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Secretly Swapped

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“Don’t run in during a battle,” Bamba lectured Oto once the fight was over. She had run in and Bamba had almost slashed her with a sword. Canalo came over to make sure she was okay.
“Aren’t you not allowed on land?” Towa remembered.
“Yeah but I was lonely,” Oto was speaking in a childish voice. “And I missed my brother and wanted to see him.”
“Don’t do that in the middle of a fight, that’s dangerous,” Bamba was stern while Canalo melted over the fact that his baby sister missed him.

Oto had got off with a stern talking-to from Bamba, and Towa and Oto decided to go to the beach.
“Does Canalo fall for that stupid babyish voice whenever you use it?”
“Yeah. It’s hilarious,” Oto laughed.
“That would never work on nii-san.”
“Since we never fully lived in a house, he didn’t leave me unsupervised when I was little, so if I went looking for something it would probably mean I just ran off.”
“Cool. How old are you?”
“168. You?”
“Towa, there’s a minosaur!” Bamba alerted him, and Towa left, saying bye to Oto.
At the fight, a monster was fighting the Ryusoulgers. Towa started to morph, but the monster hit him with a beam that made him pass out before he could finish.
“What was that?” Koh asked, fighting the monster.
“It kinda just looks like when we use the NemuSoul (Sleep Soul) you know?” Melt said.
“This is a Minosaur, there has to be more to it than that,” Bamba pointed out.
They took Towa back to the Tatsui’s house. He didn’t appear hurt, so they just let him sleep on the couch.

Towa woke up in an unfamiliar building where everything was very fancy. And very big. And tall. Towa felt like he had shrunk with how big everything was.
As he got out of bed, he walked out to the hallway that had a fancy tile floor, Towa looked out a window and saw water. It looked like it was just outside the window.
Towa quickly realized that wherever he was, he was underwater.
How did he get here?
“Oh, you’re awake,” Canalo said.
“Yeah,” Towa said, slightly shocked at how high his voice was. “What happened?”
“You were asleep on the beach, so I brought you home.”
“Home...” Towa mused as he continued to walk. This clearly wasn’t his home. Or he was in an alternate universe where he was a prince who lived in the sea.
Towa decided to go back to the room where he had woken up. He walked in and noticed that it had a nice bed, a dresser, a bookshelf, and a few photos sitting around. Most of the photos were of...Canalo and Oto.
Towa decided to actually look at what he was wearing and realized he wasn’t Towa, at least not to the rest of the world.
He was Oto.
Towa as Oto went to the door of the palace.
“What are you doing?” Canalo asked as he saw Oto rush by.
“I’m going on land,” Towa said, opening the door and holding his breath and he went out for a little bit before swimming up, not paying attention to Canalo.

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Oto woke up in a house. She didn’t really remember where she had fallen asleep. She quickly noticed that she was on a couch, and there were a lot of other people here. The only Ryusoulger who wasn’t here (besides her brother) was Towa.
“Are you okay?” Bamba asked.
“I’m fine,” Oto replied, sitting up. She felt taller. “Where’s onii-chan?” She asked, referring to Canalo.
Bamba was stunned when she said that. Koh and Asuna looked like they were trying not to laugh. “What?” Oto’s voice sounded a bit deeper now that she’d heard it a few times, but she didn’t pay attention to that.
“Who am I?” Bamba asked.
“Bamba!” Oto answered easily. “Is something wrong?” She asked as Bamba turned away and took a deep breath.
“No, just...” Oto remembered that Towa said using a childish voice would never work on Bamba.
“You look mad, onii-chan. Whatever I did I’m sorry. Don’t hurt me.”
Bamba looked confused for a second, but then went soft.
“It’s okay Towa. I’d never hurt you. You know that.”

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There was a knock on the door and then Canalo and Oto came in. Canalo looked like he just ran a mile, and Oto was perfectly fine.
“Hi!” She said happily.
“Hi!” Towa replied. They stared at each other for a minute.
“Oto wanted to see if Towa was okay after the minosaur fight,” Canalo explained once he could breathe again.
“Oh. That’s nice,” Asuna commented.
“I’m fine, I just fell asleep,” Towa answered.
“Do you remember getting hit by the minosaur’s beam?” Melt asked.
“Well that’s a no.”
“No, what happened?”
“A minosaur hit you with a beam and you passed out,” Bamba explained.
After that, they confirmed that everything was fine.
A little while after that, Towa and Oto, in each other’s bodies, went outside and started talking. Towa gave the green Ryusoul to Oto.
“I’m not-“ Oto started to say, in Towa’s body.
“Right now you are. You’re not hurt or sick. You’re perfectly capable of being RyusoulGreen. You have a sword, just slash at the enemies and don’t let them hit you.”
“Whatif I need to use another Ryusoul?”
“You won’t need to. Here, to transform just do this,” Towa taught Oto. “Then you’d spin it around.” He took the green Ryusoul out.
“Um...” Oto was physically Towa, but she was not trained in combat at all. She was also 12, and was shocked by all the sudden changes. “ I have to?”
“You’ll do great!”
“I don’t want to.”
“I mean, being a Ryusoulger is destiny and...”
“No it’s not. It’s not my destiny to be a Ryusoulger from the Land. It’s yours.”
“Would you be a Ryusoulger from the Sea?”
“Then be RyusoulGreen of the Sea!”
“It’s not that simple,” Oto tried to comprehend the history that she knew. “You’re the bad guys in our history. I don’t want to be a bad guy.”

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“What do you mean?” Towa asked when Oto said she didn’t want to be a bad guy.
“History is taught with good guys and bad guys. And the Ryusoul Tribe of the Land wanted to fight the Druidon Tribe, but some people didn’t want to. So they became the Ryusoul Tribe of the Sea,” Oto explained. “And the Ryusoul Tribe of the Sea went underwater and stayed there, until present day pretty much. And since the Ryusoul Tribe of the Sea avoided conflict, we’re taught that you’re supposed to avoid conflict unless it’s absolutely necessary. And that the Ryusoul Tribe of the Land didn’t do that, therefore they’re bad guys and we’re good guys.”
“That’s...” Towa thought about that. Did wanting to go into conflict make the Ryusoul Tribe of the Land bad? Did it make him bad if he forced Oto to fight?
“Towa, there’s a minosaur,” Bamba said.
“Uh,” Oto, in Towa’s body, hesitated. “My head hurts. I think maybe the minosaur did something. I’ll stay here,” she spoke in Towa’s babyish voice.
“I’ll stay with him,” Towa, as Oto, volunteered. They went back inside as the other Ryusoulgers left.
“Why did you do that?” Towa hissed.
“I’m not a fighter,” Oto hissed back.
“I’m back,” Ui, who had been out filming all day, came in. “Where is everyone?”
“Uh, they went to fight the minosaur. My head hurts,” Oto complained as Towa.
“Okay. Do you want anything to drink?”
“No thank you.”
They hung out for a bit, and Towa (Oto) had a nap. Oto (Towa) fell asleep a few minutes later.

When Oto woke up, she was on the floor. But she was in her body, and everything was back to normal.
“You’re awake!” Towa said.
“Are we back to normal?” Oto asked, sitting up.
“I guess they defeated the minosaur that caused it.”
“Hey Towa, how are you feeling?” Ui asked. Towa blinked before remembering that they claimed his head hurt.
“Uh, better. I’ll be fine.”
Nobody questioned it. Nobody ever realized that Oto and Towa had swapped bodies besides the two of them. (Or, if anyone else realized it, they never mentioned it).
And it was over.