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A Whole New World

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On a Saturday afternoon, the Gryffindors of the DA had assembled in the Room of Requirement for what Dean Thomas and Hermione Granger called ‘Movie Night’.

Most of the half-bloods and purebloods watched the odd metal box curiously and the large white sheet hung up against one of the walls.

“Alright, so we have three choices for movies. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.” Dean held up three small boxes, presumably holding the DVDs inside. “While they’re all technically love stories, they’re pretty great and I think everyone should get to watch them at least once.”

The small group whispered amongst themselves as Hermione kept fiddling with the metal box. “My personal favourite is Beauty and the Beast but I love the Little Mermaid and Aladdin so much too.”

“I want to see what Muggles think Mermaids are. Half fish, half human, looks interesting.” Ginny smiled, a few people nodding,

“Aww but the magic carpet!” Seamus cried, trying to win people over. “Come on guys, they actually use magic in Aladdin!” This seemed to make a few people reconsider their original choice.

“So hands up for the Little mermaid!” Dean lifted the box with the redheaded mermaid and began counting the raised hands. ”8. now hands up for Aladdin!” The hands went up and Dean began counting once again. “7 for Aladdin! Sorry Seamus. We’ll watch it after if we have time.” He turned to Hermione, who had still been fiddling with the box. “The Projector not working?”

Hermione grumbled a few words beneath her breath and looked up. “It’s these stupid technology-proof wards around the school.” She took the disk and inserted into one of the slots. “The thing won’t work.”

Fred and George stood up and walked over to Hermione and the projector thing and began looking at it, by removing the top of it first.

“What are you two up to?” Angelina asked, standing up and looking at them oddly.

“Well, our dad tinkers with muggle things all the time, sometimes we help him, so we’re looking at it from the magical point of view.” George explained quickly enough, taking out his wand and mumbling a spell and pointing at one of the small gears that suddenly starting making a small clicking sounds.

“We’re not obsessed with muggle things though, thank Merlin.” Fred laughed as Hermione pointed to another gear for George to look at.

“Oh please! My dad’s a muggle, I know this stuff.” Seamus stood up and took out his wand. “Just needs the right spell.”

“Seamus, no! This is delicate!” Dean and Harry stood up abruptly, wanting to stop the Irish wizard from blowing up anything, or anyone.

“Finnigan, I think taking a seat would be a smart idea.” Katie put a hand on his shoulder to make him sit.

“We got it!” The twins and Hermione suddenly exclaimed together, a light appearing on the white sheet.

As they were cheering and Hermione clicked on a few buttons, excited that they could watch the movies now, Seamus was waving his wand in random directions, mumbling things under his breath when a beam of light shot out from the tip and towards the projector.

“Seamus no!” A shout alerted the three around the projector, but it was too late as they caught sight of the beam hitting them at that precise moment, making the three glow and seem to disappear as wisps, sucked into the projector.

The Gryffindors all stood up and walked over to the projector to find that the twins and Hermione had now disappeared. ”Where’d they go?” Lavender asked, worried that her dormmate and boyfriend’s older brothers had now disappeared to god-knows-where.

At that very moment, the movie began and a familiar head of ginger head appeared on a ship surrounded by what seemed to be crew members.
“Oh boy...” Dean started, mumbling nervously.

“What’s wrong?”

“I-I think they’ve been transported into the movie... All three of them.” The moment the words left the darker skinned boy’s mouth, Ginny started ushering people out of the room, one after the other.

“We can’t have so many people in here. Only those of utmost importance be here.” She ushered out the seventh year girls, Lee staying because he was the Twin’s best friend and rather excellent in charms. The sixth years and fifth years were ushered out, except Dean, Seamus, Harry and Ron and the rest were forced out of the room by Ginny.

“We don’t know how the movie goes, and we don’t want to ruin the experience by having the twins and Hermione trying to zoom through it.” Ginny told them. “but you guys do so we have to watch the entire movie through and see if we can get them out before the end.”

“Who knows what’ll happen if we don’t in time.” Harry mumbled, now keeping a firm eye on Seamus, whose wand was now in Ron's hands for safe keeping.