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He never had any to anyone. The resentment feeling or the unpleasant feeling when someone had something more than what he has - never existed. Namjoon had been thought since young that we need to be grateful for what we had. We should be happy with what had given by God to us.

Being an omega was a little bit hard for Namjoon since young. He wasn't the typical idea of an omega should be; petite and delicate. He was tall, had a manly voice with a honey tanned skin. Nothing in him denotes that he is an omega.

At first glance, people will misunderstand that he is either an alpha or a beta. Until they can smell the sweet scent, a mixture of peaches and vanilla. And people start to mock him for being an omega in an alpha body. They ridicule him and saying that no one will want an overawe omega like him.

Namjoon used to run back home, crying his heart out when an alpha had belittled him - saying no alpha will choose him. His mother had to cajole him for hours saying that one day he will meet the alpha that will love him as he is. He will be in the pack that was destined for him.

He eagerly waited for the day to come. As years passed with nothing; Namjoon resigned the hopes. Namjoon believes that he didn't belong to any pack. He comes to the resolution that no one will court him because of his alpha-like appearance. He finally accepted that he will be alone forever.

Until he became the trainee at BigHit, he met with his fated pack. It was a dream-like for him when Seokjin, the alpha leader had formally asked him to join the BTS pack. Namjoon was flabbergasted. He never thought that Seokjin will see him as an omega that fit with the image of BTS - especially they had their own omega already.

Park Jimin.

The most beautiful and delicate omega he's ever seen. A perfect omega. Thus, Namjoon didn't think that the alphas would want another addition of an omega. But Taehyung and Jungkook had convinced him that BTS wants him to join them. They want Namjoon to complete the missing part in BTS.

Namjoon cried that day, being engulfed in a group hug by his new profound pack. He was too overwhelmed that someone would want him. He can taste the warmth and the happiness being in a pack. BTS makes him feel at home. Somewhere he belongs.

They had been living together through thick and thin, up and down as one pack. From some unknown underdog idol to worldwide famous K-pop group, BTS. They had going through so much to be in such place and they were beyond blessed for having each other.

One news adds on to their jovial life as a small family. When Jimin announced that he was expecting, everyone was jumping happily at the news. Taehyung was over the moon that his mate is now pregnant with his child.

Namjoon, of course, feels happy for Jimin and Taehyung. He hugged the small omega but not too tight - afraid that he will accidentally hurt the pup. He tends to break things easily so he was being cautious not to hurt the unborn child. Jimin giggles at his stupid thought before he engulfed Namjoon in a warm embrace. Namjoon squeaked at his oblivious act but Jimin assured him there's nothing to be afraid of.

Namjoon became attached with Jimin afterward. He really likes the new prominent smell emitted by Jimin. It's a combination of lavender and vanilla. It's enticing and had a calming effect on him and everyone in the pack as a whole.

Namjoon laid on his side, together with Jimin on the bed; talking about his pregnancy and everything. A habit that the two omegas develop after Jimin's pregnancy. Namjoon's hand was on top of Jimin still-flat stomach. It's just on his second month so the bump wasn't there yet.

"It's going to be the most beautiful baby ever," said Namjoon as his eyes beaming with full admiration at Jimin's future baby.

Jimin giggles softly. "Well, maybe. So do yours, Joonie..."

Namjoon was taken aback at the remark, looking at Jimin with wide eyes. "Wh-what do you mean?" he asked, a little bit confused.

Jimin smiles at his fellow omega before he said his mind. "You'll have a beautiful baby too when you get pregnant one day..."

Namjoon's cheek flushed with a soft pink hue, feeling shy to think that he will get pregnant like Jimin. To think that he will carry Yoongi's pup, makes his heart combust with an overwhelming feeling. But at the same time, he is worried.

Namjoon didn't know whether he was able to conceive or not. Of course, he is an omega but he presented late and to be honest with his weird body's proportion and clumsiness - Namjoon wasn't too sure if he was able to take care of the baby.


Namjoon flinched when he can feel the warmth on his cheek. Jimin gently caressed his chubby cheek, smiling like an angel. Namjoon's heart pounding at the beautiful view. Jimin looks really gorgeous. Even Namjoon can't bat his eyes over the omega.

"Don't think too much Joonie. You'll be just fine. Trust me..." he said as if he can read what is in Namjoon's mind.

Jimin can sense the nervousness and anxiety through his strong smell of the peaches. Namjoon tends to think too much and everyone can easily sense it through his scent.

Namjoon flashed a weak smile towards the omega. Leaning over the touch as he feels at ease. Jimin instantly hugged his lanky body and Namjoon giggles on the crook of Jimin's neck.

"I love you, Joonie..." says Jimin as his eyes drooping slowly.

"I love you too, Minnie..." Namjoon replied and kissed on Jimin's cheek.





Namjoon stares with a genuine smile when everyone was pampering Jimin during his pregnancy. Everyone's attention was on the omega - fulfilling his needs and craves. The alphas and betas were too enthusiasts to tend every single request made by Jimin.

Namjoon chuckles when he remembered that one day; Jimin was crying as he craves for jajangmyeon at one in the morning. He was repressing his desire as everyone was too tired after the strenuous practice earlier day. Taehyung was the first one to notice the most inaudible cry before panicking to see his mate's face soaking wet with tears.

It causes an alarm to the whole pack as everyone lurched towards Jimin and asking whether he is sick or in pain. When he said he was craving for that particular food in a particular restaurant, everyone just lost their mind.

Taehyung immediately gets up from the bed, dragging Jungkook with him to buy the food. Which he almost went out from the dorm wearing an only t-shirt and his tata boxer if Seokjin didn't shout at him - asking him to at least wear the sweatpants.

Namjoon himself likes to pamper Jimin, accompanying him everywhere - eating, shopping and sometimes both of them were sleeping together in their nest. Jimin had weird habit he develops during his pregnancy. He likes to sleep with everyone, wanted to scent their smells before he can sleep. And everyone was happy to please their beloved omega.

Everything was fine until it's Jimin fourth month of pregnancy. The alphas started to neglect Namjoon. They had paid more attention to Jimin, being closer to the pregnant omega all the time. Not that Namjoon was being jealous or something to it, but when they begin to ill-treat Namjoon; the negatives thought started to invade Namjoon's genius brain.

First, it was Seokjin.

Seokjin was busy preparing the dinner in the kitchen when Namjoon entered and offered his help. Of course, Seokjin had forbidden the clumsy omega to go any closer to the kitchen. However, if he was there to supervise the omega than there should be nothing wrong, right?

The easiest task he can assign Namjoon was to chop the vegetables. Which makes Namjoon squeak in joy. Seokjin fondly smiles at the omega and ruffled his hair. It turns out very sloppy cuts of the vegetables but Seokjin says nothing when he saw the proud expression on Namjoon's face.

Namjoon was too excited in the kitchen, being able to help Seokjin and so on. So he took a step further, crossing the line he should be to peek on the stove - to see what was Seokjin cooked for the dinner.

Seokjin didn't notice the distance between him and Namjoon, turned his body to grab the vegetables for his stew when he belatedly realizes that Namjoon was behind him - too close that he bumped into Namjoon's shoulder.

It's happened too fast, Seokjin almost falls and he tries to grab something to hold. And then, a loud clank echoed in the kitchen and a scream follow suits. Namjoon was shell shocked to see Seokjin on the floor meanwhile the hot stew spilled nearby.

"Jin-hyung!!! I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." Namjoon shouted as he crouched down to help Seokjin to get up. But Namjoon startled when Seokjin swatted his hand harshly.

Namjoon holds his breath looking at the angry alpha. Seokjin's scent of coffee became too strong and Namjoon scrunched his nose. As if he can taste the bitterness of the coffee over his throat.

"What have you done, Kim Namjoon?" scolds Seokjin, staring at Namjoon murderously. He slowly stands and looks at the ruined dinner, totally frustrated.

Namjoon was shaking in fear. "So-sorry hyung. I - I..."

"Don't you know you're not allowed to step your stupid long legs in this area?? Now, look what've you done? You've ruined the dinner! Can't you think with your brain? Is that the IQ for?" he lashes his anger towards the omega venomously.

Namjoon's eyes started to well with tears, looking at Seokjin relentlessly. "Sorry hyung... I didn't mean to -"

"Sorry, my ass!" Cuts Seokjin angrily. He was beyond rage that he failed to notice how the omega in front of him cowered at his alpha's rising voice.

"Damn it Namjoon! I'm cooking this for Jimin for two hours now you messed everything! He was craving for this since last week. Now what? Useless omega!" he spats another wrath carelessly.

Namjoon's head dangled down, staring at his feet. Seokjin ruthless words like a dagger stabbing to his heart. His tears already cascade down like a river, knowing that he had ruined Jimin's food.

"Now go! I don't want to see your face in here again!" cast Seokjin.

