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Learn Your Lesson

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Daigo licked his lips, tracing a finger down Shinada's spine, delicate and slow against his bare skin. Shinada whined, fingers gripping tighter at the pillow he was resting his head on.


"Hush...isn't this supposed to be your punishment?"

Shinada whined again, his cheeks flushing pink as Daigo chuckled, fingers hooking the waistband of his sweatpants now. He didn't pull them down immediately though, simply toyed with the edge a few times, eager for Shinada's desperate squeaks.

“You said yourself…” The pitch of his voice changed, perhaps attempting a very poor impression of his boyfriend. “Daigo-kuuun…you need to discipline me, or I just won’t learn.”

“I do not sound that whiny!”
“Oh, you do, and you know it.”

Finally, he tugged the pants down to just below Shinada's thighs. Daigo stroked up one, admiring the thick muscle that twitched under his touch, before cupping at one of Shinada's bare ass cheeks.

"Jock strap...very nice," he purred, starting to squeeze a little, “Did you change just for me? I’d certainly be able to tell if you’d been wearing this when I got home.”

The squeeze hitched Shinada's breath, burying his face into the pillow, but it wasn't enough to stop the slight wiggle at his hips. Daigo smirked.

"Want me to take it off too, my love?" he asked.

Without much warning, he pulled back the waistband of the underwear and let go, the elastic hitting Shinada's skin with a sharp snap.

Shinada yelped out, feet kicking up and down for a few seconds. Daigo just continued to squeeze his backside, a brow cocked.

"I just imagine it might get a, claustrophobic in there soon."

Shinada simply gulped, closing his eyes for a few seconds as he considered, before shaking his head.

"Nah. I'll be fine." He paused a second, before adding in a hushed tone, "That just makes it sound more fun..."

"Fine, fine."

Daigo tilted his head, pressing his fingers down gently into the plush flesh. It was barely a secret that he...obsessed over Shinada's body.

He was thick and muscular, nicely plump around the edges after years of Daigo’s weak will for pampering and spoiling him. He found it nearly unfair how beautiful his partner was, but he got to admire him daily, so that did make up for it. He gulped slightly, wrapping his fingers around his thigh, barely, feeling his heart start to flutter-


Daigo blinked himself back into focus, knowing his cheeks were red. Dammit.

Shinada giggled, waggling his brows and adjusting himself, so he lay with his backside up more prominently on Daigo's lap.

"Pleaaaseee Daigo-kun?"

"Okay, okay."

He started gentle, not really much more than a light pat. It was still enough to make Shinada's ass jiggle slightly, making Daigo cover his mouth with his hand to stifle back a snort of laughter – it was weirdly amusing to him, for whatever reason. It was definitely one of Shinada’s best assets, his favoured blue jeans highlighting it wonderfully.

He did this light patting a few more times, applying a bit more strength as he did. He could tell Shinada was getting restless with this quickly though, squirming on the spot.

Still, they had a few ground rules set up.

Resting one hand on Shinada's thigh, Daigo gave him a small shake on the shoulder. Once Shinada turned his head, Daigo raised a brow and gave a thumbs up, head tilted to his shoulder.

Shinada licked his lips, shoulder blades twitching as he tensed and relaxed very quickly, but not long after he nodded enthusiastically, giving a double thumbs up in response.

A simple code – all good. Still happy. Carry on.

Daigo smiled back, but quickly dropped it, sitting up a little straighter with his shoulders back. Sure, he liked the activity, but it took a certain mindset to be the specific role he had to take. He swung neither submissive or dominant, but Shinada was certainly a more natural and experienced submissive, and an often bratty at that. Daigo had to spend a little more time to get into character sometimes.

"C'mon, please, please, puh-lease-"

Shinada cut off with the first proper spank, sharp and quick. He let out a squeal of glee, feet kicking up and down once more from the sensation of static against his skin. Daigo let the pain linger one, two, three seconds before offering another strike.


"Perhaps you'll learn your lesson now, hm?" Daigo said, dropping his voice into a purr, watching the twitch in Shinada's form at the particular tone. Always weak to it.

He rubbed his palm against his backside slightly, smirking at the red marks already showing up on his skin. 

Shinada whined for more, head buried into the pillow the moment another strike hit against him.

"Tat-chan...? Did you hear?"

"Yes, yes, I will Dojima-san," he cried, grinning as he did, “You know I will.”

Daigo coughed slightly, cheeks blushing as he glanced away. "Bit too formal, my love."

"I will...sir?"

"...better. Let's stick with that if we must."

Shinada nodded, still grinning like the fool he was. "Yessi-!"

He didn't get to finish as Daigo spanked him again. He threw his head back with a gasp, before leaning down to bite the pillow, moaning into the fabric.

