do you want from me?"


You genuinely tried to focus on his face, but you couldn't tear your eyes from the tantalizing sight in front of you, "I-I… I want your dick, p-please, sir…"


"And why should I give it to you?" The smugness in his expression was infuriating, but he was already pushing you beyond normal levels of desperation, "when you've been nothing but defiant to me?"


You grip at the fabric of his pants, the sheer frustration coursing through you enough to make you scream, "Because I feel like I'm literally burning from the inside out! I feel so hot that it's unbearable, so please --"


"Hot, huh?"


The mirth in his voice was palpable, you didn't know what he was planning for you when he pulled you up to stand, but frankly you couldn't care any less when all you wanted at this point was relief.


Kaiba practically drags you behind his desk, pushing you slightly against the giant glass walls of his office, overlooking all of Domino City. 


"A lot colder, isn't it?"


You knew he valued his privacy and probably has one way mirrors or had the glass heavily tinted from the outside, but seeing the bustling city beneath you only served to exacerbate the heat inside of you.


You gasp as you suddenly feel him push himself in between your thighs, rubbing up against your core. Kaiba leans into you and sighs into your ear, planting a hand on the wall next to your head, "You're drenched for someone who's complaining about being hot."


You bring your hands up over your mouth, completely embarrassed at all the sounds you can't seem to stop making. The way he slid himself between your folds and up against your clit was maddening, it didn't help that he made sure to be torturously slow.


"Do you want me to fuck you in front of all of Domino?"


You knew Kaiba was incredibly sadistic, but you never expected him to be this dirty intimately. Not that you had any sort of idea before today, anyway. His large, slender hands began groping at your top, pulling at the buttons keeping your blouse together.


You whimper, shaking your head despite yourself. Yeah, you were incredibly embarrassed, but you were also incredibly turned on. A fact you were bringing with you to your grave. 


"No?" He slipped his hand into your bra, kneading at the soft skin beneath. He slowed his rutting to a stop, whispering his next words directly into your skin, "You want me to stop, then?"


The skin at the back of your neck prickled deliciously, his breath directly in your ear triggering all sorts of primal reactions inside you. You arch into him almost reflexively, shaking your head even harder this time. You would lose your mind if he stopped here now.


"'No' what? Tell me what you want."


He was resting his head on your shoulder, his hands ghosting all over your body, mostly on your arms, face and thighs, where your skin was already exposed. You whined despite yourself, desperate for him to touch you elsewhere , "Don't stop p-please? Y-you're driving me crazy…"


He laughed lightly, pulling your panties down and starting to thrust himself between your incredibly wet thighs again, "Where do you want me? Here?"


You press your hands up against the glass in frustration, the friction was delicious, but it was nowhere near enough to quell the need that had overtaken your body, "Kaiba! Please!" 


"Answer me."


"I-inside… please… I need you inside me…" You hated how he was using your arousal against you, torturing you and mildly humiliating you, but in reality you hated the fact that you didn't hate this treatment at all.


You suddenly felt Kaiba's hand snake over your mouth, sufficiently muffling your screams as he sheathed himself inside you, immediately starting a rough pace. 


You braced yourself with your arms against the cold glass, while Kaiba held you at the waist with his other hand, using his grip to piston himself in and out of you. 


He slid so smoothly inside of you despite the way your muscles squeezed hard against him, whatever it was that was in that tea, it was driving you crazy, every thrust pushed you into what felt like a small climax each time. Kaiba suddenly drops the hand on your mouth to your waist, bracing himself against you. He lets out a low growl after a particular bit of resistance, his face in the crook of your neck, "Fuck, you're so tight."


His words shot straight to your core, pushing you over the edge. You successfully bit back a particularly loud moan, trembling in his grip as you came, but this only made Kaiba drive into you harder. He probably didn't like that. You began whimpering as the pleasure washed over you as if they were waves-- even when you begin to think it was ebbing, a new one crashes against you, enveloping you fully.


You look at him through his reflection in front of you, the image hazy through your half-lidded eyes. Kaiba leans back, watching you with a wild gaze and a sadistic smile, “Whimpering and making a face like you're in pain… But really wanting me defile you like this,” You tear up as you bite your lip harder, trying to fight futilely against the climax his ramming coupled with his vulgar teasing was propelling you toward, “What a woman you are.”


Your knees buckle underneath you but Kaiba’s grip on your hips holds you steady, you hear him laugh as you try to quieten your sobs, your entire body shaking from the ravages of one orgasm after another. You weren't sure if you wanted to throw out the rest of the tea, or to keep it for “future use.”


You were already blissed out by the time Kaiba's thrusts became erratic and shallow, whispering his name over and over. You perk up slightly as he laughs low and menacingly into your ear, "Promise not to scream?"


"Wait… wha--"


To your utmost surprise, Kaiba plants his fingers against your nub, rubbing circles against you in time with his suddenly brutal pace. 


And despite being sure you were completely spent, Kaiba manages to rip a deafening scream--and another earth-shattering orgasm-- from you.


You vaguely register something hot bloom against your ass and thighs, but at this point you couldn't care any less. You trembled, boneless against the glass windows and in Kaiba's embrace.




You made sure you looked perfectly presentable before you stepped back into your section, not a hair out of place, nor a hint of exertion on your countenance betraying the kind of lines you just crossed with your boss.


Aisaka, your youngest and newest hire, timidly approaches you, worry etched on her face.


"Are you alright, senpai? We heard a scream…"


You would have flushed several shades of red if you weren't a seasoned professional.


"Shacho found out about us taking some of his gifts, frankly, I'm lucky to have escaped with my job… He was pretty scary and he just really caught me off guard," You fake-sighed for effect, "But thankfully, he listened when I explained how much of a waste it is to just throw perfectly good things out when we could, uh, use them ourselves or donate them to charity."


"O-oh, I see… that's good to know he finally approves though!" You knew Aisaka would believe you fully, she was a very polite, well-mannered girl, "I'll tell everybody then!"


You smile at her, nodding good-naturedly.


"And senpai!" She turns to you before leaving, throwing you a little wink, "I'm fully on your side, but it won't hurt to be a bit more discreet next time~"


Your smile is frozen, but you fire up an email and hurriedly send it to your boss.




I don't know how, but I will get you for this.