Namjoon didn't wait for a second after hearing those words. He immediately runs towards his room, ignoring Taehyung and Jungkook who just walking through the hallway after hearing the commotion.

"Joonie??!" the two maknaes were calling his name but being ignored.

"What happens, hyung?" asked Jungkook when he saw Seokjin.

Seokjin groaned in frustration, carding his finger through his hair harshly. Jungkook and Taehyung look at each other before they finally understand what's happening between Namjoon and Seokjin after they saw the stew on the floor.

Namjoon curled on his bed, crying as his body was still shaking out of fear. It was the first time he ever saw Seokjin's wrath after he joined the pack. Seokjin never raised his voice to any of the members before. He always calms and known for his motherly charm even as an alpha.

Namjoon had made a big mistake. He had makes his pack leader's angry. And it's horrifying to see the alpha-like that. To hear those hurtful words uttered by the alpha makes his heart shattered into pieces.

Namjoon fisted his hand into a tight ball and started to hit his shin harshly. "Stupid leg! Stupid leg!" he sobs sorrowfully before he took another hit on his head. "Stupid brain! Stupid brain!"

He ignored the dull pain and continue to hit his leg and head. His pillow had drenched with his own tears as he hides his face onto it - to muffle his loud sobs.

Later, Namjoon tugged on his shirt, near to his heart, feeling the unbearable emotional pain. "Useless omega..." he whispered to himself, believing those word is nothing but true.

Namjoon fallen asleep while still crying didn't go out for dinner - and no one even bothers to ask him too. His world started to crumble slowly.



Second, it's Yoongi.

Namjoon was in a morose mood for a few days after the incident with Seokjin. It's getting worse when the alpha totally ignored him. No one even dares to ask anything since they know it won't do any good if they triggered the alpha when he was still angry.

Namjoon was in the studio arranging their songs for the new album; with his Yoongi, sitting on his lap. Yoongi's had been scenting Namjoon for hours as he notices the sour mood of the omega.

"Don't be too sad, Joonie. Jin just being salty for something trivial. He will come to his sense later, " said Yoongi in order to wheedle the sad omega. He tightens his grip on Namjoon's waist.

Namjoon hummed and he buried his face in between of Yoongi's shoulder blade. Feeling at ease when he can smell Yoongi's mint scent. It's always had a soothing effect on Namjoon whenever he was in distress.

"It - it's my fault, hyung. I shouldn't go into the kitchen. We had the rules and I broke it. It's totally my fault..." Namjoon whispered to Yoongi's ears sadly.

Yoongi exhaled a long and deep breath at the words. He always knows how sensitive Namjoon was. The insecurity never fades away even after he joined the pack. The pack took quite some times to convince Namjoon that he was loved by everyone.

Yoongi let go of his hand on Namjoon's waist and caressed on Namjoon's sad face. "Don't say that, Joon. You've already apologized. Just give Jin times to cool down and he will be okay..."

Namjoon eyes glazed in tears. Yoongi's heart sunk to the pit of his stomach to see the tears, pulling Namjoon in his embrace. He then kissed on the side of Namjoon's head before his lips move to Namjoon's jawline - peppering few kisses before he stopped and stares at Namjoon's flushed face.

Yoongi let out a shuddering breath when he saw Namjoon's lustful eyes - inviting the alpha to do more than just a kiss. Yoongi can smell the delirious scent emitted by the omega and how he was squirming on his laps. Yoongi groaned at the little action, knowing that he won't be able to hold himself from devouring the omega.

The computer was still on with unfinished music blazing in the studio when Yoongi entangled Namjoon's body underneath on the couch. Both were naked and sweating even the air-cond was in a full blast. Yoongi strokes his finger along Namjoon's face, admiring the beauty of his mate. Yoongi brushes his nose on Namjoon's neck and a soft moan can be heard from Namjoon's lips.

Yoongi grazed his teeth under the jawline, closer to the scent gland. Namjoon's nail digs on Yoongi's bare shoulders when the alpha crushed his teeth on his neck - making another claim mark that almost faded away.

Yoongi was spooning Namjoon from his back on the couch, wrapped in a blanket - still naked when someone knocked on the door. Yoongi groaned in annoyance that someone had the guts to interrupt his time with Namjoon. They barely had the chances due to their tight schedule and now someone wants to ruin it. Namjoon giggles looking at the sullen face of his alpha.

Yoongi gives a quick kiss on Namjoon's bare shoulder before lazily wear his jeans. He didn't bother to wear his shirt meanwhile Namjoon was fully dressed when Yoongi unlocked the door. Sejin appeared behind it and instantly scrunched his nose as he gawks at Yoongi and Namjoon.

"This room smell like sex!" exclaimed Sejin and he rubbed his nose because of the strong smell of the alpha and omega.

Yoongi rolled his eyes at the mentioned and Namjoon pulled his hoodie to hide his reddening face and pretending to play with his phone.

"What is it Sejin-hyung?" asked Yoongi.

Sejin clicked his tongue at the non-friendly gesture by the alpha. Already used to his grumpy mood. "Well, sorry to interrupt your lovemaking session..." he said teasingly and laughed at the mixed response by Yoongi and Namjoon.

"But the producer had been asking for the final draft of your song? He told me you supposed to hand over the pen drive to him on Monday..." says Sejin.

Yoongi frowned in confusion before he turned his body to face Namjoon. "Joon? I had asked you to give the pendrive to the producer last week, right? Sejin said he didn't get that..." he asked.

Namjoon gasped in shocked as he totally forgot when Yoongi gives him the pendrive last week. He was too occupied with his and Seokjin's quarrel for the whole week that it's slipped from his mind.

Yoongi sighed when he see the flustered expression, saying to Sejin that he will give the pendrive later. Sejin looks at Yoongi and Namjoon for a second before he left.

Namjoon was rummaging his backpack to find the pen drive meanwhile Yoongi walked towards him with a mixture of emotion. He stands with arm crossed to his chest in front of Namjoon.

"Namjoon?" his voice sounded gruff.

Namjoon flinched. "Ermm, sorry hyung. I forgot about that. I - I keep it in my bag actually..." he said without looking the alpha. Namjoon tossed everything to the table to find it since there are too many things in his bag. He was panicking when he can't find the tiny pendrive.

"Where did you put the damn pendrive Namjoon?" asked Yoongi, voice rising an octave indicating that he almost lost his composure.

"Wa-wait hyung. It's here, I swear..." Namjoon starts to sweat, putting his hand in the side pockets available on the bag but there's nothing in there.

Yoongi hissed in anger at the omega. "Did you lost the fucking pendrive Namjoon??" he asked again. This time obviously had lost his patience.

Namjoon slowly lifts his head in fear and guilt, looking at the angry alpha. Despite his smaller frame than Namjoon, Yoongi looks really intimidating when he was mad. Namjoon gulped and fidgeting from where he was standing.

"I - I misplaced it some - somewhere... but - but I will find it. Maybe - maybe it's on my room..." he was a stuttering mess.

"No wonder Jin said that you are good for nothing Namjoon! Just a simple task but you can't do it right! Why are you so stupid??" spats Yoongi, couldn't contain his anger.

He had a good reason to be mad at the omega. The pendrive contained five songs he had been working on for two months. It was the final draft and ready for evaluation by the producer. They should be recording the new songs this week but Namjoon had ruined everything. The fact that he hasn't any backup over the song makes him more frustrated.

"Al - alpha?" Namjoon was shocked to hear that from his alpha. Didn't expect that Yoongi will say the same thing to him like Seokjin. After the bonding they had just now, Yoongi had turned into a different person. He thought he was able to seek comfort from the alpha. But Namjoon was wrong.

"Don't alpha me you stupid omega. Find that damn pendrive. Until then you're not allowed to sleep with the pack!" said Yoongi venomously.

Namjoon eyes widen at the statement. Didn't sleep with the pack means he needs to sleep outside the nest. And that was the worst punishment ever for an omega. Unable to smell and touch the alpha will weaken the bond of the pack members.


Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Leave right now. I don't want to see you until you find the pendrive..." he said while he beckons with his hand asking Namjoon to get out from the studio.

Namjoon lips quiver as his tears rolled on his cheek. He stashed his belonging into his backpack and slowly walked towards the door - heart breaks into pieces. As he rolled the knob, he took a deep breath before he uttered sorrowfully.

"Sorry that I'm good for nothing..."

Yoongi wavered with the words, slightly guilty when he can see the hurtful expression of the omega. But he let Namjoon walked away from the studio because the anger overpowered his conscience. He will talk with the omega later when he finds the pendrive. For the meantime, Namjoon deserved the punishment.




Third, it was Hoseok.

Namjoon was all sweating while he panting heavily for the dance routine of their new song. Namjoon wasn't able to concentrate after the stressful fights with Seokjin and Yoongi. It's been five weeks without talking to Seokjin and four weeks with Yoongi.