"Ah-ah. Come now, Tatsuo. You know I love to hear you."

Shinada gulped, and released the pillow, panting slowly. "Sorry...more, please, sir..."

Another strike against him. He closed his eyes, smirking as the sensation lingered, then another hit, definitely growing harder every time.


Shit, Daigo had been right. The front of his underwear started to feel tight with every smack. Biting his bottom lip, Shinada started to grind against Daigo's lap to at least slightly relieve himself, taking another shuddered breath from the hit.

Daigo raised a brow, grabbing one of Shinada's ass cheeks and squeezing hard. He swallowed back his own little moan, licked his lips instead.

"One thing at a time Tatsuo." He combed the fingers of his free hand through the back of Shinada's hair, scratching lightly against his scalp. All the while, his grip on his backside tightened, nails digging in slightly. "I need to know you've learnt your lesson first."

"I’m still game for some more,” Shinada gasped slowly, glancing back slightly, "But it’s your call.”

"...hang on..."

Daigo let him go, rubbing his palm against the blanket and grumbling. "My hand gets so numb with this. I am investing in...something in the future. What are they called? You'd certainly know."

"Flogger," Shinada said, eyes lighting up with glee, "Or even a paddle. Or both, or-"

"You're such a greedy boy," Daigo sighed softly, tensing his arm and spanking him once more.

Apparently, it was far harder than before, as Shinada practically screeched. It was immediately followed by a dull 'thump-thump' from the furthest wall, bringing the two out of their bubble of intimacy.

"Good lord," Daigo mumbled, furrowing his brow, "I'm pretty sure there's a bathroom between us and the neighbours..."

"Damn. I'm pretty loud, huh?"

Shinada smiled lazily, feeling his backside start to get massaged slowly. He slumped onto his cheek, settling himself slightly, muscles relaxing into the soft mattress.

Daigo smiled himself, ruffling his hair before glancing to stare at Shinada's ass. Now allowed to settle, his skin was covered in bright red patches, one fully hand shaped mark most prominent. There was a slight bruising where Daigo had dug his nails in, that he took extra care around, mumbling gentle praise to bring them both back out of that headspace.

"I'm sorry," Shinada said, after a short while of silence between the two, jolting as if he was about to drift off, "I'll do the dishes after this."

Daigo paused for a moment, and sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "No, it's...I shouldn't have lost my temper like that."

"...rough day at work?"

"Yeah. Always is."

Daigo sighed again, reaching over for another pillow and gently sliding Shinada from his lap, letting his backside fall onto it.

Shinada rolled to his side, reaching back to rub his own ass with a soft wince.

"Damn...almost too scared to let you use a paddle...I swear to god you’re getting stronger. You lifting more or something?


"Right, right. Grown-up talk time."

Slowly, Shinada pulled himself up into a sitting position, gritting his teeth but sitting comfortably on the pillow. "I guess we're both getting used to the together thing, huh?"

Daigo nodded, shifting closer so he was laying against Shinada slightly, rubbing over his chest. "It's an adjustment period. Too used to this being my apartment. Not ours."

Shinada hushed him, nuzzling against his throat and kissing softly. Daigo sighed, hands slipping down between Shinada's thighs and rubbing, tracing lightly on his silky skin.

"I should really pull my weight a little more though," Shinada said, moving his kissing to the lips, "Get off my ass so you stop spanking it."

Daigo snorted slightly, cupping Shinada's bulge and giving it a quick rub. He groaned in response, tilting his eyes down and smirking.

"I'm serious though babe," he said, "You do nearly all of the buy everything...I could at least vacuum and do the dishes instead of sleeping all day. As nice as that is."

Daigo pulled away slightly, only to squeeze Shinada's face, puckering his lips with an amused 'hm!'

"Good boy. I promise to not get so angry at you. It's not fair. You’re my boyfriend, not a disobedient subordinate. Now..."

He pulled away completely, stretching his back out and adjusting his shirt collar. "It's not too late. How about we don't add more to the pile already in the sink and eat out instead? Wette Kitchen is calling to me."

Shinada started to beam eagerly, scrambling from the bed to get dressed once more. He paused for a moment, waddling in a circle to gesture at his very obvious boner.

"Uhh...what about this?"

Daigo clicked his tongue, brushing a loose strand of hair back in place as he got up, eyes heavily lidded.

“That parking lot near Tenkaichi is always so deserted…I’m sure we could find somewhere to spend a little together time before we eat. Worst comes to the worst…” He shrugged, smirking in a sly way that only Shinada ever got to see. “Well, you’re the only one of us that can drive. I’m sure I’ll think of some way to entertain you.”

It took a few seconds to fully process, before Shinada's cheeks turned nearly neon red, hurriedly pulling on his jeans.

“I do not deserve this.”
“Hm. But I do.”