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Far Away

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"I have a lot of shit going on right now Dick"

-"I know but it's important to us that you come to the Manor before Tim's graduation tomorrow"

"I'll think about it but I'm not promising"

-"great I'll see you there"

I grunted hanging up I took a deep breath I looked in the mirror I'm only 7 month's pregnant. I just had to make the last night with Kyle so amazing. I looked at the eviction notice. Shit I have to leave the apartment tomorrow. I already packed my clothes. I put my bags in my car. I walked back inside the house feeling empty, cold. I saw a picture frame with me and Kyle I forgot to grab I held it crying. I drove to the store buying a maternity dress and went the Manor late at night I parked. I took a deep breath feeling a contraction. I felt my daughter kick

"slow down baby.. let's try and wait for daddy ok"

I looked I walked to the door. I hesitated and knocked Alfred opened wearing his apron he looked at me shocked

"miss Jane!"

"hey old man long time no see"

"please come in"

He let me in I smelt the food I walked to my old room upstairs before anyone saw me. I whinced feeling a sharp light pain in my back. I stopped leaning on the wall

"miss Jane may I help you to your room"

"nah.. Mabye"

He smiled and helped me too my room he moved the covers

"you know you'd make a great midwife"

"thank you miss Jane now please rest I shall get you something to help with the pain"

"thanks Alfred"

I laid on the bed instantly relaxing I grabbed a pillow putting it under my belly laying my head on it 'you know you look beautiful when you're pisssed' I remember Kyle saying........ I hear knocking I put my hand on my belly carefully sitting up

"I'm coming I'm coming hold on dammit "

I stood opening the door Dick.

"one word and I'll kick your ass"

"so that's what you meant when you said that you had a lot going on"

He gently hugged me he let go of me. I placed my hands on my belly

"yeah so is everyone here?"

"we're getting ready do you need help?"

"nah I got it I'll go get dressed"

"you sure"


I shut my door I carefully put my dress on finally after a good 15 minutes I'm ready. I hear knocking

"Jane we're all ready you need help" Barbara said

"I'm ready"

I opened the door seeing Barbara she smiled

"you feeling OK?"

"of course I am. Now let's go so I can stuff my face in cake when we get back"

She laughed we went to the graduation ceremony. I drove in my car following them we parked. I took a deep breath my feet already hurting this is going to be a long day. I opened the car door Cassandra walked up helping me out she shut the door. We went inside a large room with hundreds of seats and people. We all sat down Bruce and Damian didn't notice me. Good now I can breath. They said Tim's name he stood Dick whistling, Stephanie cheering him on he looked at us smiling. He grabbed his diploma he sat back down on his chair. He saw me and smiled