Even after he had found the pendrive (in his drawer which he took out that night for safekeeping) and submitted it to Ppdog, Namjoon had to keep the distance with the two alphas. He was too afraid to talk to them. He's afraid that he will make another mistake and end up as a disappointment to the pack.

Namjoon isolated himself from the pack. He didn't have the meals with them anymore and he only talks about the works and schedules. Other than that he always in his room or RKive - alone. Jimin had tried to coax him to join the pack for a movie night but he said nothing at all; remained silent in his room, faking a sleep. After a few failed attempts, Jimin stops seeking for him too.

Sleeping outside the nest and in distance with his alpha - Namjoon was totally in distress. After he messed up with the choreography, Hoseok sternly said to stay back for extra practice. Namjoon weakly nods his head and he watched one by one his pack leave the room. No one ever talked or looked at him, making Namjoon feel more depressed.

"Move your lazy ass now, Namjoon!"

Namjoon jolted at the shouting and averted his eyes towards Hoseok. He gulped in nervousness before slowly stand up - stumble on his feet because of the numbness. His whole body was aching due to the strenuous dance and he feels extra tired since he didn't eat yet for today.

Namjoon tried his very best to master the choreography but his long legs had a different plan for him. He took a step left when it should be right, he missed the music cue, he forgot some of the steps and the mistakes continue until Hoseok stopped the music abruptly.

Namjoon cowered when he saw the deadly stares by the beta, biting his lips as his head dangled down. His shirt had been saline-soaked with his sweat and the room was getting hot on each second. Namjoon couldn't help from feeling a little bit dizzy and nauseous.

"Everyone been practicing the same routine for the whole week and knows exactly how to do the simple step. But you..."

Namjoon flinched as Hoseok's loud voice thundering in the studio. Hoseok always takes the dance seriously and he won't tolerate any mistakes. He's a perfectionist. Everyone knows not to mess with the dance in front of Hoseok.

"But you - you can't even dance the intro perfectly. What the hell was that? Just a simple move and you need two hours to do that? Are you being serious Namjoon??"

Namjoon sniffs as the tears in his dam threaten to spill. "So - sorry Hobi... I'll try my best..."

Hoseok chided at the answer. "If you were trying your best it won't take two hours for one step Namjoon. Can't you move your stupid long legs correctly? Are you that dumb??" angered Hoseok.

Namjoon's heartbreak for the third time when he heard the same thing from his other member. He feels useless and unworthy. He feels he is the burden for his pack. He keeps dragging his team down with his incompetence. He failed as a member of BTS and as the leader.

"Look Namjoon. Everyone was getting tired of trying to deal with your antics. You better fix that before our comeback. I don't want just because of one person, the whole team needs to bear the consequences..." Hoseok further said, ignoring the tears on Namjoon's face.

He feels guilty for making Namjoon cry but he needs to be sterner for Namjoon to be better. He knew that Namjoon dance skill was better than before but it doesn't mean he can slack off. Everyone was giving their best for the comeback, working harder on each second so that they can give the best result to the Army. No one is allowed to ruin that. Not even Namjoon.

"I - I'll stay here for more practice..." said Namjoon. He squeezed shut his eyes when he feels the studio spinning and a few dots blurred his vision.

Hoseok sighed and left Namjoon alone in the studio. He didn't look back for once. If not he will notice how Namjoon's swayed back and forth before he falls on the dance floor with a loud thud.

Namjoon was fidgeting in front of the doctor waiting for the result. He wakes up on the cold floor after being unconscious for almost one hour. The headache was still there and he was vomiting non-stop afterward. He might have a gastric as he feels funny in his stomach. He decides to stop at the clinic before going back to the dorm.

Namjoon was nervous when the doctor came in with his result. The doctor was smiling at him. Namjoon, however, feels restless after the doctor asked him the question.

"Do you have a mate Mr. Kim?"

Namjoon nods when the image of Yoongi flashed to his mind.

The doctor smile again. "That's great. And it's good news for you, Mr. Kim. You're pregnant. It's almost four weeks..."

Namjoon eyes widen, looking at the doctor bewildered. His lips parted as he wanted to say something but nothing was coming out from his mouth.

"You need to come for a regular check-up starting next month. And please come with your mate so I can brief the do's and don'ts during your pregnancy, " she further explained.

Namjoon said nothing until he left the private clinic. He unconsciously touched his flat stomach, feeling confused at what just happened.

Pregnant? Yoongi's child?

Namjoon lips moved upwards as he starts to smile in joy that finally he was able to conceive. He can't wait to tell the good news to Yoongi and his pack. He starts walking really quick before something clicked in his mind.

Namjoon feet instantly makes a stop as he gasped in horror. Namjoon let out a heavy breath thinking all the hurdles he faces for the past weeks. His eyes got watery thinking the anger and the hatred of his alpha been harboring towards him.

Namjoon shook his head. He can't tell anyone about his pregnancy. The pack was already worn out dealing with Jimin and their schedules. He can't add on the burden. And Yoongi still mad at him. He might not be happy to hear that he's pregnant.

Namjoon strides on the pave way with a mixture of emotions - still baffled on what to do right now. He didn't know when and how he arrived at the dorm but he just went straight away to his room. He can hear a few murmurs from their nest room but Namjoon was too exhausted to think how the pack had shunned his existence in the dorm and in the pack itself. It hurts but Namjoon was accustomed to it already.




The cycle continues and Jungkook being the fourth.

Namjoon had been hiding about his pregnancy almost two weeks and he was glad that no one ever notices the differences. Well of course because basically, no one cares about him. Namjoon was glad that he didn't have any serious morning sickness like Jimin on his first trimester.

Namjoon starts taking his meals regularly since he needs to take care of his baby. He ignored the glares he gets from his pack. Only Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook were so happy to see him on their dining table.

Well, from today onwards only Taehyung and Jimin's left. Namjoon was munching his bread with peanut butter and strawberry jam, drizzled with condensed milk on top for dinner (since he's been craving it) when Jungkook slammed the fridge roughly. Everyone was shocked to see his tantrum, looking at him with a frown.

"Who the hell drinks my banana milk???" he raged. He was shocked to see his last banana milk not in the fridge anymore. He intended to drink it after his regular exercise. It was the last one and they didn't have the time to go for grocery shopping because of their busy schedules.

Namjoon heart beats rapidly before he turned his body to look at the young alpha. "Kook-ah, sorry. I drank it this morning..." he said nervously.

Jungkook eye-glared at the omega. "What the? How dare you!!!" he didn't realize that he had been shouting at the omega.

Namjoon flinched, almost fall from his chair if Taehyung didn't catch him on time. Namjoon's hand instantly reflexes to his stomach and his heart was hammering out loud thinking that he might hurt his baby.

"Jungkook, calm down..." reprimand Seokjin at the young alpha. Afraid that he will lose control over his anger. He glanced at the omega and notice his pale face. Seokjin's feel pity for the omega to face the rage of the maknae.

Jungkook ignored the warning and marched towards Namjoon. "It's a simple rule in this damn dorm that no one ever touched my banana milk!" he said while he grits his teeth.

Namjoon holds his breath and his body was trembling in fear. This is the first time Jungkook reacted this way to him. Everyone knows how much Jungkook doted on Namjoon. Jungkook always looks highly over Namjoon, being his mentor and his paragon. Jungkook admires Namjoon as the leader of BTS and he loves Namjoon as the omega of the pack.

Jungkook was the last person everyone will ever think to get mad at Namjoon. Namjoon is his favorite and he was most protective over Namjoon rather than the other alphas - including Yoongi. But the busy schedules, the workloads, the stress, and everything had clouded Jungkook's judgment. The banana milk was just an excuse for him to lament out his frustration and stress. And sadly, Namjoon became the victim unwillingly.

"Kook - Kookie... I'm - I'm sorry..." said Namjoon with a shaken voice. Obviously feeling intimated on how close Jungkook was standing in front of him and how scary his expression right now - eye-hawking on Namjoon.

"Why do you have to make everyone get mad at you? You keep doing all this stupid stuff and don't even feel sorry for it. Can't you be a good omega for once?!" scolds Jungkook.

"Jungkook!" almost everyone was shocked to hear his words.

Namjoon lips quiver and his tears slowly rolled down. Namjoon didn't know how much tears he already shed with all the hatred and harsh words uttered by his pack but the effect was still the same; it hurts him so much. He looks at the young alpha feeling disheartened and dejected.

"Stupid omega!" spats Jungkook as he walked away heading to his room and slammed the door violently.

Everyone was in silence for a few moments, still shocked at Jungkook's outburst. Namjoon gets up from the chair, looking at all his pack members through his wet eyelashes. No one said any words to him. No comfort, no hugs - nothing.

"So - sorry for being useless and stupid omega..." Namjoon mumbles and left everyone stunned at his words. But no one goes after Namjoon, just stay on their chair - dumbfounded.

