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The Beastly World Around Us Background Infomation

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Humans; Regular people that doesn't have any beast qualities to them for example, they don't have neither secondary gender, heats, ruts, or any animalistic traits to them. They although not taking up most of the population still somehow contains most of the power in the world where they keep a firm, discriminatory hand over it. 


Beasts; A race that is more anima then its human who had been rumored to some that they have been artificially created by said man. They inhabit more animal traits such as heats or ruts with no human traits then the others where as well they taken up most of the population. 

  • Alpha; Commonly known as the most territorial and dominant of the three main dynamics. They as well have to go through ruts around every six months where they become more aggressive and territorial mostly around their mate sometimes during so, however doesn’t always have the biological need to mate. In the process of intercourse, they’re the only ones able to produce a knot at the end of their cocks to lock themselves within their make to ensure a better chance of conception  
  • Male; They can only sire, not able to conceive any children/ pups 
  • Female; They can both sire and conceive yet being able to conceive is higher risk and very rare to unlikely to happen 
  • Beta; Known to be in the middle ground of the three dynamics of being territorial and or dominant. In general, they don’t go through either heats or ruts yet for the certain few that lean in to the Omega or Alpha spectrum will deal with less frequent or strong heats/ ruts 
  • Male; Can only sire, not able to conceive any children/ pups yet for the ones leaning into the spectrum of either Alpha or Omega they can have smaller knots or the rare likelihood to have a womb 
  • Female; Can only conceive, not able to sire any children/ pups yet for the ones leaning into the spectrum of either Alpha or Omega though rare can have knots or the slighter higher fertility 
  • Omega; Commonly known as the least likely to be territorial and dominant of the three main dynamics. Will go through heats around three or so months where they’re experiencing more sexual frustrations and neediness where there will be an increase in fertility. They during the leadup or during intercourse will produce a natural lubricant to make it easier called slick 
  • Male; They can both sire and conceive yet siring any children/ pups is unlikely and very rare to happen 
  • Female; They can only conceive children/ pups and out of all dynamics able to have young is likely to happen more due to having the highest fertility 


Shifters; A race that as the name entails is where they can either take the form of a human or as a Beast at their own will though it all depends on the person and their willpower. Often, they are ‘made’ when a Beast bites down on a Human where from there they become the animal and what the one that bit them desired. Its only in the Beast form where they will deal with either heats or ruts though in Human form still does but barely noticeable and much weaker. 


Hybrids; A race that comes as an offspring between a Beast and a Human pairing where they do have a mixture animal and human traits. They do have heats and or ruts though weaker and not as noticeable as a full-on Beast. Often, they are seen as both either a total disgrace or a prized exotic luxury by both Human and Beats races. As well, another form of Hybrid can come from two Beasts that aren't the same species like for an example a Cat and Dog Beast mating with one another making a mixed species with attributes either physical or mentally and etc. to both parents