They didn't even realize later that night, Namjoon sneaked out from the dorm and went to the convenient store to buy the banana milk for Jungkook. It took him almost one hour journey in walking distance but Namjoon doesn't even care about that. He just needs to replace the milk. He secretly placed the milk in the fridge with a proud smile. He puts a sticky note on it - neatly wrote the word 'sorry'.

The next day no one speaks a word and the air was tension between the members. They didn't know how to deal with the situation and everyone was drown in their own thoughts. Everyone notices the carton of banana milk in the fridge when they were eating breakfast.

Jungkook was surprised to see it and when he looks around to find Namjoon to say sorry and thanks, the omega wasn't there with the rest. Namjoon didn't even eat for breakfast and he was gone since early morning, leaving his bandmates in guilt.

However when they met with Namjoon at the dance studio, already practicing his dance routine - no one talks to him or dares to approach the leader. Namjoon was giving them a silent treatment and his pack feel awful thinking what they have done to the omega.

Seokjin was staring at Namjoon who just disappeared into his room at the end of the day - thinking about what he had said to Namjoon before and remembered that he didn't say sorry yet to the leader. Yoongi had the same thing goes in his mind and how he forgets that Namjoon hasn't been sleeping in their nest for more than a month.

How could he let his mate sleeping alone all this while? Isn't that the cruelest thing to do to his Namjoon? It was too harsh and inhumane.

Yoongi sighed while agonizing his attitude towards the omega. He was thinking the way to talk to Namjoon later - apologize and give him all the missing cuddles and kisses.

Which didn't happen for the time being.




The last was Taehyung and Jimin, which had thrown Namjoon into a slump.

The tension between the pack was rising up in one night when all the seven were in the waiting room after their performance at a music show. The air in the room was full with distress smell of the alphas and omegas that it's almost suffocating to be in the room. That's the reason why the other staffs left the room immediately - leaving the BTS pack alone.

"Can't you watch your step properly? You know Jimin's pregnant. Do you have to push him to the side? You almost make him fall off the stage!" rants Taehyung while he hugs Jimin.

The horrendous incident happens when they perform Fake Love and Namjoon suddenly stumbles on Jimin. The small omega was lucky that Taehyung was there to catch him on time. Namjoon doesn't feel good when he wakes up with the worst morning sickness he ever had. And he was too late for breakfast since everyone was waiting for him with a sullen expression.

"I'm sorry..." he said almost whispering. Namjoon was fiddling his own fingers, rubbing on it till it gets red and sore. He does not even dare to look at his members, feeling uptight that he will see the same hatred in their eyes.

"Will you still be sorry if he and the baby get hurt?" asked Taehyung, voice turn to a sharp blade.

"Taehyung! You're exaggerating!" Interrupts Yoongi, didn't like how he talks to Namjoon. He glanced at the omega, looking at Taehyung with hurtful expression. Yoongi wanted to hug the omega right away but he needs to hold himself as he intended to apologize first before doing anything else.

Taehyung bawled his eyes towards the alpha, didn't care if Yoongi will get mad at him or not. He was being protective of his mate and seeing how shaken Jimin was had makes his heart in pain.

"I think you purposely doing it, right Namjoon?" accused Taehyung blindly as he dropped the honorific completely.

Namjoon gasped in shocked at the accusation, looking at Taehyung in disbelief. Yoongi almost pitches forward towards the beta if Seokjin didn't grab his forearm. Hoseok and Jungkook were surprised at Taehyung's audacity.

Namjoon almost burst into tears but he didn't want to display his weaknesses in front of his members anymore. He doesn't want the pack thought he was useless as an omega.

"Wh-what do you mean by that, Tae?" he asked while he balled his fist tightly.

Taehyung scoffs at the omega. "I know you were jealous of Jimin. You were jealous because Jimin is pregnant and get all the attention from us..." says Taehyung venomously.

Namjoon was stupefied at the allegation as he can feel the sudden weight on his shoulder. He looks at Taehyung with a bemused expression. Couldn't believe himself that Taehyung had the thought about him like that.

"I'm - I'm not jealous, " Namjoon says denying the statement made. He then glanced at the rest of the members and he notice their expression when he said that. As if they didn't believe in him.

Was he that low in their eyes? Was he really a stupid omega like they said?

Taehyung sniggered at the answer. "Don't lie Namjoon. I saw how you look at Jimin's belly every day. I notice the baby shoes in your room. Why did you buy that? You're not even pregnant! You wanted to be like Jimin but your alpha doesn't even want to touch you. That's why you try to hurt Jimin so that he will lose the baby!"

Namjoon shot up from the couch as he moving backward - staring at Taehyung with a forlorn face. This is too much for him and Taehyung accusations were baseless. He was baffled when he looks at Yoongi with the hope the alpha will defend him - Yoongi was standing there doing nothing. Everyone was gawking at him as if they were agreed with Taehyung.

"How - how could you said that to me?" Namjoon asked with a shaken voice. Looking at his members one by one. "Jimin, you also think like that about me?" he further asked the small omega.

Namjoon wanted to know Jimin's perception of him. Among his other members in the pack, he was closer to Jimin because he was an omega too. Jimin knows and understands his feeling more than the other does. Jimin was always there when he needs him, giving him the comfort and he was doing the same towards him.

Jimin lifted his head slowly and looks at Namjoon with teary eyes. "I-I don't know hyung. You tell me then..." he says.

Namjoon eyes widen in shock. Jimin too? Now everyone was against him. Everyone hates him. Everyone thought he had the intention to harm Jimin? Namjoon holds his breath as he feels dizzy. When his back hits the wall behind, he leaned over it to help him standstill.

His stomach churns weirdly and his broken heart shattered into another gazillion pieces. He couldn't believe himself that no one in the pack ever trusted him.

How come the thing becomes really worst? Since when did everyone have the ill-thought about him?  Why must everyone corner him like this? Isn't it's enough for them to hurt him before? Do they need to push him over the edge?

Namjoon squeezed shut his eyes for a few seconds, inhaling a big breathe before shakily released it and open his eyes to see his pack. He let his tears to roll onto his face because he knows no one cares about him being sad or hurt anymore.

"This is the reason why no one wants to court you before!" remarks Taehyung carelessly before he realized what he had said. But it was too late already.

Everyone was shocked at the harsh comment, looking at the beta furiously. Yoongi shoved Seokjin to the side in anger and lurched forward - grabbing Taehyung on his collar. Jimin let out a loud yelp at the violence.

"What the fuck Tae??? How dare you said that to Namjoon??!!" shouts Yoongi to Taehyung's face.

Taehyung knows he has made a grave mistake when he sputtered those words. Everyone in BTS knows it is a sensitive topic for them especially Namjoon. They knew that BTS was the first pack had approached Namjoon and invited him to join them. They knew how happy and grateful Namjoon was when they had chosen him. They knew how delicate Namjoon's heart was as an omega. They knew but they still hurt the omega. Relentlessly. Cruelly.

Everyone snapped when they heard the low and guttural chuckles from Namjoon. When they had their eyes on the omega, their heart immediately dropped to the pit of their stomach. Namjoon was crying in silence looking at the pack with a desolate expression. Oddly he was smiling but obviously heartbroken.

"Joon-ah... Joonie... Taehyung didn't mean it that way..." said Seokjin, trying to make up for Taehyung. He can see the guilt on the beta's face and he was being remorseful for his rude comment.

"Do - do you even want me in the pack?" he asked the question finally. Before he was too scared to voice out the possibility but now he had enough of all the mistreatment by the pack. He was afraid that he needs to leave BTS. He was afraid that he was no longer needed in the pack. He was afraid that the place he used to call as his home was no longer his.

Everyone was startled at his sudden question. Yoongi was about to approach Namjoon when Namjoon shook his head and move to the side, near the door. Yoongi halted at the gesture.

"Don't - don't come near me Yoongi..." he said with a croaked voice. "I don't belong in the pack anymore, right?" he further said. It hurts that his heart almost combusts at the intense feeling.

"Why are you saying like that, Namjoon? We never said that..." denied Seokjin.

Namjoon let out another half-suppressed laughed and everyone starts to feel the guilt was eating them alive.

"You - all of you were treating me like I'm not part of the pack. I've been sleeping outside the nest for more than a month. Everyone was calling me stupid and useless omega. Everyone stop talking to me. Everyone stop caring for me. Everyone hates me!" Namjoon lashed out his disappointment, eyes on his members solemnly.

"Namjoon, I'm sorry about that. I know it is too much and I shouldn't do that to you. But it doesn't mean that we hate you. We love you Namjoon. I - I love you..." Yoongi said truthfully.

"I know I'm not the perfect omega for you. I know that I'm - I'm useless and can't do anything right..." Namjoon was sobbing as he juggles on his words but he needs to say what had been bugging him. He didn't care about the consequences of it anymore.

"Joon, please..."

Namjoon tears were like a river. He was heaving as he tried to stop his sobs but he didn't know that it will make him cry harder. It was too much for him to handle. The emotional distress was engulfing him like a dark cloud. His mind was hazy and he feels a lump on his throat.

"I - I know no one - no one ever - wa - want me in their pack - and - and I'm gra - grateful that you - you were pitying me - thank - thank you..." he was stuttering as he tried to catch up his breath, saying everything through his coughing fits.

Seokjin notices that Namjoon was almost hyperventilating and approached the omega. "Joon, you need to calm down and take a deep breath... you are having a panic attack..." Seokjin said in a soft tone, trying to calm down the omega.

Everyone became more alarmed at the situation. Jungkook runs towards Namjoon to soothe the distress omega but he was restraint by Yoongi.

"He needs me, hyung!" Jungkook protested, gritting his teeth at the elder.

"No, Jungkook. He needs to calm down first and no one can go near him. He needs space to breathe..." notes Yoongi.

Jungkook groaned in frustration when Hoseok dragged him to the side. Yoongi went to Seokjin's side slowly, trying not to agitate Namjoon further.

"Joon, please calm down okay. We will talk about this later...Just breathe..." Seokjin softly beguiling, eyes on Namjoon.

Namjoon shook his head vigorously. "No - no! Don't - don't come near me..." Namjoon didn't know that he was gasping but he didn't want the alphas to come closer. He feels intimidated. He can smell Seokjin's scent of coffee and Yoongi's mint spiking over all the room and it makes him nauseous.

"Joon relax... you need to breathe slowly... you will pass out if you keep doing this..." added Yoongi, panicking.

Namjoon winced when he can feel the sudden shooting pain on his stomach. He automatically wrapped his arm around it, feeling cautious about his baby.

"Joon?" Yoongi slowly marched forward to grab on Namjoon's hand after he realized the discomfort on his face.

Namjoon tilted his head towards Yoongi, almost choking when he notice the closed distance between them. "St - stop! Don't - don't - don't come..." he shouted in panic.

Yoongi was taken aback at the reaction, halted immediately. He glanced at Seokjin that looks very concerned and worried.

"I - I know all of you ha - hates me..." Namjoon whimpered as the pressure on his stomach heightened. He lets out a few coughing fits and gasping afterward. "But I - I begged you - let - lemme - stay until - until I..."

Namjoon knows he sounded so pathetic right now, insisting to be with the pack when they obviously didn't want an omega like him. But he needs to be with his alpha for his baby. It is important for him to stay close to his alpha during his pregnancy. The baby needs to feel the presence of his father while he was growing up in him. Both of them need the alpha to stay alive.

Yoongi grabbed on Namjoon's shoulder when he almost slumps on the floor. Namjoon let out a strangling sound at the touch, staring at Yoongi with quivering eyes. He had been longing for the touch but now why suddenly it makes him feel sick.

Why the touch of his alpha makes his heart aching so much?

"Joon, breath with me... slower... you're too fast..." Yoongi said almost panicking to see Namjoon's pale face.

Namjoon trying to follow Yoongi's way of breathing but the overwhelming feeling had overpowered everything. He grabbed on Yoongi's shirt, almost makes the alpha to fall forward.

"The - the baby... the baby..." he inhaled another sharp breath as if there's something weighed on his chest. His whole body oddly hot and his vision turn to grayout.

Yoongi frown, confused at to what was Namjoon trying to say. Yoongi then startled when Namjoon let out a painful scream.


Namjoon was shaking vigorously and he feels something sticky in between of his legs. He dangled down and eyes widen in horror to see the crimson red liquid over his white pant.

"He - help me. Al - alpha helps me..." Namjoon pleads in a strained voice before his knees weaken and he was limping in the arms of his alpha - unconscious.





The tension-filled in the room where Namjoon lying on a hospital bed - still unconscious after he unexpected fainting. It's been two hours they've been waiting for the omega to wake up.

The six members had the same expression on their faces. Remorse. When the doctor said Namjoon almost had a miscarriage due to hypertension, everyone was shocked. Especially Yoongi. They don't even know that their leader was pregnant.

Seokjin almost throws a punch on Yoongi's face for being oblivious about Namjoon's condition. As the alpha who had claimed Namjoon, he should have the instinct that his omega is expecting their child. That's a special bond between mated alpha and omega. Like how Taehyung can smell Jimin's sweet scent when he carried their pup.

Yoongi was frustrated with himself too. The fact that he was hindering Namjoon for more than a month makes him feel even worst. His omega was pregnant and he didn't even or notice at all.

What kind of alpha he is?

Namjoon has been bearing everything alone and he was too arrogant to admit that it was his fault. Now he almost lost the most important person in his life. Two people; Namjoon and the baby.

"I'm sorry hyung! I'm really sorry!!"

Yoongi's trance was cut short when he heard Taehyung voice. The beta was crying, kneeling in front of Yoongi asking for his forgiveness. Yoongi squeezed his eyes shut for a few moments before he looks down at the beta.

"I shouldn't say that to Namjoon-hyung. I'm just being unreasonable and gets mad over something didn't exist. I was afraid that Jimin and our baby will get hurt. I said those mean things to Namjoon-hyung without considering his feeling. I'm sorry hyung... it's all my fault that he - he - "

Yoongi bends down and grabbed on Taehyung's shoulder, forcing the male to get up. Taehyung's face was red and wet with tears. He looks miserable and Yoongi couldn't muster up to scold the younger.

"Each of us had done the worst thing ever to him, Tae. All of us were guilty of treating him like he doesn't matter at all to us. We have our own contribution to this problem and we are equally the worst pack ever.." Yoongi said with his deep and low tone, looking at his pack one by one.

"I don't even say sorry to him when I scolded him last month. I was exaggerating and said the hurtful thing to Namjoon. I'm being so mean over a spill stew that I can cook it all over again. How I'm going to mend his broken heart now?" admits Seokjin as he shed his guilty tears.

"Me too hyung. I said the same thing to him just because he drank my banana milk. And he was going out late to the store to buy me the new one but I don't even say thanks to him. It - it must be hard for him to go out in the middle of the night in his state."

Jungkook hides his crying face with his hands, feeling like an asshole for treating Namjoon that way. He was acting so childish over banana milk. To think how Namjoon looks so shocked and scared that day makes his heart ached.

"He - he was happy about my pregnancy. More than myself. He has no malicious intention about me and the baby. But why I doubted his love for me with jealousy? And he was pregnant but none of us know about that. He must be really sad!" Jimin uttered while agonizing his mistake towards the omega.

Jimin couldn't imagine how Namjoon felt all this while watching every member in the pack giving the attention towards him, pampering him with love and affection. All by himself. Jimin couldn't decipher Namjoon's loneliness when everyone been ignoring him when he needs the same attention from the pack too. Jimin didn't know how he will go through all the misery if it was him. He'll die if his mate abandoned him. He won't survive a day without Taehyung.

"Wh-what have we done to him?"

Everyone couldn't answer the question uttered by Hoseok. Instead, their tears became the evidence of the erring they were bearing in their heart. And the pain from it had shattered their heart like the glass.

Their conversation was interrupted with a whimpered sound made by Namjoon. They run towards the omega, circling the bed, waiting for Namjoon to fully awake.

Namjoon frowned when his eyes met with the white ceiling. He tries to get up but his whole body feels sore. The sudden wave of nausea starts to fill in in his mouth, making it's watery.

"Joon, relaxed. You need to rest... don't move too much!"

Namjoon turned his head to the side with a quizzical look when someone had pinned down his body - restraint him from getting up from the bed. Namjoon whined when he saw his alpha and his eyes were glistening with tears.

Yoongi strokes the strand of Namjoon's hair and he smiles fondly when the omega leaned on his hand - feeling at ease with his simple touch.

Namjoon closed his eyes, enjoying the euphoria moment with his alpha before he snapped open his eyes. He automatically wrapped his arms over his abdomen anxiously.

Yoongi notices the panic on Namjoon's face and he grabs one of Namjoon's hand - laced his fingers together with Namjoon's.

"Hey, don't worry. The baby is okay. You just need to rest properly and don't let the stress to overtake your health again..." assured Yoongi.

Namjoon let out a shaking relieved sigh before he slowly rubs his flat stomach - happy that the baby is okay. He was afraid that he had lost the baby after he saw the blood. It was gruesome and Namjoon couldn't afford to lose his child. Not in his current situation.

Namjoon then realized that he was in a heated argument with his pack before he lost his consciousness. Namjoon averted his eyes toward Yoongi and slowly pulled his hand from Yoongi's grip.

Yoongi frowned at the response. "Joon-ah..."

Namjoon bites his lips, preventing himself from having another breakdown. He wanted to say so many things, to lament out all his frustration for the ill-treatment he had been receiving from the pack. But his body was drained, and he feels so weak and lethargic. Even crying had taken more than half of his energy.

Ignoring Yoongi and his other members in the room, Namjoon turned his back on Yoongi and pulled the blanket up to his head - hiding under it to conceal his ugly crying face. It's pathetic but he can't help his hormone right now.

"Just - just let me be in the pack until I delivered the baby. I - I promise after I give birth to it, I'll leave the dorm..." he whispered morosely as he continues to silently cry. But he knows everyone can hear his sobs.

Yoongi was shocked to hear that, glanced over at his other members who had the same expression.

"What are you talking about Namjoon? Who said you're going to leave the dorm? The pack? No one ever does that to you. You're our omega, my omega..."

Yoongi heart clenched when he saw how Namjoon's body trembling under the blanket and how his little sobs make his inner alpha screaming to protect the omega. But Yoongi realized that he didn't have the right to do so at the moment. He had hurt the omega and put their bond into jeopardize. He needs to fix everything before the problem became unrepairable.

"You hate - hates me. Everyone too... I'm sorry that I'm a burden. But - but please let me stay for the sake of the baby..." Namjoon said further.


Yoongi stopped when someone touched his shoulder. He looked to the side and Seokjin was staring at him before he shook his head.

"We'll talk about this later Yoongi. Namjoon needs to rest. He's still in recovery, don't stress him out. It won't do any good to the pup..."



It's been a week after Namjoon got discharged from the hospital and nothing happened since then. Basically, Namjoon was avoiding everyone, being in his room most of the time. He didn't talk to anyone or even give a simple hi to any of his members.

On the first day he at the dorm, Namjoon just lying on his bed and sleeps all day. Seokjin has to bring his food to his room because Namjoon just doesn't eat if someone didn't force him. Even if Seokjin was there to watch he consumed all the healthy foods, Namjoon still didn't say a word or even glance at Seokjin.

Jungkook, Taehyung, and Hoseok were totally anxious being shunned away by the omega. Not to say that they were unable to speak or approach the omega, their prominent scents also makes the omega shaking in fear. They just can watch the omega from the door exasperatedly.

When they appointed Jimin to talk to Namjoon because of the similarity of the surrender - Jimin failed the mission like the others. Namjoon was crying when Jimin sits on the edge of his bed, whimpering whenever Jimin lands his hand on top of his body. Jimin can smell fear in Namjoon's scent.

They thought Yoongi was an exceptional case. Because he is Namjoon's mate and they shared a special bond; the baby. But Yoongi had the same effect as the others. Namjoon might not scream any fear towards the alpha but Namjoon just remained silent throughout the presence of the alpha - shedding his tears non-stop.

His heartbreak has been translated into tears and Yoongi never felt so hopeless like this ever in his life. He wants to hold the omega gives all the love that he deserved. He wants to kiss the omega to wash away the misery he had caused. He wants to embrace the omega so that he can protect the fragile heart. But Namjoon inner's omega had rejected him. And Yoongi was devastated.

This situation prolongs for quite some times and when BTS started to get busy with their promotion again. The born between Namjoon and the pack remained on the thin line but everyone tries to compromise and to ensemble back the broken pieces.

It was their break time before their second song at the music show when someone appeared in their backstage room. And the six members of BTS was on the edge to see the masculine and intimidating alpha; which they have a good reason for it.

"Namjoonie?" the deep and raspy voice of the austere alpha echoed in the room, giving shivers to everyone.

Namjoon was reading his favorite book and surprised to see the alpha. His lips turn upwards as he smiles gleefully, causing his pack flustered to see his glowing face after a while. And they had darkened expression within a second when they realized they were not the reason why the beautiful omega looks happy.

"Yongguk-hyung!" Namjoon said with a cheerful voice before he shot up from the couch and approached the well-known rapper.

Yongguk embraced the tall omega into a warm hug and he notices the murderous stares of Namjoon's pack. Yongguk smirk to see the response. He then playfully pressed his lips on the side of Namjoon's head and he can hear someone growling in the room.

Yongguk glanced to see Jungkook almost pounced forward and how Seokjin been holding the young alpha. Yongguk ignores the small threat and averted back his eyes towards Namjoon.

"How are you doing Namjoonie?" he asked with a velvety voice, intentionally makes his sultry voice when he said the omega's name fondly.

Namjoon blushed at the nickname before he nods his head. "I'm fine hyung. What are you doing here?"

Yongguk smiles. "Well I had a meeting around here and I heard that you were performing today. So I came to say hi and maybe for dinner?"

Namjoon was taken aback at the sudden invitation but nonetheless, he didn't take too long before he nods his head - accepting the offer. And he missed the disapproved look of his pack.

"I have another performance after this, will you wait for me?" tell Namjoon.

Yongguk smile and ruffled Namjoon's hair. "Of course Namjoonie. I'll do that for you and you know that..." he said while he glanced at BTS pack behind Namjoon with a smug face.

Yongguk let out a soft chortle when everyone in the pack was looking so furious. He leaves the waiting room after gives a chaste kiss on Namjoon's cheek, making the omega to giggle at his antics.

Namjoon's wide smile fades away almost instantly when he saw the darken expression of his members - ogling at him with anger evidently shown on their faces.

"You seems so close with Yongguk..." comments Seokjin with a bitter tone.

Namjoon fidgeting in nervousness as he can feel the tense atmosphere in the room. "Yongguk used to - to help me before and we - we become friend afterward, " explained Namjoon.

Yoongi chided at the answer. "And what the dinner for? We are having dinner with the others after the show, don't we? Are you ditching us for that - that alpha?" he said venomously. Obviously jealous when his omega looks so friendly with Yongguk.

"You gives us your cold shoulder yet you were being so flirty with someone not from the pack. That's so oblivious..." remarks Hoseok while he grits his teeth in anger.

Namjoon was shell shocked to hear that from alpha Hoseok, looking at him with his doe eyes. Namjoon fisted his hand tightly, trying to hold his disappointment at his pack.

"Are you going to leave BTS and be with his pack?" asked Jungkook.

Everyone was staring at Namjoon, waiting for his answer. They were nervous but trying their best to conceal their true feeling. The feeling of fear that their precious omega didn't want to be with the pack because of their own demeanor.

Namjoon chuckles at the question, looking at Jungkook with his sad eyes. Then his eyes moved towards his members one by one. Namjoon took a deep breath before he speaks, leaving everyone in the room speechless.

"No one ever wants an omega like me. So don't worry, Yongguk-hyung just being nice with me. He won't court a stupid omega, right?"




The gap between Namjoon and BTS became widen on each day with almost non-existent communication with the omega at all. After their world tour ended and having a break before their next come back, Seokjin and Yoongi were planned to rekindle back their bond with Namjoon.

BTS almost lost their omega and they will totally lose him if they didn't do something about it. Jimin was on his seventh-month pregnancy and Namjoon also starts to show his baby bump. Seokjin's knows they need to execute their plan soon before the bond gets weaken.

But to have a decent talk with Namjoon was the hardest these last few days. Namjoon was not in his room and he only came back after midnight - where everyone was already sleeping.

Yoongi was worried. He saw Namjoon sneaking out the dorm going somewhere. He had his suspicion that the omega was seeing someone behind their back. He didn't go to the studio as he always did and when he came back he smells like an alpha. Yoongi recognizes the zesty scent. It's Yongguk.

Jungkook threatened to kill the alpha if no one in the pack going to take any measure to get their omega back. Everyone was on the edge and concerned. They can't bear the consequences if Namjoon decided to join Yongguk's pack. It's harrowing.

It was one night like the other night, Namjoon waits until all his members sleep soundly before he slowly strides along the hallway sneakily. He tried not to make any noise possible, tiptoeing like a thief before he quietly put on his shoes and wear his jacket since it's cold outside. Namjoon didn't notice that when he went out through the door, Yoongi was watching him - hiding behind the kitchen counter.

Yoongi took a safe distance while following Namjoon from his back. He just walking on the pave way, wearing in just jeans and a thin layer of a jacket which didn't suit the cold weather. Yoongi can see how he was shivering, hugging himself. Yoongi scoffs at his careless thought and going to scold the omega later.

Yoongi was frowning in confusion when Namjoon stops by at one of the street food stalls on the roadside. He hides behind the tree and peeking through to see Namjoon.

Namjoon was widely smiling when he greeted the older woman - the owner of the stall. And both were looking so friendly than Yoongi ever thought. Namjoon was staring at all the foods displayed, eyes sparkle in amazement. Yoongi saw how the omega lick his lips as he was almost drooling looking at the foods.

"You're here again..." the elder woman said.

Namjoon giggles. "Yeah, I was thinking about the spicy tteokbokki all day long and couldn't sleep until I eat it. So here I am..." he said chirpily.

The woman smiles at the omega. "It must be hard for you. Well, being an omega woman, we will face the difficulties throughout the pregnancy period but as male omega, it's double up..." she said in concern.

Namjoon smiles while he nods his head. "Sort of. But I'm doing good right now..."

"You should ask your alpha to buy you everything you craves my boy. It's their duty to take care of their pregnant mate..." she said.

Namjoon faces crestfallen at the mentioned of his alpha. He flashed a weak smile to the elder, didn't want to give a wrong impression about his relationship with his mate.

"He - he's busy and I don't want to pester him over this trivial matter. I can buy it myself..."

The elder frowned at the answer, looking at Namjoon for a second before she scoops the ttobokkie in a plate for Namjoon. "He shouldn't be that busy if his mate is pregnant with his child though. As an alpha, he should know that it is dangerous to let you roam around like this in the middle of the night. It's not safe to walk alone..." she reprimands.

Namjoon just gives her a light chuckle at her motherly rants before wave her goodbye. Namjoon slowly turned his back on the same way he came. He hummed happily eating his tteobokki while walking in the middle of the night.

Yoongi who had been watching all the time feeling guilty for letting the male take care of himself alone. He should be the one who will pamper the omega with everything he wanted. They were enthusiast to fulfill all Jimin's crave before, waking up in the middle of the night to buy the food he wanted to eat.

Watching how Namjoon being doing that by himself, it makes his heart ached. For how long that Namjoon has been felt left out in the pack? For how long that they had abandoned the omega? And for how long did Namjoon felt he need to take care of himself because his pack has been ignoring him?

Yoongi feels his heart almost combust with all the thoughts. His eyes got teary thinking that he is the worst alpha. Namjoon didn't deserve all these. Namjoon should be loved. He shouldn't feel unwanted by his own pack.

Yoongi was almost caught off-guard when Namjoon suddenly stops in front of the convenient store. He was looking through the window glass with sparkling eyes as he licks his lips - almost drooling. Yoongi questioned what had makes the omega to react like that. Namjoon entered the store and Yoongi follow suit carefully.

Yoongi frowned when Namjoon was scanning the ice cream fridge - too focus that his lower lips protruding. Namjoon hides behind the aisle, watching Namjoon in between the snack.

Namjoon tilted his head towards the store worker. "Excuse me, do you have coconut flavor ice cream? I can't find it here..." he says.

The staff approached Namjoon and looking through the fridge. "Ah, sorry I think it's out of stock. But the delivery is tomorrow..."

Namjoon pouted. "But I want to eat it now..." he said sadly while he rubs his stomach.

The staff was flustered looking at the omega while he glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. It's almost 1 a.m and he wants to eat ice cream in winter?

Namjoon sighed disappointedly and slightly bend his body towards the staff before he left the store.

"Can you please send the ice cream to this address tomorrow? I'll pay extra for that..."

The staff gasped when Yoongi suddenly has shown up from his back, holding a piece of paper in his hand. The staff hesitantly takes the paper and read the address. He was about to ask something when Yoongi already left the store. He oddly stares at the closed door. What a weird men!

Namjoon was walking at the empty street, almost reached to his apartment when a drunk man stumbles on him. Namjoon scrunched at the reek of alcohol and politely pushed the male to the side.

The drunk male sniffs and his eyes widen when he saw a tall omega in front of him. His inner alpha was intrigued by the sweet scent of peaches emitted by Namjoon. The scent was stronger because of his pregnancy.

Namjoon frowned when he saw the glare from the male and immediately walked away. Namjoon squeaked in horror when the same man grabbed on his arm.

"Wh - what a nice om - omega..." he said, slurred in speech.

Namjoon hearts hammering inside his ribcage and he tries to pull his hand from the male's grip. But the drunkard who also an alpha had tightened the clutched making Namjoon wince in pain. Being an omega, it's hard to overcome the alpha's strength.

"Sir, please let me go!" Namjoon said.

The alpha smirk. "Wh-why should I? You were like the fish that been served to me. Today is - is my lucky day!" he exclaimed with a low and deep chuckle.

Namjoon shivered to hear those words and starts to pull his hand harshly. Namjoon screamed when the alpha dragged him to the nearby alley and shoved his body to the wall.

"Please - please... I'm pregnant..." Namjoon begs with tears on his face. He regrets his decision to go out in the middle of the night like this. He should've waited till morning. He should just stay at the dorm.

The alpha snickered at his statement. "So what? I don't mind at all. It doesn't concern me..." he said evilly.

When the alpha lurched forward and buried his face on Namjoon's neck, Namjoon let out the most horrifying scream - scuffling in between of the smelly alpha and the brick wall.


However, the weight on his chest suddenly been lift up and Namjoon was shocked to see the alpha now lying on the dirty ground. His eyes widen when he realized Yoongi was punching the male on the face non-stop while he grabbed the collar.

"How dare you! How dare you to touch him!! I'll kill you! You bastard!!" he spits his anger on each hit. The drunk man was bleeding all over his face, too weak to defend himself on the attack.

"Yoo - Yoongi!" Namjoon shouts the alpha's name but Yoongi totally ignored him. Namjoon runs towards Yoongi and tries to grab his hand, to stop him from hitting the male. "Stop! Please Yoongi. You're going to kill him... please..." he begs with a shaken voice.

It's the first time ever he saw Yoongi being so furious that he almost lost his mind. He's afraid that Yoongi will kill the male if he didn't stop now. But Yoongi yanked his hand and continue to beat the hell out of the alpha.

"Yoongi please... you - you are scaring me..." Namjoon pleads again. His whole body was trembling looking at how violent Yoongi was. His can feel cramped at his lower abdomen.

Yoongi stop from punching the male when he heard Namjoon writhing in pain. Yoongi turned his head and was surprised to see Namjoon sitting on the ground wrapping his arm over his stomach.





When Yoongi entered the apartment with Namjoon, terribly shaking, everyone was surprised and immediately run towards the two. Namjoon looks sickly pale and he barely can walk. Jungkook immediately hoisted the omega in a bridal style and bring him to the pack's nest.

Namjoon shook his head, murmured into Jungkook's ears that he didn't want to be there but Jungkook turn his ears deaf to the plea. Jungkook knows Namjoon need to be in the nest for him to get better. He can smell the omega's scent of fear.

Jungkook laid down Namjoon's on the nest and when Namjoon tries to get up he pinned the omega's body to the bed. He clicked his tongue at Namjoon's antic as he eye glared towards the omega. Namjoon whined and cowered on the bed. He slowly sobs and hides his face with his hand when everyone circled him.

"Joon-ah..." Yoongi sits on the side of the bed. "Is it still hurts?" he asked with concern.

Namjoon sniffs before he shook his head.

"What happens? And where were you two go in the middle of the night?" query Seokjin. His eyes fixated on Yoongi.

Yoongi sighed. "I saw Namjoon get out from the dorm so I decided to follow him. I'm worried about his safety..."

"Joon? What are you doing outside? It's almost one in the morning and it's really cold..." gushes Seokjin. He didn't realize that his voice rising a little bit until Namjoon whimpered and continue to silently cry.

Seokjin released a deep sigh before he asked Yoongi to move aside - giving him the space to sit nearby Namjoon. Yoongi scoffs at his action but says nothing to it. He scoots to the back, giving the space Seokjin needed.

"Joon..." Seokjin placed his hand on Namjoon's shaking hand, making the younger flinched. Seokjin was taken aback when his nostril flared at the spiking scent of the omega - he was scared. And to know the reason why Namjoon feels intimidated with his own pack makes him really sad.

"What are you doing outside at this hour? You know it's not safe for you to go there alone, right? And it's really cold..." asked Seokjin with his velvety voice, trying not to scare the omega more than he already had.

Namjoon sniffs and slowly pulled away from his hand from Seokjin's. He was fidgeting and feels a little bit suffocated with the attention he received from his pack.

"I - I'm sorry. I'm really sorry, I won't do it again... I'm sorry, " he says while he sobs pitifully.

The rest of the pack was restless to see the leader's to have a break down like that. It's been really taunting everyone that the omega had been very distance lately. They notice how Namjoon always feel nervous whenever one of them try to talk or even to come closer to him.

"Don't cry Joon. I'm not mad at you. None of us here were mad at you. I'm just asking what are you doing outside at this hour. You know it's not good for you and the baby, right?" explained Seokjin. He didn't want Namjoon to misunderstand his intent.

Namjoon's head dangled down, staring at his own hands - brushing together until his hand turns to red and numb. His skin almost lacerated and he jolted when Seokjin took his hand. He slowly lifts his head and cowardly stare at Seokjin.

"I - I just take a walk..." he says, obviously lying.

Seokjin frown and he tilted his head to Yoongi. Asking for confirmation. Yoongi leaned forward, whispering something to Seokjin. The elder was taken aback before his eyes fixated on Namjoon again.

"Do you really want to eat tteobokki that you need to go out in the middle of the night?" asked Seokjin.

A few murmured can be heard throughout the room. Namjoon continues to feel nervous and his body trembling in fear. He had made a big mistake again. He shouldn't go out without Seokjin's permission. He shouldn't cause any trouble to Yoongi. Everyone hates him now for bothering their sleep. They barely had good rest because of their schedule but now he makes everyone become more tired.


Namjoon continues to sobs with both of his hand on his neck. He let out a choking sound as if someone had strangled his neck. His face turns to red as he tried to breath through his nose. He can see how everyone we're looking at him through his blurry vision and how Seokjin and Yoongi's voice sounded like they were underwater.

"I - I'm sorry. I should - should not - not going with - without your permission - but - but I just - wan - want to eat - eat...

Namjoon jolted when Seokjin pulled him into a hug. Namjoon was heaving and Seokjin moved his hand up and down over his back. Namjoon tries to scuffle and release himself from the touch but Seokjin tightens his grip.

"Hey calm down Joon. You need to breathe if not you're going to pass out as the other day. Please, calm down..." said Seokjin with a panic voice.

"We are not angry at you, Joon. We are sorry for making you feel that way..." Adds Yoongi. He stroked Namjoon's damp hair softly as the omega continue to shake on Seokjin's arm.

"Hyung, please. Don't - don't cry. I'm sorry for what I had said before. I have no intention to hurt you like that. I'm just being so childish and I shouldn't do that to you..." Jungkook intervene. The maknae was crying too when he saw how miserable Namjoon was.

Namjoon buried his face on the crook of Seokjin's nape, letting the alpha to engulf him in a warm embrace. He can feel the mattress dipped down and someone was sitting on his other side. Without looking he knows it's Jimin when he can smell his scent.

"Joon-hyung. I want to say sorry too for not believing you. I know you won't have any ill-thought about me and my baby. I know you're the happiest when I got pregnant. I'm sorry for treating you that way, hyung. I'm really sorry..." said Jimin with a croaking voice due to the crying. He pressed his forehead on Namjoon's forearm, wanted the omega to feel his true feeling.


Namjoon peeked through Seokjin's broad shoulder and his eyes meet with Taehyung. The beta's face was soaked with tears and his hair was all messy.

"I'm sorry for the cruel thing I said to you. I didn't mean it when I say no one going to court you. It's not true at all, hyung. I know there's a lot of alpha's out there want you to join their pack..." says Taehyung with his low and deep voice.

Namjoon lips tremble when he reminisces the harsh words uttered by Taehyung that day. To be honest, he's still hurt thinking out of all people, Taehyung had said those to him. He knew he had lots of flaws and he wasn't an ideal omega but to hear that from your own pack - it's really like someone had hit you on the head.

Namjoon detached himself from Seokjin, slowly leaned on the bed. He mustered his courage to look at all his members one by one. He let his tears rolling down his cheek. He just too tired to hide the tears anymore. There's nothing left for him to conceal his true feeling anymore.

"I - I'm not a perfect omega for - for this pack, and I realized that - " Namjoon halted for a second when he heard a few disapproved grunts made by his members. But Seokjin asked them to keep quiet and listen to Namjoon.

Namjoon was thankful for Seokjin gestures. He takes a deep breath before he continues. "When Jin-hyung asked me to join this pack I'm so happy that finally there's someone can see me as an omega that can be a part of the pack. That I'm worth it. I feel I belong here with BTS..."

Namjoon choked on his tears and Seokjin pats softly over his hand. It makes him feel a little bit calm and Seokjin gives him the time he needed before he continues to pour his heart out.

"I'm trying my best to be the omega for all of you. I know I'm still far from perfect but I try so hard to prove myself. I've used to think whether I belong in this pack but all of you treat me so well and nice that I can feel this is my place, my home..."

Namjoon can hear the sobs by everyone as he brings that up again. Of course, each of the members had said the same to Namjoon during the rage. And they realized how their unthinkable act had hurt the omega so bad. It's their own demeanor that leads the pack facing the difficulties.

"I'd always thought that I'm not good enough as an omega. Not perfect like Jimin. It doesn't matter what I do, I always ruin everything. All of you know how I've been dealing with this insecurities all these years. All of you been there witnessing my up and down..."

Namjoon took a breather, looking at his members face. There were guilt and sadness. His heart swells at the view but he needs to do this. He needs to tell his members how he felt right now.

"That's why - that's why when I've heard it from all of you, how stupid and useless I am... how pathetic I am... it hurts... it really hurts..." Namjoon covered his face with his hand when he can't handle his own emotion, sobbing sorrowfully while his members watching his break down.

"We are sorry Joon, we really sorry..." said Hoseok with tears on his face.

Namjoon continues to speak. "It hurts, Hobi. What you did, what all of you did. But what hurts me more was all those words you said to me... I finally realized that - that I don't belong in the pack anymore..."

"No! No hyung. Please don't say that. You will always be part of BTS. No one can take your spot. You complete us, hyung!" exclaimed Jungkook emotionally.


Namjoon cocked his head and was flabbergasted to see Yoongi in front of him. He didn't realize when did the rapper had taken Seokjin's spot. Namjoon quiver around and saw Seokjin now standing at the end of the bed with Hoseok. Meanwhile, Jungkook sits behind Yoongi and Jimin sits on his other side with Taehyung besides him.

"I'm sorry Joon. I know what I had done to you was unforgiven but please don't ever think that you're not part of us. The reason why we choose you to join this pack because we want you Joonie. Because you're the perfect omega that will make BTS shine more. Because you'll be the pillar of our pack. You're important to us and to the pack. Without you, we will crumble down..." Yoongi notes, emphasizing his voice to make sure that Namjoon trust every single word he uttered.

Namjoon lips quivered and his dam broke for the umpteenth time that day. "Then why you hurt me Yoongi? You didn't let me near the nest and you ignored me the whole time. You make me feel unwanted. You are my alpha Yoongi and you left me alone!"

Yoongi silently admitting his mistake, says nothing to the accusation because he knows he is guilty as charged. He hurts his omega and he is willing to be punished for that.

"Did all of you doing this because I'm pregnant? Because you want the baby?" alleged Namjoon shakily as he glared at all his members. He protectively wrapped his hand around his bump.

Yoongi gasped. "No Joon. Don't say that. We genuinely sorry and regret what we had done to you. We were going to apologize before we know about the baby..."

Namjoon sniffs. "Sorry... I didn't - "

Yoongi lips twitched into a smile. "It's okay baby. You don't need to say sorry for that. It's us that need to apologize. And we really regret everything. And we hope will forgive us.."

"I'm scared Yoongi... I'm scared that you will hurt me again... I don't - don't know if I can go through the same again... It's better for me to leave..." Whispered Namjoon sorrowfully.

"Joon, don't say that. I promise you that we will never treat you like that again. Please forgive us, Joon. We really need you. I need you. Stay with us, please..."

Namjoon bites his lips, feeling anxious. He didn't know what he's feeling right now but looking at how remorseful his bandmates his heart melted immediately. He can't make himself to get angry at everyone for too long. He can't make himself to hate his bandmates. He might be stupid for giving up this easily. He might be a fool for giving his pack the second chance.

But isn't love means you always do a stupid thing for the one you love?

"O - okay..." he finally says, almost whispering.

Yoongi raised one of his brows. "What? I can't hear you Joon..."

Namjoon whined and pouted. Everyone swooned over the cute omega. A sight they barely saw past few months.

"I said okay. I forgive all of you..." Namjoon huffed.

"Hyung/Joon!!!" everyone pitched forward and tackles the omega in a group hug.

"Yah! You're squishing my baby!" shouted Yoongi as he shoved his member's bodies against his precious omega. His members' grunts in annoyance at his act and Namjoon giggles at his pack's antics.

"I want to hug Namjoonie-hyung!" claimed Jimin.

"Me too!" Jungkook and Seokjin say almost in unison.

"I want to hug him too, " Taehyung mumbles.

"Joonie gives the best hugs ever!!" notes Hoseok chirpily.

"Don't you dare to touch my mate before me!" warn Yoongi.

Namjoon leaned and looks at his members arguing with each other. Everything appeared in slow-motion and Namjoon curved into a smile. A genuine smile that his heart fluttered looking at his member's happy face. A simple act that can comfort his aching heart. He still feels a little bit sad if he ever remembered those bitter memories but he knows they can try to patch it up. It takes a lot of efforts and time consuming but as long everyone is here with him, Namjoon will be fine.

"I love you Joon..." Yoongi whispered to Namjoon's ears when the rest were distracted, bickering among themselves.

Namjoon was surprised a little bit but he smiles at his beloved alpha. "We love you too, daddy!" he says playfully.

And Yoongi smiles so brightly that his healthy gummy was showing. He planted a kiss on Namjoon's lips, tasting the sweetness of it over his. Namjoon smiles in between of the kiss, heart sipped with tingling sensation after been deprived of the touch of his alpha for so long. The feeling was still the same, his heart still pounding drastically at the touch and his face was still blushed like a teenager.

That's when Namjoon knows that he will be just fine. He belongs to BTS. BTS is his family now and forever.